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In the Last 24-hours, Russia Has Destroyed Nearly All ISIS Ammunition & Heavy Vehicles

Syria (RT) — Islamic State militants have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in Russian airstrikes, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. At least 86 ISIS targets were hit during 88 sorties in the last 24 hours.

Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 bombers, together with Su-25SM ground support aircrafts targeted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sites in the provinces of Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo, according to the ministry. The jets hit command posts, ammunition and armament depots, military vehicles, plants producing explosives, field camps and bases.

Su-24M bombers also targeted an IS field headquarters near the city of Anadan in the province of Aleppo from which the terrorists coordinated their activities. There was an ammunition depot at the site, the ministry said.

One more IS field post was destroyed near the city of al-Bab in Aleppo Province.

A new set of videos was released showing targets hit in Latakia and Hama.

An Su-34 bomber airstrike completely destroyed a bunker with an ammunition depot near Latamna in the province of Hama, the ministry said in a press release.

According to intercepted communications, the militants suffer from shortages of ammunition, small arms and grenade guns. Several commanders allegedly say they will withdraw their units unless their ammunition needs are satisfied.

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Russian airstrikes resulted in the elimination of the majority of ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.

Russia launched its anti-IS military operation in Syria on September, 30, at the request of the Syrian government. Western countries have voiced concerns that Russia rather targets moderate opposition in Syria, but Moscow says it is after terrorist groups such as IS and Al-Nusra Front.

“[Western countries] say we are bombing false targets. On Sunday US air forces targeted a power station and a transformer in Aleppo. Why did they do it? Whom did they punish? What was the sense? That is unclear,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has prepared an agreement concerning the safety of flights in Syria and sent it to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, who confirmed that talks are being held. However, no agreements have yet been reached, RIA Novosti reported.

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    • Just want to show y’all this map, because apparently people thing Putin is bombing the parts of Syria ISIS is in control of

    • Exactly Peyton Cooley. People need to do research before bandwagon jumping. From what I’ve read and can find, there’s no evidence except a statement from some Russians that this is true. Even Putin is quoted saying he doesn’t know where all this bombing is going yet. I mean, I hope it’s true.. But it sounds overhyped already.

    • But yeah, people do focus on dumb shit too, so…

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  • Learn your Rights; in this moment in time the government is attempting to yet again rewrite the history and laws of the lands. The same officials that ALL have sworn an oath of office to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution, are attempting to degrade it through misinformation to “The People”. It’s time for the U.S. people to stand up and defend the U.S. Constitution because those that have sworn the oath to do so refuse to uphold their oath of offices. #AreYouMadYet

    Associate Justice Brandeis (Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438)
    We must subject government officials to the same rules of conduct that we expect of the citizen. The very existence of the government is imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. As Brandeis puts it, “if the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. To declare that in the administration of the criminal law the end justifies the means—to declare that the government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal—would bring terrible retribution. Against that pernicious doctrine this court should resolutely set its face.”

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    Watch this, and decide for yourself.

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    • Great share and comment!

    • Thank you so much for your support. Please share with as many people as you can, this information was written to share with the citizens.

    • Well do! Np thank you !

  • This is why we are not a super power anymore. the media focus’s us on the unimportant.

    • Why would you want to be a super power? Elitist ideals like that are part of the problem I’d say.

    • Guess it all depends on how the power is used. If it is used to improve health and education in other parts of the world, having super ability to do so is good. On the other hand, If the super is only in military strength, and it is used to bully other countries or groups, weather it be political, religion or some other topic, then it is corrupted and not morally proper in my belief.

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  • We’re not going to broadcast our asses getting handed to us.

  • Mind you though, all incidents/conflicts that could have been avoided using your brains, are non-stories.

  • Monika Lewensky was a scandal just to distract the nation from the clintons getting busted selling secrets to china.

  • thats what happens when mass media is owned by corrupt officials

  • Isnt this whats expected? Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Russia destroys most of ISIS/CIA Agents ammunition and MRAP Toyotas. Get it right


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    • My point is CIA’s MKUltra program is still working. And all this Putin and Obama propaganda is doing nothing but causing a big distraction.

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      Our government is helping ISIS, absolutely, both directly and indirectly. But gtfo with that stupid photo lol

    • Love how people come in with no proof no link. Some idiot comes with a Business Insider source which is also part of the media propaganda. What do you people have to bring to the table? A rant?

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    • So you have a photo….. But no audio of what took place…… Please tell me what actually happened here in your own words

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    • “You guys are sheep. You don’t know anything about the truth of what’s really happening in the world. Don’t believe the media, I know the truth. I read it on the Internet.” -Charlie Fuentes

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  • Well why would the American media want to broadcast Russia doing our military’s job better than them?

    • How is it our military’s job? Where was Russia at the beginning of the Serbian crisis?

    • I don’t much give a fuck WHO does it, just get it done.

    • You’re right…..I’m thankful to whom ever is doing things our gov has bullshitted about for TOO long now!

    • Lol, they are not doing a better job, they are just now doing what we’ve been doing for years. Putin is merely grandstanding and jumping in the fray like a kid who’s been watching a little league game for six innings and now wants to play.

    • I don’t think so…Russia is kicking sad not trying to steal there shit like we are

    • Sorry Margaretta Perfetti you are not well informed on this.

    • Neither are you! They destroyed a MAJORITY of their cache within days. Wtf took us years?

    • Tim Mickey who exactly said they did this, and who confirmed it?

    • Your a lost cause.

    • I thought so, nothing but a recycled Orwell Meme when you are pressed for specifics…this is exactly what I’m talking about. Have you even read Orwell?

    • Russia said it. The United sheep media coverage confirms it.

    • Like I said your a lost cause. 2/10 for getting a response from me. Troll.

    • Lol, you believe what Russia says without a critical thought…that speaks volumes. You also need to learn what a troll is, as your behavior is much closer.

    • Lol, I’ve looked into this more than just this tin foil hat media outlet. Trust me on that.

    • Then you would not have a problem answering me.


    • not our militaries job, destroying isis goes against our militaries job which is to fund train arm and keep isis in power so the US can invade and overthrow syria

    • in the time youve spent matthew trying to argue this isnt true you could have simply run a google news search and see the many and multiple world news agencies that have reported on it lol http://www.google.com/search?q=russia+destroys+isis+ammunition+and+vehicles+in+24+hours&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AVqFQoTCOrHrbWRxcgCFcVoPgod7DkKPg

    • Matthew you are not informed lol. Wtf kind of research you been doing

    • You’ll have to do better than that Michael Uchiha Manley Nahu.

    • LOL Ryan Parris, did you actually read these articles? I read several before today…notice what they say…

      Russia “claims” to have struck all targets

      Moscow “claims” to have destroyed a bunker…

      Russia “says” they have magical Unicorns.

      What the news agencies are reporting are unsubstantiated Russian claims, and if you accept those as fact, I would just ask exactly where you decided to go when you skipped history and reading comprehension.

    • It’s just like the cold war, when Russians made all of these claims of strength and capability… The wall fell, and we found it was all bullshit.

      Putin is the man behind the curtain and you are all the Dorothy that doesn’t know any better.

      Hey, I’m just letting you guys know… If you can’t see the reality through geopolitics and the prism of history, that’s your issue.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how we ever got this crazy notion into our head of the media simply reporting the facts.

    • Because Ed. ISIS is your MILITARY.

    • Lol you are all great! So fucking funny

    • Technically its treason if they report any pro russian stories so they can’t

    • That’s not true Kaine Williams, there is freedom of the press.

    • Kaine Williams why would that be treason for the USA to report pro Russian?

    • Exactly

    • Don’t you get it? America is casuing the war. The freedom fighters are nothing but hired guns that the American government have funded. Its been proven over and over outside the American boarders. America is now what they made out Russia to be. Lying manipulating invaders.

    • Martin Noble educate yourself, the United States did not start the war in Syria, it was part of the Arab Spring.

    • And it’s not an invasion if they are asking for help.

    • Not every Syrian is included in “they are asking for help”.And are we talking about help like in Irak ? Or Afganistan with the one hour hospital bombing killing 22 ?Check your constitution ,senate has the right to send troops not the president (might be wrong) .Arn’t there enough problems in house to fix before preaching to other country’s ?
      Land of the Free ,I don’t think so ,just read the paper! Our rights , our money ,our homes ,our rights to grow food or gather water are being taken from us ! And throw cops with tanks in the mix .Thats a pretty shitty road to travel ,just saying .

    • Matthew we get it, you’re a brainwashed, braindead, corporately-decieved American that will believe whatever the mainstream media tells us about other countries, but will rule any possibility that maybe our government wants us to hate these countries and the countriess aren’t as bad as you think. you can shut the fuck up now dickshit.!

    • Franz W Robert II you can take your hippie-dippie soft-head bullshit elsewhere, you are a soft head who has little idea about how to the world actually works, and it looks like you are only capable of regurgitating the typical dumbass platitudes “corporate”, “mainstream media”, ” brainwashed”, and not much original thought. You clearly have little understanding of the reality of middle east history or culture. It is you who needs to shut the fuck up unless you can come with something better and original.

    • our?

    • usa dont want peace in “the axis of evil” its called imperialism..the true goal is the hunger for power and controll..just like many kings and empires before..now the real war is played out in the media

    • makes you wonder?

    • Lol did you just share your own quote in meme form?

  • Although I agree, he is still someone’s child, father, and husband. Have some mf respect.

    • Like the respect he had for himself?

    • Addict or not, he’s still a human being and doesn’t deserve to be looked down upon because of his particular struggle. We ALL struggle with something. Point blank. It could easily be you or someone you love.

    • Wayne I feel sorry for your loved ones, if any can put up with your ignorance. This is a man first, and one that has touched all the lives that encountered his. Did he make a TERRIBLE choice by marrying into that poor excuse of a family Kardashian? Sure. Like many of us he had demons to fight, with no guidance as his dad is a deadbeat. If you only know Lamar Odom as a Kardashian, then keep your ignorant opinion to yourself.

      This was posted to present how the media portrays what they want, not so losers like you can hate on a man they know nothing about.

    • New Jersey is full of trash.

    • Keep making excuses for irresponsible millionaires. Typical deadbeat . should’ve been with his child that’s the true victim in this circus of debauchery.

    • If you see him as a human first, a man, a father, a son, wouldn’t you prefer to keep his personal business off of the news? This could have been a simple “our thoughts and prayers” from his employer, the NBA, but instead it is a non stop media feed of unimportant, minute, invasive details.

    • note the ‘ I agree.’

    • Compassion and empathy are not making excuses! It’s saying I see you hurting, struggling, and even though I may not agree I’m trying to understand. Your feelings are valid, period.

    • I agree with Wayne R Roehreich Jr., Sometimes TOUGH LOVE IS THE GOLDEN TICKET. Point is he’s not my dad, brother, etc. He’s not related and I truly wish personal matters were private that way the Kardashians could really get to it and make money like the rest of the world. Instead this is a new effin episode Entertainment media everywhere will be spewing now whether I watch that vile show or not. Never mind my family members do make better decisions than to party with harlots all night in a cathouse with illegal substances. He made his bed, now he should lay in it. Sad that his kids will pay for his ill choices too.

    • Mario I was so happy about what you said until you trashed New Jersey, wtf dude?

    • Saying he made his bed so he can lie in it in is like you stubbing your toe and someone telling you fuck your feelings, you brought it on yourself by walking barefoot. ?? All that would do is add insult to injury, which is not only ridiculous and serves no purpose, but is detrimental to all involved. Foh.

    • Caiti Cowan, bury some addict/ alcoholic friends for a while and see how desensitized to celebrity travestys you become. This isn’t a debate. You have your opinions, you shared them. Why don’t you allow others theres. Or do you have all the time in the world to argue ??

    • If I stub my toe, no harm, no foul. If I get coked up, take egregious amounts of what is essentially Viagra, and wind up almost dead, that’s a completely different thing.
      People are capable of their own choices, but when they go too far and people paint them as some angelic vessel of God’s hopes and dreams, I get annoyed.

    • I buried my sister because of addiction, see people I love struggle with it, and almost let it kill me. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he’s not a person. Everyone isn’t entitled to an opinion. You’re entitled to an informed opinion. Nobody is entitled to be ignorant. And if you don’t want a response, share your judgemental bs on the thread not my comment.

    • *still a public forum*

    • Just because you’re a person doesn’t automatically grant you respect. Especially if you’re a person who makes poor life choices. I don’t have to respect anyone I don’t want to, especially a fucking junkie.

    • Interesting perspective, although I have respect for all life. Big or small.

    • You’re what’s wrong with America. You’ve missed the entire point of this picture/article. People care more about the dumbass kardashians than something that’s actually important in the world. Nothing the kardashians, current, future, or past, are doing is detrimental to Americans except maybe lowering their intelligence. Yet you’re more concerned for a coke head than the fact Russia is actually doing something that helps us.

    • Respect is earned!!!!

    • I’m concerned for humanity. #carryon

    • I don’t care for Lamar Odom at all but I also think the pic was disrespectful and tactless. No matter your personal experiences and how you attempt to justify your opinion it will always be tasteless to speak ill of ANYONE on their death bed.

    • Guy watched his mom die at 12, watched his daughter die at 2 and half, robbed at gun point, dad was a heroine addict and had an overall awful life story.

      Couldn’t seek treatment because of the taboo behind it.

      But no you’re right, he’s a coke – headed dead beat who totally deserves everything that’s happened to him!

    • I will never respect a drug abuser who can’t figure their life out.

    • That’s all I’m sayin, the disregard for life is astounding. ?

    • Exactly! God forbid you lift a man up that needs help, smh.

    • I just can’t understand it.

    • Wow… These comments are heartless… For one I think she meant comparing the two is unfair, and unethical since he’s laying on his deathbed.. And just cause he’s a drug addict doesn’t make his life worthless. People deal with hard times differently… Plus you lot are acting like he’s putting himself all over the media. He’s on his deathbed, he’s not writing these articles himself, smh?

    • Ruth Nichols hard times are u kidding me this Crack head is Rich. Just to prove u can’t take the hood out of a nigga

    • looks like you were a coke head or a ex hooker you sure stick up for em I say fuck em loser

    • Lol so cus he’s rich he has no problems yea? I see why you’re unsympathetic it’s that’s the mindset you have? And really, that last line about ‘niggas’ was unnecessary..

    • Yes, Ruth , you are brain washed to be controlled. Wake up, unplug your self.
      Read what is going on on this earth. So sorry for you… ?

    • Sorry for what? You sound like an idiot. I’m not brainwashed or controlled, you don’t even know me? I give zero shits about any of these celebs, I don’t know them to care for them. I don’t see how saying you shouldn’t speak ill of someone who’s on their deathbed, and that just cause he’s rich doesn’t mean he don’t face real life struggles like every other human I’m all of a sudden controlled and brainwashed? You need to clearly take your head out the media cause it’s confusing you boo.

    • Lol sounds like Lamar had a hell of a party. At least dude went out like spud Mackenzie

    • His actions show he doesn’t respect his own family/friends.

    • Caiti, Mario, etc…..
      Hundreds of people with his “problems” die each day without being “news”.

      Why does this particular person get headlines????

      Simple….because people like you are obsesses with who he had sex with….plain and simple.

      How about paying attention to things that actually matter …. the “big picture”, if you will…..

    • Lol this has nothing to do with anything besides the disregard for a human life. Nobody should have to suffer and especially not be treated as if they deserve that suffering. The ‘big picture’ I see is that until we care about each other as one human family we will undoubtedly self destruct. I can’t think of any picture bigger than that.

    • I already agreed it had no business in the news so…

    • Don’t look down on the poor little rich basketball player for doping up and screwing whores when he could’ve been doing the right thing

    • Some of y’all are disgusting. He is a person with a family, struggles and addiction problems. You all make me sick. What’s the point of being informed about things if you’re just going to be low life’s that don’t care about people’s well being.

    • Hmm well Whitney Houston has been clean and sober for over three years now.

    • I refuse to respect someone who can’t bother to respect themselves, and their loved ones.

    • And that’s who needs to hear about it.

    • Yes, no doubt he should’ve made better decisions, but he deserve prayers.

    • Oh please.

    • DUUUUUDEE. Anyone that doesn’t get the point of this post is what’s wrong with America.. America is winning because we have so many stupid people in the country, someone posts a picture saying how the media is twisted and corrupt and instead of people being blown away that Russia did something that America couldnt? America has been “fighting” Isis for years and “couldn’t take them out” but Russia does it in 24hours.. And yet still you stupid ass people ignore that fact and start arguing about a basketball player that had a drug over dose… SMH everyone talking about this basketball player needs to leave this country because we will never fix America until we get all the stupid people out…

    • True that

    • And thousands of others suffer his issues without the insane amount of money he has. No one fucking cares.

    • Aaron Johnson whats the “right thing”?

    • Jason Corbin you payin for them to leave?

    • Lol respect the guy who gets wasted and passes out in a whorehouse…get a damn clue.

    • Isis hasn’t even been around 2 years.
      And if you’re going to believe it because russia said it did, then you don’t get putins propoganda system.

    • Tyler maybe you don’t understand Russia’s fighting methods enough to believe a video. Allow me to explain. If Russia decides it wants to pick a fight with someone, Russia comes in and destroys everything. That’s why no one likes Russia. They give zero fucks about the rules of engagement. If they decide to start a war with someone, they go through and annihilate them.

    • And not just a coke head but a very charitable person and has help his community more than anyone in these comments lol

    • It should never be acceptable when some child’s baby daddy is in the company of hookers and cocaine If BLACK LIVES MATTER then stop behaving like they don’t

    • Lol…The point of this post went way over ppls. Heads…

    • Junkies get no sympathy. Only their families deserve sympathy for dealing with a junkie. Addiction is a terrible deal, but you can CHOOSE to stop being addicted at any time.

    • How do you respect someone who doesn’t respect themselves?

    • Fact of the matter is he an addict. And Kloe loves him NO MATTER how badly hes hurt her. She’s going to stand by him $ ♡$♡

  • This got
    Written ALL over it .
    It’s not even funny,
    But the misinformed will have absolutely no clue whatsoever as to what the signs are, what to look for, all the clues blatantly exposed.
    This one is bad

  • Thank you Russia.

  • It’s a “non-story” because the US Effed up by not doing this!!

    • Shit those were probably all US made and sold weapons… CIA out a lot of money with that one….

    • Can’t blow up your own people and weapons, its not kosher is it.

    • For the US war is never meant to be won, just sustained. Too much of a money marker for the fed

    • It’s a non-story because it’s fake Russian propaganda.

    • Ha ha Andrew Munson they will never be better at fake propaganda than the US.

    • Amanda, you’ve got a lot to learn about the world. Russia is effectively an autocratic state. Propaganda is what keeps Putin’s regime afloat.

      Nice attempt at red herring though.

    • It’s a shame the President of the US has no power. Their propaganda is about protecting those who do.

      Patronising arrogance is your thing isn’t it?

  • Just goes to show how dumb USAs military really is. Been there for how many years fighting. Russia comes along and does more progress in 24 hours than USA in 14 years???

    • In our defense, we did steamroll iraq, in the initial invasion. The part that took so long was trying to rebuild, and stand their army up, and make them a new country after the regime was overthrown which didn’t work. And it never will.

    • They created the whole war and probably created ISIS too after they attacked Iraq. They keep attacking different countries. Now all the countries that got attacked are coming together and started a new group. Wasn’t the Taliban responsible for 9/11?? Why would they go to Iraq first and not Afghanistan and to Pakistan??

    • 24 hours my ass. Takes Russia 24 hours to find the toilet

    • Tony, we DID go to Afghanistan first -__-

  • Here’s how the “media,” works…

  • We’re still dropping lots of weapons so it’s going to take much longer to destroy them all! Lol

  • It will also be like that Solange Matheus

  • Great! Now we’re going to have to spend more taxpayer money to re-arm them…

  • So stupid Putler propaganda. Almost no ISIS bombed at all. Just Asads opposition. 🙁

  • but it has everything a kardashian a athlete, drugs hookers fuck. you expect the media to cover world events instead of celebrity gossip. soon you will expect them to stop telling you what to think and just report an unbiased news story.

  • Heres a story, the world has been controlled by thugs for thousands of years https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bZv-szv7kHM

    • LOL, Russia has not destroyed most of ISIS… they are just now doing what we’ve been doing for years. Putin is merely grandstanding and jumping in the fray like a kid who’s been watching a little league game for six innings and now wants to play.

    • Well russia did a great job than america…


    • No they didn’t. How do you figure? Because Russia said it on the internet, LOL?

    • Its obvious Russia is doing the job that the USA was supposed to do…faster, more effectively…its not rocket science to fugure that one out

    • The same way you did

    • He is a kid u say….

    • That picture of him shirtless on a horse is a joke. You are actually impressed by that? That explains a lot.

    • Adey May you’ll have to explain that.

    • How quickly we forget a Russian missile system shot down a Malaysian airliner a year ago.

    • Matthew Jason Leonnig Stick to your comedy!

    • Posts like this and dummies who believe it are doing that job for me.

    • First read the full news thats russian separatist not russian goverment military….so how do you explain the news where isis got made in america firearms

    • The thing is that Russia is just bombing indiscriminately, the US carefully selects it’s targets. It’s not about effectiveness, its about intent. This won’t end well for Russia, trust me.

    • Rahul Singh you and I both know there are Russian military advisers overseeing things in the Ukraine.

    • Carefully u said…accidentally they said

    • Buddy america jst cant bomb russia if u refer to that they can only put ban which does not have much effect on him….

    • Matthew Jason Leonnig there’s a shit ton of video proof. What more do ya need? Just go in your coner eat some more grass and say beeeeehhhhhhhh. Sheep.

    • I didn’t say it was perfect. And that was due to bad Intel…you think Russia doesn’t create collateral damage too? The difference is we care and try to avoid it, they do not.

    • “america avoid it”u r joking right….

    • American military is there cause there goverment want to control the oil…..

    • The CIA created ISIS, so yeah, America avoids bombing them alright.

    • Your goverment jst using your military men and killing them for their politicians benefit

    • It’s still fucking better than how the Russian government treats its own people.. trust me Rahul Singh, a Russian friend of mine is locked up in moscow for a documentary depicting the horrible conditions of the Russian citizens.

    • The Russians, so badass

    • We r not talking abt citizens of russia…..we r talking abt the bombing on isis…

    • Rahul Singh we’ve been occupying the region for a decade, including oil fields…if we were there for oil don’t you think we would have shipped some home by now? We are producing much more of our own domestic oil and gas prices here in the US are very low. We are reducing our dependency on middle-eastern oil.

    • So we see the news abt police brutality in america…wat do u wanna say abt that

    • Buddy u cant jst empty the oil from a country….it takes time thats wat america is doing there…dont you think

    • We’ve been there over a decade… That would be more than enough time to ship at least a barrel back right? Come on!

    • I know u love your country …..everybody loves their country…who dont..??? Bt its d truth abt america

    • Before we talk about police brutality in America, let’s talk about the Indian justice system where women are gang raped on busses and then blamed for it happening, and the men get a slap on the wrist as punishment.

    • Yeah i know abt dat…and i dnt support that kind of crap…bt u jst cant blame every indian for that shameful incident

    • I am a American and I approve this message!

    • yo amricano dont mess with indiano… LOLZ…..

    • Thats my nigga

    • and yes the thing about media and country ..America is a Great Nation But As we Say Pride Is Good But Boasting Is bad.. So Please Dont Boast .

    • So Rahul Singh I am sure you understand you cannot blame most American police for a few bad actors.

    • I am hardly boasting, I am responding to an indictment of my country and the good Mr. Singh’s assertions, nothing more. I respect India and the partnership of our nations.

    • And As an Indian every American Is Some how dependent on India We Are the largest Exporter Of IT Tools So IF We Stopped Providing any of the soft wares you cant even comment on this Fuckin Page ,,So respect your country and Mine Tooo ..

    • Chill

    • If you’re gonna mention the Malaysian airliner shot down by a Russian missle. Don’t forget to mention Iran air flight 655.

    • typically we are talking about the terrorism every country and countrymen should know how these people are killing good Samaritans ..

    • Tim once you can answer my question ( which you clearly can’t), I’ll answer yours.

    • and in case of Russia and america you people are from the two most powerful nations you must respect each other rather than blaming each other…

    • Lets also mention Korean Air KAL007, shot down by Soviet Migs.

    • And my favorite line talking to an Indian Helpdesk worker for some piece of software, in Broken Indian, “I am not familiar vis Vindows.”

    • Atleast he talked in broken english which u can understand…..wat abt u can u speak hindi or sanskrit or punjabi

    • Avneet Raj, don’t put the cart before the horse. Your IT support is for everything that America invented and cultivated: The personal computer, microprocessors, smart phones, softwate, the internet itself, and social media… all American innovations, so it is YOU who would not be commenting, have fucking IT jobs, or even the internet if not for our inventions, so respect that.

    • Putin supporter? I see brainwashing is working on both sides. Lol

    • Just like flight 655, MH17 will be mostly forgotten or even mentioned in history. Already evident. Just goes to show any country is capable of atrocities. As well as freedom fighting. Why argue this basis?

    • I respect that but please search the no. Of CEO’s belonging from India and As i said About america its a great nation but u all are too proud that your sight is blurred to see the right thing.

    • Thats US military…..and thats russian rebels

    • And @Greg.. WINDOWS is an Operating system and dumbness has is not either a program of Mac Or Windows. SO see the clear picture ..

    • https://youtu.be/YGM9xNeuJe4 I’ll just leave this here for the brainwashed simpletons buying Putin’s script. US is brainwashing the West, and Putin is brainwashing the East. Good job.

    • And a helpdesk worker can make hell of a mess by leaving his desk..

    • Help desk workers make a hell of a mess at their desks, lol.

    • Dude its 1:00 am here….peace out bro

    • hey Obama take your head out of your ass and pay attention to how a real world leader respond to terrorist

    • Reports are flooding in about strike points on opposition controlled syria being bombed, not isis.

    • What’s a air stike?

    • Javier Jurado is that sarcasm or have you not actually heard the term?

    • Avneet Raj so if the US stops purchasing those goods?…. We’d get them somewhere else. Maybe more expensive though.

    • airstRikes*

    • Go take your meds and take off the Tim foil Chandler.

    • You bought Putin’s overcompensation huh Rafael Delgado?

    • Absolutely not true.

    • Fuck Russia and fuckboy Putin. They are dropping bombs yup. With no ROE and taking out our backed rebels. Won’t be long before shit pops off at this rate

    • Fuck yeah Kurt!

    • That video they showed is an intro to a war game

    • This means russia will fuck us up if it cam down to it lol

    • Do we have any evidence besides statements?.. . From what I’ve read and can find, there’s no evidence except a statement from some Russians that this is true. Even Putin is quoted saying he doesn’t know where all this bombing is going yet. I mean, I hope it’s true.. But it sounds overhyped already. Can I get some legit sources saying this is true and verified?

    • Angel Perez

    • Nino Brown how is Russia going to fuck us up? We would whoop their ass all over the middle East if we went toe-to-toe.

    • We aren’t gonna “let” Putin do anything. It’s not America’s job to police the world.

    • Well then these places need to stop begging us for help every time they need support.

    • I would do the whole “LOL HA HA” thing, but this is not novel, informed people already know…


    • That awkward moment when the “free thought project” participates in falsely indoctrinating people. Let’s see some documented evidence that Putin’s forces have destroyed the majority of ISIS’ munitions and vehicles… I’ll wait. He’s not even attacking Isis, he’s attacking the FSA under the veil of attacking ISIS.

      Only morons like you would believe that Russia is actually “smashing” Isis. Let’s see what Putin does when ISIS sends some bombs into the red square.

    • Good morning Rahul.

    • Matthew Jason Leonnig gd morning bro…wat goin on….jst commenting and stuff..huh..??

    • Yes sir probably too much LOL

    • Hahahahaha…wen i woke up i saw my phone…i was like whoa dude…thats my photo comment wat r y’all doing here

    • You started a dialogue that spans the globe!!!

    • Yeah i am noticing that…

    • Bell-Smith Wellsysaidso Jordan Brad Katon

    • Aaron Moore feel like you’d appreciate this

    • If Isis was to send some bombs into the red square.
      The whole nation plus other country’s would stand up, and rebuild and whatsoever.
      But that would never happen. Also, you are stupid to think that Putin wouldn’t do anything about it. Putin loves Russia, but not just Russia, he loves every country but America.
      America has lots of enemy’s because they are cowards and claim everything they didn’t achieve. Russia is well loved by entire Europe and Asian country’s etc.
      America only think of their own, and you bunch been brainwashed by your television.

    • Russia is heading for a Continental takeover, wake up dumb ass.

    • Let’s count how much damage and death toll ends up being Syrian resistance forces when this is all truly tallied up. If you think Russia is suddenly working some world peace magic, you’re fooling yourselves. Do you even pay attention to people, or what the fuck goes on in this world since the day people wound up here?

    • Ronnie Hall lol

    • Maria Motorina if you think most of the world likes Russia more than the US, you are fooling yourself. Russia is just trying to get involved with what America has been sacrificing a decade for…Russians have always been envious and resentful of the U.S., especially since they lost the cold war, and Europe has a much better relationship with America than Russia….why do you think even Eastern European nations want to join NATO? Get you head out of your ass. By the way go ahead and give me an example of what we “claim but didn’t acheive”, and give me one example of a Russian invention or innovation that changed the world…I can give you 20 from the US right off the top of my head. All Russia can ever do is play in our shadow.

    • Greg Martinez

    • lol “the U.S. crefully selects it’s targets, yeah Matthew, tell that to the thousands of innocent people who the U.S. has “accidentally” killed instead of the ISIS folks they apparently were going after. oh thats right, youre not going to hear about that in your precious mainstream media sources that you’re brainwashed by. wow what a chump.!!!!!

    • Franz W Robert II I am sorry that I have to explain to you that although the US does its best to avoid collateral damage, it still happens, and I didn’t indicate otherwise… If I were you I would work on basic reading comprehension, because it looks like you read at the level of a 7 year old.

    • Rahul Singh a riding a bike is 50% less polluting than riding a horse, and it doesn’t require refueling twice or more times a day.

    • I would applaud Putin, if he weren’t actively destroying my birthplace: Ukraine

    • when the first kill was made for greed or power by man..all hell for us started..over and over again..thats what we humans do best..to kill

    • @Stefan The discussion is over terrorism and media incompetency ..not over Pollution. dont be too blurred .. Lolz…?

    • hey Mathew Matthew Jason Leonnig your just another brainwashed American it was your country that supplied isis with weapons and hummers just look at all the pictures videos all American weapons

    • Who gives a shit! Let other country’s kids in uniform die for their freedom? LOL yeah.. Russia and Putin.. All about freedom.

    • Zach Felder

    • Look folks, I can’t answer every dumbass who relies on meme’s for their infomation and suggests I am brainwashed for not believing their conspiracy theories. I will leave you to wallow in your own ignorance. I’ll just leave you with this:

      If you really think that Russia hit ISIS in a day as hard or harder than the Coalition has in years, you simply don’t have even basic analytic out comprehension skills, let alone and understanding of military tactics. Just so you can’t say no one ever let you know.

      Also, if you really think that Russia taking a step up in the world and the US taking a step down would be good for the world, you are even more dense and unaware of the world around you.

      Good luck with getting your education from social media memes, I am going to proceed with my excellent life in the world’s greatest nation ( by far).

    • I laughed way too hard on this meme

    • Now that’s funny.

    • Yeah….i jst found dat

    • Matthew seems to want to believe America is actually doing something right! Wrong again!

    • Just because he bombs some bad guys that does not make him good, do you forget he shot a plane out of the sky full of innocent people? Invaded his neighboring country? And killed off more than one political opponent.

    • Edward Dahlstedt, you’ll have to do much better.

    • I want Putin & Merkel to have a love child that becomes leader of Earth,

    • Why?

    • Meme being right or not, I have zero trust or admiration for Putin.

    • Let him spend their tax dollars bombing isis. We have better use for our tax dollars

    • You know some people think America is becoming just like the days of the Rome Empire. I can tell you this, no one knows the future. Not even ISIS or ISIL!

    • Matthew Jason Leonnig; While I’m sure that in real life you are a lovely person, and I know that the internet tends to bring out the worst in people; in this thread you come across as a very unpleasant person who has a serious superiority complex when it comes to the US.

    • To the person with the Cyrillic meme…I am pleasant. I don’t think It have a superiority complex about the US, although I am an American Exceptionalist. I am simply responding to criticisms of my republic and trying to provide people with accurate information.

    • Then there’s this~~

    • That isn’t true though. Russia has been attacking Syrian rebels positions and not ISIS. ISIS even used Russian strikes on Syrian Rebels to advance and strengthen their position.

    • The major difference is that Russia has a ministry of propaganda..

    • Putin is doing a good job, all I can say.

    • If you worship Putin for every false claim he makes, you really need to switch on a brain.

    • Fuccccck isis end of story!!!!

    • Earth isn’t a utopian world guys…

    • Who cares about who does wjat

    • Russia isn’t smashing shit but their economy, I guarantee that ISIS will still be operational

    • So “Russia smashed ISIS” in just days several days ago, yet, somehow, no one in the Middle East is reporting that they are at retreating or going away. It’s like either ISIS rebuilt all their ammunition and heavy weapons and infrastructure in a couple of days, or this meme was absolute bullshit… I bet I know which one it is.

  • FTW

  • Nestor Runaway Navarrete

  • I love y’all, but you have to stop believing Russian propaganda. If what you say is true, isil will stop fighting and be crushed. If that doesn’t happen, that means the Russians are lying. Let’s be real, we know they are lying. Just because the US does dirty stuff doesn’t mean Russia is righteous

    Isis seizes ground from Aleppo rebels under cover of Russian airstrikes


    • cuz the guardian isnt biased -.-

    • It beyond the Guardian, outside of rhetoric their is a real world, in this real world Syria is a failed state controlled by various militias, if you look on a map, you clearly see the vast majority of the Russian strikes have not targeted isil, but rather their rivals. This isn’t new, for years Assad has followed the same strategy, his people all but confirmed it in a press conference, they attack the people who actually threaten to take them over, the more moderate rebels, and leave isil alone because mostly all isil does is also attack the more moderate rebels. For years this has been going on. Years.

    • People lie, numbers don’t

    • It’s hard for me to understand why a page dedicated to fighting state violence would turn around and cosign such horrific state violence

    • If you don’t know the name Hamza al-Khateeb, you probably don’t know enough about the situation is Syria to offer an informed opinion. Seriously, read what they did to him, one of many http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2011/05/201153185927813389.html

    • who cares who russia is bombing as long as it isnt in north America it is none of our business , lets just stay out of other peoples country untill we fix ours

    • You need to stop believing US propaganda. Kevin Guinane Cunningham you could substitute America for Russia in your post and it would still be accurate.

    • Amanda Roe where? Wtf are you talking about? Hama al-Khateeb was a real person with a real family who showed his real body to the world. Just because you only care about Syria when you can use it to posture vain self-righteousness … Just stop people, making shit up and believing it because it makes you feel good is for children. Assad is a mass murdering sociopath, his regime is one of the most brutal in the world, these are facts, and I don’t give two fucks if its inconvenient to your half assed global political analysis. You people and your bs vainity are the reason Syria is in ruins, if it wasn’t for blackheart imperialist scum like you making Syria your proxy battle ground hundreds of thousands of people would be alive, millions would not be displaced, that’s the cost of your ignorant vainity. You are disgusting excuses for people

    • It’s more my blackheart imerialist scum’s fault than the US? Wow that’s an awful big mouthful of judgements about people you don’t know. My point was the US and the Russians are no better than each other. You just prefer referencing US statistics. How that opinion justifies your hysterical judgemental abuse I don’t know or care. And before you go off on a tangent I do care that people are being killed I just don’t care for your rude aggressive opinion.

    • THOSE AREN’T US STATS!!!! I’ve been following the conflict in Syria for years, since before it was cool, and have only said glorifying Russia’s military intervention is wrong, you are the one who has issue with that.

    • Did you read what they did to Hamza al-Khateeb? Do you care? Why do you think we should talk about this like its a football game when so many people are being tortured and murdered?

    • You’re mad.

    • Because I don’t believe Russian propaganda or cosign the mass torture and murder of the assad regime? You know that’s not true, you are just mad at me for pointing out how wrong your view of the world is with facts. Instead of accept the real world, you just call me a name, it would be funny is if wasn’t so tragic.

    • Kevin, she can’t have a real debate with you because she’s trying to make you look ignorant with a fact that isn’t there. She keeps trying to say your facts are biased because they come from the US, even AFTER you explained they are not US stats. Russia isn’t doing the world any favors, they’re just covering their own ass (which is not new behavior for them). Thank you for knowing and attempting to spread the truth.

  • And then we wonder why we have such sh*tty government representatives!!!

  • whats the deal with that i could care less about stars and there exploits

  • Except that made the news soo….

  • Gotta know your audience

    • i only know the five on the left , and if not for memes and media blasting would not know the one on the bottom , so i guess my question is am i whats right or wrong ?

    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a confirmed fraud and charlatan, sheep.

    • Confirmed by whom? The same could be said for hawking for coming up with theories that he himself eventually disproves, yet they’ve still managed to contribute so much. The beauty about science is that it can be proven and disproven, but it engages the mind and allows free thinking to sprout in other directions. Who are you calling a sheep? Are you sure you belong here?

    • Tesla, hawkings, darwin, Einstein, and dude who demoted pluto. But that’s all I know. I better get on it.

    • I only knew 8 of the 10 if it makes you all feel better lol

    • Sagan, tesla, Einstein, hawking, Darwin, degrasse Tyson, Galileo, and I think pastuer

    • Pop Scientists! God I hate those fuckers!

    • Bill nye and niel degrasse are friends lol

    • Marvel heroes?

    • Marveled heros

    • So who is the lady on the bottom? I know several up top.

    • Tesla is the only man there worth talking about

    • Lady on the left is chemist Currie.

    • Where’s Isaac Newton thoooo?

    • I know a few from the top about HALF, but I don’t know who the dumb bitch in the bottom is so HA HA!

    • Lol I only know who she is because of previous postings of this meme.

    • Who is she.. I know all the others.. but have no clue who she is.. I don’t watch tv.. but I do however read

    • Btw I am borrowing this..

    • Trent Felo Hey…. Thanks for letting everyone know what a true Trump supporter thinks… It is clear that the education system is failing….

    • Nat Mundy Have to say though that Bill Nye, is considered a bit of a joke by many scientists, for his over simplification, and general acceptance of some theories that most respected scientists simply say…. ok… best theory to date, but still too many problems with it to accept… Yeah… Bill really is more your pop-scientist.

    • who cares about neil degrass tyson?

    • Lots of people lol

    • What he said. And you slaughtered the poor man’s name.

    • I am so stealing this!

    • I know some

    • Truth.

    • I call bs in the incessant posting of no one knowing who the woman on the bottom is.

    • The girl on bottom is selena, fyi. The singer who was murdered by her employee. They made a movie

    • Yeah but the 10 on top don’t have tits!

    • Marie Curie most definitely had tits.

    • Jules Vera try again..

    • All I see is a pair of tits on bottom

    • At the risk of social suicide… Who is that woman ? I know most of the philosophers lol

    • Madam Curie.

    • Kirsty Maree Brown Kim Kardashian, congratulations you are NOT part of the problem lol

    • I know em all but 2 not counting the woman which I’m sure you threw in there just for fun I doubt she did anything important feminist would worship her if she came anywhere close to Tesla.

    • I know all the people from the above picture, I don’t know who the girl in the bottom pic is 🙂

    • is it weird i can name all of them

    • All y’all lyin. Y’all kno good and got damn well who that is at the bottom. Stop tryna look cool for the other commenters.

    • Like I said in my earlier comment. bS

    • Einstein should of made a sex tape lol

    • Am I the only person who gets Bill Nye?

    • Who’s the top right corner? Other than him I know who they are

    • I bet you don’t know who this is: http://www.ArtystaLuLu.com

    • 8 out of 10. Took me moment to figure out the bottom was Kim K, she looks kind of different in that photo

    • This is our society in a nutshell.

    • Who’s the hot woman,?

    • Who really gives a shit?

    • You all leave Kim alone! She’s the brightest mind of our age! Lolz ?

    • I

    • I for one John, I rather just derp day to day and look at hot women. Any Kardashian is not my cuppa tea though.

    • Tesla…Tyson… <3

    • Yes, the ones who are having the wrong stuff shoved in their face are the problems.

    • Steven Hawkins, Albert Instine, Frederick Neichze, Siegmund Freud, Nikola Tesla.. some I dont recognize but that dumb bitch Kim Kardashian I hate her but recognize her lol.

    • Celebrity culture is still celebrity culture, whomever the celebrities are. It’s more important to have understood what they said, even if you don’t agree with all of it, than to know their faces.

    • I am Groot!

    • To be fair a few of those guys i’d never seen pictures of before.

    • For sure I know one of them is Hitler right???

    • Aw shit, did I miss something???

    • I know 2

    • I recognise some of them. To be honest though, none of them had the same chances to be splashed all over the electronic media as the Ks did

    • For those who have no clue at all. They are from upper left corner clockwise:Steven Hawking (physicist), Albert Einstein (physicist), Neil deGrauss Tyson (astrophysicist), Carl Sagan (astronomer), Charles Darwin (biologist), Copernicus (astronomer), Sigmund Freud (psychologist), Nikola Tesla (inventor), Marie Curie (physicist and chemist). The guy in the middle not near the border is Galileo Galilei (astronomer/engineer/philosopher).

      The girl at the bottom is probably some fame whore from the way she is posing.

    • I dont follow the Kardashians…I dont know which on that is because I don’t care(really the only first name i know is Kim…hard to avoid hearing that name even on real news)…I knew 2 of those for sure… I would guess one of them is Madame Curie and have a hunch of them might be Galileo… I know nothing about physics but I’d rather listen to Stephen Hawkings than anything about the Kardashians. There is something wrong with you if you don’t recognize Einstein….at least if you’re my age. Is the bottom left guy Tesla or someone that worked in the same field.I recognized the black man but not sure who he is

    • I can recognize 4 of the men by their picture (Tessla, Hawking, Einstein and Whitman). If you named the others, I might know them by name. But I honestly have no idea who the chick is, lol.

    • I thought Isis is what was wrong with the world?


    • That & 25cents will get you a quarter in your pocket

    • What if you know all of them.

    • Have no idea who the chick is . I know 3 of the guys on top tho lol

    • Who is the broad?

    • DeGrasse, Carl Sagan, Gallileo, Madam Curie, Einstein, Tesla, Hawking,

    • Forgot Freud

    • Jules Vera….Selena??? No! Not even close

    • Neil Tyson says if you don’t like GMO`s then you’re a “stupid complainer,” even through there’s been dozens of studies linking them to cancer, infertility and many other diseases. I hate that he famous more than I hate that Kim is although I agree with the sentiment.

  • Smh

  • well, in so much as ISIS doesnt exist

  • Don’t think. Drink your wine. Watch the fire burn me. His problems not mine. Just be that model citizen.

  • There is very real media blackout story about isil to tell, its the leaks of their whole organizational structure, proves they are basically Saddam’s army and we never defeated them.


    Please read and republish this instead of Russian propaganda

    • I copy

    • Money is a hoax? Well currency is just a means to exchange labor for goods and services that you need. As long as that keeps working for me I’ll use it. Also debt? I owe someone and how is that debt not real?

    • You’re welcome to have my fictional debt.

    • History is the reasons why laws were created (& I’m pretty sure you follow and abide by)
      Religion, well religion is just bs tbh.
      Money is what I’m pretty sure you wish you had. #broke
      How is debt a fiction? People will come after your things if you’re in debt.
      Media goes both ways but the way you look at things is subjective. If you feel like you got something important to say about news provided by the media research it thoroughly and then comment appropriately.
      The government isn’t a person. It’s run by many people including me and you no matter how insignificant our actions with the gov. might be. Also the gov. has laws that were passed with people from the past and the present stop acting like it’s out to get you & instead do something about it if you really feel breached and insulted instead of posting little stupid memes in facebook. #wakeup

    • ^if you really think we run the government you’re completely dillusional.

    • Money is bs. It’s fiat, money backed by nothing. It only holds value because we believe it does, that could change at any time. Other major counties could deny it.

    • “Money is a hoax. Debt is a fiction.”
      How to identify someone who is desperately trying to sound smart on the internet in one easy step 😀

    • then go buy an ar 15

    • Shane, we do, even if not completely- for example who we vote to be our community leaders, also the president. (Maybe even gay marriage not sure on that though.) Maybe what I meant to say is we are very influential to our gov.

    • Uh, patrick? What are you talking about, money is what has kept you alive throughout your pessimistic life hasn’t it? So I suppose we can pull the “do we exist?,” “are we even here?” cards out and play?

    • You’re right about all of them. The only thing that will save an individual in this screwed up America of ours, when all hell breaks loose, is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ….

    • Religon control system? sorry i may have followed anonymous in the past but what a load of crap

    • Carlos. You need to learn a lot about how the world works, especially economics. Should get off social media and take some classes, but for starters how about you use the Internet for research not just social media. Do research on our monetary system and fiat currency. There is no backing behind every dollar, no huge vault of gold for every dollar, no guarantee to be able to go to a bank anymore to exchange the currency for a worldwide backed currency. That’s not pessimistic, that’s just reality…

    • Use of an octothorpe makes me want to vomit and immediately hate your agenda.

    • I wish debt would be fiction

    • So.

      Now that we’re awakened.

      Now what?

      The thing about young, revolutionists is that they have fire to tear down empires.

      Yet no foresight to offer a solution.

      You can awaken a sheep to realize it’s following the herd, and make it hate it’s lot. Yet until a better alternative is open – it will stay.

      Money, debt, and authority may be farse. Yet, it’s the only path most can be.

      Even hippies have to bend to some social norms.

      ‘Technically’ Facebook doesn’t exist, except through what people make it. Yet you post in it. You’ve fallen into the trap too.

      Offer answers, not just nihilistic statements.

    • “Money is a hoax” sounds idiotic. It’s a system to levy value against something to be traded for equal value, and is an easy medium to barter in.

      If all I have is a large box of anchovies and I want a car from someone who hates anchovies, I can trade my anchovies to someone else, then trade the money for that car, so he can trade for tuna instead.

      Crude analogy but it gets the point across. I do agree with most of the picture though.

    • Sad

    • You are the illusion,your not here.

    • Wake up and do what???? Don’t post something you don’t have an answer too

    • If money is a hoax I’ll take whatever you have…. since you obviously have no need for it! Lol

    • This is the most idiotic thing I’ve read all day. And believe me, I’ve read alot of bullshit today!

    • Bunch of fucking conformists buying the lies they are indoctrinated into fucking sheep

    • guy Fawkes was a catholic mercenary who attempted to murder a building full of people just because he and his bosses in Rome didn’t like their bible….some fucking hero…

    • Sorry Carlos Gaspar but the only thing that’s influential to our government is money and the top 1% of our population. It’s a complete farce that we have ANY control over our government and what happens. It’s set up to make us feel like we have power and that we have some control but the straight up truth is we have none. The whole system is set up to help the rich get richer and the ones in power stay in power in some form. I wish it was the way you think it is but it hasn’t been that way in a a very loooooong time, if ever. Believe me when I say that I’m not at all one of those conspiracy theory people but what I’ve seen in the last 8-10 years from local government all the way up absolutely proves to me what I’m saying. This country desperately needs a revolution and no one, not even anyone remotely connected to anyone in our current government should be allowed to run or hold any position of power. That would be a great first start but sadly will never happen because of fear. People are too concerned with looking at pictures of their friends dinner or the news stories they want us to see to keep us distracted from the truth of what’s really going on in our country and around the world, most of it you will never even hear a word of. It’s truly sad and I wish I were wrong but we only have control of what they allow us to think we do and even then we don’t. These are sad and scary times brother.

  • Matthew, why is Russia better at spanking ISIS?

    • Lol, there not better, they are just now doing what we’ve been doing for years. Putin is merely grandstanding and jumping in the fray like a kid who’s been watching a little league game for six innings and now wants to play.

    • RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! I’m switching my flag over to the old school USSR one now.

    • I already presumed you did.

    • Nick, So “Russia smashed ISIS” in just days several days ago, yet, somehow, no one in the Middle East is reporting that they are retreating or going away. It’s like either ISIS rebuilt all their ammunition and heavy weapons and infrastructure in a couple of days, or this meme was absolute bullshit… I bet I know which one it is.

    • Solid finding of this older post!

    • Hey, follow-up is the true measure of a man!

    • I agree!

  • now what,????

  • Hopefully, the Russians next target is the entire kardashian family. Someone needs to wipe that trash off the face of the earth, and kanye too

    • Yess !!!!

    • Oh that’s easy. Get people to stop watching and buying their shit. They’ll fade away pretty quickly then

    • Yes, that’s very easy. ^ plz do it asap

    • Your sarcasm detector might be broken, sir. You should get that examined.

    • Lmao, love this! Agree.

  • Find your own news and stop complaining.

  • ..Because American’s are stupid.

  • Priorities

  • Russia did not even get within 100 miles from Isis, they only attacked allies of the western coalition.

    • Yeah they attacked ISIS, its a made in the USA fiction.

  • Sad, but true.

  • Perfect example of what is wrong with our “news” reporting these days. News nowadays is more like seeing the trash tabloids in the supermarket checkout line. No objectivity, no fact checking before reporting, no ability to separate truly important national news from the tabloid gossip garbage! Why on earth is anyone so bored with their lives that they care one bit about talentless, unexceptional people like the Kardashians?!

  • the white house must be mad at russia heheh

  • I don’t give two shits about this burnout basketball/reality tv man. I don’t know who you are, I don’t care what you are doing with the life you were lucky enough to be granted and I certainly don’t care about who you were married to. You’re white noise to me and you are distracting from what the real news is.

    • And what is real news?

      Don’t get me wrong. I agree with you. Except…. anything on 24 hour news channels is garbage.

    • People feed into it. That’s the real problem.

    • I don’t have tv.

  • Lamar Odom true,but that ISIS thing,you missed with that one…

  • I didn’t even know about the NBA thing!

  • This is not a true statement…..Russia destroyed the American CIA trained rebels
    Isis is doing fine and growing

    • Got to admit it’s fucking funny though. We justify bombing Syria to get rid of ISIS and Russia uses the same excuse – basically calling our bluff. HA

    • There’s really no good answers but it’s obvious what’s going on it’s a proxy war we are losing
      Russia is not bombing Isis as much as they are guaranteeing their client the Syrian president Asad reign of terror
      And picking up a Mediterranean port to boot
      I don’t think you can fix the world but I do think you could make it worse and I do believe that is what’s happening

    • The only thing worse than having America be the worlds policeman
      Is not having America being the world’s policeman.
      I’m not sure if I agree with the statement but does some up the current paradigm

    • Not sure what is really going on. I’ve heard rumors about a greater Israel project, a gas pipeline to Europe are the long-term plans, but god forbid they tell us the truth. No doubt it’s a strategic spot to control, but jeez at what a cost to the Syrians. Most of the population has left what’s left of their country. Trump says they should be sent back home? What home? Fear ISIS – LOL

    • Agreed….they can come to my home if they do yardwork and clean
      But then they will scream about injustice and have a coup d’état at me

    • I really doubt Israel is looking to expand its borders really has enough problems with the borders it has and I’m sure energy resources are in the mix

    • Trump is the new Mussolini … And Bernie is the new Hugo Chavez
      Or you can go oligarchy with Jeb or Hillary
      Thank God I’m a nihilist
      But I can’t because I’m agnostic too

    • Doubting Thomas – LOL Are you a non-voting Nihilist? I am voting Bernie only for the reason that he is not a beholding coorporatist which I believe is a needed change.

    • It’s your vote use it how you see fit

    • I don’t think Bernie really wants to win I think he just wants to be the new Ron Paul for the left

  • Dagoberto Nieto Fabian Perez

  • Really, I didn’t know about either story till you just brought it up.

    I didn’t have to see another Kim Kardashian story, thanks for bringing to my attention.

    Here is an idea, quit talking about those people, even if your trying to prove a point or make a meme.

    It’s no wonder the Kardashians get all this attention and won’t die because you keep bringing them up and comparing them to other storys.

  • Your own in-house account that you refuse to vet through independent sources? Yes, I agree that is very much a “non-story”

  • El mundo al reves

  • Duhh

  • Alain de Botton on the Media – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I08u0eKvwUY

  • Because wwiii is going to be big news and Russia is pissing on the kindling that is supposed to start it.

  • Pedro Corral

  • it’s not news it’s a joke!

  • Media is all about manipulation!

  • Ive been waiting for the day where there are no “Kardashian” headlines on my news page. I think I may have to give up on that hope…

    • Try real news (alternative news)…that’s your problem.
      Not only are you getting disinformation, sensationalism, Kardashian’s, but propaganda & a bunch of lies.
      Lamestream media is hazardous to your health.
      Fiends don’t let friends watch FAUX News…or CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBS, etc, etc

  • TFTP: you obviously don’t know anything about the man who is Lamar Odom. I understand the message you are trying to send about media coverage, but Lamar Odom is a good man and doesn’t deserve to have his name dragged through the mud by the Kardashians AND people who obviously hate the attention the media gives them while we have real issues to deal with that will undoubtedly affect our livelihood as opposed to gossip. Terrible approach, though.

    Lamar Odom doesn’t deserve this just because of the lack of guidance in his life and a terrible example of a male in his father. He should’ve never married into that pathetic excuse for a family, but you’re perpetuating stereotypes about a black man who has one of the biggest hearts. Please do some fucking research on a man before dragging his name through the mud like this.


    This is the last post of yours I will ever read or like.

    • PS – these whores have cameras in his hospital. Part of the reason he had issues with his wife is because he doesn’t like the attention. It’s not on him. Don’t put it on him like this.

  • I want to hear about russia fucking isis up no one cares about the kardashians

  • YOU’re gonna feel really dumb if the US releases satellite intel that says the Russians overstated their victories.

    I’m reminded when I was a young reporter during the Vietnam days, that the wire services each day reported Penagon claim, something like “14 American Soldiers and 250 North Vietnamse Regulars” were killed yesterday” Every day. Yet we lost and ended up with 50,000 dead Americans on the wall. Military casualty and victory reports are more fictitious than anything written by Walt Disney. I take it this is the first war you’ve reported on?

    • 1.1 million north Vietnamese regulars died in the war…so those numbers make sense….

    • The epitome of Americans

    • A little harsh, though the sentiment is right on. I think slaves care…. They just feel they haven’t the power to change anything…. They don’t even know they are slaves yet! They have to get that first… 🙂

    • @Chris Fritz The ones that are still in their pods; they don’t know yet that they are slaves. When they do find out, they become useless to the machine of corporatism, and will go down the shute just as Neo did…. Who is going to be there to unite them if we think they don’t give a damn and we don’t treat them as equals?

    • our government wanta to go to war so much. i will be damn if i get sent first before they do

    • What of i told you, SPREAD THAT SHIT

    • Zachary Simone

    • What if I told you that you are not smart enough to come up with a #meme such as this

    • Blake Peden

    • What if I told you that same 95% of the people didn’t read the meme because “words are hard.”

    • I have a better ending… “Then they will wonder who they should blame.”

    • Gary….what if I told you I am and this meme is just one tiny piece of the puzzle that surrounds you. Your life is a lie and what’s happening is a hell of a lot bigger than wars and media.

    • What if I told you that you’re a nerd that nobody likes!

    • This generation will never have to face its follies, our children’s children will be born into a world celebrating freedom and will have non

    • Nice tinfoil hat.

    • What if I told you you are one of those people for even posting this because you yourself aren’t helping, either by teaching or by example all your doing is saying you have the ability to see the issue and not help. Which is worse than the people who are ignorant to it

    • What if I told you haters/brainwashed liberals I’m doing more than you know to help people, but you’re cowards for opening your mouth for not knowing anything about me? What if I’m the guy going to protests and isn’t a little pussy afraid of your big brother controlling you? What if I have facts that prove my tinfoil hat is real but you’re scared of the truth? I battle cowards like you everyday & don’t care. I’m the real III% cause I’m not afraid to speak up for the truth regardless if I get beat up everyday.

    • Look at my page over the last 4 years and let’s discuss? I know more than any of you brainwashed haters can comprehend.

    • What if I told you most of the people that spread stuff like this don’t buy products made in the USA but are still pissed we’re on the decline.

  • I guess it just depends on what you have in your news feed because I didn’t hear anything about kardashian (never care!) but I did hear about Russia.. its the people who need to show the ‘media’ what we find important. Stop buying crap that boasts the ‘non’ news and they will stop writing about it.

  • It’s just a business

  • Joel Sundberg

  • The Free Thought Project.com. its disgusting that you shared this just to get likes. Yea i get the point but its probably the stupidest way to get it across. Is this page not run by professionals? Or maybe its another page run by keyboard warriors? First this page shares fake stories with bad sources now you attack a man who’s struggle you know nothing about. Is this really how a legitimate ‘free thought’ page runs itself? With bullshit stories and ignorant memes? Seems pretty closed minded to me. I thought this page was about really opening people’s eyes but these past few months, this page has been sharing as much garbage as the media they bitch about. And anyone who joined on the ‘attack lamar odom so i can show how cool i am.’ Bandwagon, y’all need to think and act for yourselves and not join in on a shitshow of ignorance. Sheep.

    • worse yet a foreign government controlled media.

    • Our media controlled by Israel.

    • Dixianne Hawks is a sock puppet, I do not believe anyone is honestly retarded enough to say that, Israel is such an insignificant country economically and militarily that it has no power over anyone, they barely have.control over themselves, I think Dixianne is a fake fb acc.

    • Israel does have thee best flying pilots in the world and have no issues bombing Iran.

    • …not one of those networks is government owned or operated though. Bad examples. More like RT, SANA, CCTV and the rest of the truly government controlled media.

    • ABC News President Ben Sherwood, who is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, a top national-security adviser to President Obama.
      His counterpart at CBS, news division president David Rhodes, is the brother of Benjamin Rhodes, a key foreign-policy specialist.
      CNN’s deputy Washington bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Tom Nides, who until earlier this year was deputy secretary of state under Hillary Rodham Clinton.
      White House press secretary Jay Carney’s wife is Claire Shipman, a veteran reporter for ABC.
      NPR’s White House correspondent, Ari Shapiro, is married to a lawyer, Michael Gottlieb, who joined the White House counsel’s office in April.
      The Post‘s Justice Department reporter, Sari Horwitz, is married to William B. Schultz, the general counsel of the Department of Human Services.
      [VP] Biden’s current communications director, Shailagh Murray (a former Post congressional reporter), is married to Neil King, one of the Wall Street Journal‘s top political reporters.

  • Russia is bombing our allies in Syria for the most part to give power back to Assad (and thus Hezbollah) yea he’s bombing Isis here and there to distract from what they are really trying to accomplish and you are falling for it …maybe you are the one who needs to wake up

  • Ahmed

  • Or why should be posted is how the rest of the European world is flipping out because of the transatlantic deal… That no one is talking about in amercia

  • now the u.s. and nato will have to find other ways to embezzle trillions of dollars

  • Jeremy Saylor

  • It’s unbelievable the stuff that most Americans care about. Wtf.

  • Go figure.

  • You are the media dipshits

  • Maybe because most of the media doesn’t fall for Kremlin propaganda quite as unquestioningly as… certain other media outlets 😉

    I have no idea who the two celebrities pictured are!

  • The media is owned by big corporations that have the gov. in the pocket. Most people would rather hide in the lives of celebs than look at the truth of the world and how our country plays a part in it

  • Our Military if left alone could have done this years ago ! It’s just could you see the live broadcasts on CNN and FOX , MSNBC showing all the little children blown up ! Yes that’s why we can not win wars anymore is because we expect are Military to do it without killing anyone ! LOL

  • America is a country full of ignorant good for nothing warmongering oil thirsty trigger happy bastards.

  • Sick comment for Ratings…I even though I have been clean for years am an Addict. I will be one for life…Just like people smoke cigarettes it is an Addiction and a Diease.

  • Agh …Welcome to America ! Blame the “people” who make these “celebrities” who they are .

  • Lauren Amy

  • I get more news from Facebook. Most of this shit you don’t even here about on the news.

  • Renata Klimek-Staniecka

  • Osvaldo Rudy russia destroying US’s false flag

  • Kristina Debrea

  • Stupidity of obama

    • stupid politicans does not exist.

    • your moms bush?

    • Alberto… I think u must read about hitler,musolini,modi,kim jo yung…and yes…G.W.Bush

    • He was talking about his Moms Bush.

    • lmao. they couldn’t even cross the ocean without losing 90% of their navy.

    • Stupidity of Saad….

    • People praise Russia as if America should be afraid. We are great. To believe Russia is really trying to help anyone is foolish. They have always been out for themselves. Playing a game of who’s got the bigger dick with America. They are nothing to be praised. Instead watch them what they are trying to draw attention from

    • And what American did in iraq,libya,syria,Afghanistan…. Destabilise an stable one ……..
      At least Russia is trying to prevent current Syrian government and trying to stabilise Syria……. Not like America who sell democracy to every one

    • Obama treasonous? Perhaps. Let’s not forget everybody around him with knowledge and or power to expose and end this this scharade yet dare or do not.

    • Good point AvienTorres although it remains a game of Risk/chess at the expense of us all.

  • In all of mankind there are a group of men who are of the most evil, the most murderous who are stained in mass murder and adultery. These men control all suffering in the world from the shadows while trapping societies in their cages in order to suck power and wealth from every aspect possible. They have LONG been into rape and murder of children but in the very recent years there has been an EXPLOSION of sexual assault on children where entire communities of hidden away children have been used to breed sex slaves. They have been secretly planing to have generations of captured children to have a constant supply of underaged sex to be used to blackmail many into their power structure. The FREE MASONS are the representatives of SATAN here on earth. They will be purged from the earth on Judgment day with Billions of warriors and Jesus Christ himself ensuring their influence on the human race is completely and totally eradicated. These EVIL old men will be the most cursed people who will ever live, many of them will live in pure hell administered by the righteous saints and Christ himself on their exit from the land of the living.

  • Raul Felix

  • Another Illumnanti Sacrifice ? This one for ” The Kardashian’s ” more fame , more headlines , more news ??

  • Well now I’m confused!? For the last year and a half, all I’ve heard is ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. You’d think they’d be dancing on the desks at Fox News?!

  • LOL, such poor misinformation tee’d up for the gullible…

    Russia isn’t doing anything better, they are just now doing what we’ve been doing for years. Putin is merely grandstanding and jumping in the fray like a kid who’s been watching a little league game for six innings and now wants to play the seventh.

    How quickly we forget that a Russian Missile system shot down a Malaysian commercial airliner a year ago.

    • And who told you this, CNN? LOL

    • I don’t need CNN to tell me, its obvious. Even if it was, even CNN has more credibility than Russia.



    • What we have been doing for years you say and they are coming in and doing it all at one time ???

    • They are not doing it all at one time. They are just saying they are for propaganda purposes. No one has substantiated it and Russia has a clear history of lying over their technology and capabilities to compensate for the fact that they are inferior to the U.S straight up. It’s as old as the history between our two countries.

    • Google Litvinenko…

    • Eric that is true but that’s a totally different issue… AND that happened in the 80’s when targeting and Identification of threats was not as good as we have today. A Russian missile system manned by at least Russian advisors shot down a Malaysian airline last year! Also that hospital bombing was called in by Afghans with bad Intel. If you really think war can be prosecuted without collateral damage you are fooling yourself, and I guarantee Russia is less discriminating in their target selection than the U.S.

    • Yep Phil, good ol’ Pulonium!!!

    • Why you don’t fly over war zones for $1000 Alex

    • @ matthew

    • Wow, a meme…strong. I’m impressed.

    • @ Alex, as soon as you contribute your own original thought, which will not be impressive, I’ll be happy to make you look dumb too…not that you need much help.

    • While America was bombing a hospital

    • Based on poor Intel from Afghans. If you think war is ever an antiseptic operation for anyone, your fooling yourself. The US takes more care and reserve than any other nation to minimize collateral damage.

    • Doesnt matter who it is. No one is doing their job, America doesn’t want ISIS TO go until the Syrian free army has a strong grip. Russia is just helping assad they are not bombing ISIS. History repeats it self this is prob going to be a proxy war. If anyone thinks America cant wipe out ISIS in fast pace then you are stupid.

    • …truth.

    • I’m just here to read the comments

    • a russian missle system so it had to be the russians…..even though it was made in 1979…. and that the ukraine army had 350 of them.

    • how quickly to forget that the american weapons distructed afghanistan . iraq . syria . yaman .veitnam . japan . and yeah native americans go fuck ur selves … without war and stolen fuel ur nothing .

    • You lost all personal credibility by implying that CNN has any credibility.

    • Eric Zoll, “90% of citizens”? Lol, did you even read that before you posted? American drone strikes killed 9 out of 10 citizens? I recommend that before you challenge the intellect of others that you learn basic math and, well, rationality. Don’t worry about CNN, you are doing well enough making yourself look dumb.

    • Abbas Fakih you dumbass…without stolen fuel and war we are nothing? The US brought the world into the modern age, the vast majority of inventions and innovations in modern times have come from the USA. We would not even be having this conservation it wasn’t for America… Microprocessors, personal computers, smart phones, the internet itself, and social media, all American inventions. I would go on but the list would get so long, no one would read it.

    • Weak Vincent Worrall, you’ll have to do better than cut/paste a picture that you didn’t even make. That is an indicator of a stupid ass who can’t string a thought together on his/her own.

    • I choose not to argue with idiots on the internet, and instead come into comments section with popcorn and a soda to entertain myself.

    • even so our most of our mainstream media gives us mostly information about celebreties you have to admit that.

    • Maybe all you should shove this knowledge about stupid facts up your asses and realize that the actual smart people are realizing our planet probably won’t survive much past 2038 and you guys are sitting here being little bitches and arguing, you all are what’s wrong with the WORLD, you guys need to grow up a little and I hope none of you guys have kids because you obviously have no care for anyone or anything but your opinion smh

    • @Matthew
      yeah america has done alot of cool scientific things, and that’s why you think we are the best? We also are the most corrupt/evil modernized country on this planet.. You follow too easy open up your eyes are realize America is what’s wrong with a lot of stuff.. You do realize that all this stuff that Russia has destroyed of Isis was giving to them by Obama? Or president giving terrorists supplies, and actual Supreme Court judge was interviewed and said he should spend 10yrs in prison but yet Americans still support him, America is a lost concept now and all we have is lost sheep who are scared so they follow.. I hope for yourself you stop following the news and start doing your OWN research on issues that affect us, instead of just jumping on the band wagon of sheeple.

    • I don’t think the US government is a God, never said that, I have my crticisms of them… I am just saying this meme is inaccurate. Also, I do support my Republic, especially over Russia, believe that.

    • Jason Corbin, dude, I don’t even watch network news at all and I am very well informed by a diversity of good sources. I don’t follow, you do if you get your infomation from retarded memes.

    • I feel sorry for anyone who still supports what America does, we need serious change in office, we need serious change in government, we need serious change in America, anyone who supports the way we are now.. Jump off a bridge.

    • Sure thing there moonbeam.

    • Look at your posts Matthew.. Lol your forget about the things you were just saying…

    • You believe our nation is a respectful nation therefore your opinion no longer matters to me..

    • I really do hope you jump off a bridge Matthew.. I really have no more sympathy for the stupid and ignorant.

    • I bet you I’m going to get reported because some dumb person doesn’t want to hear the truth lol

    • I’m not that sensitive about hippie-dippie nonsense Jason Corbin, so I won’t be reporting you. I do recommend, though, that you deal with your anger and brush up on you reading comprehension as well as the history and contributions of your own nation. Honestly, you have a lot to learn.

    • “Based on poor Intel from Afghans. If you think war is ever an antiseptic operation for anyone, your fooling yourself. The US takes more care and reserve than any other nation to minimize collateral damage.”

      LOL that’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read.

    • @Matthew
      I’d rather have a “hippie-dippie” mind aka one who doesn’t play into social media/has an open outside the box way of thinking/doesn’t follow the masses into a one-sided thought process. See the thing is, you prolly believe what history you learned in school.. See that’s why your opinion doesn’t matter to me. You are so closed minded that you look at my opinion as hippie.. I’m really far from hippie my friend, I shower daily, I work 45+ hours a week to support my family at a business that is a staple in my community. So before you say I need to educate myself, maybe you sir need to stop following and calling people who think differently then the masses hippies and learn from them and do your own research.. My anger is well needed to show the stupid ones how stupid they are being.. Americans are ruining America as it should be.. And for you to still believe in it just shows how truly lost you are. So I will say this one last thing to you, your last two sentences to me… Ditto

    • I love when people get so upset because someone is just burning them that they make fun of the way they type lol

    • I don’t know what Russia has done, but we heven’t been dealing with ISIS for years. The short time we have been dealing with ISIS, we, and by we I mean the USA, but really mean the coward and chief, have been bombing or striking ISIS’s periphery and not its heart. Anytime other forces have jumped in to fight ISIS the socialist coward and chief tells them not to go after ISIS HQ, but to do the same lame stuff we’re doing. Putin prolly would do exactly the opposite of what Obama wants especially if it meant displaying Obama’s cowardice and Putin’s strength. Just saying…

    • Jason Corbin you have no idea what I think about a number of issues, and I can tell you it is more nuanced than you seem to have determined from a couple of paragraphs worth of exchanges on FB. Just because you think one way and someone doesn’t share your opinion, that doesn’t mean that you are some special out of the box thinker. It just means that there are two differing viewpoints informed by different philosophies.

      Your hubris over your own cognitive ability betrays a narrow mind. Look up the Kruger- Dunning effect to get an idea of what I mean. I am not sure what you mean about someone making fun of the way you type, I did not…you must be struggling with the reading again.

      …ohhhhh, now THATS a burn there Fire Marshall Bill.

    • The fact is the world is more brutal and complex than many Americans realize…and sometimes The Republic has to get dirty to handle bad actors. You think America is the world’s problem? Take it out of of the equation and see what the fuck would happen.

    • Let’s just nuke everyone…except Australia.

    • I would love for you to come out from behind your screen and say this but of course you feel tough in your room behind your walls.. Your ignorance is mind blowing and you just circle points to make yourself right just like a politician.. You should run for office.. I’m sure you would fit right in.

    • America is a joke, without it the world would florish.

    • Feel free to leave and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. We’ll be fine without you and it will raise the average IQ for the nation.

    • And I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your suggestion that if we were face to face you would somehow be tougher than me. That is a comment as stupid and old as the Internet itself.

    • That just goes to show how much you actually know about history and your own country and America’s impact on the world by the way because without America we wouldn’t even have fucking electricity, the internet computers smartphones ( or any kind of phone) social media the internet individual basically none of us will be talking about any of this through any medium at all if it wasn’t for the United States. Once again, the internet, smart phones and tablets, personal computers, and social media all came from the United States human liberty for to the Constitution the airplane the exploration of space the Hubble telescope the Kepler telescope the decoding of the human genome the assembly line any popular music any popular cinema the artificial heart television or radio or the culture that the entire world embraces, to say nothing of the defeat of Nazism and communism and imperialism and leading the fight against terrorism, all about is just regular service. Not only are you wrong, you said literally the opposite of the truth that’s how ignorant you are. I recommend you close your Facebook account for about 5 years and inform and educate yourself and come back with some posts that make sense. No one with an iota of understanding of what America has brought the world would say that the world would flourish better without it. I can only surmise that even you’re not dumb enough to not understand this, so I can only assume you are choosing willful ignorance.

    • Mathew, that Vox article you posted is 10 days old.

    • Therefore it fails to bear significance on the current dialogue

    • You can’t really know unless you are in the area yourself…so yeah, to argue so derisively when both sides mix up fact with fiction is akin to the levels of religious fanaticism seen in the southern united states…just relax, stop insulting each other over the internet like children and just try to thoroughly understand that you need to be a touch more actively involved in Syria do have drawn such strong conclusions. All of this is too fresh to pinpoint…

    • The current dialogue is a false narrative based on Russian propaganda in the 1st place, and the Vox article demonstrates recent occurrences revealing where and what Russia is striking. The US is hitting ISIS where ISIS mostly is, the Russians are hitting mostly different anti-Assad rebels in a different area, they two air forces are not operating in a common area, and that hasn’t changed in the last 10 days.

    • As exemplified by? Show me that it hasn’t changed.

    • Not even… Putin is helping Assad attack Syrian rebel factions, not ISIS

  • Good deal . But why Russia fighting them. I thought this was our fight n Russia hates us.

  • really

  • Makes you wonder, who and what if indeed they even have been bombing over the years.

  • Marcus ‘P’ Thompson

  • Fuck now man. I’d rather see ISIS cunts be blown to shit on the news but NOPE they’ve got to be like this because there like “nah people can still live in fear without knowing that the threat to the world is getting destroyed”

  • Is it bad as American im rooting for the Russians?

  • This is why I don’t watch news. They’re all guilty. When news started being a for-profit business, it stopped being an unbiased report of the days relevant events. It stopped being news. It became like any other show — provide entertainment to attract viewers so more can be charged for advertising and profits can grow.

  • The top one is a non story.

    • Lamar Odom being found half dead is not a “non story”… It just shouldn’t be the main thing our media is focusing on…

  • Yo go Russia ✌️

  • Shows what a total sham the regime in Washington is.

  • sex workers was the word you were looking for,not hookers

    • “Ladies of the evening;

    • No they explicitly ask to be referred to as sex workers this isn’t about being cute or witty.

  • not free thought much . Russian propaganda while they murder the last moderate Syrian opposition government option -US supporting militias in Syria . The only opposition group to PUBLICLY announce it’s support of the US & our policies was bombed by Russia in the past week .

  • Ha , No one is perfect , we all fall in a catalog of being people

  • People dont think we have no connection to isis..you better wake up..

    • Republican or democrat what side do we look at for keeping America divided

  • Oh yeah , just a friendly reminder that war sucks

  • Because Sheeple

  • Where can I find the video of the bottom ?

  • Abdul Fareed

  • Sri Krishna

  • Naramsin Adam Monir Jafer Martin Lara

  • Sounds about right

  • ya ..obviously liked,commented and shared .. thanks t.f.t.p.com ..

  • It just proves Obama is garbage

  • Remember what we talked about Daisy Gomez

  • Russia already showing results and they barely got involved While the U.S. has been in the East for years #anothervietnam

  • The newsnetworks have their priorities screwed up!

  • But Charlie Winter, a senior researcher for UK think-tank Quilliam, said Russia’s claims were ‘ridiculous’. “I highly doubt that even the Russians, who will be party to much of Assad intelligence, know where the “majority of ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment” is located,” Mr Winter told The Independent.


  • Rudy Rodriguez

  • Shane Willison k im done now but last thing

  • Abe Keene

    • This world is ridiculous damn I phone users

  • Rude meme.

  • Divert, Deny, Distract.

  • Because its all americans who created this shit like isis

  • Dylan Wheatley

  • Aye says Russia.

  • Priorities John Weidele

  • OlFs de

    N b. Qgb

  • Media BULLSHIT. Ppl think for yourselves

  • Scary and TRUE!

  • For all the issues and Kardashian nonsense, Lamar Odom is by all accounts a good dude. Don’t judge

  • No one wants to hear the russians did something better than we did. Or more efficiently.

    • Doesn’t the masses see this!!! Putin is using his men on the ground, Ammmos, $$$ good for him let him run his economy to the ground..his only hold in the Middle East is Syria! So why should the US run its economy to the ground??? Enough men nd women have died in the Middle East 2 Wars!! If people that are making noise about America’s leadership. .take your M/F’n weapons and go fight the war. voluntarily! NUFF SAID!

    • Thks for your comments Rob?

    • In case you have missed some things we already ran our economy into the ground when we got off the gold standard.

    • I agree! !! What more should the US do…let them peops solve their problems with the help of the Russians. .

    • The Russians didn’t do anything better or more efficiently anyway, they are just claiming they did.

      If you simply take that at face value, you have absolutely Zero understanding of Russia and Vladimir Putin, and have taken nothing from the prism of history.

    • Lol, the gold standard is crap. A large find or dump onto the market would make currency value tank overnight.

    • The didn’t hit Isis, but they did accidentally hit Iran, one of their allies.

      Oh yeah, Russia is also an ally of Iran, Assad, and Hezbollah. So . . . Yeah.

    • Rob you are on the right truck ?

    • Russias version of Vietnam was in the middle east. They know about the region. Yes they have allies there. My point was their military can make and execute a plane with out a room of politicians worrying about how the public is going to react. It is more of a statement on how the our military has pretty much been crippled by the feelings and emotional responses of those who they protect.

    • And the gold standard did matter. Alot.

    • Let Russia fight their little proxy war against our US funded terrorists. I’m all game for that, solves two of our problems pretty well.

    • Yeah Russia has always put in the work. Soon we’ll take credit for it somehow I’m sure

    • Rather have Putin as president than obummer!

    • I don’t think anybody would care if true. The problem is propping up Assad and fighting ISIS aren’t the same.

    • You’re jealous because Russia helped out in the sitation. Still stuck in the Cold War era? LOL ?

    • Not jealous at all

  • Angel Asmodeus Marin thought ur trippen guess not

    • See thats how government works.. thats how its always been. Sorry that he was there next victim

  • YUUP!

  • Yeah…big news…a professional athlete took some drugs and saw some hookers…yawn

  • interesting

  • Ignorant people are easily manipulated .

  • Stay distracted America

  • have you seen this? MUST SEE billionsinchange.com Billions in Change; SOLUTIONS TO WATER, ENERGY & HEALTH… EXCITING CAN DO FOR ALL OF US; hope you can get involved in doing great things for humanity too. Thanks from your fan Tammy Thompson

  • PUTIN IS THE MAN! FUCK BARACK OSAMA he is a fucking terrorist.

  • No worries – the US just gave the jihadists another 50 tons of ammo and explosives.

  • They don’t want us to know that our decade plus war could have been done in a couple of months

  • Anyone know the link to the video of Russia doing all that

  • What can one say but, same as it ever was…

  • It’s sad when we as Americans start looking up to Russia as a better nation of leaders!

  • Russia is a fascist state that controls all the media in the country, do you really trust those fascists?

  • Christian Pals

  • …’Murica…

  • Russia is attacking enemies of Assad, aka Syrian rebels; ISIS and Assad are on the same page. Rebels Syrians are not part of isis, everyone knows that isis came from outside of Syria. Russia, Assad, Iran and Hezbollah…. All working together.

  • The regime loves to distract the people with celebraty bullshit and direct their attention AWAY from what matters. This is the goal of the Zionist controlled New World Order and the people are falling for it because they are IGNORANT and LAZY with NO desire to know the truth.

  • Or that Russia “accidentally” bombed Iran last week.

  • You mean they hit someone who deserved it this time?!

  • Greg Bailey

    • I know it’s crazy. I hope Lamar bounces back

  • SHARE…..

  • All those vehicles and ammo were paid for by the Taxpayers…misdirection once again.

  • Eber Martinez

  • I read one article that said the reason US media isn’t highlighting the story about the Russians is because the US can’t confirm it. It’s a Russian state owned news agency reporting it.

  • Ghost enemies!

  • This moron chases a handful of pills with booze and cocaine and ends up in the hospital, and it ends up front page “news.” Pardon me, but I’ll save my sympathy for someone who deserves it. The man voluntarily crawls into bed with a Kardashian, so he can’t possibly have much going on upstairs to begin with. The entire Kardashian Klan can go straight to hell. I live in Vegas where the truly sick need those hospital beds, not some pseudo-celebrity trying to re-inact that scene from The Godfather Part Two. Fredo Corleone doesn’t own that particular whore house.

  • Pathetic isn’t it!

  • Kevin L’Esperance

  • Aryan Jan

  • No, no they didn’t. They aren’t even trying to hurt Isis.

    Still this try at BS journalism is a bigger story than Odom.

  • A man might lose his life. How could you be so insensitive? That meme does not summarize his life.

    Not to mention many of us are multi-taskers, and you are only giving his condition more scandal and publicity.

  • Yay! Russia gets to look like heroes and then makes a fortune re-stocking them. 😛

  • Just so happy it isn’t US for a change!!! Let him and his miliotary get their asses handed to them for awhile and they will crawl back to their home bass with their tails between their legs for making the mistake of getting involved in the middle East WAR ZONE!

  • Go Russia

  • media be all Russia, Russia squirrel

  • Now this shit is funny, a bunch of ignorant assholes calling each other ignorant.

  • Way to go Russia!!!!!!!!

  • Makes me puke…I’ve known for years that the NEWS is scripted and processed by the Government…. saw it first hand in the Navy and it opened my eyes. ALL journalists are on the government payroll thru the CIA.

  • isis is a branch of washington dc

  • That would be right who gives a Fuck about the kardashians bunch of weirdos

  • Unconscious in a brothel?what a party pooper.

  • Michael Parilis

  • Show some respect. It’s hardly like Lamar asked for any of this to happen. He is still someone’s father, son, brother, etc. obviously this isn’t nearly as important as ISIS but Lamar didn’t ask to be a top news story, he’s in a fucking coma

  • Because Russia is evil! Definitely

  • Amalie hahaha

  • When killing them with kindness doesn’t work

  • The news media just reads what’s placed in front of them.

  • So what ur saying is isis kept most of there ammo and heavy vehicles in a single warehouse…… clearly our enemy is not as big of a threat as we thought

  • Glenn Perry

  • russia only went after munitions in syria.

  • People. Have. Some. Compassion. What the fuck

  • Evelina Nachtmann

  • posting any of this on Facebook sure doesn’t do much it opens your mind a lil bit that’s about it but in the end what’s being done about it NOTHING! !

  • News framing at its best.

  • Russia didn’t do shit against ISIS. They were really bombing the Syrian rebels.

  • Thank god we still have our priorities straight.. :). How many hookers?

  • Only thing that caught my attention was HOOOOOKERS ✊✊✊✊✊✊

  • Gotta keep the people of those United States un-informed and brain dead.

  • This is lamar….tell me about isis later 🙂

  • I don’t necessarily believe it because it came from Russian news networks but I agree it’s still a bigger story then the Kardashians.

  • Russia has barely even looked at ISIS

  • Arent they bombing opposition controlled Syria, not isis?

  • I think its funny how Russia is doing a better job than we are against the threat on terror.

  • Lol why the hate towards Lamar odom? Like damn you’re trying hard jut to get your commie agenda across

  • Sara Vasquez Frias

  • THIS is the American mindset for you. The taste of a gossiping old lady and the attention span of a gnat.

  • Theo Sasopoulos

  • stupid media or stupid people??

  • Trouble is more people would be watching that then worry or watch things about killing and bombing civilians.

  • as my dear friend says “a lie perpetrated by the Man to create a diversion, for something larger going on”

  • by hookers lol ha ha ha

  • Greg Weis Jr.

  • Can we vote Putin in the upcoming elections?

  • Never go unconscious with hookers unless you hid your wallet really good.

  • Everything is a god damn joke anymore the presidential election is a fine example of what I’m talking about some kid putting the name deez nuts on a ballot smh

  • Obama doesn’t want to hear about a group of people he funds and arms getting blown up . . and we know the media does what he wants

  • Nathan Littlefinger Devlin

  • dam now we will have to go resupply them. Russia is showing all of us just how much bullish has been fed to us.

  • That is if you believe Russian state media
    Did you really think there was a difference?!

  • Counter Terrorists win

  • Who doesn’t love a black coke head banging hookers !!!!!!

  • Bahhahah

  • Sad but true

  • Well lets see if they use ground troops in force to destroy ISIS …..

  • Why would the media report on something that hasn’t actually happened?

  • I’m so tired of Western news cast these days…the US is good every body else is Evil that’s all we’re being told direct or indirectly

  • That’s the world we live in

  • Go Russia damn the crackhead. I have no sympathy with rich people that still can’t enjoy life. Oh well. Lol.

  • Americans are probably too Damn ashamed that Russia, the country we have been taught is a giant terrorist wasteland on par with the middle east, beat us at attacking the real bad guys.

  • Paul Messina

  • Im okay with this

  • Uh huh par for the course

  • The K clan is welcomed like a pimple on my ass, who needs that info? I would rather hear about how Russia is doing what Obama won’t do to his cousins. Way to go Russia!!!

  • they basically destroyed our ammo and trucks. all either stolen or given out right.

  • Fuck them hoes! Sad for Lamar but fuck it he knew better so no sympathy here!

  • Daniel Vladimir Montoya

  • Rhiannon Maya Teresa Cannavaro

  • Berrit Casad

  • It’s our age no one wants to know the truth!

  • Everyone complaining that this information is not reliable because it is coming from the Russian media is missing the point. Of course it should be questioned. But the fact that it is being claimed is major news that should be reported: it is, after all, the ostensible basis for our continued military involvement in the Middle East. Then the public themselves can make the decision for themselves about whether or not they believe it.

    But they can’t do it if the story is “disappeared”. Reporting this stuff was once upon a time the media’s job. Now the only people who do honest reporting get called traitors. That’s the real problem.

  • Go Russia

  • When the media contrive reality. I would Call All Americans to greater Awareness as to WHO & WHAT is Controlling the State. God Bless the American People.

  • Yeah, let’s believe the openly state sponsored media of another country at face value

  • I won’t believe anything that isn’t on AJ or BBC

  • Russia didn’t make our news here in MN.

  • Lol!

  • I’ve seen enough Russia Today interviews and their goofy misrepresentations of military technology to be very skeptical of what they report. Maybe, maybe not.

  • The media circus has clowns as an audience.

  • I had a feeling something was up cus the media was way to focused on something so dumb

  • Probably by ally intel. NORTH KOREA MABEY

  • Bombing will do…nothing

  • Never fails….. People get so easily distracted by the stupid media, we aren’t paying attention to the REAL news…. Our failing government

  • It goes to show you who the real bad guys are mainstream media !

  • Jj Sierra

  • I think Putin has his eye set on America next.

  • Nikka!

  • Kardashians are still alive?

  • Jonathan Gonzalez

  • Anthony Armijo

  • POS Obama wont do it so kudos to Putin doin it!!! At least hes got some balls!!!

  • Wow sad when life kicks u in the ass when your down. ….how many of u don’t have something bad in your past shame on u….

  • Damn now we (America) have to go to war with Russia. They attacked one of our allies (undercover hidden top secret allies….but allies all the same)!!!

  • Anything to distract!!

  • Guess which one I will click onto first? Just thought click-baiters should know.

  • If you believe Russia just destroyed most of ISIS’ ability to fight in 24 hours – You’re as stupid as your government thinks you are. Yup, and ISIS exists in once place right? I have a bridge if you’re interested.

  • Guess you didn’t hear about the accidental American Bombing of an Afghanistan Hospital then either! 3:) 😛 B|

  • Yunior Espinosa

  • Who cares .-. It’s all stupid

  • Jesus

  • They actually attacked Syrian regime rebels and FSA and a couple of Isis targets. Their main focus is to not let Assads regime be overtaken by FSA don’t let this Isis shit fool you they can care less about them.

  • Ignorance is our worse enemy, many the media makes sure we stay ignorant

  • Memes spread disinformation and make stupid people more stupid…if it is big white letters over a photo, it must be true.

  • What the fuck do people see in those Big Ass Kardashian women ?

  • Haha what English speaking country would ever admit Russian is capable of completing something America and all their ass licking countries couldn’t! NONE! Instead they portray the Russian ppl as villains to convince all those in English speaking countries are fortunate to have their “lifestyle” and distract them from the fact that their governments are financially giving it to them up the ass on daily basis… For personal gain!

  • Clark David Gullickson

  • So from what I’ve gathered by reading the comments is, most of you trust the reliability of a communist countries news outlets than the democratic one? Am I reading into this right?

  • Do yo you really believe Russia even targeted 10% of Isis. Russia came to keep Assad in power not for anything else.

  • #FirstWorldProblems

  • Kat Padden

  • Hell yeah let em clean up their own backyard

  • Still a human being hope all works out well God bless and God bless America

  • we might have aliens on our hand…go to ign.coms page and look at the video that says something about transformers, the latest one. they arent one to lie aboht things either.

  • Michael Nava

  • Covering for o as usual.

  • I’m just here for the memes

  • Russians bombed our allies, the ones we armed against Assad. They dont give a crap about ISIS

  • The praetorian media…good post

  • Because you know. Bombing areas not controlled by ISIS is helping the cause

    • Well the NATO doesn’t want to share intelligence with Russia on Isis targets. Plus that’s from western media not exactly neutral source haha

    • Britain is staying out of this conflict. The neutrality of their news source is really only second to Switzerland

  • This is a sad state of affairs.

  • Way to go Russia…

  • Sad state of affairs…only half dozen corporations control all media…

  • It’s congress which is preventing Obama from releasing full hell.

  • President Obama knew,he got the film and convo.

  • Russia destroys most of “Isis’s” ammo and heavy weapons in 24 hours Now? Weird I thought it was 72

    Ya that came Russia so it’s MUST be true. God damn you people are idiots

  • Stupid shit like that is more important than WW3. starting…….

  • Putin is a beast… And an efficient one

  • Don’t read crappy news sources, problem solved?

  • I cannot wait until I do not hear about any of the Kardashian’s or their relationships. I simply do not understand the fascination.

  • That’s exactly what I first thought when I saw his story. Fuckin stupid idiots go nuts over a dope head in a whore house while this country is about to face it’s demise. Between Russia and China ol Obama gonna get us nuked.

  • Jose R Castillo Miguel Correia Jose Castillo

  • True… But I have a problem taking what comes out of the Kremlin at face value… I do believe they have destroyed a chunk of ISIS’ stuff, why because they do not worry about collateral damage, so wh cares if it’s parked at a school, or mosque, or apartment building. If they were, they are still valid targets, but we would leave them be.

  • Lies. Russia is destroying groups that are fighting ISIS. To them and the media, all of them is considered ISIS.

  • It’s Facebook, a social media site, not a news network.

  • Fuck that piece of shit and the Kardashians

  • We’re too busy bombing hospitals

  • Melody Clare Jumpponen might interest you considering your status

  • Francis Figueroa u c lol

  • Francis Figueroa

  • Badass Russians

  • Anthony Salvatore bombs away!

  • Preston Jones

  • Nobody seems to give a damn about Russian bombers and ISIS , why? I’m assuming because we as humans living in the US are too occupied with Cellphones, tv, Internet , movies etc etc

  • Anddd I no longer want to enlist..

  • Salvatore Pecoraro

  • worthless media

  • pawns

  • Both bullshit stories, I love how people are buying Russia’s bullshit. I own a bridge in Moscow, anyone interested in buying it?

  • Why is an overdosing sex addict important news? More important than elections, debates, or pick a subject. Glad all people pray for

  • Aaron Eagan and Russia saves the day once more

  • Wonder why US bombed that power plant when it mainly impacted civilians in region..?? going to have contractors come in and sell them power?

  • Because this country controls the media HELLO!!!

  • Nice just bash on the guy who is close to death. Cuz obviously he deserves it? Cuz people who have addictions and emotional problems are not deserving of empathy? I get what this is trying to say but that’s fucked up.

  • this pandering to the ‘reality tv intellect’ is why we have idiots running for the presidency…all about the ratings…the american public thrives on entertainment thats not even enjoyable…never watched the apprentice…had to google the name cuz i wasnt even sure what it was…nor would i waste my valuable minutes in life on such garbage 🙁

  • So what if they did this it dont matter

  • Just curious on people’s opinions: do we really believe that they’ve done what they said, or are they exaggerating?

  • Yay Russia

  • Nice Joe Pilkerton

  • Its crazy we need to make a face for Isis and make it a face that people love. Then maybe we might be able to get people to focus.

  • Jamie Day

  • Cody Olsen what do you have to say about this?

    • …….I don’t want to be repetitive ?

  • it’s not america’s job to police the world….when we do …you bitch. when we don’t….you bitch more. we’d like to let you deal with your own problems but you generally don’t. you get your ass handed to you by a minority of the population with a different idea.

  • Congratulations Russia

  • Really

  • This is surprising to you guys?

  • Marc Dulong

    • Ya pas assez de bouton like sur cette photo

  • Liz Black told you these Kardashians are bad news

  • Isaac Moreno pastor jack called it. The bottom pic

  • People that care about the bombings will find out that information. And people that care about that NBA guy will find out that information. IDGAF about either yet I’m fully aware of both. So what’s your point sweet heart?

  • Lamar is also known as “kardashians ex”

  • Celeste Guy

  • Lakshani Perera

  • Luke Wasiewicz those bloody Russians

  • Adel Arezki

    • wow.. rapelle moi dont sa fait combien de temps que les etats essaient de ”combattre” l’isis?

    • Cest une question piege, ils armes isis lmao

    • Ils sèment la peur pour mieux contrôler le peuple

  • Damn, putin is putting in work!

  • its the top story for the American population… How can you expect a brainless population to understand the war in Syria… 😛

  • I don’t totally blame the media for this.

  • This just shows why ignorance is taking over, esa familia hdp me tiene mareado.
    By the way, well done Russia!!!!

  • What a piece of crap. Russia is not bombing ISIS, but American backed rebels.
    Make your facts straight…

  • Claire Reyes

  • Fuck the media

  • Robert Griffith

  • This is part of the propoganda to get people to hate USA and embrace communism and Russia,Ideological Subversiveism.

  • All meme’s aside, here’s the reality…


  • Why can’t you advertise both? This man you’re belittling is on his death bed and you’re basically bad mouthing him. Normally I’m not bothered by things and I’m never butt hurt but this is sick .

  • How would we get ISR video from Russia? They don’t share with us. Probably Russian propaganda. But most likely someone taking images from other sources and making a meme to fit their agenda.

  • How perfectly fascinating!

  • Really???
    if this is true, why do you think it’s possible? Maybe it’s because due to Russia being ISIS’ number one arms dealer they know exactly where their weapons caches are located.

    Think about it…
    You don’t see ISIS using M4s and Javelins.
    And here do AK47s and RPGS come from?

  • Jami Clark Cody

  • That awkward moment when the “free thought project” participates in falsely indoctrinating people. Let’s see some documented evidence that Putin’s forces have destroyed the majority of ISIS’ munitions and vehicles… I’ll wait. He’s not even attacking Isis, he’s attacking the FSA under the veil of attacking ISIS.

  • I hope the Russians actually did this.

  • Juho Zepel

  • Maury Richard

  • That’s America, great priorities!

  • James Dickinson two of your favourite things

  • Why the fuck you gotta call him a coke head though. Idgaf how conscious I am. Stop being fucking disrespectful, you irrelevant, attention seeking fuck.

  • Murican media thinks some big ass woman fucked by a nigger is more important than there babies isis being bombed to stone age.

  • Real Truth, must be searched for. More often than not it isn’t in top news stories.
    Thanks for sharing Truth (: <3

  • Because libs can’t face facts that Obama is weak, so since they control the media; they’ll cover up his failures

  • Efren Martinez

    • Yesir … they always got something else to keep you distracted.

  • Mitchell King

  • Em Wager

  • I actually seen the it on the news in Australia

  • Got it wrong on this one guys
    Please tell me more about Lamar Odom ?

  • Yo, this man is fighting for his life!! No need to be so callous. Everyone is fighting their own demons. Whoever created this post is an asshole.

  • Genesis Elizabeth

  • Damn

  • Didn’t Russia also accidentally bomb Iran?

  • Derek Bergman

  • Curtis Bird

  • Cobin Latimer this is what I was talking about

    • thats what happens when you whip and nea nea too hard you end up like lamar odom lol wish i could be found unconscouse by hookers that would be the life


  • Karl Bushby

  • Still dont trust Putin he likely has ulterior motives.

  • Andrew Ogilvie

  • waste if US resources is rteaon as well. They were also giving US resources to ISIS, ISIL, now aka IS since Russin went in.

  • I agree it’d be a hell of a story if Russia did that. Too bad they just bombed rebels and backed Assad. . . You know, the guy who introduced the radical elements to the rebels who spun off into Isis.

    So it’s actually like, Russia helped out Isis.

  • Nobody has class these days. This post is pathetic.

  • Jack Gustard

  • That’s because it wasn’t all IS ammunition, most of it was just small Asad opposition rebel storage lol

  • Barclay Sloan

  • anyone who believes this propaganda about russia having done this is an idiot.

  • wait–you’re seriously reposting stories from RT? goodbye.

  • this is nothing new..
    I thought we all knew what kind of world we live in by now…

  • Obviously ! Coz #Russia is cleaning up the mess the #US created !!

  • I always knew America fucked around too long in these types of situations.

  • How would judges feel when the people apply the law equally and start indicting them for various tyrannical and terrorist activities in aiding the police?

  • Russia isn’t fucking around!

  • Welcome to America!

  • Pretty evident who owns the media now isnt it?

  • Heavy vehicles and ammo provided by Hillary and obama

  • It’s all about distractions. Almost every major scandal or even a death (Robin Williams for example) happens at the exact time America does something they don’t want us to know about or when other countries do something they don’t want us to know about. The media and government are one.

  • Darrel Banks Legerme

  • Akshay Mistry

  • Keep the people busy with mediocrity. Maybe that way they wont rebel against the tyranny and oppressio….Hey look, something shiny!

  • Keep them dumbed dumbèd down

  • The crazy part is that there is truth and theres belief, sadly the truth doesnt matter because many steer toward increasing public incredulity out of fear. They fear that once they know the real truth they must act, cowards will always create the excuse for failure to act.

  • Because it’s the reason they exist

  • James Mavo Bree

  • Australian media in a nutshell Nick Troy

    • Is this legit?

    • Yeah havnt you heard the new of the Russian attacks on isis? It’s being shown over here

    • Haha nup haven’t heard a word of it

    • Russia has done more in 24 hours then America has done ever to Isis

  • Look over here…….

  • Sad…we used to lead… Now we can’t even follow.
    We just stand still.

  • Hampus Jonsson

  • Distract and control!

  • Sickening. Like it it not Fox carried it. Make fun of Fox if you like but at least they carry actual news.

  • Whores and dumbasses……

  • Sad

  • Welcome to cold war 2.

  • The rude things I see people post here and whoever made this meme smh.People who actually knew who lamar odom was before khloe aren’t concerned about her.Yeah it probably shouldn’t be a top story but it’s still big to people who grew up or have watched him since college or for me when he first entered the nba 15yrs ago.People make mistakes in life whether big or small and money won’t change that.He’s not an ex-kardashian.He’s lamar odom the NBA player and obviously whoever made this never really followed him.Yeah as we already know and if you didn’t know well i’m glad you now learned that the media tends to not cover alot of important things going on.Just because you don’t care about a certain situation doesn’t mean others don’t.But yes fuck the kardashians.

  • Krishan Ravin Vandan Desai Dhaval Patel

  • We need NEWS, not opinionated gossip.

  • Non story my ass. The media won’t shut up about it. It’s been on repeat on almost every news station for over a week.

  • Rachel Rosario Laura Olson

  • All hail mother Russia

  • Emily Morrissey

  • Edgar Custodio

  • Adrian Ureta

  • Maria

  • Lexi Araya

  • “American news media are lying, but let us believe Russian state-owned media because they are unbiased and will tell the truth.” Hilarious!

  • You know how they smokescreen that stuff.

  • Jonathan Rush.. And WHAT ARE U ALWAYS SAYING….!!!!

  • Putin for US president

  • Myles Gastelum You’re kind of post baby! Read the comments too!

  • How could anyone think Lamar Odem being found dead isn’t a to story ? Maybe girls that have no interest in sports…but I’m sure every guy does…Every straight guy

    • You mean every gay man . Straight men don’t enjoy watching other sweaty men play with balls

    • ^^^^Just because a guy enjoys watching sports doesn’t make him/them gay dipshit!!!

    • Oh it does. 100% gay. Doesn’t even want a reach around gay. Chinese finger trap docking gay.

    • Yep, nearly all American sports are homo erotic soap operas. Men even fantasize about them in “fantasy” sports lol only oblivious sheepish morons watch sports, regardless of sexual orientation.

    • I didnt even know who he was. Still dont care to

    • You know what they say opinions are like assholes and we all have one?

    • Tyler a lot of people only know whom he was not because of sports but because he dated Khloe Kardashian…. Kim Kardashians sister lol

    • He us not dead though

    • who gives a shit about him or that ho family all scum bags

    • And isis hasn’t killed anyone in your family so who cares…^

    • I couldnt give 2 fucks about isis… killing people I don’t know… mfs die everyday any way and any time… do I have to cry about it?

    • Hey Daniel Lindsey, I watch sports, I’m far from sheepish or a moron. Only took me a minute and a half to hack your account. Found your address, phone number, name of your work place , shall I post it and see how many “morons” show up at your door? I think it would be rather entertaining! Did you realize that you categorized yourself in your comment? Unless you don’t fall into the “men” catagory. Don’t be mad at sports fans cuz your parents raised a whine ass pussy!

    • I had no idea who he was until this story came out.

    • Hahaha this drew guy is a real fucking genius

      (That’s sarcasm drew…since I don’t think you’ll be able to figure it out on your own)

    • Hey Adam,

      You didn’t hack his account. You don’t know how to hack. If you did, you wouldn’t be stupid enough to post a cyber-terroristic threat on social media. I hope some random people show up at his door entirely out of coincidence and you get arrested. Sure, you’ll get released. But it’ll still be hilarious

  • I hope lamar’s good.
    My brother needs Jesus♡

  • Everyone that thinks Russia is doing a good thing, can go live in Russia. Putin is attempting another hostile takeover. Remember Chechnya? Better yet, remember Hitler? He wanted Europe and then the world…

  • Charlie Perez

  • Yep!!!!

  • From my understanding Russia actually bombed a bunch of places that were not even taken over by Isis. They just wanted to make us believe that they did. But I could be wrong I heard it on NPR

  • I mean they can’t compare local news with world news. 2 different things

  • George Cahill Butrus

  • Maryanne Shabo

  • so where is the story?

  • Yupp

  • Because they basically just kicked the CIA’s ass! This is Putins answer to the current administrations attempt to reignite the cold war, except Russia isn’t playing, they went loud! And again obama has done everything he can to make America look like a bunch of soft, complacent girly boys and sheep. Pos took 5 days to lower flags to half mast for the marines that were murdered by his muslim brother! Heard nothing about gun control then, sure went on international TV to wish his muslim brothers a happy ramadan and shortly before that he lit up our nations White House to look like a huge rainbow party. America should be shit kicking mad as hell demanding our senate to get rid of this trash before we do. Biggest threat to America isnt so called isis, witch is also another name for our statue of liberty, not at all! Its men like him in elected offices! We have a bunch of them

  • I was told that years ago Russia had some of its people kidnapped by a terrorist group. Russia began to kidnap the terrorist group leaders and begin to send them body parts back of said leaders. It was very effective and it lead to the release of the Russian hostages. However, if America did this you know ‘We the People’ would be on here bashing what happened. This is why this ‘story’ happened. Russia doesn’t need to please their people or the world. They will do what they want and you will just deal with it. I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing. I’m just stating a fact about Russia. They don’t feel the pressure to ‘play nice’ as America does.

  • John Herrick

  • GO RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!

  • well if the Russian Defense Ministry said so, it just HAS to be true, right?

  • Russia fucking shit up like boss!

  • I don’t believe American propaganda, why should I believe Russian propaganda?

  • massive media do not even mention the achievements of russia in syria! i keep myself updated from Sputnik of courss

  • Funny, we’ve turned into the same corrupt political state that we used accuse the Russians of being when I was a child in the 60s

  • The media wants to shield us from world violence, but all they are fostering is ignorance. Btw, if Russia bombs something it’s okay, but if America had done it, we’d be world dominating dictators.

  • The U.S. knows were they are, they just don’t attack them…

  • So not true. I heard the bottom story and never heard a thing about the top one. Again, this all depends on where you get your news from.

  • Americans are pathetic.

  • That’s america for ya

  • These people are trash

  • Karina Garcia

  • Dylan Pfeiffer

  • What has our country become these day is a laughing joke.what happen to the country pple fought for.it all about greed now and $$$$$$

  • Is this a joke? Do you guys really believe Russia destroyed most of ISIS’s ammo and heavy vehicles in 24 hours?

    Is this page being run by the Kremlin?

  • I’m just here for the comments.

  • Actually what the Ruskies destroyed was an ammunition depot of the Syrian Rebels fighting against Assad.

    • What’s your point posting links to US LSM (lamestream media) dribble?
      You still haven’t learned yet obviously…doesn’t matter if it’s left or right wing biased…it’s all a bunch of crap.
      It’s all biased, all propaganda, all disinformation, all full of lies, and you’re a sheep.
      I especially like the opinions from the war hawk generals that are getting paid from the military industrial complex.
      Hey…ask your buddy Bush Dubya…Saddam was a big threat to us and the world so we needed to go kill perhaps up to a million innocent Iraqi citizens to remove the tyrant.
      Good thing we did…I think I read somewhere on FAUX News or somewhere credible o.O he would have mushroom-cloud’d us, or yellow-cake’d us or something through his close ties with Al Queda.

  • Falling for Putins propaganda tricks, is that any better than this self righteous “we’re better informed than you” stance

  • Christ, the kind of dumbasses who go off of a stupid ass random meme…

    • And the dumbasses that post up MSM (lamestream media) links!
      Hell…a second grader should know better than that! o.O

    • I see your point but those stories were legit.

  • I don’t think Putin destroyed most of their ammo, but that doesn’t negate the point of the meme: That our media focuses on minutia and misdirects our attention from vital information. They dumb us down intentionally, and too many of us just suck it up. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

  • A life is a life doesn’t matter what soul dies..

  • Exactly

  • Wow

  • Right?! I’m saying. So annoying

  • Ed Lion

  • He got his coke and viagra from the goverment.

  • The Kardashian/jenner family is exactly what is wrong with america. They aren’t people we should look up to and support. Think about it, Bruce jenner kills someone in a car accident and then suddenly decides he’s a girl now and no one remembers that he just killed some before he got his sex changed! Lamar Odom was 6th man of the year and 2 time champion before he married into that family and his life fell apart. Now everyone feels so bad for khloe and the rest of the fucked up Kardashian family, stop blindly following them around and looking up to them. They’re are litterally ruining people’s lives and we’re too fucking stupid to see that. America needs to open their eyes and realize what’s going on outside of “reality tv”!

    • Bruce Jenner never got his “sex changed” he never had a gender change surgery and is not attracted to men… All he did was use his shit load of money to buy makeup artists, dress up like a woman, and say “I identify with women, therefore I am a woman!” When in fact, he is not! He is a cross dresser! And the beautiful thing about that is, he had the freedom to be a cross dresser all he wants!!! But sadly he is not, nor can he ever be a woman… Because he is physically a man. I am 5’10, I can say all I want that I identify with people who are 6’5 therefore I am 6’5 but again, sadly, I am not 6’5… It is not physically possible for me to be 6,5… He is a man! And a cross dresser… Not a woman… Not a hero… Just a man… Nothing more!

  • Emilie Mathiesen

  • Which story is true?

  • So Isis is basically defeated. Ok. Lol

  • False y’all just think gettin ur news from fb is media.

  • Taylor Robert Lehotan

  • media and money kills reality

  • Hurry! Put a Kardashian in life threatening danger! Russia just kicked major ass! Cant let the american people know our military is holding out on us!!

  • Pedro

  • Aleksandr Buksh

  • Rich Chavez

  • i love facebook and the power of free speach..it changes the world and giving you and me power..the power of change..to see behind all the lies that is told..knowledge is the power..to look and to understand..knowledge is more than newspaper and media..mankind is the closest thing living on earth to “good”allah”shiva”manitu”

  • So true!

  • Where are you getting “most” from? Can I see the data and stats?

  • Nice….. Diego

  • Question for The Free Thought Project.com… Did you pick up this “non story” from RT.com? No one is reporting this (except russian state funded media) since there is no evidence of it being true. Syria rebels are not IS. Syrian civilians are not IS. This is just as distracting as the Odom story. No, this is worse. At least the Odom story is grounded in facts. Reporting this story as truth is extremely dangerous and detrimental to public knowledge.

    • holy shit, you really did pull this info from RT.com! jesus christ when did free thought become synonymous with blatant ignorance?!

  • Russia has accomplished more destruction of ISIS within a two week campaign, than America has within a 12 month half assed campaign! America has such a weak coward of a president!

  • Eme Kokulu

  • it’s a non story because isil is supported and backed by the Cia

  • The media only cares about what the fucktards watch

  • My personal agenda was to help make a difference. My life’s ambition was to leap into the new
    awakening. Today I see complete indifference and manifest slumbering. Woe is me, woe is me.

  • Tyler Harpley your right that family should be dropped off the earth…

  • why do u think America is so against Russia joining the fight against isis because isis was created by the Cia those are their soilders that’s why

  • Yahhh what’s with that mr news media .

  • Josh Dvorak

  • Victor Cruz. You made a good point about not feeling sorry for him. But, I’m sure you’re a compassionate person, nevertheless.

  • Gabriela Barrientos i am telling you.

  • Don

  • It’s a non story cause it didn’t happen, that’s an image from a video game…

  • That’s Putin it in perspective hahaha.

  • Typical!

  • Chad Bice Julian Rizk Dylan Ersahin watch the video

    • which one? rt is russian propaganda

    • Just the 3 bombing videos I didn’t watch the 4th rt one

  • How’s come

  • Michael Arellano

  • Rosie Duran

  • It is AWESOME that someone else is stepping up! It’s about time! Now all those people in that area can hate Russians and not America. If you think badly of our President then screw you! You probably are bummed that your kids don’t get to fight and possibly be maimed or killed. This is GREAT!!

  • Ben Infield

    • Could say exactly the same of the Israeli’s being randomly murdered in knife and gun attacks within Israel.

  • Sabrina Jansen van Vuuren

  • Kyle Crafton

  • Vicki Courtright Bridget Grant derp

  • nothin we couldn’t of done we just like to stay in shit longer than we have to for interest of course

  • Gina Bloemers I Sw this last night and died

  • Top story true but off the mark on the bottom one

  • Randall Harvey

  • What they report is a reflection of the public and what they want to hear about. If no one tuned in they wouldn’t plaster it everywhere

  • So the mods believe what the Russian Times says. This is the new TASS, and is completely controlled by Putin. They only claim “victories” by Putin and Russia, and never discuss anything negative the regime does.
    Not surprising the wannabe anarchists running this page believe the RT.

  • Svein Kjetil Haugset

  • Angela Cooper……..

    • Ppl are depressed about this, don’t talk shit man

    • Riiight, like its anyone elses fault but his… hundreds of thousands of ppl died due to isis, but ur right lets focus and pray for the dumbass who loaded himself up with every drug known to man. Ur ridiculous

    • Just let it be nešo

    • Never

    • Pray for my friend Dejan! Aint non really wrong with him except he kinda ugly and got a head that looks like a coconut! ?? #PrayersForDejan #UglyLivesMatter

    • Hahahahahaha savage ass ???

  • To bad the Russian didn’t bomb the Kardashian.

  • Simply a reflection of our society’s priorities.

  • And the beat goes on………….

  • Word . . .

  • Yes they should of shown this, but a little fucked to say”this crack head” soulless as fuck . the guy is on his death bed. Not like he was killing people. Clearly a douche would be like “who cares if he is dying, don’t give him attention. ” soulless as fuck

  • Because the big guys want us to stay preoccupied with stupid shit like this so we don’t ask questions about what’s really important lol.

  • Thank God someone is finally dealing with those morons.

  • John Hanning

  • Eric Ibarra

  • Gross Ugh!

  • If they show that they would have to admit that Putin is not a monster and is actually the only leader ACTUALLY saving us. Don’t be fooled by how OUR media shows him. He is actually a hero.

  • Who cares.

  • That’s the new crappy America

  • Building an army of Zombies. Keep the sheeple mindless they are easier to heard up that way

  • The Russians have been out of the middle east since Afghanistan debacle. We have now let them back in. They are there for the same reason we are, control of their only commodity, oil.

  • with a CIA controlled & worthless media-making stupid people famous… Its easier to have slaves if they don’t know they are slaves.

  • Lamar odom is a crackhead.

  • Markie Zinkova

  • Obama. . . what an embarrassment

  • So you decide to do the same exact thing the media is doing

  • Pavel Ojindovski isis gt rekt

  • For real

  • Jordan Smith

  • Blake Peden

  • Sad but it isnt the medias fault its the fault of the people on this earth who feed into the drama of reality tv and sports

  • Keep on until all their crap is gone!

  • Actually it was on cnn student news

  • Because it’s not Murika that did the job. Therefore, our right-wing media will just distract us from what’s really going on while later on taking all the credit for Russia’s hard work.

  • That’s the kindat loyalty I’m looking for

  • Mel Ward

  • That figures the sheeple in this country turn my stomach

  • WHOO Russia kv-2 for the win

  • Looks like Russia doesn’t fuck around and gets the job done, packing my bags, and moving to the good ol’ motherland.

  • We are not saying to control the media, we are saying to prioritize. What makes this guy any more important then the other 7 billion people ?.

  • Katherine Granger

  • Brothers need to leave those white girls alone.

  • Quotations. You’re doing it wrong.

  • If the the Libretards and Socialist want to complain about wealth and over indulgence, follow the Kardashians and Odom. Zero sympathy for any of them.

  • Media in this country …… .

  • Derick

  • LET’S KEEP IT REAL ,by ignoring the bull-shit media hype and voting intelligently.GO BERNIE!

  • We have the military might to squash even the biggest bug……GODZILLA! Yet we don’t! Doesn’t that make you wonder why! If JESUS ……IS the truth……ya think we might need that more than ever?

  • In response to your video Mr. Fields I would like to share with you a few ideas. Thank you for taking the time to express yours! I agree with you that definitely the prejudice in this country must we must unite us Americans and sees the real enemy as Islam just look at England look at France look at history well we

  • A continuation of the above letter to Mr. Fields we need to stop seeing black versus white and Unitas Americans versus terrorism!! I have great respect for police officers as they are the only protection we have between ourselvesand those that would seek to destroy us! There is four too much crime in the street! The problem is not police brutality the problem is increased crime and the police are the ones that are charged if they use the slightest bit of forcewhich is often necessary if the alleged suspect fights back! What is it about stop put your hands up that these criminals do not understand the police must risk their lives in chasing the criminals and then have their every move recorded on camera as if they were the criminals I sure would not want to be a police officer today and I thank each and everyone of them for the duty they do each day to protect us I have great respect for the police officers!!!! Imagine risking your life to chase a criminal and then being charged with excessive force this is 99% of the times untrue please support our police and stop treating them like the criminals!!! x

  • It would be great if Russia has actually accomplished what this meme says it has. I haven’t as yet been able to find any corroboration however. Alternately, if it is a meme on Facebook then it must be true. 😉

  • Wow.

  • Calling in All activists, anonymous and community for the Cause And We Need your Organisations Help: Please Join and Share Protest March Against The TPP. We can’t let the Corporations take over or we have lost. Our one way to communicate with each other will start to be Censored!


  • Yooooooo. And now the U.S is giving ISIS more weapons than they already have! Lol! Arming the enemy while disarming our country. Wtf!

  • Then why the fuck you post it Moron

  • They always show the down side of Black people.

  • This kind of defeats the purpose, but if we just stop talking about the Kardashians when the media brings them up, stop ourselves from complaining about hearing about them all the time, and just don’t engage in anything they put out or do, they’ll disappear.

  • Can you say “Distraction”

  • Sad

  • Joel Higgins

  • Everything wrong with our mainstream media in one meme … this is why I get my news from online sources.

  • Kayla Shaw

  • I never thought I’d see a comparison of two news stories where one was total fucking bullshit and the other was about Kardashians. Assclowns.

  • Matthew Joslyn

  • Distraction
    Take this and that

  • Why in the hell is Lamar Odom and his herbal viagra choice a top story on the national news? Unbelievable.

  • Adam Bigg

  • Boom now finish them 🙂 thats how you do it Obama

  • Fuck you

  • Tomorrow Obama will have our military blow up a trash can, then Monday morning on CNN, Ms NBC, and gma, the headlines will read, Obama wiped out isis!

  • What’s important World ?

  • Come on will-ham have heart dude!! Not saying that the whole isis thing didn’t deserve more media coverage, but Lamar is human too!! We all have “issues” that we can’t deal with sometimes!! You don’t no what he may have been going through at that time!! I would hope someone would have compassion on me, if I were in that situation!! I no without a doubt you have a huge caring heart, Cuz you showed it to me in Columbia!! Love and miss ya like crazy!! Hope all is well!! By the way I seen that you were in a relationship on fb!! I need some details and a photo!!

  • Ryan Papoi go Russia!!

  • Good, finally another country to step in. We’ve spend way too much time over there and we created this mess, to begin with!

  • Steven

  • Liam Gilbert

  • Of course, because America, right? Daniel Garcia Jane Zapuskalova Aleksandr Zapuskalov

  • Great thread!

  • If that’s what you want to believe, go for it. Propaganda is propaganda. Never mind Russia bombed rebel forces against isis.

  • I am Groot.

  • Wow this horrible so insensitive

  • Well, ISIS ain’t ever done shit to me. Lamar Odom on the other hand came to my group home and spoke to us about his childhood, listened to our stories and got 20 kids free season tickets to the lakers back in 2006. At a time I was troubled and not certain of where my life was going a complete stranger drove 3 hours from his residence on a Saturday and dedicated his time and money to troubled teens. So I personally hope that despite any character flaws he may have, he gets well soon and gets the help he needs.

    • …. Isis is in our backyard and you say they have never done anything to you… Such a selfish thing to say… They kill innocent people and our government is funding them… Smdh but you are to busy trying to defend a fucking drug addict that gave some tickets to a fucking game… Grow up idiot

    • I know a few groups that have been proven to actually be in our front yard for decades. They’ve been killing innocent people and are probably government funded. And I’m defending a man who I know has a good heart. I’d rather do that than be afraid of a boogie man that nobody can actually prove is a credible threat to me as I walk down the street.

    • Williams go drink bleach not everyone cares about isis… I couldnt give 2 fucks about them AM I DEAD? NO innocent people day 24/7 fuck am I gonna do cry?

  • Brook Wakeham

  • I hate our society.

  • Noelle Vela

  • Aliiovavega Asap Tunufai

  • Paparazzi or propaganda, which one do I trust today?

  • That’s pathetic…..

  • Shit id start doing coke to if i was married her

  • Ex Kardashian really?

  • Where are our morals! Who gives the FUCK about a basketball player! Not myself that is a given!

  • Where’s the Russia story ? No one has reported it?

  • Only in America!

  • If the media puts the kardashian as a top story then how can you rely on the media about Russia being the truth… ahhh..

  • Fact!
    Pay attention people!!

  • Russia is kicking that ass! Because apparently we can’t.

  • Coke head– did you say the same about: Corey Monteith, Heath Ledger, John Belushi, Philip S Hoffman, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse,, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin… ???? or did they have an illness

  • So true.

  • And there you have it Sabrina Smith Hollingsworth

  • See…I knew scanning random stuff would Make Me FEEL better..

  • Nut rink im stewpid

  • Jennifer Ruperto

  • Like the bombing one

  • Russia destroys ISIS’ ammo and “heavy vehicles” (read, Japanese trucks)”? Really? Sez who?

  • Donald Bruce bottom pic

  • Vlad Putin blows up an apartment block to manufacture a ‘terrorist’ threat, and murders a string of journalists and opposition politicians, invades neighbouring countries, then bombs a bunch of non-IS Assad opponents… gets glorified by morons.

  • Whoever made this is one dum ass motherfucker!

  • Aw shit, did I miss something???

  • Aw shit, did I miss something???

  • I’m optimistic enough to believe the story is true.Skeptical enough to think it’s a publicity stunt.I hope for the first and the best.Take care.Brian

  • Do fucking what. …

  • Yeh but did those events actually happen?

  • it’s a non-story because there are no celebrities in it

  • Ugly kardashian

  • So sad to see humans cheering on mass murderers of women and children …

  • Jer Bear

  • You see Russians take care of business and no mercy there play no games

  • Paul Knorr Shane Evers

  • Trevor Browning

  • Thanks Fox for yet more real news blackouts.

  • pretty sure this is the media, and im getting this story… i wonder whats REALLY going on

  • Blake Busta Logan

  • Nathan Baker look at the bottom arcticle xD already hahaha

  • Because Putin is more respected than the joke we have

  • This meme is so full of shit it isn’t funny; granted, I’m no Kardashian fan, but baldfaced lying to make your anti-media point is ridiculous and harmful to said point (at least to those who don’t just immediately swallow any bullshit that they read).

  • Distasteful headline, why not present something positive and meaningful instead of looking for the negative comparison

  • Approved

  • Tom


  • The Kardashians are the filth of America. Time for them to die.

  • Victor J. Avigliano

  • Hamish Gladstone

  • And a majority of Republican voters are backing Donald Trump who is no different than the Kardashians…”reality” TV media whores!!

  • Alright. Do you believe the MSNBC/CNN antipropaganda as much as Putins straight foreword propaganda? For real?

    Just stahp… STAAAHP… Last figure I saw was 100 thousand strong across the globe…

  • Ive been saying Russia and Putin are doing much better in Country and the World. Its sad when u want to trade presidents with Russia

  • Nancy Grace ridiculous,

  • When you listen to fools the mob rules – RJD

  • Anthony Eid

  • If anyone believes that the Russians are bombing ISIS targets are being fed BULLSHIT .They are bombing forces that are friendly to the US and are trying to take out the dictator of there country !!!!!!!

  • Russia bombing Isis and taking out ammunition sites in 24 hours actually was the top headline on cnn a few days ago.

  • That’s called “Russophobia ” – been afraid of Russia or Russians. Was cultivated for many years in US

  • I guess the Philly newscasters are more interested in real news, then, because the story about Russia and ISIS was in the forefront of the news when it happened, and Lamar Odom was held off to the end. At least that’s how it was on channel 3.

  • don’t blame the media, blame the people. most people don’t give a damn about what Russia did, and they care a lot about Lamar Odom