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Appalling Video Shows Cowardly Cop Taser a Non-Violent 74-Year-old Man, Leading to His Death

Deming, NM — 74-year-old Roger Charlet recently died in a hospital just a week after police used a taser on him during a traffic stop. On January 4th, Charlet was pulled over by police on Interstate 10 and was accused of being drunk. He was quickly ripped from his car and tased without being given any chance to comply and leave willingly. Police claim that he was “resisting arrest,” however, the video clearly shows that he was not a threat and had no chance of getting away.

Peter Simonson, Executive Director for the ACLU of New Mexico told KRQE that the video clearly shows the officer was in the wrong.

“From all accounts, it looks like an excessive use of force to me. It looks like they didn’t give him much time to comply before they fired the electronic control device,”
Simonson said

“At the end of the day, maybe this complies with their policy, maybe this complies with federal law around the use of lethal force, but did it have to go this way?”
he added.

Charlet was immediately taken to the hospital after the attack, where he died eight days later, and his family believes that he died as a result of heart complications caused by the taser.

Simonson agrees, and pointed to a report by the ACLU of Northern California that said, “According to Dr. Zian Tseng, cardiologist at the University of California at San Francisco, if the Taser sends its energy to the heart at the wrong time, the electricity may cause ventricular fibrillation, a state in which the heart muscles spasm uncontrollably, disrupting the hearts pumping function and causing death.”

Dr. Kathy Glatter of the University of California Davis Medical School said, “If I hit the heart or create electricity in the wrong time of the (beat) cycle, it could send the whole heart into an electrical tailspin.'”

The New Mexico State Police have been silent about the incident and have not even opened up an internal investigation yet.

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According to Amnesty International, between 2001 and 2008, 351 people in the United States died from being shocked by police tasers. Electronic Villiage has documented another 283 taser-related deaths in the United States from 2009-2014. That means there have been at least 634 documented taser-related deaths in America since 2001.  You can view the list here.

There are 50,000 volts of electricity that shoot out of a police-issued Taser and into their target.  The American Heart Association has been vocal about the fact that tasers can cause cardiac arrest and death.

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  • Please (Y) + Comment + Share this blood boiling video. Help us hold these killer cops accountable!

    • This must stop and they have to be held accountable

    • There are serious abuses of power happening that need to be addressed, let’s not waste time with these bullshit stories that are only meant to inflame. They had to chase him for 20 minutes and then had to stop him manually in the middle of oncoming traffic. He was non compliant and blocking both lanes of an insterstate with high speed traffic. Using a taser is totally acceptable. #ragebait

    • ^ Looks like we have our first copsucker folks.

    • I can’t watch the video but tazing a non- violent 74 year old is attempted murder .

    • attach 74 tazers to that piggies nuts!! we dont need him reproducin anyway!! mmmm-bacon!

    • Man, you wouldn’t know a cop sucker if one bit you in the ass. We need to be worried about things like civil forfeiture, systemic racism, and serial badge rapist. Not cops that are in seriously compromising positions who did nothing wrong, at least by my book. Just like the police, we need to hold our news sources accountable too. This article is just blatant rage bait to score likes.

    • This kind of shit distracts from real problems. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf, nobodies going to buy it when this news page presents a real problem because they squandered their trust on this kind of shit. I want change. I want accountability for police. But if you think for a moment they are all monsters unanimously trying to fuck us then you’re as much part of the problem as the crooked cops.

  • It is well known by those that use tasers that his death was caused by the device. They learn that, the taser damage does not always show up right away. Based on their knowledge 8 days is within that window. ALL officers, as far as I know, are told this information when they take their classes on it. To ignore it is to allow murder.

    • thanks for sharing i didnt know that

    • Not true….ben tasered many times…no lasting effects…most if not all taser deaths involve meth or some other stimulant.

    • One of the things that they are told is that, repeated use will result in the target dieing. What that number is different from person to person. Being tased once does not mean you will die, the more times it happens though the more likely you are to suffer a fatal injery.

  • Damn shame

  • Guy was drunk and endangered so many lives. I bet if he had killed someone while drunk driving you guys wouldn’t be siding with him. Dumb fucks.

    • Thats not the point. He was no longer a threat. Your telling me you can’t control a 74 year old man without tasing him?

    • It doesn’t matter. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. He should have thought about the consequences before he decided to risk his life and the life of others.

    • He was “accused” of being drunk; it doesn’t mean he was. And because he drove the way he did he deserved to die?

  • Hes white so we dont care. Lol

  • What the hell is wrong with the police?…

  • They are killing people with impunity And dont face no justice. This must stop

  • Police are s paid gang

  • i smell a promotion in his future

  • You guys in the states don’t need foreign enemy’s…. You got enough shit to deal with

  • Did the old criminal deserve this, James??

  • Statism and it’s kings guard strike again.

  • Probably did more for his country than that cop could only ever dream of….murdered a hero in my eyes

  • Absolutely appalling cowards thugs in uniform

  • Let me find those fucking pigs I’ll kill them

  • come on american militia start shooting the murdering cops

  • Drunk driving against traffic on a highway. Refusing to pull over requiring a pit maneuver. Struggling to stay in control of the van. Very fortunate he didn’t head on collide with some family. People don’t realize assholes come in all ages including 74.

    • There was nothing in this story saying he was actually drunk, just suspected! You don’t know what was actually going on !

    • Wally Gallasch whether he actually was drunk or not, he’s still a danger to others. Do you have kids? A family? What would you do if this man, drunk or not, killed your family because he was driving on the WRONG side of a HIGHWAY? Yes, his passing is sad and probably caused by the taser. The police were a bit excessive. But try to live a day, just one day, in the shoes of a cop and you’ll realize the world isn’t actually all rainbows and butterflies. There are so many split second moments in which decisions need to be made to save not just their own lives, but the lives of others.

      Now, I’m not saying go out and kiss every cop’s ass. Not at all. But show a little respect for the fact that they put their lives on the line every day so that you can live comfortably.

    • See Anthony here is the fundamental issue here. He used force after he was neutralised. He used a taser after he had already pulled over. That is no different than killing an unarmed prisoner. He didn’t struggle once out nor did he fight back. So yes excessive force and frankly at a minimum manslaughter.

    • Blake I agree, it was after the fact he was no longer a threat. Who the fuck tasers an old man. I think a taser would be used on a suspect you can’t control.

  • “These officers never even gave him a chance to comply.”

    well, this driver behaved like an ass, not willing to pull over, then driving away again, and all that in front of traffic. he seemed like he was doing it deliberately, and he could easily pull a gun on the guys trying to get him off of the wrong way drive, potentially killing you or your loved ones.

    sure, fuck the police, amoral bastards enslaving everyone! but fuck morons, too who drive in front of me and become non-cooperative when someone warns him…

    • The dude was definitely resisting you can see when the cops first tries to grab him he leans away from the officer.

    • and i’m saying all this while i regularly comment this batch on police videos:

      #Order Followers (Mark #Passio)

      Heroes … Not (a moral examination of the people who become policeman (or soldiers) in a statist society)

      Leaders and Enforcers: Where does the blame belong?

      Message to Police

      When Should You Shoot a Cop?

      Shooting Cops


    • So for that he has to be judge by the cop and sentenced to death. Is that what our society has come to. why not taser him or call for backup if this very old man was such a threat to this trained officer

    • where did i say that? what i’m saying is that in this conflict both sides were morons, and throwing shit on only one side is a sign of bias (“These officers never even gave him a chance to comply.”).

    • This Video Will Make You Angry (#memes #intellectual self defense hygiene #outrage porn)

    • If cops had one smidgeon of compassion and humanity they would not execute people for mere traffic violations. This man was scared out of his wits as anyone with two brain cells is these days when a cop decides to pull them over. Adrenaline takes over in fight or flight response to intense fear and cops are a constant source of intense fear for just about every person in this country. Furthermore, suppose this man was confused — or maybe suffering from a physical event such as a stroke, an aneurism, a heart attack, a blood clot? So the cop, rather than consider this as a possibility and treating the man with some compassion and concern, murders him instead. No matter what this citizen did the cop had no right to taser him to death. Period. No right. And no excuse or justification. The cop should be indicted, tried, and fried for this crime.

    • irrelevent

    • Marlene Keller only their fear counts Marlene; did you not know?

    • “No matter what this citizen did the cop had no right to taser him”

      again, fuck the police… but this is not that simple.

      the cops are just another human beings, and if they have the right to get him off the wrong way and confront him for that violation, then they also have the right to defend themselves in that confrontation.

      the old guy could easily draw a gun on them from his jacket, and showed a long precedent of willingness to confront them. now, based on what i see in that video, was the use of force justified against such a weak old man, while there was a gun pointed at him? no, it wasn’t.

    • Marlene Keller Exactly right, Marlene! Too many insensitive people in this world.

  • Cowboys

  • Straight to jail with the pig, this violence and corruption is all america is now

  • Disgusting

  • If you actually watch the video you can see he does resist

  • The police are responsible for the guy’s death because they tased him 8 days prior? That really made my day!

    The cardiologists were correct, if the heart is shocked at the right moment, the heart will misfire. But it has to be at that exact moment, not 8 days later. Also, it’s not only electric shocks that can trigger arrhythmias, any trauma to the chest and heart can cause it. A while back, a kid died after being struck in the chest with a baseball at a baseball game.

  • Old lives matter.

  • Doesn’t this man have any relatives with balls?

  • I swear on my life if I am ever treated like this I will definitely be in prison for the rest of my life his wife and kids will know why I was the last mother fucker he done like that

  • Cop OBVIOUSLY high on his ego..someone who obviously didn’t have ANY power as a child or even early adult..NOW..he has COMPLETE power and its totally corrupted..abuse of power..sick and very sad for his victims…this unsuspecting victim is not the cops FIRST victim..

  • being violent is not a hurdle to use of a taser but it would justify the use. resisting, in any form, is also justification.

  • All these terrible terrible things!!!!!
    God help us all

  • The gangster thugs with badges in this video should be euthanized with prejudice. The man was obviously disoriented from the get go. It seems that being elderly is a crime to a thug cop. I have much respect for Fire fighters, Police and the rule of fair law in general. These men are criminals and should suffer.


  • These cops have no uniforms?

  • You know if have not read one article or study on why these cops abuse their power when it’s evident and they know they are guilty. Is there one out there?

  • Swine season yet

  • OMG US police is absolutely disgusting and horrible. Thank God we live in UK

  • 74 years old, n obviously confused. This is ridiculous 🙁

  • cops abusing their power again someone should shoot him see how he likes it fucking pig

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  • has his family hunted down the cop yet?

  • So he was driving on the wrong side on the highway to oncoming traffic? that’s very dangerous thing to do.. If he didn’t care about all their lives doing that stunt, i don’t really care about his

  • Put those pieces of shit in prison where they belong !

  • Until strict standards are set and enforced for the job of police officer we are all in danger.

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  • Donovan Nin

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