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NYPD Cop Attempts to Shoot Fleeing Suspect, He Misses and Kills an Innocent Bystander

NYPD recklessly opens fire in a residential neighborhood, killing an innocent bystander.

San Francisco Cops Sue City for Right to Choke Citizens and Kill Fleeing Drivers

San Francisco cops say the new policy that bans choking people and shooting at their cars puts cops' lives in danger.

State Supreme Court Rules Black Men Justified in Running from Cops — Fleeing Police...

A state supreme court has now ruled black men have every reason to run from the cops.

BREAKING: Maryland Mass Shooting Suspect in Custody is a Cop With a Violent History

A Maryland cop, who was on administrative leave allegedly went on a shooting spree that left 3 dead and 2 others injured.

Officer Firing at Fleeing Vehicle Misses Driver, Kills Female Passenger and Her Dog Instead

The female passenger of a fleeing car and a dog became the unintended target of an officer shooting at a fleeing car.

Cop Runs Down Suspect with Truck, Beats & Tasers him in the Head, Dept...

The detective's body camera and a cellphone video captured the incident. What do you think? Does it look like an accident?

Cops Shoot at a Fleeing Vehicle in Traffic from a Helicopter, Causing Head-On Collision

A California high speed chase ending in a police officer shooting suspect from a helicopter highlights how dangerous high speed police chases really are for innocent bystanders.

Florida Cop Fired After Video Shows him Unload AR-15 on Fleeing Man that He...

An Orlando cop has been fired and charged after he fired 23 rounds from an AR-15 at a fleeing suspect on the other side of iron gates, 90 feet away.

Text Messages Show Officers Who Shot 137 Rounds Into Car Knew Suspects Were Unarmed

One officer fired 46 of those shots, some as he stood on the hood of the car, knowing full well that his victims were unarmed, according to prosecutors.

Cop Shoots at Unarmed Fleeing Man, Never Reports it to Department, Retired Cop Exposes...

Not until a retired cop, who witnessed the atrocity, went to the media, did this corrupt cop's department even find out about the shooting. But it was of no consequence, the department stands by their officer.