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‘If Police Rape You, Who Do You Go To?’ Terry Crews Hammers Establishment for...

Terry Crews claims he went to his agency after he was sexually assaulted by one of its executives, and it protected his attacker in the same way that police departments protect their officers.

Woman Changes Mind About Becoming a Cop After Police Rape Her in Public in...

A police officer forces vaginal cavity search of female citizen along the side of the road to look for non-existent drugs — and we call this 'justice.'

Police Finally Test Old Rape Kits and 1,000 Rapists—Who’ve Been Walking Free—Were Arrested

Police are finally testing rape kits going back months, years and, in some cases, decades and hundreds of serial rapists are being taken off the streets.

Police Caught Giving Suspects to Hospital for Involuntary Human Experiments with Date Rape Drug

Police in Minnesota have been exposed for conducting horrific experiments with medical personal in which they are forcibly injecting people with a drug they classify as a date rape drug.

BREAKING: Police Release Report With Claims the Fmr British PM “Raped an 11-year-old Boy”

On Thursday, British police released the results of a years-long investigation into the alleged pedophilia of the former Prime Minister.

Police Chief Still Collecting Paycheck After Arrest for 50 Counts of Child Rape

A police chief in LaMoure South Dakota has been arrested and charged with continually raping a child under the age of 15, dozens and dozens of times.

Blue Privilege: Son of Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Child Rape — Gets Only...

The son of a police chief in Indiana pleaded guilty to molesting the foster child living with his family, and was sentenced to only three years of house arrest.

Woman Gets $6.7mn After Being Raped by Police in Jail & Shackled as She...

After the cop who raped her got off with a slap on the wrist, a jury awarded a mother $6.7 million for enduring horrid torture in Sheriff David Clarke's jail.

Victims Come Forward Alleging Seattle Mayor Raped Them as Kids, Expose Police Cover-Up

Seattle Mayor, after being accused of pedophilia, now stands accused of covering up other incidents using the police as shields.

Police Exposed for Ignoring Child Rape Victims as Pedophilia Scandals Rock Britain

Multiple victims of pedophilia are now speaking out after their reports to police were met with ridicule and contempt and not taken seriously.