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Victory! DOJ Forces Feds to Obtain Warrants to Spy on Cellphones with Stingray Surveillance

Washington, D.C. – After initially attempting to hide their use of the cell site simulator devices, commonly referred to as a Stingray, the U.S. Department of Justice has announced a number of critical policy revisions regarding the device. The new guidelines, implemented September 3, require all federal law enforcement agencies, …

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Chicago Cops Used Stingray to Intercept Protester’s Conversations

Anonymous leaks government communication detailing real-time cell phone surveillance An audio recording leaked by the hacktivist group Anonymous appears to prove that Chicago police used an IMSI catcher, commonly referred to as a Stingray, to intercept phone calls during an Eric Garner protest Thursday evening. MIKAEL THALEN | INFOWARS.COM IMSI …

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Sacramento Sheriff Confronted Over Stingray Surveillance

“We’ve dealt with your incessant badgering of our department over these issues” Mikael Thalen June 24, 2014 Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones became visibly irate this week after being questioned over his department’s secret use of the cell-phone tracking technology known as Stingray. According to reports from ABC News …

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