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BREAKING: Dozens Arrested as Heavily Armed Cops Move In With MRAPs to Remove Water Protectors

Cannon Ball, ND — Heavily militarized police and National Guard forces moved in to raid camps at Standing Rock on Thursday morning, with hundreds of riot gear-clad officers marching in formation to clear camps of water protectors, journalists, and anyone firmly entrenched to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Ominously poised on Highway 1806, officers waited in formation with dozens of heavily armored vehicles for over an hour before eventually descending into the remnants of the largest Standing Rock camp, Oceti Sakowin, in recent days renamed Oceti Oyate.

Prayerful song eerily served as a backdrop for what constituted a military raid of land unceded to the U.S. government in treaties from 1851 and 1868.

In a livestream taken a slight distance from camp, Unicorn Riot explained a Bearcat armored vehicle on scene was likely the same from which an officer in a gun turret fired an alleged explosive device at Sophia Wilansky, ripping her arm to shreds on November 20, during a police offensive.

Just before noon local time — and under the watchful eye of snipers — officers in helmets carrying temporary zip-tie restraints could be seen roaming the camp, searching for stragglers to arrest under the premise water protectors are trespassing on land federally managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

With assault rifles and guns in hand — and helicopters occasionally just ten feet in the air above — militarized cops perched outside tipi and tent entrances, searching for violators of the eviction order. As the search continued, live video showed several water protectors joining hands in prayer before near certain arrest.

At 12:30 local time, dozens of officers approached a tiny group of water protectors — one of whom raised a sacred pipe in prayer as they closed in to make arrests. Reports more than 20 military veterans had been arrested were unconfirmed at the time this article was published, but images posted to social media did show police arresting an elderly Native grandmother and searching the pockets of her coat.

Despite nearly a year of proving themselves unarmed, water protectors became the subject of utterly unfounded law enforcement rumors that an armed group of rebels could be hiding out in an unknown location within the camps.

Thus, MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles), Bearcats, and Hum-vees zig-zagged through the a complex of still-intact structures that had served as home for the protectors for months, making sure to evacuate everyone before razing the property.


National Guard and police were still searching through the property as of 1 p.m. local, and appeared to be secondarily kettling water protectors inside the camp, where arrests would be easier to effect en masse.

Sweeps of the territory will take hours, as officers move from structure to structure with assault rifles drawn — permission to use live fire was reportedly given months ago — in a methodical but deliberate process.

Just as law enforcement appeared to have gained a foothold of control on the camp, two of a handful of livestreams were suddenly cut. A third livestreamer, Hunter Nolan, recorded as authorities tried to determine how to extricate a lone water protector perched on the roof of a house in defiance of the eviction — whom Nolan described as the last man in camp.

UPDATE: At approximately 3 p.m., livestreamer Johnny Dangers reported in a live video Bureau of Indian Affairs police had begun to raid a second camp, Rosebud, in much the same manner as with Oceti Oyate camp.

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Thursday’s operations follow initial eviction actions on Wednesday, in which 10 people were arrested, including livestreamer and Native activist, Eric Poemz — whose hip was fractured by cops when they rushed a small group of water protectors who had attempted to start a dialogue.

Journalists and activists familiar with heightened tensions between law enforcement and water protectors surmised the official eviction date, February 22, would see violent clashes and assaults by police; but the day seemed more a test for the final clearance of camp, and authorities offered to allow protectors a few more hours to leave.

Today, however, authorities seemed determined to carry out the final eviction of any water protectors left at the location near the Missouri and Cannonball Rivers — no matter the irony that land rightfully belongs by treaty to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe — members of which sparked the Herculean effort to prevent construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, in the first place.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Not one single pipeline that this company has been involved with has not suffered leakages at some point, and some very severe ones, so why would any rational thinking person put any faith in this one. The quicker oil runs out the better. Maybe i should retract that as the government then will only foul up something else, probably far worse as ever they do.

    • permalink

      Speaking of waste, David Daisy May Boldock, how much human fecal waste
      is now going into the Missouri River due to the camps location in a

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        Let’s hope they use biodegradable toilet roll.

        • permalink

          OK, so how many “biodegradable toilet roll” will be in the Missouri River?

          Did the social justice do-gooders ever give that a thought?

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Who gives a crap.

          • permalink

            You must, you commented…

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Being polite is all. Try it sometime.

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          • Peace and Love


      • Peace and Love

        Don’t you have a goat to go fuck at the trailer park you human fecal waste troll?

      • Marti White

        They take care of the land, and would take care not to pollute the river by letting human waste get in the river. I’m sure they would make an exception for you though.

        • permalink

          Even the Indians knew over 100 years ago not to camp in a floodplain.

      • Peter Goegan

        Fecal waste decomposes, you imbecile. Oil does not. Obviously below average IQ.

        • permalink

          Name-calling all you have?

      • democratie graag

        if you were well informed you would know they had a well organised system with dry toilets to make sure they would not polute their own river.

        Why is DAPL save for the native indians but not for the city just north of it, because it is rerouted to be after the city because the citizens feared a leak. Are the native Americans less important than the “immigrants” from Europe that came a few centuries ago?

        • democratie graag

          Also why put an oil pipeline through a swamplike floodplain. If there is a spill, it’ll be almost impossible to clean and it’ll leak into the river for centuries to come.
          Why drill a tunnel under the river and not make a bridge, at least then you can see if there is a leak and fix it. You can also provide a second pipe to collect eventual leaks and transport them to less dangereous places. Or does this cost too much. Envrionmental cost are never taken into account, if so the world would be a much better place to live in.

          • permalink

            The DAPL is not being laid in the floodplain.

            It is being drilled in alongside two already existing gas pipelines to which the inlet and outlet pads are on high ground further up river from the Cannon Ball river delta.

            Go to Google Earth and look for yourself.

        • permalink

          “if you were well informed you would know they had a well organised system with dry toilets to make sure they would not polute their own

          And what you fail to realize (b/c you are not from around here) is that nothing “composts” when it is frozen.

          “Why is DAPL save for the native indians but not for the city just north of it, because it is rerouted to be after the city because the citizens feared a leak”

          The citizens of Bismark were never consulted by the USACE about the route of the DAPL, so there was no chance for them to reject it.

          Secondly, The DAPL would have been 11 miles longer and crossed additional wetlands/ creeks and still the Missouri River upstream of Cannon Ball and Ft Yates, ND.

          Maybe download the USACE Omaha District environmental assessment (1,100+ pages) so you could see these facts for yourself.

    • IceTrey

      Move to Sudan if you want to live without the benefits of oil.

      • Peter Goegan

        Been to Sudan asshole and you creeps don’t treat your fellow humans any better than those despotic warlords over there.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        There are far more none benefits attributed to oil, and why would i want to live in a 7 Th Century shit hole.

        • IceTrey

          Because you hate oil.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Oil of Ulay is good for my skin.

        • democratie graag

          You can always try to live in the past and keep going for oil.
          Saudi Arabia is building solar because it is cheaper than their own oil; China is building more wind and solar because it is cheaper and causes less polution in their heavily poluted cities, so…. why not US?
          Because oil is more easy to control, so more power to big industry, more power over other countries or ???

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            I concur, and guess their are too many back handers being dished out.

      • Karlin

        You may already be a Wiener!!

        100 million years of evolution and we get to the point where we CANNOT LIVE without oil – thats ridiculous!! You denier* guys are just spouting talking points but have nothing to back it up with. Sorry I should not be rude but your statement is incendiary – Solar and Wind Power now EMPLOY MORE people than the oil industry, and they BOTH produce electricty at a cost that is equal to or lower than electricity from coal (or oil, or nat gas) – and that is before the DAMAGE is factored in (damage to environment, and health)

        * PS – you ARE a global warming denier, right Ice Trey

        • IceTrey

          Oil produces 1% of America’s electricity. 60% of oil is made into automobile fuels. Can you replace all that fuel with wind power?Eliminating 100% of America’s oil use would have ZERO effect on AGW because the rest of the world is building coal plants as fast as they can. You’re naivete is only surpassed by your ignorance.

          • democratie graag

            check your facts IceTrey.
            Oil is mainly used for cars, but this could be changing soon if it is allowed.
            Coal plants are still build, but Saudi Arabia is building solar because it is cheaper than their own oil; China is building more wind and solar because it is cheaper and causes less polution in their heavily poluted cities, so…. why not US?

          • thetruthmaster1

            Just 20% of the $3 Trillion wasted by illegally invading Iraq, could have put solar panels on every house of America, Fully employed our nation, and the technology developed could have been sold around the world, and the world would be knocking on our doors to buy it. Our nation continues to be lead by absolute fascist MORONS, hell bent and drunk on oil and they will not be satisfied until America is fully polluted inch by inch. What the Fck is the matter with you imbiciles? You cant fix stupid. This Pipeline was originally located upstream from Bismarck but moved after they complained it would destroy Bismarck’s water supply. So move it down stream from the Indian Reservations. Its that simple to fix. And they still don’t have the proper EPA permits to put it where they are killing people to put it now. Another disgusting chapter in American History for the benefits of the fascists.

        • autonomous

          If solar and wind power produced electricity at lower cost (and in marketable quantities) as coal, the market for such would rapidly supplant coal and natural gas. Instead, idiots like Obama have to step in and take governmental action to restrict production and subsidize solar and wind. In fact, solar and wind aren’t even competitive enough to force coal and gas fired plant to clean up their act. That nuclear plants are largely government controlled and regulated highly restricts nuclear’s ability to develop to its potential. I wish solar energy were a viable alternative. Wind? Ugly monstrosities chopping overhead is almost as reprehensible as old coal burning foundries. Will new, cleaner and safer, energy be developed? Only if government and other mindless activists get out of the way.

          • thetruthmaster1

            Solar has just reached the point where it is cheaper to produce thn Coal. Solar panels are getting really cheap. As low as just .45 cents per watt of panel. I have been living off the electric grid for 2 years now using solar panels / battery bank and inverter, controller etc. And I have not had an electric bill in 2 years. How many of you can say that? And my cost to put y system together, was so low that the ROI, return on investment is between 4 and 5 years to be fully paid for. Solar panels today come with a 25 year warrantee and the battery life can be up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Just add distilled water once a month to keep the batteries topped off. Its a no brainer, and I am living proof Solar is the way to go. Quiet, peaceful, clean and pure. If you enjoy paying an electric bill every month , well then just keep being a moron and keep buying into this Oil Propaganda BS Fraud.

          • autonomous

            Oil propaganda? Where did that come from? I don’t doubt that there is oil propaganda, though it would involve a coverup of the massive corruption involved with controlling drilling rights and distribution monopolies. How much of the cost of your solar panels was covered by government theft from tax payers? Energy suppliers would be all over the solar panel market if production of solar panels and battery backups were truly cost effective. Although individual, such as yourself, might find solar less expensive, government subsidized solar panel suppliers could not satisfy the market for electricity without bankrupting the economy. Besides, a building with solar panels mounted on it would be as ugly as as a landscape of billboards. Plus, the damage likely from a major storm would be massive and hard to recover from.

  • Liz O’neill

    i hope these peaceful protestors take leaf from the American governments handbook, and fight back, I hope they blow a hole every 3ft of the fkn pipeline, and keep blowing holes in so that there will never be 1 drop of oil delivered from it, and I hope they keep blowing it up so that the arseholes building it, go broke trying to make it useable.

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  • permalink

    Liz O’neill says: “I hope they blow a hole every 3ft of the fkn pipeline”

    Are you advocating violence Liz?

    Secondly, the DAPL will be buried 90 feet below the waterbed of the river. It will take a bit of digging to get to it…

    • morsextenebris

      Hell, the traitors that you call “gubmint” not only advocate but actually use violence against the same people that they are supposed to be serving. Wake the hell up, these are nothing more than mercenaries getting paid for what they do. So you would rather your reps side with the big corporations instead of their constituents…

      • permalink

        No one has used “violence” against me…

        • morsextenebris

          When violence is used against our American brothers & sisters while they are non violent, then you can rest easy that it will eventually find you.

          • permalink

            I have found out it is easier to do what the cop tells you to do, than to raise a ruckus, but that is just me.

            And of course I like oil and pipelines. I wish I could get the DAPL to cross my property. I need something for retirement…

          • BillieOB

            Then you will be happy to know that the US has a major surplus of oil right now. No one in the US is going to benefit from the bitumen oil coming from the Bakken fields except the pipeline companies and oil corporations that pay no taxes and receive millions in subsidies payed for by your tax dollar because this dirty oil is being shipped to China.

          • permalink

            “Then you will be happy to know that the US has a major surplus of oil right now.”

            The more the better, I say, gas should be 50 cents a gallon.

            And if you have read the USACE environmental assessment you would know there is not adequate rail or truck capacity to move the Bakken oil.

            “corporations that pay no taxes and receive millions in subsidies”

            That sounds just like the subsidies that those “Wind Farmers” get… And do I need to remind you that it was YOUR politicians that provided for those tax benefits!

            Your are fighting a battle in the wrong place.

          • Blaine

            Gas should be .50 a gallon, or at least reflect the cost minus subsidies a little better. Anyway, this pipeline is ultimately to get crude to the gulf coast refineries for sale overseas. It won’t increase domestic supply one bit nor lower prices.

          • Jay

            Wow, I have never heard such a blatantly cowardly statement before. So if the cop decides to tell you to shut the fuck up while he rapes your wife will you follow that order as well because its easier? Oh, and in case you decide to make a ridiculous comment about that not ever happening in the history of police officers in this country, here’s a link for your courtesy, it took me a whole 30 seconds to find it. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/01/29/she-dialed-911-the-cop-who-came-to-help-raped-her.html

          • permalink

            Why would a cop located at Cannon Ball, ND want to “rapes your wife”?

  • IceTrey

    I think it’s time to forget all this treaty nonsense and integrate the Natives into society. They lost a long time ago get over it.

  • Gary Lagerstrom

    Wow Mraps huh? fucking punks must have been afraid that their amateur asses would shoot each other. we all know how dangerous the protectors of our water are. Why the fuck don’t they use Mraps on Monsanto or any of the major oil companies that are poisoning us daily. The people in this country have to be the stupidest in the world to put up with this shit. Let’s all vote for the same backstabbers again. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERIKA

    • permalink

      How is anyone supposed to take your profanity interlaced comment seriously?

  • permalink

    Tell me again that the water protectors were not living in filth…


  • permalink

    “and helicopters occasionally just ten feet in the air above”

    I would like to see the video of that…

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    They had my support until I saw the video of all the dump truck loads of trash these “eco nazis” were leaving in their wake, I guess they live by do as I say, not as I do, needless to say they lost my support.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Sad reflection of the times when they feel the need to use snipers against peaceful none armed protesters that have every right to be there. The US needs a reminder that we are in the 21 St Century and this is not a re-run of the battle of the Little Bighorn.

  • Mother Earth

    I understand drinking water polluted with oil is very toxic, looks like modern man is assisting with his own demise, a wicked world is created by wicked men

  • MagiRaven O’Malley

    People, people….. how can you expect anyone to live in these conditions without there being waste and refuse? They were there to protect their lands and stop that pipeline. They suffered many hardships and the severe cold included. How would YOU have fared if faced with these conditions? A makeshift camp is always going to create problems – and as I understand it, they were not even given time to sort anything out before the soldiers moved in. Why can’t you see the good things that were accomplished, the things they hoped to accomplish, and the things they suffered to achieve their aims : to keep their water clean and their lands free? People make judgements in their ignorance and now we hear this sort of nonsensical criticism from people who were not even there!

  • Mother Earth

    Why are they persisting in setting up an environmental catastrophe for tomorrow to enable them to create jobs today for when tomorrow comes it will be too late. We dont deserve this planet and it’s greed that is destroying it.

    • permalink

      So you live w/ out electricity and always walk everywhere and cook over an open wood burning fire?

      Sadly, oil and petroleum products are all around, which of these products are you doing w/ out?

  • permalink
  • permalink

    Why no update on the person who broke their hip Claire Bernish?

    There has been no update to your story on The Daily Haze:


  • Guy

    What did these people expect to happen ? Law enforcement (emphasis on *Enforcement*! Were not there to serve tea and cookies, they were there to arrest and take out thouse who would not leave on there own free will ! Trump said “Build The Pipes” and they will, and roll over anyone in the way !

    I tip my hat to thouse who have bigger balls than myself, with the courage of their convictions, that will stand up to Tyranny no matter what form it comes in !

    Oil = Money= Power=Government= We Are In The Way Of The Grease That Makes Us Go !