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BREAKING: 5 Police Officers Shot, School Locked Down in Active Shooter Incident

Two police officers and three deputies have been shot in an active shooter situation that took place in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon.

Police Union Calls for Banning of Books in High School Because They Mention Police...

Police are calling for books to be banned from school because they talk about police brutality and real life scenarios that they say breeds distrust.

While Teachers Have to Beg For Funding, Police Caught Stealing Millions From Public Schools

After police seized more than $19 million in property, less than 2 percent of the proceeds were sent to public education.

Police Release Calls on Nicholas Cruz Proving They Were Warned About School Shooting

In a show of transparency, police released the 23 calls made to 911 involving the home of Nicholas Cruz. In one of the calls, police were warned he was going to be a school shooter.

Police Kidnap 7yo Boy From School, Cuff Him Force Him To Undergo Psych Eval...

A Miami 7-year-old was arrested, kidnapped, and transported to a mental health facility after his teacher claimed he hit her and knocked her down.

Unarmed High School Sports Star Killed by Police as He Backed Out of His...

A high school track and wrestling star was gunned down by police conducting a welfare check. He was unarmed and merely backing his car out of his own driveway.

State Lowers the Bar for Cops, Police No Longer Required to Graduate from High...

The Kentucky State Police announced it will be lowering its standards. No longer is it necessary to graduate from high school to become a cop.

7yo Autistic Boy Cuffed, Kidnapped By Police, Held for 6 Days – for Acting...

A 7-year-old boy with autism 'acted out' in school — so he was handcuffed and kidnapped by police who then kept him from his parents for 6 days.

Police Kill 15yo Boy in School Parking Lot for Brandishing BB Gun

Body camera footage of police killing the teen for holding a BB Gun exists, but has been impounded as evidence.

Mom Arrested by School Cops Because Walking Your Child to Class is Not Allowed...

In the land of the free, walking your child to a classroom in her school is now grounds for police action and excessive force.