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10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline


Cannon Ball, ND – While many Americans passively support the Standing Rock Sioux’s fight to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, aside from showing up in Cannon Ball, North Dakota (which many simply can’t do) – to actively participate in the protests – most people are unsure of what they can actually do to support the Sioux at Standing Rock aside from posting on social media.

Here is a list of ten things that people can do to show their support. Some methods may be more effective than others, but the key is utilizing multiple avenues of resistance in an effort to provide full spectrum resistance against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

1. Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200. When leaving a message stating your thoughts about this subject please be professional.

2. Sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/stop-construction…

3. Donate to support the Standing Rock Sioux at http://standingrock.org/…/standing-rock-sioux-tribe…/

4. Donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List: http://sacredstonecamp.org/supply-list/

5. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414. Tell President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

6. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund: https://fundrazr.com/d19fAf

7. Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp gofundme account: https://www.gofundme.com/sacredstonecamp

8. Call the Army Corps of Engineers and demand that they reverse the permit: (202) 761-5903

9. Sign other petitions asking President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here’s the latest to cross my desk – https://act.credoaction.com/sign/NoDAPL

10. Call the executives of the companies that are building the pipeline:

a. Lee Hanse Executive Vice President Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. 800 E Sonterra Blvd #400 San Antonio, Texas 78258 Telephone: (210) 403-6455 [email protected]

b. Glenn Emery Vice President Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. 800 E Sonterra Blvd #400 San Antonio, Texas 78258 Telephone: (210) 403-6762 [email protected]

c. Michael (Cliff) Waters Lead Analyst Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. 1300 Main St. Houston, Texas 77002 Telephone: (713) 989-2404 [email protected]

The most effective means of showing support for this cause is to actively participate in protecting this sacred land. Anyone who is able to travel to the peaceful encampments is encouraged to do so. For those unable to make the journey to North Dakota, please utilize the alternate methods provided to show your support for the Standing Rock Sioux who have united over 100 tribes from across the U.S. Please join this effort to stop this pipeline, which desecrates sacred lands and has serious potential to damage or destroy the Standing Rock reservations lifeblood – its water.

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Be the change you wish to see in this world. — Mahatma Gandhi

  • Phil Freeman

    I am Lakota Oglala Brule Sioux of the Rosebud tribe. This isn’t about native Americans, it’s about big banks helping big oil and gas continue to frack, inject toxic fluids into the earth’s aquifers. This endeavor by big oil and banks are multi faceted. Make as .much money as possible no matter the damage and gain water rights. How much control over the people would they have if they get this done?
    I will wager that if I kept you from drinking for two days, by the dawn of the third all will do whatever is told them to quench their thirst. Water is life. It is the great mystery. We all breathed our mothers water for months. We are born of her water. We are 2% saline water, just as the sea is, but we cannot drink sea water. Water has the highest surface tension of any liquid, is the most powerful solvent known, can exist in three states at sea level, water expands as it’s temperature is lowered. And it holds memory, our intentions. It’s used as a sacrament the world over. It is the single most important resource on the planet. We talk about terraforming Mars when we can’t be good stewards of our own home. Soon all will learn they cannot eat money.
    Mitakuye oyasin, all are related.
    Phillip Two Trees Freeman

    • Katydid

      Isn’t your land sovereign?

      • Phil Freeman

        Unceded tribal land is sovereign, however, we are a conquered people who are under military occupation. How sovereign are we when we have the highest level of poverty in the nation. The NFL even calls us Redskins with their Washington team. Wholly marginalized. Thanks for asking. All the best.

        • Nan

          And natives who are also veterans are okay with that.

          • Phil Freeman

            I’m a vet and native, I can’t speak for others. I personally don’t approve. It is contrary to the red road.

          • Nan

            There are natives who are veterans who are okay with it although you aren’t; note also that lots of natives were okay with the Fighting Sioux but the NCAA wasn’t, yet somehow Fighting Irish are okay.

          • Phil Freeman

            Sioux is a designation that denotes a particular tribe. REDSKINS would designate what? Irish is a nationality. There are no franchises called the New York niggers, San Diego Spics, Chicago Chinks, Wisconsin WOPS, Kansas kikes, or Huntsville Honkeys, so your logic is a bit flawed. I don’t get Sitting Bull day off and there’s no Crazy Horse boulevard.

    • Judith A LaBonte


    • Bea Freer

      Bless you for sharing what you know to be true.

      • Phil Freeman

        Thanks, but helping hands are better than praying lips…

        • Tina Abrams

          I am able to join the protest physically. Any suggestions on who to speak with about making this a reality? How, as a white person with little knowledge of the Standing Rock Sioux people, could best support the protest?

          • Phil Freeman

            Did you read TFP article above?
            Lots of great ways to help there.
            Contact standing rock tribe and ask what the needs are currently. Winter’s coming soon and blankets, coats, boots, gloves, socks, hats, all good things.
            Ask yourself, if you were there what you need day to day? Toiletries, hygiene products, basic medical kits. Food, and CLEAN WATER!!!!!
            Which is the point here I think.
            All the best. .

          • Ima Man-In-Adress

            Tina, on Facebook you will find many groups and individuals who are at the Standing Rock protest, living there. Private Message one leader directly on Facebook and ask her how you may physically join in the protest. Be sure to think about how long you can stay as I’ve heard it’s very cold there right now. Provide for your own needs such as a winter weather tent, sleeping bag, camping gear and food and water, then PLEASE GO JOIN! Activists from all over the country are joining still!

        • disqus_qtiPyYImhs

          Prayers can move mountains…it is but the love and concern of the soul…prayed by faith and love that will bless and change the universe.

        • David Halenda

          PLz if you’re connected to the Standing Rock camp, what can we do here in San Francisco ti help?

    • Walter Pewen

      Thank you. I have no interest in living on Mars. We live here.

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      Thank you, so much, Brother Phil for helping to protecting these sacred lands. I am learning more and more that the United States media is entirely in the pocket of corrupt corporations and politicians who seek money and power at any expense. Please continue standing strong. We who love and cherish this Earth thank you heartily.

      • Phil Freeman

        Thanks bro

      • INTJINFJ

        They all are, it’s not just the US.

    • Marcia Lynn

      Well said

    • AEllen

      True Phil. Some important facts: The following major cities, are located below the under-river crossing of the Dakota Access pipeline, and depend on the Missouri River for much of their water. And the list doesn’t include all the other smaller communities along the Missouri river, or those along the Mississippi where the Missouri joins it.. I ask you now, is the plan to put the pipeline under the river, knowing that one day it’s likely to rupture–probably when the populations have at least doubled, STUPID or what? : In short, THIS ISN”T JUST ABOUT NATIVE AMERICANS, but about millions of other citizens as well!

      Bismark, Population 129,517

      Sioux City Population 168,714

      Pierre, Population 19,253

      Council Bluffs, Population 865,350

      Omaha Metro Population 915,312

      St. Joseph, Population 76,780

      Jefferson City, Population 149,807

      Kansas City Metro Population 2,340,000

      St. Louis Population 2,795,794

    • Thomas Stephens

      You are very right. I wish I could help somehow but I’m far away and don’t have money. I am going to sign the petition to stop it, but there must be more I can do? These companies need to stop disrespecting people and the planet we live on.

      • Phil Freeman

        Call the list of banks financing this pipeline. Tell them you’re closing your accounts and demand they rescind funding.

  • Abz B Zbas

    Kian O’Floin is a rotten motherf*ker who spits nothing but vile hatred out of his mouth and onto the internet. he is incapable of having a civil conversation without reducing to elementary school type insults. he should never be allowed around children, and removed from the internet entirely.

    • JennaTrull

      Are you sure you’re in the right place? Lemme smell that drink you’re chugging.

    • AnotherNamVet

      Loose tin foil hat syndrome, huh?

  • Nancy Kaiser

    I just finished emailing my VA congressman and Senators. I said “19 Western states (and counting) have Public Lands which are at risk of being taken over by State Governments, often to be sold for private development. If we don’t act now, we could lose our treasured Wildlands forever. And Virginia could be next. Think of the Blue Ridge Mountains, for example.

  • Don’t expect big money and prestige ANNENBERG SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND JOURNALISM at USC or the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS OF J. to be analyzing national media blackout at Standing Rock, Sioux Nation, North Dakota any more than they helped break the national story when local indie news diggers uncovered the Porter Ranch So Cal Gas LLC infrastructure failures that led to last year’s EMERGENCY in LA COUNTY during many months of massive invisible gas leak that caused air traffic at LAX to be re-routed.

    Any more than the year it took for the Flint, Michigan water supply contamination to become a national news story after local indie news media had found the political and white-collar malfeasance that created a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK.

    Any more than the NATIONAL CORPORATE-CAPTURED MASS MEDIA has reported the Portland, Oregon Public Schools Superintendent (earning nearly a quarter million dollars in obscene salary & perqs) who kept her mouth and staff silent while LEAD POISONING in school building drinking fountains and bathroom sinks sat in a dark folder on a Facilities & Maintenance desk.

    Don’t even ask where the DEQ (Dept of Environmental Quality), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES were. Same place they were for the decade that FREEDOM INDUSTRIES contaminated the ELK RIVER Water Shed that poisoned 300,000 humans in West Virginia while again local coverage led by the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s Ken Ward, Jr and local West Virginia public radio and tv while NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO and PBS never elevated the story of water supply contamination to NATIONAL SECURITY RISK 24/7 Coverage. NOW IMAGINE ISLAMIST TERRORISTS HAD CONTAMINATED US WATER SUPPLIES INSTEAD OF BID-NET AS USUAL IN OUR DUOPOLY’S NEO-LIBERAL E-CON MODEL!

    Amy Goodman and her staff at daily news report DEMOCRACY NOW syndicated via CommunityCollege non-profit Radio (with online web site streaming video coverage from Standing Rock, Sioux Nation, North Dakota) have been covering this murky story’s angles that the wire services are not interested in. Corporate-captured National news could care less.

    Check out this headline from their viral video follow-up: “Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Calls for Investigation of Dog Attacks on Native American Protesters

    9-6-16 after the video of the untrained and unlicensed Ohio Guard Dogs bit to bloody mess some of the non-violent tribal protesters, Goodman and staff being real journalists and not corporate hired hands went to verify the licensing of the Ohio Dog Security company and found, no surprise here, that the company is not in fact licensed, their handlers untrained and the dogs had completed none of the protocols for licensing security or police dogs to work at protest sites.

    {Creative Commons Copyright registration}
    Mitch Ritter
    Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
    Media Discussion List

    • Phil Freeman

      The security company is G4S formerly Wackenhut. The dogs are from Frost canine, owner, Bob Frost of Louisville Ohio. The female dog handler is Ashley Nicole Welch of Burton Ohio, a friend of Bob Frost. I’m a former deputy sheriff in Florida and have the time now to devote to providing info I never could before. There are more than two dozen banks assisting Energy Transfer Partners in financing this insanity. They do not yet know that this pipeline will never be completed. Sooner still, all will learn that they cannot eat money.

      Phillip Two Trees Freeman

  • Judith A LaBonte

    i’d love to know the things i could do to help this situation – but when i clicked on the link to get here on my friend’s FaceBook page, i got the headline, with the author’s byline and a blank space. i couldn’t call up the info no matter what i tried – thought you should know! But thanks for publishing the piece for those who can access it. Rolling Buffalo Woman – Sokoki Nation

    • Phil Freeman

      Go to the free thought project and search for ten ways you can help standing rock.

      • Cecilia Larios

        Just tried Paypal to donate and it’s telling me the money won’t be there until 9/28. What gives? Is this happening to others? We want the help to be received NOW.

        • Phil Freeman

          Use the gofundme account.

    • Della Robinson-Melton

      10 ways to help. Please copy. Repost or retweet. ?


  • Dan Kelly

    I am a member of the Passamaquoddy tribe in Maine. I know some of my tribal brothers and sisters are there at Standing Rock. Right now I can’t travel there but would like to at Christmas time when work closes down for a few days. My main concern is that I’ve read that the state police/national guard have closed most of the roads. I am driving from VA and don’t know area. So my question is, how does one drive into the protest site? Are there any members who can meet and guide me in?
    Would like to deliver some firewood, gas, water and other
    warm articles such as gloves, socks, etc. Is there a way I can do this without
    having to go through those checkpoints? Peace, Dan

    • Phil Freeman

      I suggest contacting the tribe directly, chairman Archambault, or his assistants. To ensure the items and yourself reach your destination safe And sound, but not contented. Walking the red road is challenging and I thank you for your help. Mitakuye oyasin, all are related.
      Respectfully in truth and liberty,
      Phillip Two Trees Freeman
      Oglala Brule Lakota Rosebud tribe.

    • Phil Freeman

      The witch of November comes early this year.

    • shmaesh

      Dan, have you ended up doing this? If you still plan to, I’d like to try to contact you.

  • Deborah Carrino

    on the list for donating items, it doesn’t say where to send them.

  • can you please point me to information on where to show up? looking for flights now… fly into bismark, nd, correct? distance and location to protest site? recommendations on where to stay? thank you!

  • ammerique

    This is so shameful. I have purchased an item on the amazon wish list. I wish I could do more. I am spreading the word far and wide on facebook and on twitter. Stay strong and united. Thank you so much for doing this and if I had the means, I would be on the front lines fighting with you. When are people going to realize that oil doesn’t sustain life and you cannot drink it.

  • deAnna Rice

    And call your own reps as well. They are up for re election right now. Make it known you will not put with a oil corporation using the National Guard as their private army against Americans. They are over fighting alongside other Americans in the Middle East. They are unarmed. They are praying. On THEIR land.

  • Jenny B

    Phone calls aren’t working. Can we get some fax numbers to use instead?

  • Eli Madden

    No mention of reducing our use of fossil fuels. That’s the only thing that will truly work long-term, and it’s possible, despite what hypocrites like Bill McKibben say. Every time you fire up your car you’re contributing to situations like this. It needs to stop. Be mindful about your use of energy. Move closer to town. Walk, ride a bike, or use a bus. Grow a garden. Insulate your home.

  • Kat Hankinson

    I undertsand that ETP owns shares of SUNOCO, Inc and STRIPES Convenience Stores. We can boycott these companies. Does anyone know of other ETP subsidiaries or trading partners we can impact?

    • Phil Freeman

      Search energy transfer partners subsidiaries. Vote with your wallet!

  • Jayde

    FYI, the White House Petition has closed. It obtained 244k signatures before the deadline, so the White House has to respond to it in some way. However, since it is closed and can no longer be signed, you may want to remove it from this list. 🙂

  • Sue
  • Gail Meisner

    Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200.

    –This number doesn’t work!

  • Russ Goerlich

    You protesters are a bunch of hypocrites. Every single one of you regularly use the products that flow through these pipelines to improve your daily life.

    • Phil Freeman

      We aren’t willing to risk the potable water of 18 million people to do it, none of the oil in the pipeline will be used domestically, it’s being exported you fool! I prophesy here for you now Russ. You will soon be abandoned to a nursing home after stroke complications, alone, because of the will to power you have placed first instead of love and compassion. You did it to yourself. Your eminence front will fade.

      • Russ Goerlich

        It is you who is the fool. This pipeline is going to Illinois where it will feed many of the refineries in the Midwest, you know…the ones that produce the gasoline that the protesters use to get to the demonstration site. As for the rest of your nonsense, try not to post after doing drugs. It makes you even more incoherant.

        • Phil Freeman

          I may be a fool, but you are a liar. The crude will end up in Texas for refining and export. Your smarmy ad hominems show what I say is truth. I’ve never done a drug in my life you idiot. Enjoy your nursing home.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Look it up, obtuse one. The pipeline terminates in Illinois.

          • Phil Freeman

            Liar! https://theintercept.com/2016/09/01/dakota-access-export/
            Illinois is a hub, it goes to Texas Nederland for export. Liar liar get your fire extinguisher out. Liar.

          • Russ Goerlich

            There are no hubs in Illinois. They are in Oklahoma. Here is the link to the map which proves my point. Don’t expect others to do your research in the future. http://tspr.org/topic/crude-oil-dakota-access-pipeline-closer-look.

          • Phil Freeman

            The oil goes to Texas you tool! I don’t care if Illinois is a hub, stop deflecting and gaslighting you liar!

          • Russ Goerlich

            Stop wasting my time, ignorant one. The oil now goes to the Midwest by rail where it is used in local refineries. After completing the pipeline, rail will no longer be required for some of this crude. That makes far more sense than shipping in by rail.

          • Phil Freeman

            I’m wasting your time..Mr Goerbles.

          • Phil Freeman

            That’s what I thought…

          • Phil Freeman

            Terminates where? A hub in Illinois for regional distribution. You are a thick cunt.

          • Phil Freeman

            The Alzheimer’s is strong with this one.

          • Russ Goerlich

            I have forgotten more about the oil industry than your feeble mind will ever know.

          • Phil Freeman

            You’ll still die alone. Your mortality approaches even as I type this.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Your vile comments have absolutely nothing to do with any legitimate protest, demonstrating that you are a fraud pretending to be compassionate. BTW, your mortality also approaches.

          • Phil Freeman

            I am all of those things, it’s true, compassionate, vile, loving, hateful and truthful. It is required at times to evoke emotion in the emotionless. I have your attention now. I’m at peace with my mortality. I’ve brought life into this world and taken life from it. I suggest you begin to question the origins of your reveries. As to the Southeast lying in want for fuel, tough crap. Shows the piplines aren’t safe, none of them are. No oil will ever flow in that pipe. Take your losses , dig a well near a tracking injection site and have a drink of water from it. Should be safe enough for you, right?

          • Russ Goerlich

            Yes, acting the part of the fool normally gets attention. You have adequately demonstrated that.

          • Phil Freeman

            You’ve donated your time and energy in addressing me. So who’s the fool? No oil will ever flow in that pipe.

          • Russ Goerlich

            I write this off to educating the ignorant masses, you for example. Oil will flow, you can take bet on it. You and your ilk are hopelessly out of touch with the real world, not the LaLa land where you dwell.

          • Phil Freeman

            No oil will ever flow in that pipe chump.

          • Russ Goerlich

            What is a “pipe chump”? Perhaps you meant, “…pipe, chump”? It is not only your knowledge of pipelines that is abysmal.

        • Phil Freeman


        • INTJINFJ

          WTF do you know about how protesters get the the site anyway, Mr God? Jeez.

          • Phil Freeman

            I walked

          • Russ Goerlich

            If you seriously believe that they walked or rode their tricycles, you are sadly mistaken. Some of the Hollywood elites even flew there in their private jets.

          • INTJINFJ


          • Russ Goerlich

            No what?

          • INTJINFJ

            And obviously I’m not even giving those elites that title.

          • Phil Freeman

            Tell me the address of you parents and grandparents graves, I’ll be happy to exhume the remains, and leave their bones to bleach in the open sunlight. Don’t complain, manifest destiny, money, power is at stake here. So what’s the address of the cemetery?

          • Russ Goerlich

            You are a fool, Phil Freeman…an uninformed fool.

          • Phil Freeman

            I don’t mind being a fool, but I’m no liar. You are a liar. And contented to be one, you learned this from your parents, also liars. Now, for the address I requested? Looks like project paperclip allowed one too many Nazis to escape. Maybe you should return to Germany and tend to the refugee ” immigration” issue there Mr Goerbles. We don’t want you, or your filthy oil. Liar.

          • Russ Goerlich

            LOL, “don’t want your filthy oil.” Tell that to the motorists in the southeast who cannot get gasoline due to the pipeline rupture.

          • Phil Freeman

            Wait, a ruptured pipline? Stan Meyers was right all along, and Joseph Newman et.al.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Yes, even pipelines can rupture when people like you get behind the controls of backhoes and act negligently. How in God’s name can that be blamed on the pipeline, you numbskull?

          • Phil Freeman

            Logic would seem to be that the responsibility for hiring competent heavy equipment operators by the Energy transfer turds for maintenance is their liability. Liar.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Even competent operators make mistakes. However, I understand why you would not recognize this due to your incompetence.

          • Phil Freeman

            Wait, you said the operator was incompetent, like me. You are a walking embarrassment. And a liar who can’t maintain a train of thought. A superstar in forensic debate I’m sure. Pathetic. And a liar.

          • Russ Goerlich

            It is you who said ET is responsible for hiring competent operators. I never said the operators on this job were competent. I simply said that even content operators make mistakes, a true statement.

          • Phil Freeman

            Yeah and you commented on the wrong post using your other account you dumbass. Fuckin troll. Go fuck yourself clown!

          • Russ Goerlich

            What?? Now you are a paranoid fool, not just a fool. And you excellent command of the English language is simply astounding. Hard to compete with such a limited choice of intelligent words that you have to choose from.

          • jdjd

            Extremely short-sighted thought process. Do you not believe in systemic faults? In making an unsafe planning decision in the first place? Is it never the company’s fault when a worker gets injured or when fuel leaks or when an aircraft crashes? Is it the 9-year-old child-worker’s fault when they make a mistake while sewing footballs in a sweatshop? Or is the real issue not the existence of child-labor sweatshops? (Don’t tell me this is a stretch. If you use your mind you’ll understand the parallel.)

          • Russ Goerlich

            Accidents are normally the result of the person involved. There can be mechanical faults, but humans are more prone to be the cause. Sorry, but facts speak for themselves. Your 9 year old analogy is weak…very weak.

          • jdjd

            Wrong. And wrong. And Sometimes. And not weak at all.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Sorry. I can’t reply to incoherent sentence fragments. It’s your loony left thought process that keeps tripping you up.

          • jdjd

            You made 4 statements. I gave 4 answers. What’s not to understand?

          • Russ Goerlich

            Correction, you gave 3 answers. That last attempt was an abysmal failure.

          • jdjd

            Took me a while, but I get it now. You’re associated with an industry that survives by cleaning up oil spills!

            US Patent US 4800039 A – Flocculation of suspended solids from aqueous solutions

            Aluminum chlorohydrate solution, available from Reheis Chemical Company
            (50 weight % active), Cortlic Industries (50 weight % active) and Laporte Chemical Company (38 weight % active).

          • Russ Goerlich

            LOL. Getting things wrong seems to be your primary occupation. I have never been associated with a company that cleans up oil spills. I do, however, use the many products made from oil, such as gasoline, petrochemicals, jet fuel, etc.

        • jdjd

          It’ll feed the topsoil first, apparently…

          “Pipeline 150 miles from Dakota Access protests leaks 176,000 gallons”. State officials estimate 4,200 barrels of crude oil, or 176,000 gallons, have leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline in Billings County. Of that amount, 130,000 gallons of oil has flowed into Ash Coulee Creek…

          • Russ Goerlich

            What is your point, that pipelines occasionally leak? How profound! The leakage is soon cleaned up and there is no lasting environmental damage. The facts remain that shipping oil to market using pipelines is safer than using rail or trucks.

          • jdjd

            It’s all about where they leak. But I think you know this.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Again, what is your point, that some leaks are inherently more difficult to clean up? A leak anywhere in the system can be cleaned up, it’s just a matter of cost.

          • jdjd

            Let me guess. You’ve never recycled a battery in your life. And don’t any recycling of any significance. You throw CFE light bulbs into the regular trash. And you really don’t give a damn what happens 50 miles from your house, unless it’s a conservative cause.

            Cole is a good man. His generation and those after us deserve a better America. Not a waste dump.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Well, you would be wrong. You hear that a lot, don’t you? I recycle virtually 100% of everything in my household except organics…and that’s only because I have no room for a compost pile. Who is Cole?


      I live in Sweden, and bike 99% of the time, so … ehh, NO? Go call someone else a hypocrite, won’t ya.

      • Russ Goerlich

        So the comment is not directed at you. Congratulations, but you did not drive or fly to the protest site as all the others did!!!

    • Let’s get beyond the invective here. In updating my booklet, “Why I Hate Thanksgiving,” I came across this thread. YES, Russ, you are partly right — we are all complicit in the horrors of the system we’re born into. I sometimes do wear clothing made in sweatshops in BanglaDesh and Haiti, though I try to minimize it. Although I don’t own a car, I nevertheless do utilize machinery and products that require oil. One can’t escape the industrial and capitalist system we’re born into. Which is why we fight so hard to change it. The Protectors at Standing Rock speak for me; they are heroes, acting to create a future that is fundamentally different — and one worth living in! And that goes for you, Russ Goerlich, as well, although you might not yet realize it.

      Mitchel Cohen
      Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

      • Russ Goerlich

        Like it or not, Mitchell, oil fuels this engine. The engine, in turn, makes modern life possible, including the computing device you use to pen your reply. If I lived in Brooklyn, I would also probably not require a car, but most of us are not in that situation. However, all modern forms of travel require energy. Like it or not, renewable energy will play only a very minor role in fulfilling an expanding energy future.

        • jdjd

          Imagine you’d have lived in the 1780’s. You’d be going on and on then, too:

          “Like it or not, Mitchell, oats feeds the horse. The horse, in turn, makes modern life possible. If I lived in Central Tucson, I would also probably not require a horse, but most of us are not in that situation. However, all modern forms of travel require horses. Like it or not, anything else will play only a very minor role…”

          • Russ Goerlich

            This is a pitiful response. Someone with your imagined intellect can certainly do better. Even back then, wind powered ships. Horses ate hay, grass and other food.

          • jdjd

            You really don’t understand comparisons? You focus completely on the wrong point being made. DJT, is it you?

          • Russ Goerlich

            Being a member in good standing of the loony left, perhaps, just perhaps, your comparisons suck bigly.

          • jdjd

            Not really, sir. You just don’t care about others as much as you should.

          • Russ Goerlich

            My biggest fault is that I do not tolerate fools.

    • jdjd

      When leaded water reaches your children, your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, will the best thing you can do be to call others hypocrites for trying to help all of us?

      • Russ Goerlich

        Please explain in non-emotional terms how lead will reach drinking water when this pipeline is put in operation.

        • jdjd

          Did you truly not get my point?…environmental protection in general.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Did you also have trouble focusing when you went to school? We are discussing the Dakota Access pipeline, not environmental issues in general.

          • jdjd

            You don’t get to pick the topics, sir.

          • Russ Goerlich

            Wrong again, sonny. I picked the topic when I responded to the Dakota Access pipeline discussion.

  • Lady K

    Why isnt the CEO of Transfer Energies, Kelcy Warren Not mentioned in this article??

  • Victoire QoriQenta Slakey

    Thank You for making it clearer how to help when one is very very far away… and feeling so close… Blessed Beloved Family <3

  • Hey Free Thought Project! The links on this page don’t work. Something in your code is launching them as “about:blank” instead.
    I am using the Facebook app’s viewer on iOS 10. Please fix.

    • Phil Freeman

      Project honeypot?

  • Eliana Jantz

    I support the water protectors whole heartedly. I also fell it is very important to network
    with entities directly involved in alternative energy sources as well as ecological design such as the permaculture movement across the world. Bill Mollison, founder of “Permaculture” , recently passed on at age 88. In this clip he describes this massive movement called “Permaculture”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cK8Qdd0l9o

  • Helen Shih

    According to the Energy Transfer Partner Website, their corporate office is:
    Energy Transfer Partners Energy Transfer Equity

    Dallas Office Dallas Office

    8111 Westchester Drive 8111 Westchester Drive
    Dallas, TX 75225 Dallas, TX 75225

    Office: 214-981-0700 Office: 214-981-0700
    Fax: 214-981-0703 Fax: 214-981-0703

  • Helen Shih

    https://nodaplsolidarity.org/ is the office website for the campaign, where you can join the ground (by filling a form), read about the target companies, goals for the campaign, and other logistics.

  • Doris Chime

    The Dakota Pipeline has been fuming for months, and the rise of anger from the natives has prompted the Chairman Dave Archambault II, to call the Department of Justice to look into the oppression by the state and regional law enforcement. “The tribe is going up against Energy Transfer Partners, an oil giant intending to build the $3.8 billion pipeline to carry more than a half-million containers of oil a day through four states and their watersheds. The tribe wants to end it”. But the law enforcement and state governments have refused to heed to the native communities, and the citizens commenced a protest, and so many individuals were detained. One of the notes from a federal government agency to the Pipeliners, Energy Transfer Partners, declared that they should halt the construction and speak to the residents so that they will be away from the development in their surroundings and get prepared for the impact. These rallies were so angry because this was not the first time their land was threatened in this manner. The inhabitants opposed for galvanized because the corrosion in galvanized pipes can lead to inexpensive water quality and that can also lead to a chronic health problem in future. Now there have been so many tribes from all over the United States expressing their anger with the matter, and this has become a conflict that will object and preserve the climate change, renewable energy, inherent advantages, and global warming.

    “Water is life. The pipeline endangers the water for 10 million people. So it’s a multifaceted issue because the pipeline is threatening the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s treaty rights, sacred sites, and water.” The Federal authority needs to step in and stop this craziness and consider the culture that guides the local inhabitants without forcing them.

  • Kathryn D. Marocchino


  • AtticusFinch

    You all are heroes for mankind. Enduring atrocities for 500 years and you respond with this. THAT is GREATNESS. Thank You!

  • KJFarrey

    #5 #8 need revised? I thought the Army Corps of Engineers did reverse the permit?

  • Rayme Silverberg

    I live in Los Angeles. I am planning to drive there over the weekend after Thanksgiving to participate and document the protest. I want to help. Is there anyone I can connect with who can direct me in how best I can help upon arriving?

  • David Halenda

    I’m considering ways to help our bros and sisses out there, especially as winter is coming soon. please, anyone on this thread, if you could give us some advice on what’s most needed, right now, and if folks want to head out there and support, what are the ground rules. Like is it cool if you’re a white guy, what should we bring for the community, etc. Much thanks, may the Earth Momma be with you!

    • Phil Freeman
    • Reuben Glass

      Winter Tent for Human Rights Work in Standing Rock, source link: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2016/11/winter-tent-needed-for-human-rights.html


      I have contributed to this legal defense and support fund, and send my prayers to you all brothers and sisters, please check these links to ensure that these are in keeping with what you would like at your site. I saw in reading through previous posts that there are those asking how you can contribute, and this is a good start and will have an immediate effect and impact I hope.

      -Use the guidelines and links provided to contact the key people and representatives listed who can help make a change. Be respectful, don’t spam their offices or phone lines, but give your heartfelt appeal for this movement on behalf of our fellow citizens. This is a peaceful protest on behalf of a sovereign nation and tribe, so please act in a prayerful and kind manner. Petition them according to your rights to stand up for the rights of others.

      -Contact friends and family, share this link on your social media sites, and help raise awareness within your closest circles as we near the holiday season. Contact both the mainstream news media, and most importantly, the alternative news media which is not corporate controlled. Raising awareness is vital, and we must use all means to do so.

      -There are peaceful, unarmed protesters and supporters who are coming in, including veterans, to stand with the members of the tribe. What is Not needed is a disorganized influx of random people, please be respectful of the land and nation, and contact the tribal leaders and coordinators first. Organization is important, and for many of us, the best thing we can do is contribute to the cause, and help raise awareness across the nation and around the world.

      -Phillip Two Trees Freeman has posted the guidelines, and I’m sure in the coming weeks and months there will be further updates as needed. Since the situation is changing day by day, please stay in contact and updated so you can be most effective in the best capacity you can serve in. Please join in lifting them up in prayer for their protection during these harsh winter conditions, so that their needs and this petition will be heard.

      A friend in Virginia, Reuben

  • Michael Hughes

    The ten suggestion won’t do much of anything-It will take more involvement,to the point of serious stress!

  • James Comley
  • James Comley
  • James Comley
  • James Comley