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CBS News Caught Blatantly Distorting Cannabis Study, Says Legal Pot Doubles Fatal Car Crashes

Mainstream media completely warped AAA's report on cannabis-impaired driving, showing how insidious negative propaganda truly can be.

First of Its Kind Study Finds Cannabis May Be a “Miracle” Treatment for Autistic...

A new study is showing quite positive results in the use of cannabis as a treatment for children suffering the symptoms of autism.

Paradigm Shift: Study Finds 51% of Millennials Giving Up All Alcohol for Cannabis

As cannabis legalization spreads, people can finally turn to a much safer recreational substance without fear of being thrown in a cage.

Jaw Dropping Study Shows Cannabis Helps a Whopping 90% of Epileptics Who Try It

Cannabis is obliterating epilepsy, so Big Pharma and their partner at the DEA are doing everything they can to keep cannabis illegal.

First Of Its Kind Study Shows Cannabis Could Be Used in ER to Treat...

A new study points to CBD, derived from cannabis, holding the ability to treat a harmful side effect commonly present in victims of stroke.

This is Why It’s Illegal, Study Confirms Cannabis Makes You Peaceful — Alcohol Fuels...

Science gives us a glimpse of how the War on Drugs helped stifle the non-aggression movement that was gaining ground in the 1960s.
Alzheimer's disease.

Groundbreaking Study Shows Cannabis Can Counter Alzheimer’s Disease

A new experimental study shows that THC counters inflammation and toxic protein buildup associated with Alzheimer's disease.

3rd Study in Just 5 Months, Proves Once Again, Cannabis Annihilates Epilepsy in Children

The only criminal act taking place is government continuing to deny medical cannabis to suffering patients.

Big Pharma Frightened After New Study Shows Cannabis is a Highly Effective Antidepressant

Goodby SSRIs -- The study showed that non-psychoactive cannabidiol has immediate and lasting effects in treating depression.

Historic Study on Benefits of Cannabis Proves Those Who Keep it Illegal to Be...

The most significant study to date on CBD oil for seizure treatment could be the tipping point for widespread approval.