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Sheriff Arrested for Assaulting Innocent 77yo Woman, Using Stingray to Spy on Judge —...

A Missouri sheriff has been arrested on a slew of felonies including assaulting an elderly woman, putting her in the hospital.

Warrantless Stingray Surveillance Deemed Unconstitutional, Proving Cops are Breaking the Law

An historic decision by a Maryland court says warrantless use of Stingrays violates the Fourth Amendment.

Most Everything the Feds Told Us About Stingrays is False – It’s Much Worse

The most ominous capabilities of the stingray spy device and who is using them, have been secretly kept from the American people, until now.

Victory! DOJ Forces Feds to Obtain Warrants to Spy on Cellphones with Stingray Surveillance

Washington, D.C. - After initially attempting to hide their use of the cell site simulator devices, commonly referred to as a Stingray, the U.S....

Chicago Cops Used Stingray to Intercept Protester’s Conversations

Anonymous leaks government communication detailing real-time cell phone surveillance An audio recording leaked by the hacktivist group Anonymous appears to prove that Chicago police used...

Sacramento Sheriff Confronted Over Stingray Surveillance

"We've dealt with your incessant badgering of our department over these issues" Infowars.comMikael ThalenJune 24, 2014 Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones became visibly irate this week...

BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops

In an act deemed a complete betrayal, members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe council showed up WITH law enforcement on the private property housing Sacred Stone, in order to perform a warrantless assessment.

Imagine That! Police Solve Far More Murders After they Stop Arresting Cannabis Users

New statistics show a spike in police solving murders — which happens to coincide with the decriminalization of cannabis.

FBI Exposed for Letting Child Predators Walk Free Just to Keep its Hacking Tool...

Pedophiles are going free because the FBI refuses to reveal its data gathering evidence machine and methods.

Yahoo Caught Working With Secret Govt Court in Plot to Overthrow 4th Amendment

Intelligence agencies, in cooperation with Yahoo and other platforms, have been wholesale spying on ALL Americans and call it legal.