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Welcome to the Free Thought Project — a hub for Free Thinking conversations about the promotion of liberty and the daunting task of government accountability.


It is the mission of the Free Thought Project to foster the creation and expansion of liberty minded solutions to modern day tyrannical oppression. We feel that the internet has given way to a revolution of consciousness by providing for the massive and instantaneous exchange of information across the globe.

The Free Thought Project feels that the internet is a place that can either ruin or expand the minds of individuals and that choice is up to you. Hateful and obstinate ideologies cloud the web and often the minds of those who can’t see through them. We want to change this paradigm by providing a beacon of truth amongst all the lies.

The Free Thought Project is a place for people to come together, who don’t necessarily agree on all topics, but who want to see a brighter, freer, and more sustainable future for humanity.

The Free Thought Project is dedicated to holding those who claim authority over our lives accountable.

As John Dalberg-Acton famously stated:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

This tendency of power corrupting can be seen from the local postal worker all the way to the President, and in other countries across the planet. Those of us at the Free Thought Project have dedicated our lives to shining light into the darkness of these corrupt entities as we believe sunlight to be the best disinfectant. We do this to help foster a more peaceful world for our children and the children of generations to come.

We value our readers and will frequently and peacefully interact with visitors to this page. If you are new to our site, a good starting point can be found at this link:http://thefreethoughtproject.com/category/solutions/

All too often, the naysayers in the peanut gallery will tend only to point out the negative aspects of a problem and never provide a working solution. Well, the Free Thought Project feels different, which is why we’ve compiled a database of articles with potential solutions to humanity’s vast array of problems.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and we always value input from our readers. Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or our Facebook page.

All topics are open for discussion, we simply ask that you keep the conversations as cordial as possible. We believe hate and vitriol only add to the already overwhelming amount of negativity in this world. If you want to see a more peaceful world, this peace starts with you.

The Free Thought Project was founded in 2013 by Jason Bassler and Matt Agorist. Bassler and Agorist have been activists for more than a decade and have been working in the alternative media for several years. The rest of our team consists of highly experienced journalists and content creators from all different backgrounds and our family spreads from California to New York.

We have been featured on many mainstream networks around the world. However, this does not mean we are funded, or otherwise supported by any of these behemoths. Up until recently, the Free Thought Project was supported by ad revenue alone. However, we’ve recently launched an ad-free version of the site that is member supported. 

  • Dan Boersma

    The amounts found were in the parts per TRILLION to parts per BILLION levels. In other words, extremely small. To be worried about minute amounts of an herbicide that 1 of 4 WHO organizations has declared a probable carcinogen, while ignoring the alcohol classified as a known carcinogen and is at levels thousands of times higher, seems illogical at best.

    In addition, this at article is biased and highly inaccurate. I associate “free thought” with healthy skepticism and rigorous fact checking. Shame the author does not feel the same

  • Stacy Mize

    I am disappointed that “Free Thought” is so filled with bias. Consider writing with facts instead of just finger pointing, and name calling. We are capable of creating our own bias, we don’t need it spoon fed to us with large helpings of propaganda.

  • CJ Knecht

    This site sounds like another reactionary attempt at doing absolutely nothing other than patting each other on the back, posting videos, quotes from other people, and supporting instant background checks which serve absolutely no purpose other than to continue a cycle of oppression for any number of individuals. In short, you are no different than the police.

    • Chihuahuatude

      Cycle of oppression? SMH.
      “[The Second Amendment] has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word ‘fraud,’ on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.”
      — Former Chief Justice Warren Burger, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, December 16, 1991

  • Martee Hays

    Once again a site that tells you NOTHING about who’s behind it. “About us” doesn’t mention who founded the website, who is controlling the website, who is financing the website. Legitimate no agenda websites such as Politifact.com, FactCheck.org, Snopes.com and many others are not afraid to let you know who’s behind them. The poll itself doesn’t mention how many people were polled, how they were chosen or what questions were asked. This is not a poll or website with any credibility whatsoever.

  • Martee Hays

    Once again a site that tells you NOTHING about who’s behind it. “About us” doesn’t mention who founded the website, who is controlling the website, who is financing the website. Legitimate no agenda websites such as Politifact.com, FactCheck.org, Snopes.com and many others are not afraid to let you know who’s behind them. The poll itself doesn’t mention how many people were polled, how they were chosen or what questions were asked. This is not a poll or website with any credibility whatsoever.

    • Spudslee

      There is no validation of the articles or videos posted. If we believe everything we see on the internet without ensuring the info is factual, true or correct then we truly need to look deep into our hearts and souls.

    • Martee –

      You are rightly suspicious about this website. Personally, I think it to be another government or leftist George Soros funded-type, site. It’s propaganda laden. Mixes reality with deception, etc. An example is the video of the mother supposedly being beaten by cops. If I wanted to see fakery I can go to YouTube and watch some 60’s big-time wrestling.

    • JT

      I am the owner of the website asheepnomore.net and Facebook A Sheep No More with almost 250,000 subscribers. I am a 52 year old mom ….and Ive personally vetted the fine young men behind the scenes of this project of sharing the truth. I know who the actual owner is and the other fine ‘younger than me’ Americans who write for this website. They are not the “indoctrinated” norm of drones that have become the majority now. They believe in the nonaggression principle, and are so very talented, intelligent and will not be morally corrupted.

      Since I am in the alternative media myself, it would only be natural that we know of one another. I also vet theantimedi,org website and social media for I was actually working with that said owner so I do know what kind of character he possesses and if it was not one based upon true morality, I wouldn’t waste my time with commenting her.. I’m not going to give out their names because I do not know if they want to to known. I personally get called a dude all the time because unlike some alternative media who use their actual names etc, I don’t want that type of exposure. And in truth, I do command a tiny bit more respect by being a so-called dude …and because I incarnated into a female body, I am aware of the feminist movement that has the CIA all over it …a means to get the desired division of the divine sexes. Facebook stats show the 24-34 male audience is the largest for my page. If someone finds out I’m the owner of that website …they can always friend me on my personal page, but because this can be very burdensome with knowing people are counting on you for the truth about what’s going on, I really don’t want 250,000 subscribers to my social media to know who I am. It really is a burden to feel this duty to get non mainstream media out there to the pubic. Websites like this will never be on TV …as you know the media is controlled by 6 monolithic corporations.

      I am glad that you’re questioning every website that claims to promote liberty and not the slave state we’re currently existing in. I KNOW this owner and the other one I mentioned do not support a police state thats almost completed itself in America. Just one more false flag of large and multiple proportion could set off the wanted dialectic.

      My name is Julie Telgenhoff as I again, personally VET these fine young men and women for their great creative talents and good work they are doing to share information that the controlled corporate media cannot. But again, glad you’re questioning. And with every type of media …there will always be a little, what you might call, bias. These talented individuals are not statists. They don’t feel that they need a nanny state to take care of them so yes, there will be a bias there as others willingly give their power over to being a slave …because those affiliated with both publications I mentioned do not need an oppressive governmental regime to “build the roads” for them. They will unite as one and do that for one another just to not have to endure this failed system of control and oppression operating under fake democracy and freedom.

      Wishing you peace and kindness.

      • Sean Uhl

        you speak well for these people and you use certain phrases that might make someone confide in your word but I agree with the skeptics…the thing that brought me to this sight was someone else whose posts I seen, making claims to things that I do not doubt happen occasionally but are not to the extreme magnitude that he is portraying

    • Linda

      Exactly my thoughts when I saw this site being put on someone’s Facebook page. Really, Americans have lost their skepticism about things on the internet and certainly have given up critical thinking in order to sing in their chosen choir. If they are honest disseminators of information they should not be afraid to say who they are. A bit like a sensational book without an author.

  • jymetcalf

    This is a satirical site, right?

  • Angry Canuck

    While not perhaps as angry as some others posting here, I have to admit your “about us” page really doesn’t reveal anything. You could be funded by the Koch brothers for all we know.

    Who are you? Who funds you? Whom do you represent? What’s your bias, because yes, EVERY organization has a bias, but only honest ones openly admit it.

    Admittedly, I’d probably accept a statement about “we won’t tell you who funds us, we’d rather you judge us through our content”. Pre-judging is a problem, especially in the American press. But dissecting content for propaganda is hard bloody work, I’d rather you just came out and said it out loud.

    Be different, be honest. And stop calling me the peanut gallery.

  • Anon

    I’ve been banned from commenting on the facebook page because I offered a rational different opinion. “free thought project” what a joke!

  • Mason Gilbert

    Bullshit. You’re just Jewish propagandists. Any mention of “freedom” and “free thought” by you is totally phony, manipulative, and annoying. I have seen The Tyrant and it is YOU.

    • Ann Johnson

      Gilbert is a surname of Germanic origin. Maybe why you seem to be anti-Semitic?? Assumptions…….much eh?

      • Mason Gilbert

        You mean your appeal to assumption that you’re “not Jewish” because of that dime store surname? ha ha ha ha… Please. If I had a dollar for every Jew on earth who wears an impeccable “aye magoy” disguise, cultivated by their families for GENERATIONS, I’d be the richest person I know.

        • tracey marie

          more hate.

          • Mason Gilbert

            Naw, hun, it’s EMPIRICISM. Just cuz you’re
            1) totally oblivious to the sound logic behind it, and
            2) it offends your (totally brainwashed, cowardly) taste
            does not make it “hate.”
            Dropping that word is just a cheap trick for shutting down the subject.

          • tracey marie

            bigotry, racism, misogyny and anti-semitism is ignorance. I can see this site is filled with pubescent children who think this online filth makes them anarchist and cool…it does not, just makes you look foolish.

          • HellGato

            have fun then post on…

          • MrsRealism

            Totally agree. Buncha nuts.

          • Donald j cook

            i notice Your posting record is secret…does that mean You are ashamed? or, Robo, perhaps? You are unfeeling/cold/heartless enough to be a robot poster…

          • MrsRealism

            Holy chit, these people are nuts!

          • Mason Gilbert

            Yup, they’re so “plugged in” they’re unplugged from Reality.

          • Donald j cook

            More hate…what a psychotic posting Hx You have….clinically interesting… and, Your pens want for seeing Jewish people where there are none, is hilarious.

          • ADistinguishedGentleman

            Donald j cook
            Pretending to oppose “hate” is just childish. You exhibit a kneejerk hostile response to anyone critical of Jews. How did that get conditioned into you, I wonder?

          • Donald j cook

            i sense You are neither particularly distinguished, nor a gentleman; Your anti-semitism does not make it possible for any intelligent conversation with You..i wonder how hateful-stupid got “conditioned into” You ……but, then i treat people like You all the time; i don’t have o wonder: sorry about Your abusive childhood.

    • Pavels

      Not really. They seem to be the real deal. Checked them out in my numerology calculator and the’re clean. Whereas ‘AlexJones’ reads ’33’ which is the degree of Free Mason that he actually is. Kapice and Shalom to you!

    • tracey marie

      Now we have bigotry.

      • Mason Gilbert

        Well, that’s FREE THOUGHT for you.
        Or does “free thought” have to have your Stalinist PC stamp of approval?
        Wow, you PC / “liberal” types and your spiritual puppet-masters, the “Jews,” don’t really believe in FREEDOM at all, do you?!
        While you’re going around being the on-site PC Mind Gestapo, why don’t you be consistent and criticize ALL of the bigotry. You know, not just the “anti-Semitism” but also the Jewish hatred of all things European.

        • tracey marie

          bigotry is not free thought, it is ignorance

          • Mason Gilbert

            As is sooo characteristic of you PC Stalinists, your cheap rhetoric flips the truth EXACTLY upside down.
            “Anti-Semitism” is a completely justified defensive reaction to Jewish anti-Goyitism, which came FIRST.
            As such it represents awareness and knowledge, not “ignorance.” And until and unless they let go of their bigotry and aggression, it will always be so.
            Ah, but they can’t… ever…

          • tracey marie

            Politeness and civility escapes you trumpettes.

          • Mason Gilbert

            You come storming in here calling me “hater” and STUPID, and now you want to play the “civility” card. What an incredible fucking hypocrite!

          • tracey marie

            you need to calm down and learn to speak as an adult not a foul mouthed adolescent.

          • Mason Gilbert

            No, again it’s just an objective assessment:
            you ARE an incredible fucking hypocrite, and you’ll resort to ANYTHING to derail this subject.
            Nupe, won’t work, sah-reeee

          • tracey marie

            More adolescent foul mouthed screeds. Buh bye

          • Mason Gilbert

            Don’t let the door hitcha in the ass, Stalinist bitch

          • Donald j cook

            name calling–it’s all You have, mason…You could have so much more, if only You would open Your soul; it is not the blackened/twisted thing-to-be hidden Your abuse left You believing…PS: it was Your parent/caregivers who did it to You, You never asked for it..You did A-Z, 1-1,000 to get them to like You….it didn’t work…..but always remember this: it was NEVER Your fault.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Oy vey.

          • Donald j cook

            it struct k me rather like a foul mouthed pre-schooler…the logic of life is not in this fascist…

          • Donald j cook

            straight thinking would be helpful–it can happen, Mason…avail Yourself…

          • HellGato

            who is impolite and uncivil who supports trump you are confused with the Soros protesters and looters… I actually try to always be polite even when dealing briefly with Trolls

          • Donald j cook

            sieg heil, Mason…Your child abuse Hx has twisted You beyond belief…that can be helped with Psychodynamic and Dialectical Behavior Therapy…avail Yourself–Obamacare will pay for it; and You are worth it…

    • Donald j cook

      a line of pure hatred stemming from Your abusive childhood….projecting Your hate and rage onto innocents has left You burned…stop burning, stop the hatred, and may You have the Peace You have denied others.

      • Mason Gilbert

        Yup, that’s a Jew for you: first he hits you, then he screams “OW! I’m the VICTIM!!”

        • Donald j cook

          Those words are Yours….they stay with You…and Your reparable low-IQ, and Your reparable hatred, and Your reparable pre-school social skills….i will simply say; That’s what You said…

          • Mason Gilbert

            Speaking of “low IQ” and “pre-school social skills,” why do you persist in negating a priori any possibility that I have a LEGITIMATE BEEF?? You’re reminding me of certain hysterical-manipulative females I’ve known.

          • Donald j cook

            the’s what You said…and “legitimate” hardly describes anti-semitic deniers.

          • Mason Gilbert

            Yup, this here is what a JEW looks like, folks– an insufferable egomaniac asshole SO arrogant he fully expects to dictate all of your ideas and opinions to you, i.e. how you get to use YOUR OWN BRAIN!! Oh no, Donny, did I have your JEWMISSION to say that??!! Oh gee, do I give a flying fuck???
            Whatsat? You claim you’re not a Jew?? Yeah, but that’s what 95% of you fucking lying assholes ALWAYS say, Donny. You know what? Not all of us “cattle” are stupid enough to fall for the same shitty underhanded tricks over and over again.

          • Donald j cook

            yawn…..sorry that You cannot see the truth—not even if it bit You on the butt–about Yourself, and those “mentors” who gave You Your racist hatred-identity. Then again; what you exhibit is a PDO w/psychosis….You’ll never change, or even have insight….and, You didn’t ask for that…so….please become aware of the hell You create.

          • Mason Gilbert

            Oh, OF COURSE, Jew– I don’t like you thieving, lying assholes so therefore I’m the DEFINITION of “insane.” Meanwhile a Jew dressed in a tutu buttfucking a dead baby in front of a nursery school right when the buses are loading is “perfectly normal”– because he’s a Jew.

            Are you ever going to tell me something I DON’T already know about how you fucking assholes think?

          • Donald j cook

            That is what You said….

    • Benneeeee!

      Where in the heck are you getting Jewish from?

  • Chris

    Is this a reliable site for information?

    It seems very click-bait orientated and driven by hype rather than truth. Not much better from the media, arguably worse as there wouldn’t be a requirement for apologizing or correcting false statements or lies.

    • JewishGay

      Honestly, I was going to type something out but I have too much homework to even begin with this website. There is no way any legitimate academic would even deign to espouse or even read anything on this website. This is the sort of site that should be on tv – like comedy central type tv – for the absolute ridiculousness and idiocy of its grammar, authors, and content.
      The “founders” of this website did not go to college. The authors are nowhere to be found on the internet.
      This is a bunch of loser idiot low-income guys who smoke a lot of weed and think that acid has brought them to the tree of life and it’s now their job as enlightened beings to expose the injustices of this world to all of the stupid “people of the system.”
      The only thing that upsets and truly concerns me is how popular they are, and how many people actually repost their stuff on facebook.
      Find me one article published by a college graduate that has this website as a citation.

      • CassandraSays

        YOU appear not to have gone to college or you would have a more realistic understanding of how hard it is and how much one learns there. The American college graduate has attained this “honour” in a system that believes it is a human right to go to college, which can only be accomplished by dumbing down colleges to be accessible to people with double-digit IQs.

        Have you seen those polls that determine how many college graduates know this or that common and significant fact? How many do you think know about the rape of the Congo?

        • tracey marie

          so you are now attacking people who could be mentally challenged as dumb…you regulars have expressed, misogyny, bigotry and now pure hate.

          • CassandraSays

            And I include you. Describing someone is not attacking them. Nor is committing ad hominem all over the thread an argument.

            Among the dumbest ideas around is the notion that by constantly changing the preferred descriptives we are combating the negative attitudes they carry. I have around 60 years in the civil rights movement, and I have not noticed a great decline in American racism as we went from negro to black to Afro-American to African American.

            I think the best word for “mentally challenged” was retarded, which contains the idea that the person you speak of will get it if you are patient and take more time teaching him or her.

          • tracey marie

            Uh huh, always the old people who think it is okay to attack others and play princess…clue, you are rude and wrong. retarded is not a good word, autism, downs, and many other diseases and problems from gestation do not give you the right to call people retarded or worse. Shame on yo,. Cafeteria civil rights activist online.

          • CassandraSays

            If you knew anything about the civil rights movement you would know that cafeterias were front and centre.

          • tracey marie

            laughing at you…if you had any intelligence that would not have been your response.

      • Pavels

        I bet you are the kind of dumb-down grunt that thinks –

        1) the earth is spinning around at 1000 miles an hour
        2) we and all things on it are pinned to it by gravity even though NO ONE has produced a model for this theory EVER
        3) that even if we are in London and on the top side of the ‘globe’, the people on the bottom, say in Australia, are not upside down
        4) that even if the earth is spinning around so fast, we don’t feel it and planes going in opposite directions get to their destinations at the same time
        5) That the 4th tower of the wtc was demolised by an airplane at 911 even though no airplane struck it
        6) that the ISS is real and that the monkeys you see spinning around in it are actually in ‘space’ even though the DEEPEST we have ever been down into the earth is no more than 8 MILES!!!!.

        It is idiots like you that give the human race a very bad name 🙂

      • I Want To Be A Tree

        Myles, I’m assuming you’re an American by the way you argue your point with ad hominem attacks. You’ll probably have to look that up. Your trust in academia and college grads as more reliable sources of knowledge and information is completely misplaced. A college degree is no guarantee of a truly educated mind.

        You referenced TV, so let me suggest you watch the video below and all the related ones on that page. It’s a segment of a highly popular Canadian satirical show called Talking To Americans. Be sure to read the first comment by Rod Strayer, an American history teacher, who states in part:

        “The show goes on to actually interview leaders from both parties, as well as professors from liberal universities. As an American, and a history teacher, I do use this video to show how ignorant we actually are about the world around us.”

        Various segments of the show feature interviews with so-called educated people, including top politicians, governors of states, university professors and their students. The show reveals just how ignorant most Americans are in general. Talking To Americans should have a sub-title, American Idiots.


        • tracey marie

          You insulted someone while chiding them for being “insulting” oh the irony of your statement.

          • I Want To Be A Tree

            You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. It seems like you’re trying to appear intelligent by using the word “irony”, but you got it wrong.

            I didn’t chide Myles for being insulting. I insulted him for his style of argument, but I chided him for his false assumption that a college degree is an indication of superior knowledge. It clearly is not, as the evidence I provided demonstrates.

          • tracey marie

            No, I am intelligent and you and a few other posters are just disgusting low lifes. The foul language, the lies and the droning on without facts is sad to witness.

          • I Want To Be A Tree

            Wow! You reveal you your true vileness. I made a mild insult of someone else for arguing by ad hominem, one of the lowest forms of argument. I could have said far worse things about him but didn’t. And my insult of you was also mild, merely calling into question your intelligence, since you were unable to correctly understand my comment to Myles. And then you respond with an extreme insult, calling me a disgusting low-life. And worse, you ascribe (you might have to look that up), you ascribe to me things I never said (foul language, lies, droning on without facts). I have no doubt you are just one more American idiot, and probably a Trump supporter given your ugly words.

          • tracey marie

            laughing…you were meaner to me then I was too you…really

          • I Want To Be A Tree

            Now you just sound childish, exactly like Trump did with his whining in all 3 debates.

          • tracey marie

            I am just imitating you…I have one raging racist, you a child and a foul mouthed women threatening me…you guys are nutz, one day you might grow up.

          • I Want To Be A Tree

            Look in the mirror. You really are a stupid child. You just keep making things up. I never threatened you. You were the one who interfered and replied to my comment to another person, a comment that was not directed at you all, unless you identified with one of those college-educated American idiots I was talking about. If you didn’t want to be called out as an idiot, you should have kept your mouth shut. You’re a typical American, you just can’t help interfering where you don’t belong.

    • DemandSider2

      Don’t trust any, single source. But, this is one of the sites I go to to find information not available elsewhere.

      • Pavels

        There you go!! Well done Free Thought!!

    • Rambo Furum


    • CassandraSays

      My, someone has been feeding you fairytales about the media. You seem to think they are answerable to someone. Who do you think it is who “requires” them to correct false statements?

  • Jerrie Butler

    Bullshit doubled. This is an anti-government, anti-governmental agency. Best not read..and certainly not to be believed.

    • Pavels

      Jerrie, you are deep into the Matrix. Let me educate you. Go on YouTube and look up the first term campaign insults from Barack Obama directed at Hillary Clinton. Listen to them carefully. They are 100% the same thing that Trump is saying about her. Now, isn’t Hillary and Obama the best of mates? There is no ‘government’, just a charade. The US is 100% ruled by other that the two clowns that Americans get to choose every 4 years or so.

  • RBrownfield

    Seems most of the info on here is pretty legit. Just because it’s not coming from the corporate media, doesn’t mean it has no validity. They seem to take the info from verifiable sources, and present a POV that is logical. I’m not saying they’re perfect. Anyone who features Rand Paul in an otherwise powerful video, needs to be questioned about specific other issues. Not really into Libertarian dogma. Other than that, what I’ve read from here seems to be well researched, and usually well written.

    • Star

      Because it’s NOT coming from the corporate media, “corporate” being the red flag, it’s more likely to be legit. MSM is nothing more than a tool for propaganda. Thank goodness for pure unbiased journalism and legit alternative reporting. They and the brave whistleblowers are our hope for salvation from fascist rule. Based on some of these hateful comments, there are still those drinking the kool-aid.

      • Sugarsail1

        I don’t know man, there’s a lot of flat-earth, chemtrail conspiracy theorists and moonlanding is a hoax websites that aren’t corporate media promoted and I would hardly call them legit or well-researched. Assume bias in all media outlets including one’s perception of it.

        • Michael M

          Couldn’t agree more Sugarsail1…for me, the entire idea of truth comes from evaluating all sources of information (corporate mainstream or other), doing ones own research, checking sources and formulating an opinion that makes sense to the mind as well as to ones own ethical and moral foundation.

          • Sugarsail1

            Humans have a predisposition to feel their way to the truth when it appeals to religious narratives too. We think religion is put into us through indoctrination but the themes of religion are psychologically innate. Jung called these innate themes archetypes..it’ s what makes film, lore, and other story telling emotionally, imaginatively and morally effective. When people hear a narrative along archetypal lines, they become inclined to selectively interpret information in order to vindicate the archetypal narrative. This source of bias isn’t just from the media or the agenda of its funders, it’s the human imagination as well. For example, If you tell the world that humanity will destroy itself in an apocalyptic flood due to its sins of living well by burning fossil fuels while the prophets of “science” say it’s “truth” unless we repent by building an ark or an electric car to save all the animals a lot of people are going to be seduced by the prophetic narrative as “truth” since it appeals to the Flood Myth that is well known across religious lore.

        • Diana

          But have you seen that here? I haven’t. Not all alternative news is cut from the same cloth, obviously. But this site seems on point, as far as I’ve seen. It’s not a high bar to do better than MSM, in the end.

          • Sugarsail1

            nope this site seems pretty darn level headed…a rarity today.

      • LogicalSearch

        Though this website seems to do pretty good research, if you read their own description about the website and mission there is a clear bias and ideologue. The fact that they have such a specific mission is an indicator of bias. Doesn’t mean they don’t have good reporting, but you should still remain skeptical. Too many people use “mainstream” media to try and discredit traditional news sources, but they have an overbearing fear when with those spurces they should simply also remain skeptical. It is not that most their news is fake, though throughout it history it occasionally has been, but instead you should expect them to not report certain news more often.

    • MrsRealism
      • Mason Gilbert

        AWESOME, thank you!

  • Tammy Porter

    I don’t know how this crap keeps coming up on my Facebook page but I did not request this offensive propaganda. Until I figure out how to remove this, I will continue to post with equally offensive crap.

    • Dannyboy 76

      Somebody is triggered and needs a safe space.

      • tracey marie

        misogyny is a sad thing to witness, tsk tsk

        • treblehook

          Do you know what the word means?

          • HellGato

            lets make up a new insulting name for it … hmmmmm how about popaddphobia

          • Donald j cook

            wow Hell-being….Your hatred does not work…stop projecting Your hatred.

          • HellGato

            LOL My hatred works just fine, thank you very much, I did not realize it was showing, why should I stop are you the empowered thought police… am I projecting something you are able to detect on the project page

          • Donald j cook

            i’ll pretend that makes sense…oh, wait…sorry; too much word-salad.

    • Donald j cook

      Tammy…Your abusive childhood is evident…Your hatred has changed nothing, and done nothing…it has only corrupted You….please stop projecting Your hatred of humanity onto innocent others.

      • MrsRealism

        ^ What a moron

        • Donald j cook

          yawn…another reich-wing drone…drone away….it’s on You…..

          • MrsRealism

            The reich-wing drone is the one who insults someone (ie Tammy) because she calls this ridiculously stupid and offensive site for what it is; A gathering spot for conspiracy-loving nut jobs on the right and left. Just look at all the hateful comments on this site by you wackadoodles when someone disagrees. NOBODY with any sense would follow this site.

          • Donald j cook

            You do…… 🙂

          • Roozter

            This site has no monopoly on “hateful comments”! Some of the worst are on major mainstream sites i.e. MSN, Google News, WaPo, etc. The ignorance is appalling!
            Then there’s Twitter, the hands down winner for the largest amount of most disgusting foul mouthed language!

        • Michael Hill

          Look in the mirror.

    • Joyce

      I did not request this either….but I can’t seem to be able to remove it….

    • Sugarsail1

      we are not offended. When we were kids someone told us “sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us”….you might add conflicting ideas as well to those things that wont hurt you if you pause to think about them for a minute instead of emoting.

  • Sarah Faroon

    Is this related to free state project?

  • HellGato

    this actually is one of the better places for news is leanings on both sides as should be in any real logical and respectful debate

  • Janet Seeley

    I just read your article posted by a friend about George Soros being behind the protests in various cities. While most of the article seems accurate, and I personally believe that this is happening—- it concerns me that WE HAVE TO GET THE FACTS straight— the one way to get people who are NOT happy with a Trump presidency to see the truth is by digging until we find the truth. So the only detail that I feel certain is not accurate in your article is that the picture of buses put on social media to prove Soros brought people in—were not for that purpose. The buses in the photo were transporting participants in an electronics conference in Austin. The local TV station investigated the claim—- here is the link to their story:
    I feel like I spend SO much time trying to verify various reports— and people ‘share’ on FB or twitter out photos and links constantly that they haven’t checked into. There are so many ‘false news’ internet sites, that just have an agenda; there are ‘satire’ sites that some people just don’t ‘get’ that their stories aren’t supposed to be regular news. I have happened on you guys a couple of times this week— so I am really hoping that you turn out to be accurate and that you normally do very good research. If you find something wrong with the link I have found— but local TV news stations are usually a credible source—- unlike their MSM counterparts on the national scene.

  • j Dillinger

    Free Thought Project also blocks people they don’t agree with, many people who express how this site is opinion and not factual are blocked and have comments erased.

  • B Chavis

    Websites like these are needed for spreading truth and fact. It is common knowledge that the U.S. government has utilized the media (in all of it’s varied forms) for relaying their propaganda (project “Mockingbird” for the uninitiated) since the end of World War II. George Orwell said: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the future controls the past”. Cypher (character portrayed by Joe Pantoliano, in the movie “The Matrix”) said: “Ignorance is bliss”.

  • Leslie Gregory

    Dear Free Thought Project – please add my campaign to your promoted/featured items as it is a sincere attempt at your precise mission, which is mine as well. In the practice of medicine, we look to CDC to guide prevention and control of disease as their mission statement and name describes. But racism meets their own criteria for threat to public health and I need to know: How is it not a perfect example of institutional racism that Tom Frieden, its head, refuses to do so? Here’s my campaign – please check it out and share it as I’d love to have opinions and participation to advance free thought and exchange: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/racism-meets-criteria.fb52?source=c.fb&r_by=16228964
    Thanks, L. Gregory, MSBS, PA-C

  • David Edward Martin

    So tell us, which FarRight billionaire is funding this group? Are you a Koch Industries subsidiary or another of Murdoch’s black ops like Brietbart?

  • Badger Fishinski

    A corporate mind is an enslaved mind.

  • Marylou Moore

    OMG I thought of joining this group but dear Jesus you all are angry. I will let the peace start with me and excuse myself out of here.

  • Sam Sampleman
  • MrsRealism

    “some of these sites do have fact checked information” Really? which ones?

    • Leonardo Balboni

      You want me to go through every single article, video, photo of each and one of these sites? Come on, don’t be an ignorant reader. You read the news, you fact check it yourself. It’s not my job to hold your hand. If you didn’t go to school and weren’t educated in researching facts, then shame on you. However I will give you a heads up on a few —

      EUTimes.net: China invents paper that is fire proof, fact checked http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/super-paper-that-can-withstand-fire-water-created-by-scientists-1602524

      One on PressTV.ir: Iran tests Ballistic Missle, fact checked http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-ballistic-missile-test-un-nuclear-deal-security-council-resolution-confirmed-foreigners-a7556641.html

      If you want to disprove their articles, then it should be YOU that shows the facts regarding which article in question.

      • MrsRealism

        Oh, but I DO!
        Printing some truthful stories among the garbage, clickbait and conspiracies does not make a legitimate, fact-based source of real news. And those sources you list as back up? LOL Come on now! I suggest that YOU do some research on them as well. Instead of for some reason, trying to convince people to swallow crap.
        Here is but one example of this “fake” news “project”. http://www.snopes.com/tag/the-free-thought-project/

        • Leonardo Balboni

          Aha-ha, you said truthful stories. So you do agree that there is true information in there. Maybe you didn’t understand me that well, I said “SOME of these sites do have fact checked information”. You asked which ones, so I gave you a few. Of course not every news website is going to be completely accurate or true (due to misinformation from witnesses, agenda setting, false or incorrect documentation, etc…), actually a good news source is one that corrects it’s errata. However what strikes me as funny, is there’s a huge list mainstream media websites out there who are culpable to this too (and with intention), why isn’t this in the list? Just seems funny that you post a page that leans to the left and attacks the right. I do research on every news article that I read and try and come to my own assumption. But giving a left leaning list of banned websites isn’t really good, kind of feeding garbage to the garbage, how about requesting one to research the news, hows that? More intelligent, huh? Anyway, how do we know that every website in that list is garbage? Where are you facts? And Snopes is the last place I would check facts. Its has it’s own agenda too. Educate yourself on Snopes http://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2016/12/22/the-daily-mail-snopes-story-and-fact-checking-the-fact-checkers/#716789661e02

          Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you? Fact check the fact checker.

          • MrsRealism

            LOL Of course I saw that coming! I’ve seen it before and have come to expect it from certain people. So tell me, Leonardo, do you own this site What are he journalistic credentials of those who do? Why are you so intent on it’s being seen as legit? And why should it be the reader’s responsibility to have to fact check everything, as you said above,( “It should be up to the reader to see what is right and wrong with research. If the reader doesn’t, then they are liable to being ignorant.”) instead of the writer’s job to present factual information, when they to put it out as factual?

          • MrsRealism

            Aldo, Leonardo, I don’t have time for this. If you have to have the last word, go for it!

  • dahszil

    It seems libertarian based. I have mixed feelings about Libertarians. On international policy they are excellent and for peace. And they are good for ending the war on drugs and war on pain doctors, which hurts the poor, those in pain, recretaionional users, and the war on drugs benefits the private prison industry, the killer cops, big banks, fear pandering politicians. Libertarians are also good for knowing the difference between sumptuary law(laws against people who are merely different like the so called mentally ill, against our privacy as adults to socialize in a mutual consent, against drugging our kids in school). However on domestic policy it seems Libertarians want to destroy all public services and taxes and social security. for example public roads. I mean the private sector benefits from public roads just as much as anybody. a civilized society has an even balance between the private and social(public)sector. today the contracting out of traditional public services to the private sector is costing the tax payer much more for shoddy services. both the private sector and public sector must exist for a good spirit level in society as in western european countries. Rand Paul is no Ron Paul. Rand just promoted military spending. Ron never did that sort of thing. The military takes in more than half the nations budget. I say dismantle the empire and restore the US as a free compassionate republic. We only need about a tenth of the military we have. if we drastically cut our military budget, taxes will go down and there will be more than enough money for national health care, food, housing, etc fro everyone with most left over to repair and reconvert our infrastructure to sustainability and much more mass transit…..more to be said, but i’ll stop now for your sake and mine(mind, lol)

    • Gary Smith

      Hi dahszil,

      I wanted to comment on your statement about Libertarians and domestic policy. I think the reason why Libertarians (and all people who value freedom) may be against “public services” and “taxes” and “social security” is because the money that’s used to pay for these services is stolen. The government calls this “taxation” but it is – in reality – theft. If a person (myself for example) does not consent to “taxation” (I don’t), then it is theft. Unless of course the government can prove that it is somehow entitled to my wealth. I’d love to hear from any IRS employees who could explain that to me.

      Your example of public roads is actually a very common argument made by folks who think only the government can provide certain services. I’d suggest (and many others would agree), that the private sector can not only provide any service that the government does currently, but do it much more efficiently. If they couldn’t, they’d quickly be fired and eventually go out of business – that’s how free markets work.

      All of the examples you listed could – and I believe would – be paid for in a free society, voluntarily.

  • Dale

    What are your names and backgounds? schools? Curriculum Vitaes?

  • Jim Kearney

    Maybe it’s just me, but, it seems that FTP is starting to lean more to the Left than in the past.

    • Kenneth

      Was it not leftist before?

    • Peter Belanger

      I dunno looks like a site for shithead Trumpies with the way you idiots are talking about “fake news”, fuckin give it a rest already. Ignorant people go around accusing things of being “fake”.
      Fuck off righties!!!

  • Lakeshia Davis

    Fake news is a lefttard invented concept to gag anyone who doesn’t parrot their lies.

  • Shoreline1

    Good job.