As the media and the government continue to use the tragic shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school to push their various agendas, it is important to remember that psychopaths who want to kill a lot of people—will do so with or without a gun. In fact, the deadliest attack on a school to ever take place on US soil was done so without a single round being fired.

In Bath Township, Michigan, 44 people, mostly children, lost their lives when a man by the name of Andrew Kehoe blew up the town’s school. This attack is often disregarded by history as it paints a different narrative outside of the normal problem, reaction, solution of grabbing guns. As a result, it has largely been erased from the narrative.

As reports, the local institute of learning was Bath Consolidated School, built only five years earlier to replace the scattered one-room schools of the surrounding farmland. It had 314 students from around the region, many the sons and daughters of farmers. Some students were bused in, and all took classes with their peers over the course of elementary and high school.

Kehoe, an electritian, had snapped and become angry after the town’s taxes levied on his farm had forced him into foreclosure.

“He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and madness in his brain,” claimed the New York Times.

So, while he worked at the school as an electrician, he wired it with explosives. Luckily for half of the students in the school, the timer on one of Kehoe’s homemade explosives failed to go off so the tragedy could’ve been far worse. However, the catastrophe resulting from the 38 children and 6 adults who died was still utterly horrific.

“There was a pile of children about five or six under the roof and some of them had arms sticking out, some had legs, and some just their heads sticking out. They were unrecognizable because they were covered with dust, plaster and blood,” wrote local author Monty J. Ellsworth in his 1927 account, The Bath School Disaster. “It is a miracle that many parents didn’t lose their minds before the task of getting their children out of the ruins was completed. It was between five and six o’clock that evening before the last child was taken out.”

Prior to setting off the explosives in the school, Kehoe murdered his family and burned down his farm. After the bombing, he blew up his car, killing himself and others nearby.

The story barely registered a blip in the national headlines at the time and was almost immediately wiped away by the news of Charles Lindbergh’s successful first-ever nonstop transatlantic flight two days after the bombing in 1927. And because Kehoe didn’t fit the stereotypical definition of a “terrorist” at the time, the United States quickly forgot about.

According to TIME, In the 1920s, the terrorists whom most Americans feared were anarchists. Newsreels regularly reported anarchist-related bombings and attacks in the U.S. and abroad. Anarchists were scary—but they were also characterized as shady foreigners. When people thought of anarchists, they thought of men like Sacco and Vanzetti, whose final appeal against death sentences had failed a few weeks before Kehoe’s attack. (They would be executed in August.) White men in small towns did not fit the mold.

Indeed, there is no mold for mass killers and instead of talking about solutions to stop the problem, Americans tend to focus more on the symptoms—as they are easier to use for divide.

Until we have a rational discussion on mental health and the direct role of psychotropic drugs used in most of these killings, all the gun banter in the world will not stop the next psychopath from inflicting harm on the world’s most vulnerable—with or without bullets.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


  1. PRIVATE GUN OWNERSHIP for the citizens MUST GO.. It is just common sense. This is the only obvious answer. Firearms for the general public is beyond idiotic. NO, it will not stop people from killing each other. Most people will still be able to outfit a militia with black market weapons. However; it will stop most. It is plain brain-dead and obstinately stupid to cling to archaic and outdated laws that were written during civil war times. A person who really wishes’s to hunt and use any firearm would be faced with so much red tape and bureaucracy and scrutiny that anyone wishing malintent would be thwarted.
    CMON! Let’s get rid of the guns. It is the only intelligent thing to do.

      • He can’t, because he won’t have a gun or bullets to off himself with, nor poison of most types that are painless, quick and effective, or the materials of a homemade bomb to blow himself up with, because these have been allready pretty much been taken away by our friendly and concerned for our welfare Federal Government. Not that they really give a cold turd if you kill yourself or not. It’s just that they want to be the one’s too do it !

        You ever watch a cop walk now a day’s ? I did the other day and cracked myself up, because he was so weighed down with all of his equipment that he needed to off you with, he literally *CLANKED & WADDLED LIKE A DUCK ! Which is pretty amazing to me, considering that I grew up in a time when cops had a small utility belt of a few tools need for the job of keeping the peace, and not armed up to look like they were going to war !

        • Then that should give you incentive to try! I completely encourage you to do so!
          When you get the collapse you crave, you will most likely be eaten pretty soon after. Living in the dark works for veal and mushrooms; I’ll bet you and your ilk living in mom’s cellar will taste really tender!

        • you are the one stuck on stupid actually…your ideas are terrible and why should ordinary people be punished because a couple of mentally ill psychos decided to act out…you said in your own post that people will still find a way to kill and the black market will explode, so why the hell should law abiding good people become disarmed and then more vulnerable to people willing to commit crimes and using illegal guns…also the United states was created at the peak of the enlightenment era they were some of the smartest men in the history of the world even today, and they created the second amendment for a reason, to keep liberal loonie communists like you from ever being able to take over….

    • Lol you expect anyone to take you seriously. Google is your friend. Use it since you obviously slept through history class, if you attended. SMDH

      • No.. I do not expect idiots to take me seriously. They never do. However; that has nothing to do with the fact that I am. Also; that is one of the most pathetic attempts at skepticism that I have laughed at in a while, I am P.H.D. level in history. I see you have a stunning H.S. education yourself.
        Look up Skeptics;;Ancient Greece.

        • The Bible was written well before the civil war times, and no one needed a PHD to understand or even write it. Experts at destroying a country such as Clinton, Kerry and hussein received nobel prizes, and you got a PHD, so what?!

        • I already addressed TOPDOG1 with the fact that democide in the 20th century alone has caused 260 million deaths of mostly unarmed citizens by-way-of tyrannical oppressive governments, and he still defends his higher education position on disarming Americans. Armed Americans are the only thing holding back the NWOrder UNESCO Treaty UN Agenda-21/Updated Agenda-21 Year 2030 2.0 eugenics endgame plan according to their eugenics based Georgia Guidestones monument with its number one human depopulation recommendation etched in granite in 8 different languages during this information war. It is in your face because this is how they use white, lesser, ritualistic Aleister Crowley Magick. The NWO as top corporation with its ℙ☉Ꮭϊℂ∈ SϯαϮ∈ ℤΘᎶ ∆M∃ЯᏐK∆И military industrial complex is currently soft and hard killing many of the world population and is continuing towards its endgame goal of half a billion rfid chipped humans working beside their corporate owned artificial subhuman clones, synthetic humans, androids, biosimms, synthoids, anvecs, robots, organic robotoids, replicants, cyborgs etc. The fix is in so hang on to your guns as a last measure of defense. I’d rather die standing on my feet then cowering down on my knees. Know that they are building a break-away society that does not include you and I. Hell they already got the UFO/USO space technology and are mostly hiding it.

        • during discussion when people lower themselves to calling their opponents stupid and idiots is actually a sign of lower intelligence and is the result of having no other reasonable argument, you have to stoop down to personal attacks on people. You for some one with a phd in history you really don’t have any concept of the past or learning from history, such as previous gun grabs, I.E. Hitler took the guns shortly before the holocaust, and Stalin implemented strict gun control before killing 50 million soviets.

          • If I call a tree a” tree”, or if I call a bag of rocks a ” bag of rocks” you are OK with that but if I call an “Idiot’ an idiot you start whining. There is nothing wrong with MY intelligence. Who gave you a degree is psychology anyway? Don’t blame me if you are blind and obstinate stupid. If you were going to defend yourself from the out-of-control government you would have done so already. I should add “coward” to the list of derogatory observations. GFY

    • What’s your plan? Abolish the 2nd? How are you going to do that? I mean, there are two ways outlined in the Constitution’s Article V but both require that 75% of the States ratify the changes.

      What if doesn’t get ratified? You planning on just passing some Federal law to banish weapons in complete opposition to the 2nd Amendment? Because without changing it, your screwed.

      90,000,000 citizens with 300,000,000 weapons. Even if 1% stand up and say, “Ef you,” that’ll be an army larger than the largest in the world and you can bet your ass they’ll be funded by the fat cats at the NRA.

      Think the military’s gonna be on your side? Some will, some won’t. But all the big bases are dead in center of gun country. So, what you’re looking at is the end of the U.S. of A. Because what will happen next will make the Civil War look like a high school prom night.

      The Revolutionary war was fought over a effin’ tea tax. You don’t think people will stand up if they think your crappin’ on the Constitution? And, if you don’t follow the law of the land, you WILL be crapping all over it.

      So, what’s your plan?

      • Our system is a perfectly good system It merely needs reform. As for the tax paying public. They are no more than subjugated working stock to support a massive corporate police state. Too cowardly and capable only of fiercely loud bleating.

        • Okay, Mr. Piled Higher and Deeper. You go right on believing that. But even a sheep will try to kick the shit of you if you back him in a corner.

    • Pardon my ignorance, but the idea that only cops, soldiers, & the very rich, are the only ones who should be allowed, to even have guns, makes me cringe, at the thought, at the ‘historically’ predictable, nightmare, such a policy, would realistically result in….
      (As if things, weren’t screwed up enough, already)….

  2. The government is always “100% right”…

    “Kehoe, an electrition, had snapped and become angry after the town’s taxes levied on
    his farm had forced him into foreclosure.
    He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and
    that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and
    madness in his brain,” claimed the New York Times.”

    “Until we have a rational discussion on mental health and the direct role
    of psychotropic drugs used in most of these killings, all the gun
    banter in the world will not stop the next psychopath from inflicting
    harm on the world’s most vulnerable—with or without bullets.”

  3. Well done TFTP ! You finally managed to hit the nail on the head, with this article, and have gone to the heart of the matter. Good Deal !

  4. The incident was “erased from the narrative” because it happened when Linedburg flew the Atlantic and the headlines for that over-shadowed everything else.

  5. We have nothing against responsible gun ownership. Heck we have a locked gun safe full of guns – for hunting. But there are some people who shouldn’t have guns. Most gun owners I know have nothing against background checks, gun-safety training, or banning the public’s access to military-style assault weapons. This isn’t an all or nothing issue. But some common sense is needed.

    • “military-style assault weapons” you fell for a meme, all ar-15s are semi automatic just like any other rifle…assault weapons are already banned…just because a gun is painted black and “looks scary” to you doesnt mean its an assault weapon.

  6. There are over 370 “mental disorders” listed in the latest version of the
    DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) The list includes
    “Tobacco Addiction Disorder” among other equally mundane and ridiculous
    so-called “mental illnesses.”

    If the DSM is the standard by which politicians wishes to remove our rights
    to own guns, then I’d guess 90% of the American people could probably be
    classified with a mental disorder of one kind or another.


    • Mental health is the avenue to gun control..

      American Psychiatric Asso says Half of Americans are mentally ill..
      After crafting by politicians and Media all will be crazy except for the media/politicians..

      300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs were written in 2009 alone..

      Your children on medication for ADHD?
      Single woman with children diagnosed with depression?

      be careful what you ask for

  7. there were 300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written in
    one year alone…. evidently these drugs are helping millions!
    Only tyrants would attempt to disarm these people!!


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