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Your Activism Worked! Sea World Can No Longer Breed Orcas


This week it was announced that SeaWorld will no longer be able to breed orcas in captivity.

For the past few years, SeaWorld has been under heavy scrutiny, due to criticism from animal rights activist who say that they mistreat the whales and dolphins that they have in captivity. The theme park has been at the center of controversy since the 2013 release of the documentary “Blackfish”, which exposed the inhumane treatment of its animals.

After years of activism from a variety of groups and individuals, the California Coastal Commission banned captive whale breeding and set unprecedented limitations on how the company can hold and transport the animals.

The board also approved the construction of a $100-million project called Project Blue World, which SeaWorld says will greatly improve the quality of life for the whales that they have captive. The new project will reportedly be an expansion of the pools, and an enhanced habitat, but the plan has been criticized by many activists who say that the project is “a joke.”

Oddly, SeaWorld representatives have said that a ban on orca breeding is “inhumane” and will lead to a “slow extinction.”

John Reilly, president of SeaWorld San Diego, told reporters that “A ban on breeding would sentence these animals to a slow extinction in our care.”

In a formal statement, SeaWorld later said that “We are disappointed with the conditions that the California Coastal Commission placed on their approval of the Blue World Project and will carefully review and consider our options. Breeding is a natural, fundamental and important part of an animal’s life, and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane.”

SeaWorld contends that their parks are more like veterinary clinics than zoos, because according to the company, they nurse sick animals back to health and keep them in captivity because they would not be able to survive on their own. However, these claims are mostly rejected by animal rights activists.

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In figures released earlier this year, it was shown that SeaWorld’s income dropped from $37.4 million in 2014 to $5.8 million in 2015, and attendance dropped by more than 100,000 tickets.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work, he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

  • Think steve-o made a difference here! Haha

  • Fantastic news!

  • all Zoo’s should be banned.

    • Finally, someone that agrees with me!!!! Those poor things are held against their will!!!

    • Seeing animals in zoos makes me feel sick and guilty…?

    • animals in zoos is torture.

  • Good to hear!!!

  • so, two wrongs make a right?

  • This is a Tragedy.. “‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over [have dominion over all animal life]” (Gen 1:26). Animals are not humans they do not have a soul as we do. God gave them to us to use for Food, Clothing, Beasts of Burden, and Entertainment..

    • Are you serious, Chuck? Do you really not know that animals have souls? Really??

    • When are Facebook bringing out a WTF button?

    • Yet another misguided soul using their religion as carte blanche to excuse all sorts of bad behaviour…

    • Me and 2 of my 3 boys we had a BLAST..

    • Susan Kenney Of all of the creatures on Earth God only gave man a soul

    • Michael West No I am a highly educated free thinker and not a Liberal douche suck as yourself

    • I think that chuck seems like a really humble guy. The animals were under our authority, not to be used in inhumane ways

    • I eat meat, but a quick put down is different than a life time of imprisonment

    • “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10).”

    • On the sabbath, god wanted for the animals to rest as well, if you didn’t know.

    • People like chuck are the reason christianity is circling around in the tolit bowl…

    • He has a great fucking point, I don’t agree with it by should orcas get special treatment but other animals shouldn’t? If we were eating the orcas it wouldn’t even be a question of morality

    • They are sentient, whether that means a “soul” – probably not. Regardless, we have come to have dominion over them, and I agree we don’t owe them anything. Outlaw being cruel for cruelty’s sake I guess, but I’m hesitant for anything beyond that

    • Where does the Bible say God made animals for our entertainment? Book, chapter and verse…

    • It says we have Dominion over the animals that means they are there for us to use as we see fit

    • The bible isn’t an authority on anything except who can be the most gullible. The only true law of nature has been survival of the fittest, and under that law Homo sapiens have achieved dominion over the earth through our own intellect. As such, we owe nothing to any other species

    • Hi Chuck, how are you? I hope well. I just would like to ask you if you do need any help? I mean, you seems to be suffering of a serious mental illness. Maybe you are from another planet! Or maybe you are stuck in time. Or maybe you are just a Dick head. Get lost my friend. You are a slave of the system, not even your thinking are free….

  • So they’ll just illegally purchase them or capture them themselves. Come on PETA you can do better than that. Shut this shithole down.

    • PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals…

    • Jaja, as I do eat very tasty animals. Just trying to agitate them. Lol. You’ve caught me sir. Lol

    • That’s not true. It’s illegal for them to capture wild orcas. And there’s only 58 orcas in captivity in the world and seaworld owns 23 of them. Google is awesome, lls!!

    • Illegalities don’t matter. Don’t you see that? #baaah

  • seajail ,shame to make money on cageing for entertainment for every innocent in zoo s and such.the sea world is mostly near that same called..

  • Good job, idiot activists!

  • James Parry

  • Now on to cows, pigs and chickens too.

    • Get the fuck out of here you vegan fuck.

    • Omnivore here, but we don’t need to have a conversation about it.

  • It’s a start ❤️

  • Shut seaworld down completely.

  • A fish tank is a fish tank…right ?

  • Evangeline

    • “Natural process for animals” yes but living free in their natural habitats is also a natural process for animals

    • Talking about being disappointed and how they’ll reconsider their options. How about setting the animals free

  • Poor animals in captivity. They deserve to be free.

    • Thankfully the three strikes law is finally being repealed

  • What a stupid girls

  • if they can’t Breed them, can they still hunt them? to be honest id rather them Breed the ones they have already, then kidnap many more.

  • Ziggyy Amelia Stardustt

  • From the UK, I plainly advised a friend and his family to stay clear of this nasty place !!!!

  • Kurt Wullaert

  • This only applies to California though, right?

  • Amen

  • Great… now they will just capture them from the wild (potentially)…. this is a lose, lose situation. While there is no mention of animal rights in the constitution, I still feel there is an ethical dilemma here. I would certainly say I’m a ‘constitutionalist’ and as someone who supports that, I am against restricting a person’s liberties- Therefore I do believe they should have the right to continue breeding these animals, however I’m not agreeing that it’s right or ‘ethical’. Animals belong in the wild and that’s that in my opinion. The best thing people can do is just not support something they disagree with- speaking monetarily. I for one, would not spend my money at an establishment like Sea World. If other people wish to support them, that’s their prerogative. But the market should speak for itself.

  • I heard this breeding ban was only for this particular SeaWorld location, is this true? If so, what’s to stop SeaWorld from breeding at one of their other locations and simply having the babies who have been ripped away from their moms shipped to this SeaWorld? I cannot wait for the day SeaWorld closes all of its locations permanently. It shouldn’t take public outcry, protesting or a documentary exposing SeaWorld for SeaWorld to care and want better for the whales.

    • Exactly my thought. Since this is a California ruling, I think it will only apply to the sea world there. Idk if any provisions were made to preclude them from importing whales from other locations.

    • I doubt it, Andrea 🙁 I have the same feeling since the ruling was made in CA it only applies to this location. I also worry SeaWorld will just go back to capturing the whales from the wild. Is this still legal?

    • No, that is illegal.

    • But I’m thinking they may be able to breed a whale at their Orlando location and just transport it to California 🙁

    • I guess only time will tell 🙁 I do feel better knowing they aren’t allowed to capture them from the wild anymore, though.

    • The good news is that this is the first domino.

  • Jes

  • I knew sales were declining when I saw an ad stating they don’t harm animals and to research Sea World. Yeahhhh!!!

  • Good. Those animals belong in the oceans and seas. They are not for human entertainment.

    • The breeding ban is only applicable if they take the permit to build the Blue World Project. As of now, they have not accepted the permit and are exploring all of their legal options.

    • Then the same applies to dogs and cats.

    • I agree with cats. We bred dogs and encouraged their domestication so, some of them would not survive in the wild because of us. I think it should be very difficult to own a dog, that way, not so many idiots would have one, or two-5, living in an upstairs apartment, with no job.

  • Why do people care about orcas but don’t care about the meat industry poorly treating live stock?

  • Really getting tired of the attacks on SeaWorld. Most of us wouldn’t even care if they hadn’t taught us to love Shamu. If people honestly believe the rhetoric, we have to outlaw all zoos and the keeping of pets. All animals in captivity are not living the life they would in the wild. Please put your energy into real cruelty, not perceived cruelty. 99.9% of animals in captivity of any kind (including your house) are not getting “enough” space or “rearing” there young. Worry about animals getting beat or needlessly killed. Better yet boycott everything made in China because they eat dogs and cats. SeaWorld has contributed so much to so many generations in the way of education about the ocean, it’s inhabitants, and our world. They continue to improve and save sea life everyday. Enough Already!

    • Are you seriously trying to compare domesticated animals to these orcas? Never mind…

    • You do know they didn’t start out domesticated right? Never mind….

    • I’m with kim, let all of your pets go…..

    • The space thing you are refering to is a definite issue here.

      Sea world did indeed, yes introduce us to whales, that was the first step,
      the Second step was to scientificly conclude that this is no place for them,
      third step is to preserve their home and allow them to be free.

      We can appreciate them throughout this process and yes sea world contributed to the appreciation. The ISSUE is that once seaworld knew better they should have done better and they did not….. until they are forced to… this says a lot about their ethics as a business and that is what people are mad at here.

    • I’m tired of hearing bashing too. So many animals would be extinct if it weren’t for places that help save them. If some of these animals get set free they may not survive..plus the oceans are so toxic now, and with hunters slaughtering left and right nature won’t make it much longer.

    • Except Seaworld isn’t for conservation of the species, it’s a business trying to make a profit. If they wanted to help these animals breed and live healthily then they would.

    • On my way to seaworld right now 🙂 I agree with you Kim.

    • Have you actually seen Blackfish? If you do watch it you will understand this outcry.

    • yes I’ve seen the movie, no it didn’t make me hate SeaWorld. Orcas are huge, the idea that we can give them anything they have in the wild is foolish. Parrots require miles of range but there are still hundreds of thousands in people’s homes. As humans we keep animals captive, it’s what we do. You are either okay with that or your not. The fact that SeaWorld made you love Shamu and now a movie says Shamu is sad and you must act is silly. General knowledge of orcas before SeaWorld was the movie Orca and it killed people. No one was crying about big fish in a small tank then. SeaWorld is not perfect but they are improving and have been for decades and they have done more for sea life conservation and care then just about any other organization. Should orcas be in tanks? In a world where everyone knows everything and cares about everything, of course not. This is not that world and the only way we care is if we are taught. That’s exactly what SeaWorld does. And no I don’t work for them, I just live in Florida and see what they do, not what someone said they do.

    • Kim Legg-Spencer you are so right….these idiot people who have no clue. And the hypocrisy that they wish to pass laws to limit freedoms of others…goes to show you that the wack jobs that want less laws and less police and less enforcement, we find its only when it the way they want it….smh

    • Go sea world…i wish they could open up tons more…i will be going as often as i can

  • Sarah Stephens

  • Homo sapiens have established dominion over the earth, so I don’t think we’re beholden to any other species. We are free to do with them as we wish for our best interests. At the risk of sounding cliche though, with great power comes great responsibility. We should act more as stewards than simply exploiters, or we’ll end up with nothing at all

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    Faithfully and Truly yours,
    The Lion of the Tribe of Judah,
    The Root of David,
    William Malcolm Poth

  • Oh great now they’ll just rip more out of the wild.

  • Way to bring down my favorite childhood memory you twats

  • They haven’t for yrs

  • Hooray!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • What the hell are they thinking?

  • I’ve never been to seaworld…

  • No let’s support Palestine

  • I remember watching Black Fish, and yes while children sure enjoy the “displays” is it really worth it when the creature’s life is so brutal in captivity? I would rather experience their majesty in the wild and not in some theme park run by goons. #mychildhoodwasalie

  • SeaWorld=SeaPrison

  • Need to set them free. They wouldn’t wanna be incarcerated all they life like that. Shit is cruel

  • Juliana Moron

  • So much for free thought. Lots of ignorance. Can’t wait to go back to SeaWorld. Awesome place and people.

    • How is being against animal abuse ignorance

    • You are part of the problem Karen. Enjoying being entertained by animals is not loving them. Theres a difference. Risk compassion, I dare you.

    • Humans first!

  • Fuck sake they should be prosecuted and shut down in shame

  • Sea world did indeed, yes introduce us to whales which massively contributed to our love and admiration for them. That was the first step toward preservation and understanding…..
    the Second step was to research and scientificly conclude that this is no place for them and that they are highly intelligent species highly prone to stress,

    third step and the next step, is to preserve their home and allow them to be free.

    The ISSUE is that once seaworld knew better they should have done better and they did not….. until they are forced to… this says a lot about their ethics as a business and that is what people are mad at here.

    • This could be said for nearly every big business or corporation, none of them seem to care about being decent until they are forced to by legislation. Sad.

    • You are right:) and typically the news outrage is regarding the failure to do better once they knew better. Ex.. VW,

    • Except they are dolphins, so all sea world did was teach millions of people to call orcas the wrong name.

  • Now to stop Seaworld from keeping them captive

    • The breeding ban is only applicable if they take the permit to build the Blue World Project. As of now, they have not accepted the permit and are exploring all of their legal options.

  • Sea World makes it sound like whales can’t breed without their help. What pricks. I hope those sick places all shut down.

  • I don’t think this is a good thing. Many time, zoos and the like, their breeding program is what saves or maintains some species.

    • Not in this case, they are not endangered in the wild.

  • The breeding ban is only applicable if they take the permit to build the Blue World Project. As of now, they have not accepted the permit and are exploring all of their legal options.

  • I don’t really know any specifics on this. But I would.think breeding orcas would be hell of a lot more humane than catching them.

  • Good.

  • This anti seaworld campaign is over the top.

  • (Y) + Comment or Share if this message resonates with you.

  • Maybe he’s not a jackass, after all.

  • Free Steve and the Orcas!

  • More celebrities should go to these lengths for results in other areas since obviously the regular joe will just be silenced

  • “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

  • And he’s the one getting jail time. Thank you Steve-O for your sacrifice

  • The prank video link doesn’t really show what he even did, going to YouTube

  • poor steve could get some real time apparently

  • Thanks Steve-O.

  • Now…if we could only get humans to stop breeding……

  • So the government gets to tell whales when and how to have sex?

  • Free Steve O!!

  • You realise that if they can’t breed the orcas, they’re just gonna go out and catch wild ones instead..

    • So true, we should start dating

    • It’s been about a year and the answer I originally gave you is still my answer now. Of course your silly

    • Fine, whatever

    • You’re the cutest thing around

  • I hear orca tastes like chicken.

  • FREE STEVE-O !!!

  • Alright go steve-o, join us life changers, its never too late

  • steve needs to be banned from breeding & his parents need to be set free in the woods to live happily ever after

  • All I know is; if I were to drain a swimming pool and make a human live there everyone would be up in arms.

  • Steve-o you are great! Thank you for putting yourself out there when most people wouldn’t I’ve never been to sea world, and never will.

  • Nikolas Kremer

    • I think its a culmination of everything thats gone in since blackfish. Deff glad to see this happen though. Its been a long time coming

  • Public opinion has been turning against Seaworld for quite some time now. Steve-O’s stunt notwithstanding. It was only a matter of time before this was done.

  • Man is that BIG!!!

  • next stop making them perform stupid tricks, They deserve dignity and to be set free

  • Hector Navejar

  • Close animal attractions unless they are expeditions into an animals natural habitat. Or an extremely lifelike sized area

  • Selling to the Chinese. Lol.

  • Blackish

  • I say everyone that ever comment or boycotted made the difference along with Steve O . This is a start but we must all keep up until every animal is free to live their lives out of capture ❤️

  • Go steve

  • Here is what i dont understand….i love this groups stand on freedom and exposing thug police….but here is where your idiocy and hypocrisy shows….if you are for freedom then free markets are the only way to achieve it….so apparently your thinking that animals are people? Your intelligence is so control by emotion and have no understanding about the reality that they are animals and we are humans….i think we should start passing laws to shut them down…then we can have thug police knock down their doors and tazer them huh?….stupid people…

  • The wheels were well in motion with or without Steve-O’s protest… Personally though I believe I’m the one responsible, as I signed a petition. You can thank me later.

  • Scumbag government! Send out their thugs to a peaceful protest and then charge the guy who protests! That in itself is a crime against the peopl.

  • So they can’t breed orcas, and they can’t acquire orcas. So within a generation no one will be able to see orcas unless they chase them in the wild. Brilliant. Lets ban zoos from breeding rhinos and pandas and tigers too. So that they only exist in the wild too. I’m sure that’ll help them. Maybe we should just ban all zoos and marinas. Even though most of these activists first exposure to wild animals was at one as a kid. Conservation efforts needs zoos and marinas for educational purposes. Modern kids do not explore nature and to be honest there’s a hell of a lot less nature out there anymore. Someone has to kindle the flame of interest in animals as being something other than just a meat commodity. At Sea World they learn that orcas and dolphins are intelligent. That makes people less likely to kill them for meat.

    • But the animals in these facilities are miserable. They’re not given the space and habitat they need. I agree that it’s important to instill a respect for nature I’m children, but not at the expense of innocent creatures

    • So long as they have large areas to swim in. You can make lagoons. I’m from Oregon. I remember when people raised money for the Oregon Coast Aquarium to build a new tank for Keiko aka Free Willy. We built a state of the art tank as part of a step to rehabilitate the whale. When Keiko got brought here he thrived, gained weight, got healthy and improved. Many people came to visit Keiko and it was a boon for our community to see the whale get better. The move was made to release Keiko into the wild up near Greenland. Keiko was released. Within two years he was dead. He was never accepted by wild orca pods and had difficulty hunting and lost weight. He would seek out humans for help constantly but the scientists were adamant that he would need to be left alone.

  • Now I really want to go to Sea World.

  • Ban seaworld!