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Anonymous Demands ‘Justice for LaVoy’ Compares Killing with Mike Brown in Ferguson

(RT) — A video which claims to be made by Anonymous is demanding justice for killed Oregon rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and for the IDs of the FBI agents who shot the protester with his hands in the air to be published.

The alleged Anonymous video was sent exclusively to News2Share online media outlet, based in Washington DC, early Sunday morning by an individual claiming to be a member of the Anonymous hacker community.

The professionally edited clip consists of the police helicopter footage of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum being killed by the Oregon State Police troopers, scenes of armed men occupying Malheur National Wildlife refuge in Oregon talking to the FBI agents, the leader of protesters Ammon Bundy and other footage related to the standoff. A distorted male voice reads an alleged Anonymous message to the US authorities and citizens.

The clip is accompanied by a matching transcript.

The voice on the video accuses the FBI of “creating the opposite to peace” in Oregon which resulted in arrests and a murder of a protester killed “in cold blood, as his hands were in the air.”


The voice also urges Anonymous to “engage” and spread the video among associates.
“We do not call for violence, or armed uprising. We call for Anonymous members to spread this fight online.”

We want the identity of every agent who fired their weapon that day. We want justice for LaVoy. We stand with Ammon Bundy,” the alleged Anonymous video says, making parallels with the case of Michael Brown killed by police in Ferguson in August 2014.

Bundy and other members of his band of Oregon occupiers were arrested Tuesday in a confrontation with law enforcement that left their de facto spokesman LaVoy dead.

The video ends with Anonymous’ traditional “We’re Legion…. We’re Anonymous” and warns that “this fight is not over” and the “patriots in jail” awaiting trial will have the hacker group’s “full support.”

It has not been confirmed if the video is authentic and was indeed produced and shared by Anonymous hackers.


  • MAKE THIS VIRAL. ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) so people can see how DANGEROUS police really are!

    • “The police”? The elite have you fooled.

    • Ahh yes, the “tyrannical” BLM, lolol

    • Eric Willett what do you know of the BLM? Honestly, if you feel an organization that burns farm animals alive is ok, I think you might be over due for a psych evaluation.

    • Michael Clancy You might want to learn a bit more about nazi Germany’s gun laws.

    • Michael Schooley What do you know about the BLM? Much less what do you know about the BLM and the locals in that area had worked out? Oh right, nothing.

  • I can’t believe they shot him. What made them think he would pull a weapon on them? He wasn’t the kind of person that would rather go out in a gun fight than surrender.

    • His own words belie your false statement.

    • Is it false, or sarcastic?

    • He was being sarcastic. Because the man himself grabbed for a gun, and said he would use his gun if they tried to stop them.

  • Mike brown was a pos thug. This was a man and patriot standing up for his rights. Comparing the two is bs.

    • Some white people…this dude clearly tried to shoot a fed. He was more of a fucking thug most ppl who get popped by police.

    • day and night in more ways than one

    • Never did I say I condoned his actions. Just that he stood up for what he believed in. He reached in his coat and almost ran over an officer so he got what he got. But at least he stood up for what he believed in no matter how misdirected his actions were.

    • Comparing the two IS complete BS. LaVoy said he would rather die than go to jail. He ran from the cops, was given several chances to surrender and reached for his waist with guns pointed at him. He got the justice he deserved.

    • He was an ignorant, delusional traitor persuing a false myth about government and liberty. He got what he requested. It is however, in a human scale, a senseless tragedy. He was no hero.

    • . They were peacefully protesting. Which they had a right to do. You evidently seen a different video than everybody else. The feds are the ones that escalated the situation.

    • Perspective Mathew… Perspective.
      I side with Lavoy too. He was shot and grabbing a wound.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds psssst, idiot, you don’t “peacefully” protest when you take over a federal facility armed to the teeth with guns and pledging to hold out or be killed in the process. You need to call for a refund on whomever sold you that disfunctional brain.

    • Ronald Francis Cox. Just curious… What specific law did they break and why are they allowed to go home and/or to and from town meetings?

    • Mental gymnastics.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds. How do YOU know he was not armed. He had been armed the whole time he was interviewed and flatly stated he did not want to be taken alive and go to jail.

    • Ronald, it was a reserve building. People were coming in and out regularly. How is that a . Takeover?? They also legally had the right to be armed, by law. I couldn’t quite get the rest of your comment, your colan seemed to be in the way!

    • He was always armed but decided that day he was gonna not strap up? Be serious.

    • Very hypocritical. You belived the cop in the mike brown case even though the autopsy and initial witness statements didnt matchup and there was no video. Yet you watch a video of dude clearly reaching in his jacket and yell conspiracy. Please.

    • Matt Jarolimek follow the court cases and your dim light will shine better with serious felony charges.. As to their travels, you need to ask the local law enfocement and the sherrif. I didn’t make thise decisions.

    • Jade, the initial witness in the Brown case recanted.

    • Matt how do you know he was grabbing a wound? Were you standing next to him? He stood up for his rights which I agree with but he also chose to disobey the officers and was given several chances to give himself up.

    • Mathew Charpentier I don’t know. JUST LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW EITHER. He was giving up. Just because he’s yelling “shoot me” doesn’t mean you do it. That’s the last thing a cop should do in that situation as long as his hands are up. His hands didn’t appear to drop until after the 1st shot was fired.

    • Anna…hmmm why do you think they recanted you idiot?

    • No he was not a patriot. Factually, they are deadbeats. They got free government money and a discount on the land, but still wanted that land for free (the discount would be on separate land) Even though that land literally was for endangered species and other species to not get killed.

    • In the video on the right side next to the dark truck, it’s blurred but you can see someone with a gun. LaVoy had his hands in the air, then pointed at the initial shooter. LaVoy dropped his arms, pointed at the shooter, then we see the man on the right shoot LaVoy again. LaVoy grabs his left side not his right side. Then you see the man that was hiding in the trees, come out he has something in each hand. It ( appears) like he tazed LaVoy before shooting him in the head. Legally if LaVoy did have a gun, after the first shot, he had every legal right to defend himself. STAR V U.S.

    • The similarity is that both were killed while unarmed. The situations were quite different however. Standing up against the tyrannical takeover of this great land is a much greater cause to die for.

    • For all you numskulls that didn’t know. If an officer shoots at you, you have the LEGAL right to shoot back. Either way it was a set up execution.

    • Let me get this straight professors…. You rednecks are saying he did not have a gun in his pocket, and he was actually reaching for the bag of dicks I sent them in the mail? Oh, well that is different!!!! This man was executed over a bag of dicks.

    • Ronald Francis Cox you do when you walk in on a holiday vacation and don’t brandish your guns at police, despite having several calm meetings with them. They threatened to kill once to gain national attention. They never threatened violence again. They never shot anyone. They never held anyone captive. They didn’t burn the wildlife refuge down and throw shit through all the glass windows and break police cars like other “peacful” protests.

    • Sean Michael Person you know what’s up?

    • What rights? The right to exploit land that wasn’t his? This guy said he wouldn’t go to jail and made a move towards a pocket containing a loaded weapon. He was a criminal just like Mike Brown.

    • Matt Jarolimek you are an idiot if you think you would be standing long enough to grab anything(face, side, balls) after getting shot. A bullet knocks you on your ass no matter where you are hit.

    • These armed wackos get a pass from the same assholes that excuse unarmed teens being murdered. What a joke.

    • Fucking stupidity reigns in the US these days.Claiming a terrorist was a patriot,a welfare queen working for his own personal goal is not a patriot!

    • He was a fucking coward, who thought his white privilege would protect his stupidity ass. They were all so microphone tough 3 weeks ago, and folded like girls scout as soon as the idiot caught a round. Matthew Charpertier run you bad ass down there. Keyboard tough guy.

    • Ed… you sir need to read more. The man killed was not one of the 2 Hammonds who were sent to jail, legally released because they won reduced prison sentences, and then refused to go back when they were overturned.

      This man who was killed was just a protestor with the group. And he was shot multiple times. He was also a righty, so it’s a safer bet to assume that since he came out with his hands up and looked frantic and scared, he was shot and was grabbing for the wound. Also how many armed officers was that to secure 3 men in a truck? I mean jesus those weren’t police those should be considered military! They had concussion grenades they threw at the truck ffs!

    • Wake the fuck up people. You’re mad about a man who WALKED INTO A BUILDING and SAID some threatening words while holding a dangerous item, but you’re not mad that the response to this man is grouping together a platoon sized group of police, arming them with everything they’d need to storm an enemy outpost in a war, including a helicopter with a camera good enough that we just watched the last minutes of a man’s life from 20,000+ feet, and GOING OUT AND KILLING HIM. Police are supposed to protect citizens, not kill them. How many baltimore protestors were shot and killed with their hands up after throwng trash cans through shop windows and burning peoples cars? After causing real damage to a city? What did these protestors do? Leave beer boxes all over an office. Man that’s gonna be expensive to fix.

      You people are insane on what you choose to be upset about.

    • That’s not Brown in the picture. I think it’s Garner a man killed by these same type of overkill cops. We all face the same problem with our government but turn on each other and that’s just what they plan.

    • Horse shit. This guy was a moocher that didn’t want to pay his way.

    • Anna Boehme Reynolds show us the “peaceful protest” then…

    • Sean Michael Person Yeah, it’s Obama’s fault!!!! Just kidding, it is the stupid inbred redneck that picked a gun fight with the Po Po. Smell that Curley Bill?

    • Sean Michael Person next time jump in front of the truck to stop them…problem solved!

    • Sean Michael Person why not try to take over an Army base? Oh, yeah, there are others with guns in their and not a small town we can bully our way into!

    • I think standing with Eric Garner would more appropriate than Brown. Garner sold some cigarettes? They kill a man for that? No I don’t think you should bow to your just because some power Hungary cop says so. This is America. That didn’t use to happen here. It’s the people’s fault. We have to quit listening to the bullshit lies and think. LaVoy was a good man.

    • Roger they didn’t hurt anyone. They made one single threat, that’s as close to violent this group ever got during their occupation. They wanted the government to honor the reduced sentance the Hammonds were given and to return the wildlife refuge to half control of local government and half control of the native American tribe who lived there. They did so because the agency running the refuge could sell it to foreign oil or fraking whenever the fuck they want, just like they did in nevada in 2013. Or in California the same year.

      They never pointed their guns at cops. They shook hands with them at meetings in open areas.

      In contrast to this protest we have a group of people blocking streets, burning out businesses, cop cars etc, but that protest is peacful because they didn’t have guns. Newsflash, everyone who picked up a rock to throw at a window in Baltimore is considered armed the second they brandish said rock as a tool to cause damage. Baltimore was an armed CITY burning itself to the ground but it was peacful. It was justified because cops were killing black people. Fuck your logic.

      Let’s stop caring about who the cops kill and about the fact that THEIR JOB IS TO PROTECT US AND THEY ARE DIVIDING AND KILLING US.

    • And to anyone willing to say anything about black people receiving police brutality but cheering about this ” inbred redneck” being killed via police brutality, extra fuck you.

    • Sean Michael Person I know this is a horrible time to bring this up, with you so torn up with the lost of your friend. We just found out your mom is black! With this recent news I am going to have to ask you to stop being such a racist prick. You think you can do that for me little buddy?? There is a scooby snack in it for ya!!

    • Just an ignorant gun humping hillbilly.

    • Sean Michael Person racism runs strong with your delusional comments. Sad. Very sad.

    • “Protest is the voice of the unheard. ” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

      Funny how we condemn protesters who “destroy” a city that is overtly killing them but don’t call for all the sports fans to be killed or jailed when they riot cause their team lost. The wildlife refuge “protestors” just want to continue on with their illegal farming practices. They are claiming they give a shit about public lands while they allow their cattle to illegally graze and further pollute and damage the lands they care so much about.

    • How am I being racist? There are people on here comparing this white man to black men that have been killed by police, but I’m the racist one when I bring it up and not the other people? Has anyone who called me racist noticed the couple times I’ve said “let’s stop focusing on who the police are killing and focus on the fact that they are killing us?” You people call me delusional and racist but don’t read what I’m saying. You can’t have a whole group of people who ALL poached and burned land. Guys that was only 2 people from this group and you’re condemning everything they are standing for because you disagree with 2 people. And most who disagree with the Hammonds don’t even know their full story. How many of you live in oregon with me? How many of you actually live anywhere close to what’s going on? I want my local government to control that land because they aren’t going to sell it to Johnny foreigner and his fraking company who are gonna destroy that land forever.

    • Liz Johnson so damn correct. And the fkn hillbilly gunhumpers are almost all, or all, collecting some form of benefits or welfare from the tyrranical government they are protedting and that is actually supporting them and their families from yours and mine taxes while they play pretend patriots and weekend warriors.

    • Sean Michael Person I know the Hammond case details and the history of disputes they have had with the government. I live in the area and I also understand the history of federal regulation over public lands. The entire protest started in response to the overturned conviction the protestors said that themselves. Then it became about public lands. In the meantime they are costing taxpayers money and living off the local community. The townspeople have already said they are in constant fear of the militia and want them gone. Two bad apples will spoil the whole basket especially if they are being looked at as the leaders. Either way they are illegally occupying that building. Why doesn’t Oregon handle it like Philadelphia handled the MOVE house? Oh wait I can guess why.

    • Sean Michael Person when you tresspass heavily armed on federal property and throw out words challenging authorities to come and kill you rather than leave you ARE NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST. You are a traitor and hypocrite condemnimg the very government from which you are collecting welfare and subsidies. They came to confront with big words and came apart like a $10 suit.

    • This thread shows why another civil war is coming . . .

    • Sean Michael Person then have a conversation! My old man told me before he left this shitty world, “son if you meet three assholes in one day, there is a good chance you’re the asshole.” That is not to say you are an asshole, but look how many people are pointing out your racism. It is not in one thing you said, it is your voice entirely. Forget about Baltimore, this does not compare, completely different circumstances. And yes there were some “thugs” in Baltimore, there was also some brave, good people, of All colors. Your bitch about the land should be decided and handled by local government?? That sounds logical, most here would probably agree. But these guys grabbed guns, saying it would be peaceful while showing those guns. They terrorized a town and cost me my fucking tax dollar is federal effort. You cannot see the forest for the trees.

    • And Mathiew Charpentier, you just went full retard.

    • He wasn’t a patriot, he was a treasonous leech.

    • First I’m not gonna arm chair quarter back why this guy was shot because unlike those who were there I wasn’t. What I find hypocritical and assnine on behalf of these people is going to a town where they were NOT WANTED taking over a federal building for two guys who accepted their sentences and forcing their views on an entire community are NOT fucking hero’s they are no better that ISIS they are just as bad. You can NOT facilitate the change of laws by breaking those same laws you only wind up destroying your own cause

    • Divide and conquer at its finest. Look at this bullshit. And none of you even see it.

    • Bridget Ann oh I see it, I wished all this shit upon us. Let’s have round 2 of people who oppress others against the ones tired of being bullied. These clown choice their battle and lost, they asked me to join in the stupidity and that is why I am laughing and they are facing prison. These same fucking crackers that support these hillbillies are the ones that would have been cracking the fucking whip 150 years ago. Fuck their cause, I am right and I am not fucking divided, that I am sure of. These dumb asses just got a taste of “your white fucking ass is not pro ledges anymore” I hope an American Native beats their ass in prison, it was actually their fucking land. Do not tell me I do ‘t see it, my eyes are wide fuckin open! Do you see it??

    • Wow. So many willfully blind Statists.
      You can’t tell from where your spouting your ignorant rhetoric, but you FULLY tip your hand by regurgitating all the silly, dehumanizing, marginalizing, and demonizing State media propaganda soundbites you’ve been spoon fed. It’s so obvious to those of us who are informed.
      Unfortunately for those of us who KNOW EXACTLY what’s going on, we’ll never convince you of that.
      You suffer from Cognitive Dissonance.
      We’re actually living it out here in the country. Following, investigating, studying, and communicating with those who have been systematically ‘coerced’ off their land that they had Rights to, LONG BEFORE the BLM was even invented, while all you City fuckers pat yourselves on the back for being such obedient Free Range Wage Slaves in a RatMaze ringing that little feed bell, we all just look like what you’ve been told to believe…
      What was it, “GunHumping, inbred, Homegrown terrorist, welfare leech, redneck, crackers, blah, blah, fucking blah…”..? HAHAHA!!
      Fucking brainwashed nonsense.
      You don’t even own your own mind, and you can’t even tell!! You’re a useful idiot. A media puppet!
      You are misinformed, and obviously brainwashed by your preferred corporate State, propaganda media mouthpiece.
      I’d dispute all your nonsense, and bury you in actual ‘Lawful’ vs “legal”, y’know, “Malum in se” vs. “Malum Prohibitum”?
      Or the Constitutional jurisdiction that the Federal Government DOES NOT have.
      The Grazing Rights that go back over a hundred years in some cases with these families, case by case, etc., etc….
      …but I can tell I’ve already wasted more time than you’re fuckin’ worth.
      You silly Liberal fucks probably think this is over.
      This is the SECOND Shot Heard ‘Round the World.
      History is repeating itself because you idiots refuse to learn from it!
      You have obviously chosen your side.
      History has proven that even if your side “wins”, YOU will lose!
      Statism is a serious mental disability.
      Keep licking that boot that stands on your neck, morons.
      Good luck with that!

      “May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” -Sam Adams.

    • Puma Cabra Actually, the fact of the matter is you don’t know what you are talking about. You are ignorant of the Constitution and of the laws involved here, and speaking of “propaganda” you have swallowed the bullshit without even sniffing.

    • Wow you guys seemed to me yo miss the whole idea that while you are terrorizing an entire community with your idea of constitutional justice you are forgetting that the v ery people you are violating are the same people your supposed to be helping and yet THEY DON’T WANT YOU THERE hmmmmm crazy idea huh! The Native Americans were there well before any white face showed up in this country so maybe you should pack up and return to the mother land if you don’t like the laws.

    • Elizabeth Angel reminds me… I will have to apply for asylum…

    • If they would shoot all the racists, I wouldn’t mind.

    • Jan Atle Ramsli there is a better way to deal with racist than wasting perfectly good bullets, how about deporting them to their country of origin? As my son says “Send um back “

    • The ignorance in these posts are astounding. My mother was the first in generations to be born off the reservation. Some of you people use the Indians to justify your stupidity. You talk about racism!!! How about all you people who are so quick to jump on the media bandwagon, give the land back to the Indiana. Empty your bank accounts and pay the blacks the reparations they want and all of you leave!!! See…. Isn’t that the most assanine thing you’ve ever heard?? Just as assanine as watching a video where a man was brutally murdered and somehow through the hate in your hearts or the sickness in your head, justified the slaughter of another human being!!! The evil I read here is mind boggling. Satan surely thrives in the U.S. Weather you agree or disagree with LaVoys actions. He was a human being. Human emotions and people that loved and respected him. For the love of God, he has children and family that read your vial hate. You evil hate filled creatures without compassion for anyone or anything except your own vial ignorance. All you people that are so quick to say, send people back to their own countrys and give the land back to the Indians,, can we please start with you!?

    • Jan Atle Ramsli you arew a pussy wimp that would stand against having your woman raped by muslim trash

  • dont believe everything you are told by the media especially when the alphabet mafia is involved i smell a rat

  • Waco

  • The difference obviously is LaVoy had a gun and ether wanted to die a martyr or believed in his white privilege so much that he thought he could do anything he wanted.

    • they said similar things about mike brown. you’re no different than the kkk’s ideology

    • Where did you see a gun?…

    • There’s only a few hours of video over the last few weeks leading up to the event of him carrying a gun.

    • White privilege only exists in an emotionally unconscious mind.

    • I don’t believe in gun violence at all but if you live by the gun you die by the gun.

    • Cis male scum, sorry I thought we were both saying idiotic things

    • He lived by the constitution – what do you live by?

    • I know it’s wrong to prejudge people but when I hear someone using terms like white privilege or male privilege I automatically assume they have nothing of value to add to the conversation.

    • Mark Reis, couldn’t be further from the truth.

    • You are a fucking moron. Owning a gun isn’t a crime you fucking statist bigot.

    • Greg Epp he lived by his version of the constitution. Theirs is heavily “edited”

    • Greg Epp He lived by a fake constitution. If you have one of the copies that he carried around, no wonder you are confused. Obviously you have not followed this story. In every video he had more than one gun. He also stated he would die before being arrested.

    • Ok but we’re not talking about the last few weeks are we? No, so stay on topic. The simple point is this, if he didn’t have a weapon on him, this is another state sanctioned execution that they’re lying about to cover their own ass. How many times are we going to fall for the “I feared for my life” line? Are you all that naive?

    • Greg Epp I believe the Constitution is a fluid document and using it as a rock to tie your argument is weak. In real life, if you almost run over a cop, then jump out of your truck and reach for a gun or fake like your going for a gun to die a martyr. He knew what he was doing, to say otherwise would be to discredit his intelligence. He got what he wanted. Because of his white privilege he had many extra opportunities to deescalate the situation and didn’t take them.

    • Gets shot by the government.
      Is accused of having white privilege.

    • If white privilege exists then cry baby privilege exists!

    • so… where was the gun?

    • You are a sack of shit and your fiance is butt ugly. Good luck in life moron.

    • Blind hatred of the government is unfounded. It is a “Straw man” argument set up by the rich and powerful to keep you from voting. Don’t bring that anti government Bullshit around here. Government is what we make it and if you aren’t involved then you have no voice. And are not part of the solution. I do believe some huge changes need to be made and that is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

    • The government steals my wealth by threat of force.

    • A black guy driving to ram that police barricade and the cops would have opened fire. The reason he was even able to get out of the truck and have that last chance to deescalate the situation was because of his white privilege.

    • You are voting for Bernie Sanders because you want more stuff, but you want the government to take it for you. Let’s be honest here.

    • And I really hope this is bait.

    • if he obviously had a gun, then where is it?

    • Good joke, Dan.

    • Yet dân has zero proof of white privelge

    • “Don’t bring that anti government Bullshit around here. ”

      Do you even know where the fuck you’re posting at, kid? Lol, you are welcome to leave.

    • Noah Hunter lol.

    • My bad didn’t realize free thought meant anti-government. Government is a union for all working people. It is powerless people banding together to take on the rich and powerful. You not participating in the process is you giving up your power. You think you’ll make up that power in personal firepower but you are wrong, that power will only work against your friends and neighbors. Our intellectual power is real power and it is how we change the world to the way it should be.

    • Palmer McMaster white privilege is not a debate. It is documented in the prison system. Ratios of white and black incarceration for the same crime being over 5 to 1. If you think it doesn’t exist you have your head in the sand. Not saying that it is racism on its face but a limitation in the system that makes it hard for minorities to demonstrate stability to a judge. It exists, not saying it is white people’s fault that it exists but it still never the less exists.

    • Graham Hayward proof^^^

    • Government is an institution of power, based on arbitrary rules, made up by people you might not agree with, who use force against peaceful people to enact a decided ideology against everyone, even if you don’t want it.

      Government is the physical enactment of an ideology. I really don’t get where you are deriving any of the fairytale nonsense.

      I’m not voting because I don’t consent to a system that allows you to choose who you want to lord over your life, steal your money, define your individual morality, enact violence against people who have done me no harm, and threaten me with a gun or a cage if I don’t do exactly what they say.

    • Tanner Medley you are consenting by not voting. We the people have devised a set of rules to live by. If you have an argument for a rule change that enhances rights without endangering or taking away the rights of another then I’m sure the people will be happy to hear your case.

    • You sir truly are an idiot

    • Dan is just mad nobody agrees with his statist points of view.

      I hope his ugly ass gf knows he takes cop dick on the side

    • I don’t know how you are not understanding this.

      You don’t get to make rules for me to live by, if I’m not threatening your individual liberty with my actions.

    • You are not we the people. You are Dan. Stop speaking as a collective.

    • As far as rule suggestions go, how about this:

      I live my life, however I decide. I don’t pay taxes, and I conduct my life as a series of voluntary interactions, with no interference from the government.

      If you try and invade my privacy collecting a percentage of my wealth, without my consent, I get to defend myself.

    • You are pontificating about how I don’t get to take others’ rights away, while you vote to have the government take my wealth to give to you.

      You are conflicted.

    • Lol, Tanner its called evolution. The reason you have the life you take for granted is because of government. You would be dying of the black lung making $0.12 a day or hand hueing logs to build your house or living in slums with gun violence running rampant in the street (even more so). All this you take for granted. How do you cut off your root and expect to survive.

    • “Tanner Medley you are consenting by not voting. ”

      If you would take 5 seconds and think a little about what you just implied, you would understand how that’s completely ass-backwards. We DON’T consent to using violence and coercion as a means of negotiation. Therefore we DON’T consent to using government as an ethical standard of interaction between people. Therefore by VOTING with regards to how we want to USE government, we consent to and bestow power upon government.

      Do you have the moral authority to go to your neighbor’s house with a gun, steal his money, and spend it as you please? No. So how the hell do you have the moral authority to beg other people with guns (voting) to steal that money for you?

    • Matt Jackson funny no photos of you… Sounds like internal self-loathing projected on the world.

    • Talk about “free thought.” You’re right in the groove of mainstream opinion.

    • I’m glad you have everything figured out, Dan. I hope government makes all your dreams come true. I’ll be sure to keep being successful so they will have the funding to do so.

    • Constitution is fluid? Are you sure you don’t mean “a living document”?
      There has been 2 sides to the debate
      1) a living document that is interpreted by the people of the time
      2)it is written as is the context of that time

      It has been heavily debated by the supreme courts for 100s of years.
      Such a weak argument that even the most powerful law makers in the country can’t decide.

    • Tanner Medley Bernie supporters might as well be called Evangelical Statheists.

    • Fear isn’t the most powerful motivator. It’s the promise of institutionalized prosperity.

    • As you can tell from my chart, everything Dan is saying makes no sense.

    • You guys obviously have nothing more of substance to talk about. Have a great day.

    • Let’s talk about the 118 million people killed by socialism in soviet Russia.

    • Let’s talk about the millions of lives saved by social security. The quality of living you have by the socialist minimum wage we have setting the bar for the value of your labor. Let talk about the socialist highway system you drive on. Lets talk about the socialist medicare that your children and grandparents enjoy.

    • This is not imposed socialism. This is democratic socialism and we’ve had it for many many years. This is nothing new.

    • And it is theft. Most of that money is wasted on Bureaucracy. That why there is nearly a 20 trillion dollar debt.

      EL OH EL at your social security comment.

      The government forces you to invest in a pension plan, then limits your right to it.

      As for my grandparents, they were all successful people, who planned for retirement. Social security is a load of crap, that I’m forced to fund.

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      You are just repeating things you have heard other Bernie people say.

      Not to mention that everything you have suggested involves force. The threat of violence.

      I would say that was imposed.

    • Nick Taylor Chris Haas Matt Jackson. If you can’t come up with anything to say besides making personal attacks do us all a favor and stay out of it. You have done nothing except prove that you can’t come up with an actual argument
      Dan Bruno I’m not denying that there is a disparity between whites and blacks in the prison system and the job market and plenty of other areas too. That said, the term white privilege is annoying and unproductive. It’s basically a term that says if you’re white you should feel guilty about that. Also, the way you used it implied that because LaVoy is not black that makes it okay for him to be gunned down.

    • Stop trying to justify stealing the product of my labor.

    • Or socialized disability so that if you fall and break your back you are not just left to die or your family is not left to go bankrupt taking care of you. Everyone donates 1 tenth of a penny to take care of you, this is modern socialism. Our social safety nets are what make us an evolved and secure society. All the things you take for granted can be eroded. All the things beneath the surface to prop up your quality of life can be taken away. Don’t forget to incorporate all these things when building your belief system. Peace brother. Have a good day.

    • Lol. You think the government is bad! Try having private corporations in control. You will be working for pennies on the dollar within your lifetime.

    • Good luck with government.

    • Palmer McMaster thanks Palmer agreed. I don’t like the term either. I do not agree that you have to feel guilty for recognizing a systemic problem. And white privilege is the best way to describe the problem. I think all gun violence is tragic and unnecessary.

  • So i saw him reaching into his coat, not once, but twice before he got popped. I hate the police but he definitely was trying to grab his gun.

    • They found his gun in his waistband on his right side. He reached for his left side.

    • And where is the proof that he had a gun? Or are you naive enough to take the police on their word? Like come on, be serious.

    • Was it before.he got.popped or just before we saw.the guy from the trees shoot him. I guess the autopsy will tell if there are other entry wounds.

    • He reached at both sides of his jacket, I have my own eyes. The dude was always carrying, why woulf he not have his gun at that moment? It’s funny to see.the mental gymnastics used to defend this guy when john crawford got shot from picking up a bb gun in a store that was selling bb guns no one cared. When tamir rice was the victim of a drive by people called him a thug. Some uber right wing dude makes threats of violence and says he won’t be taken alive and then when he’s stopped he clearly reaches into his Shirt TWICE and gets shot and there’s an uproar.

      Very hypocritical. You belived the cop in the mike brown case even though the autopsy and initial witness statements didnt matchup and there was no video. Yet you watch a video of dude clearly reaching in his jacket and yell conspiracy. Please.

    • I love the idiots who’s logic is “this guy deserved to die because John Crawford” “this guy deserved what he got because Tamir rice” “this guy got served justice because Michael brown.” So by your logic; nobody deserves true justice because these guys didn’t get any, right?

    • So basically what Ryan is saying is that he sucks at reading comprehension.

    • Yes because reading comprehension applies to analyzing video footage. Explains exactly why you’re so remedial jade; because you don’t fact check, you don’t look into anything yourself. You take whatever the media tells you, you blindly follow it and then you call it “reading comprehension.”

    • Jade I think the media is offering a different flavor of kool aid today. You should check it out. It’s got your name on it

    • What an ironic name by the way hahaha…

    • Since you’re too dumb to comprehend let me attempt to break it dowm for you. This guy clearly on video almosy ran over a cop, then he hopped out of the car and started reaching into his coat. What do you think is gonna happen?

      People are spouting conspiracy theories as if we don’t all have two eyes and a brain.

      When the tamir rice video came out and we saw the cops literally do a drive by, people blamed the kid for playing with a toy. Same with crawford.

      There was no video of mike brown at all and the witness on scene are all on video saying his hands were up and if you look at the autopsy it’s pretty obvious but people still believed that pos cop.

      Im speaking to the disconnect that some people have. People who can cheer on rice and crawfords death but then turn around and defend this guy who obviously was trying to go out guns blazing.

    • Ryan did i post a video or write words? You’re truly a special kind of stupid. Learn to comprehend text and then get back to me.

    • Omfg you’re a moron dude. He almost ran over a cop? Then why did he swerve away from the cop running at his vehicle?

    • You’re an idiot. I’m not even gonna go there with your dumbass. You obviously can’t analyze video unbiased.

    • I’m a special kind of stupid when you’re the one believing the cops on this. Lmao okay buddy

    • Nah you’re just so deep in this guys asshole you can see clearly.

    • Says a genius with this as his profile picture lmfao

    • Sick burn, man.

    • What you can clearly see is the first shot being fired from the agent in front of him from what looks like a pistol. You can see a flash. Then you see laboy react to it. Then you see him get shot from behind.

    • But you’ve played so many video games you think this guys in real life gta and instead of reacting to a physical gunshot wound he can just shake it off and pull his gun cuz he’s superman. Yea…

    • But the killer was that you claimed he tried to hit the FBI agent. If he tried to hit the agent, how’d he end up in the ditch?

    • He was traveling straight down the road. The agent was in the road ahead of him charging at him. If he wanted to hit the agent, why, mr statist, did he swerve off the road, away from the agent?

    • I guess that was an act of God?

    • Show me the proof of the gun… I’ll wait… Unless you’re just taking the mob at face value now…

    • The cop “feared for his life”… Yeah, we’ve never heard they before lol

    • If he wanted to reach for a gun he could’ve done so at the first stop

      Or before he jumped out of the truck

    • I’m not picking a side, just saying.

    • Ryan Zielinski You don’t read very well, do you?

  • It’s time to hold this filthy corrupt government accountable. Better yet it’s time to overthrow the government period.

    • And who’s going to run it? You? Ha, ha, ha!

    • I’m with ya Matt!!! So here is what we will do, you and me meet up at the Poderosa at 2200 hours, you call Jethro and Billy Bob and I will get a hold of Cooter. We will put together a team and decide what to do next. Wait, let’s make it 2300 hours, gives us time to make love to our cousins one last time.

    • What do you replace Cancer with once you remove it?

      …fuckin’ Statist chimps.

  • Kill pigs! Kill pigs! Kill pigs! Kill pigs! The same way they murder us, automatically, as a matter of procedure. Their families are not innocent bystanders,they are NOT. They encourage these evil vermin to continue murdering us!

    • Mostly just cia and fbi, I’m more worried about them

    • The best way to create a fascist police state where the cops have full power, is by promoting or doing exactly what this post is doing.
      Declaring a violent war on cops is literally the worst idea ever.

    • Am I hearing you correct Mark, you are asking us to kill the families of police officers?

    • Dumb fuck!

  • sometimes i wonder WTF is up with Anonymous? are they a CIA branch? WTF were they doing fighting ISIS? they should get their priorities straight.

    • You’re so right. You’re much smarter than anonymous. There’s nothing they know that you don’t know already. Lol

    • I’m glad someone brought this up.

      If I had to guess I would say Anonymous was created by {insert alphabet agency here} for any number of reasons.
      They can have their hackers or whoever act when needed to shut down certain websites, distract the public with their “anonymous” messages, lure in unsuspecting hackers to help them, and also catch hackers and prosecute them should they come close to actually doing things on their own or organizing attacks against other alphabet agencies and/or police etc.

  • Whats the saying they had for Mike Brown, if he wasn’t a thug he wouldn’t be dead? Well the same applies here – he wouldn’t be dead if he and other thugs had taken over the federal building period.

  • Still waiting on the proof he had a gun… I’m not naive or dumb enough to believe what the mob claims is true.

    • This page seems to breed statists…

    • It’s irrelevant, he made a motion that implied he had one.

    • Dave Jason Rondeau seriously?! It’s COMPLETELY relevant whether or not he had a weapon! Because hey guess what, if he didn’t, this is just another case of a state sanctioned execution. I honestly cannot believe someone could be as naive as you to make such a comment.

    • Dave Jason Rondeau “implied”??? your post implies you don’t have a brain. Watch the video again and watch the first shooter behind the black pickup.

    • Darwinism at its’ finest…one less idiot to worry about!

    • Roger Thebodeau same could be said for every person murdered by the mob.

    • Dave Jason Rondeau Did he make a threatening motion, or was he clutching his side after being shot?

  • He reached for where there happened to be a gun, because he did not think cops were as close behind as they were. Justice was his dumb ass getting shot.

    • Hello, statist

    • He was not reaching for a gun. He was reacting to being shot. His hands were up. It was cold blooded murder.

    • You only know what you have read. I picked that video apart and in my professional opinion he was shot without provocation. He was right handed and the gun was in his right hand pocket. The left hand movement that you assume is made to draw a weapon is without a doubt a reactionary moment to being shot. I’ve seen a few people be shot and they almost always grab for the wound.

    • You can tell it’s a trap by the FBI agent running straight at a vehicle moving full speed. What kind of a moron charges at a vehicle on foot that’s moving directly towards them? And then some people wanna say “he almost hit an agent” what video were you watching? This issue is bringing the true statists out of the wood works

    • Lawson Jake except that isn’t medical fact. The gun wasn’t recovered in his right pocket it was in his waistband

    • I watched the video where the agent was literally touched by the side of the car, luckily only touch because the driver hit the snow at a speed. regardless, he reached to his waist, they found a gun after shooting this dumbass handout grabber. You know why he was willing to grab a gun around federal officers? because he was mad that after receiving money and a discount on the land they wanted, they still didn’t want to pay for it. Then, they stormed a building with guns, saying anyone who tries to force them to stop will get shot. They are fucking deadbeats, and their leader spent most of their donation money on beers and got wasted almost every night. they let them leave and come back.

    • Fuckin people defending handout grabbers.

    • You are too young to know what the fuck you are talking about. You have been indoctrinated into their way of thinking and it shows.

    • Show me the proof of the gun Drew Hoyle, or stfu and keep sucking cop cock.

    • He was right handed.. Why would he carry on his left side? His body language seems much more scared than aggressive in the video aswell

    • Condoning cold blooded murder as justice?? Bad form my friend.

    • maybe his hands just fell to his side as he gained balance from loosing his footing in the snow? this was a set up execution no doubt about it.

    • Gil Hope I’m right handed and I carry my gun on a left side holster, near my rib cage. It allows me to reach for it comfortably with my right hand.

    • He was shot, nice try though

    • imagine one cop screaming put your hands up… then another comes out of the woods and starts screaming drop the weapon… this was a murder folks.

    • he was on the brakes way before the road block he didnt have time to slow down, thats why he aimed for the ditch instead of hitting the road block and hurting anyone. why would an officer jump in the direction of a speeding truck? they was doing everything they could to set these guys up.

    • He wasn’t carrying a gun. He got shot in the side is why he dropped his hands and grabbed his side.

    • Drew, you went light years past full retard.

    • Gil Hope cross draw ..DUH

    • Drew Hoyle “Defending hand out grabbers.” Nobody is a bigger tax leeching welfare whore than the police and politicians, you imbecilic dipshit.

    • Drew Hoyle you are an idiot.. and that is being polite !

    • Drew Hoyle please continue realizing how stupid you are.

    • Justice was Mike Browns dumb ass getting shot….
      Seems like there are a lot of 2 faced people up in here

    • I’m Matt Jackson. I couldn’t come up with logical defenses to what i was saying. So i creeped on a stranger and made criticisms based on appearance. I suppose you dislike me for that egyptian cotton i was wearing, right? That is one of two mirror selfies i have ever taken besides ass selfies as pranks.

    • I do not like anything about the government. Which you should clearly know after creeping like a straight rapist through my account, looking for a picture to make yourself tender.

    • In fact, I mostly use this site to criticize the government. I just believe bitch asses that want handouts, are little whiny faggots.

    • And, yeah you can post my picture, but you are nothing more than a dimwhit who clearly has no valid argument.

    • Drew, you dislike the government and the way they conduct business, yet support their stranglehold on the land they stole from natives by subversion and mass murder, and support their actions to maintain their forcefull occupation of land with yet even more murder?? Where is your logic my friend?

    • Jared Rogers He’s too young to know what the world is really like.

  • “Or wer gna h8ck ur twiiterz lul”

  • Right the fuck on!
    Doing it the right way!
    Injustice is injustice no matter who or what color is involved!

  • Your Right to a jury trial don’t count.

  • One could say that yes, he had his hands in the air. While his hands were up he was shot. Natural reaction to a gunshot, or any major source of pain is to grab what hurts. So his hands lower to where hes shot. He is shot and re-raises his hands and they continue to fire on him.

    • Secret Service agent accidental shot him…end of discussion.

    • Let me guess from the front and the back bullshit our government assassinated this president to fit their agenda not the people’s agenda

  • The divide and conquer op is going well for the political elitists.

  • This along with a ton of other disinformation and the decimation of leading influences in Anonymous has made Anonymous to Civil Disobedience what McDonald’s is too hamburgers, absolute garbage. Garbage that should be disregarded the same way any ascendant creature disregards it’s feces.

    So many people claim to speak for Anonymous or as part of a faction of Anonymous that the Brand has lost any true meaning. Basically it’s a joke following the very first Million Mask March which in and of itself was a death blow to any remaining significance Anonymous might have had.

    • There are many hacktivists claiming ANONYMOUS is US Cointelpro. One major thing being pointed at is cooperation with government agencies regarding OpISIS.

    • At this point I wouldn’t doubt that whatever legitimacy it ever had was very long lasting and deserved.

    • Most of the High ranking Anon leaders were prosecuted during occupy.

    • yep

    • Oh right, Disinformation like the video released by the FBI that clearly shows the man being shot while his hands were in the air by trigger happy gunslingers that should be in jail right now.

    • He was reaching for a 9mm when he was shot.

    • Except for the autopsy report says that he was shot 9 times, and the serial number on the 9mm matched with a stolen gun….. Do you really think that the feds are above planting a gun on somebody?

    • Do you think he was above owning a stolen gun? He was already living on the money he received for foster children, money he admitted was what he lived on when it is meant for the children ONLY.

  • Both got shot, hands up.. Stop trying to justify one another’s MURDER, while simultaneously crying out against the one you feel more related to… RETARDED, the point is that the police are overstepping their boundaries, abusing their power, and committing murder against civilians for many times little or no justifiable reason! Can both sides at LEAST agree that this is in fact happening??? Mind you it would be in great interest to BOTH sides to find this common ground! The more Americans that stand together against this, the better chance you have at obtaining JUSTICE! Tired of fucking hearing “oh that one was a thug”, or “that one was a terrorist”…

    • They have pitted both sides against each other. It’s all a part off the scam to distract the synthetically sedated and easily manipulated general population away from what really goes on behind the scenes. People are slowly but surely waking up to it. Progress is being made.

    • Going for a gun is not “hands up”

    • U cannot prove that is what happened based on that video

  • Well, Lavoy was’t a thug. Looks like Michael Brown probably was. There are many other black folks who were killed by police that were most likely better people than Mr. Brown.

    • So because Brown was black he was a thug that should have been killed even though he didn’t have a gun, but because Lavoy was white he shouldn’t have been killed, even though he had a gun and was reaching for it, very clearly might I add.

  • Many people don’t realize the first shooter is the agent behind the black truck, who fires then quickly retreats before LaVoy even realizes he’s been shot. Notice how precisely this execution was choreographed, using a total of 3 shooters to make it appear LaVoy was going for a gun, when he was confused and trying to asses his own injuries as the takedown plays out.


  • so, anon taken over by the teaparty. figures. that’s it for me folks….. I want no part of this.

    • Lmao so somebody you blindly follow (anonymous) has now provided views that challenge somebody else you blindly follow (government) and instead of rechecking facts (you never checked facts to begin with) you just give up on the one causing you to question your original views. Thank you for being a screaming example of cognitive dissonance you statist

  • he was assinated theyd of killed him no matter if he got on his knees or face down with hands up. they wanted him dead

  • To the moron who posted that both men were shot with hands up: Oregon State Police video from aircraft wrecked that theory in the case of Finicum.

  • Im praying for u good people of America.Volunteer to help rid yourselves from that tyranny.The revolution has begun.

    • There are too many fluoridated, indoctrinated and dumbed down to no end ignorant American sheep. Read some of the comments from them, and you will know that the low knowledge and intelligence level, along with their idiocy and mindlesst thoughts, will be of no help to those who would resort to what the Founding Fathers and others alike did before, during and after the American Revolutionary War. They are simply ignorant, do not Care and will gladly recieve a false sense of security over Freedom. There are extremely too many of those uttery ignorant and stupid sheep slaves. Fuck, they don’t even know who they are as men and women. They only think of themselves as PERSONS identified on a fukin piece of paper. Have a look sometime at Mark Dice’s videos and you will see how fukin mindless they are. There will be no volunteers from that mass of idiots. I know, because I see and hear them everyday that I come in contact with them. They even still believe NASA put a man on the Moon. lol!

  • bwahahahahaha fuck vanillaISIS

  • OK!! OK!! …..It was me!!!!! …..I sent the bag of dicks! Now leave me alone!

  • That’s some provacetur shit

  • Im glad this is not going un noticed

  • Just shows how little brains Annoymous really has. What happened to their ISIS crusade? That went no where fast.


  • “Compares killing with Micheal Brown”

    So he stole blunt wraps and tried to flee detention?

  • Anon would no he was not shot by FBI but Highway Patrol

  • This is ridiculous! You all sit there arguing about which police shooting was worse and who deserved to be murdered more. It’s bloody stupid. Clearly there is a very serious issue with the police in the USA. You guys are being murdered day in, day out and you all just sit there arguing about it. Wake the hell up!

    • Mike brown attacked the cop…

    • What has that got to do with it? Even if he did “attack” the cop how the hell does that mean he had to be murdered. The amount of people shot and killed by the police in the USA is shocking. There are ways of policing without murdering people. Not just that but the number of people in prison is absolutely disturbing. Prison for profit is basically slave labour. The amount of people arguing about which police shooting is more justified I’d shocking. It should not be happening

  • when you carry a gun and threaten to shoot you suffer the conciquences like going to war

  • Anonymous is propaganda convincing people not to revolt, “we got this guys”. Yah… sure…

  • BS, “HE KNEW THE JOB WAS DANGEROUS WHEN HE TOOK IT” Super Chicken Guess what happens when you put you head in the lion’s mouth!

  • He got everything he asked for. Good riddance.

  • After watching the video several times, it APPEARS LaVoy committed suicide by cop. But I don’t know if any shots were fired before he reached toward his jacket.

    • You just proved a point, If it was suicide why did he come out with his hands up? Better to come out guns blazing and take a few out when you go. It is a natural reaction to put your hand where you got shot and start to stumble like he did.

  • Don’t make this guy JOHN BERCH.

  • yeah but it’s more than likely not anon… if it comes up on youtube and not any place else…

  • Lmao the 2 faced people up in this bitch…
    Fuck all of thee armed forces

  • Don’t try to run over officers and you won’t be killed…gives a bad name to real patriots!

  • Mike Brown? Reminds me more of the LAPD Chris Dorner execution:


  • Justice was done. He seemed like a nice man, caught up in fake idiotology.. not say their gripes may not have legitmacy but their belief system required unlawful means… If you are going to flash your guns around, and challenge law officers, and if you are going to declar “wont be taken alive”… then it is suicide by cop and no one is to blame but the person who pushed the envelope.

  • I find the release to be unlikely to be Anonymous. They are generally not going to release statements that are as factually incorrect as that one.

  • Should’ve pulled over when they gave him the chance, instead of almost ramming through a roadblock.

  • Mike

  • To be fair asking for the names of public employees who shot their weapon that day is pretty reasonable. It should be public record in every case!

  • And what the people want, they don’t get!

  • actually R. “LaVoy” Finicum was anorthern Arizona rancher

  • Fuck yeah we do, you motherfucking cowards

  • The comparison is fair, both were criminals fleeing from authorities and killed when they attempted to shoot and kill those authorities. Unfortunately both are now being revered by a bunch of idiot anarchists.

    • ….Statist chump.

      Keep licking that boot that stands firmly on your pencil neck.

    • Actually Tom, Brown was indeed unarmed.

    • Puma Cabra From the namecalling that you do it is clear that you aren’t all that bright.

    • No. It’s clear that the argument is long over.

      I’ve already tried years of intelligence with morons like you.
      You don’t deal in intelligence. You suffer too severely from cognitive dissonance.
      The last thing I’m trying to do is be PC about any of this.
      The shots have been fired, and you willfully ignorant, mouth breathing, boot lickers have chosen your side..
      If you idiots can’t see what’s coming by now, you fucking deserve EVERYTHING that’s coming.
      Good luck with that!

    • Darren Johnson No Brown reached into the squad car and grabbed the officers gun. After that he rushed the officer who was half his size.

  • He was a terrorist and should have been hung.

  • Thank you Ananymous….! I’ve been bitching via responding to Americas cowards / sheep who are all afraid of being put on THE LIST…..all I can figure…

  • On this one, they are totally off base, wrong…

  • fbi murderer greg bretzing was in charge of the ambush

  • I don’t agree with Vanilla ISIS posing as Anonymous and making a bullshit equivalency comparison between Robert Finicum and Mike Brown. Other than the fact that they were both killed by cops, there are no significant similarities.

  • Yes. name the agents who killed this American. Check is they are muslims or germans, or russians, or other mercenaries.

  • The guy reached in his pocket after holding his hands up. At that point he was shot. His band of armed right wing anti-gov Mormons believe the National Park system and rangelands are free to rape with mining, logging and commercial misuse. Fuck him.

    • Did he reach in his pocket.. or was he clutching at his side after being shot, by that guy behind that pickup truck?

    • No, no you misunderstand…. the organization that believes that the land should be raped for mining rights is actaully known as the BLM…… just take a look at their history of selling public lands to foreign industry…….. Oh and hey… this might interest you, the contested ranch? Yeah the property around it is rich in Uranium and natural gas.. So really who’s the rapacious gang of thugs now?

    • Patrick Feinstein nice try with the pocket reach..watch it again.

    • I’m no fan of the gov. nor armed right wing crazies.

    • The days of environmental socialist hoarding the land that belongs to the people are numbered.

  • The group know as Anonymous is doing great things to stand against both tyranny and terrorism

  • Looked like he was going for a weapon to me. Without audio it’s hard to say whether he was shot before that or not.

  • Interesting comparison?

  • I did it because he started it.

  • Yes!!!

  • What did he think was going to happen? If you disagree with your government, that’s your right…and there are ways you can protest or go about changing the law. However, if you decide to break the law, threaten law enforcement, upset the locals, deface/steal Federal property, disrespect Native American artifacts and generally act like a Wild West “hero” (to people that didn’t even want you there), ALL while armed to the teeth with ‘yer guns…please don’t act shocked when it ends up in a shootout! Next time planning an illegal, potentially dangerous “occupation”, maybe leave the kids safe at home with their mothers!!!

    • Spoken like a true collectivist . . . happy in her chains.

    • The scariest part, Bill?…
      Statist mouth breathers like Wendi, here, can’t even see herself from where she’s been told to sit.
      She TOTALLY tips her hand by regurgitating that endless stream of Corporate, State, propaganda media soundbites.
      She doesn’t have a single original thought of her own, and yet, here she is believing she has an actual valid opinion.
      Wendi, you’ve been utterly brainwashed!!!
      You know absolutely DICK about this entire decades long battle between the BLM and the Ranchers.
      And I know full well I am completely wasting my time, because your cognitive dissonance is so thick you couldn’t possibly begin to understand and see yourself for the blatant, willfully ignorant, Statist chimp that the rest of us can so easily see.
      I used to have hope for this country.
      But there are WAY too many “Wendi’s” in this once great Nation.
      We’re fucked!

  • ANONYMOUS: TAKE DOWN THE BLM! It’s not the ‘police’…it’s the BUREAU of LAND MANAGEMENT that is to blame.

  • I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the guilty or the shoes of those who planned this event.

  • Fuck ALL of you cocksuckers who think the pigs in this country have every right to act as judge, jury and executioner. When the shit finally hits the fan, we who understand and revere our history and Constitution won’t be wasting lead and powder on you . . . We’re just going to hang you by your necks until dead, from the trees in your own front yards and let the birds pick your worthless commie/fascist bones clean . . .

  • We will never forget.

  • Facts of the case with Mike Brown justify the shooting. Don’t know about LaVoy. Many other police shootings are much, much less justified. The reason for riots over Mike Brown was to help turnout for election. We will see a similar thing with some incident in July to October this year.

  • So many people are watching only Lavoy Finicum in this video. If you observe what’s really happening, you will eventually get the whole picture.

    Lavoy Finicum was shot at the 6:01 in the original video. You can see his knees buckle as he grasps to the area of his body that was hit by a bullet. At the same time, you can see one of the FBI agents seeking cover behind the black pickup indicating shots fired. At the 6:05 mark you can see Lavoy Finicum reaching to his wound(s) again and the FBI agent is securely behind the pickup truck. Then the final execution commences. Shots are being fired at the white pickup as denoted of the ricochet at the 6:28 mark near the driver’s side of the door and again at 6:33 in front of the front passenger door. The last thing the Government wanted was for this man to be taken alive and have to explain why they are grabbing as much U.S. land as they can.

  • Murdered by the state.

  • Yep and I’m sure people in hell want ice water

  • I’ve come to learn that “the free thought project” is just a forum for bootlicking statists who will vote for Bernie Sanders and who don’t care at all about the constitution or personal freedom and liberty

  • Has anybody watched the unedited video on what transpired? If not, please watch it. It speaks for itself!

  • Just get over it

  • wow for once anonymous isn’t retarded. The idea of them is great. But the execution of them is no different than any other vigilante, which is mob rule, which is stupid.

  • Fuck off

  • This man was killed because of the Bundys being welfare whores, his blood is on their hands.

  • and body cam and audio of the incident please…its not democracy without transparency…

  • I am not seeing the resemblance between Finicum and Brown. What I DO see however is a disturbing resemblance between the Anonymous logo and the UN logo. Be careful who you trust people!!

  • Well let’s see if anonymous can actually do something.

  • Why are you comparing him to Mike Brown and wanting justice. Mike didn’t get justice but his murderer became a millionaire.

  • It does not matter that anyone wants justice. Justice is simply due. Hands up with a gun to the face. Why is it illegal for me to own body armor? The government does not act responsible with the weapons they possess.

  • live by the sword die by the sword…..made his own decisions, just was a bad one….

  • He got his justice

  • Jennifer

    Record ID: 16633522. Marshall D Buddin 1663 34th. Davenport, IA 52806. Age 67 (Born Apr 1949) (563) 391-7540.