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A Veteran Asks, ‘What’s Worse, a Kneeling Millionaire or 300,000 Vets Neglected to Death?’

How is a kneeling football playing millionaire more offensive than 300,000 veterans dying as they wait for health care promised to them by their country?

WATCH: Veteran Owns Police Chief & Mayor After Cops Killed Unarmed Man

After citizens took over a city hall meeting to hold police accountable for a recent killing and subsequent beating, a veteran epitomized the situation perfectly.

WATCH: Veteran Nearly Killed by Cops for Legal Open Carry, Gets Gun Back

An Iraq War veteran finally recovered his weapons from Texas police after an open-carry confrontation, fours years and $175,000 in court costs.

USMC Veteran Facing Life in Prison Over 1 Oz. of Cannabis to Treat His...

For treating his PTSD with cannabis, a decorated Marine combat veteran is going to trial next week and face the possibility of life in prison.

Exclusive: Combat Veteran Films Cops Harass & Arrest Him for ‘Pumping Gas While Black’

An Army veteran and sufferer of PTSD was arrested in Smyrna, Georgia because police mistook them for fitting the description.

WATCH: Cops Call in Backup for Veteran Paying Ticket in Pennies

A New Hampshire man, armed with a pistol, gets escorted out of city hall after he attempted to pay his traffic ticket with pennies.

Ex-Navy Seal Creates Veterans Organization to Expose Pedophiles and Rescue Trafficked Children

A former Navy Seal is organizing a group of special ops veterans to do what the media and the police have yet to do, expose these monsters.

‘Not on Our Watch’ — Veterans Promise ‘Boots on the Ground’ to Stop DAPL

A group of veterans has vowed to defend the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, saying DAPL will never be completed, 'not on our watch.'

EXCLUSIVE: Elderly Disabled Veteran Rotting in Solitary for Digging Ponds on His Own Property

Because of the tyrannical EPA, a disabled veteran was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for building ponds on his own property.

Veteran Thrown in Jail for Living Off-Grid — Officials Claim They’re ‘Just Doing Their...

This veteran has caused no harm to anyone and has only been targeted by police for the sole fact that he chooses to live self-sufficient and off-grid.