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Woman Changes Mind About Becoming a Cop After Police Rape Her in Public in...

A police officer forces vaginal cavity search of female citizen along the side of the road to look for non-existent drugs — and we call this 'justice.'

Victims Come Forward Alleging Seattle Mayor Raped Them as Kids, Expose Police Cover-Up

Seattle Mayor, after being accused of pedophilia, now stands accused of covering up other incidents using the police as shields.

Police Exposed for Ignoring Child Rape Victims as Pedophilia Scandals Rock Britain

Multiple victims of pedophilia are now speaking out after their reports to police were met with ridicule and contempt and not taken seriously.

Police Chief Confirms Fmr UK Prime Minister Raped Dozens of Children and Govt ‘Covered...

The police chief in charge of investigating the former prime minister reportedly said the allegations against Sir Edward Heath are 120 percent true.

BREAKING: Assange Releases SMS Records Showing He Was Framed by Police in Rape Cases

For the first time ever, Assange has released his version of events surrounding the rape allegation for which he was first arrested in 2010.

15yo Girl Reports Rape to School Police — They Ignored Her, Didn’t Even Tell...

After finally mustering enough courage to report her rape to police at school, this 15-year-old girl's words fell on deaf ears.

Police and Prosecutors Arrive at Ecuador’s London Embassy to Question Assange on Rape Allegation

Julian Assange is being questioned by Sweden’s chief prosecutor Ingred Isgren and Swedish police inspector Cecilia Redell is also reportedly to be present.

Cop Arrested for Using Police Status to Rape Little Boys at Home for Abused...

A Florida state law enforcement officer has been arrested and is on paid leave after two 8-year-old boys came forward with heartbreaking allegations.

“Deputy of the Year” Charged With Using His Police Power to Rape Three Girls,...

Did this Deputy have the wool pulled over the eyes of his department, or were they willing to let these accusations slide to protect their reputation?

Innocent Woman Repeatedly Raped and Sodomized by Doctors, Nurses, and Police in Search of...

In search of a non-existent plant, police and healthcare officials continuously raped an innocent woman for over 5 hours.