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22 Year Old With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For ‘Bulge In Pants’ That Was Only A Colostomy Bag

Gilberto Powell, 22, was says that he was being followed by officers in a police cruiser when he was stopped near Southwest 111th Place and Southwest 138th Street around 9:30 p.m.

According to the police report, officers noticed a “bulge” in Powell’s waist and when they tried to pat him down, he attempted to flee. That is when police body-slammed him to the ground and ripped out his colostomy bag, causing injuries so severe they may require surgery, according to family attorney Philip Gold.

While police claim they did not know Gilberto had Down Syndrome, Gold noted in a comment to NBC Miami;

If you just look at Gilberto, he 5-foot-3, 130 pounds with Down Syndrome, it’s 100 percent obvious he has Down Syndrome,” He continued,  “It’s impossible to believe [the police’s story] if you hear one word out of Gilberto’s mouth.”

Gilberto’s mother also asked the officer, “Didn’t you know he was a Down Syndrome kid?” to which the cop responded, “I’m not a doctor, I didn’t know.”

The department has since released a statement saying,

“The Miami-Dade Police Department continues to investigate the incident involving Mr. Gilberto Powell.  The integrity of the investigation and successful resolution of this case continues to remain our highest priority.  As a result, the investigation remains active and ongoing; therefore, we cannot provide additional information at this time.”

When reached for comment, Gilberto’s father stated,

“I’d like an apology for me and my family, and really I’m just doing this to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other little kid or anybody.”

  • shatto

    This story proves that, sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover (for you smart phone addicts, a book is kinda the same but without batteries) because Down Syndrome people usually look like Down Syndrome people.

    So why would Police react the way they did?
    Could it be because we have trained them, with our behavior, that everybody is an enemy?
    Could it be because a 911 call described the Down Syndrome man as carrying a gun?
    Is it possible the conveniently available to the media video, was because the event was a set-up so we would have reason to distrust, revile, detest and hate cops even more?
    Could it possibly be that a mentally challenged person was used, to divert attention away from Hillary Clinton?

    • Jasmine

      This incident happened in 2011….I don’t know what the outcome was, but I don’t think that having it pop up again should divert attention away from that circus show of dnc situation

      • james

        Jasmine and Shatto, this has nothing to do with the DNC, if it happened in 2011, the Dnc was NOT the cause of that cop doing what he did, this was no DAMN set up this was a cop out of control I hope he was fired and sent to jail, you Repugnicants are so full of it. This is police brutality at its worst own it and PAY UP Miami.

        • CM028

          Nice way of missing her point.

          What “Jasmine” is saying is that (in her opinion) the reemergence of this article has something to do with recent political events.

          Obviously, it was not implied, as you incorrectly assumed, that the DNC was involved in the INCIDENT ITSELF.

          I suppose that one could say you SJWs are so full of it!

    • rnrstar

      That’s exactly it. We take people who were trained by the military to kill the enemy and then when they leave the military we hire them as cops and what happens to their “kill the enemy” mentality? Nothing, they continue to kill the enemy except the enemy is us.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Actually, its the people who wanted to join the military but didn’t/couldn’t who end up joining the police and do this stupid Rambo BS because they can’t process stress well. As any Serviceman or woman knows, if we did any of this crap overseas in a war zone, a war zone mind you, we would be in jail.

        • Michael

          Absolutely right brother. We have the UCMJ, Code of Conduct, and our use of force. If we messed up like this we would be under the jail.

    • Saam Amerat

      They reacted the way they did because that is what they do to people that are not white

  • Michael

    Why was he being followed and subsequently stopped? This is the question that will answer all questions of legality.

    • Did you see the picture of him? That should make it pretty obvious why he was being followed and stopped by white piggies.

      • Michael

        I understand the unsaid reason for this. Unfortunately this is incredibly hard to legal act upon unless one can prove systematic racism. What I ask is there a legal reason this man was detained? With this question, if the family has money or donors, litigious action can take place, and the family will be able to well afford the care for their son.

        • Doesn’t matter, the pigs can just make up a reason after the fact. But no, there was NO LEGAL REASON this man was detained, unless it’s now illegal to have a colostomy.

  • MeganLeigh Maguire

    NOBODY has to be a doctor to recognize a person with Down Syndrome. This kind of shit is the reason nobody trusts cops anymore. They are suppose to “Serve and Protect’ but they really just Scare and Hurt people.

  • Fran Miller

    The cops who did this were uneducated and untrained idiots, ala Donald Trump. They need to be fired from their positions and do something they have the ability to do, perhaps Grocery store bagger. Hope the family sues their asses off.

    • JWII

      They ain’t touching my groceries.

    • Saam Amerat

      In america dumb trump supporters are the only people they want in the police. To them everyone else is a libturd

    • Dorothy M. Tate

      Or some of those farm workers jobs.. now that Trump has deported all of the Hispanic workers…

  • rossbro


  • Budgiecat

    If a judge does something wrong they get impeached
    if a laywer does something wrong they get disbarred
    If a doctor does something wrong they lose their license
    if an office worker does something wrong they get fired
    If a cop does something wrong……he gets paid vacation

    • Michael

      This is why officers should be forced to acquire personal liability insurance similar to the malpractice insurance of lawyers and doctors. If the cop has too many incidents of illegality in their performance of their jobs the insurance premiums will rise. If they can no longer afford the insurance, due to their Constitutional incompetence, economics will disallow them to afford insurance and they can not be hired by police departments. This is a way to let police have some skin in the game. If we continually see police misconduct and lawsuits, paid by the people, nothing will ever change because, face it people, paid administrative leave is really a vacation.

  • DrCaligari

    Paul Blart strikes again.

  • Saam Amerat

    He did what he did because america is a racist country where it is allowed to do this to people that are not white

  • CM028

    So what the fuck, this is from 2011? 2013 as below title? WTF?

    Repost? Some other site repost it? Recent updates? Whats going on here!?

  • Paul Rizzo


  • Sandra Steedman

    sorry his excuse was i am not a doctor, no he’s just an idiot. i swear the american police academys are so short of applicants they will take any idiot to carry a gun, i’m surprised they didn’t shoot him. and it is only going to get worse if trump gets into the white house. these officers should be sacked immediately, there was no reason whatsoever for them to do this to this poor young man, they just saw it as a bit of fun. Americans, you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this to happen. if you are true human beings you will stop this outrageous behaviour of the police departments in the usa, call your senators and demand that these police officers who have been shooting blacks and beating up the disabled be removed from the force immediately

  • Uncanny_Valley

    The cops feared for their lives.

  • Andre Justice

    That officer gives the badge a bad look. Hes a real piece of shit

  • Nick Bloor

    He may not be a doctor, but if a police officer cannot recognise if someone has down syndrome or not, he shouldn’t be a police officer.

  • Ryan Wyrick

    You know what I’m actually kind of tired of stupid racial tension so bad that somebody would make an article defending someone fleeing from the law I don’t care if he does have Down syndrome he’s got a license to drive a fucking car that means he knows the difference between right and wrong and knows not to fully from a God damn cop are you serious cops aren’t fucking stupid the stupid ones end up doing traffic Duty or did you forget about that part you guys are so fucking small-minded who said something about the white fucking Piggies who cares does this kid look black he looks like he might be half black Maybe and the cops could have been half Mexican and Asian who knows you don’t know shit so why would you say anything about it the comments on this post pretty much justify cops being as defensive as they are you guys are fucking insane and they’re supposed to just hope you don’t pull out a gun on them there’s a whole bunch of people that will never go back to prison alive okay all the cop did was stop him and matter of fact you don’t get stopped just for being black anymore matter of fact you get fired for stopping people with no cause especially if you’re a white cop stopping a black person that shit gets noticed now and all you gotta do is Facebook that shit with your phone on record and it’s national attention almost so take your dumb ass comments and fucking think a little harder about this the kid was doing something to get fucked with and he knew right from wrong if he had a driver’s license they damn sure knew that he wasn’t supposed to just run from the cops that shows guilt and when you try to flee they tackle you and cuff you they don’t beat you unless you actually resist I’m willing to bet that this kid had nothing but cuss words and shit talk and no the beating was not justified at all it’s absolutely wrong but you gotta understand this kid put himself in that position here and from a fucking cock with all of these videos of that people accidentally getting shot just for moving you should know by now you don’t fucking even move when a cop pulls you over and wants to Frisk you and in case you forgot the law is you have to have probable cause for all of that shit actual suspicious activity they didn’t talk about anything of the case did they know because all they want you to see is his bruises so they can work the race friction against you get the fuck out of here with this mess this is fake ass news SARS I’m concerned and no I won’t fix my grammar the last thing I’m going to do is and take an extra second off of speech to text for some stupid shit like this….