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VIDEO: Innocent 59yo Mother Assaulted by Cops in Walmart for No Reason

Homewood, AL — Homewood police department has launched an internal investigation after video of their officers assaulting a 59-year-old mother in Walmart has gone viral.

The victim, Brenda Rivers had done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and was minding her own business when she was targeted by police who mistook her for a criminal.

Without a warrant or reasonable articulable suspicion, as Rivers did not match the description of the actual suspect, police detained her and demanded they be allowed to search her belongings.

Knowing she had done nothing wrong, Rivers refused.

“He just accused her,” Rivers’ husband said, trying to explain to cops that they had just entered the store. “He wanted to go through her purse without a search warrant or anything. Our rights are being infringed.”

For demanding police get a warrant to search her, Rivers was assaulted, wrestled to the ground, placed in handcuffs, and humiliated as police detained her for nearly thirty minutes. All the while, her husband is demanding they stop the abuse.

Instead of simply reviewing the Walmart security camera footage, police went off half-cocked and just started grabbing and searching people. Rivers was the second woman to wrongfully be accused by police.

According to the bystanders in the video, even the woman who had her wallet stolen tried to tell police that it was not Rivers. However, they had already smelled blood in the water.

“I felt very emotional watching this go on. I had to record it because it’s time for something to be done about the mistreatment from police,” Jasmine Thomas, the woman who filmed the abuse, told AL.com. “This is unacceptable and the officer violated her rights. It’s very sad that we have to endure things like this or even witness it. I really hope this open everyone eyes and make them aware of what’s really going on now.”

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According to Homewood police, officers were dispatched to Walmart around 8 p.m. after a woman who was shopping with her daughter claimed her wallet was stolen from her cart while she looked at toys. A wallet theft is apparently a felony in Homewood, Alabama.

However, the felony charge is irrelevant considering the fact that Rivers was not the one who committed the crime.

The video of the incident in Walmart has quickly begun to go viral as the excessive force used on this poor innocent woman is nothing short of blood-boiling.

“My mama is traumatized and my daddy is very disturbed at what happened,” said the couple’s daughter, Monica Dawkins. “She’s in a lot of pain. That was excessive force.”

“What if it was your mother?” Dawkins asked an officer as she protested Friday night. “How would you feel if it was your mother, 30 years older than you right now, and somebody body-slammed her to the floor? How would you feel? Would you not be angry? Would you not be hurt? Would you not want answers?”

In a press conference Friday night, Homewood police Lt. Eric Hampton said Homewood police want to be transparent. “We would like to ensure and foster trust, and also mutual respect, between the community, the Rivers family and our agency,” he said.

According to AL.com, activist Carlos Montez Chaverst Jr. said Rivers’ clothing didn’t fit the description of the suspect. The victim told police the suspect was wearing a skirt and boots, and Rivers was wearing burgundy pants and shoes. “She shouldn’t have been detained to begin with. There’s a lot of missing pieces to this deal,” Chaverst said.

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“We’re ready to galvanize,” he said. “We want the mayor to speak out, we want the police chief to speak out. We’re asking for transparency. We want honest and full, complete details as to what happened.”

When AL.com asked about Chaverst about the police statement that accused Rivers of failing to comply with police, Chaverst said, “Comply? Police make up their own policies. Comply is whatever they say comply is. That’s how comply works.”   

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • farlyjameson

    Just by the fact that dozens of people are getting their phones out and filming this stuff instead of walking by and ignoring it shows how much people are getting sick and tired of being treated like dogs by corporations and the police they pay for. Walmart needs to get their ass*s sued for this sh*t EVERY TIME they do this. Whether a person steals something or not is irrelevant. They should not be allowed to treat people like animals.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I agree with you, but it’s not really Walmart’s fault. They just had the bad luck of being where it happened.

    • Zackknowitall

      1st the cops here in the video don’t work for Walmart. 2nd this how all cops work around the country

    • until the people actually stop these thugs from assaulting and abducting people, it’ll continue to happen

  • LawrenceNeal

    Comply with what, Punk Ass Bitches?

  • Cornelius Kappabani

    Sue the shit out of the city!

  • reality_check

    sounds to me like this is the new lottery…..cops show up and wanna check you out and the more innocent you are the bigger the pay day you get by not cooperating.

    i wonder when I’ll get my shot at this…..probably never.

    • Guy

      Standing naked it the street, would be a good way to get noticed. Shouting and dancing around a little would be helpful ! Or call attention to burning a Koran in front of the local mosque, would be a sure bet to get a very large audience, with plenty of media attention, is a good way also !

  • Liz O’neill

    I suppose we should be thankful, there were too many people around, so the cops didn’t execute her for non compliance.

  • PatrickHenry

    We have investigated ourselves and determined we did nothing wrong.

    • The incessant cry of the pig.

      • rena-lee

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      • misdirection


  • Drew

    I’m really surprised the husband didn’t get thumped by the cops. They usually don’t allow someone to stand up to their authority.

  • Geezer Grunt


    • AJ

      You offer good advice, however a phone call to ANY official agency will almost always involve a response from law enforcement.

      I recall working as a paid firefighter in my younger years. The cops almost always beat us to the scene with a quicker response time. They simply have faster vehicles, and there are always patrol cops on duty.

      • elropo

        In my city, fire department 3 mins. Cops 30 mins.

    • misdirection

      WELL SAID!

  • Guy

    It will soon come a day, when group of people, will be standing minding there own business talking about the Weather or Base Ball Scores, and see Cop’s approach them. One of thouse people will become afraid for there life to see Cop’s, and pull out a gun and start shooting the Cops dead !

    As it is now. If Cops approach and you run away, or make any movement at all, the likely percentage chance of being shot and killed, is very high !

    When you read stories and see videos of this sort of thing happening to innocent people, who are just shopping, then hear the Chief’s, rehearsed mantra of Community Mindfulness And Transparency being used as, common quotes for newspapers and interviews ! It is no longer believed !

    Police Departments are the cause of there own created problems, by the way they go about enforcing there will and laws, upon the American People ! They have become the source of the problem, but refuse to believe it, instead rely on New Buzz Words to convince people, they are trustworthy and honor bound to the community, while they use, Union Spokespersons to defend them and Da’s and Grand Jury’s, to sway public opinion and circumnavigate the laws for there benefit. Knowing full well the deck is stacked in there favor.

    It will become, and is, getting a lot more worse as time goes by. Unfortunately, a lot more Cops and People will die, untill the laws to protect the innocent are changed, and personal body cameras are not, the only tool in the toolbox used !

    • dufas_duck

      I recently got into an argument with a neighbor over police investigating themselves, The person shone me a video where a police chief was explaining that the police are professionals, know the law, and civilians cannot understand the nuances of police work. The video was enough to convince my neighbor that police self investigation was the correct way to go.

      I then asked him if it would be better to staff all juries with only policemen in all court proceedings that go to trial. After all, who better than police to determine guilt or innocence, they do it on the street, every day, all the time. Both police and civilians at the bar would be judged by a jury of policemen.

      He replied, ‘that would be a conflict of interest’ and wouldn’t be allowed’.

      I asked what is the difference between police investigating themselves and police sitting in judgement during a trial?? Isn’t self investigation the apex of conflict of interest??

      He had no answer, instead he wanted to think on it for a while. That was several months ago. I ask him when I see him about police on juries and he says he is still thinking about it…plus, he has been avoiding me as of late……

      • Guy

        That’s because you scared the crap out of him, and made him think about it ! Which is a good thing, in my estimation. The more stories like these are spread around, then the more people become informed, to the lunacy of the ways there local law enforcement agencies are behaving !

        Cop’s don’t like to be exsposed, prefer being secret to thouse they effect ! Unless they can make big ego splashes in the media, to show what a fantastic job they are doing !

        When stuff like this happens, it causes a ripple effect for all of them. The more ripples, the better !

  • Army Vet 4444

    You would think….. I mean just for half a minute, that somewhere over the last 50 years, as our country has slid into a police state that rivals the most monstrous times in history, there would be a system put in place, where police do NOT “investigate” their own organization. How can we possibly have gone so long, with the same problems, and NEVER come up with a process where an outside organization steps in when there is a suspicion of ANY kind of wrongdoing where police are concerned? Having police determine there is no problem with the actions of their own officers is beyond stupid, especially for this amount of time.


    Next time you see one in civilian clothes, you could shoot them.. you will probably feel better.. KARMA works wonders.

  • Ibcamn

    the problem is…when you hire retarded people and give them a gun and badge and they have an IQ of a cardboard box….these cops will try everything,every code and every bullshit fake law[s] to worm their way out of this….instead of letting her go and apologizing,they make it worse,they dig in deeper and just make the whole thing worse…all cops are corrupt shit stains,they belong in the history lines as brownshirts,cops earn the hatred they receive from America…they are scum,all cops are criminals


    As a multiple police abuse survivor, Several years I relocated to to Mexico, sick of the Authoritarian police domination and their futile attempts at subjugation.Being also the recipient of tortures, beatings and false imprisonment. . Since the U.S. enlisted Mexico into the war on drugs there have been apx: eight thousand State and Federal police shot dead South of the border.. Fifty Mayors. After nine of the thirty two Federal prosecutors were shot dead, clean kills all, the remainder wisely resigned their positions. Entire City counsel’s were rounded up and executed along with thousands more of government functionaries, along with a hilarious number of politicians, all shot dead.. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of us out here,(of all races) who are police abuse survivors. We don’t need the police. We will also resist. The tide is already beginning to turn as armed insurrections against the police are on the increase. Now only a trickle but very well could and likely to turn into a deluge. For the people peace and prosperity reign. The police in the U.S. are fundamentally cowards who use the law as a rock to hide beneath. When any provoked group attacks. these cowards throw down their badge, whining “We’re not getting paid for this” Life in Mexico is idyllic. These people put up a fierce fight against government micro-management and life there is now great, not to mention many employment opportunity’s..I only have praise and cheers for Mexico.

  • Ted Taupier

    time to kill and cook the bacon !

  • dufas_duck

    Just in the recent past, police looking for a white Toyota stopped a Maroon Lexus stating that the car fit the description. Police looking for a 6 foot tall skinny suspect in his 30s wearing a white ‘T’ shirt and black slack shot in the back while walked down the street, killing an innocent 5 foot 4 inch heavy set kid wearing a gray sweat shirt and blue pants. This is the police way of doing things…..

    There many more of these incidents and they were deemed to be “within police policy”………

  • John Cokos

    This sort of things seems to happen in a WalMart quite a bit. Are the cops on the Walmart payroll ? They are aggressive and just dumb as shit. It’s False Arrest, Aggravated Assault . Lawyer Up and sue the PD and WalMart for as much as you can get. How many cops do you need for a HANDCUFFED woman on the floor .

  • Windchyme

    OMG, what do the cops NEED…the woman shows up and says it isnt her for the how manyeth time, and she’s still on the floor cuffed LONG after. What is this nation coming to?

    • ‘zactly … and … i thought i was the only person who says ‘manyeth’

  • Gordon Klock

    Is it possible that the cop knew full well he had the wrong person, & just decided to ‘play stupid’ in order to have an excuse to sadistically take her to the floor ? I only say this because this seems to be such a common pattern of behavior, & even stupid people are not really that ‘stupid’….(as in evil, overgrown, little kid, nonsense)…

  • Feed Up!

    I recall a few years ago the Homewood Police Department is had to fire a couple of loonys that was on police video laughing about stealing air conditioner units from a local business on the third shift. The police are thugs with authority…very scary.