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Federal Court Rules Medical Cannabis Patients “Do Not Have the Right to Buy a...

The federal government believes that cannabis "raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated."

Sheriff Threatens Lawmaker with Violence for Supporting Medical Cannabis Legislation

“Don’t even think about proposing, sponsoring or voting for any medical marijuana bills .... Things can happen"

Terminal Cancer Patient Admits Breaking the Law to Take Medical Cannabis

Given less than a year to live, this man chose to break the law in order to survive by treating his cancer with both chemo and cannabis.

Meet the Congressman Who’s Heroically Breaking the Law by Giving Medical Cannabis to Sick...

Legality does not dictate morality -- and this Congressman from Georgia knows it.

No Medical Value? US Govt has been Funding this Israeli Cannabis Researcher for 50...

While the US wrecked countless lives in the war on weed, it funded the brilliant Israeli scientist who discovered CBD, THC and its medical applications.

Paradigm Shift: Study Finds 51% of Millennials Giving Up All Alcohol for Cannabis

As cannabis legalization spreads, people can finally turn to a much safer recreational substance without fear of being thrown in a cage.

New Report Shows Selfies Kill 800 Percent More People Than Cannabis in the US

The most dangerous thing about having cannabis is the chance of police killing you over it or locking you in a cage.
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This Won’t End Well, Trump Names Rabid Cannabis Prohibitionist as Drug Czar

The appointment of an extreme cannabis prohibitionist to US drug czar is an ominous sign that likely indicates a coming federal crackdown.

Dear Donald Trump: You Can’t Fight the Opiate Epidemic WITHOUT Legal Cannabis

Donald Trump would serve the public well in recognizing cannabis as a solution to America's opioid epidemic and not as an enemy.

State Denies the People’s Will, Butchers Cannabis Law That Won Popular Vote for Big...

In the Sunshine State, Big Pharma and anti-cannabis propaganda groups have far more sway over lawmakers than the voting populace.