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Finally! After More than 2 Years, The Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Will Be Charged

New York, NY — On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner, father of six, had just broken up a fight outside of his shop when he was targeted by NYPD cops for harassment and extortion. Fed up with the constant persecution from cops, Garner voiced his discontent. He was subsequently assaulted and killed by “compression of neck, chest and positioning during restraint by police.” In spite of investigators ruling his death a homicide, and the video evidence, no one has ever been held responsible for the murder of Eric Garner — until now.

According to the NY Post, a source within law enforcement told them Washington-based federal prosecutors plan to aggressively pursue charges against NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island.

“It’s going to happen sooner than later,” the source said of an indictment. “Washington wants to indict him.”

According to the Post:

Federal investigators in Brooklyn were replaced by DC counterparts because of their reluctance to bring charges, the source said.

The New York feds are privately seething. They accused their Beltway colleagues of trying to “make an example out of Pantaleo” at any cost, said one source familiar with the case.

“We already … came to a conclusion which they didn’t like. It’s truly disgraceful what they’re doing,” the source said.

“I can’t breathe,” Garner pleaded, eleven times — as officer Daniel Pantaleo choked the life from this kind and loving man. 

As Claire Bernish pointed out, Garner’s plea for his life became the rallying call of Black Lives Matter and police brutality activists across the nation and around the world — though the inhumanity of having to beg for one’s life after committing a nonviolent, victimless crime remains sadly all-too-common.

But though news of violent and deadly acts committed by police top headlines with alarming frequency, the fact Pantaleo used his bare hands to strangle the life from Garner was a startling departure from shootings that typify brutal policing. So personal is choking a man to death, even ordinary Americans were suddenly forced to question what, exactly, happened to the romanticized image of friendly neighborhood police from mere decades ago.

Since this murder caught on video, Pantaleo has enjoyed his full salary and millions of taxpayer dollars in security costs to protect one of New York’s most loathed peace officers.

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Until this week, the only person to face any consequences for Garner’s death is the man who filmed it.

Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed one of the most infamous police killings in history – and was thereafter targeted by police in a barrage of “false and/or trumped up charges” – was sentenced to four years in prison for gun possession and drug charges earlier this month. 

The events leading up to the murder of Eric Garner were nothing short of insidious. For years, these same NYPD cops targeted Garner for harassment and extortion. As the Free Thought Project exclusively reported back in December 2014, Garner had been sexually assaulted by the NYPD — on more than one occasion.

In an interview with Garner’s stepfather as well as his children, the Free Thought Project was told that police had actually stolen money from Garner, who subsequently planned to file a complaint against the NYPD for this theft. Police were there that day, Benjamin Carr, Garner’s stepfather says, not to shake Garner down for selling smokes, but to retaliate against him for trying to expose their theft.

Before he killed Eric Garner on video, Pantaleo had been sued three times for violating the constitutional rights of other black males in the area, by performing humiliating strip searches and fondling the genitalia of his victims, some of them in public view.

The most recent of these lawsuits was filed the November following Garner’s death, and comes from Kenneth Collins, who says in the lawsuit that he “was subjected to a degrading search of his private parts and genitals by the defendants.”

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The NYPD paid out a settlement in 2013 to two men who sued the city because Pantaleo forced them to strip naked in public as he “touched and searched their genital areas, or stood by while this was done in their presence.”

According to another lawsuit, victim Rylawn Walker, was charged with marijuana possession and underwent similar rights violations by Pantaleo. The charges were dismissed against Walker and the case sealed on a motion from prosecutors. His lawsuit against the NYPD stated that Walker “was committing no crime at that time and was not acting in a suspicious manner.”

Defense lawyer Michael Colihan summed up this atrocity when he wrote a letter in August 2014 to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos. In his letter, Colihan said:

To put it mildly, many police on Staten Island have been playing fast, loose and violently with the public they seem to have forgotten they are sworn to protect. After litigating about 200 of these civil rights matters in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York since 1977, I have seen no interest by the managers of the New York City Police Department, or anyone employed by the city of New York, in doing anything to stop this.

For two years, the complacency and failure to act on the crimes of the NYPD have continued. But now, Garner’s family has renewed hope that the man who took their beloved father, husband, and son, will soon be held accountable for his actions.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit


    I moved to Mexico. Since the U.S. began trying to set Mexico up as a puppet police state there have been over eight thousand State and Federal police shot dead. Nearly fifty mayors and many thousands of other court or government functionaries. After nine of the thirty-two, Federal prosecutors were shot dead the remainder wisely resigned.Also, a hilarious number of politicians shot dead. Entire city councils have been rounded up and executed. If I could use a word to describe Mexico, “idyllic” fits well. After one city ( POP;450.000) fired sixty-six bad officers, crime dropped by ninety-five percent. For the average citizen life is far better, virtually crime free. The Mexicans attempt op micro-manage and subjugate it’s citizens has met with resistance. If they continue their drug war there will not be any government left. See you in Mexico.

    • billdeserthills

      I am so glad you posted this information, and it really makes me think. You must know that mexicans actually have a Constitution guaranteeing their right to own a gun–Not that it is recognized by the gov’t there, or the one gun store in Mexico (that I know of)
      I understand ammo in the 38 Super caliber is widely used by the police there and can be occasionally purchased from some officers. At this point in my life I don’t think I can live without being able to legally carry though

  • Joel W

    Let’s be honest with ourselves and not get too excited. Charged is a long way from conviction. These devils may get charged often, but most of the time they are acquitted. I mean I hope that POS gets the chance to rot in prison, but I’m not holding my breath (pun absolutely NOT intended).

  • David Hall

    It is so peaceful here in San Isidro de General, Costa Rica where the cops are friendly and NEVER bother you for any reason, unless you commit a serious crime. There are no stops and B.S. here like the Nazi Gestapos of the police state in the U.S. now. Cops have become cowardly trigger happy killers and abusers of human rights.

    • petra.watkins

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    • TOPDOG1

      I was in Costa Rica just after the police reforms during the ninety’s.. Before this the police were going into homes and murdering people. This resulted in massive police reform. One reform was that the police are not allowed into anyone’s home after dark. Their arrest powers were severely restricted. Most do not even have a gun and if there is a serious crime the local constable would call in for assistance of armed militia.. Costa Rica police have much less power than a security guard here in the U.S. yet it is a very safe country.The violet crime rate was quite low.However Costa Rica was, and still is a nation of thieves. .

      • Anonymous

        “Their arrest powers were also severely restricted.”

    • Colin Young

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been thinking of a holiday but I know I don’t want to go to the U.S. Costa Rica it is!

  • Jane domes

    was’nt the officer’s supervisor charged with something about a year ago? Interesting as that was, you left that out.

    • the officer’s supervisor didn’t commit the murder … and that story has been covered . that’s not news . this is news . aka NEW

      • Jane domes

        The article says no one has been held responsible. I think its relevant to the story. She was thrown under the bus long ago. I hope this control hungry cop is held responsible. Now go away before you are smeared over the sidewalk, nasty old snail.

        • aw, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? whaaaa!

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s about damn time! One of the most corrupt, and historically corrupt, departments in the COUNTRY. High time to reform the NYPD!!!

  • Cup_of_STFU

    Something about the 14th amendment and equal application of law. A normal person would be charged, therefore so should a cop.

  • Heist Barnes

    What ever happened to the BS prediction?

  • Ncrdbl1

    This article is a lying piece of shit. NOTHING happened the way this article spelled it out. He was NOT being shaken down by police he was caught illegally selling loose cigarettes and HE began to struggle when placed under arrest. Also he was NOT choked out. NEVER did the arm of the officer compress his wind pipe. He was subdued by a legal arm on the sides of the neck.

    He was alive and responsive while in ambulance and had a heart attack due to fighting with police knowing he was over weight and had a heart condition.

    • dilbert

      Troll alert ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^