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Anonymous Doxed 52 Cincinnati Cops as Revenge for Deadly Shooting Caught on Video

Cincinnati, OH — (RT) After releasing a threatening video, the notorious hacking group Anonymous exposed personal information of 52 Cincinnati Police Department officers in retaliation for the death of an Ohio man at the hands of law enforcement.

In the video posted on Sunday, someone wearing a mask and hood discussed the group’s anger over the Cincinnati PD’s handling of an officer-involved shooting last Wednesday that resulted in the death of Paul Gaston, a black man.

“Greetings world, we are Anonymous Anon Verdict. The following clip you are about to see are three separate cell phone clips of Cincinnati Police Department murdering a black man named Paul Gaston while he held his hands up on February 17th. With the evidence provided it is quite obvious that he was complying and had his hands in the air,” the figure said with a synthesized voice in the three-minute YouTube video.

The video went on to talk about the perceived injustices in US law enforcement, referring to police as a “gang known as the Thin Blue Line.”

The names, ages, email addresses, street addresses and social media accounts of the 52 officers were posted in two links in the video’s description.

The Cincinnati PD is reviewing the situation to determine if there risk to the officers and to discover any breach to their network.

It appears that information about the officers could have been acquired by looking at public records and their social media accounts, according to Lieutenant Steve Saunders. The information was no longer available as of Monday morning, however.

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“When their addresses are put out in the public, that’s a concern. I know that we have a section working on that to try to knock down whenever our addresses are put out in a public place like that and that’s what the police administration is doing about this,” Sergeant Dan Hils, chapter president of the Fraternal Order of Police, toldWLWT.

Included in the Anonymous video was cellphone footage of the Gaston shooting, recorded by three different bystanders. Cincinnati police said that Gaston was reaching for something that appeared to be a gun, but some witnesses claim that his hands were in the air before he was shot. The weapon on him turned out to be an Airsoft pellet gun.

In their video, Anonymous compared the incident to another that took place only a day before Gaston’s death, where a white man named Christopher Luagle was pointing a replica gun at police and wasn’t shot.

The two cases were “dramatically different,” police officials told the Cincinnati Enquirer. Luagle’s replica had an orange tip on the end of it, a clear indication that it was a toy, while Gaston’s did not.

Gaston had encountered police after he crashed his vehicle into a pole, and an onlooker called 911 telling him that he stumbled out of the car with a gun and was acting erratically.

Cincinnati police shot and killed the 37-year-old less than half an hour later, when officers say he reached for what appeared to be a real gun on his waistband.

  • We’re winning the war of information, but we need more minds on our side. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Thank you friends.

    • You’re winning the war on false info on this one…

    • The people have the information. We’ve had the information for awhile. We need people to come together and actually do something. If we know government officials did something wrong and the system does nothing about it, then the people need to make an example out of those people by publicly executing them and leaving their body hung up on a government building. For example a cop shoots and kills a compliant person and nothing is done then the following people would be murdered and their bodies displayed-the cop, the police captain, the district attorney and the judge. You can hack someone all you want, you can cyber terrorize somebody all you want, but in the end they still live, they still breathe, and they can still do it all over again; death is the only permanent solution!

  • They got all our names don’t they?

  • Yup. Everyone needs to be policed not just the citizens.
    We are in it altogether

  • I support them releasing information…maybe if they REALLY ‘feared for their lives” they’d stop their shit.

  • Info wars!

  • nope

  • Totally stand with Anonymous on this. The cops claim an orange tip told them it was a fake gun for a white person, but that wasnt enough evidence to stop them gunning down a 12-YEAR-OLD when he’s black. Fuck that. Until i see cops arresting each other for breaking the law, there’s no such thing as a good cop and they all need to be put down.

    • For realz, I see a piggy being bad, I’m putting him down and having some bacon

    • Police kill so many people for no reason, it is within reason for you to deem any cop as a potential threat to your life. Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • The gun did not have an orange tip (not that one could not paint the tip of an actual gun orange if they wanted to) and Tamir Rice also did not have an orange tip on the gun he was playing with. That does not absolve the police in the case of Tamir Rice, as the police approached too close to the boy and deployed from the car within 10 feet of him. The driver of the patrol car murdered Rice while the other guy pulled the trigger.

    • Or you could look at the whole video…this is clearly a race baiting video

    • Hans Johsens did u actually watch the video’s ?
      6 piggs (they don’t deserve the titel officers) a few feet away surrounding a man on his knees with his hands behind his head and they shoot to kill. this is justified in your view ??

  • Way to go

  • Yes, I support and appreciate anonymous actions.

  • Yep. The police need to be reminded that they’re human.

  • Effing tired of the blue privilege and blue code of silence.

  • Do these cops have a history of unwarranted violence against civilians?

    • Um they are cops. What stupid question.

    • Kevin Hubbel What an Asshole…

    • Lonny, no call for that language buddy. Kevin’s comment was quite amusing.

    • Yeah…So my input is, STUPID. I was a biker for 44 years

  • Where is the link to the information?

  • Maybe cops wear bullet proof vests because they’re scared of each other? lol

  • Yes

  • Yup I agree..

  • Randy Baker

    Not saying all cops are bad. But, alot are and until something is being done to the ones that are bad. It will just get worse

    • Rebecca Criner

      A lot are bad? You must have done some real good investigation to come up with that number. If you’re going to post something, at least have some factual backing. Your 2 cents does nothing but spread ridicule about a group that tries to protect us.

      • Nic

        I honestly don’t know a single person who has every really been protected by police so yeah… lets talk about those facts.

        • Rebecca Criner

          Lol, ok. Sure.

        • Robert Michael

          How do you give a thumbs up here? New to this site, yet I do So Love it! Thanks for interjecting some sense into the Libturd’s rude and useless interruption! 🙂

      • Robert Michael

        You are delusional, little girl. Now go tell mommy that she wants you! The Adults are talking…how many times have you been told NOT to interrupt like that when the Adults are talking?

        • Rebecca Criner

          I was going to go the route of taking the high road but it’s obvious you are not intellectually capable of understanding anything over a 3rd grade level. Instead I’ll speak in a manner you can understand. FUCK YOU.

          • Conserve

            You’re an absolute catch Rebecca! JW have you always thought this way or did you grow into a mature and intelligent 29 year (don’t look it) woman?

        • Jon Rodriguez

          You can tell Rebecca has no life… and her two cents must mean something lol dumb old lady

      • Randy Baker

        Wow seems yours isn’t worth 2 cents you blind little girl. Have not seen one comment that supports yours. And by the way i never gave a number moron. I cannot count on two hands how many people were shot last year by bad cops with their hands up with the cops saying quit stop resisting when they wasn’t resisting so yeah that’s a lot to me you dumb little nevermind

        • Rebecca Criner

          I love that you guys call me little girl, makes this newly 29 year old feel good. Thanks! Oh and ps, I’m as far from liberal as it comes. I’m one of those special right wingers that has all her teeth and can read 😉

          • Randy Baker

            We meant little in comprehension and intelligence. Wow you look 39. Again wasn’t talking about age

          • Robert Michael

            I don’t believe that she even watched the video! Anonymous Anon Court said the best way to get a real feel for just how bad the Thin Blue Line problem really is. More people were killed by cops than in our Military’s Industrial Complex’s WAR in Afghanistan! Is that clear enough for the little girl?

          • Robert Michael

            All your teeth AND you can read too? What great accomplishments! Your mommy must be so proud of that! First one in the family to be able to say that you have accomplished keeping all of your teeth, all the way to 29 years old, AND you can read too!? [email protected]! 🙂

        • Jon Rodriguez

          And your 2 cents is? Well white for sure

      • Jose Oliver

        where is your backing?

      • John Lindsay

        **Randy Baker: Your 2 cents does nothing but spread ridicule about a group that tries to protect us.

        JL: IF….there are good cops….WHY….do they continue to protect the bad ones?!

        1. 2015: Off-Duty Black NYPD Officers Say They Are Also Harassed By White Cops

        2. 2015: Black Police Officer Was Beaten Into Disability by Coworkers on His Day Off

        3. Jury awards $15M to NYPD cop who sued police officers for falsely arresting and beating him


        4. 2016: Judge Goes Off on Cop Convicted of Beating Up Black Man


        5. 2012: Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces Sentencing


        6. White Cops Beat Up Black Cop, Mistaking Him for Suspect


        7. Police Have a Much Bigger Domestic-Abuse Problem Than the NFL Does


        I could VERY EASILY post thousands of other examples from all over the nation of racist White cops abusing their power, but….I’m quite sure Randy Baker would continue to make the same type of comment.

      • Fernesque Golan

        Until all of these “good” cops that people talk about come forward and blow the whistle on their killer compatriots, they will be lumped in with the bad apples that these “good” cops always seem to protect. Get real, the police’s main job is to protect property. Police are a creation of the elite and have become the occupying force in every small and large town in America.

        Before you add your “2 cents” to this discussion, open your eyes and take a good look at the corrupted reality in which you dwell but fail to see.


        well, its not hard to figure. These bad shootings (murders) include more than one cop. None of the supposed good cops turn in the bad cops, in fact ALL lie on their reports to cover up for the bad cop. In my book, if a good cop does nothing to stop bad cops, then by definition he has become just as dirty and guilty.

  • Doxed?

  • Holy shit well done anonymous!

  • anonomous dont exist. just another shill sucking in plebs

  • ooohhhh the cops being held accountable for murdering people … they NOT going to like that .. , but about time they were made a little bit mortal

  • Let’s Form our own police , with hookers and beer.

  • Dead cop = Good cop.

  • I have this wild conspiracy theory and hunch that when anonymous does major hacks like this that make sense anonymous is really a bunch of FBI, CIA, and NSA hackers going black hat. One minute they will pull off a pretty strong message like this, then next week they will be doxing someone the world could give a rat’s ass about and c could even be argued doesn’t deserve it.

    These kinds of doc drops make me think of a rebooted or reimagined co-intelpro.

    And in the absolutely insane event anything I said is true, God bless those people.

  • YES!!!!….I stand with Anonymous!!!!

  • Someone needs to make these government sanctioned murders pay for what they do.

  • Can’t read your article because of your popup with no way to close it. Great job.

  • Yes.

  • I truly admire this group. Y’al should get the Nobel.

  • Robert Michael

    Another great reason to fire ALL non-Constitutional Administrative Officers (you probably incorrectly refer to them as “Police Officers) with Private Security Contractors…Had enough YET???

    • John and Linda Robel

      I call them PIGS IN A BLANKET OF PROTECTION. Put ’em in the microwave.

  • I live in Cincinnati. There were people filming it from the street (which is the video you posted Anonymous), where you can clearly hear the bystanders and police all trying to get the man to stop. There is very little, if any, animosity here in Cincinnati over the unfortunate shooting. There have been memorials to Gaston, but no protests. Lets get it straight and stop using every single story to enflame the public with fear and anger. Check the facts and the source before making sensational headlines and blowing up situations. Lots of uninvolved cops lives, and their families lives, has been put in danger to bring attention to you guys. Usually i am a fan Anonymous, but not this time around. Maybe you all heard about Sam Dubose and Ray Tensing? Guess not. Fail.

    • I’ve thought for a while now that anonymous aren’t who or what they used to be….they’re the Feds

    • Steve Slogger Matthews I’m with you mate! Paid opposition I think!

  • Yup, i do

  • Hell yes. They should be afraid of the consequences of murdering people behind the guise of upholding the law.

  • Since they are the only ones trying to actually release the real information. I stand behind Anonymous 100%. The people have the right to know!

  • If cops are the heros and good guys. Then why are they so hated and in hiding?

  • We are all Anonymous -if we so choose.

  • Until more of these political soldiers start dying, and they fear for not only their safety, but their families safety. This will never stop, it will only get worse until we have nationwide martial law and none of us have any freedom left.

  • Sure, I’m one of them.

  • it goes to show that police are more afraid of a unarmed black person than a armed white person. smdh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YES!.

  • The public executions without trial must stop, This goes against everything America stands for.

  • I agree with their statements about corruption and injustice. I agree it’s gone on to long. But I don’t agree to putting anyone’s personal info out there like that. That puts people in danger. Violence on top of violence will never help. Thats the old way that got us all into this mess.

  • No I don’t agree. When you release addresses you put innocent family members at risk. Plus what about if one of the addresses was for a cop that put away a real criminal looking for payback. I am ask for accountability but not vigilanty justice.

    • They police did not care how the actions would effect the victim’s family….. NO MERCY

  • Beverley McMullan-Kungl

    Good. It’s about time someone showed the world the true colour of some really bad cops. You know who you are. Be afraid…be really afraid because Anonymous will show your true colours!!!!

  • Normally, the correct thing to say would be to try to change things within the system and do it the right way. However, this is one of those times where the system itself is the problem. I raise my shield in defense of Anonymous for doing this. People think that because police get away with it that they are above the law. These hackers are doing a public service by knocking them back down to the earth and reality where the rest of us live.

  • Absolutely!

  • Don Unruh

    Are cops shitting themselves because their identity is all of a sudden public?

  • Cam Alft

    all cops are criminals….cops like to kill you…they love the thrill kill so they can brag about it…all cops are corrupted and work for a corrupted system…….

  • Absolute bullshit what they did . They must have thought he had weapons of mass destruction!

  • Something has to change Police need better training and stratagies all they seem to know is over power acessive force tazer and shoot to kill. 3 officers with loaded guns 6ft from citizen on his kness and for whatever happened all their tranning instincts is unload that gun aim to kill. Bullies with a Badge.

  • I also live near Cincinnati. While I believe the dubose shooting was ridiculous as well as the John Crawford shooting. I can see why officers chose to fire in this case. He was surrendered when his hands were above his head. He should have let the cops come in and remove the air soft pistol after laying flat as asked. I stand by the police on this one. That’s a rarity for me.


  • I’m already subscribed to your page so irritated by the pop up with no X that stopping me from reading the article

  • race baiting at it’s finest….full video below

  • The problem is that in the US , people are expected to carry a gun. so everybody is ready to shoot…in Canada…people don’t carry guns, so there’s no shooting! They try to figure out what the problem is… and less people die!!!! Get that …no guns: people don’t die!!!!

    • I don’t need a gun and I think the NRA is all Big Money The right to bear arms is a tool that’s being used out of the true forum for which it was written. Hunting guns are the only gun American’s might need the other guns are to use against people so what do we need them for unless your gonna Murder.

  • he’ll yes

  • troy netters

    Anonymous, Cop Block and the morons who follow them are utter cowardly pussies.

  • Good now they will have to worry about retaliation. Their addresses are public record. FUCK THE POLICE.

  • fuck! The police

  • Get rid of the ads

  • “YES”

  • Approved

  • i would support a citizens uprising executing these pigs so yes, i support anonymous on this weak move.

  • yes i do

  • Fuck ur pop up!

  • Stephanie Beckman

    I have many videos which appear to document (and almost certainly does document) this sort of police brutality. On Facebook, just put the word “police” in the search bar and see what you come up with. Police are acting as judge, jury, and executioner on the streets and it must stop!!

  • Stephanie Beckman

    What doxing? The headline said Anonymous was going to dox the cops. I didn’t see any info.

  • I think if govt’s feel it is OK to take our personal private information, and details and sometimes pass to other agencies, it should be a Quid Pro Quo.

  • scott

    if they are going to shoot, why can’t they just aim for a leg or a knee cap, disable him and then go through their rounds, no pun intended? Is it really necessary to default to a lung/heart shot? Maybe its me being naïve, but if I did have a weapon and I got shot in the leg, I’m pretty sure i’d fall to the ground before I was able to grab it, aim and shoot before every officer was on top of me.

    • Ron Healey

      You shoot center mass. The largest part of the body. Shooting a pistol isn’t that easy to do with sharpshooter precision. If they shoot for arms/legs, they’d MISS… FREQUENTLY. Go to a range and take some shots while perfectly relaxed and in no danger or hurry, see how you do. Now imagine doing it with your heart pounding, adrenaline racing, all amped up. Real life is different from the movies. This guy shouldn’t have been shot at all, anywhere.

      • John and Linda Robel


  • So what, your gonna follow cops home from work and teach them how it’s gonna be? Gonna make false reports to get them to come to your trap?…….sweet! Because once they fear doing their job and wont come to work then those they protect will start to listen! I would also avoid any direct confrontation. They will use it against you! Power of the 2nd to you, just keep it quiet and Kudos.

  • And cops wonder why there is no public trust. Cops are shooting first so criminals will start shooting at cops more cause they know if they surrender they die!

  • So sad.

  • Fuck anonymous. Their cia

  • Yes i wish they would do it more often

  • Looked like suicide by cop to me. If a cop, or group of cops, are drawn down on you telling not to move and put your hands in the air and you reach inside your coat, you will probably get shot! Pretty simple to understand. Doesn’t matter if it’s a real gun, fake gun, cell phone or candy bar you’re probably gonna get shot. As for the white person who supposedly “aimed” an air soft gun at police and didn’t get shot, well I’m still waiting for that video to come out.

    • What about an asthma inhaler?

    • Regardless of what he might be reaching for, the police had a distinct advantage by having heir weapons drawn and on target. If the suspects was reaching for a gun then the officers would of had a few seconds before it was a credible threat.

    • Sherman good point, separate incident, but valid question…

    • Thane, so you know what his quick draw times would be, or splits between 1st and 2nd shots? Or because there was three cops they should wait till one gets shot at to return fire? Cops don’t carry weapons for our protection, they carry them for their own protection

    • Sherman, I think it would be best to comply in that situation, verbally tell the officers you are having an asthma attack, if you are able. If the attack is already beyond being able to verbally tell the officers, then the epi-pen that all police should carry or have in their vehicles would be a better option than an inhaler in a severe asthma attack anyway. Maybe better police training in regards to allergic/asthmatic/bronchoconstriction incidents is the answer. Do police in your area carry epi-pens?

  • if you think what you are doing show your face and be proud or stop

  • Can’t see in the video did he reach down with one hand towards his air pistol..

  • it was different cops at each scene of course they are going to act different , i wounder how many fools this will trick

  • As far as I am concerned, anybody on the public tit must have total disclosure. If I want to know how much coffee a cop has drunk or whose ass he was looking at while patrolling a park, that info should be mine. If employees of private businesses must be screened and filmed, then so should cops… all available on the net.

  • No, it serves no purpose.

  • Yes it’s written in our constitution. It’s called self defense. Our entire system was written with it in mind. Our self defense is our defense from self. The way they might be thinking might not be the best but it’s a step

  • bozackula

    Why do cops seem to have an erection if they have the slightest cause to kill a human, dog or cat? These type of trigger happy cops seem to have personality disorders. In other words, they are mentally ill.

  • bozackula

    I would sooner call a friend or relative if I was dealing with a mentally ill person. Friends can calm them down, get medical help etc. Cops just want to shoot to kill anyone. We are living in a fascist police state and when we are finally fed up with it the police are going to have to hide.

  • YES!