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Rothschild Makes Dismal Admission — His Financial World Order Now “Threatened”

RIT Capital Partners fund issued its 2016 year-end report in late February. While the company was pleased to report a net profit of 12.1 percent and total shareholder returns hold at 14.2 percent, the company, and its chairman Lord Jacob Rothschild, seem preoccupied with risks associated with political and economic instability.

Rothschild announced that while the funds’ assets are at an all-time high, the announcement comes, “Against a background of daunting uncertainty and political turmoil.” Going further, he stated a more ominous warning. “At this time of upheaval and uncertainty, our investment portfolio will continue to be well diversified,” he wrote comforting his shareholders their fund’s portfolio would be as protected as possible from any coming downturns in the market.

However comforting the report may be for individual investors, Rothschild’s final comments loom large over the mostly positive economic report. He wrote, “There could well be a period ahead of us when the avoidance of risk is as high a priority as the pursuit of gain.” The investment banker’s chosen word of “period” seems to indicate a coming downturn in profitability, even though for the past five years the fund has realized a profit of more than 1 billion Euros.

According to the report, Rothschild and his very powerful family have a vested interest in preserving their assets. “RIT Capital Partners plc is an investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its net assets have grown from £280 million on listing in 1988 to over £2.7 billion today. RIT is chaired by Lord Rothschild, whose family interests retain a significant holding,” the issue reveals. If the fund, whose value is at an

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If the fund, whose value is at an all-time high, suddenly declines, falling with it will be a large portion of wealth the Rothschild family enjoys. Although, any such declines would hardly come as a surprise to the Rothschild family who reportedly controls much of the world’s wealth and has a hand in nearly all of the world’s banking institutions, including the Federal Reserve, as some have stated.

The chairman’s statement continues with what some might say is an ominous and uncertain view of the future. “Since the last World War, we have enjoyed some 70 years of patiently crafted international cooperation, which is now threatened,” an apparent reference to Brexit and the UK’s referendum to withdraw from the European Union.

“Against this deeply worrying geo-political situation,” he wrote seeming to highlight the potential of WWIII if the Syrian conflict continues, “one can point to a number of positive investment factors.” Echoing many statements made by the current U.S. president, Lord Rothschild stated he was hopeful corporations would receive a break in government imposed revenue. He said, “in the US, the proposed tax reduction for companies and individuals,” was a favorable policy change for his fund’s portfolio.

Resounding President Trump’s call for deregulation, Rothschild also was reportedly pleased with the “reforms of an over-regulated system.” Likewise, in step with Trump’s call to exponentially increase spending on America’s failing transportation infrastructure, Lord Rothschild is pleased. However, Trump’s call for, “increases in fiscal and infrastructure expenditure…come at a time late in the business cycle, when the labour market is close to full employment,” meaning there’s no forecast of immediate returns on infrastructure spending forecasted in the future.

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The banking and financial baron also seemed to lament that “wage increases up by some 4% over the last few months” a factor which affects the bottom line for every company. He also stated across the fund’s portfolio will also be affected by rising interest rates. “Valuations are at the high end of their historical range, inflation is returning and in these circumstances, it is likely that interest rates in the US will rise meaningfully,” he said. And coming from the man whose familial connections and financial partners control the Federal Reserve, he should know.

  • Money over people and the planet always 😔

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  • Gary Blake
  • The Waz

    Interesting since his grandson Robert has been claiming that he paid politicians throughout the country to flip the election for Trump and has bought many other foreign politicians, including Russian, to support Trump. Obviously, I don’t know what is true, but if the grandson is right, could the chaotic mess that is this administration not be what this political cabal had planned, so that makes it a threat to economic stability? Who knows. So many stories, so many people involved from one angle or another.

  • What a moron, no wonder he’s worried. His family prints money out of thin air but all he can accomplish for his clients is a 12 percent return. Sure…

  • Steve Johnson

    lol. This isn’t a real story. They (AMERICA) could have their own printing presses overnight making the Federal Reserve Scam illegal overnight. Arrest the agents of Fed. for manipulating the market because their actions would make them rise to the surface like a DUNE worm… But of course this never happens. Scum is as Scum does.

    • lunch

      actually they can’t. there’s too many corrupt officials who have infiltrated the government who would obstruct such a thing. First have to get out the corrupt which may take a while.

      • samuelstorns

        It will never happen. Human beings are inherently flawed. The system we have of those at the top taking the most runs true in business, government, even the family unit itself. Those with power take more for themselves.

    • Honestly

      “THEY (AMERICA)” (aka WE) HAVE NO CONTROL of what the cabal running our government is doing!!! this Cabal has been running our country for a LONG AS TIME (before most of its current people were born!!) the FBI and CIA wire tap all electronics, most of the government officials are Freemasons or pedophiles, they poison our water and food to keep us from seeing these things are important, they LIE to us in the “news” EVERY DAY, the cabal OWNS THE MEDIA (literately), our “free” speech is shut down if you are naysayer of the mainstream propaganda bullishit they feed us… this is not even the tip of the ice berg….its corrupted to the core and back again. we people have known this since 9/11. we watch “our” nation go to war for Israel over and over our children die-ing for that murderous land stealing state, and you want to say:” could have their own printing presses overnight making the Federal Reserve Scam illegal overnight ” ????????THE SCAM IS ILLEGAL they had to change our LAWS to steel our money system entirely! they took us from the gold standard.. MAKING OUR MONEY WORTHLESS as they CAN and do print more and more every DAY, the cabal owns the Fed!! they can do whatever they want with our money, and WE the PEOPLE of USA can do nothing through legal means to change any of this…. WE NEED to Arrest the agents of Fed. for manipulating the market but WE have not figured out that this is in our power because the people of the USA are DUMB AS SHIT, i mean no offense to the U.S.ers here but its true, we have been broken spiritually, mentally,and physically through long term
      tactics of propaganda and legal chemical warfare to have learned helplessness the prevents people from even seeing the truth when its right in fount of them, it makes people not care as long as they can go buy a box of twikys down the road they are all sleeping sheep! the few that are awakened and spreading facts around struggle to keep and audience longer than you can say censorship. America the people who make this country with our tax money probably wont be doing anything anytime soon except Die-ing in Syria, and were ever else our per-elected Rapist president sends us like pawns to Die in the name of Israel…….

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  • FiuToYou

    This family should be eliminated!!!

  • Peaceful101

    There is usually optimism in the markets at the beginning of a Republican administration, but history shows that crashes frequently follow.

  • bluewater
  • Christian Mischke