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Absurd Anti-Marijuana Video is Going Viral, Not Because it’s Working – Because it’s Hilarious

A new propaganda video about pot smokers has the internet both laughing and cringing.

The “Stoner Sloth” is an actual person dressed up in a giant sloth outfit, moaning ridiculously and performing poorly in various social settings. It’s an affront to sloths and humans alike.

“You’re Worse on Weed” is the message put out by the Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Department of Premier and Cabinet. The three scenarios in this compilation involve Stoner Sloth failing at school, fumbling at the family dinner table and spacing out at a hangout with friends.

Critics are saying that using the lovable sloth character will backfire and may convey a positive appeal rather than the intended negative message. The NSW government said that its ad was “informed by research conducted by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre.”

However, the center director said, “NCPIC was not consulted on any of the creative elements of this campaign,” adding, “They have used our name to cover this campaign … We are going to ask them to print a retraction that it is based on work that we did.”

The video attempts to put an Edward Bernays influence on the idea of Reefer Madness. It uses the proven marketing technique of crowd psychology, where “the loss of responsibility of the individual and the impression of universality of behavior” are fundamental. Some people will fall for it.

Still, the absurdity of the giant fake sloth might be the undoing of the department’s “public service” attempt. Who can keep a straight face while watching it?

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The idea that using cannabis will, in itself, cause one to fail in all things is not supported by reality. Nor does a person need to abandon individuality—submitting to crowd psychology—in order to be successful.

The only people to fail in this public service announcement – are the ones who made it.

In the third scenario, where the teens are at a party, they appear to all be drinking out of the infamous ‘red solo cup’ which has long been used to hold the contents coming out of beer kegs. This video, whether deliberate or not, actually encourages drinking, which is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths a year.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years by human beings for medicinal and recreational purposes. Its ability to stimulate free thought and creativity are well recognized. An Australian artist, backed by a museum, said that cannabis should be used in high schools to “medicate for creativity.”

That is certainly controversial, and we do not encourage anyone to abuse any psychoactive substance. The teenage brain is particularly vulnerable to the overuse of substances.

Having said that, there are millions of successful people in every walk of life who use cannabis in a way that aids them.

Perhaps a genius and an entrepreneur can sum up the experience.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

“The best way I would describe the effect of the marijuana and the hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative.” – Steve Jobs

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  • Yeppa completely stupid commercial

  • LMFAO that is brilliant!

  • They try so hard lol

  • Yes, our governments are that clueless.

    • They know exactly what they’re doing. No profit in a fast renewable resource everyone can grow.

  • I apologize to all the sloths out there

  • Lisanne Waterschoot

  • What a waste of money! Go out & feed some poor people rather!

  • Stoner sloth makes me crave some weed =*( i want to be baked like a stoner sloth.

  • Adam Jordan

  • Diana Chad

  • Too true.

  • Athena

  • they had some government lackey come into our HS and try to tell us smoking a joint was like smoking 8 cigarettes at once because they put toxic bug spray on them. Even in my early teens I smelled BS. Truth is the corporate interests that own our government don’t want the poor and middle class spending their limited disposable income on MJ – they want us to spend it on their stuff instead. They predict declining profits if MJ is taken off schedule 1 listing so they pull strings in DC and local governments to fight legalization and to spread anti MJ propaganda

  • Ha Ha! What the hell? LMAO!

  • Guess I’m a Stoner Sloth,LOL But way more functional

  • It’s as silly as this PSA classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo

  • Really

  • Alec Baronousky David Spencer

  • The types of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis for adults:

    1. The Bible-thumper: Those who have never read Genesis 1:11, 1:29, 9:3, and Ecclesiasticus 38:4 or just ignore them.

    2. The Authoritarian: Those that think that people have the right to tell another peaceable person what they can or cannot put on or in their own body under threat of physical and monetary punishment.

    3. The Sheep: Those who just do as they are told without question and think the government knows what’s best for them. Remember, slavery was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Segregation was legal. Never use the state as a metric of ethics.

    4. The Over Protective Parent: Those who don’t want it in the hands of children, yet they probably have alcohol and prescription drugs in the fridge or cupboard, not realizing that those can kill their children and cannabis cannot.

    5. The Ignorant: Those who think that it can kill you even though it has an ED50:LD50 of between 1:20,000-1:40,000; and those who think it has no medicinal value even though we have things like Marinol and U.S. Patent #6630507. Those that think smoking cannabis is the only way to ingest it and those that think it kills brain cells. http://www.drugpolicy.org/blog/does-marijuana-kill-brain-cells

    6. The Idiot: Those who aren’t intelligent enough to realize that something that can’t kill you (cannabis) is unequivocally less dangerous than something that can kill you (alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, nicotine, prescription drugs). It is a safer alternative to lethal, recreational chemicals.

    7. The A**hole: Those who don’t want to admit that they have been wrong all these years and/or have punished someone for it.

    8. The Pig: Those who enjoy depriving humans of their life, liberty, happiness, loved ones and possessions over non-violent, victim-less acts such as possessing an all-natural and 100% non-lethal plant. Also, anyone who benefits from asset forfeiture. Cops, judges, prosecutors.

    9. The Greedy: Those who stand to lose money if it was legalized nationally. Cops, judges, prosecutors, cartels, the private prison system, oil companies, Big Pharma, lumber industries, alcohol companies, tobacco companies, etc.

    10. The Hypocrites: Those who think it makes you dumb, yet they will never be as intelligent as Carl Sagan; those who think it makes you lazy, yet will never be as physically adept as Micheal Phelps; and those who think it makes people worthless, yet will never be as talented as their favorite musician. Also, people who drink alcohol and say that drugs are bad, not realizing that alcohol is a drug.

    11. The Nosy: Those who want it to stay illegal because they don’t like the smell of it. Even though by that logic we should outlaw cooking meat because vegans don’t like the smell of burning flesh. They probably think we should outlaw farts and water treatment plants, too.

    12. The Straight edge: The arrogant people who think that because they don’t want or like something, no one else should be allowed.

    13. The Gateway theorists: Those that think it is a gateway drug. If that’s true, Willie Nelson has some explaining to do. Also, curiosity is the only gateway drug.

    14. The “it causes crime” people: Cannabis doesn’t cause crime, prohibition does. Example: Alcohol prohibition and Al Capone.http://www.drugpolicy.org/resource/marijuana-legalization-colorado-one-year-status-report

    15. The “what message does it send to the kids?” people: It sends them the message to not ingest lethal recreational chemicals. It sends the message that intelligent people know that cannabis is far less dangerous than any man-made chemical.
    BONUS: How to talk to your kids about drugs; 1. Don’t do drugs. 2. Don’t do drugs. 3. If you are going to use drugs, choose the only one that can’t kill you from overdose.

    Cannabis doesn’t kill people, people kill people; which, ironically, makes it unequivocally less dangerous than the evil, soulless, sub-human sloppy pools of maggot ridden dog excrement who support and enforce it’s prohibition; and those that support the enforcers that have failed miserably at their endeavor to eradicate it from our country.

    • With all these different ‘classes’ or types of people you name , it really would seem like there WON’T be anyone left to take cannabis as a treatment… 🙂

    • John Rellie, these are people that oppose its legalization as stated in the very first line. If one doesn’t oppose its legalization, none of these apply to them.

    • That was incredibly well stated and thoroughly thought out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh for shit sake… that video was absolutely beyond STUPID!!!! Who the HELL’s the genius… please, pull it out!!!!

  • Daniel Atari Gonzalez

  • Mean kids. Actually the stoner sloth is faster than the real ones. Besides, how should the teacher expect sloth write the test without proper fingers- outright discrimination against physically challenged.

  • I like how they’re all standing around drinking like its f***** cool

  • That is pretty lame you put the pop up so there is two choices… Losers, lol

  • but of course those good looking normal kids at the party drinking beer – thats what we want

  • Brandt Young lol this is hilarious

  • Poor sloth… It’s surrounded by morons!

  • 555

  • Gotta love the sad music though.




  • My sloth friends are wondering why they are used as the mascot for so many beliefs

  • It was amusing for about two seconds then I realised my download added to the corporate problem infecting the country. What’s worse, I have no weed.
    Don’t listen to then stoner sloth, they’re dead legal fictions and really need to loosen up with some weed.

  • I wonder if something better will ever take over the stupid attraction that weed has on society. Just stay clean and healthy, you’ll feel much better. Weed dumbs the brain down.

  • nothing will ever replace Reefer Madness as the all time best

  • we are in the process of legalizing marijuana is Canada for medicinal and recreational use….hope that helps.

  • …i thought Australia was cool. sound worse than Hillary. take the guns. demonize weed. koalas are cool and people too. govt sounds like it really sucks

  • it is hilarious

  • Osled
  • Alberto Minoleta

    Teen Sloth. New spin on the movie Teen Wolf

  • Shirley Willis

    If you notice at the party they have no issue with the consumption of a FAR worse drug, alcohol. No one ever got stoned and slaughtered a family behind the wheel of the car, or beat his/her family because of marijuana. Alcohol, however, is responsible for both…shame on you gov…the people are on to you!

  • Heinrich Evers

    That PSA has to be the most patronizing pieces of propaganda that I’ve ever viewed.

  • MarijuanaWiki.ML

    All these people who are anti-marijuana are completely idiotic. Cannabis has never killed, or harmed anyone in the whole universe. Tobacco kills 6 million people a year. Alcohol kills 2.5 million people a year. But why is it that I never seem to see any people protesting in hopes of getting tobacco illegal. People who want marijuana illegal and think it’s “bad” don’t have anything to back their claims up. Marijuana has been proven to have many health benefits. All those bad rumors about cannabis have been proven to be false. And that whole smoking weed kills brain cells was just debunked by the University of Louisville here: https://cannabiswiki.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/does-smoking-weed-really-kill-your.html I myself am a cannabis enthusiast who has witnessed the medical benefits of the magical plant. And hopefully one day we can see it legalized in every state.