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After Years of Research, Big Pharma Finally Shows Evidence Cannabis Kills Cancer

In April 2015 the National Institute of Drug Abuse acknowledged that cannabis kills cancer cells and dramatically reduces the growth of new brain cancer cells. This was a startling admission, considering that federal government’s position on cannabis retains it as a Schedule 1 drug with “no medical benefit.”

Research has continued despite this roadblock, and now the pharmaceutical industry might actually help overcome government’s stubbornness about cannabis as medicine.

British company GW Pharmaceuticals has been testing cannabis extracts for the past few years, and now has clinical evidence that certain formulations reduce the mortality rate of people with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a form of brain cancer that typically kills patients within two years. Results of the ‘phase 2 proof of concept study’ were announced Feb. 7.

Combined with temozolomide, the current medication used to treat GBM, patients’ median survival was more than 550 days, compared to 369 days without the cannabis treatment. The CBD (cannabidiol)-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) treatment helped produced an 83 percent one-year survival rate, compared with 53 percent for non-cannabis patients.

Prior studies had shown that a CBD-THC combination “led to a synergistic reduction in the viability of U87MG glioma cells,” and the “co-administration of temozolomide with THC and CBD had further synergistic effects, causing a significant reduction in cell viability.”

In their press release, GW noted that there is substantial oncologic research on cannabinoids to treat several forms of cancer, with 15 publications on the positive effects on tumor growth and suppression – especially in promoting autophagy, or “the process of regulated self-degradation by cells.”

We believe that the signals of efficacy demonstrated in this study further reinforce the potential role of cannabinoids in the field of oncology and provide GW with the prospect of a new and distinct cannabinoid product candidate in the treatment of glioma,” said CEO Justin Gover.

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GW can be said to be one of more respectable pharma companies. Instead of actively fighting cannabis legalization – as U.S. companies have done by funding anti-pot propaganda prior to state ballot initiatives – GW is embracing the power of cannabis.

GW Pharma is on the verge of securing approval for a cannabis-derived drug called Epidiolex to treat children with severe epilepsy. It will file for approval this year in the U.S. and the U.K. Trials have shown “high statistical significance” in helping patients, some of who suffer 80 severe seizures a day.

Of course, we already know through countless examples that the administration of CBD or other types of cannabis oil stops seizures in their tracks for children suffering with epilepsy. It’s why a Colorado company has produced a nasal cannabis spray that repeatedly stops seizures within 20 seconds.

While many states now acknowledge this reality and are legalizing cannabis extracts for seizures, Epidiolex has the potential to offer an effective treatment nationwide. It will also put the absurd classification of cannabis and its derivatives as a Schedule 1 drug to the ultimate test.

  • Eric Bolt

    Eco terrorist Big Pharma , Monsanto others have criminally gene altered the Worlds Hemp Seeds-! Hemp as covered under the “1974 Agent Orange Act” is the only hemp or type to cure most Diseases-! The U.S gov. pays ISIS terrorist and has for decades to be criminally Sole Barriers of the Worlds baby Jesus Herb-! using Eco terrorist United Nations terrorist to wipe out all the Worlds medicinal Hemp going back 35 years ago-!

    • Sylvia María Valls

      How do you know this… I mean, it makes sense that they have done so, but what do you know for sure… and what are the chances that everything we are buying, at least South of the Border, where I live, has been meddled with… ??

  • James Peters

    GW Pharmaceuticals’ CEO Justin Gover on the Q1 2017 results earnings call dodged saying its hard to image CNS tumours but the results were consistent with survival data and that the OS data hasn’t yet matured. Or in my view another way of saying that there were no objective responses seen under RANO criteria. It also looks like they are going to sit on the DDI data until the adcom docs are released which isn’t a good sign. Also the p-value was close between the two groups. The upside is they plant to develop an oncology portfoli

    Also, one must note that this is not cannabis oil, but the purified components of the plants they use. That it (sativex) might be useful against glioma doesn’t tell us that cannabis oil will be useful against glioma any more than the fact that digoxin works in congestive heart failure tells us that it would be a good idea to ingest foxglove leaves.

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    Well, it’s about time! The Anti-Marijuana FILTH that is leading this War on the American People — oops! I meant the “War” on, ahem, “Drugs” — is gonna face a RECONING coming from us TRUE, Liberated Americans. These Prohibitionist ASSHOLES will be stopped COLD by our people.