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Police Are Killing Citizens at Highest Rate Ever While Govt and Media Ignore It

Police have killed an average of over 3 people per day in 2017, and the numbers will only increase under the rhetoric used by the Trump Administration

WATCH: Dept Retrained How NOT to Kill and It’s Working — Cops Kill No...

A once very deadly department has not killed anyone in the line of duty since 2015 because they retrained their officers in the de-escalation of force.

283 People Have Already Been Killed by Police this Year, Setting Record Pace

Only because of vigilant citizen reporting do we know police officer killings of citizens is on track to exceed 1,000 deaths in 2017.

VIDEO: What Being Innocent and Homeless Looks Like In a Police State

Austin Texas police officer brutally beats homeless man for not answering his interrogating questions. Man forced to spend 6 months in jail for no reason.

WATCH: John Oliver Obliterates the “Bad Apples” Excuse in Epic Rant on Police in...

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver nailed the coffin on the, 'it's just a few bad apples,' argument about violent policing in the U.S.

It’s Time to Imagine a Post-Police World — Here’s Why Abolishing the Police is...

Abolishing American police might be our only hope to reform police brutality, violence, and skyrocketing incarceration rate.

Cops are Programmed to Kill and the Growing Epidemic of Police Shooting Dogs is...

Prepare to be outraged. The number of dogs killed by cops is staggering -- especially considering many of these cops were at the wrong home.
national guard

Sheriff Who Wanted to “Eradicate” Anti-Brutality Protesters, Calls in National Guard Amid Riots

Sheriff David Clarke, known for his hatred of the police accountability movement just mobilized a special police segment of the national guard.

US Crime is at Historical Lows, Yet Police are Militarized and Prepping for War...

Despite the lowest homicide and crime rates in decades, the State seemingly hopes for war and its police are now soldiers — for your safety, of course.

Five Incidents that Explain Exactly Why Americans are Fed Up With Police

These five horrific incidents of police violence prove exactly why Americans are fed up with cops. When innocence is harmed -- who is being "protected."