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6 Ways Legal Weed has Debunked the Insane Lies Perpetuated by the War on Drugs

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For generations, we were told that marijuana was a demon drug that would turn people into lazy, violent and dumb drug addicts. The propaganda about this substance has been relentless. Over the years, however, as more users began to come out about their experience and more scientific studies were conducted, people began to understand that many of the myths were untrue.

After Colorado legalized Marijuana just a few short years ago, the world was finally given some evidence to be able to determine whether or not the propaganda was true. Since prohibition has ended in certain areas of the US, the Free Thought Project began compiling stories that debunk the “reefer madness” propaganda that has infected American culture for nearly a hundred years. Below is a list of debunked claims highlighting how the war on drugs is built on lies.

Violent Crime Is Down Since Cannabis Legalization – According to statistics released by the government in Denver, the number of robberies and violent crimes significantly decreased since marijuana legalization went into effect. It is important to mention that this strong correlation is not definitive proof that legalization is the cause of this drop in crime, but it does strongly suggest that this is the case.

These statistics are especially convincing considering the short amount of time that this drastic reduction in crime has taken place.  In just one short year, the number of homicides dropped by 52.9%.  Sexual assaults were reduced by 13.6%. Robberies were down by 4.8%, and assaults were down by 3.7%. The statistics measured the first few months of the year for both 2013 and 2014 and then compared those numbers with one another to determine whether they were higher or lower after legalization went into effect.

This result was in complete contrast with the predictions of the fear mongering drug warriors.

New Study Shows Legalization Prevents Underage Drug Use – According to a recent study on marijuana legalization, use among teens has actually dropped in states where the herb is no longer prohibited. The study took data from over 1 million teens from various states, over the course of 24 years.

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Dr. Deborah Hasin, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center, explained the study in a recent interview.

Our findings provide the strongest evidence to date that marijuana use by teenagers does not increase after a state legalizes medical marijuana. Rather, up to now, in the states that passed medical marijuana laws, adolescent marijuana use was already higher than in other states. Because early adolescent use of marijuana can lead to many long-term harmful outcomes, identifying the factors that actually play a role in adolescent use should be a high priority,” Hasin said.

The study also found that marijuana use is down among 8th graders in the states where it is now legal. 8th graders represented the youngest group in the survey and the most well-adjusted to marijuana legalization.

This is actually not the first study to come to this same conclusion. Back in 2012, another study entitled, “Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use” also found that the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of California did not increase drug use among teens.

These findings entirely contradict the hysteria of the drug warriors who claimed that legalizing pot would lead to children addicts.

Study Finds Prescription Use Down After Legalization According to a demographic review of patient characteristics published online in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, people who use marijuana to treat a variety of different conditions are less likely to turn to other prescription drugs.

As Norml pointed out:

Investigators affiliated with the Medical Marijuana Research Institute in Mesa surveyed responses from 367 state-qualified patients recruited from four Arizona medical cannabis dispensaries. Respondents were more likely to be male, in their mid-40s, and daily consumers of cannabis.

Respondents most often reported using cannabis therapeutically to treat symptoms of chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, arthritis, depression, headaches, insomnia, and stress. Patients typically said that cannabis provided “a lot of relief” or “almost complete relief” of their symptoms and that its efficacy was greater than that of more conventional medications.

Patients also reported reducing their use of pharmaceuticals. Over 70 percent of respondents reported using other medications “a little less frequently” or “much less frequently” for 24 of the 42 conditions specified. Over 90 percent of those who reported consuming cannabis to mitigate symptoms of nausea, headache, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, bowel distress, and chronic pain acknowledged using pharmaceuticals less frequently once they had initiated cannabis therapy.

It is no wonder that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest contributors to the lobby for perpetuating the drug war. They cannot compete with a natural medicine which can be grown in one’s own yard.

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Highway Car Accident Deaths Are At Their Lowest Ever In Colorado – According to data released from the Colorado Department Of Transportation the roads safer now that marijuana is legal. The graphs below, published by The Washington Post show how drastic the decrease in fatalities has been since legalization.



This reduction in fatalities is in spite of police who fear mongered that legal weed would lead to an increase in traffic accidents.

Rapid Economic Growth And Opportunity Since Legalization – As reported by The Denver Post earlier this year, Colorado employers added more jobs in June than they have in any single month since official counts began back in 1939. As expected, the population has also grown in Colorado now that there is more freedom and more opportunity. According to the report, since legalization went into effect the average numbers for paychecks are also higher.


Compare this increase in the labor force with the lies about pot making you lazy and unmotivated and the establishment’s claims about reefer seem nothing less than actual madness.

Last Year Colorado Collected More Tax Revenue From Marijuana Than They Did From Alcohol

According to The Colorado Department of Revenue, the state government was able to rob marijuana sellers and users blind, collecting over $70 million in taxes from cannabis sales. Meanwhile, alcohol companies were fleeced for roughly $42 million for alcohol taxes, over the course of a year.

While businesses being looted by government tax collectors is never anything to celebrate, it is interesting to see how quickly the marijuana market is growing. Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project recently said that the state was able to collect so much money in taxes that they are getting a break for one day.

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“Marijuana taxes have been incredibly productive over the past year, so this tax holiday is a much-deserved day off. This will be the one day out of the year when the state won’t generate significant revenue. Over the other 364 days, it will bring in tens of millions of dollars that will be reinvested in our state,” Tvert said.

With all of this evidence, it becomes clear that the citizens, in states where police can kidnap, cage and kill them for this plant, are nothing short of oppressed. When a person would deprive another human being of their life and liberty for their personal choice which harms no one, they become the criminal. Legislation is no measure of morality.

The only thing a marijuana user has to fear from using marijuana is the state. It is time to end the war on drugs. Share this article with your friends and family to show them the astonishing power of ending prohibition.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work, he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

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  • And you still wonder why it is illegal…

  • The War on Drugs? Get real! You mean the war on truth carried out by Big Pharma to keep their profits high, don’t you? If dope (who called it that in the first place?) does what they/we are now saying it does, there’s no money in cancer research or medication or therapy. Simple.

    • We’d better keep an eye on you Alberto, you could be a terrorizer trying to corrupt minds and have them believe all that hippie hub-bub.

    • That and the privatization of the state penitentiarys’. They don’t make the money if they’re not full.

    • Theyre tryn to build a prison! For you and me to live in! (Its called America)

    • Rinety MacLion: yep, you’d better … Nah, don’t bother, Google and Facebook are doing it for you.

    • Can’t forget the oil and textile industry. Thankfully the laws on hemp are more relaxed than 50 years ago.

    • Jason Lapides Luckily I managed to escape in time, though I left some wonderful people behind, alas. That was 24 years ago, when the mess it is today was busy being brewed.

    • “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

    • Sounds like a Nixon diversion tactic. If anyone was ‘in the pockets’ of big business it was Nixon, then Reagan.

  • Families not broken up too…

  • #worldwidelegalization

  • Because memes don’t lie…

    • You are free to go crunch the numbers from other sources if you want to argue.

    • people don’t want to face the truth about cannabis, they would rather troll pages like this and spread hate and fear

    • I hear after a while marijuana starts to make you paranoid. Just sayin…

    • My comment was directed towards the meme and fools who believe anything they read on the internet. Maybe read the comment next time Matty…

    • Maybe read the ARTICLE ATTACHED TO THE MEME next time, Billy.

    • Actually, paranoia is a side effect of cannabis. It is most prevalent in those who do not smoke often, and is directly related to it being illegal in most localities. Those of us who have smoked it on a regular basis come to realize that it is not a dangerous drug. Its effects are mild in comparison to alcohol, which can be purchased legally as long as you are of a certain age.

      Did you know both were legal for recreational use before prohibition? Do you know anything about the history of prohibition Bill Holland? More specifically, how the consumers and providers of alcohol and cannabis reacted? Let me help…they reacted with noncompliance, they kept producing it, and consuming it. While most cannabis users and providers are generally peaceful and non violent, the same can not be said for the other side. Prohibition was an absolute failure, maybe you should do some research on how many people died over illegal alcohol, and while I know the same can be said for cannabis, the percentages show a vast difference. Simply put, cannabis is a much safer intoxicant, no matter how much I have smoked, I’ve never blacked out and become unable to remember how I got home, or why my car looks like it lost a demolition derby.

    • That’s a whole lot of opinion and very little fact, bray. You mention a lot of numbers and percentages, but do not give any specifics or cite any sources. You speak as if all people who drink black out and wreck their cars. Absurd. I suppose you think marijuana makes you a “better driver” also. Smh

    • Homicides have dropped by 10% since legalization, so have burglary and petty theft.
      Still about 450 people die a year from car accidents 1/4th of these being alcohol related fatalities.
      High school students have reported less smokers in general. Collected taxes have been so large that the state nearly paid back to every citizen, yet we put it back to schools.
      It is mostly accurate.
      Including the fact that we’re one of the most healthy states in the union, and I know more people that can smoke a gram of weed and climb a 14er than people who talk about Marijuana inhibiting people from being succesful.

    • Brandon, don’t copy and paste links and not read them. Crime has increased in Colo since legalization began on Dec 20, 2012. Rapes, murder, larceny, assault, etc. Look at the statistics that YOU posted. Anyhow, do really think Marijuana legalization makes criminals become model citizens? If you do, lay off the ganja. I, personally do not care what you do. I don’t smoke weed because I don’t need drugs to feel good about myself and have no reason or desire to escape reality. I am comfortable with the amount of time my parents spent with me. My original comment was pointed toward the meme and the fact that people believe about anything because it is on the internet. Apparently, a couple of dope heads took that way too personal. Smoke you a bowl and chill with some video games, I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better. Peace. .

    • Never said any of that. Obviously this is based on your perceptions not facts.

    • Escape reality? Like when you have a few beers? Hahah propaganda pig is here.

    • And Bill, I know a few board members who smoke MMJ.
      What say you about that?
      Why couldn’t you reach their levels?

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  • Legalize it already !

  • Just goes to show that people like, Chris Christie have NO idea what they are talking about when it comes to Cannabis.

  • Wake up America!

  • Any links for actual numbers in this meme would love to share

  • More settling jobs cause people no longer loose these jobs for marijuana drug testing.

    • Soo true

    • Not necessarily. Employers are requiring that their employees sign a statement acknowledging that we can be fired for THC (+) UA’s

    • Hahaha then don’t sign

    • National corporations are still drug testing and rejecting because of THC. As long as weed is a federal narcotic it will still cause issues employment wise…

    • People lose their jobs for mj testing in CO

    • Yes because not signing will keep you employed…… good greif.

    • Okay how about not signing and starting a grow house. Fucking smart ass people smh

    • Btw josh u look like a oompa loompa on crack

    • Every employer in colorado drug tests… even security guards for rec centers..

    • “Every employer in CO drug tests…”

      Well, that is simply not true. Besides the budtenders and other in-house dispensary and warehouse employees in the MMJ industry, there are numerous other jobs and careers that will hire without UA or other drug testing; there are also lots of places that will test prospective employees, but not disqualify them because of pot.

      Just saying.

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  • I wonder if Pizza Hut has more business in Colorado…

  • Autumn Wood

  • I am a proponent of legalized marijuana but as a resident of Colorado, I can tell you that some of this is untrue.

    • What the untrue parts

    • yea, untrue parts ??

    • Backed by fact n not feels

    • The children one is false. There are waiting lists for rehab centers now when there weren’t any before.

    • Humm. Well in terms of dangerous drugs this doesn’t make my list. Though if my teen started using I’d put my foot down as their brain is still forming. So I get parental concern.

    • I have a feeling that some of this may be coincidental too but legalization is definitely the right thing.

    • I’m all for legalization just like alcohol there always going to be abusers. But treating is better than ruining someone’s life. Keeping people in jail for a plant is just wrong. They should be jailing Big pharmaceutical for the more people they kill.

    • People. .. it is an Internet meme… It has got to be true…. smh…

    • Lol

    • “The children one is false. There are waiting lists for rehab centers now when there weren’t any before.”

      Dude… I’m sure it’s happened at least a few times, but I really doubt that teen pot use is the reason for overflowing rehab centers.

      I mean, that doesn’t really make sense. Rehab isn’t necessary ( or even any more effective than, say, grounding your kid and paying attention ) for quitting marijuana. Judges don’t send folks to rehab for “pot addiction”.

      I’m pretty sure they’re basing that on numbers of kids suffering arrest or other disciplinary action for getting caught with pot, which have appreciably dropped in the past couple years.

    • In my state teen usage has gone up and that is based off of surveys given directly to teens to fill out anonymously.

    • Randy Heckman I have to question whether those teens are just being more honest now though. Since marijuana is becoming less and less demonized, teens are probably more likely to fess up… even anonymously. I remember taking those surveys in high school and I was so scared that someone would see my responses, so I lied on them. In retrospect that was dumb, but such is the life of a 16 year old (lol). Unfortunately, there’s no way to confirm something like that.

    • I agree, when possession could land you in jail, it’s a little risky putting pen to paper that you use it. Teens feel it is simply writing the charges against themselves

    • Of course more people are seeking treatment. They decriminalized it, so people can get help instead of jail time. It’s a good thing.

    • Samy Ish Ismael rehab…for weed? I live here, haven’t heard anything about that

  • Wow! I didn’t realize that cannabis directly causes 52.9% of homicides, 13.6% of Sexual assaults, 4.8% of Robberies.

  • the truth shall set you free.

  • The war on drugs is a failure. It turns law abiding citizens into criminals where no crime is committed. The governments 1st attempt at prohibition was a failure and did not keep people from drinking. The demonization of marijuana and the people who use it is a morally corrupt position that the government has allowed to fester.

    • It was never designed to “win”. Don’t you get it?!

    • All too clearly! Incarcerations and ruined reputations based on fear, lies, and deceit. The penalty for the crime of feeling good.

  • For Real

  • I just heard on the news today that alcohol still brings in more tax revenue. I’m not sure if I believe that though. Also, pot use kids is up.

    • Alcohol brought in $41 million at the same time that marijuana brought in $70 million in taxes, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

    • Good to know.

  • I was under the impression traffic incidents were up

  • How many people harmed directly and indirectly by people under the influence?

  • Sounds like a win

  • All crime requires a victim. If there is no victim how can there be a crime?

    • The state not getting all the tax money from all the easily unregulated drugs is why it’s illegal.

  • yay for Colorado!

  • #freeNickDiaz

  • Meh. Taxes.

  • Wake up nz

  • and the cancer industry is crying rivers

  • Yea, but i learned it was bad on tv! Tv cant be wrong!

  • If true WOW legalize pot and prostitution

    • What do you mean if?

    • Well if they made that much money on selling pot think of how much we would get from taxes if they legalized pot and prostitution.

    • Why can’t u get laid without paying for it?

    • Never paid for it on my life and never will but obviously some people do.

  • Veiga’s Vacation

    • are you that stupid??

    • No but obviously you are ?

    • Yaa Aaron Smith, she indeed is. #illiterates

    • Really Kartik? Has no one explained to you the harmful effects of the evil drug marijuana. More powerful than the rest of the drugs combined..

    • Please tell me you’re joking.

    • Haha this was great how does I inject “one marijuana”

  • While I’m all for legalization it’s still too early to draw solid conclusions on some these issues based on data from the relatively small sample pool that exists in Colorado. With a relatively small population and relatively low incidence of crime, traffic accidents, etc a few incidents, more or less, can have a significant impact on these figures. All that being said it does look promising and I sincerely hope these trends continue.

  • Correlation and causation are two different things…

    • Ya, because all of those simultaneously turned around for entirely different reasons.. sigh.

      Then at the very least, we can conclude that the sky hasn’t fallen under legalization like prohibitionists would have you believe.

  • Yeah science, bitch!

  • I thought most of this would happen. It confuses me that less kids smoke pot tho. I didn’t think the number would go up much but for it to get lower is confusing

    • I think maybe because it is legal. When something is regularly accessible and acceptable, teens are not going to go crazy to use it because it’s not a thrill anymore. Just a small reason probably, but teens thrill seeking behavior often has them wanting to do things they are prohibited from. Plus, with marijuana legal, they can pass laws or policies to try to prevent underage use, like with alcohol or cigarettes.

    • Fewer shady dealers to sell it to them.

  • Hate to be that person, but it should be “fewer children use drugs”. Just letting you know.

    • Grammar guru! This English teacher approves!

    • Haha thanks! I’m glad someone on social media knows how to properly use grammar!

    • Maybe whoever wrote this can say “well, more kids actually use pot, but by volume….cards on the table, I’m really high right now.”

    • That made me laugh.

  • good! all those stereotypes have been proven wrong. so Reefer Madness murder, madness & mayhem must not be true right ?;~D

  • Thats how ever state should be

  • People are to baked to care about anything

  • If we legalize it nationally, there’ll be this incredible economic boom from hemp products. Better cheaper paper to better fabrics to lighter yet stronger concrete, etc etc etc

  • Still say the use of drugs is a crutch don’t care if it’s pot or alcohol

    • Some people need crutches to improve their functionality or just to help speed healing…not all blessed to be as perfect and whole as your good self.

    • Not trying to insult anyone but saying pots ok because it’s not as bad as alcohol is high

    • Why is Pot so bad, Rick Ulen? What are the reasons why it’s not “okay?”

    • If that’s what you think, don’t do them, simple.

    • I don’t anymore

    • Do you drink tea… Coffee…. Alcohol…. Sugar… Technically these are all drugs as they alter the mind and body.

    • I have a really bad hip condition and weed helps me deal with the pain so I can live a normal life…. how is that a crutch? ?

    • Don’t worry guys he’s just a self righteous guy

    • No he isnt self righteous. Ever a report on a jr high principal using coffee to lure teens for sex in his car ? No..he used POT.

    • ^^Share a link to the article. It’s 2015, if I can’t click something to verify your story, you’re a liar.

    • We should make candy illegal too!

  • Becky

  • There are much better reasons that can’t be couched with statistics. Unfortunately, people are easily swayed with such numbers.

    • Lol

    • Insisting on punishing others for the stupid actions of a vocal minority is precisely why majority rule was invented, its all well and good for him to warn people about addiction, but trying to repeal prohibition laws is not going to make things any better. It’s better for people to ruin their own lives and have a path to recovery than to criminalize something that can only potentially harm one person and perhaps those close to them in indirect ways that addiction does, because sending someone to prison is far more damaging and the results are far more permanent.


    • Sounds like someone pushing their laziness on a plant. But whatever

    • Nineteen-year-old Kaleb is 41 days and seven hours sober when he sits down for a long conversation about his marijuana addiction.
      That is all I could read because after reading that three times I came to the conclusion this whole article must be satire ??

    • And a couple months till he pees clean… He must be overweight or over exaggerating. It only takes 30 to 45 days to pee clean. If you ask the courts it only takes 20 except in the most extreme cases.

    • “The weed, not alcohol or tobacco, came first, and the more I used, the more I drank, and the more pills I eventually popped. That doesn’t happen to everyone who uses weed, but it happen to enough of us. It’s a gateway.”
      – Kaleb, 19, a former addict
      Right there is why dude went to rehab because of his addictive personality.

    • pot is not good for you
      unless you are fighting cancer

    • I’m sorry. But you’re a moron. ^ and anyone who believes a statement like that deserves to be called one as well. Cannabis can assist with many different forms of illness and not just physical, mental as well.

    • pot is for potheads
      hello pothead

    • Again, you’re a moron. Get a life or the very least get an education. Then use that education to do some credible research. Once you have achieved those steps then you are more than welcome to come back with a valid argument. Good day sir.

    • ughhh I have both a life and education, pothead … go get some doritos and we can watch cartoons

    • Hello jackass. Maybe you should read up on a subject before you subject others to your complacent and sheepish thoughts. Marijuana is not only helpful in the medical field but tons of others. Are you aware of how many actual renewable resources we can get from it ? Oh yea it takes only maybe a third the space as say cotton or even those pesky things we need to breath. I’m talking about trees. I’m unaware of whether or not fox news told you about those but anyways… When someone calls you out for being stupid. It’s best to remain quiet rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. I happen to be a proud pothead and have more intellect in my pinky then you do in your whole skull

    • if being quiet keeps one from appearing stupid … then you should shut up pothead, go get some doritos and we can watch cartoons

    • you’re for Bernie Sanders
      just how stupid ARE you… lol

    • He’s just trolling Johnny. Or he really is just a simpleton kind of moron. Either way…don’t get offended. Words are only words when they carry only definition and no meaning.

    • pot smokers are slackers and not particularly bright … why do you think they call it dope ?

    • There’s no offense to me. My skin is thicker than that and no Frank D. Monaco I wouldn’t want to watch cartoons with you. I’d prefer an attractive pot heads company over yours any day lol

    • look at your face, there’s no attractive pothead for that … lol

    • I’m very bright. Jennifer Lynn is very intelligent as well

    • Again, do your research. Plethora of extremely intelligent moguls throughout history who toked on the plant. Done with this “conversation” though. Useless and a waste of time. ✌?

    • Right off hand 2 truly great people who were also pot heads. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

    • Both founding fathers of this once great nation before it became sold out to the federal reserve and occupied by mindless, narrow minded sheople like Frank D. Monaco

    • potheads like to spread false stories, cause they are stupid and were stoned in history class.

    • Yep. Pot is so bad and kills so many people. That must be why it’s illegal. Lol. You can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try

    • wasted lives

  • They can’t keep drugs out of prison, how do you expect to get it off the streets.

  • they should ‘decriminalise’ the hemp industry to save the environment!

  • That’s for now. Let’s see how it is in ten years. The short-term means nothing.

  • happy people , happy lives…..

  • cool

  • Yeah but Obama…….um.

  • Until insurance companies overlook THC counts….unless you own your own business. You’re taking a vow to poverty by smoking weed.

  • Juanita Eaton

  • Wonderful to know. Now to get it legal every where!

  • “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

  • Bullshit

  • *Fewer children

  • Less children use pot???? Lol I don’t think so.

    • My thoughts exactly. …but hey…it is an Internet meme so it has to be true! Hehe….

    • Share some thought provoking information that supports your position. Either of you. Please.

  • and funny ting is , people are surprised.

  • Need to kill big pharma

  • what would happen if they made tobacco legal???

  • It was only because they wanted make the money . Greedy Governent.

  • Do you have an accurate & official report & documents to prove all this ?

  • Stay tuned ………

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  • Tree of life!!

  • #FreeMaryJane!!!!

  • Patrick J Olsson

  • but there’s more tents in the park. ha

  • And the grocery store shelves are always empty. MUNCHIES!!!!

  • Oh, that’s why it’s still illegal!!!!!

  • Keep up the good work

  • ….more tax money for more bureaucracy and more control and more permits and taxes.

  • What about Washington ?

  • Boom

  • This are all facts

  • I knew IT!!!

  • Nearly all of these are not associated with Cannibis. If your going to post some BS at least make it relative to the point your making.

    The only bit of this that is relevant is taxable dollars. And perhaps less prescribed medication.

    Marijuana in no way affects deaths from traffic collisions, crime rate, work ethic, job market growth, and how in gods name can you count children using marinuanna when its a statistic based off the knowledge that children TELL you. Not every kid is stupid enough to admit to stealing the damn candy bar.

    I’m cool with you having your cannabis. But you can’t put a bunch of BS in front of my face and expect support.

    • It’s not really saying that legalising cannabis *caused* those changes, it’s countering the claims that if cannabis is legalised those things would change the other way.

    • Riiiiight.

    • Too bad the federal gov’t won’t accept the tax money,as it comes from what it considers an illegal business!

    • If people put down their bottle of pills, and alcohol. So as to treat their pain, and stress with a safer alternative. Then absolutely it’s relevant.

    • Well spoken. If people wanna get high, that’s all good, but why must that be justified by claiming pot is the wonder plant that works wonders?

    • @Jennifer why not try straight edge for a bit and actually deal with whatever pains the soul? Trust me when I say the initial pain is worth it.

    • Generally because pain *physicaly* means inflammation. And inflammation prevents healing. It also treats seizures and crohns disease to an amazing extent.

    • David hasn’t done any research it seems

    • This post is showing how everything the alarmists said would happen if you legalized pot DIDN’T happen. You were exactly right when you said “Marijuana in no way affects deaths from traffic collisions, crime rate, work ethic, job market growth”. It doesn’t affect any of that, negatively or positively.

    • Then it would seem that it is an inside reference. Being somebody who doesn’t care about what you do, I never took the time to hear these irrelevant arguments. What I see is a meme justifying by false accusations.
      This was not well thought out if sarcasm was the intent. As only those who already know the point made in the sarcasm would understand.

    • for crime rate, arrests for weed is part of that rate, and it being legalized means you can cutt out arests for weed, meaning yeah the rate will prob go down, but that depends on your view if having weed is a crime

  • Ari Kammas Leon Kalimnios Jus sayin

  • And the black man is still in jail!

  • Damn liberals…

  • Sounds good to me

  • And junk food sales are through the roof. Lol

  • cannabis cures cancer… all arguments against cannabis are invalid

  • Bullshit. Plus it’s posted by a pro-Weed organization

  • the only bad thing concerning colorodo’s pot is, what the fuck is happening with all that extra cash? (embezzlement perhaps? we know how politicians love that)

    • They say that they will probably issue a refund to everyone who lives in the state.

  • Everything was great until the taxes were mentioned. Taxation is theft.

  • CITE, please.

  • Done. Shared.

  • Whoo hooo…

  • Ben Moss

  • This is why the states should decide the law and not the federal government. However if you receive a pay check from the federal government it is against federal law. Another reason why states need righrs.

  • Bethany Hanna

  • Lmao they have no numbers just the same propaganda they spew that they got past its just on the other side now….and if your dumb enough to believe that making it more available will drop the number of users…your a dumbass and smoke too much of this shit

  • Here now David Riordan just went sight seeing Denver is spotless everyone is so kind here. And there generating 300,000,000 a month in revenue since they leagalized and 25 percent is tax money from what the head shop owner told me

  • Chirag Ra-ghav Shaify Shubham Aarushi Ayushi Kanishk

  • And the college I want to go to is there I can’t wait to attend

  • Big pharmaceutical companies lose lots of money when weed becomes legalized, because weed can treat many different issues, including pain, anxiety, and even some ADHD. And since you can grow it, and since pharmaceutical companies get paid by you being sick, they make sure weed gets a bad rap. Also, obviously, government makes money off of pharmaceutical companies.

    • Thats why we don’t use hemp and kill so much of our environment too, because they would lose money. Just goes to show power is greed and money

  • Cool can’t wait until someone sues the farmer when they get cancer. Now I get it. smoke tobacco until you get cancer then smoke pot to cure it

  • Tiffany

  • Love that people are seeing pot for what it is.This country was founded on pot. Stop the Bullshit, and make pot legal.

  • Right on.

  • I have one thing to say to the idiots and assholes in this country that still have a problem with the legalization of a plant that never should have been illegal in the first place:

  • Jimmy Alfred

  • If smoking pot cures cancer then why are so many people dying of cancer??? Needs a sin tax just like booze and cigarettes.

  • I heard they are making so much profit they don’t even know what to do with all the money. NOW it’s time to give IMMEDIATE release to all the Black and Brown in their prisons for marijuana possessions of the past.

  • There is one huge problem left. The Colorado supreme court decision for Brandon Coats V. Dish Network ruled that employers had the right to fire employees who were using medical cannabis. You can still be drug tested for a job and fired for using it – even if it’s medical. The court said that because it was illegal federally that the off-duty fair practices act did not apply.

  • If you want to convince people, cite your sources. Show me some actual, peer-reviewed, unbiased sources and I will believe it.

  • Its a money maker!!!

  • *fewer children

  • The big reason is the pharmaceutical companies losing money. Those companies give millions to politicians. U know those greedy fucks will take money over citizens lives

  • They didn’t mention anything about the black market “going away” like planned… Lol

  • Blake Trickey

  • That’s what’s up

  • This is such BULLSHIT or reverse PROPAGANDA. Pot use is at an all-time high especially with children or else you would not be calling it a success. The next four has nothing to do with pot and you have no proof of it either way, and for the last, the government cannot collect any taxes on pot because under federal law, pot is still illegal and if the government is collecting taxes on it then they are money laundering and they are breaking their own law but then again when has Obama obeyed the law to begin with.

  • job growth? maybe, but seams mostly related to weed

  • Peter Ivy

  • What’s hilarious is that you rarely ever see those negative cannabis hating dicks commenting their opinions on memes like these.

  • I hope they legalize it here in Canada. I’m an occasional pot smoker. I’m 41, no criminal record, don’t do other drugs including “legal” drugs, I’m not a heavy drinker, non violent, I work and also own my own business. I guess pot has ruined my life, lol

  • I’m not a bit surprised, Janice and I were in Seattle the week they legalized cannabis there, and as a first time visitor, things looked okay, no mass hysteria or muggings that we noticed, only friendly people

  • People are slowly waking up! But we need more minds on ourside! Every time you hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this, you are helping us reach more people!

    • And unhealthy eating is responsible for more deaths than all drugs combined. 🙂

    • It’s actually misuse of drugs, prescription or not, that kill people.

    • Connor Ganuelas An estimated 100,000 deaths a year from prescription drugs WHEN TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED.

    • Perhaps because more people take prescription drugs than illegal drugs??

    • Are you trying to say there’s nothing wrong with heroin and meth and shit? Wtf

    • Gary Schachtner, how many from guns?

  • Also, 0% Marijuana deaths in known history… of all time…

    • Lies! Wat happened to the guy who got stoned got paranoid n killed his partner and himself…
      Uze wake up idiots

    • Secondary circumstance, it wasn’t an overdose, it was whatever killed him… not Marijuana.

  • Shocker….

  • Don’t like to see NY in that picture as if the scheme here is like that in Colorado or Washington. In fact, it’s not even running, or, if it’s running, it’s not very widespread yet.

  • I don’t think Minnesota has decriminalized pot. We have medical marijuana but pot will still get you a ticket from some cops. Not all cops though.

    • And only a small amount of people can get medical marijuana.

    • no decriminalization in NY either, limited medical use has passed but not in effect

    • Decriminalized means its not a felony. It doesn’t mean it’s legal but still a huge step considering all of the people sitting in jail due to a plant

    • Decriminalization doesn’t mean not a felony. Your first offense in Alabama will land you a misdemeanor with no decriminalization.

    • Uhg…

      States That Have Decriminalized

      The following states have passed laws decriminalizing certain marijuana possession offenses. Typically, decriminalization means no arrest, prison time, or criminal record for the first-time possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal consumption. In most decriminalized states, these offenses are treated like a minor traffic violation.

      **District of Columbia
      ****New York
      North Carolina
      *Rhode Island

    • Marijuana possessed for reasons other than “personal use,” or if the offender has been previously convicted of marijuana possession for “personal use” only, is unlawful possession of marijuana in the first degree and is a Class C felony, punishable by a prison sentence of a minimum of one year in prison and a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, along with a maximum fine of $15,000.

  • James Oldham

  • Weed is in no way legal in Ohio

    • It is decriminalized.

    • No it’s not my friend just got arrested two months ago for having it

    • Dude, look up what decriminalized means. Its a civil offence now instead of a criminal one

    • He got arrested went to jail and was ordered a fine in Hamilton Ohio that didn’t seem decriminalized to me

    • Basically it means your life won’t be ruined if you’re caught with weed.

  • This study wad from 1999 to 2010. Did all these states enact these laws in 1999 and keep them through 2010? I know Nebraska shouldn’t be on this little meme here.

  • Some of the commenters don’t seem to understand the difference between legalized and decriminalized. While the first involves the second, the second doesn’t necessarily mean the first. Decriminalized can mean it is simply no longer a criminal offence, but a civil offence-thus the ticket.

  • Michael Hesson it is decriminalized in Ohio, ive lived here my whole life and have a few possession and paraphernalia charges. But it is illegal hence my court dates and fines… you obviously have an internet connection try this thing called GOOGLE if you’re still having doubts

  • Illegally obtained alcohol by youth or marijuana? Go for the natural every time. This report makes me think of youth in European countries. They grow up drinking wine and beer. Its not a big deal like here.

  • yup

  • Its all a lie.

  • #researchGangStalking for a better America! Protect your friends and children and educate yourself.

    Protect activists and corruption whistleblowers and their families!!

  • #researchGangStalking for a better America! Protect your friends and children and educate yourself.

    Protect activists and corruption whistleblowers and their families!!

  • What exactly is decriminalization? If you get arrested and go to jail , have to pay a fine, how is it decriminalized?

    • It’s not. Decriminalized is it drops to misdemeanor, like a speeding ticket but its not a felony that follows you for the rest of your life

    • You don’t go to jail, you just get a ticket. Amounts vary by state, in MA it’s anything under an ounce

  • A bit early on this

  • Ohio rejected the law. We want a better law that doesn’t make the 1%richer

    • You should vote with more education next time. Ohio made a huge stupid mistake and were played for fools by the government.

    • we denied the same bullshit monopoly in california.
      fuck the fat-cats of weed!

  • Is this true

  • I’m sympathetic, but you need to know the decrease in other states as well to begin any comparison. What if those deaths fell 50% in other states? Context is important.

  • MISSISSIPPI HAS NOT DECRIMINALISED ANY MARIJUANA OR HEMP. IT HAS NOT EVEN MADE IT ON THE BALLOT YET. Please don’t put out mis-information! We have until December to get the remaining signitures for PROP 48, and it doesn’t look good. :'(

  • Ohio just shot it down unfortunately. I was hoping itd go through there, and that it may spill over to indiana, but, nooooooo!

    • Because they tried to play us as fools and we as a whole, shot it down. Would’ve been a monopoly with only 10 ppl at the top of commercial grow sites

    • they always slip little technicalities in their bills. how in the hell did they think they could have “a certain group” of people monopolized the weed flow?

    • I wish Ohioans actually understood what they’ve just done.

    • A monopoly is never good. I completely understand that part. I just hope they get it back on a ballot and push it through, with all the right intentions. Good luck to all!

    • I heard that this morning too.

    • As an major supporter of green, it seemed counter Intuitive to vote NO to legalization. But It was a shit deal for Ohio and with the other pro-legalization groups hot to get the issue on the ballot in 2016, it seemed irresponsible to pass a law only legalizing marijuana cotrolled by a handful. Home growing operations were extremely limited in quantity allowed, required annual licensing and left you susceptible to inspections. No thanks. We’ve gotten along this long, we can wait another year for a law that truly legalizes the plant

  • Interesting.

  • Additionally we have had an increase in marijuana related arrests,.. How convenient.

  • Screwed this one up! Get the facts right before putting up memes …

  • Missouri hasn’t decriminalized it nor is it legal there. This whole thing is propaganda.

  • We know. we are patiently waiting for the rich politicians to set themselves up to make all the money from it, so we can legalize here in NM….

  • So to keep people off of drugs let them get high. There is right And wrong uses getting high and making a push for this , takes away from any real value this Facebook page ever had.

    • A drunk or stoned person adds no value to anything

    • You might be surprised what people have come up with while stoned, tripping, etc. Maybe that’s why they’re called “mind-expanding”. Bottom line is, do you believe in freedom or not?

    • Your not free when a drug has control of you. If me wanting freedom is based on getting high then no

    • Weed is not physically addictive, and doesn’t kill you. Pharmaceuticals are highly addictive, and dangerous. Would you rather have your family member high on something that can or will eventually kill them, or just get high on a plant? It has medical purposes, and for a lot of people it is a much better option. A lot of people abuse it for its wrong purposes, but realize that there’s a lot of other people who use it for medicinal purposes; anxiety, depression, eating disorders, disorders that cause seizures, insomnia, and many others, can all be fixed with marijuana. The drugs that they give people for these listed disorders are very damaging, where as marijuana makes you a little silly, with no everlasting affects. You can’t compare being drunk to being stoned. A drunk gets drunk for no other purpose but to be high. Not every person who smokes pot is getting high to just be high. Being drunk is altering, being stoned doesn’t change who you are, you’re still you. I cant black out on marijuana. There’s a very big difference.

    • Like I have said I’m all for the uses of value getting high has no value

    • I’m talking about the freedom of each individual to make their own choices.

    • You have that freedom

    • Please spell it out for me . how much freedom should I have

    • Gary schachtner

  • It’s not legal in NC either

    • Doesn’t say legal. Says decriminalized.

    • Get caught with weed in Beaufort county, NC and see what happens then, lol

    • Just sayin, bc I live here, lol

    • You are correct. Even NORML’s map says decriminalized, but it is still a misdemeanor (depending on amount). Why they call it decriminalized is beyond me, unless they go by misdemeanors- but those would still be criminal, not civil, to the best of my knowledge.

    • Yep

  • Most people who use “drugs” do so to ameliorate emotional pain and not to get “stoned”. As it happens opioids are very effective for that, but they become less effective with continued use and some people raise the dose in order to get the same effect. It is arguable whether or not opioids are any more or less dangerous than alcohol. Certainly, many more people get into trouble with alcohol. Many people find the same relief with marijuana which is far and away safer than either alcohol or opioids. I would argue and I am absolutely certain that the so called war on drugs has resulted in far more deaths from the ingestion of substances than would ever have occurred if “drugs” were merely legal and people were free to decide for themselves what chemical substances they are allowed to put into their own bodies. The market would naturally weed out adulterated or particularly dangerous substances (some “designer” drugs and stuff like Krocodile or heroin with drano in it) and people seeking emotional relief would not need to be dealing with dangerous people in the shadows.

  • Is life so hard you must get high. So fucking sad

  • I’m sure big pharma knows this and helps fight to keep it illegal.

  • The last major cure was for polio , nothing since then , but they are working for you . The bait is going to change soon I think

  • Yeah it didnt pass in ohio oh well im still smoking lol

  • Prescription drugs are the number one cause of death in the US if this is true this is a significant reduction on overall death period.

    • 4th cause. Medical care #1.

    • are they not in the sme catagory?

    • Medical care includes prescription drugs. Prescription drugs does not include all medical care such as overdoses, medication errors, iatrogenic illnesses, nocosomial infections, etc.

  • Thanks Ohio, for letting more people die.

  • yeah RIP wayne static

  • Prescription drugs were intentionally made more difficult to get prescribed and made more difficult to abuse. This may have coincided with the legalization of pot, but I’m not sure prescription drug addicts turned to pot as the drug of choice as a result of the new restrictions on pain killers. Prescription drug addicts often turned to heroine and in large numbers. Deaths from heroine overdoses have now skyrocketed and AIDS is back-probably not a coincidence and probably nothing to do with pot.

  • It’s too bad that the #DEA et al can’t be held criminally liable. Their bullshit propaganda has gotten enough people killed.

  • LOL, Thats why here in Massachusetts we are having a epidemic in opioid deaths…

  • Bent Flemming Ottosen

  • What’s the point?

  • So, I’m having difficulty interpreting your map. Why are you highlighting in blue and red? Is it a political thing? Help me out here 🙂

  • Thank you, shared.

  • Of course all the media talks about here is the dui rates and accidents.

  • I wonder how much pot the people who don’t kill themselves with pills smoked

  • does correlation = causation now?

  • I hope one day we will see as much progression in anti gun laws.

  • And the pharmaceutical companies won’t have it any other way