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10 Music Legends Who Were Killed By Big Pharma and the War On Drugs

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell just joined a lengthy list of iconic musicians-turned-victims of the dual demon that is the drug war and Big Pharma.

Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Wants Charges Dropped Because Castile Had THC in His...

According to the cop who killed Philando Castile for no reason, having THC in your blood is grounds for summary execution by police.
eric garner

Finally! After More than 2 Years, The Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Will Be...

In spite of his death being ruled a homicide, and the video evidence, no one has ever been held responsible for the murder of Eric Garner -- until now.
ezell ford

Cops Who Killed Unarmed Man and Kept Jobs, Suing Dept — Say Being Put...

After shooting unarmed mentally ill Ezell Ford in the back, these cops were allowed to keep their jobs, now they're suing for racial discrimination.
smelled marijuana

VIDEO: Cops Force Their Way into Home, Hold Family Hostage, Because Someone “Smelled Marijuana”

After claiming a neighbor smelled marijuana multiple cops forced their way into a home and held the occupants hostage while they searched for a plant.

As Cops Arrest Millions for Pot, The Maker of the Drug That Killed Prince...

The DEA is investigating who Prince purchased his drugs from -- but we already know who manufactures it.

Exponential Growth of Pot Sales Have States Frantically Pushing to End the War on...

The times are changing, and those who continue to throw people in cages or kill them for possessing a plant are being exposed for the vile tyrants they are.

This Cop is Being Punished for Wearing a Button Supporting Marijuana Legalization

Instead of commending this brave officer for pointing out the evil of the war on drugs, he is being punished for his inquisitive nature. You can help him.

1,100 Police Depts Just Admitted that Marijuana is Least of Nation’s Drug Worries

The DEA just released its annual survey of police departments nationwide and the results are in. Cops aren't threatened at all by weed.

“We’re Going to Blow Your Heads Off” Hammond’s Date Describes How Police Killed this...

Tori Morton, Zach Hammond's date on the night police killed him, provides her heartwrenching account of how cops immediately jumped out and began shooting.