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USMC Veteran Facing Life in Prison Over 1 Oz. of Cannabis to Treat His...

For treating his PTSD with cannabis, a decorated Marine combat veteran is going to trial next week and face the possibility of life in prison.

State Supreme Court Justice Just Called for the Release of All Those in Prison...

This Supreme Court Justice actually applies logic to the law, and he finds no morality or rational basis in cannabis prohibition.

US Govt Finally Admits Medical Cannabis Destroys the Opioid Epidemic

An update on the government website on drug abuse indicates a massive change to cannabis prohibition — in order to combat the opioid epidemic — may be on the horizon.

Brave Mom Risks Jail to Treat Son’s Bone Disease with Cannabis – It Worked!

A Georgia mother documents her son's health benefits after using cannabis and says the risk of being arrested is entirely worth it.

Hero Congressman Openly Defying Drug War to Bring Cannabis to Sick Kids

Rep. Allen Peake doesn’t let the immoral war on drugs get in the way of saving children from debilitating illnesses — this is public service!

Colorado Bill Bans Cops From Helping Federal Govt Arrest People for Cannabis

Colorado lawmakers are flexing 10th Amendment rights to protect the freedom of citizens from the feds and the economic boon of legal cannabis.

Cannabis Use in US So High, Police Depts Now Allow Recent Potheads to Be...

There are now so many cannabis users that police departments are lowering the weed use requirements for cops — who will still arrest YOU for it.

First of Its Kind Study Finds Cannabis May Be a “Miracle” Treatment for Autistic...

A new study is showing quite positive results in the use of cannabis as a treatment for children suffering the symptoms of autism.

Paradigm Shift: Study Finds 51% of Millennials Giving Up All Alcohol for Cannabis

As cannabis legalization spreads, people can finally turn to a much safer recreational substance without fear of being thrown in a cage.

New Report Shows Selfies Kill 800 Percent More People Than Cannabis in the US

The most dangerous thing about having cannabis is the chance of police killing you over it or locking you in a cage.