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Obama AND Trump Insiders Blow Whistle, Reveal Facebook ALLOWED Them BOTH to Spy on...

Both the Barrack Obama and the Donald Trump campaigns engaged in social media warfare—in which Facebook participated—to insidiously mine your private information for political gain.
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Snowden: Facebook is a Surveillance Company Lying to the World About Being “Social Media”

Snowden had this to say about Facebook. "Their rebranding as 'social media' is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense."

Woman Jailed for Complaining About Husband on Facebook—Because He Was a Cop

An innocent woman and her friend were both kidnapped and thrown in a cage because they legally criticized a police officer on Facebook, now the taxpayers will be held liable.

Facebook Keeps Secret Files on EVERYONE Including Non-Users – Here’s How to See Yours

Even if you do not have a Facebook account and have never visited the domain, Facebook is still tracking you and they are keeping all this intimate information entirely secret.

Police Announce Program to Illegally Stop People for ‘SAFE Driving’ & Facebook Owns Them

Safe driving is now a reason for police to pull you over, check the inside of your car, demand your papers, and stomp what is left of the 4th Amendment into the ground.

Facebook Tracks Ominously Specific Details About Your Life—FOREVER—Here’s How to See It

Anything and everything you have ever done or seen or liked—even blocked—on Facebook is stored by the social media company....FOREVER.

Facebook’s Ban on Cryptocurrency Just Paved the Way to Make Them a World Bank...

The reason Facebook banned cryptocurrencies could be far more ominous than simply protecting users from fraud on its platform.

Police Facebook Page Tells Parents to Respect the Gun or They will Kill Their...

The Thin Blue line police Facebook page posted a meme telling parents that cops will shoot and kill their children and the internet is freaking out.

Despite Senate Demands, Twitter, Google, Facebook Can’t Show Evidence of ‘Russian Meddling’

The US Senate Intelligence Committee is demanding Google, Facebook, and Twitter hand over information on Russian Medling in 2016, the only problem is there is none.

Facebook & Google Promise Congress They’ll Brainwash You With Their Own ‘Counter Propaganda’

Social media giants have gone a step further and promised Congress that they deploy their own 'counter-propaganda' to combat what they consider 'extremist content.'