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Activists Sign Up As “Crisis Actors,” Infiltrate Govt Terrorism Drill Before Being Kicked out for Filming

The Texas activist group Don’t Comply was making waves again this week after they were ejected from a bioterrorism drill for filming. Members of Don’t Comply signed up to be “crisis actors” in a mock government drill, which is said to train police and emergency crews for an actual attack.

Don’t Comply members Matthew Short, Murdoch Pizgatti, Brett Sanders and others were accepted to take part in the drill, and they decided to bring their cameras and film the event so they could give the public a better idea of how these drills work and ultimately, how their tax dollars are spent. The group had responded to a public call for volunteers that was broadcast through NBC News. The article asked for 200 volunteers play the role of a “patient” in a mock bioterrorism attack.

According to Addison fire chief John O’Neil, there were multiple government agencies involved in the operation, including the local fire department, health department, and police department.

“The fire department does frequent training so that we can be prepared for any emergency. By Partnering with these other agencies, we are able to participate in exercises we could not possibly manage alone,O’Neil told NBC.

Matthew Short told The Free Thought Project that Don’t Comply wanted to get to the bottom of what was really going on with these training drills and these crisis actors, to experience for themselves and to show the world what was happening.

“We were interested in what they were training for. There was a public call for up to two hundred crisis actors. The Dontcomply crew thought it would be a great idea to get cameras inside to look past conspiracy theories, and find out what was actually going on,” Short said.

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“My nickname online is showme. I like to see things to believe them,” he added.

As expected, as soon as they entered the drill, their presence and the presence of their cameras was unwelcome and they were asked to stop filming by a number of organizers and volunteers.

Brett Sanders described the encounter in a recent article, saying that, “One Dallas County volunteer who was sporting an official lanyard of some kind requested that I not film her, which I politely refused. Not only was she working in an official government capacity, she was in a public space with no expectation to privacy. That didn’t stop her from charging at me and my camera, attempting to knock the camera out of my hands. I’m not a lawyer, but I believe I was assaulted by this government volunteer for refusing to stop recording.”

Sanders went on to describe how his crew was kicked out, and that the local mainstream news affiliate was kicked out as well.

Don’t Comply activists are calling these actions taken by police and government agents an attack on the freedom of the press and the first amendment.

“As an independent journalist, I took great interest in this event and believed that the public has a right to know how their own government is allocating resources and should be aware of how the drill was being conducted,” Sanders said.

A video of the activists being kicked out of the drill can be viewed below:

As we reported last month, Don’t Comply regularly feeds the homeless in their area despite a local law that prohibits them from doing so.

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Interestingly enough, Don’t Comply also made headlines earlier this month for an entirely different type of protest. In addition to being advocates for the homeless, Don’t Comply is also heavily involved in gun rights and open carry activism.

Earlier this month, they staged a mock mass shooting at “gun free zones” to demonstrate how long it took police to arrive. Their protest was controversial, but actually changed the minds of many who rely on police as their only source of protection.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

  • Our good old shady government at it again huh! I sense another staged event coming.

  • .. to hide the false flag scenarios.. there is a new ebola scare going on now another reason to push vaccines toxic and deadly io warfare over land sea and sky…..

    • Really ? We have an Ebola vaccines? Oh wait..,we don’t. You anti -vaxxers are complete morons.

    • oh there will be one to boost your immune system, just wait and see. Do your freakin research about the truth of vaccines you are so programed,, now go drink your kool aid like a good little slave

    • Jeff Mowery pushing vaccines for the big pharma criminals only shows that one shoe doesn’t fit all for everyone you know, it doesn’t work the same for everyone, as big pharma’s gift for toxic crap kills people or harms way to many people in the long run, but hay you get your vaccines and others will not, as you can’t force anyone to take toxic poison

  • Hmmm…what’s the lesson here? : 1) know your local and state laws…2) the black cop is going to be repermanded and be sent for re-education due to his momentarily hesitation at first…3) learn who the sheep are who go along with this type of behavior ( ie; the angry woman, the spokeswoman, etc..)

  • Really people? CBRN drills are meant to test & improve the response of emergency & security personnel in the event of an attack or threat of one. Is it really that difficult to understand why no one wants the exercises to be filmed?

    • Ever notice that everytime something happens the officials are running drills and test. Every attack had happened during a drill of some sort. And if your not doing anything wrong. Whats wrong with the camera being there. These people dont want to be filmed because tgey are up to no good.

    • If they are protecting us then why cant everyone know. Whats going on. Anthrax drills my ass. Want to help the public give everyone what they need to fight back. Like hazmat suits. And gas mask. Stuff like that. Not hide in a building plotting how the next attack is going to go down.

    • If the police dont want to be filmed then quit your job or stop breaking the law. Then being filmed wont be a problem.

    • Or for the sake of OpSec. Drills happen all the time without too many people knowing.

    • If it’s legit, then recording would be better.

      Pro Football teams watch recordings of games to improve – they don’t just try and remember what happened.

    • They probably already have someone documenting it for their records. Imagine a terrorist or terror group watching the exercise on tape over & over, studying everything to spot a weakness.

    • Terrorism is a fake.

      Almost anybody could kill numerous people with little effort.

      I live across the street from a water plant, serving tens of thousands. I could take a gun and some poison, and kill the whole town at will.

      Fear is the mind killer.

      Besides, if the cops aren’t doing anything wrong, they shouldn’t have anything to hide.

    • The authorities do have something to conceal & I explained it. You being blind to the fact that there are people willing to strike fear into a population to encourage some sort of change or as an act of revenge does not mean they don’t exist.

    • Also, you may be able to get your hands on a gun and little poison, but that alone will not kill a great number of people, just get you life or put on deathrow.

    • this was just a way to collect the information of certain people… it has nothing to do with public safety… after all of there bullshit, the hero still got the camera in

    • “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light.”


    • Derick Battle especially right before a “terrorist” attack. WOnder why the can’t stop it before it happen.

    • Are you that stupid or do you pretend to be?

    • Levi Wartman

    • Also, the only reason we get attacked is because goverrment doing some bullshit which creates “BLOWBACK”. And now we are just going to silently let the government claim to fix its own created issues with no doubts? Bring cameras, always watch and and control government. They work for us. We should be the authority.


  • expect a bioterrorism false flag soon

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  • Darrias Winters WL LeLand Remzo Mehinovic

  • Corruption

  • Taping at this? How fucking retarded can you be? It is an operational security drill, filming compromises… operational security.

    Who were these idiots activists for…. ISIL?

    • You just won the prize for, “Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard Today”

    • Chris Gunnels

    • please explain… i need to laugh more

    • “Operational security?” Just WTF was “secure” about this operation. Think they screened all those volunteers? Are you stupid, or just an ass-kisser?

    • Lol

    • Wowww if these staged events were truly for public awareness they’d let people watch and record accordingly. Kind of like how they did a mock dui incident with a school bus when I was in high school. Shouldn’t they want people to be prepared in case an attack like this happened for real? No oh wait they want to hide it so people don’t know what to do and they can stick some of those crisis actors in real life situations to justify putting more unjust laws upon the populace.

  • Why don’t they just close off Detroit, buy out whoever is left, and use the entire city for military shit. Use only personnel for training.

  • wouldn’t it be a better idea to use rescue/first responders for something like this? or is there some FOI issues? maybe a way around paying unionized worker wages? how embarrassing would it be if an independent journalist was there filming a false flag as it happens? or maybe it’s exactly like they say it is and the authorities just are not used to people saying ‘no’ and just don’t know how to back down

  • A blatant violation of the first amendment? What constitution are you guys reading?

  • Why do these exercises all take place a day or 2 before a false flag?

  • you guys need the cameras that cops have… you should hide the camera to avoid these camera bans

  • Antagonizing to antagonize. Don’t Comply is full of morons masquerading as “freedom fighters.” There was no point to this other than Dont Comply members seeing an opportunity to antagonize. I get standing up for your rights, but do it in the right venue, when it actually counts for something. Way to waste everyone’s time.

  • Drills are filmed usually when there is a potential false flag event.

  • this is idiocracy on your part.
    it’s a drill to test strategies against a terrorist attack.
    that is obviously not something u want spread out all over the media.
    might as well start a war and give the enemy your battleplans …

  • Jeff Coomber

  • lol

  • Terrorism “drill” run as far away as you can.

  • Ryan

  • Anyone know the true legal recourse about this situation? Gov building, gov rented, we pay for gov service, and journalist is okay? State and federal sources would be great.

  • They are set ups for real attacks run and coordinated by our gov’t with paid actors I want it filmed so they can’t keep trying to fool us into believing their bs.

  • Christina Ghent so how long until an anthrax threat is posed? This is bullshit.

  • That’s funny, you would think that a training drill would be filmed and then used for educational purposes.

    • Nope they are filmed and passed off as real in the news to further an agenda

  • Well atleast the one cop was a human… and then his dipshit back up showed up

    • that guy looked like Security guy not a PIG. the 2nd ass hole was the PIG (cop)

    • his arm badge says “Police” .. not sure… either way he was cool about everything

  • The level of stupid boggles the mind

  • if that was a drill they are in serious trouble if they were graded on it !! what a bunch of ignorant idiots!!!

  • Nathan

  • all the Government people are so dam FAT..

  • Y alls level of stupid is what’s mind boggling. Your right to film for media which he wasn’t, does not supercede my right to privacy or public safety. He was told that repeatedly.

    • The only place you have a right to privacy from being filmed are bathrooms and your own house.

    • Matt Young. Your ignorance is showing.

    • When you’re in public you have no reasonable expectation to privacy from being filmed. Prove me wrong please.

    • So we have a right of freedom of the press but it has to be government pre approved press?
      And anyone in a public place can just walk up to you and claim their right to privacy and demand you stop filming?
      If this were true there would be no reason for freedom of the press. Anyone could easily stop any truth from coming out claiming no filming arbitrarily in public spaces.
      That’s ludicrous! You have a right to privacy in private spaces not in public. Public by definition is opposite to private.

    • Matt Young. First if all 99% of all buildings in the us are private including business which is why Walmart has the right to tell you to not film or to get the fuck out when they feel like it. Oh n you walk in one of my friends house n start filming I will tell u to quit n when you don’t kick your assistance have you arrested then sue you, once again private property. The only place you can film me is in a park or on the street, which is public space.

    • Shaymus Bogman. I do not need two stupid people explaining public n private to me. Read the above response. Second as far as freedom of press has always come with restrictions. Once again you can’t invade people’s privacy cause you feel like it.

    • The idea that someone would break into a house and start filming is ridiculous. You’re a full grown “man” that gives an example like you’re gonna win with feeling and not facts. Hit me with some case law or something that backs up your half truth.

    • John would also be charged with assault. Lol.

    • Matt Young yes it was a ridiculous example that was the point. And no I’m not going to go look up tiny cases to find some good example that proves something as obvious as most property in the US is private. I have a better idea you find me case law where you can film when and where you want. As for the feels. Your the one lookin childish trying to win an argument by temper tantrum.

    • Matt Rousey. No probably not where I come from they take people’s privacy seriously. When the cops showed up they would tell me not to do that again, turn around n tell you that was fucking stupid of you.

  • 1st

  • if ppl know the tactics then they could counter them.

  • Elliott Roschuni

  • Therefore elaborate conspiracy. Does anyone who subscribes to this line of thinking ever make any kind of effort to listen to themselves from a point of view outside of their own bubble of assurance? Fundamentally ridiculous, this.

    • Jeremy conley is a special kind of stupid. Conspiracy theory is just a term uneducated people who lack the ability to understand shit on a fundamental level say. They use it to justify stupidity and ignorance.

    • Cognitive dissonance is a funny phenomenon lol

    • I was under the impression that today wouldn’t include many opportunities for a genuine, healthy laugh –let alone the opportunity to laugh at an individual. Life is just full of pleasant little surprises. 🙂

    • this man is is under drugs and their for cannot be allowed in! he has a fag attitude and their for cannot be allowed in!

    • Sorry Bret, but conspiracy theory is a legitimate term for a reason.

    • Whats funny, is Bret is on the side of an argument that questions the legitimacy of a subject, and is calling someone stupid for questioning Bret’s side of the argument. Lol.
      Irony is a “funny phenomenon.”

  • fuck the government its time to shut it down

  • They are hiding the truth

  • Bobby Warden Hmm….

  • You know why they didn’t want anything filmed.
    1. They would have caught the images of all the hired actors which would cause problems at false flag events where their images are used as “witnesses” or “victims”

    There doesn’t really need to be a number two!

    They were there with permission and cleared to be part of the event…. Was there a rule book that stated they couldn’t film their activity inside the event?
    Was any direction given before hand that they could not film?
    Where they on public property where they have the right to assert these Rights? Were they filming themselves for “educational purposes”? Did they have THEIR permission to be filmed during this event? They should file suit against these agencies for ejecting them

  • I have a question… I am from Europe and I don’t understand why the police in the US are so fat? They really do not exercise? They don’t have training? Are they eating only donuts and spend the day in car masturbating?
    You rarely see them walking the street to make the population safe right? Thank you

    • Exactly

    • They dont have to be fit to shoot you in the back

    • But your right, that’s pretty much what they do

    • Police here no longer “walk a beat” and yes to all your questions…. They don’t continue their training, they eat horribly unhealthy and spend all of their time sitting on their asses in their squad cars…. Eating donuts and drinking coffee is a stereotype derived from Night Cops who are prompted to frequent businesses that are open all night so their appearance there may “deter crime” in which here are usually “convenience stores or Dunkin Donuts” they are often offered free donuts and coffee to insure they make appearances in these locations… That act also transfers to daytime officers…. The origins of “the Donut eating cops”
      Either they are extremely over weight and out of shape or they are incredibly buff and that’s attributed to working out and steroid use…. Hence the incredibly ridiculous anger issues you’ve read about! This is not conjecture but facts from my experience and direct knowledge! The stats concerning domestic abuse and the cases you see in video when it’s an in shape officer back my steroid use comments to the unknowing public…. You will also notice they fight tooth and nail against drug testing…. Many use more than steroids
      The out of shape officers will make use of unequal deadly force because they simply know they can’t run or fight if needed so they rely on tools to perform their duties which almost always translates to use of force offenses!

    • Many police departments attract lazy white men who like guns and dislike people. They like the fact that they can dress up and pretend to be a soldier without any of the physical conditioning. A recent applicant made the news because he was rejected for having a high IQ (it was only in the 120’s I think… but too high for them). The department said very smart people get bored. More likely very smart people tend to report corruption, feel empathy and understand the law. We are a police state and our departments apparently practice their own affirmative action hiring program for bigots.

    • How dare you talk about the American police like that sitting in their cars all day. rubbish then how do the shot all those inosent people day in and day out. Hmm? Lol

    • But ur onto something every country in Europe do a lot of training before they even get car key lol

    • They drive around in their cars all day.. cars that they leave on ALL THE TIME, even when they are not driving the cars.. they waste gas and pollute the earth

    • And when they have a car keys they are 4 in the car ?

    • I feel the young kids who wants to be part of the police are more seduce by the power (and to give power to stupid people is very dangerous and unfortunately reflect the situation of today with so many shooting from the police

    • It’s a falsely that here they are shooting more…. It’s been pretty much the same and the same goes for their other crimes… Te difference now is that we have the internet and cameras so we can readily share information that would have otherwise been buried and hidden from most…. People use to trust Police and take them for their word so when a “criminal” stated evidence was planted of they were beaten for no reason… They simply were not believed! All of these crimes you here about now are not new! What’s new now is we have a way to share the info and keep it from being hidden, the better tech gets and the better we share and keep records… The more these numbers will climb….. The departments reporting of these crimes to other agencies has always been a volunteer action! This made it easy to hide them!
      These Police don’t believe they are doing anything wrong because it’s all they have ever known and with impunity. So all of this now is culture shock to them as well as is for knowing! These acts are so engrained that everyone helps to cover, from supervisors up to Judges!
      Our Government has been kicking themselves and trying to figure out how to get the Net under control, they rue the day they opened it to the public now!

    • In Europe they don’t shoot… It almost never happen…

    • To avoid what we are facing here … Killing innocent human or not really dangerous thief (not everyone is born lucky and sometimes you get influenced but you are not necessary bad) or even killing animals … So sad

    • Yet, America isn’t even close to being the fattest nation.

    • Yes

  • Brie Thomas

  • Looking for smart individuals like yourself to join my religion debate group. You can be any walks of life but the only thing asked of you is to not bash people for the sake of bashing. Any one who does so will get deleted. Would love to have you join. Feel free to have add anybody you wish to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/939188489491471/

  • With all the governments technology they know exactly who is a threat and who isn’t and they know where they’re at
    The technology they have is about fifty years further maybe even a hundred ahead of what they let us have

  • Amother fake Boston bombing or a fake Newton shooting we know all there lies now any terrorist attack in the USA is done by the gov just like 9/11

    • Ffs man those weren’t fake. Take off that tinfoil hat

    • U fo fo go read and research and investigate quit believing what the news say think for yourself quit being a vegetable that’s what’s wrong wit ppl now days they believe everything they hear without questioning it


  • That cop can not run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. You couldn’t give him a million dollars to do it.

  • monkeys in uniforms! no clue what and why!!! just what they think is right!

  • Crisis actors should be hung for treason

  • Weak. What terrible govt activities were they prevented from uncovering. Can they come in to ANY government office at any time, look through file cabinets, sit on the employees laps? It was an exercise to get staff familiar with emergency procedures. They know nothing about how these things work or their purpose. Be useful. Put your efforts into something meaty.

  • Playing games, and getting paid for it….
    oh, it’s a practice drill…. then it should NOT
    be a secret…

  • ok

  • Sandy hook. Acting. 600 kids at thay school and we only saw like 20 leave the school. Fake as fuck! Wake up America!

  • They have absoulutely no respect for the constitution that they are sworn to uphold. Buuut in Texas by law any trained security guard is considered a part of the Texas Police force.

  • they dont want their actors faces seen,in case they use event for false flag,plus a lot of them actors have stared in other fox news and cnn terror attacks

  • There u have it we have no rights the cops said !!! They can kill us for no reason and get away with it ! Till we start handing out the death penalty for committing a crime while wearing a badge this shit will never stop !