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Dangerous Precedent: Wholesaler Charged with Trafficking Marijuana For THC-Free CBD Gummies

A man was charged with "drug trafficking" for shipping a product that most people think should be legal in all 50 states.

CPS Tries to Kidnap Toddler After Mom Stopped Her Seizures with CBD Oil, Instead...

When a mother told doctors that she was using CBD oil to treat her daughter's seizures, and it was working wonders, they responded by reporting her to CPS.

Federal Court Proves Gov’t Loyalty to Big Pharma, Rules CBD Has No Medical Value

A federal appeals court ruled against the thousands of people who have experienced the life-saving effects of CBD oil by upholding the decision that the substance is a Schedule 1 drug.

WATCH: Sheriffs Look Like Clowns Bragging About Dozens of Raids for Entirely LEGAL Hemp...

Tennessee law enforcement carried out a massive sting operation to bust 23 businesses who were selling entirely legal hemp CBD products. The operation was so ridiculous that reporters called them on it during the press conference.

State Threatens to Kidnap Little Girl Because Parents Cure Her Seizures with CBD in...

The state demanded this little girl be administered a harmful pharma drug, even though her seizures were virtually cured using a legal CBD prescription.

FDA Just Changed Their Minds, Declares CBD ‘Beneficial’—Asks for Your Input ASAP

For the first time, the FDA has declared CBD beneficial and is asking for the public to weigh in on its effects to decide how to move forward.

Not Just for Humans — Watch CBD Oil Stop This Dog’s Seizure in Under...

An awe-inspiring video recently posted to Facebook shows man’s best friend can have seizures, too, and they can also be stopped with cbd extracts.

UK Reclassifies CBD Oil as Medicine Just as America Puts It in Class With...

Unlike the US, where it will soon be considered as dangerous as heroin, CBD is now classified as a medicine in the UK.

In Under 4 Minutes, Video Exposes Vile Nature of DEA Classifying CBD Oil as...

Journalist Ben Swann thoroughly explains why the DEA's decision to list CBD oil and other cannabinoids under Schedule I is not only absurd, but the agency doesn't have the power to do so.

Cops and Big Pharma Shamefully & Quietly Kill Legislation Allowing CBD Oil for Epileptic...

Cops and Big Pharma need cannabis to be illegal to sustain their profits, and they'll do anything to keep it that way -- Including forcing kids to suffer.