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As Americans Prep for Super Bowl Sunday, Their Future Is Being Sold to the Corporate Elite


“Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….” ― George Orwell, 1984

As Americans train their attention to Super Bowl 50, their way of life — and for nearly half a million people, their livelihoods — just got one step closer to being signed away. This Thursday, in Auckland, New Zealand, representatives of the twelve nations participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership gathered to sign the massive trade deal turned corporate coup, bringing an end to the obligatory 90-day period ostensibly set aside for debate, following the close of five years of negotiations in October.  

Agreed to by the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, and Brunei, the TPP will regulate ‘trade’ among the twelve nations.  The deal is estimated to account for 40 percent of the global GDP — yet even the congressmen and congresswomen who will cast the deciding votes for U.S. participation were not privy to negotiations as that occurred.

Infamous both for secrecy among the top U.S. officials and multinational corporate lawyers who designed its structure, the TPP has made headlines more often for the fact it hasn’t made headlines, than for the sovereignty-crushing rules tucked into its multi-thousand-paged text.

Among the contents, some of which had been revealed in pieces by Wikileaks thanks to concerned whistleblowers, is the notorious Intellectual Property chapter. This chapter acts as a vice grip on copyright law as well as guidelines for so-called “corporate tribunals,” which will allow “injured” corporations to sue governments (even local governments) for predicted future losses. Internet service providers (ISPs) would be forced to cough up customers’ names over instances of copyright infringement for the purposes of prosecution.

Many experts who have analyzed the text predict an end to such personal freedoms as knowing which country grew your produce — and whether or not it’s been genetically modified or even doused with toxic chemicals. Labor rights, environmental guidelines, investment rules — virtually every facet of everyday life is covered by this (corporate) trade ‘deal.’

As an ominous example of the effect the TPP will likely have and the importance to corporations and the U.S. that it passes, Malaysia was arbitrarily bumped up from the list of Tier 3 violators of human rights – a spot originally earned by its lack action on forced labor and adult and child sex trafficking. It was reduced to a Tier 2 designation without any improvements to its record, just so the country would be a permitted signatory state.

Despite claims made by Pres. Obama and other politicians that the TPP would “create” up to 650,000 new jobs, in actuality, researchers with Tufts University found that the “TPP will lead to employment losses in all countries, with a total of 771,000 lost jobs. The United States would be hardest hit, with a loss of 448,000 jobs.”

And all of these gems have now been officially signed by the participating nations and await only a yes or no vote by Congress, which will likely happen after the next president is elected — since no politician wants to be known as the ultimate corporate sellout.

But go ahead and enjoy that Super Bowl. It is the 50th, after all.

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  • Leslie

  • what teams are playing this year? the nfl is a great distraction

    • The Empire is about to fall! Scary and exciting at the same time.

  • Let them eat cake.

  • I can’t wait for WWIII to really taek off… then maybe Revolution :p Ahhhhh, I just wanna destroy lives again.

    • Whose lives do you want to destroy?

    • The enemies!!!

    • Good than take out our military and government would you please and the nazi police..

    • As prior military, I say keep our military and have them work for the people… Not the government. We’ll take out the government for good.

    • Jake, there are no enemies. The elite are part of the bigger plan for us to finally put into use the free will which we were given from the creator. If people stop enlisting, grow their own food and stop paying back loans http://getoutofdebtfree.org then their system will simply collapse. There is no need for violence (although I can fully understand your sentiment 🙂 )

    • I see what you’re saying Bozena Warzecha, but that plan entails people ACTUALLY working labor in order to live… And sadly, in this day and age, people are lazy. Generation by generation kids are becoming dumber and lazier thanks to the system, technology, media, etc…. I would love for a revolution to take place to where everything is wiped out, so people are forced to be equally at zero (poor) in order to work literally from the ground up… But people will never come together like that. Too selfish, too naive, too dumbed down by the system…. Oh and, there are ALWAYS enemies.

    • Are you a psychopath or just trying to draw attention to yourself Jake.
      Jake is fake.

    • And Dave Jason Rondeau sounds like a sensitive judgmental faggot. Thanks Dave!

    • I hear u Jake , waiting on WWlll lol

  • The coward peasants of America will let his happen without firing a single shot!

  • The American media is NOT, NOT, NOT telling American citizens ANYTHING about this terrible secret so-called “Trade” deal. If “We The People” spent 1/10th as much time paying attention to what is happening to our economy and our Democracy. Wake Up America!! PAY ATTENTION!! Speak up and contact ALL of your Congress people!!

  • Fuck our shady government..bunch of warmonger slave owners..

  • God help us.

  • So thats why the new virus zika is so much in the news…

    • Yep. You ever notice that when there’s some secret agenda being schemed, there’s suddenly some mass epidemic thats sweeping the nation? A mass epidemic that’s been around for ages no less. And then it drops from the news as quickly as it came in. Panic and distraction are the most vital weapons used against us after all. The same way you would move a herd of sheep. Baaad news.

    • Yeah wondered what they didn’t want us too know last time around with the Ebola virus…

  • Yay! Free trade with Australia and Chile! Now we can get kangaroos and wine without import taxes!?!

  • Tim Edwards

  • The bigger it gets, the harder it falls! Can’t wait till it falls!

  • In life you will realize there is a role for everyone to meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it. – Unknown

  • Bread and Games and occaisionaly a dead boddy! Nero is laughing! while the world burns!

  • Not without 35000 of us bringing Auckland to a stand still protesting against this agreement standing for corporate greed!!! NEW ZEALAND against TPPA!!!!

  • In the future, the people will wonder why they can’t do anything. Then they will realize that the opportunity to do something had long since passed. While the informed peoples of today, who do what they can now, will suffer for the ignorance and denial of everyone else.

  • John Jay Fry Jr.

  • Today 02/04/2016 the 1st Amendment is dead in Oregon a Federal Judge is holding Pete Santilli a journalist who spoke his own mind in solitary confinement without bail.

  • Look at which politicians voted for the TPP and which voted against.

  • Bump

  • That’s why they pass all these executive orders while the masses are distracted. When will everybody wake the fuck up?

    • Slowly but surely, they are. Just gotta keep pushing the truth out there 🙂

    • Yep. Then people will want to change shit. By that time it will be a revolutionary/civil war.

    • My last deployment in 2012. We were lied to. They told us we were there for ISIS man. Just sat there in Kuwait waiting and waiting. Then all of sudden we had prepare for training exercises. Just to be fucking arms dealers for our corrupt bastard leaders. Now we got new camo, bonuses came back for enlisting and re enlisting. I’m no dummy. I know that camo matches Syria, Afghan, Iran. My motto is new camo new war. Once I found out a quote from Kissinger saying all military men are dumb animals used to control foreign policies. I was out!

    • Jason And if you don’t enlist, but have some mental or physical problems created by their war, they just discard you like a piece of garbage. If you cannot be used, you are a liability to them.

    • Yep and a liability once your out also.

    • Jason LeBlanc Welcome brother to the truth.

  • Yup, just keep staring at the stuper bowl and root root root for YOUR team!

  • disgusting

  • Ashley Brown Here is the answer. This is what they’re distracting us from.

  • it will backfire in the end when world trade faultures

  • Sad day for Canada

  • Being sold? It has already been sold.

  • How many times can you sell your soul to the Devil, can you sell another Soul to the Devil, I’ve seen some good folks try! LOL Happens

  • The TPP is just another thing which slips through the grasp of Americans. Slipping due to ignorance. This is another example as to why we are viewed throughout the world as “stupid Americans.”

  • Most people don’t want to believe that something this bad can be going on.

  • if people would get their heads out of their collective asses they might realize what is actually going on….football really

  • annnnd there goes what little industry we had left.

  • Stay comatose my friend… while the “BREAD AND CIRCUSES” play on.

  • They don’t need anymore distractions. America is already gone!

  • Thats what sports are all about, keep em distracted while we loot this bitch clean.

  • I really feel that most people are aware of how shitty our government is but we don’t have someone with a plan to put it back in our hands. The best we can do is divide our nation by culture and build strong sister nations that are truly run on democracy.

  • And we all know which is more important to the average Joe!

  • I do not trust people in positions of power who have access and control over large sums of money, whether it be big money corporate interests or governments of any kind.

  • Horrible !

  • I knew , Elizabeth Warren has tried to warn us but nobody has listened


  • our prime minister donkey is pleased to have signed us up to the tppa.donkey did this despite thousands of kiwi’s protesting against the tppa.donkey has now said he won’t attend our national day waitangi day because the local maori will not alliw him to talk due to the secrecy behind the tppa.i hope that your congress don’t openly vote for this stupid ttpa.

  • ”Bread and Circuses” ?

  • This needs to be stopped.

  • Classic bread and circuses!!

  • If libertarianism prevailed and determined all government policies there would be no government regulations restricting trade between any two nations. There would also be no free trade agreements, but with no Customs inspections, tariffs, embargoes, or any other regulations what do you think the result would be?

  • This is why I’m not having kids.
    I can’t imagine where the world will be 50 years from now based off where we are and where we are headed.
    Scary times ahead

  • Americans don’t care about Civil Assets Forfeiture but take their super bowl and they lose their minds

  • Turn on. Tune in, and drop out.. Good old saying of the 60’s.. They can’t do it without our coattails, so take off your coat. Easy peasy

  • Every time you hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this, you are helping us wake up the world (y)

    • you mean instead of posting your idiot defense of hillary?

    • Why do you hate sorts so much? God forbid we watch some football on sunday

    • No problem with watching sports. I’m a die hard nfl fan who can recite teams rosters, with a comprehensive understandig of the history of the league… But I pay the fuck attention – not that you don’t – to the fucking world. The point being made here is most people don’t give fuck all about politics but throw a temper tantrum when their team loses. Yet, when their world governments bend us over sans lube, they’re mindless, blank and jaded.

    • Sports, are supposed to pacify us, so we don’t think about government. That way, they can do what they want.

    • John Jude Yer dullin yer tool.

    • Never David. Theres plenty of room for leasure.

    • Sports weren’t created to pacify us.. it’s human instinct to be competitive. . Sports competition has been around of thousands of years…. now are they a distraction with out a doubt… but when I go disc golf it’s not bc some guy created it to keep me stupid to do what he pleases .. to me there are many other things that pacify us b4 sports.

    • Food for thought, the NFL is a nonprofit organization in which the stadiums that you sit in were built with tax money and the ceos get millions a year in tax free bonuses from tax payers pockets. So yeah organized sports are a distraction from real issues. I’m not talking about what you like to do on a personal level I’m talking about 100s of millions of dollars a year industry that’s manipulating people to by the tickets and garb so that they don’t have to pay taxes

    • heaven on earth

    • Ryan Reed Could be. Look at the roman empire. Give the masses, entertainment, it occupies the mind. NFL, occupies the mind, plus makes owners and players rich. Look at college sports, coaches making millions. Sports are taken way to seriously. If we took our government this serious, we would be better off. Then again, government, can’t kick a field goal.

    • Jeremy Abrams Probably the best point on this page. If these big stadiums were such money makers, the owners wouldn’t rape the cities and states to get them.

    • I agree with all on this and I thank for your point of veiw.. I guess it’s just ppl have known about the TPP deal for months now I could name numerous distractions since then… but yes I know the NFL is tax exempt and that BS .. they claim non profit.. my ass ya know.. and yes its sickens me that ppl don’t get as worked up over real issues and I do agree with that… here comes my but. But our major sports do generate billions in revenue. . Thousands of jobs if not more.. and have brought people who never had a chance get out of a slum or poverty stricken areas to make somethi ng of themselves. . But I will agree that these men and woman get used. I guess for every Ying there is a yang. I love football the NFL collage football MLB NHL.. I love to play all sports.. and can be a good distraction also.. we all have bad days and it’s awesome to hit a ball with a bat and take out some frustration .. everyone has their thing.. but this is why I like groups like this .. bc there are open minded ppl willing to discuss the issues

    • Iam no English major btw haha

    • STOP TTP

    • As long as we the people keep allowing big corporations to keep manipulating the system we the people will continue to be in debt. All large nonprofit organizations from Goodwill industries to the NFL, citigroup to electric power suppliers they all get tax breaks and reap huge profits turned into tax free bonuses while all along places like goodwill uses disabled employees for a “learning facility” to gat tax money to pay at least 60% of their employees. It’s loopholes like this that allow our government to grant corporations to violate our Constitution and rights. I like sports don’t get me wrong but if I’m going to idolize a hero or roll model its going to be the homeless veterans who gave everything so that we could put them on the streets because we don’t have enough tax money to help the people who have seen and done things most could never imagine

    • The world needs to wake up. That being said, you can be a sports fan and still be knowledgeable about what’s going on with the government

    • Jeremy Abrams Look at how we usually treat our vets. Specifically, google the WW1 vets at the White House.

    • Thats true

    • Excellent point!

    • Imagine if ppl upset with their government did more about it than post memes complaining about sports fans.

    • ?????

    • Zakk Jordan

    • Laura White why bitch?

    • Lol this is just funny. Sports and leisure activities have been around before the “evil” empire known as the USA was even a country. People like to enjoy themselves and be competitive with other humans, it’s natural for most people. Sports teaches and offers lots of good things especially for kids growing up in team sports. Not everything in the world is about over throwing the government. I’ll bet cents to dollars that most of you have hobbies you enjoy, whether its knitting or hiking which are the same as liking, watching, and playing sports. Its a Damn hobby that lots of people enjoy, nothing more nothing less.

    • Mark Cochrane totally agreed. I always say that. I love sports but know where going on in the world just as much as anyone.

    • #berniesanders2016

  • Here’s what you get and at 32:32-minutes, what to do about it, should work for every country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX6NllqKHWM _O_ <3

  • Roman timezzzzz…nothing new…just too the blind n deaf…by choice

  • Truth

  • Bread and circus, bread and circus.

  • People do not pay attention until it hits them at home.

  • Noooooo

  • yep……. we have been sold out by traitorous scum………

    • our goverment also in Finland !

    • they are not your government…… just like the government here….. they dont work for us.. or even pretend too anymore…..

  • Nice going AMericans, follow the Judas goat

  • 🙁 sad day for the American worker

  • 5 million dollars for one 30 second commercial… Let that sink in.

  • It has not been ratified …yet.

  • yup we are governed by greedy political cronies, thats why I am now bipartisan in my voting preference, I voted democrat simply because they are the less of two evils but they still sell us out. then came Bernie Sanders, feel the Bern !!!!

    • Voting the lesser of two evils is still voting for an evil. How does that help anyone?

    • Don’t miss the boat Jimi Marcozzi. Don’t let your hate and hurt keep you from getting on board when your candidate really does come around. Don’t paint yourself so deep in the corner with your beliefs that you trap yourself. Leave yourself a path back to normal.

    • I think Obama worked out pretty good. Took us from the recession to where we are today. My wages have doubled over his administration. I’d like it to go further still and that is why I want Bernie Sanders! We all deserve to make a living wage!

    • Can you tell me one country where socialism works?

    • Sweden

    • Aaron Verrett Denmark … But its starting to turn to shit, because we, now, only have carreer politicians.

    • Aaron Verrett well America… Social security, disability, medicare, highways… All socialist programs.

    • / all can be provided by the private sector.

    • I earn it and I don’t mind sharing. I work as a brick and stone Mason. There is no question that I “earn it.” When the middle class is strong I get more jobs and make more money.

    • Jimi Marcozzi

    • How many rose colored glasses are getting sold to these minions?

    • Jerry Smith if you think private corporations are more trustworthy than the government you are mistaken.

    • You trust the government! Rofl!

    • The president makes no difference. He is a puppet to the real owners of this world.

    • hey Sid T , ever hear of Plato? Plato: “choosing the lesser of two evils, you still chose evil”

    • And the ‘real’ owners are Du Pont. Yes, in the beginning, a textile merchant.

    • Shawn Hawley Jimi Marcozzi and Aaron Varrett, Bernie Sanders is providing a better solution to the declining middle class that the republicans and Reagan started, America is a socialist country that works, we always have been a socialist country, you are confusing it with communism and yes I agree THAT does not work but democratic socialism does, we were brought out of the great depression (which was also created under a republican, Herbert Hoover) by Franklin D. Roosevelt (a democratic socialist) with his happy days are here again campaign, we all still celebrate the 50″s because it was the best economic time in American history. google it!

    • Sean D Stonecipher so what do you do? vote for the greater of two evils or simply don’t vote?

    • Dan Bruno the government has killed 250,000,000 people in the last 100 years.
      Far outpacing the citizenry.

    • just want all the negative commenters to know, I have never asked or was given a handout, I have worked hard in the automotive business since before I got out of high school, and gladly paid my fair share of taxes for over 35 years without complaint, Bernie Sanders just want to balance the playing ground for all tax payers and offer fair opportunities for all Americans, I don’t see him offering any free shit to anyone, you guys need to learn before you comment negative uneducated hateful shit talk.

    • the ones getting the free shit is the big banks, big corporations wall street, and sellout politicians

    • Jerry Smith the political revolution is to take the government back from the billionaires and sellout politicians and give it back to the people “by the people for the people” thats what makes our country great, not thinking that trickle down economics is gonna work because it hasn’t. we are being lied to and our politicians are getting payed off and the only ones loosing are you and me and every other American, it even hurts themselves but their greed blinds them from reality

    • Don’t vote! It only encourages them

    • Sid T. Anaya see #6.
      You can live in whatever system you want.
      So long as it’s voluntary.

    • Do something about it don’t just bitch and carry on sorry man but your government is fucked and needs to be stopped it would be nice to see people take up arms and shoot all these prick take the cunts out sniper as many as you can ! 😉

    • Terence Connellan chill bro, you can’t do it that way anymore, I would love to if it were possible thats why we gotta use their system against them, beat them at their own game yoknow?

    • Jerry Smith I can’t read it, came out blurry on my computer but hey Im a anarchist too I hate government but we need it for certain things I’m not a politician but if we had someone on our side that can get in we can take control like our forefathers did when they kicked out the Imperialists, I’m all for organized militia and overthrowing those assholes but we gotta play the game

    • Steve Drisdelle if you don’t vote thats what they want, thats how they get in man, fuck those crony assholes playing with our tax dollars and our social security money that shit is ours !!!!

    • less of the two evils is still evil.

    • If all the politicians are evil then someone needs to start a revolution

    • Aaron Peden thats what Bernie Sanders is doing

    • James Fredrick Stewart so vote for Bernie Sanders, he’s independent and only running as a democrat cuz thats the only way in, he is NOT evil, look into his campaign and what he represents, he is exposing all the evils of both parties and is the only choice this election

    • Adam Helmick Exactly! All leaders of Governments are puppets. Read some of David Ickes material. “The Biggest Secret” will enlighten you and other books that he wrote after that. Comes in DVDs too. He has done much to try and wake up people’s consciousness.

    • Sid T. Anaya,Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He said so himself.

    • Lynese Falkowski maybe that’s exactly what the U.S needs. Bernie Sanders is the best prospect the country has had for yrs. You have Clinton….what she has done desides lie cheat and take bribes is unknown. Pretty much the biggest let down since her husband. And on the other team lol yeah let’s not mention the circus performers. The country is approaching 20 trillion dollars in foreign debt….stuck in a endless war against a imaginary foe. The health care system in ranked what was it 36th in the world. Education system is not worth mentioning. And you have one man who is saying no more let’s fix the broken system and the best anyone can say is but he’s a socialist. Ffs the US was a powerhouse not 30yrs ago now it’s turning into a international laughing stock. If voting a socialist in means steering the country back on tracks well why the hell not.

    • Lynese Falkowski yes and so was Franklin D. Roosevelt one of three of the greatest presidents in U.S. history including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, our constitution was written on socialist values “by the people for the people” we confuse socialism with communism but it is not that at all, socialism does not undermine capitalism but simply gives it balance and keeps the most wealthy from taking our constitutional rights as Americans to pursuit of happiness. Bernie Sanders for President 🙂

    • Bernie Sanders: the government is corrupt so let’s give it more power!

    • Aaron Peden if debt is suck an issue why would you vote for the guy that wants to expand the scope of the government’s influence?

    • Forrest Clay Nice summary of what ideas he’ll use to complete the destruction of our country. Almost every idea costs more money not less, but it’s all savings huh?

    • Sid…you really think Bernie Sanders can stop any of this…cmon man.

    • Sjur Madsgard look at his support man its unreal, he’s got the American people going nuts and sending him money for his campaign, he is not beholding to ANY billionaire supper packs like the others, hell yes he can do it but he needs our support and our votes.

    • Michael Scott dude, your not looking at his plan, yea he’s gonna increase government but on the top most wealthy who have been doing it to us all these years. fuck those guys.

    • Ted Corbett this country was already destroyed by Reagan and the Bush family as well as the democrat sellouts, Berns wants to FIX it and he will when he becomes president

    • Michael Scott don’t worry about the rich…they will be fine. Worry about yourself. Bernie is going to make the large corporations who doge tax pay there fair share as with the top one percent.

    • Dude can’t even answer a simple question on what he would do with our troops in Afghanistan.

    • Jason Baker Ron Paul isa good candidat but republicans will never support his policies so he has no chance of winning as a republican, Bernie Sanders is not brainwashing you but trying to educate you, we have always been a democratic socialist / capitalist country and it works if we keep the scales of democracy balanced, the problem is the filthy rich continues to bribe our politicians into tipping the scales in their favor, we don’t have their money to counter the bribery but we do have our constitution that was written on socialist values, please google how Franklin D. Roosevelt bailed us out of the great depression, he too was a democratic socialist 🙂

    • Aaron Peden ,OMG that’s the worst thing that could happen! It’s one step from communism. And socialism DOES NOT WORK.

    • Ryan Ketner he did answer it, he said we should not have our troops there policing the world , the neighboring countries like the very wealthy Saudi Arabia needs to “put some skin in the game” he said we can support them but its not our job to do it for them.

    • Sid T. Anaya I am aware of who and what some of our presidents were doing. They were trying to bring in the NWO even then. And I don’t see Roosevelt as a “great president”. He purposely got us involved in that war. He planned it.

    • Sid T. Anaya I don’t agree with you. You should probably try living in a socialist country so you can see both sides of this.

    • Lynese Falkowski whats it gonna take for people like you to educate yourselves, stop letting negative stereotypes cloud your judgement, democratic socialism does work, thats what our constitution is all about.

    • Sid T. Anaya the point of that meme is that Ron Paul inspired the Liberty movement. Inspiring people to get back to our roots of a small government of for and by the people. Bernie Sanders is saying that the solution to all our problems is MORE government. These people in government can’t even balance a fucking check book. So let’s let them be more in control of our life, right? They’ve already proven themselves to be competent thus far, right? Let us not forget Hitler was a democratic socialist as well!

    • Lynese Falkowski planned the invasion of pearl harbor ? now your listening to the conspiracy propaganda theorists, please educate yourselves to history its not hard now that we have the internet, we are in the age of information, lets use it and don’t listen to the BS, billionaires spend trillions of dollars on propaganda to confuse us and separate us.

    • That said, I’d choose him over Hillary ANY DAY!

    • new world order was meant to enslave the common public and give complete power to the ruling class and guess what? its working, its time for a revolution and thats what Bernie Sanders is starting so lets all join in and overthrow these elitist facist bastards once and for all, our forefathers kicked out the Imperialist and now they are back!!!!

    • It is a conspiracy FACT. And I do read history – it’s my favorite.

    • but we can’t change the past we can only change the future, please look into Bernie Sanders policies closely, all i can do is hope this one is for real, all the others changed the game once they got elected, thanks for your input.

    • Lynese Falkowski by the way i am the biggest conspiracy theorist, I know what we are told and taught is not the truth

    • Perhaps you should consult with someone who is actually from a Communist Country!

    • Judy Busby Ervin

    • Lynese Falkowski you think the system you have now is working? You need change in a big way.

    • Aaron Verrett I agree that there are few true socialist countries that work because is it just outside Communism. However, social democracy is different. Basically, you have the right to vote and change every policy you want to fight to change. The biggest difference from what we have is that there is a floor below which no one can fall. You and your less fortunate peers will never debate between food and surgery or food and homelessness.

  • The TPP still has to be ratified. Of course, CONgress wants to “fast-track” it. And there appears to be no significant opposition in either house. Still, I think we can mount an opposition campaign between now and next year without sacrificing our enjoyment of one football game.

    • Voter turn out, 460 congressional seats are up for reelection, it’s time to vote out the puppets.

    • Andrew Saich , and vote in a new set of puppets? Voting is a scam.

    • lol no voting is not a scam the scam is voting in funded politicians. Critical thinking is important guys.

    • Jeriah Hardin Yeah, well, I’m still waiting for an unfunded politician for whom to (not) vote. The game is rigged, sir.

  • Act like people actually have a say in it all.. Pft

  • Lmao exactly

  • So it passed congress in usa ?

  • I think ”worldwide” is stretching it a bit,,,, 12 countries signed, 184 didn’t.
    (Sorry, just being picky, it’s a terrible day for teh pacific rim countries.)

    • The deal will cover an estimated 40% of global GDP, so its not exactly trivial either. Not to mention all the embedded tyranny.

    • 12 is enough specially when they’ll have no regulations. We are fucked…

  • no matter what happens, there will always be more of US

  • I don’t watch football I watch politicians somebody has to watch the crooks






    APATHY : lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

    CONNIVANCE : knowledge of and active or passive consent to wrongdoing.



  • We weren’t actually watching it. And you didn’t do anything about this because?

  • Lord and savior Obama is one of the bill’s biggest supporters. I’m not an Obama hater, I think he’s done quite a few good things, but he’s a bought and paid for just like the rest, behest to his corporate masters… He breezed over this at his last SOTU, he said “we need to sign the TPP – it’s the right thing to do!”. And all his enamored fans didn’t even bother to notice.

    • I am a fan of Obama, but was against the TPP from the beginning. Don’t paint all supporters with the same brush.

    • People who still like Obama is sick and sad.

  • We need Holly Hunter.

  • Alex DeMottie

  • No “treaty” is binding on the US that violates our Constitution, PERIOD

  • Fuck

  • keep cheering obama, asshats. he signed it.

  • R.I.P National sovereignty, democracy and justice

  • A sad day ideed . Goes to show you that a revolution simply can not be achieved through dialogue ….

  • They took our jobs!

  • Shame on those “public servants”!!!

  • Marc Irms

  • Why do you hate sports so much?

  • Because God forbid we watch some football right?

    • My thoughts exactly. I mean, it’s not like we can’t pay attention to both, right?

  • Even JT.

  • sick corruption bullshit again, just more shit Oblama

  • Kyle Gregg

  • What is the tpp

  • We’re done. This basically gives Power of Attorney to the corporations to make trade deals in our name. Power of the purse was turned over 100 years ago. It is like your two worst relatives legally control the finances and fortune of an old dear rich aunt on life support. i.e. You / we are getting written out of the will. p.s. Congress would ratify a turd if some lobbyist gave them five dollars. On to the $election, I am sure that will fix it.

    • Still has two years to be ratified and you guys in USA have elections to put pressure on. Here in NZ our b.s. misleader will ratify it early to show other nations he kisses Obama ass.

    • Luke Boyce sad huh.

  • How does it affect us?


  • Oh shit…

  • The ancient Romans said it long before Orwell : Bread and circus games.

  • “While corruption is going on NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ENJOY ANYTHING OR HAVE FUN.” – The Free Thought Project

  • now we are in the shit

  • My condolences to you all.

  • Sad truth

  • Bread and circus games, yall.

  • Selling more American workers down the road. How come the republicans didn’t stop this?

  • Criminal giving power to Corporations over people and the environment.

  • Fuck Football, dumbass game anyways.

  • And the downward spiral speeds up!

  • i shared this

  • It’s happened throughout history. It’s nothing new. Neither is the apathy with which we always comply! Nothing will begin to happen until we realize one thing: every human is born an atheist and anarchist! I have a saying. “He who is self-enslaved will lick the chains that bind him! “

    • Jeez severe points but it’s due with people being complacent with their situations while the foolishly greedy are not complacent, that keep making actions to have more control

    • I don’t know if every human is born believing in evolution


  • F’ers!

  • The game better be good then

  • Lol

  • Please like, share, and comment on our posts and articles like this one to get truth like this into your friends’ news feeds. (y) Thanks! 🙂

    • Bread and circuses, a tactic of the filthy Romans.

  • Two words

  • Sad but true

  • There is still a .00000001% chance that Congress won’t ratify the treaty.


  • Damn!

  • I’m convinced 90% of people’s conversations revolve around sports, drinking, and celebrities.

  • To publish an accusation of criminal offence against a person or persons constitutes slander, if that accusation cannot be empirically proven in a court of law. Among the above comments, I find a number of comments that would qualify as slanderous, under even the most liberal definitions. If the you think that putting a comment on Facebook doesn’t qualify as publishing, you should ask your lawyer. You may need one.

  • The hope and change is oh so strange.

  • SO? Now Obama and his old lady get their GRITS from where?

  • Rat bastards

  • Oh but hillrod never lies!!

  • Working as intended.

  • there is no worldwide government only worldwide criminal organizations

  • The elite will rise just to burn in hell slowly and eternally and the innocent bystanders might be saved

  • goddamnit

  • Pretty sure it still has to be ratified by congress.

  • Fucked up!!!

  • Aaron Mishler can we move yet

  • ablenkung ist alles…..

  • Who says we weren’t paying attention?

  • How can they do this without a mandate from the electorate

  • This is a disgrace.

  • Super bowl has nothing to do with this… people have known about this for months.. if ppl want to be ignorant about the world around them .. won’t matter what else is going on.

  • Pam Pipkin

  • Notice the female in blue, third head from the left.

  • Agenda 21 one world order we are rats going around our wheel.

    • speak for yourself ~ all the rule of mortals has a fixed-end. right-things, and blessing will be enjoyed in love throughout this earth~ Yeah, really, a bright hope and a bright future through Christ, wonderful.. The present troubles are little in comparison, even evil trade-deals. pls don’t allow urself to feel devalued, we are all precious and with a purpose, hugs

  • Does anyone else hear that giant whooshing sound as more jobs get sucked out of America-I think I’ve got it now-It’s Wal-Marts plan-they can stock their shelves with cheaply made goods so that without jobs, walmart is the only place we can afford to shop and they can get what little money you have left…then they’ll offer you a job for slave wages and their cycle is complete

    • All im saying is if walmart is cheapest place in town why do I have to prove with price matching that I can get it cheaper elsewhere else shouldn’t it just be cheapest place in town. Sounds like im doing the work for them and if we don’t check them on it they make more money off of us

    • Have you ever found an item cheaper anywhere else? If you do their work for them, they can undercut that price w/o ever having to pay anyone to check for them

    • I find things cheaper than Walmart frequently. There’s an aldi next door to my Walmart, $100 bucks in aldi goes maybe 3/4 that far in the Walmart 100 yards away

    • Don’t tell walmart

  • greed b/4 need politics

  • Oh great.

  • Makes one wonder !

  • super bowl!!!! wooooo!!!!!

  • Im just afraid ots too late

  • your government just made you a slave

  • I guess I didn’t get the memo for a superbowl sunday! Fuck football!

    • We artistic types need to get together and put on a huge concert on Super Bowl Sunday and live street it. It would be nice to have something better to watch

  • No we must protest like Gandhi peacefully hopefully that will help wake up a lot of world Vincent Otf Valentine

    • And you know what would happen if we all got enough people to protest peacefully? Massacre. Guaranteed. And they would say that every single one of us has ‘terrorist ties.’ They only speak one language….war.

    • Yes and thats what the media has told u look into our past more will come when they see innocent people getting hurt and if we do die at least we died tryinv something and not sitting on our ass waitinh for the world to end


  • I am aware. Here in Canada the movement to bring treason charges against the Government are under way!!
    Going to send Justin Trudeau from the Prime Ministers throne to a Jail cell throne!!
    You can not give away our right to govern our own nation to a foriegn national and not expect treason charges to follow.
    What is the differece between giving control over governance of Canada to Vladimir Putin or the Corporations?
    Treason charges for Hon. Chrystia Freeland & Right Hon. Justin Trudeau!!

  • this is so fucked!!!!

  • Dean Costa Evan Manolis

  • How much preparation does drinking beer and eating snacks in front of a television require?

  • One more step in the right direction….and I do mean their own demise.

  • Kinda makes me wonder wat they are up to in the background whilst they are scaring all the sheeple with the ‘possibility’ of war with Russia !!!!

    • I wonder how many of those “sheeple” would actually throw down and gear up if the hammer drops.

    • Most of them i suspect, sheeple aren’t the sharpest tools in the box….

  • That’s why I’m voting for #BernieSanders2016.

  • Just yesterday I was wondering, “What is the Roosh V. story meant to distract us from?” And here it is…

  • Y E P if sports and religion didn’t exist they would invent it. The opiat of the mASSes!

  • What the fuck is the TPP?

  • Angela Poleto James Chalmers

  • Has no Idea wtf this is. Will someone define this for me so i can go search and read about it? Help stop my ignorance.

  • I shared this story yesterday but nobody gave a shit.

  • So what’s new?

  • We’re screwed

  • Bernie Sanders for President

  • And please tell me, even if I did not plan to watch the superbowl, what I could possibly do to stop these people. Get real.

  • “So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern…
    Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult…. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And when they become discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontentment led nowhere, because being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances.”
    – George Orwell,
    Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • If all you people would spend time signing petitions and protesting votes and meetings instead of bitching about it on Facebook we could make this country better

  • America the only place where people “prepare” to sit on their ass and watch tv

  • Unfortunately its true

  • The Gov’ts were just doing what their Corporate elite owners, the Banksters, told them to do.

  • I love it because clearly people who don’t take part in sport entertainment stood up and made a difference halting the unstoppable force from moving forward with the tpp. Attacking sports fans for not being vocal about government issues is a flawed argument. I clearly can’t speak for everyone out there, but I know many many people who are informed free thinkers who can’t stand how things are, but also partake in sporting events. Even reading a book is a distraction, if anyone here claims to never be distracted from government corruption and all its bs is either lying or probably gone insane. Putting a group of people down for choosing sports as their distraction only aids to pit is against each other.
    Be well everyone

    • Its true, what you say. Participation in sport is an noble, honourable pursuit… It should be something encouraged to be active within however, not just a pure consumer…

    • You also must remember that the taxpayers that don’t participate in organized sporting events, more often than not, supplement the hobby through taxation… So in a way, making this argument has merit. Especially since there are very few other recreational undertakings that you could put that claim to.

      Certainly we can agree that there are other pursuits worthy of such “attention.”

    • Hell why not ban all leisure activities. That way we can all devote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to watching what the government does.

    • Good point with the taxation. I cannot stand that, even building new stadiums they use taxpayer dollars.

    • If they committed even 1% of what they use for the NFL alone and built more parks, wildlife reserves or had art and music festivals the US would be unparalleled in the cultural landscape.

    • I completly agree with that. I wish athletes were paid less and when I discovered how much of a business sports are I lost a lot of interest. I wanted to be a sports journalist but I couldn’t do that because I fundamentally don’t believe in them. However, as I said before I enjoy spending time with friends, killing a few hours watching a game. And as a sports fan I don’t enjoy the insinuation that I am a mindless slave to the system. I’m glad you replied

  • It’s our choice to make and we’re making it

  • The bread and circuses of rome repackaged for the apathetic of this generation.

  • give them circus and entertainment to keep them distracted while the country is being looted and being taken over by zionists…

  • Wake UP People!

  • These things used to trouble me, always worrying what “they” were up to…then I realized “they” are illegitimate and have no real authority, and everybody (hate to use collectivism) is their enemy, so whatever “laws” they pass don’t matter.

  • Douglas Douthit Rick Starr

  • This aint new……Bread & Circuses

  • Don’t blame Bernie


  • Yes it was, but most Americans don’t even have a clue about TPP, NAFTA or any of the other trade programs that are screwing America.

  • Anton Hedestam

  • We are living in a police state, we are slaves to corporations the U.S. Is not a beacon for freedom the tpp is just another tool used to control 40% of the worlds economy my bet is on the other 60% hopefully the BRICS countries get rid of the banking cartels and introduce positive money. We only go to wars to force other countries into using our garbage dollar over 50% of the U.S. Gdp comes from the stock market that is not a sustainable economy, the government will just get bigger to enforce the new laws. My way of not supporting this is growing my own food and not make enough money to pay taxes if I am forced to grow gmo field corn I will sell the fam here and buy one in Brazil or Russia

  • Mandeep Gill

  • The race to the bottom is here… Humankind, are you sure corporations have your best interests at heart…?

  • Start growing your own now people!

  • American are dumb fucks just as stupid as they come

  • Who are these so called experts?

  • That’s an amazing quote. Hmm.

  • Bunch of MORONS leading our COUNTY~!!!!

  • Let them find out just how much FUN they will have next fucking Super Bowl lol when they see how crippled and limited things will become however it will be to late most unfortunately….

    Do not expect Basic Income to come as quick as the fucking TPP does its really going to squeeze our fucking brains out the door…

  • Nathan Nelson

  • A stain on Mr. Obama’s record that will cause problems forever. Sorry I supported him through all the hard times and lies, so he could treat us this way.

  • Let’s increase taxes, that’ll save us!

  • Free trade is great, the TPP is not a free trade agreement. More about how to enforce intellectual property rights.

  • this will be the end.

  • I can not click like on this.Should be reworded if you want a like from me. Something like slimy bastards.

  • All over the world people are waking up to find that corporations are now going to have power over elected governments. Congress don’t allow this, you still have time; you are not allowed to amend this so just vote NO!

  • Signing was largely ceremonial if you’re gonna keep a page about this kind of shit, don’t cheapen it with bullshit like this

    • Ask 10 random friends/family/citizens their opinion on the super bowl & then the TPP. See how many know what the fuck you’re even talking about… That’s kinda the point man.

  • not by the country I am going to hahahaha the Philippines “it’s more fun in the Philippines”

  • Boomer Von Brandenstein

  • Yayyy!!! Democracy to the fullest extent!!! Tanya Jacquez

  • Mitchro Stevenson Adam Meere

  • Notice, no Bernie in this picture


  • Oh well

  • Rachel Leitner Janet Leitner

  • Yes and while I pet my cat peacefully, somewhere somebody is strangling someone. What of it?

  • Guess George Should’ve Put RELIGION At The Top Of The “How To Control The Masses” List Because It Certainly Works…..Amen!

  • Ain’t that some BS….

  • Kinda like not keeping their eyes on the ball.

  • Go Bernie!!!

  • Bern.

  • y’all need to get your head out of your ass wake up they are taking all y’all’s rights away.

  • Bread and Circuses.

  • Rigged.

  • stop TTP

  • So sad but that’s the direction this country chooses to go. The failure of our country is sliding to the abyss.

  • Yup

  • Ted Capasso

  • George Orwell coined the phrase,big brother some 80 years ago.I challenge anyone to tell me that” thoughts become things” is an untrue statement.I think it might be prudent to stop making movies about computers, and zombies destroying mankind.Just sayin!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. What you think and say manifests itself.

  • here we go…have fun…enjoy it .its uniqe in human history.C ya’ll on the other side

  • Tj Gotti

  • I don’t wanna see what the world will be like when it is in full effect if tpp passes…

  • This is Obama’s true reason to be.

  • Obama played it up real good until his time is up and now he is assuring himself a piece of the Clinton foundation abroad. Now he can say, “up yours American public”.

  • Still has to be passed by each countries govt

  • panem et circenses, what I warn people about, very few listen.

  • Not signed here yet. But coming soon.

  • No longer available

  • Will anything in the UN’s 17 SDGs help fight these policies?

  • Why are so many asking what the TPP is… go look it up?! It’s worth a GooGle!

  • Yes its been signed but it still got to be passed which is not till some time in summer

  • Just keep stacking 😉

  • Our little cutie fairy

  • At least I’m not alone at being wide awake.. Mass spectator sport is the new distraction now that religions are on their way out..

  • wer’e fucked

  • TPP is really scary, are we doing another NAFTA? We must protect our workers.

  • Everything’s taking shape. And placing the worlds population in place has started. One World order. Coming soon to a culture near you. Seems governments can’t leave things alone. Oh well! We are all along for the ride…..

    • No we should not be along for the ride. We should get rid of these bastards and rise up against this oppressive takeover.

  • This agreement will cost us Americans hundreds of thousands jobs. This is the worst single action our President could nave ever made!!!!!

  • David

  • This is bad!

  • Our forefathers did not intend for corporations, trusts, foundations, etc. to be “entities” equal to individuals because they knew the outcome. It is not in The Constitution.

  • This is scary

  • Just because one watches sports means nothing about what’s going on in the world.

  • Who the hell wants to spend all their time to politics. That’s a miserable life.

    • You are exactly the kind of person that they count on and that got US into the mess we are in!!

  • The phantom pain ? Wait they signed a video game ?

  • Bread and circuses. The fall of Rome. Americans have Stockholm syndrome . They keep voting in the people who do not have their best interests at heart, yet they defend the very people that fuck them into the dirt. I guess this is the byproduct of downgrading educational system for 30 years. People too stupid to see what’s right in front of their face .

  • 12 have signed and 2 shall drop out and the Antichrist will rise to control the UN

  • And you help with that keeping people on your leftists plantation

  • Catcher in the Rye

  • U.S citizens
    America is a continent, not a fucking country

  • That was months ago…

  • Is that that flim

  • American’s can’t seem to keep their eye on the ball that matters.

  • So we could of stopped it? Let me know what efforts you and the non football fans did to stop it!

  • Our Government hasn’t been for it’s people in decades. It’s all about greed. Really not as complicated as you think.

  • Needs to be taken to the vet and put to sleep.

  • Wear gloves!!


  • It used to be bread and circuses…things haven’t changed much.

  • Weak

  • Selling us down the river!

  • Fucking people do not see the big picture ;=[

  • so true – not over yet

  • Hey look up there, is that the Goodrich Blimp? Distractions, distractions! It’s what they do when the sell out our Liberty! (yes, I know Goodrich doesn’t have a blimp, just like AmeriKans don’t have any liberty)

  • The TTP was already signed last year during the scandal over the confederate flag and gay marriage.

  • Sorry to disturb, but I am fatigued by a world of destruction, so if you’re interested in Ahimsa (non-harm to self, others, nature, environment), please check out Ahimsa Group.

  • the purpose of entertainment is distraction.

  • If you aren’t desensitized to government LIES, CORRUPTION and VIOLENCE, please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you!

  • There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • You really believe that wouldn’t have happened regardless of a superbowl?

  • Where were you 8 years ago The Free Thought Project.com…you’re late to the game! Try being more proactive.

  • likes this.

  • this is sooo fucked up!

  • Rodney R-Eighty

  • Bernie the only guy against the tpp but ….

    • Rand Paul was too but clearly the GOP didnt want him involved. He didnt fit the agenda.

    • True he was against it but also Bernie wants to take big money out of politics so billionaires can’t buy out some politicians

  • Jeff Hill so you

  • I promise my grand mother before she died that I will get this page to 50k and in a week can you please help me because I want to keep my promise please help by liking my page

  • paranoia strikes deep…into your life it will creep

  • Nero

  • A Bulgarian prophet say America isn’t going to have a president. This what I read. Please don’t disrespect my post. I get nasty

    • Fuck Bulgaria and fuck that prophet bro ????????????

    • Young man stop right there. You got alot to learn. Before you start saying FUCK everything. Stop letting people tell what it is. Do your research and know what really is.

    • Suge Makaveli Garland you practically asked people to disrespect your post. however would like to know more about the Bulgarian prophet. truth

    • Well go to back in the days page. Stroll down to you see a old lady she’s blind. Click the story and her name is in it. Then Google her name and everything pops up about this prophet. And yeah I did put myself out there and asking for it. But I don’t mind getting in dumb ASS internet smart ASS. That got nothing to with they self Lynda Burns

  • There’s that cocksucker again Nz PM John Traitor Key

  • Funny how that works.

  • Goodnight Irene

  • So am I allowed to enjoy football, or is the freedom movement just a bunch of fun haters? Either way, I’m watching the game.

  • Good. Can you control either things?

  • well that least you can put your paranoia down for a few hours and do something like enjoy a football game like a normal person. there’s still some hope for you yet.

    • Normal people enjoy football games.. Gotcha!?

  • Misdirection

  • ok someone needs to explain how the TPP will enslave us?

  • Was thinking the exact same thing last night. People get so amped up on the commercials, and who is signing at 1/2 time. Meanwhile back at the ranch. People are dying unnecessarily all over the world. smh

    • And while you’re here typing away on Facebook, those same people are still dying. Tell me more about how the way you choose to distract yourself is any better than what other people do.

    • Dear Shawn, while I do enjoy a good game, and occasionally going on Facebook. I am still very well aware of the constant manipulation of the human mind, and the deflection that the media places upon mankind on a daily basis….but that’s not important. My observation today is that your mother should of swallowed that load, or better yet…taken it up the ass. That way I would not be having this ridiculous conversation with you. Thank you for your input, and regrettably your fathers.

    • well said Jon.

  • Again I’ll say that people have the capability to pay attention to multiple things at once.
    Every time an insignificant (often celebrity) news story is talked about by the media ad nauseum or we celebrate a holiday or an event like the Super Bowl happens,I will always wonder “Okay,what are they trying or going to try to divert us from or what are they trying or going to try to sneak past us?’
    I’m well aware of the similarities between modern America and Imperial Rome.I know that the Super Bowl and other major televised sporting events are not unlike the chariot races and events at the Coliseum.
    Many of us are aware of these things but your point is taken that a great many of us are distracted and under informed.

    • I have a multi dimensional thought capacity —— Sounds good, right? 😉

    • Paul, this is EXACTLY what I was thinking. We all know how the Ancient Roman Empire ended.

    • Except the fact that it’s not happening so arguing about a state of being not occurring is a just as moot.

    • I don’t think this meme is saying you can’t think about two things. In fact, it even says “I’ll watch the game”.

    • David Alejandro Angelo Do we?

    • Except that the masses have no clue what the TPIP is at and are paying atrntuon.
      Usa news has not covered it AT ALL.
      maybe 10 minutes btwn every mass media in a month .

    • If this doesn’t apply to you, why would you take it personally? Is it fair to say that MANY Americans obsess about sports? Yes. Is it safe to say MANY Americans care more about professional sports than politics or there children’s future? Yes!

      That is the point of this meme, it is valid and true regardless if you personally have the capability to be a sports fan and still pay attention to current important issues.

  • Wait they already signed it so why can’t someone watch the super bowl ? Also if it isn’t broadcast or not put to a ballot how can we do anything ? You sit at your keyboard and shame people for distracting themselves for a couple hours to help ease the pain of this shitty country but they get attacked ? I hope you’re hitting your law books just as hard to help fight the TPP oh wait you’re not you’re busy playing FarmVille on Facebook being a hypocrite distracting yourself just a different format of stress realese

    • Speaking of which what’re you doin for the game lol

    • Not sure I already been drinking I’m gonna get home at 6 but I can’t drive my tabs are expired on my truck. Why what you up to

    • Over at Haleigh’s, like 2 miles away so maybe I’ll come pick you up?

    • Maybe I’ll let you know what’s up my buddy wants to grab drinks in a few

    • Fosho

    • Who’s buying??

    • I got the first round lol

  • Evil’s power lies in an ability to distract us from the truth.

  • Even more important than the commercials ?

  • it’s true

  • But can you do anything to stop it? No. So what’s the point?

  • Human trafficking is at all all time high during sports events. But America acts like it doesn’t happen.

  • It is called “Bread and Circuses” and goes right back to the Romans, it keeps the masses down.

  • Its like going to a car boot sale

  • Exactly how I feel, Entertainment is a weapon used to distract and control minds

  • William Brewer

  • Paul Racko

  • Zaphod Dophaz

  • WOW.

  • TPP? Toilet paper prank?

  • You need to relax sometimes. Even a 4 hour hard on is dangerous.

  • It’s one day!! Get over it!!!

  • Yep but that has already happened while we were working!!! This game isn’t a smoke screen. The vote has already happened!! What do you do to change it? Did you call your rep or senator?? I did!!

  • Damn

  • It’s time for America to stand up we are there boss there will be a uprising in this country i see it coming. People don’t trust government

  • A sad sad day for what’s left of our middle class. The media never said a word.

  • Old photo. Juliar Gillard is two prime ministers ago in Australian politics.

  • Just keep complicating things. Life is too simple, but people rather find excuses to blame on others to make them think they’re smart. Congratulations; you’re a total dumbass

  • I still research during commercials and half time. Arenas purposes now a days are still the same as back in the days. They can entertain me but not keep me stupid and numb to the truth.

  • I wonder how many people that are against the TPP have actually read it or understand it.

  • 1984 was a busy year indeed! Backdoor agreement by Democrats and Republicans that Cheating on Votes was OK!

  • Are we marching to Washington DC instead of watching the Super Bowl? If not, FTP needs to get busy planning something. That’s how we change America. Peaceful Protests and voting for Bernie. Neither I can do today, so I am going to watch the Super Bowl instead.

  • It’s 1 day a year, don’t be such a faggot!

  • Taking a crap is more important than watching the super bowl crap !

  • And this page goes DOA!

  • Right to the point… Bravo

  • Why give a shit about football. I’ll never watch a super bowl

  • Some of the same people that show up to shit talk the Super Bowl don’t want to hear anything about this during any if the 100+ games their baseball or basketball teams play, during any if the seven games per playoff level their teams play, or during any of their soccer or hockey games.

    Let’s not pretend this is about anything other than people who don’t like football trying to do the same thing they do every football Sunday while sitting in the back of the bar. In other words, whining about a sport they think is overrated and is taking up the TVs they think their sport should be on.

    • Sports are boring af to watch

    • Then don’t watch them. Don’t come to bars in the middle of sports events with that passive aggressive muttering about people who like something you don’t.

  • The maori King is going to put stop to this or war will break out , The Queen of England has been called upon to honour her treaty with them and end this from becoming Law in NZ.

  • It’s all about bread and circuses.

  • That shit can wait! SUPERBOWL BABY! Lighten up for a couple hours heh!?!

  • I’m taking a break for the day… Exhaustion lead me to My Broncos


    1 CORINTHIANS 15: 1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
    By which also ye are saved, if keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
    For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
    And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

    EPHESIANS 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

    COLOSSIANS 1:14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:

    ROMANS 3:25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

    1 JOHN 4:10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

    2 CORINTHIANS 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

    1 JOHN 2:2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

    1 PETER 2:24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye are healed.

    GALATIANS 1:4 Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father.

    1 PETER 3:18 For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:

    God loves you so very much:))

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    1JOHN 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye believe on the name of the Son of God.

    God loves you so very much! All of us are sinners in this world who have sinned and rebelled against a holy righteous God and because of sin we have to face death one day. Sin is the reason we die.God came down to earth as a man in the flesh named Jesus Christ. Jesus became the light of the world to save sinners from their sins. Jesus died on the cross for your sins, shed all of his blood, was buried, and rose again on the third day, according to the scriptures. He took your place of punishment for your sins so if you truly believe in your heart on Jesus and all that he did for you and put your faith and trust in his blood that was shed for your sins and trust in all he did for you on the cross, you may know that you have everlasting life and you will be saved the very moment you truly believe in your heart. God sees the heart of man. Will you believe on Jesus Christ today with all of your heart and trust on him and the shed blood that was shed for your sins?

    Jesus is God manifested in the flesh!!!

    JOHN 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    JOHN 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

    1 TIMOTHY 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

    Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven! There is no other way. No man, priest, pastor, church, religion, works, baptism, nothing but through Jesus Christ!

    JOHN 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    ACTS 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


    JOHN 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    1 PETER 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

    We are all sinners and we are going to die one day and need to be saved from our sins to go to heaven

    ROMANS 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

    ROMANS 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

    ROMANS 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.

    ROMANS 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    ROMANS 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


    REVELATION 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.

    REVELATION 20:14-15 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.This is the second death.
    And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

    We are saved ONLY by GOD’S GRACE!

    EPHESIANS 2:8-9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    ROMANS 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    REPENT, turn to Jesus Christ, put your faith and trust in him alone, truly believe on him and all he did for you.

    JOHN 6:47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me hath everlasting life.

    MARK 1:15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

    EPHESIANS 1:13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy spirit of promise,

    When you truly believe on Jesus with all of your heart call upon him from your heart..Salvation is a heart decision and comes from the heart.

    ROMANS 10: 9-13 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus , and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    The very second you BELIEVE in your heart on Jesus Christ and all he did for you on the cross for your sins cause God sees your heart and call upon the name of the Lord from your heart you will be saved. Salvation is a heart decision..Whoever comes to Jesus Christ he will in no wise cast out..Come to Jesus today and get saved today..

  • This actually happened? What is wrong with the world fml.

  • Yeah but if the T.P.P. was able to be shut down in a day…. Then why wasn’t it?

  • May your redundant memes save the world.

  • Is that today? I’m not a fan of bread and circuses.

  • Since….

  • I will not watch the game . Never have , but didn’t the vote already happen

  • Goodness gracious, take a break from it for a few hours and enjoy yourself…

  • the FEDERAL RESERVE was formed in secret==on jeckyl island –by multi millionaires and billionaires including the rothschild bankers, rockefellers j p morgan and others==in secret=like the TPP TAP

  • Wake the fuck up! Please! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

  • It was passed months ago…

  • That’s what I’m saying

  • I won’t even watch the game

  • Dated picture – ex Australia prime minister, 2x’s !

  • TPP only good for the Billionaires that continue to run our country and other countries and have nothing to give to the People that helped make them millions and billions and pay the Politicians to do their bidding

  • The people need to stand up real soon

  • US war mongers rounding up the troops against China a former ally who took in wound G.i’s from the imperial japs. Now how about that!

  • Imagine what would be the outcome if people care and go crazy for their right and freedom as much as they care about Superbowl.

  • I am in awe! Soooooo sad if people thought our debt was an issue ,image oodles of law suits per month from any foreign government that feels America impeded on their profits. How could a president do this to their own people ? This Turkey only signed it so Bernie Sanders can’t say Hilldog was going to. Grrrrrrrr

  • We’ve had 2 prime ministers since so the redhead is outdated, one prime minister who was against it then he was ousted by his party and replaced with our current shit bag who was for it

  • Yeah get lost with your negativity. I’m deleting all posts from you guys this week.

  • Right on Atomic Girl~

  • The tpp is old news


    In Egypt a few years ago 74 sports fanatics DIED in a hysterical riot over a stupid soccer game. The way things are going, it won’t be long until we see such horrors here – probably in connection with the super-hyped Stuporbowl!

    I’ll never be interested in seeing a bunch of steroid-soaked, glorified goons smashing into each other in an incredibly over-commercialized, hysterically hyped game over which obsessed, out-of-shape sports fanatics get drunk and brawl with each other. The Stuporbowl is government-approved and promoted “bread and circuses” hysteria at its worst, and shows just how screwed up the media-enslaved American Sheeples’ values have become.

    If you like a sport, do yourself some good and GO OUT AND PLAY IT, and leave those not interested in peace. I like running, but am not obsessed with watching it, betting on it, etc. – I just DO IT. I don’t even turn on the TV or radio now, as you hear about little else than this Stuporbowl obsession. It starts months in advance. What LOONS such fanatics are, with the commercial-propaganda media fueling their fanaticism.

    So before Stuporbowl Sunday be sure to get your beer, chips, and other junk food, then vegetate in front of the boob tube watching these fools, while I ignore it all and do something truly healthy and really fun! Stay away from bars and “tailgate parties” unless you love drunken violence, and stay off the roads where the drunks will be driving after the game. Perhaps, in time, sanity will be restored to those that survive.

    If you think this hysterical obsession has no harmful effects, here is a notification I received from FedEx. This may affect my shipping of guitar pedals:

    FedEx Service Alerts
    FedEx Operations During Super Bowl XLVIII
    Wednesday January 29, 2014

    FedEx will be operating in the metro New York / New Jersey area during Super Bowl XLVIII festivities through February 5, 2014. Some customers in the metro New York / New Jersey area may experience service delays or disruptions during this time because of government security measures in place for Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • Well, no, not everyone: I’m having some hot tea and playing on Facebook. This is much more interesting.

  • THEN

  • NOW

  • #VoteLibertarian

  • I’m watching the game, playing Star Wars the Old Republic at the same time, and I know about the TPP and all it entails. I guess that makes me an enigma?

  • Corporate Police coming soon

  • Every big event time is decoy event time.

  • Doug Lamon

  • Mark Tompkins

  • Some things never change. Black day in history.

  • No TPP. hell no!

  • Hey if any of you scholars out there watched the ABC presidential debate …
    TRUMP HATES TPP. ……. …
    Trump for PRESIDENT

  • Not even a TPP photo lol

  • Like us peons have any say.. Pft

  • HELL YEAH !!!

  • Yeah cuz your concern is so gonna stop it !!

  • Both great match up

  • What a horrible shame and disgrace to our country and workers.

  • The definition of insanity repeatedly doing the same thing yet expecting different results ;-[

  • Where are those republicans, supposed for the people?

  • Neither of which we can do anything about

  • The point is not whether to watch the super now but rather are you aware of the slight of hand that it is representative of. Choices, priorities in relation to time and goods. It is not rocket science but it is an art form.

  • What’s the Super Bowl?
    Why are they wearing all that padding?
    In my country we don’t dress up like tampons. We just tackle with with muscle. Pussy bitches.

  • I’d agree if there was a single qualified candidate in the mix… but there’s not so meh… Super Bowl was more useful to me :p

  • Apple’s and oranges…why can’t I do both? Even the most consciencious needs a break now and then from the woes of the world. Belittling those that enjoy football isn’t helping anything, just comes off as being petty and more than a little dickish.

  • The t.p.p already passed

  • Funny, I didn’t know Congress was im session on Sunday debating the TPP.

  • Everyone’s afraid to revolt

  • Phew! Glad you told me….because I totally thought Super Bowl 50 was the single most important event in human history.

  • No!!!! It happened???????

  • BERNIE SANDERS the people’s saviour.
    There will be some very irritated people in big mansions if America gets what it truly needs and not what the ‘Elite’ want. (Note, “Elite” is an insult not an adoration).

  • What’s the “T.P.P”??

  • Without insults or picking a fight can someone please explain to me exactly what is wrong with the TPP deal?

    Not conjecture rumor or hearsay. Something that is in the TPP that makes it bad. Considering so little of this is actually been leaked to the public I don’t understand why people are condemning it so quickly.

    So here’s the chance. Somebody please convince me or just explain to me why the TPP is a bad deal.

  • Well I’m more concerned about the poisoned water, police murdering people daily, and the emergencies that are being ignored because of the most bullshit made up election I’ve ever witnessed. Sports were originally meant to distract the citizens from the information they didn’t want them to know. This election is the same thing. If voting mattered and you could make a difference by voting as people, why do we need leaders?? It’s a joke watching from Canada (our election process sucks too tho) And to think people thought trump could get in. Not everyone is stupid, but a few people can collect on fb and make it seem like a lot more. But while I only saw trump make a mockery of your country I’m sure that was an idea for strategic voting. They are going to elect who the real UN leaders want. Not people. So yes sports are a distraction and so is 2016 politics…. I smell socialism..

    • I always wondered why we as humans (just like the dicks in office) allow the government to keep killing. We assume it’s gonna be better everytime but the next guy has to fix up the last guys mistakes and keep killing as well.. While he’s doing that other problems arise and its his fault now so at least half the people will hate him. Us as people will never have a leader to look up to…actually, Nor should we. We should be 1. The governments has us fighting against each other so we will never be smart and work together. They win and the murders continue with each vote.

  • Holy fuck… Take a break for one night and enjoy the game

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE to help us spread the word about the TPP and TTIP!

    • What’s so wrong with being a sports fan?


    • As I said last night, absolutely you can care about both. Too many people only care about the wrong one though. Doesn’t change the fact that the person who posts this constantly is a condescending twat.

    • the picture is referring to the majority of the US not the few people like you probably? Since you seem to be offended by this picture

    • And also the AMOUNT of time and energy put in…

    • This guy who runs this page hates America. He’s a POS

    • Rodney Mathis didn’t you say you were leaving? So… What are you still doing here?…

    • Michelle Miller you CAN care about both sure. But the problem one is emphasized through the media to downplay the other. You really SHOULDN’T care about both, considering one set of facts are a complete distraction from the other. It makes no sense that people care about “WHO R RUNNING FASTEST WITH DA BALL” when those same people wouldn’t be able to tell you who Julian Assange or Edward Snowden is. You were wrong last night, and you’re wrong now. You are not just arrogant and stupid, but your encouragement of caring for both, when one set of facts is what keeps people docile.

    • Jan Harrison

  • Learn more → http://bit.ly/1nQJ1Rh

    • doritos and ham bowls are more important. SPORTS!

    • Shane Michael for how long? Until the dollar has completely lost it’s value? When all your family members are imprisoned for victimless crimes? Some won’t care until them or their families are personally affected.

      Then it will be too late

    • The Free Thought Project.com not enough people will ever care to change anything. That much is obvious

  • Uwe Koppe Melanie Almonte Cameron Stainken Chris Bailey cos this just popped up on my newsfeed

  • This is ridiculous

  • we can only sitt down and take it or try to make a change, but how can we?

  • panem et circenses funktioniert auch 2016

  • We get it, you don’t like sports, puppies, or virgins. Stop being pretentious about it.

  • FAR better than obsessing over the Stuporbowl!

  • Just because you don’t like sports doesn’t mean to have to be an asshole about it. Yeah, that is exactly how you come off as. You’re deluded if you think you’re gonna win people over with these posts/memes.

    • I bet you feel proud of yourself huh? Lol

    • Not like sports? I would rather play them than watch them. If you can pay attention to sports and politics at the same time, then good on you; most Americans can’t.

    • They just won me over, I shared it. It is important to ask why people ignore politics. What do you think would work better?

    • I agree. Why would I want to watch someone else play games unless it’s my kid? But I do respect others interests.

    • I like participatory sports, not the passive obsession with spectator sports found in many dumb, unhealthy people ignorant of what really matters in this society.

    • Sports my friend, is how the Roman Elite kept the masses entertained. Right before the great collapse.

    • This what you would sound like as a Roman citizen during the rule of the Roman Empire. “Just because you don’t like gladiators doesn’t mean you to have to be an asshole about it. Yeah, that is exactly how you come off as. You’re deluded if you think you’re gonna win people over with these posts/memes.”

    • Yep l agree with you. Let’s not exclude other forms of distractions for the exticion of the middle class, such as celebrity gossip and patriotism over wars in foreign countries for “our freedoms”

    • Politics control every aspect of your life. Why in God’s name would you not pay attention to them. Ignorance is the only answer

    • Sports my friend is a great social function. It helps build character and ability in handling pressure and thinking quickly. Keeps you fit. Better for you than sitting on your arse hanging shit on others

    • Societies ignorance of politics has nothing to do with sports it has to do with the dumbing down of people and the general apathy of lazy people who can’t even stand up for themselves and just want someone else to do it for them

    • Exactly Dennis. Shame on people for actually enjoying something in life

    • fuck sports. designed to distract. go drink some tap water. I beg God to have the sun drop the grid every day so the cleansing can begin.

    • Wtf?

    • Shane Michael lol your gonna talk about distraction but then day you beg god…

    • I completely agree with you Dan Bruski.

    • The Free Thought Project.com .. good answer! until, after nine one one .. every few years my birthday would fall on Super Bowl Sunday .. I’d have to host a freakin’ football party to get peeps over.

    • Dan Brusky .. no one is hating on sports, I personally don’t get off on commercial for profit team sports.So what? I’m an aa hay? in your world view? could not care less.

    • TFTP sounds more and more authoritarian and judgemental with every post. Just a matter of time before they tell us to wear our underpants on the outside of our pants and that the SuperBowl is a Rothschild conspiracy.

    • Entertainment Sports are there to distract you. Truth hurts. Sports are for fitness/fun for yourself. Not to run around on the streets getting a hard-on over a team while your government is shafting you.

  • I didn’t see any cars on fire, clearly wasn’t Denver Bronco fans….

  • I see a penis

  • Who the hell are you, Steve Harvey?

  • More ignorant remarks about sports. Grow the fuck up The free thought project

    • People that don’t like football like to get a big boner about shoving it down people’s throats that they don’t like football. It’s like vegans.

    • Yes, but there pussy asses watch soaps

    • Are u fn gay, or is that for this sorry page?

    • Just for you princess ?

    • sports fans aren’t exactly showcasing their intelligence

    • Please STFU with your sarcasm. You want to make a point please be somewhat specific

    • Michael Schooley another who hides, go figure. Struck a nerve on the gay comment

    • Who’s hiding dumbass? Oh right! You’re one of those guys “private profile with no personal photos, must be a fake troll account!” lol good luck in your miserable life you fuckin simpleton hahaha

    • Michael Schooley fu

  • Big up ze Germans

  • I’m deleting this ass soon if his sorry ass doesn’t post meaningful shit

  • for a page called free thought you sure do post a lot of propaganda

  • I’m just enjoying the butthurt of these so called “football” fans

  • I wanna see pics of those who run this page. FN cowards

  • Krauts, smarter than americans.

  • Look at all these butthurt cock hungry douche grenades, getting all angry you’re pointing out their absolute disregard for the welfare of this country. “Oh no they did NOT just trash my beloved sports!”… Fuckin dumbasses…

    • Exactly

    • No one is angry. We’re just pointing out that you can care about both. You don’t have to pick just one, douche grenade.

    • Hey! That’s my line Karl! And I’m fully aware of that it’s just people are clearly over reacting to it because they’re guilty conscience is eating at them.

    • “Butt hurt cock hungry douche grenades”

    • Spectater sports are used against people to keep them complacent… just as celebrities have their place in “contributing” to the masses.

  • I doubt we here in America will ever be one as a whole SMH people are just to egotistical and ignorant here

  • Much more like it

  • We,the germans,are against TPP and watched the Superbowl,nothing wrong with it!!!!!

  • Man, someone at the free thought project is way more upset that the Super Bowl exists than they are the TPP exists…judging by thread count.

  • SuperBowl’s really bothering you guys at FTP huh? This is like 10 posts in a row. But when you post fake information and someone refutes it with hard facts you guys go silent. Seems like you’re the one who’s got your priorities mixed up.

  • Okay, free thought project, show me where the Super Bowl hurt you.

    • It’s not your fault.

    • It’s not your fault.

    • I know, it’s your moms for not following through with that abortion.

    • quick, tell me if you know anything about the TPP without looking it up first

    • It’s a massive international “trade” treaty that relinquishes vast amounts of market freedom to foreign governments and corporations. You were never going to stop it, Neither were the Germans in this photo. Everyone could have watched the Super Bowl and made the same amount of impact on the central bankers who will increase their power and profit on the backs of debt slaves.

    • Michael Schooley somebody is quite the keyboard kowboy. Hittin all the kowboy buttons. I’m a gay person who should’ve been aborted. Should I also commit suicide, or were you keeping that for your next reply? Stay brave!

    • Lol! No, no need to assist natural selection further, I’m sure it will take care of your problem sooner or later.

    • One day you won’t have so much interwebs vitriol, Michael. #Itgetsbetter

    • Mmk, whatever you say lol

    • Ride on, kowboy.

    • Josh Grantham . I suppose I would put it in the stomache where the suprerbowl hurt me. Because I feel the pain in the pit of it when I hear fellow Americans talk statistics of “WHO R RUNNING WITH DEE BALL AND THROWING DA BEST” yet they don’t know that Africa is a continent, why the corporate power structure stays in power, or who Julian Assange is and why he is relevant.

      Uh oh!! We insulted your favorite activity involving people in uniforms running around a field with end zones so we must be oversensitive idiots!

      You’re a joke.

    • It’s not my favorite activity. I’m not even that big of an NFL football fan. I spend a lot of time hiking, running, and cycling. Is that okay to do instead of reading the TPP legislation? Or is it just this particular hobby? If the Super Bowl hurt you, it’s a little silly to call someone else overly sensitive, smarty pants.

    • “You’re a joke”…said the sock account.

    • so it’s hopeless to protest against it and there’s nothing we can do about it, you believe?

    • We can only live our own lives freely. Vacate the state, find like minded individuals, form free market places. Your freedom from tyranny is in your own hands. It’s not in the hands of protesting groups. And slaves begging their masters to be less masterful only feeds their ego. Ignore the state, acquire capital, and educate your children to be outside of their system. That’s what I do anyway.

    • …I also engage in several hobbies that have nothing to do with staying in a constant state of rage against the state doing what it is inevitably going to do. Yes, I watch a little football on Saturdays and Sunday’s because I appreciate athleticism and strategy. I also read a lot of libertarian (little L) philosophy, theology, and history.

    • ah so the free market is the solution to everything? I guess corporations do what is right by the people without government controls getting in the way. They must have a long history of being good entities towards everyone before big evil government made them hurt us. If we could just set them free again all would be well, no control, no checks or balances, no regulations. Libertarian dream, Nightmare in reality

    • Michael Kittredge Corporations are government creations, protected with guns by government, suppressing smaller competition with laws written by corporations, bailed out by taxes taken by government theough force, often using land seized by government through imminent domain. Without government, gigantic businesses could not exist or compete long term. Whatever nightmare you’re imaging in a free marketplace, you’re already living under statism. The violence you’re imagining by corporations (which couldn’t exist without governments) has already been perpetually carried out by governments for thousands of years. Or have you not spent much time in world and US History books, I guess? No wonder you think protesting is worthwhile. You’re still sleeping.

    • …and I don’t vote Libertarian either, but…

  • Where are the Americans protesting the TPP

  • Ahh shit here we go again with these dumb anti sports memes. You guys need to give it a rest. Inform us on something educational like you normally do not this “if you watch sports you don’t know what’s going on in the world nonsense”

    • it’s not anti-sports it’s anti-ignorance about policies that directly affect all our lives. Quick, can you tell me one thing about the TPP without looking it up?

    • No you clown when they post a million of these memes in a 24 hour span it’s anti sports. Everyone I mean EVERYONE has things that distract them from real life issues sports video games music tv on and on. Quick tell me you have no hobbies and live and breathe the worlds problems. Like I first said you are a clown.

    • Adam D Valle A million in 24 hours? At least you don’t exaggerate.

    • If you follow the page this is all they have been posting for over a day now. ??

    • When you realise how much TPP and TTIP affect YOU yes YOU after they’ve been passed it will be too late – all the while bitching because someone is bothering you in your ignorance

  • 2000 years ago, it was “bread and circuses” .. today it’s “football and beer” .. So much for progress.

  • It’s not Berlins version…It’s the European Union and the US, trying to push it on all of Europe.

  • as I’ve said before – Sports is simple and fun, politics is complicated and boring.

  • Whats the big deal about superbowl anyway?I mean i was hearing about this superbowl for so long and how awesome it was and i decided to watch it.I even did my homework to see how this thing is played.After one hour i could barely keep my eyes open.Havent seen sth more boring for quite a lot of time.

    • They’re not all boring. But, this one was particularly boring.

    • Lol of you dont like an artist, you wont like the work they do. Same works for a game. You have to like something to enjoy it…

  • Even though the Germans are more informed and take to the streets, their government officials will still pass every aspect of this bill.

    • Sad but true.

    • Yes but they won’t get away without a fight – at least they are not (quite) as diverted from important issues by irrelevant stuff about who scores what in which sport

    • Germany has already been ruined by immigrants

  • In Egypt a few years ago 74 sports fanatics DIED in a hysterical riot over a stupid soccer game. The way things are going, it won’t be long until we see such horrors here – probably in connection with the super-hyped Stuporbowl!

    I’ll never be interested in seeing a bunch of steroid-soaked, glorified goons smashing into each other in an incredibly over-commercialized, hysterically hyped game over which obsessed, out-of-shape sports fanatics get drunk and brawl with each other. The Stuporbowl is government-approved and promoted “bread and circuses” hysteria at its worst, and shows just how screwed up the media-enslaved American Sheeples’ values have become.

    If you like a sport, do yourself some good and GO OUT AND PLAY IT, and leave those not interested in peace. I like running, but am not obsessed with watching it, betting on it, etc. – I just DO IT. I don’t even turn on the TV or radio now, as you hear about little else than this Stuporbowl obsession. It starts months in advance. What LOONS such fanatics are, with the commercial-propaganda media fueling their fanaticism.

    So before Stuporbowl Sunday be sure to get your beer, chips, and other junk food, then vegetate in front of the boob tube watching these fools, while I ignore it all and do something truly healthy and really fun! Stay away from bars and “tailgate parties” unless you love drunken violence, and stay off the roads where the drunks will be driving after the game. Perhaps, in time, sanity will be restored to those that survive.


  • Timo Silva This made me think of you

  • Most people in the states don’t know what the TPP is, nor do they care that Congress is about to sign it in.

  • They know how to politically engaged.

  • Its actually berlin festival not demomstration, old picture from last summer. Tpp is shit but this aint it.

  • I bet 1 out 50 Americans don’t even know what the TPP is let alone even heard of it.

  • Why is nobody talking about TiSA?

  • Funny how newspapers can write about celebrity gossip as front page news, but completely ignore important issues like this. On second thought, it’s not funny at all :-/

  • This dosent look like scenes you should be seeing in a democratic country where government is conducted by consensus .

  • great that Berlin recognizes whats goin on

  • American shit me off so fucking bad no shit it makes me sick how a country can be so fucked up they spend some stupid number on ice cream every year like two billion the fat cunts and Africa starves it’s not just the government get it straight they have no power other than what the people give them wake the fuck up all you stupid American fuck please and have a nice day 😉

  • The American people only know what they are spoon fed.

  • What the hell is superbowl. Scratch that, don’t care

  • At least Germans know what the TPP is. Our media and congress have left us in the dark on this issue. Not a surprise. But for those of us who are awake, it’s time to make some noise! Keep it coming! We don’t want our government to be run by corporation’s. Fuck them and their technocracy. We the people rule.

    • To late Joe. Our government has been run by corporate interests for decades.

    • No doubt! But the TPP will be the juggernaut.

    • I can tell you there is not much information about TTIP / TTP in our mainstream media … But it seems like more and more people are waking up..

  • Why not just call it what it’s called, TTIP

  • they must really throw out their Woman leadership!

  • everybody… just don’t work..

  • You’re becoming an idiot with these memes. Grow up. People enjoy sport.

  • Because TPP turns us all into Nazi zombie robots!!

  • We Americans protest via social media at home in our couch

  • Just wait until this summer when euro 2016 starts…. The Germans will be ready to pack stadiums and local watering holes to support the soccer team. This is a bad reference here……

  • I am close to withdrawing my acquiescence to this farce.
    Does anyone care to try to talk me down?

  • Makes perfect sense

  • I like this page, mostly, and hate to be the killjoy of the moment but it’s winter in Germany, too.

  • ……

  • Okay that does it, I’m hiding all your posts.

  • Lmao look how Germany has ended up they’re not exactly a run down country

  • Fuck the world it’s all corrupted get a grip people we are all screwed in the end no one cares about us people face it just look out for your own ass because the government don’t care

  • Is that really a shot of Germans protesting the TPP or just some random pic of the middle of Berlin taken from the net?

    • This was an anti TTIP Demo in Berlin 2015-10-12 with more then 250.000 people. I was there.

    • Cool

  • but our government does not even care. its a shame

  • This country should do this at the white house. Who would win. I would be there.

  • Good one.

  • “Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”–George Orwell, 1984

  • American priorities.

  • aaaaand North Americans aaaallll rolled over and took it up the arse….FFS!!!!

  • I think there are a bunch of racist white people who run this page.

  • Sara

  • Germany probably has a free press.

  • icb was there and it was great

  • not really… they are protesting against Merkels policy regarding letting more asylum seekers in….

  • Double like.

  • Lol the superbowl has absolutely no connection to this signing, to think it does it just funny. The people watching the super bowl are usually football fans that were going to be watching this either way and the other people watching wouldn’t care about this being signed. I’m not saying the tpp is a good thing but to try and make a correlation between the signing and the super bowl Is just someone making a meme trying to get hits.

  • Oh shit i wish Americans cared that much

  • But,will these protests do any good?

  • Too bad people these days are dumb as fuck and only care about what the government uses the media to tell them what to care about.

  • This could not make less sense.

  • I wish we were like the Germans when it comes to #TheNextDeal Represent.Us

  • Guy Forster

  • Hi guys, not american here!! Can anyone tell me what is tpp?? I dont know what it is

  • Christopher Badura Julian Mestwerdt

  • I would say, it’s more the US version of the TPP, that Berlin is prepared to accept. Washington is trying to dictate the terms, such as ISDS. The people are not having it, but more opponents are needed on the streets. Let’s hope we can mobilise even larger numbers for Obama’s visit to the HannoverMesse (Trade Fair), in April.

  • Shared….

  • Thought I recognized that street…

  • Karly Hockly lol I didn’t know Germany was in the Pacific


  • One of the few things Obama has gotten the Republicans to agree on maybe the most damaging to American workers

  • We pay attention to the sport and ignore then bitch about real life after it slaps us in the face.

  • This is the biggest german street event, called love parade….

  • Did their police force come out in full armor and aggressive attitudes?

  • For those butt hurt, I think these posts are good… Maybe get people critically thinking… You can still watch sports but also care about the future of your country lol

  • fuck the superbowl and the small minded people that support it.

  • Sam Candetti

  • Not so lazy germans Jonatan

  • Multi million distraction…

  • You should look for pictures of the parade from today here in denver. It was over 1 million people

  • The NFL is a non-profit organization. That is totally wrong.

  • These comments are hilarious. Thanks to everyone who posted here, you all have made me laugh so much for the better part of ten hours now. It’s like nobody gets that both sides of this argument are incorrect!!! Hilarious!! Shaming will not get you or your cause anywhere and that’s exactly what both sides of this argument are doing. (Well, in this thread, at least) One side is made to feel stupid because they watch sports and one side is made to feel as if their priorities are a waste of time. It’s all very funny from an outsiders point of view!! I can always count on my fellow human beings for a great laugh. Well, I need some sleep because unlike most repetitive posters on this thread, I have a job. Good Night!! Oh and thanks to the FTP for being the puppet master of all this!

    • Well when TPP and TTIP come and affect all of us adversely including you i hope you will still have a good laugh (on the other side of your face ha bloody ha)

  • Fantastic

  • And the ignorant people think that republicans are better or Democrats are better but they don’t think who is better for the people and if they really start paying real and unbiased attention to their favorite politicians that they voted for will find out that all these elected officials are first for themselves second for themselves third for themselves Etc…..etc…….etc.

  • First GREEDY,Second Worshippers of Money,Third Love for Power Etc….etc….etc Hypocrite….. Etc….etc….etc….Liar….etc…Selfish.Etc….etc….
    War criminal Etc……etc….Thugs Etc…..etc….Bullies….and no COMPASSION,

  • <3 manchmal geschehen Wunder

  • Yeah, Denver doesn’t have that many trees. 😉

  • Thought you should see this, Collin.

  • Frederic Glory Moviez