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Kevin Spacey Now Under Criminal Investigation As Mom Details Sexual Assault of Her Teen...

Academy award-winning actor and now accused sexual predator, Kevin Spacey, stands accused of sexually assaulting a teen. A criminal investigation has been launched.

‘He’s a Pedophile’—Mainstream Media Silent As Kevin Spacey Accused of Trying to Rape 15yo...

Another man is speaking out against Kevin Spacey, and he is accusing the actor of attempting to rape him when he was 15 years old.
kevin spacey

After He Flew With Bill Clinton on ‘Lolita Express’ Kevin Spacey Started Group to...

The accusation that Kevin Spacey attempted to sexually assault a child raises new questions about his foundation, which specifically targets children.

BREAKING: Kevin Spacey Apologizes After He’s Accused of Trying to Sexually Assault a Child...

Kevin Spacey was accused by another Hollywood actor, Anthony Rapp, of trying to have sex with him when he was just 14-years-old. Spacey apologized in a Facebook post.

DOJ Now Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s Special Treatment from Lawmakers

After a bombshell report from the Miami Herald, the Department of Justice has launched a probe into convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and why he got such a sweetheart deal.

Royal Family Implicated in Billionaire Pedophile Scandal as Court Case Begins in Florida

Prince Andrew has been dragged into Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal as pic of him with underage victim is listed as exhibit at new court case.

Internet Sleuths Discover Horrifying Film of ‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Pretending to Rape a...

Dan Harmon has deleted his Twitter account after a deeply disturbing film of him pretending to rape a baby surfaced online.

Judge Protects Billionaire Pedophile, Won’t Allow Damning Evidence in Child Rape Trial

A judge has warned that he will limit the "graphic, sexual questions" in a case against convicted sex offender and child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Secret Service Agent Threatens to Leak Info on Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

In a revealing Twitter rant, that some say could get him killed, a former secret service agent said he has damning information on Clinton and convicted child rapist Jeffrey Epstein.
Corey Feldman

As Corey Feldman Predicted, LAPD Just Dropped Their Investigation Into His Abusers

Just as Corey Feldman warned, Los Angeles Police were quick to decline an investigation into the sexual predators who tormented him when he was a child.