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12-Year-Old Girl Suspended for 30 Days for Saving a Fellow Student’s Life

Dallas, TX — (RT) Two honor roll students in Dallas were suspended and faced 30 days in an alternative school after one of the girls tried to save the other’s life by sharing her inhaler. The school says it is an automatic decision when a controlled substance is involved.

Earlier in the week, 12-year-old Indiyah Rush offered her classmate, Alexis Kyle, 13, who has asthma, her inhaler when she saw her wheezing and gasping during gym class at Vernon Schrade Middle School in Dallas.

“I was just trying to save her life,” Rush told Fox 4 News on Wednesday. “I didn’t think I was trying to do anything bad.”

Rush has had asthma since the age of five and carries a rescue inhaler.

Both girls were sent to the principal’s office and suspended. The girls were also looking at 30 days in an alternative school.

“I mean they punished her twice,” Monique Rush, Indiyah’s mother, said. “They suspended her on top of sending her to alternative school. I mean how could you do a kid like that?”

The school explained that 30 days of alternative school is automatic when a controlled substance such as an inhaler is involved.

“It’s a prescription and one student’s severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girl who let the other borrow hers and that could have resulted in some pretty significant issues,” said Chris Moore, Garland ISD spokesman.

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The decision was reversed on Friday after Kyle’s parents lodged an appeal, according to Fox4 News.

Rush’s mother has not yet filed an appeal, although she went to a hearing Friday and viewed a video of the incident.

The district said until and unless she files that appeal her daughter won’t be able to attend classes at the school.

Both girls were suspended this week for three days, a period the district said will count as excused absences.

Garland ISD officials said both students’ permanent file, however, will reference the suspension and its connection to a controlled substance – the asthma drugs in the inhaler.

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  • Suspended and sent to another school. That is a bit extreme especially for an honor student.

  • I wouldnt go so far as to say she saved hey life but i do agree that that’s pretty fucking stupid

  • The benefit outweighed the risk…or are doctors the only ones allowed to use that line?

  • unfortunate way to learn that following the rules are more important than doing what’s right, at least as far as the government school is concerned.

  • She gave a fellow student in distress her own ventolin inhaler when her friend was in trouble. They were both initially suspended from their school for 30 days and sent to another. The offence was sharing a prescription medication. It has been reduced to 3 days and it will be logged as an legitimate absence. So rather misleading but still such a pile of cow dung. Punished for possibly saving a friends life.

  • Where the hell did common sense go? Definitely not here.

  • WTF???

  • We want you following orders, kid – not saving lives.

  • No good deed goes unpunished

  • Free facebook or no facebook.

  • damned if you do, damned if you don’t-and she will likely think twice before lending a hand to someone in distress next time. What a lesson

  • Asthma rescue inhalers are not controlled substances.

    • Actually, they are. You can’t walk into any Walgreen’s and buy one off the shelf, you need a prescription.

    • Prescribed is different from Controlled. Opiates, amphetamines, steroids and benzodiazepines are “Controlled” asthma inhalers are by prescription only as are high blood pressure medications, etc.

    • Yeah, you’re right. I just looked it up and found the same thing. I always thought that since you needed a script to get it, it was a controlled substance.

    • But…it is illegal to share prescription medicines.

    • A breathing emergency trumps the law. I also wonder if they would have faced the same punishment were they white?

  • I mean I understand that it’s a controlled thing, and they’re prescription only for a reason. But you have to apply the rules along with common sense. The end justifies the means.

  • This STUPIDITY is now the NORM. The girl did a good thing.

  • First off, she didn’t save a classmate’s life. It’s not like the classmate was having an allergic reaction and needed an Epi pen. The classmate was having an asthma attack and could have gone to her locker or wherever and grabbed her inhaler.

    That being said, the girl did the wrong thing for the right reason. The classmate was having an asthma attack, and giving her the inhaler could help. But then again, it could have made things worse. What if the classmate was allergic to the girl’s medicine?

    As for the punishment, that was obscene. Rules are in place to mitigate harm, but there should be leeway in punishments. 30 day rip and 30 days at the alt school would do way more harm that sharing an inhaler.

    • I take it you aren’t familiar with asthma. You’re given an inhaler if your attacks are too extreme to wander around and get another treatment at your leisure, or wait it out. Asthma isn’t always life threatening, but it is for some people. It’s not like on tv where some kid takes a puff like he’s vaping.

      The girl did not do the wrong thing. Not even if there were a reasonable chance of an allergic reaction. If someone is choking you don’t wait it out for fear that they have an internal injury that would cause them to bleed out and die if you performed the Heimlich maneuver. It’s just not logically or morally sound.

    • Ben, as a matter of fact, I am quite familiar with asthma, I have it. Wherever I go, I make sure I have my inhaler with me, even moreso if I’m doing something athletic. But that’s just me.

      You say that it isn’t life threatening, but it is for some people. I’d be willing to bet that for those people who have the life threatening asthma, they make sure they carry their inhaler with them at all times, just like the people who carry Epi pens for allergic reactions. And since I’m betting already, I’d bet that the classmate didn’t have the life threatening version. If she did, she would have had her inhaler with her. She would have kept it by her side like her life depended on it, because her life would depend on it!

    • Jason Edward That was a Kid (not a grown-up) – today’s children don’t think as far as they can see their nose – because comprehension is not taught anymore these days – Kids these days go on with their ladidah life without thinking of consequences – The kid with the Asthma should have had her inhaler with her.

  • Lose the Republican “Nanny State” crap and we can discuss a like for this story.

  • Only in America

  • Uncool. One of my daughter’s classmates died from asthma.

  • Yes and then later some girl will not report it for fear of getting expelled and the police will charge her with a crime.

  • Ruining children’s lives is the TX education system’s goal.

  • These educators are morons.

  • The school board members.. Full of shit

  • A good lesson that government rules have absolutely nothing to do with morality and that sometimes “it’s worth it”. Yeah you got in trouble but you may have saved a life – a good deal any day.

  • Well done.

  • Somebody got their girdle on too tight…

  • Hope she see this as a reward of its own kind to save a life even if it means getting punished

  • I had a classmate who was expelled trying to save the life of a other classmate.

    Last day of school for the summer break. Off school property and after school had been let out for the summer.

    The expelled student was defending one being attacked violently from a group that had come from another school.

    He was stabbed in the back with a bottle, trying to help. Went back to the school for help.

    Next year in September we found out he was being expelled for the incident.

    This was in 1995 in Canada.

    Stupid things happen for a long time.

    Btw.. The Samaritan was also the student body president. Good guy.

  • This is so messed up, would the school prefer to be held accountable if the kid died from being denied help ?

  • Just another case of it being illegal to care about your fellow human beings. Like when they arrest people for feeding the homeless.

  • Fear mongering by the free thought project is tired. Move on.

  • These teachers have nothing else to do than to seek students for offenses – they would have let die the other kid and would have blamed the parents. Do these people understand what any law was made for? Do I offend the traffic law when I drive somebody to hospital urgency without having a driver license?

  • Yo mama so statist that when one of her students tried saving another students life she had her kicked out of school.

  • The administrators are supposed to be the brain trust but you would not know it with stories like this coming out.

  • SO when this young girl,come’s up on one of the people that kicked her out of school, Laying on the street, Bleeding will she give them a bandaid? Or will she say help yourself,I can’t take the chance you will kick ME out of school again.