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Sheriff’s Dept Demands ACE Hardware Stop Selling Heating Supplies to Water Protectors, ACE Complies

As part of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s effort to quash the movement camped in opposition to construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, national chain ACE hardware stores have been instructed by law enforcement not to sell any incendiary devices — that includes propane tanks Standing Rock Sioux water protectors partially rely on for heat in the bitter winter conditions.

In other words, law enforcement has effectively quashed the sale of potentially life-saving supplies to those encamped at Standing Rock as bitter winter conditions grip the Oceti Sakowin and other camps.

Activist and live-streamer, Kevin Gilbertt, whose video of a police offensive against water protectors on Highway 1806’s Backwater Bridge went viral and exposed barbarous police tactics, received by email a letter defining ACE Hardware’s sudden change in policy — with a contact phone number.

“Just wanted to check on a policy that I’d heard about, to make sure [of] the truth of this policy,” he asks the ACE Hardware contact, Camillia, as he recorded the phone conversation. “I’ve been informed that in the area around the pipeline in North Dakota, ACE Hardware were no longer able to sell anything considered incendiary, including propane.

“Can you confirm that as being true?”

“That is true, ACE Hardware stores in the vicinity of the recent pipeline protests have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices; so ACE’s number one priority is to protect the safety of its employees, customers, and the communities each store serves — ACE will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. ACE’s compliance is not a reflection of any corporate viewpoint on the actual pipeline project,” Camillia states.

Local law enforcement officials have apparently taken it upon themselves to determine precisely how North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple’s recent emergency, mandatory evacuation should be interpreted.

On Tuesday, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department first announced plans for a blockade on incoming supplies — including food — to the Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and their thousands of supporters camped near Cannon Ball. Although the governor’s office quickly reversed those plans, announcing there would be no such blockade, the sheriff’s department modified blocking the delivery of supplies by stating it would issue fines of $1,000 to anyone attempting to deliver needed equipment to Standing Rock.

Dalrymple’s emergency evacuation order came as a winter storm began to grip the area — but it has been unclear whether it or an eviction order for December 5, issued by the Army Corps of Engineers has standing authority.

Thwarted by the governor, ACE Hardware’s sudden reversal of policy appears to be the sheriff’s next step in attempting to clear the camps of water protectors — but their vow to stay out the bitter North Dakota winter means a company’s refusal to sell necessary heating equipment could be asking for tragedy.

Per the letter Gilbertt received from ACE Hardware:

“Hello Dr.Scott Litch,

Thank you for contacting the Ace Care Center.

Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of recent pipeline protests in North Dakota have been requested by law enforcement officials to refrain from selling materials that could be used as incendiary devices. Ace’s number one priority is to protect the safety of its employees, customers and the communities each store serves; Ace will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Ace’s compliance is not a reflection of any corporate viewpoint on the pipeline project.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and refer to incident 2529138.

Have a great day!


Camillia H. | Ace Care Center

(888) 827-4223

Helpful is our Business – Caring is our Commitment”

Although that email and phone call were only one confirmation, other callers contacted ACE Hardware’s corporate headquarters for confirmation. In the following video, beginning around the 15:20 mark, you will hear the company’s headquarters, indeed, confirm the original account of compliance with local law enforcement demands:

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Some local businesses say they have not and will not turn any customers away — as heard around the 37:30 mark — despite strained relations between those encamped and the small towns in the area. Nevertheless, it is ACE Hardware’s acknowledgement of compliance from headquarters that remains a troubling point.

This effort to deny water protectors fundamentally necessary supplies — as temperatures dip well below the freezing mark — is a clear violation of human rights, a dismissal of law, and a tangible danger to human life.

Among those camped are tribal elders, the elderly, young children, pregnant women, newborn babies, and others. Arbitrarily depriving them of a needed heat source is a direct threat to life.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has claimed water protectors used propane tanks to improvise explosives during the conflict with police on November 20 — but no evidence, other than highly suspect pictures with no context, has ever been produced by his office.

[UPDATE] One local ACE Hardware franchise owner experienced an immediate backlash, including threats, after news about the policy to follow the law enforcement ban went viral. It must be noted that, in giving feedback to businesses whose policy you don’t agree with, rudeness and worse are entirely unnecessary. In this instance, as a franchise, this owner does not have to follow a corporate directive of this nature — in fact, he had refused to implement banning incendiary devices, including propane for heat. 

ACE Hardware’s national offices released a press statement claiming both that there was no ban and that it was unsure about the ban and had begun an investigation. That statement has been updated without further clarification about those somewhat conflicting details:

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Update: As of Thursday, Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. local time, Ace Hardware stores in Bismarck, N. D., are in-stock and selling 1 lb. propane canisters.

At Ace, our local store owners take great pride in serving their neighbors and it is our policy to serve all customers without discrimination and to follow all laws in each respective community.

We understand the concerns that have been shared with us regarding product sales related to the recent protests in North Dakota and have been working very hard to gather all of the facts from our locally-owned Ace stores that operate in the area and local authorities. To be candid, we’ve been working feverishly to unearth all of the facts, which have been cloudy at times.

In an effort to clear any misunderstanding and/or misinformation, Ace Hardware can now confirm that there is no ban on the sale of products at our locally-owned Ace stores; customers should feel free to check with their local store for inventory availability.


    Guess I’ll boycott ACE now too..
    ACE ain’t the place…

    • davidhollenshead

      Then you will actually be boycotting a cooperative, as your local ace is almost certainly not owned by the individual Ace Hardware stores in question in North Dakota.

      • TechGump

        So what. That’s how pressure is created.

      • Amor Terra

        And I’m guessing that when independent businesspeople start losing money because of the draconian actions of a couple of idiots in North Dakota cooperating with the jackboots for no particular reason (it’s not illegal to sell propane to anyone, nor does the sheriff have the power to force anyone to refrain from doing so), they might just make a phone call or two.

        • Razedbywolvs

          No. It’s not their fault and they shouldest be punished for the practices of anther store they have no connection or control over.
          If you want to be mad at some one call the sheriff and tell him he needs to fined a new job.

          • tiffani.cherry

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          • CeeEye

            It isn’t their fault, but they are absolutely connected. By all means boycott, and call them to tell them you are doing so, and why.

          • Razedbywolvs

            If that is such a good idea why don’t you stop protesting the pipeline and start protesting individual gas stations?

          • CeeEye

            The same reason one doesn’t try to protest at each tailpipe of each car…

          • Razedbywolvs

            What would that reason be?

          • CeeEye

            There are more tailpipes than protestors in geographically disparate locations. Also, the tailpipe owners are the sheep, not the wolves.

            It is as sound a plan as sweeping the sidewalk by trying to pick up each grain of sand individually.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Reduce the size of the geographical location, problem solved.
            So the tailpipe owners aren’t the problem, and the gas station owners aren’t the problem, but the oil company who makes the gas is.. I think the problem is with the sheep and not the wolves.

          • CeeEye

            At the end of 2012 there were ~ 115000 gas stations in the US. Again, same problem as the tailpipe problem. You do reduce the number and the geographic dispersion, but not sufficiently.

            I have not asserted that the problem is with the oil company — strawman rejected.

            The problem is with both the sheep and the wolves.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Why did you reduce the number of gas stations down to to 115000?
            There is 7,356,453,000 and 323,995,528 people in the US..Not the same problem. Especially since it’s easer to get everyone to protest the closest gas station to there geographical location.
            So with out assuring a problem you will protest some one or thing and expect good results.. I think my strawman is preferable to what your doing.

          • CeeEye


            I don’t know what relevance citing the population of the US is, unless you somehow are suggesting that everyone in the US is at Standing Rock, where the estimates are between 1000 and 2000.

            So with out assuring a problem you will protest some one or thing and expect good results.

            What does this sentence mean? Do you even know?

            I think my strawman is preferable to what your doing.

            I don’t know that the deployment of logical fallacy is ever preferable, but in order to comment, you would have to establish, not declare, what I am doing. If you are even aware of what you meant here.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Well you have chosen to target X business and location for protesting but you have not established to who the responsibility party of the problem. What this means is you look like a bunch of crazy people. At least if you you had gone with the straw man argument there would of been some type of method to your madness because you would be protesting a party that at least looks responsible for the problem.
            Not everyone in the US can afford enough gas in their car to drive to standing rock. So if you changed the target and increases the size of the geographical location the number of sympathetic participants also increases.
            You decreased the number of gas stations to include only the ones in the US, but didn’t shrink the number of gas stations to only the ones in Standing Rock. So you are changing the size of the geographical location but have no explanation of why.

          • CeeEye

            Well you have chosen to target X business and location for protesting but you have not established to who the responsibility party of the problem.

            Except I haven’t chosen that. This is entirely a fiction on your part. You can’t ascribe it to me. Not sure that it matters to you though…

            I don’t know why you are fixated on everyone in the US driving to SR. Do you feel somehow that 1-2k folks + 2000 vets is inadequate? They seem to be getting it done.

            You are correct that I googled ‘how many gas stations in the US’ to get to the number of gas stations in the US. I didn’t decrease to that, whatever that means, I googled it, got the answer and reported it.

            I am not changing the geographical location, whatever that means, I illustrated the delta in the ratio by posting the numbers.

          • Razedbywolvs

            If you asked google how may gas stations in the world.. but you asked google how many gas stations are in the U.S. you would of not limited the geographical locations if did not use the constant of a geographical locational aka The United States. You limited the number of gas stations by reducing the geographical location. Ironically thats exactly what i was telling to do. But unfortunately you failed to comprehend that and you have no explanation as to why.
            You have no idea who, what, or were to protest to get the desired results. So no i don’t think your doing a good job.
            As far as i have heard the vets are to there to provide a barrier between the gov and the protesters, Not to protest. But regardless if you knew how to use 2000 soldiers you would not be using them in a manner thats been obsolete since the invention of the Gatling gun.
            Are you really increasing the ratio of people sympathetic to your cause by pissing off 23,500 retail hardware stores owners by blaming them for the actions of one store?

          • CeeEye

            No, I asked for how many gas stations in the US because that is what is relevant. There is no relevance or connection whatever between the Ace Hardware (US based!) boycott and gas stations in Australia.

            You have no idea who, what, or were to protest to get the desired results. So no i don’t think your doing a good job.

            You have failed to establish that. Also – “you’re” not “your”.

            As far as i have heard the vets are to there to provide a barrier between the gov and the protesters, Not to protest. But regardless if you knew how to use 2000 soldiers you would not be using them in a manner thats been obsolete since the invention of the Gatling gun.

            It doesn’t matter why they are there. It matters that they are there, and those added numbers, are probably sufficient. No need for the other 318 million citizens to join them, as you suggest.

            Are you really increasing the ratio of people sympathetic to your cause by pissing off 23,500 retail hardware stores owners by blaming them for the actions of one store?

            How is it my cause?

            The boycott isn’t to increase public support, it is to apply pressure to the local Ace Hardware to reverse its position. Or at least recognize the cost that comes with that position.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Me “but the oil company who makes the gas is.. I think the problem is with the sheep and not the wolves.”
            You: There are more tailpipes than protestors in geographically disparate locations.
            Me: “Reduce the size of the geographical location, problem solved.”
            You: “At the end of 2012 there were ~ 115000 gas stations in the US. Again, same problem as the tailpipe problem. “
            You did not ask that, and it’s really relevant. Unless you think there is no relevance to protesting a international company outside the bounders of the us or protesting one individual store operating inside the US.
            So are the police that are abusing the protesters also added numbers to the helping? How do you know who is helping or not or how many people it takes if it doesn’t matter why their there?
            You haven’t establish that your boycott will help your cause
            because you haven’t considered the repercussion of your actions. You will lose because you don’t want to win, it doesn’t matter to you,
            you just want a reaction.

          • CeeEye

            You support my point and undermine your own.

            There are more locations than there are protestors. If your point is that you could send the population of the US to one gas station instead of having them distributed across all US gas stations uniformly, I disagree for the same reason as you couldn’t send them all to Standing Rock.

            As for the ‘explanation of why’ (I won’t even try to guess the ‘what’ at this point), your posts are barely readable. I am guessing English is not your first language. As such, you may not be aware that what you are posting does seem to have content, but it isn’t exactly clear what you are trying to say.

            I gather there is some dimension of ‘why not consider the problem globally rather than domestically’ to your post. My answer to that would be twofold. 1) Standing Rock is in the US. 2) The Ace Hardware store is in the US.

            There is no conspiracy to reduce the working count of gas stations — use whatever number you want. It won’t be greater than 318 million in the US, which is my point.

            The police are certainly also free to protest Ace Hardware. They seem unlikely to do so, since it is that body who compelled the AH location to stop selling.

            You could be right that there are some police supporting the protesters. You would have to establish that rather than just claim it.

            How is it my boycott or my cause? What actions? What will I lose/win?

            How can you establish what I want?

          • Razedbywolvs

            You want to protest the ACE store nationally, but Standing Rock locally because there both in the US. lol, Oh why didn’t you just say so. Thats a excellent explanation. You gathered wrong. I specifically said “reduce the size and location”.
            Strawman~ I never claimed there was a conspiracy. I also don’t care about the number of gas stations, because i don’t think a numbers game will work in your favor. But you think seem to think more is automatically better.
            No, im asking why you included anyone who shows up to Standing Rock is automatically an ally (more is better) You include the vets showing up as (more is better) even tho there not necessarily on your side. But you don’t consider the police showing up as (more is better) because “why” obviously does matters. I never claimed they would be on your side but I find it odd that we would have to establish that if why didn’t matter. We didn’t establish that for the Vets that showed up.
            Again, I cant establish what you want, and why you have chosen to take the actions you suggest. You cant achieve a goal you don’t have. Imagine taking the goal away from one side of a soccer team. They can still play, but they will lose. For some one who likes saying “We haven’t established that” you sure suck at establishing anything.
            My spelling and grammar are still better than your reading comprehension.

          • CeeEye

            To be more accurate, the call (not my call as you keep insisting) is for a boycott in protest of the ACE hardware not selling to protesters. Strawman.

            More gas stations changes the ratio. Don’t worry about it.

            Again, the numbers of protesters go to the capacity of the site, and to the ration as above. Don’t worry about it.

            I haven’t chosen to take any action. Not my protest. Not my boycott.

            My spelling and grammar are still better than your reading comprehension.


          • Razedbywolvs

            You were worried enough about it to make a lot of really bold assumptions but didn’t have enough balls to stand behind your convections.

          • CeeEye


          • Amor Terra

            Calling the sheriff is fine, but he’s not going to listen to out-of-state people who have no control over his re-election. The way to have influence is to hit these businesses where they live–in their pocketbooks–and say, “you’re not going to subsidize this brutality with my money.” It may not be the fault of the individual store owners outside ND, but as I said, if they start losing money, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy franchisees calling corporate, and corporate telling ND to quit acting as an arm of the SS. In short, a plan to make change happen, and quickly, before the assholes kill someone or poison the drinking water of 20 million people.

          • Morgan Morris

            why would they bother calling the sheriff? Don’t you think the more productive phone call would be to their fellow business owners? You know to tell them how their being on the wrong side of history is costing the other stores thousands of dollars in business? Don’t you think THAT might make more sense then calling a person who’s above the law and doesn’t give af about the peasents?

          • Wade Dewell

            someone should shoot the nazi sherriff dead
            and the deputies

          • Amor Terra

            Who knows? He might just want to keep his job come next election.

          • Razedbywolvs

            You don’t have influence over any election.
            Would you protest a wheat farmer because you got a bad sandwich at local deli? Your protesting the wrong business you idiot.
            Ace is a supply company that specializes in hardware (wheat). 95% of Ace is outsourced material that they restock individually owned and operated stores (local deli). Your protesting the wheat company because you didn’t get a sandwich from a deli and you think all delis should be held responsible for that.

          • Amor Terra

            Ace is a franchisor. It is not a supply company. A True Value Hardware store, or any independent, cannot order from Ace. Only an ACE franchisee may do so, and they must meet standards set by Ace Hardware corporate in order to run such a store–size, capitalization, product mix, etc., is all influenced by the franchisor. It is just like a McDonalds franchise vis a vis McDonalds corporate, and is NOTHING like a farmer supplying wheat to a deli. You might think about having an understanding of franchise law and operations before you call other people idiots–cuz it wound up pointing right back at you due to your wilful ignorance of just WTF you’re talking about.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Have you ever seen a Garrett’s McDonalds ? http://www.garretthardware.com/

          • Amor Terra

            No, McDonald’s and most fast food franchises insist that all franchise locations post only the corporate trade name. But the ACTUAL legal name of those businesses is most certainly NOT “McDonalds” or “Subway.” One franchise that I worked for a long time ago was legally named “Inland Pizza,” and was owned by two brothers, but all of its locations were “Godfather’s Pizza.” And that proves what?

          • skyp0ckets

            Then they have a personal choice to make. They can ignore corporate, which is what it will come down to eventually for all of us. How do the local stores even make this decision? By discriminating?

          • Razedbywolvs

            Their is no corporate to ignore. There not a .inc They have full ownership of their own stores and allowed to make there own decisions.. unless you demand they make you a gay cake then they have to comply because there not allowed to determinate in any way the government tells them they cant.
            I call that black mail.
            Would you boycott a manufacture of wheat to protest the taste of a gay cake?

          • Amor Terra

            They own their own stores which franchise through Ace. And in the case of Ace, “corporate” Ace is actually a “retailer owned cooperative,” so that not only is there a corporate, it is owned collectively by the franchisees. Therefore, every franchise has the interest of maximizing the value of the Ace corporate structure.

        • davidhollenshead

          True, but the comparison would be like me saying that because the local Ford Dealer tried to rip off my mom, that I won’t drive a Ford. Instead, I reported that Ford dealer and helped fix their wagon, and they lost their dealership.
          So perhaps politely contacting your local Ace would pressure the company to make a statement.

          • Amor Terra

            No, it would be like telling Ford that they should do something about the dealer, or you won’t buy a Ford until they do. And since Ford has a lot of control over its dealers, just like Ace has a lot of control over its franchisees, they’d be well-advised to use some of that control to fix the problem.

      • lily

        It is their choice to comply or not. If they choose to suffer the consequences so be it.

        • davidhollenshead

          Not complying would have consequences too.

      • CeeEye

        The way a cooperative works is that the independent retail locations are direct shareholders. Ergo, boycott makes more sense than with a regular corporation.

        • While ACE is a ‘retailer-owned cooperative’, not all cooperatives are, so please refrain from inadvertently implying as much.

          My Credit Union is, in effect, a member owned co-operative; as are many food co-ops. And there are employee owned co-ops, or employee/member owned hybrid co-ops as well. And some non-profits are non-profit, while others are for-profit.

          It matters.

          • CeeEye

            If it is inadvertent, how can one refrain from it?

        • davidhollenshead

          The Actions of a few independent locations in North Dakota do not represent the position of most Ace Retailers.

          • CeeEye

            Which is why a boycott will be effective.

          • Mrs D

            Good to know. That means more pressure can be brought down on those choosing to portray their company that way, doesn’t it? If not just for ethical reasons, financial ones should motivate other Ace retailers to rein their brothers in before they ALL pay the price. Kind of the whole point of a national boycott.

          • davidhollenshead

            Except that the idea of a “national boycott” is forcing the culprits to change their ways. And you can’t when the culprits are that few, and the unintended side effects are very great. After all the whole point of a protest is winning over public opinion.
            By the way, the refusal to sell propane tanks at Ace is easily bypassed. The Protest Camp has plenty of refillable five gallon propane tanks, which can be re-filled at any propane dealer.

          • davidhollenshead

            That won’t help win the fight for the rights of First Peoples.
            As those Ace Hardware Stores are essential for Rural Americans, including Members of First Nations.
            Put another way, if the local Ace didn’t observe the Police request, they would be facing trouble from the Police. Besides, any Propane dealer can refill five gallon tanks.

    • Guy

      Why ? Isn’t Ace, The Place Of The Helpful Hardware Man ! Where They Wish You To Have A Great Day, As They Sincerely Care About Their Commitment To The Community ??????

      How come that sounds like the same BS used by the Police as they are Beating, Gassing, Tasing And Shooting People ?????

      • Benevolus

        Why Do You protest Retards Always capitalize Random ASS letters All the tIme?

        • My2Cents

          Why do you shills always result to name calling and character assassination instead of addressing the valid arguments you are railing against? Oh, yeah, it’s because you don’t have anything worth hearing, isn’t it? How much are they paying you to be a douchebag? Is it worth it?

        • Guy

          BeCaUsE i wAnT tO ! HaVE a NicE dAy DicK hEaD !!!!!

  • David Eden

    Relying on a product supplied by a pipeline to protest a pipeline – a riddle wrapped in an enigma

    • BillieOB

      They are protesting a pipeline that would carry bitumen oil, like tar sands oil, under the Missouri River on unceded Treaty land. When it leaks, and it eventually will, it will pollute the river and their water. Propane does not pollute the river. It dissipates and evaporates.

      • IceTrey

        You know there are thousands of pipelines under thousands of rivers right now right? You should see a map of the pipelines under the Gulf of Mexico.

        • hereinWA

          And the maps of HUNDREDS of leaks. Like the one that EXPLODED yesterday not far from the Missouri River. Oh, is that information too inconvenient?

          • IceTrey

            And is everyone freaking out about it?

          • hereinWA

            Most people don’t know about it. Hundreds in North Dakota alone, land no longer usable, the public hears about ONE of the leaks. They would freak if they knew, but it’s usually way out in the sticks, so they don’t know until their water ‘tastes funny’ or ignites.

          • skyp0ckets

            if they’re not, they should be. there is a pipeline running under the Straits of Lake Michigan/Huron that is past it’s age limit. of course the company doesn’t want to upgrade it. A leak in this pipe would destroy the largest body of fresh water in the world. Period. No return. Water is finite. What we have is all we’re going to get. You want to play Russian roulette with that? The oil companies do not give two rips about clean water, nor does the government. When a leak occurs, the oil company is given a minimal fine and they never follow through with clean up, usually ‘hiding’ the damage instead of restoring a habitat.

        • lily

          You should check the explosion from the broken pipeline in MO yesterday.

          • IceTrey

            You should check any oil train derailment ever because if it’s not going to be delivered by pipe it will absolutely be delivered by rail.

        • Judith Osterman

          Most of the problem w/pipelines is that they’re not kept in good repair, as saving a few pennies is regarded as more urgent than the strong possibility of spills. Also, the execs ignore reports of problems. They could be made much safer, if that were a priority.

        • frboothe

          so…one more bad decision on top of others ain’t so bad? Is that what you’re saying? They have a right to their land, the same crappy land the US gave them after it took their first land from them…bout time we honor something in our history with the native tribes

        • BillieOB

          Yeah, so what does that have to do with the proposed pipeline on Standing Rock Treaty land? Should I not care if my child is being murdered because children all over the world are murdered?

      • Judith Osterman

        Not bitumen, but fracked, “tight” oil from the Bakken fields.

      • David Eden

        That may be but propane is a by product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining both of which are moved by pipelines

        • BillieOB

          It is obvious that you are just trying to find something to discredit the cause and concerns of the Standing Rock Tribe.
          You are comparing apples and oranges here. The Standing Rock Tribe and all of the other tribes, the First Nation of this land have issues with and are focusing on the oil pipeline going through their treaty land and under the Missouri River. It has the potential of exploding and will leak in the future. They are using propane and yes they put gas in their vehicles. That doesn’t mean they want or should be forced to have it in their drinking water, the water that they and their children swim in or the water they use to irrigate their crops with, nor should the seventeen million people that depend on this water that live south of Standing Rock Reservation. The governor of North Dakota and the Sheriff of Morton Co., the sheriff that asked Ace Hardware not to sell them propane live in Bismarck, where the oil pipeline was first proposed to go through. They rejected it because they said it would compromise their water source, the Missouri River and the very same reason Standing Rock rejected it. Are you seriously trying to sat that here is nothing wrong with the Sheriff being violent toward the water protectors and depriving them of their source of heat which will enable them to survive in snowy, twenty degree weather because they are rejecting the same oil pipeline that the governor, the Sheriff and the people of Bismarck did?

    • Rogue cops cost us money

      An surprised that BNSF has nothing to say?????

    • lynn

      sitting in a running car

  • tz1

    Propane is a fossil fuel.
    Maybe the protestors should go green? What did the tribe do before the mid 1800’s for heat?

    • David Christian

      From what I know of prarie tribes at that time, they burned lots of dried bison dung. Not too many bison left around.

      • Guy

        A known fact ! That one of the means to get the Indians off there traditional lands, was to starve them out, by the killing off there food source, the Buffalo. Killing and leaving the dead animals to rot in the sun, was just one of the many inventive ways that the Army and it’s hired bounty hunters, used to force the natives to move to the reservations, where they where systematically killed off !

        • Martha Nassauer

          That’s so sad…

          • Guy

            Absolute Truth. Find a copy of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee and read it ! Not only will it open your eyes to what our Government has been doing to it’s own native people, for over 200 years ! It will frighten you to realize, they can do oh so much more if they want, to all of us.

        • CeeEye

          Yeah. Just a few left. 500k.

          • Guy

            One of the neatest experiences I ever had, was when I was driving my Son & Wife and moving truck, to there new home and job in Alaska. We had to stop in the middle of the road about 900 miles after the Canadian Border, to let the Herd Of Buffalo Cross, must have been 100 or so. They had been following the stream bed and couldn’t, because of the culvert under the road. So they just hopped out and went around it. Bulls were leading and guarding the Cows and Calfs. Huge animals, 1000-2000 pounds easy. Hell of a sight. Took lots of pictures. Scared the crap out of my boy, when I got out and started snapping away. No worries, they not interested in the dumb tourist with the camera. !

  • Jason Griffith

    Across the country, ACE Hardware Stores are firebombed…

    • hereinWA

      No counter-violence, please.

  • hereinWA

    So much for their “concern” for health and safety.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    This Sheriff is going to bankrupt the county. Another lawsuit on restriction of trade / commerce, if ACE corporate gets involved.

  • Amor Terra

    Go to the Ace Hardware website and tell them you won’t be shopping at any Ace Hardware store until they reverse this.

  • James Brown
    • lily

      Everyone knows that is false. They have the fragments that match a concussion grenade with police markings on it.
      Keep trying to sell the b.s. narrative it only makes you ridiculous.

      • LukeAdonis

        It’s no use arguing. This guy is a known Klans member.

        • James Brown

          Says the guy hiding his identity while he attackes someone who disagrees with his opinion. Oh and just so you know your liberal people created the Klan.

          • LukeB33

            Dude, if you google your name all your pro kkk comments come up. Maybe you should get on that and hide them.

          • James Brown

            If you google my name then it brings up information of the singer. So why can’t you provide proof?

          • skyp0ckets

            by clicking on your name in this forum, a person can see all the comments you’ve made on various articles.

      • James Brown

        And you couldn’t add a link to back your claim?

      • James Brown

        Why can’t you show me images of the concussion grenade fragments?

    • Geezer Grunt

      You look inbred to me.

    • Geezer Grunt
      • James Brown

        Again a cowardly liberal hiding theirselve while attacking me but you won’t provide proof.

      • PJ London

        I did not give you permission to use my Picture!
        My fee for use is $100,000.00 per day.
        Bitcoin is acceptable

        • Geezer Grunt


    • PJ London

      Please include your (Sarc), as some people might think you really are that gullible.

      • James Brown

        I saw the video where the water protector claimed to be innocent victims (dog attacks) but then I saw the whole video and it was very it was very clear they was lying, you beat a dog there’s a good chance he’ll try to bit you. I go with facts and proof and not liberals who lie a lot. Sarc?

        • PJ London

          OMG you really are that gullible.
          I bet you think that the Drug Sniffing dogs actually respond to drugs too.
          I Saw a video too. the dog was in full attack mode and the protester was trying to ward off the dog and prevent it biting him.

          • James Brown

            No I saw the video the (North Dakota) water protector edited and then I saw the whole video that wasn’t edited. I believe you’re the gullible one.

          • PJ London

            We simply do not believe you. I have seen no video of any protestor beating or attacking a dog.
            Do you realise how ridiculous you sound, “a protestor beat a dog”.
            Keep gong you will make TV under the world’s dumbest commenter.

  • Judith Osterman

    They can’t stop selling propane to everybody. Can corporate prevent them from ordering tanks & propane for refills? Its so ironic that in order to continue their protest/protection, they have to rely on a fossil fuel.

  • Emily Sieger

    IF this is true, it’s bad. But Ace stores are individually owned. If you boycott one in your own town, you just hurt local small businesses. And a reason I doubt it’s true: this is a rural area where people use propane for all kinds of essential things. The store owner isn’t going to know the purpose of the purchase.

    • CeeEye

      All the independent stores are shareholders. Hurting one or any of them hurts all of them. Please proceed.

    • skyp0ckets

      Money talks.

  • Susie Que

    Well….why don’t you armchair supporters of the protestors get up off the bed in your parents basement, see if you can borrow their car and a few bucks…stop at your local ace store and drive to the protest camps and drop off supplies, including those small propane tanks, which, surely will go a LONG way to keep everyone warm since the blankets they are wearing blow off in the ND wind.

    • Bassman56

      Gosh, Susie, your snarky comment was almost funny. Try a little harder next time.

    • Sherri G

      I am a disabled divorced mom of 4 so clearly I cannot pack up my family and go support them in person. I can certainly support them in other ways.

    • skyp0ckets

      Not everyone is able to go. Support those who can and support with whatever you can donate. We have people leaving our community weekly with trucks of supplies people who cannot go are providing. Try not to be so judgmental. Some people would be a burden at Standing Rock, not helpful.

  • lynn

    They dont want you making bombs that is what an incendiary device is. Ace hardware stores are independently owned.

    • skyp0ckets

      And they also don’t want people to have heat. That’s what it really comes down to.

  • Jim Bronaugh

    If you are really upset about this illegal fascist action, then load up your truck with as much propane as you can carry and head on up to North Dakota. Running supplies to surrounded allies is an old and true American heritage. If caught it could cost you a thousand dollars but my bet is that they only catch one in ten. As an aside, most of the fine will go into the sheriffs pocket, so think about how much you will be depriving his grandchildren of when you don’t get caught.

    • skyp0ckets

      and this fining b.s., what a bunch of illegal hooey. making up laws as they go along. welcome to a facist state.

    • Morgan Morris

      You paying for the propane, gas to get to ND, any ware and tare on my car, and a babysitter for my kids? No? Then make more practical suggestions because if I could afford it I’d already be there and I KNOW I’m not alone.

      • Jim Bronaugh

        You do realize that I wasn’t talking to you. From your tone I suspect that you rarely have anyone talk to you. I was talking to those who can. I was talking to those who understand that you do what you can. I was talking to those who are fighters and not to the confused villagers who seem to get trampled in every story. I was not talking to you. I was giving a practical way out for those who can’t get fuel aimed at those who don’t revel in their weakness and limits. I was not talking to you.

        • skyp0ckets

          My daughter is housebound and still doing more than most able-bodied people, networking donations, fundraisers, etc. She blows my mind with the ways she finds to support people.

    • Wright Thinker

      The “protesters” were making bombs from the small propane tanks.

      • Morgan Morris

        That’s just the excuse the cops made when they blew up a womans arm with a flash grenade.

    • Also, head over to gofundme, and start asking for funds to support the protest. Say right on it that all funds will go towards assisting the effort, but don’t specify how as a precaution. Then have another third party actually deliver the supplies, and pay their fine indirectly if they get caught. Not getting caught yourself will allow you to continue to provide assistance longer…

      operate like an underground railroad!

  • LawrenceNeal

    The police cannot force or demand a business to do anything without a court order.

    • Sherri G

      Except if there are people in positions of power putting pressure on those owners or on the corporation, then it’s more about bullying and blackmail then about the law.

    • skyp0ckets

      That won’t stop them from trying. They make up laws to suit themselves quite frequently. Hopefully they will be sued later on, but we know what it’s like to try to prevail against LEOs.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Wouldn’t it be nice if ACE said, ‘Don’t tell us who we can sell to, but since you’re here, we don’t want YOUR business, or that of your buddies in commando costumes’.?

        • skyp0ckets

          Yes it would!

          • Alom Fox


    • Abnormal Fescue

      Which is why I suspect this whole story is BS.

      • LawrenceNeal

        It’s possible. In this day of propaganda flying thick as a blizzard, you just never know what the truth really is, unless you’re there and see it yourself.

  • Kyle Cardinal

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • frboothe

    I’m solidly on the side of the Native community on this, for the simple reason that if a company wanted to build a pipeline through Arlington National Cemetary you know where that would go. The tribe did not have a choice in where they were settled but they struggle along in spite of it. The US has not honored ONE treaty made with the native community…ever…the government has always broken the treaty. And if ACE wants to get involved when the state government is clearly in the wrong, and fail to stand on the side of the people affected, then so be it. Boycott…

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Young children, pregnant women, and newborn babies should NOT be camping in a North Dakota winter! I’m sorry to be Ms. Bossy and shit on your chance to be an eco-warrior, but this is a dangerous situation even WITHOUT cops and military standing around just itching to hurt somebody.

    If the protesters SINCERELY care about the lives and safety of their women, children, and elders, they should get them to safety before something happens that can never, EVER be undone. Again, I’m sorry to be so blunt about people who are doing a GREAT thing with AMAZING courage, but if you have babies and/or small children in the middle of this mess, then you are being an abusive parent to care more about political activism than the immediate health and safety of your own offspring.

    TAKE THE FUCKING CHILDREN HOME, PLEASE… before one of them gets killed!

    • skyp0ckets

      I don’t see this as political activism. That label reduces the importance of what is happening there, a fight for life source. Did you know that some reservations TODAY, do not have running water? That some Native people must drive over 20 miles to get water?

  • Archie

    The Sheriff’s Dept can demand all they bloody want. ACE Hardware can demand the sheriff’s department get the hell out of the store unless they’re buying something. Perhaps some propane to drop off at the water protectors camp??
    No loitering!!

  • alyosha romanov

    What the hell!

  • This is the truth about what is happening all across the United States today and why Standing Rock is important for everybody.

    Oct 2, 2016 Standing Rock – Eminent Domain and Oil

    This is INFORMATION you flat-out need to know. The oil companies, the corporations, the greed – follow the money and you get the truth.


  • December 1, 2016 UK Financiers Bankrolling Dakota Access Pipeline Builder

    In the last 5 years Barclays, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have together bankrolled pipeline firm Energy Transfer Partners and its subsidiaries to the tune of more than $800 million.


  • fogy

    How many GoFundMe campaigns have been created for them?

  • Morgan Morris

    As of 10 o’clock this morning the backlash has caused Ace Hardware to reverse their decision on this. They will be selling again to the water protectors. Story’s like this one is the reason why.

    • skyp0ckets

      Glad to hear this and thanks Free Thought.

    • Abnormal Fescue

      Ace Hardware is a cooperative. Stores are independently owned by small business people, they are not owned by Ace the corporation. Ace would not have the power to call this store up and tell them not to sell propane. If this actually happened, it was the decision of this one individual store owner.

    • Guy

      What ? More backpedaling ? From un-useful talking media idiots who change there story every 5 minutes, depending who’s boss is doing the talking ?
      Perhaps you Morgan, should go down there and get the facts straight, bring them back here and let us know the truth. Then at least we will have the truth from someone we can actually believe ! Thank You !

  • Wright Thinker

    The “protesters” were making bombs from the small propane tanks. They burned cars and threw molotov cocktails. One woman blew her hand off and tried to blame it on police actions.

    • Morgan Morris

      I bet you believe Tamir rice was a threat to the cops too don’t ya?

      • Guy

        According to mainstreet media, he was ! If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge over the Hudson River for sale, Real Cheep, I’ll sell ya ! 😉

    • Guy

      Oh really ? You know this as fact ? And can back up your information with physical proof, not just hearsay or rumor, but real proof !? If that is true, you need to get to a newspaper with your evidence of actuality and get it printed for the World To See !

      Yeah ! I don’t think so, Sparky ! Have a nice day !

  • Abz B Zbas

    what about rakes? those things can be deadly too.

    • Guy

      Not if you use leaf blowers ! We will just stand there and blow the cop’s clean to China !

  • Wade Dewell

    oh why wont be the people rise up and fight back?> why wont a group of freedom fighters shoot up and kill the nazi ss scum in nthe sherriffs office?

  • thomas jefferson

    ACE HARDWARE,is in bed with all the TRAITORS in the USA,if you shop there “STOP” your screwing your own family when you buy anything from them,most of what they sell was made in foreign countries anyway,MAKE AMERICA GREAT,it can’t be done IF you keep screwing your family by dealing with these criminals,THE pepole of america have got to stop buying from these people,THEIR REFUSAL to sell heating supplies in freezing weather ,IS THE SAME THING AS GENOCIDE on the INDIANS of north dakota,THATS TREASON….I would HOPE some will put the owners of these stories on trial for crimes against humanitly,SO THEY CAN BE EXCUTED…you can’t remove EVIL by kissing their ass………….

    • Guy

      Please go away! Everyone here knows that you are having mental problems and tend to drool and have fit’s. Really, you can’t be blamed for your condition, perhaps it’s because you play too many war type video games, or watch to much violet T.V. late at night. Maybe you were abused as a child or dropped on your head is the cause ! We are sad for you and wish you well. Please don’t hurt yourself !

  • appalled_by_religions

    This was posted over 8 hours ago on Face Book

    Good Morning Relatives,
    I just got off the phone with the owner of the Ace Hardware in Bismark and He stated that he did not refuse any propane sales. He stated the Coleman propane canisters have been sold out and on order. He did state someone also wanted sleeping bags and were declined because he does not sell sleeping bags also at his other store someone wanted plywood of which he does not carry to sell. The man seemed very distraught and explained to me that people have made life threats towards him and his family. “THIS IS A NO NO!” The Store owner also informed me people have made threats to burn down his lively hood and that too is a NO NO! I am sure DAPL conspirators and sympathizers are doing this but if it is our own then Shame on you! This is supposed to be peaceful prayer not burn your neighbors home down. I know I get upset at times too but I do try to bite my tongue. Please take your tanks to the store 805 S 7th St
    Bismarck, North Dakota 58504 and ask for Jeff the owner. Make amends and keep him as our Allie. He also stated folks could call (701) 258-6161 to check for availability on supplies. Remember they are not a lumber yard.
    The owner also explained to me that he has not declined any person from propane except someone wanting a 100 pounder and he does not carry them, but We all know there are those among us that seem to want to destroy all that our Protectors have struggled for. Remember Those who are there visiting are the Guests of Standing Rock and Just as I need to respect the fact this is a Prayer vigil and not a riot of life threats and such other bad things. It is bad enough the Sheriff has made the town look bad enough. Not all the businesses are bad there. I do believe this man Jeff to be stating the truth and his heart is sincere.

    • Guy

      Good to know and thank’s for the clarity !

    • billdeserthills

      Sounds like those ‘coleman propane’ tanks might be out of stock for a very long time too. That’s how someone at Ace hdwr, who doesn’t want to anger the police or his customers could easily handle this situation…

  • Velvetmoss78

    The local owner Jeff of Ace Hardware in Bismarck ND does SUPPORT Standing Rock and the water protectors at the camp. Morton County Sheriff’s Department fed FALSE information to the owner of Bismarck’s Ace Hardware telling him that a propane tank he sold to water protectors was the cause of Sophia Wilanski’s damaged arm when in fact the true culprit was one of the militia styled enforcement officers timing a throw of a percussion grenade specifically at Sophia’s arm in order to land a direct hit just as the grenade itself was to go off. Assuming the Morton County would not presume to lie to him Jeff was completely distraught over this devastating news. If you examine Sophia’s gruesome photos from that evening it’s OBVIOUS that a propane tank did NOT cause her wounds at all. Sophia had NO burned clothing or flesh which most certainly would have been the case if a propane tank had been involved and she would have had a LOT more damage to the rest of her body which most likely would have killed her had there been a propane tank involved.

    Jeff a small business owner at the Ace Hardware in Bismarck North Dakota has been outright going against the wishes of the parent company and HAS INDEED been selling his goods to the people of Standing Rock because he Stands With Them In Solidarity. Give Jeff a HUGE Thank You for helping the water protectors and address your concerns to the parent company itself instead of the small business owner that would Never wish harm upon Oceti Sakowin at Standing Rock North Dakota.

    Kirkwood Ace Hardware
    Jeff Hinz
    805 S 7th St, Bismarck, ND 58504
    Phone: (701) 258-6161

    The Ace Hardware Corporation itself DID INDEED put a ban on selling incendiary devices, most especially those small green propane tanks, to anyone in the Standing Rock area participating as a Water Protectors.

    Jeff Hinz the small business owner of the Ace Hardware in Bismarck North Dakota was refusing to comply with that ban because Jeff himself Stands With Standing Rock in Solidarity. He was practically in tears at the thought something he had sold was the cause of Sophia Wilanski’s grave wound to her arm which was Propaganda LIES pushed on him from the Morton County Sheriff’s Office in the attempt to coerce him to comply to their wishes of making life difficult for Water Protectors to stay where they are since the Sheriff’s Office wants them removed.

    The ONLY reason the parent company changed its stance on the ban was because of pressure put on them over a boycott put into place during the holiday sales season and it was effecting revenues.

    Contact Morton County Sheriff’s Office and SHAME them for their Propaganda LIES.

    Morton County Sheriff Office
    205 1ST AVE NW
    MANDAN, ND 58554
    PHONE: 701-667-3330
    JAIL – 701-667-3318

    No. This is Not ok. The ban should Never have been put in place to begin with.

    The business owners in Bismarck ND are being coerced to comply with a certain stance or else be ruined within their own community.

    Jeff is now receiving death threats from people all around the country that do not know the facts of the situation. His reputation and small business has been irreparably harmed because of the foolish decision that the parent company attempted to push onto him. It is Not ok for the Corporate Ace Hardware and Morton County Sheriff’s Office to have heaped this situation upon Jeff Hinz who is a completely innocent bystander that has done No Wrong Whatsoever. Accountability must be placed where it is due or else the message we send is that it’s ok to do such things up until you get caught doing so.



  • Guy

    Simply Amazing, That So Many Can Be So Passionate About A Cause, Resulting In, A Group Of Indians Standing Up To The Feds With Their Middle Fingers Extended, While All Saying, “HELL NO.”

    Then watching and listening to the Sheriff and his minions, saying one asine statement after the other. That just proves to me. Once a Dick Head, Allway’s A Dick Head ! He can’t seem to help it, because he was trained to be that way, and dosen’t know any other way to behave. I am not cutting any excuses for the fool and probably after the dust settles, he will retire and commit suicide, or at least one can hope so !

    Who really makes me worry, are his K9 Attack Dog’s. They are just mindless drones following orders and dangerous, because they will kill you, so is the National Guardsmen doing the same and equally as dangerous as well ! The hired security guards, have allready proven they are nothing but mindless mutts, who brutalize for money !

    That leaves the infiltrators, rebel rousers, weekend warriors, and others who will do a lot of harm to the group. They need to be found and tossed out on the snow, to freeze !

    I tip my hat to all of you, for your nobility and your cause, and wish I could be there with you. If I was 40 years younger I would.

    This reminds me of what we did in the late 60’s and early 70’s, for a lot of the same reasons. Then, it was about an unjust war in Asia, that men were dieing for no reason other than, the Fed’s Cause Of It. Forty years later, we buy there shrimp in Safe Way and buddy buddies ! Isn’t That A Hoot ! For what ? So a few hundred thousand of ours and there finest and bravest, can be killed for an Idea and a political statement ? Foolish Governments, Nobil People !

  • Boycott N. Dakota Boycott ACE let them go bankrupt!

  • Sink Chicken

    Isn’t “restraint of trade” illegal?

  • Drew

    When the sheriff made this demand, ACE should have asked, ‘Where in the contract does it say that?’ The gov’t doesn’t have the right to enforce preventative rules under the common law. The only way they can lawfully do so is if there is a franchise contract between you and them. EVERYTHING you sign with the gov’t creates a franchise contract. They are hidden or tacit contracts. In other words, you don’t know you’re entering into a contract and they don’t reveal MOST of the terms. Guess who wins in the deal.