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330,000 Cops Threaten ‘Surprise’ for Quentin Tarantino, Promise to ‘Hurt Him’


On Wednesday, the Free Thought Project reported on the remarkably brave stance Academy Award-winning film director Quentin Tarantino, has made in owning his comments condemning police brutality.

After police across the country had announced their plans to boycott his films, Tarantino refused to be bullied and remained steadfast in his decision to call the police who murdered people “murderers. ”

Tarantino was not calling all cops murderers, nor was he purporting that he “hates cops.” However, these facts are not important to those throwing bricks from the other side of the blue wall.

In fact, during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Tarantino responded, “All cops are not murderers. I never said that. I never even implied that.”

What Tarantino said was this, 

“I got something to say, but actually I would like to give my time to the families that want to talk. I want to give my time to the families. However, I just do also want to say: What am I doing here? I’m here because I am a human being with a conscience. And when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers. Now, I’m going to give my time to the families.”

But the truth is irrelevant to some. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the executive director for the largest police union in the country, representing 330,000 full-time cops, said police have a ‘surprise’ for Tarantino.

This ‘surprise’ is in response to Tarantino ‘calling cops murderers’ and the police seem entirely unconcerned with the notion that this never happened.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, would not go into any detail about what is being cooked up for the Hollywood director, but he did tell THR: “We’ll be opportunistic.”

“Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise,” says Pasco. “Our officers make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”

The FOP, based in Washington, D.C., consists of more than 330,000 full-time, sworn officers. According to Pasco, the surprise in question is already “in the works,” and will be in addition to the standing boycott of Tarantino’s films, including his upcoming movie The Hateful Eight.

Calling it a ‘surprise’ in no way lessens the fact that those who are sworn to uphold the constitution, including protecting free speech, are threatening a man for practicing his free speech.

“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” said Pasco. “Something could happen anytime between now and [the premiere]. And a lot of it is going to be driven by Tarantino, who is nothing if not predictable.”

All Quentin Tarantino did was call a murderous cop a murderer, and for this the largest group of cops in the United States is now threatening him.

“The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically,” says Pasco.

When THR asked Pasco if this was indeed a threat, Pasco said no, at least not a physical threat.

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Since when is it okay for police officers to threaten to hurt people, either physically or ‘economically’ for saying something they didn’t agree with? These public servants are not only waging a war against free speech, but they are threatening to cause economic harm to an individual. It is sheer tyrannical insanity!

Please share this story with your friends and family to show them the lengths that their taxpayer-funded public servants will go to stifle the free speech of one individual.

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  • he deserves everything his Karma will allow

    • What the fuck does this mean?

    • It means Thomas is a kook ??

    • U must not have ever met a bad cop. I live in a town of 800 ppl. We have 3 cops never on duty at the same time. U know what they do? They run around town an cheat on their wives. They go hang out w crack heads and ball games. Rarely patrol. Not all cops are good. Wake up. There are a lot of sneaky shady law breaking cops in this country. Half of em at least.

    • He must like the cop balls dangling on his chin

    • People initiating violence isn’t karma. It is they whom deserve karma.

    • Wayne is the greatest!!! LOL

    • Dear Thomas

    • He’s not mistaken. Every person deserves everything their karma will allow. That’s what karma is. The obvious implication was that he deserves to suffer some sort of negative effects from his karma. Clearly, this is ridiculous.

  • This response is a perfect example of WHY Mr. Tarantino is correct in his assessment. This sort of “bully boy” and “brown shirt” goose steppers must change.

  • Keep giving the police state balls mr tarentino

  • ! They train themselves to intimate and hurt anyone…nothing new and that right there is where change is needed..smdh

  • Say “hurt” one more goddamn time. I dare you. I double dare you motherfucker

  • Oh Hell no and all you fools ready to give up your guns are idiots!

    • Please don’t be naive. What your or all the gun nuts arsenal is going to do to Blackhawks and Apache helicopters. If the government want to do a military dictatorship ain’t shit we can do. Is always more complicated than to have guns or not…..

    • All im sayin is carry a rifle down the street and these brown shirt cowards leave you alone. Naive my ass!

    • Victor Damían Frasqueri Santiago there are not enough helicopters and such to stop a rebellion.

    • Well Paul, just one problem there, how does that work if you happen to be black?

    • Poor, black, white, yellow it doesnt matter. https://www.facebook.com/attn/videos/947795325255927/

    • Slinging a rifle makes people anxious. They have no idea your intentions in this day and age (or the familiarity with guns to know better)… So keep it at home, mate…

      (I like you wall. Keep it up)

    • John Arndt……What??? Jaaaajajaja you are way naive. Really? The best military in the world is going to be stopped by the “people”.
      Man get your stats right. That second ammendment is with a perspective of the civil war era. The architects of the ammendment never, in a million years, foresaw what our military would become. Be real, stop dreaming. Airforce rings a bell?

    • Whatever Paul Engelbrecht…..
      Open carry has never prevented a mas shooting. Open carry doesn’t resolve shit. If someone wants to kill you he will do it knowing everybody is packin…..

    • I have to tell you all over there in the “land of the free” that from here in the UK, the very idea that you can be arrested for “crossing against the lights” is pure insanity but to then suggest that all walking around whilst openly bearing arms is somehow meant to ensure everyone’s SAFETY and defend you from the state or the possible return of your former colonial masters is idiocy of the first order. Do us all a favour please, just stay over there with all your guns and your god and your full fat GMO-free gutbust burgers and shoot it out amongst yourselves.

    • Mark John Gladly… And make sure when your Muslim masters are beheading your men and raping your women that you don’t cry out for us to come and rescue you a$$es AGAIN…

  • Sounds like a credible threat from a known terrorist group.

  • I’m w Tarantino.

  • This is absolutely outrageous! Has anyone answered about this threat? For them to be able to do this and get away with it, shows they truly answer to no one.

  • Call it what it is: terrorism.

  • Seriously. I’m in fucking high school again, only it’s adults. Fuckin grow up assholes.

    PRO TIP: you just legitimized why Quentin Tarantino is against you in the first place.

  • Butt Hurt Cops, Butt Hurt Cops Everywhere….give them fuckers a block of cheese for the Whine!

  • They jumped up murderin cops have had this coming, long over due,, quentin is da man,,

  • Every one of them should be charged with terroristic threats and fired.

  • If they are willing to this to Tarantino they are willing to do it to the rest of us and already have.

  • Funny… If anyone here reading this were to plan a “surprise” for the cops, SWAT would kick your fucking door down before you could like your own status.

    • You really are daft.

    • “Daft like Jack…”

    • Sounds correct to me

    • True. You’d be on a NSA list before you even clicked post on facebook.

    • The objective is to Surprise them so dont say anything just fucking do it

    • He’s not daft. There is a program called PRISM that allows the NSA to collect information from various internet-based companies. Such as Facebook. All they would have to do is pass the information on.

  • This is so ridiculous and truly obscene! Our police officers serve in a thankless job at minimal pay to keep some semblance of a society governed by laws instead of a “welcome to the jungle” society. We should support and encourage our men and women in uniform that keep us safe from the thugs and hoods!l

    • Yeah sure, I do agree with some of what you’re saying…
      BUT, what happens when the “thugs and criminals” are the police ??? what then ?

    • It’s foolish to think that police presence keeps people honest. I guess if they all disappeared Mack would resort to being a criminal with the rest of society that he thinks so low of.

    • Except too many of them are the thugs and criminals. And many of us have thankless jobs. This is just a bunch of entitled candyass whiners.

    • Kenneth Carlsson do you have any evidence to back up your assertions? All the cops I know are respectful and trying to walk a fine line in doing their jobs.

    • J R Cook show some proof to backup your ridiculous point of view? I’m waiting.

    • Sue Duhaime Van Scoy come back to reality! we’re waiting for you when you come down!

    • Mack, the fact that all the cops you know are respectful is anecdotal evidence, and proof of nothing. Furthermore, implying that anyone with an opposing viewpoint is delusional is evidence that your own argument has no merit. Any group that would threaten anyone who insults them deserves no respect. Any group that is killing more and more people ,while they are killed less and less, deserves no respect.

    • Caleb MacBeathain I’ll wait for your evidence that supports what you’ve said as well….think I’ll be waiting a LOOONNG time! The police union threatened to “hurt” Tarantino economically by boycotting his movies and that’s a legitimate protest move against an elitist Hollywood know-nothing who’s films glorify violence and criminal activity. I realize there are some bad cops. After all, they’re people like anyone else. But I’m willing to accept that MOST of them are legitimate officers of the law who are trying to do their job in the best way that they can and still go home safe at night. I put the question back to you… Would you rather we didn’t have a civilian police force? What do you think the result would be?

  • Terroristic threat ?

  • How is this not harassment ???
    When they say shit like this, isn’t that considered as a threat ?

  • Ok, when and where since everything is always a secret, man up and tell us where your orders come from, rich cowards as usual..

  • Why not to demand to take to justice those cops that have been doing wrong and and killing others leave the others cops alone, I don’t think we should punish them all equally. I personally belive that they all are not bad. But I also belive those who have been wrong doing and killing should NOT be working in our police departments either carring guns and taser guns at all.

    • Nobody has a problem with the “other cops.” I don’t. Problems start when they protect their own criminals.

    • You are singing to the choir.

    • Why not? These cops judge other people based on the actions of everybody else.

    • They aren’t all bad but the good ones are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation.

  • nothing says law enforcement better than being vindictive, way to go guys!

  • Plant drugs on him? Frame him for a crime? Murder him? Those are surprises. FOP is the main problem we have these days.

  • N.O.

  • I’m sure we can find twice that many to stand in the way.

  • The average of good truthful cops go down every year. It’s (lawenforcement) has become a propaganda criminal enterprise

  • I got your back Q.

  • well if he does get hurt he will have some great evidence for a lawsuit

  • oddly it seems as though they are attempting to confirm what he is saying and more

  • If anything happens to Quinton Tarentino, there better be a big ass uprising fallowing that! I for one will be apart of that and so will the rest of anon! We are legion!!

  • Cops are the only reason I conceal carry.

  • The truth hurts

  • These aren’t Patriots, Hero’s, or Public Servants, These are the People in Uniform Who have NO Business wearing it, These are the NAZI ,Force that is Sickening the whole Proffession, and need to be WEEDED OUT,and FIRED !!!!

  • https://youtu.be/IgPqUx4c9-M
    Does anybody remember the controversy over this?

  • Isn’t making threats of violence towards people a crime?

  • I bet the cops are eaten by vampires

  • Out of control with power and no accountability!!!!

  • Kinda proves his point for him, as I’m sure has been repeatedly pointed out here. 🙂

  • They dont care as long as it brings revenue.

  • Is running from the police fearing for my life?

    • You shouldn’t run. You stand more of a chance if you are as compliant as possible.

  • The conservatives are all for the cops issuing threats of assault.

    • That’s a stupid comment. What does political affiliation have to do with it? Man, people like you are mentally minuscule.

    • It has everything to do with it.

    • A conservative is, by definition, a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes. Unquestioning obedience to authority could be seen as a traditional value.

      Insulting the intellect of another in defense of your argument is evidence that your argument has no merit.

    • Caleb: +1

    • Exactly; get out of here with your insulting demeanor, Eric.

  • Glad QT is not backing down. He’s calling it as he sees it. To threaten that, especially if you are in a uniform to serve and protect…. It is outrageous!

  • No.

  • Eazy-E said it best… “F..f…fu…fuck the Po…Lice!!!”

  • there is little about this country I’m okay with these days

  • That’s what low IQ thugs who wear costumes think they can do when they have a gun and a shiny piece of metal on there empty chest. Just a bunch of spineless pussies.

  • Amazing and frightening! Is this an example of true blue colors?

  • there idiots with badges there supposed to serve and protect not shoot first ask questions later and abuse there positions no one gonna kill bill

  • Sounds like Conspiracy and terrorist threats to me.

  • it “must” be a mistake….I thought they were all “good cops”….fucking bastards….now tell me it’s not a gang….

  • Sounds like a gang of organized criminals

  • Ftp

  • How Fucking Stupid ,I guess The Best Way To Catch all the bad Cops Is To Video Quentin Tarantino Everywhere At all times Get it!

  • Pretty childish

  • Everybody who think is this is just another outrageous example of cops running wild should show up at their neighborhood theater the day Tarantino’s movie opens. The cops are hatching a plan to prevent people from seeing the film, thereby inflicting economic punishment on QT for daring to speak out. But if enough people show up that plan goes down the toilet. It will also prove just how sick and tired the public is of thugs in costumes who think a badge and a gun gives them the right to tell us what we can and can’t say. The more people that show up to see this flick the better. They can’t arrest all of us. Let’s make opening night a standing-room-only performance.

  • He’s the only person that makes a watchable movie these days

  • What you’re surprised?

  • Financially hurting idiots is perfectly legal. Oh I forgot it’s only okay for Leftwing Idiots to bully.

    • Legality does not equal morality, Christopher.

    • Caleb MacBeathain Obviously not or being a criminal would be morally okay, which is all this narrative pushes.

  • Well that’s not the correct way to solve the problem. Invite Tarantino to community meetings. If he rescinds. then that’s his problem. Not the police departments.

  • Now, let’s take sides, with this civillian and say of cops harm him, we will retaliate on his behalf in ways we deem necessary for the protection of the civillian, otherwise, vote for the reduction of their salaries and if legislators refuse to take heed, boot them out of office for noone is irreplaceable

  • Its what we would expect from the real criminals in america.

  • seriously … brazen if you ask me

  • Here piggy, piggy. My guns bigger than yours is

  • Go! Tarantino !

  • Proving once again, they are the terrorists

  • Scum in uniforms

  • Just shows u what criminals the cops really are

  • i never watch a movie more than once in the theater,i will now though. you make it,i will pay to watch it.

  • Time to start picking them off.

  • Simple enough. In Quentin’s world, eye for an eye.

    • He is demanding that they do the job they are paid to do

  • Someone should tell them about the Barbra Streisand effect. This is free publicity for the movie. If the cop union does not like it when people say bad things about cops maybe that union should focus on getting bad cops out of the union instead of protecting them. #BlueWallOfShame

  • This is seriously alarming. How is it NOT treason?

  • The only way they could hurt him economically is to stand in front of the theater and not let anyone in to watch his movies….which is fucking stupid. But what else would you expect from pigs

  • No. That Union needs an immediate change in leadership and oversight.

  • brave man

  • Fucking pigs everyone should go see his new movie to show him we stand with him on this and yes his movies are violent but they are just pretend unlike all the cops that murder people including the recent six year old boy

  • Non-Pulp Fiction?

  • So 330,000 officers are going to renounce their oath to protect people’s free speech? Meh doesn’t surprise me, that’s what living in a police state is all about.

  • It goes to show how petty cry baby pussies cops are. They are just spinning as much bullshit as they can to deflect attention from police brutality and the need for accountability. He has a right to free speech and threatening him just shows how corrupt they are. The justice department should get that asshole fired for making threats against a civilian who has every right to protest. I get more disgusted everyday with those idiots.

  • Fuck them… Tarantino, if you feel threatened you are most welcome to come live in Denmark where that kind of shit never happens 😀

  • Cops must remember that he only called cops who murder murderers!

  • FTP!!!

  • A fascist society idealizes and worships police and the military.

  • I stand with Mr. Tarantino.

  • The sheep are.

  • Wow fucking they will get what they are looking for bitch ass

  • resevoir dogs 2

  • Yo they are not no fucking cops they all are pigs people no good cops don’t do shit like that just fucking

  • “The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically.”

    How dare he say that economics is the only thing that seems to matter to Tarantino! The fact that he’s not only willing to put his own reputation on the line but refuses to stand down to the threats issued him I think proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he very much cares about a lot more than just his finances!

  • Are they really cops or terrorists?? Seems like we don’t even live in a third world anymore. We live in a creazy world where handful of people have the rights or power to terrorize the rest of us and yet people who are in fact powerless or have nothing to do with terrorism or people who cannot even speak for themselves are somehow demonized and labeled as “terrorists”.

  • Tarantino has made violent movies yes- what is this cult member trying to say? That the violent movies cause people like him to grow up, join the cult of cops, and then murder handcuffed people??? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mK22LeU0kxY&itct=CAcQpDAYCiITCOGS25Xy_MgCFUIsfgodt1kFbTIHcmVsYXRlZEjYsq6p2JTw8yo%3D&hl=en&gl=US&client=mv-google

    • TRYING and DOING are two separate things!!! You mad,satanic cult member!!! Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, would not go into any detail about what is being cooked up for the Hollywood director, but he did tell THR: “We’ll be opportunistic.” “Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise,” says Pasco. “Our officers make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.” Yeah when the ‘OPPORTUNITY’ comes they will murder Tarantino!

    • Yes, his movies have blood and gore and violence but he isn’t saying stupid hypocritical shit like ‘I’m ‘TRYING’ to make peaceful movies about sunshine and light!!!

    • The cult of police aren’t trying to stop violence- they ARE violent! TAKE THEIR FUKN GUNS AWAY! NOW!!!

    • I don’t condone violence, but eventually the police will foul up and martyr someone.

    • I was thinking about the little 6 year old ‘white’ boy they killed would do it!

  • Suddenly I feel as though he has a lot of material for his future films. I would say he has more of an audience than police do. Rofl.

  • 330,000? I think you’re out numbered…assholes!

  • American law enforcement is the biggest, most organized and most dangerous gang on the planet. Protect and serve is a gimmicky slogan much like any other propaganda or advertiment.

  • Thugs ..do what they do …no matter badge ..u.s goverment ..biggest of them all


  • I sincerely hope this ends in a Mexican stand-off.

  • Yes.

  • Fuck the police!!!!!

  • #FTP

  • rip free speech

  • Let them name a place…let them name the day…and let’s have Quentin bring his mates and make it a fair fight….I’ll be there!

  • Quentin Tarantino was correct in what he said. I think the police are the most dangerous organized gang around because they have the most power. I don’t think those murderous cops can do much to hurt Quentin Tarantino. The are just fighting for their right to keep murdering innocent people!

  • headline 2017 Quentin Tarantino found in a elaborate suicde after discovering and uncovering nation wide police conspiracy of murders and abuses of powers

  • .. bully behaviour culture ..

  • no…ronald reagan fired 35,000 air traffic controllers…obama can also step up…surprise for them assholes

  • they should be ashamed and fired

  • Lol, as if Quentin Tarantino gives a shit.

  • Sounds about right, but that would be a mistake!

  • Law enforcement is a failing entity. Tarantino has little to do with the anti police sentiment in this country. They did this to themselves by convincing police cadets all over the country for the last 10 years that on the streets, its us or them. That ideal encompasses all ages no matter what color you are. That kind of problem has but one solution.

  • And in YOUR free American hearts you what that is.

  • This shows what cops are.

  • Well, Admitting that you’re having a problem is the first step to recovery.

  • Sick, sick people. There, supposedly to uphold the peace, making public threats to hurt a critic of criminal cops. Demonstrates the sick, criminal attitudes of bad apples.

  • what… the … actual… fuck… really?????

  • Should sue for federal protection from police

  • WTF……who the hell are they humans? Or are they humans…..enough is enough, we are so done reading of death and destruction of innocent people!!!

  • The so-called good cops should arrest the bad cops.

    • Self regulation is something our police and gov never do.

  • If someone like me said that they would be like whatever who cares what he said but Tarantino is a powerful figure and they feel threatened because he has money and a lot of fans to back him up that’s why they are saying what they’re saying

  • Isn’t making threats like this illegal?

  • Fuck the pigs. Po’ widdle babies got their feelings hurt. AWWW

  • Dear GoD what a bunch of neanderthals!

  • thugs gonna be thugs and they don’t care who knows it.

  • One could only hope, that the police will actually kill the right person.

  • Why don’t the police kill Harry Reid, Nasty Pelosi or Eric Holder? Kill the right people and I couldn’t care any less.

  • 330,000 murders

  • they call us civilians not citizens

  • Isn’t that the definition of “terrorism”?

  • Nope

  • This union is just proving Quentin Tarantino point.

  • Quentin Tarantino – A man who opposes violence and who makes millions by glorifying violence.

    • True violence /= movie violence are not the same. Don’t see grieving families, lengthy rehabilitation, trauma or hospital bills in the movies. Violence is much much more the bang-bang,

  • Way to go on both sides: you’ve played right into the hands of those pushing division and hatred.

  • Now hold on. I’m all for standing up to police brutality, but threatening “economic harm” does not infringe on the right to free speech. Are the people petitioning to have Raven Symone fired from The View infringing on her right to free speech? No, they are simply exercising their own free speech. You can threaten to boycott someone’s movies without infringing on their speech. That itself is protected speech, even for govt employees. This really annoys me bc too many people are equating free speech to freedom from social consequences. Sorry, free speech doesn’t mean someone can’t boycott your movies.

  • I’m not surprised they acted exactly like Mr Tarantino said of some of the corrupt cops are like . I am surprised 330,000 cops would stand behind the murdering cops when this was a perfect opportunity for the great Police Officers of the world to stand behind Quentin and come forth with the truth about the bad murderers of children. ❤️

  • I would call that a conspiracy…..a felony…

  • Bunch of thugs

  • The american police way….

  • They threaten me they better follow through!!!! God damn pigs would have a fucken war on there hands those mother fuckers!!!!!

  • …cops are so lame.

  • No, pigs should serve twice as much time as we would.

  • fuck those pigs. get a restraing order against 330k cops.

  • Cops = Government Pigs

  • Did they actually threaten to hurt him, or is this more of the usual BS?

  • This is how I feel about it!

  • The American people need to rise up and take your country back,you out number the cops and military 300 hundred to one

    • And how should we do that? We don’t have the ability to communicate openly anymore, and any assembly is regarded with suspicion. If you have any ideas, please express them.

    • There are militia in every state that are training for one purpose and thats to fight a tyrannical government join them our government in Canada disarmed us long ago but u guys still have a right to bare arms use it

  • Police have a function in society. In every social setting there are police. The police are on your side, if you are on the side of common courtesy and normal regulatory statutes.

  • Well I guess the cops sure proved him right

  • in the news tonight NYPD reported that 2 officers have shot and killed Quentin Tarantino,. officers statements said they fearerd for thier lives as the object he was holding looked like a gun and later after the shooting seen it was his cell phone -after a lengthy 10 min investigation by the NYPD officers were clearerd on the count they were justified in the shooting due to the fact they fearerd for thier lives

    • “Furthermore, the body cameras we require our officers to wear were “malfunctioning”, so it is patently impossible to verify the truth. Yes, these officers threatened to commit harm to Mr Tarantino, but that has been ruled out as a motivator in this specific incident. Again, the officers feared for their lives.”

  • Now who’s the criminals ?

  • This is so weird

  • Logan Viola

  • Sheep. Get the full story. Damn y’all get distracted so easily

  • Freedom of speech they both can wankoff

  • Aren’t terroristic threats illegal and shouldn’t there be some arrests?

  • No. But it does show where the cops are!


  • What is this police having union!
    God help you

  • cop were doing this way before this fool was born, concept of the knights templar…

  • If they do hurt him, they´ll be exposing themselves as brainless thugs, nice police work!!

  • So we know there are at least 330,000 bad cops who shouldn’t be on the force. How many “good” cops have threatened to uphold the law and protect his First Amendment rights, I wonder? Any? I now see him making a movie featuring dick-head cops being assholes to innocent people…just like in real life….but with a cool soundtrack.

  • In my lifetime I’ve had social interactions with about 10 police officers. 100% of them either engaged in or bragged about committing crimes. 10 is by no means a lot. But 100% of the 10 being corrupt is a number that should be explored.

  • Says enough about the cops, doesn’t it?

  • Yeah, most Americans think the cops are the good guys.

  • PIGSare PUNKS.

  • they dont care or folow the laws,, they are thugs with the law on thier side

  • Lmao, NO! But america is fucked anyways.. Who cares..

    • The people who live here, obviously.

    • Well, true! But then again, if I could, I would get the fuck out before it’s too late..

  • It’s the biggest gang besides our military. ..

  • I’d like to see em try

  • Scary

  • wouldn’t that just prove his point

  • Pigz

  • Nathan Littlefinger Devlin This is ridiculous.

    • I know right, it’s horrible. It’s great how Tarantino is protesting against shit like this.

    • Hes a pretty amazing dude.

    • It’s good to see celebrities who aren’t so self-indulged and are instead willing to help out a cause, speak their mind & fight for rights.

  • Gang of Goons should be a good movie hit. With only one twist to this film the thug cops get it in the end. Call it say divine justice with some street justice for good measure.
    With all 330,000 getting what is coming to them. Justice knows no limits.

  • 330000 cops….that’s like 1:1000 of america’s population (ish)…seems legit

  • I don,t see any difference than when the idiot ass POS,s say what they are going to do to the Police ..tit for tat…jus sayin

  • Brave man q, keep up the good work

  • This is a disgusting threat against the freedom to criticize authority.

  • Well, gee, they’re okay with straight-up racist memos and texts (have you seen some of the direct quotes? Holy shit!) so, I’m thinking yeah…most people don’t care.

  • KGB and the Stasi.

  • Bunch of wannabe tough guys hiding behind a badge fucking pussies

  • Somebody get these bitches some kotex

  • the answer to that question is. Since we became afraid to speak our minds in public.

  • Bring it pigs.

  • Sounds about right…

  • No

  • Police are morons who don’t realize they’re on the front line between the haves and the have nots. Too bad, they could have studied instead.

  • I grew up in an area where the cops were scarier then any danger or criminal. Iv been pulled over and thrown on the ground with a gun to my head, with no explanation as to why I was even pulled over…. Luckily “shots fired” rang out over the radio, the cop showed my face into the pavement and said “it’s your lucky day bitch” and left…. I really don’t care about the good cops, I don’t and can’t trust the police


  • I’m sure Mr. Tarantino expected this and it will only encourage more to see the film. My only question is, who will police the police if they try to discourage theater goers? Or discourage theaters to show it?

  • By doing this, police have validated everything Quentin is speaking out against, proving that they’d rather take an “us vs them” mentality rather than address the very real issue of corruption and brutality that is becoming more and more evident across the country…… All the “good cops” really need to break the “blue code of silence” and put an end to this very real issue. When that happens, maybe trust in police will begin to be restored……. Will the real cops please stand up!!