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65,000% Spike in Radiation Outside New York Nuclear Plant is Likely Worse than Fukushima


Buchanan, NY — An uncontrollable radioactive flow from the Indian Point nuclear power plant continues leaking into groundwater, which leads to the Hudson River, raising the specter of a Fukushima-like disaster only 25 miles from New York City.

The Indian Point nuclear plant is located on the Hudson River, approximately 25 miles North of NYC, and serves the electrical needs of an estimated 2 million people. Last month, while preparing a reactor for refueling, workers accidentally spilled some contaminated water, containing the radioactive hydrogen isotope tritium, causing a massive radiation spike in groundwater monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing by as much as 65,000 percent.

Entergy, the Louisiana-based company that owns the plant, chalked up the readings to “fluctuations that can be expected as the material migrates.” According to Entergy, the tritium contaminated water spill was contained within the plant, and never reached the Hudson or any other water source.

“There is no impact to public health or safety,” Entergy spokeswoman Patricia Kakridas told RT.

Of course, the tritium leak is the ninth in just the past year, four of which were serious enough to shut down the reactors. But the most recent leak, however, according to an assessment by the New York Department of State as part of its Coastal Zone Management Assessment, contains a variety of radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, and nickel-63, and isn’t limited to tritium contamination.

Despite the assurances from Entergy, the area around Indian Point is a “cancer cluster,” with the local rate of thyroid cancer rates registering at 66 percent higher than the national average, according to Joseph Mangano, Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP).

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According to a report by RT:

RPHP researchers compared the state and national cancer data from 1988-92 with three other five-year periods (1993-97, 1998-02, and 2003-07). The results, published in 2009, show the cancer rates going from 11 percent below the national average to 7 percent above in that timespan. Unexpected increases were detected in 19 out of 20 major types of cancer. Thyroid cancer registered the biggest increase, going from 13 percent below the national average to 51 percent above.

Incredibly, Entergy completely rejects the notion that their plant’s operations have caused an increase in cancer rates.

“There is no relation whatsoever,” Kakridas claimed.

When the study was conducted by RPHP, over 20 million people lived within a 50-mile radius of the nuclear plant.

“Everybody who lives near a nuclear plant is exposed to radiation. Some plants are worse than others,” Mangano told RT. In the case of Indian Point, it is a very old plant, and “there is a greater danger because of a large population living close by.”

Numerous environmental groups call the latest problems just a symptom of a much larger issue and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is partnering with organizations The Sierra Club, Riverkeepers, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, Scenic Hudson and Physicians for Social responsibility in seeking the permanent closure of the plant.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent a representative to the Indian Point plant, Neil Sheehan, who told CBS News that the NRC is continuing to review the recent tritium leakage at Indian Point.

“We recently sent a radiation protection specialist to the plant to assess the situation and learn more about what happened. He was assisted by our three Resident Inspectors assigned to the plant on a full-time basis,” he wrote in an email to CBS.

NRC is also currently reviewing Indian Point’s renewal license, which would authorize it to continue operating for another 20 years.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen and it should be shut down,” Paul Gallay, president of Riverkeeper, a watchdog organization dedicated to protecting the Hudson River, told CBS News.

“The good news is, advances in alternate power sources, grid management and energy conservation have brought us to the day when the aging, unsafe Indian Point can close,” Gallay said.

He pointed out numerous sources of energy for the region, including 600 megawatts in transmission system upgrades and another 500 megawatts available through energy savings achieved through efficiency and renewable energy.

“There will be enough power to keep the lights on in our homes and hospitals, our businesses and schools — in every place that makes our communities healthy and vibrant,” Gallay said.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has rejected calls for the immediate closure of the nuclear power plant by Cuomo and environmental groups, saying they should first demonstrate how to replace the energy produced at the power plant, which supplies 25 percent of the power to the New York City area.

“I have told some of the environmental people, if you can show me a plan to figure out a way to replace that electricity, fine, but if you can’t, it’s going to raise electricity rates 30 or 40 percent, which are high enough on average people and that’s not the way to go. In the meantime, I have emphasized very strong safety,” Schumer said.

While Schumer’s sentiments are understandable, the reality is that the sheer economic health costs of this plant’s operation far exceed the savings in energy bills. With so many alternative sources of producing clean energy, the reasoning for keeping such a toxic plant operational is baffling. One can safely assume that there is some vested financial interest in keeping this plant running; as always, simply follow the money.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

  • What was I just saying to the Green Dude comments? I wonder how many people around this plant were “living green.” Didn’t do them a fat lot of good, huh? I guess they can watch their hair fall out with a smug look on their faces though!

  • I’m only 100 miles away, I wouldn’t be surprised if it still trickled down to this area, could be why are water is so bad?

  • The area around Chernobyl is full of hemp seeds because hemp can suck the radiation out if the dirt. They should start planting them seeds.

    • clay, Most of the clean up at Chernobyl was accomplished with Bentonite Clay.

    • Oh yeah? Thanks for the info

    • Let’s be honest, the radiation levels at Chernobyl are the same today as they were back then.

    • I can’t confirm or deny. I wouldn’t be surprised if its worse.

    • I concur, except it shouldn’t be hemp it should be marijuana.
      Nuclear weed brah!

    • They have been using Hemp to clean up spills in Los Alamos for decades.

    • With water turbine, wind, and solar energy that’s readily available and can be used for mass consumption we shouldn’t have any need for nuclear clean up. With radiation levels beyond 10x what they should be from Fukushima we’re now losing our Pacific ocean and with NY in play we’re soon to lose the Atlantic. You think 20 million in NY is bad wait until you get fish or crops.
      It’s time to wake up and stand up

    • Jeremy Abrams of course your right… We need to make this a big fucking deal NOW!!!!

    • I definitely agree. The mess has been made though and it has to get cleaned up. International corporate interests are fighting harder than ever to snuff out those technologies you mentioned Jeremy

    • Of course that’s another problem that needs to be solved.

    • nuclear energy is not cheap nor is it clean.

  • Power plant more than likely past its shut down and decommissioning age. Reactors should not be ran like that.

    ••update old news story but worth watching this is a disaster waiting to happen. https://youtu.be/Z3QWhIp7OXc

  • This article is so biased lmao. Fear mongering at its best. You guys are almost as bad as the government.

    • Fear mongering is the label idiots put on something they can’t disprove or in which their cognitive dissonance is too much of a mountain for them to climb. Statist mindset of a shell shocked subservient being.

    • You know coal power plants pollute way more than nuclear plants right?…

    • Thanks princess, so does the manufacturing of “green” products. Did you actually hope to educate me? You’re incapable of that.

    • Lmfao wow you have a short fuse.

    • Steven Hunter completely wrong. you know these leak ”aaceptable’ nuclear waste into the sea even if working properly __ right??

    • Spike Pickard obviously you need to do a little more research. Coal is the worst polluting power we have today. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingston_Fossil_Plant_coal_fly_ash_slurry_spill

    • Would you like to refute NASAs studies? Spike Pickard http://climate.nasa.gov/news/903/

    • Whose the dunce now? Lmfso

    • Let me know when you call NASA and tell them that they are wrong lmfao

    • Nuclear and ALL fossil fuels are killing us, it’s possible to hold two thoughts at once. Alternatives are available, including more efficient use of energy. The time to start converting is now, not when we are running out of oil, and out of places to put radioactive waste, and out of healthy people.

    • Nuclear is not killing us. People are just afraid of it because it sounds scary. Thorium reactors are the future of sustainable energy

    • I dont need to research stuff not brought up by the post . thanks anyway.

    • Cool. stay ignorant my man.

    • Ken Hymes yes the corporate america has just blocked solar power in india. I was thinking about that not what the donkey told me to think about

    • Hahahaha wow. Just wow.

  • Again, it’s New York, a cesspool of a nanny state. Get out now before it drags you down with it!

  • How about we rename the local area to Springfield?

  • Brandon Weitzel

  • maybe that’s why the government has been dumping east coast land and stealing west

  • Can’t believe they still call it clean energy.

  • Good

  • We all gotta die sometime.

  • Really? Worse than three meltdowns with uncontrollably releases? Huh. Thanks for the update

  • Erik Garcia

  • Solar energy is much safer but I’m glad it isn’t me who’s fucking up the planet.

  • And 99.9% of them could grow a second head and still be like,”OMG WTF!!”. First time I ever used text shorthand because I never thought there was a good use for it but guess I was wrong. 😀

  • Agent76

    February 24th, 2016 Your Radiation This Week No 44

    Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM COUNT


    1,501 CPM, 312.4 Times Normal, Miami, FL. MIA 5 Yr High

    1,405 CPM, 281 Times Normal, Yuma, AZ. Beta, Gamma.

    1,,385 CPM, 277 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR. Beta, Gamma.

    1,369 CPM, 273.8 Times Normal, Grand Junction, CO. Beta, Gamma.

    1,339 CPM, 267.8 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Beta, Gamma.


  • Why are we still doing this to ourselves? The tech is on the table to walk away from toxic energy, we just need to pick it up.

    • Use what you have until something better/safer comes along..kinda a no brainer for people with common sense, except common sense isn’t that common these days…it’s a shame

    • Another sheep. ^

    • I honestly can’t figure out who’s insulting who. If I’m being insulted for advocating green tech…. thank you.

  • Richard Adam Brooks

  • time to maybe phase out nuclear power completely?

    • Phase out the heavy water reactors, they produce so much more waste than the breeder type reactors which take spent fuel and turn it back into new fuel…not positive but I read it on the internet so..

    • Nope, thorium reactors are the future of safe clean nuclear energy!

  • Glad I live upstream of the Hudson, and about as far upstate as one can get without stepping foot in Quebec…

  • Won Hun Lo

  • it’s safe until you glow at dusk

  • spreading fear without solution has no purpose…whats a fucking guy supposed to do about Japan…when the ship here is under siege by fundamentalist impersonators of themselves, trying to rule the roost..

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  • The article is bias fear mongering bull shit and not many hear read it. FFS people stop believing headlines!

  • Americans! Put a fucking lid on it and listen for once. To each other.

  • We live on this plane,we can’t do anything about the shit people who are ruling us all we can do is suck it up and carry on with our lives. Or we can wake up and kick the shitters out of office that will require a mental shift in every one it is simple but it won’t happen because most are just simple

  • Adam Mufford

  • Bloody Hell…

  • That explains mayor Bloomberg and gov. Cuomo!

  • There is no such thing as safe nuclear power. There is only … it is safe for now. Every nuclear reactor has the potential to leak or melt down if the right circumstances happen. If the power were to go off and the backup power systems ran out…thats it. Melt Down. We need to replace ALL of these Nuclear Plants and replace them with solar or something else before that happens.

    • Thorium reactors. Virtually impossible to have a meltdown.

  • I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this.
    Caeli Jack

  • Mushrooms better

  • Factor in the overall cost of nuclear power, accidents included, against the renewable alternatives, enjoy !

  • Americans like that sort of thing, Because god will save them…

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  • This was there intention to sicken kill the populas. Eurogenics . sick and stupid population is much easier to control. Illuminati.

  • American Gernoble?

  • JESUS.

  • All part of the plan. Wake up.

  • Apparently the site is aiming for the monicker “The Free From Thought Project.” You’re spewing pure antinuclear propaganda from Cuomo? You’re using a laughable concept like “cancer clusters,” too. Would you be shocked to find out that some of the northeast’s best cancer treatment goes down in the plant radius, too? Good god people. Those environmental groups have been opposed to the plant since before it went online! Using the same bullshit. The Governor is trying to win back support after pissing off his public union base by sucking up to the greenies. He got a boost when he banned fracking and sees this as a next step. He uses a made up number like 65,000% (you can’t have more than 100%) as a scare tactic. And there’s no hard numbers. How much is allowed? What is 65 times that number, and what is it versus background radiation, or radiation from other sources? How about using some skepticism when dealing with government propaganda next time, Free Thought Project.

  • Just so all you idiots know. You are exposed to radiation every day of your life while living on planet earth. That big fire ball in the sky.. yupp. It emits radiation.

  • It’s the cleanest power available. They said. It’s the safest power available. They said. The waste won’t be a problem. They said. So what could possibly go wrong?

  • Radiation in NY, Methane in CA and TX, lead poisoned water in MI, ban on legislation banning fracking…. And with the aerosol spraying in our skies, seems like the pattern is quite clear

  • Where is main stream media?

  • nyc

    Many good points here. But footnote 187 in the Coastal Zone Management Assessment (I’m assuming it’s the 2015 report mentioned on Energy Matters) suggests that the material about “radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137,” etc. dates back to a License Renewal Application from April 2007, and does not refer to the recent tritium leak …


  • Leslie Corrice

    Tritium is the weakest radioactive emission in the Universe. Its Beta cannot penetrate the outer layer of dead skin, and if ingested the Beta can only migrate less than a millimeter before being attenuated. The minimum concentration to cause non-cancerous tumors in mice is 37,000,000 Becquerels per liter…more than 10,000 times greater than the innocuous release found in one piezometer at Indian Point. The only danger in Tritium is scare-mongering postings like this one.

  • davetb1956

    In other news spokesmen for the Indian Point Power Plant said there is no correlation between the fact that people who are glowing in the dark who live near the nuclear plant glow brighter the closer to the power plant they live.

    • billdeserthills

      Right, and it’s interesting because it sounds much like the same thing the Fukushima plant people were saying as well…

  • shave1

    So if we include some real science in the article…

    Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen, which allows it to readily bind to hydroxyl radicals, forming tritiated water (HTO), and to carbon atoms. Since tritium is a low energy beta emitter, it is not dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate the skin),[20] but it can be a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water, or absorbed through the skin.[21][22][23][24] HTO has a short biological half-life in the human body of 7 to 14 days, which both reduces the total effects of single-incident ingestion and precludes long-term bioaccumulation of HTO from the environment.[23][25] Biological half life of tritiated water in human body, which is a measure of body water turn over, varies with season. Studies on biological half life of occupational radiation workers for free water tritium in the coastal region of Karnataka, India show that the biological half life in winter season is twice that of the summer season.[26]


    • nathan sandiego

      Thanks for nothing? What are you trying to say here buddy

      • shave1

        I guess you can’t read… what the article claim is dangerous is in fact not. If you touch tritium, it will harm you as much as random dust in your house. If you eat it, it leaves your body in a week and nothing much happens.

        • nathan sandiego

          i dont know where you get your information… but tritium stays in your body a lot longer than a week pal.

          • Ablinken

            Having a nice conversation with yourself? Nut?

          • nathan sandiego

            you must be a little slow… those were all replies to this fool’s post.

        • nathan sandiego

          Tritiated water is associated with significantly

          decreased weight of brain and genital

          tract organs in mice (Torok) and can cause

          irreversible loss of female germ cells in both

          mice and monkeys even at low concentrations.

          (Dobson, 1979)

        • nathan sandiego

          Studies indicate that lower doses of

          tritium can cause more cell death (Dobson,

          1976), mutations (Ito) and chromosome

          damage (Hori) per dose than higher tritium

          doses. Tritium can impart damage which is

          two or more times greater per dose than either

          x-rays or gamma rays. (Straume) (Dobson,


        • nathan sandiego


        • nathan sandiego

          While tritiated water may be

          cleared from the human body in about 10

          days (Garland), if a person lives in an area

          where tritium contamination continues, he or

          she can experience chronic exposure to tritium.

          (Laskey) Tritium from tritiated water

          can become incorporated into DNA, the molecular

          basis of heredity for living organisms.

          DNA is especially sensitive to radiation.

          (Hori) A cell’s exposure to tritium

          bound in DNA can be even more toxic than

          its exposure to tritium in water.


    • nathan sandiego
    • nathan sandiego


  • disqus_40zCI8Mehq

    Typical response from Chuckles, placing economic considerations above safety failures at the plant! I wonder how far away he lives from the plant and if they supply power to his home!