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Anonymous is Done Seeing Thousands of Dolphins Slaughtered – Now Targeting Japanese Govt


Tokyo, Japan – The Anonymous global hacking collective has targeted the Narita International Airport of Japan in a powerful direct denial of service (DDoS) attack, which took the website offline Friday evening in to Saturday. The attack was in protest over the country’s arrest of dolphin activist Ric O’Barry as he entered the country. A DDoS attack overwhelms a site with traffic from various networks, with the intention of crashing the servers on which the website is hosted.

Ric O’Berry is the dolphin activist appearing in the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove,” which detailed the annual barbaric slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The Taiji hunt lasts for six months, killing or capturing up to a quota of 1,873 animals last season alone. The annual slaughter continues to cause international outrage from animal rights advocates.

According to a report from Dolphin Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the global dolphin slaughter, O’Berry was detained by Japanese authorities upon his arrival at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Japanese officials refused his entry into Japan, arresting and holding him at a deportee facility. The activist claims he has been repeatedly interrogated and not received proper nourishment during his detention by Japanese authorities.

“The Japanese government is cracking down on those who oppose their war on dolphins.” ~ says Ric O’Barry, through his son, Lincoln O’Barry. He continues, “I’m incarcerated on trumped-up charges, just like in Taiji last August. For the past 72 hours, I have been behind bars in a detention facility, yet I have broken no laws.”

Japanese authorities confirmed that the airport’s website was taken down in the attack, but claim that no flight operations were affected by the disruption. This is not the first time that the Anonymous hacker group has targeted Japan for attack as a result of the annual dolphin slaughter.

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According to a report by Hackread:

In October, last year same Anonymous group had shut down Narita and Chubu International Airport websites against the slaughter of Dolphin and trade to aquariums.

In September, the same group of hackers took down the website of the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture in protest of the town’s hunting of dolphins and storing them.

Hunting of dolphins has been protested by many activists around the world and taking down of websites is one of the ways they record their protest.

Anonymous has dedicated itself to protect animal rights around the world. In the past, the hacktivists went against X-Rated animal abuse websites and shut down world’s largest animal abuse forum.

The Anonymous hacker behind the attack, in an exclusive conversation, told Hackread, “The attack on the Airport was done because they detained @RichardOBarry there and denied him into Japan because of the movie he made called ‘The Cove’ in 2009.”

In an effort to put pressure on the Japanese government to end the hunts, in 2010 conservation organization Sea Shepherd began sending “Cove Guardians” to document and record the slaughter. The Japanese government has responded to the increased attention by trying to ban those that would expose this heinous practice to people across the world from documenting the slaughter.

The Japanese government is cracking down on those who oppose their war on dolphins.” ~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director, Dolphin Project

According to a report by The Dodo:

Each year, 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan, hundreds of them in the Taiji hunt alone. The few who survive the blood-red waters are sold into captivity, fated to spend the rest of their lives cut off from family and performing at zoos and marine parks.

Some have attempted to justify the brutality using claims of cultural heritage and tradition. However, the mass killing, using dolphin drives, have only recently become a common occurrence.

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The reality of the Taiji hunt is not an overarching cultural tradition, but rather a small group of local men generating large amounts of revenue from the murder of this extremely intelligent, and self-aware being.

The targeted website has since been restored, but the issue has once again garnered international attention thanks to the Anonymous collective.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • SURE Anonymous has not done shit!!!

  • Has Anonymous considered doing anything about the Flint water crisis? Just curious- I’m against animal slaughter ‘cuz reasons’, so props and all, but I’m curious to learn what they think of ‘Pay for our defective/poisoned product or we’ll take your kids’-

    • Anonymous is not an organization as many stories you’ll read seem to imply. Truth is the are just everyday “hackers” (people who are above average with computers) who use their knowledge for activism. There is in-fighting going on between separate sects of Anon such as disagreements in working with government and invading privacy in order to catch ISIS.

      Also this whole story about Flint is a political finger pointing game during an election year. The publicity all began with Democrats blaming Rick Snyder’s appointment of an emergency manager. An emergency manager that would not have been needed had the city not been bankrupted by an all Democrat city counsel. When we pan out and look at facts without bias it’s obvious both parties are liable but, the people (and I’m from Michigan and including myself) are equally responsible for letting special interest groups, unions, and corporations control politics in our state.
      Most of the wells in the Flint Basin have tested positive for lead for more than 50yrs due to the auto industry and Dow Chemical. This has been an ongoing problem for many years and ANON can’t fix it for us. We, the citizens of Michigan (including myself), have to see OUR NEGLIGENCE is costing people their health. Our apathy towards government policy and procedure allowed this to happen.

    • Our negligence is costing people their health. Okay. Inappropriate use of a crisis for unrelated purpose. Okay.

      How does one take to task a group for what I would classify as ‘usery’ or possibly ‘war profiteering’? What can the people do- Can they pay into an escrow-like account until the problem is addressed? Is there some other action they can take to punish this bullshit?

    • Feanor Arran For one, stop voting in corporate cronies. Local and state governments are not controlled by an electorate like the Federal government.

      Secondly, take back the water rights WE gave the government back in the 1800’s and stop ALLOWING them to force people to have a city contracted water supplier through coercion.

      If you can’t see how WE (MYSELF INCLUDED) have ALLOWED this shit to happen read this:


    • The whole crisis happened because of 200 yrs of social and political apathy

    • Take it from someone who is living with it.

      < born at Henry Ford Hospital and lived in Saginaw, Flint, Owosso, Chesaning, and Clio. Now in Oakland County

    • I wonder where we would all be had the founding fathers pointed fingers rather than taking up arms and demanding independence.

      Average American Youth : oh my government, my oppression

      Declaration of Independence : You have the right and duty to throw off such government

      Thank God they had more spine then the majority of our people

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  • Bout fucking time. Damn Japanese are also illegally slaughtering whales despite a treaty put in place to stop them.

    • Well it isn’t the entire country known as Japan that is responsible. It’s corporations. Also we’re a bunch of hypocrites pointing fingers when we don’t hold our own corporations accountable


  • About.Fucking. Time.

  • Can we start slaughtering savage beasts like the Homo stupidius?

  • Yes its sad the dolphins are being slaughtered, exactly how long have these barbarians been doing this?
    Save Flint ffs! I’m an Aussie and this infuriates me that Michigan is doing this to their people!

  • It’s a disgraceful practice that has no place in society , the shame of a nation.

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  • Why does everyone act like Anon is one giant organized collective. It’s anyone and everyone who takes on a roll in anonymous hack-tivism. There is actually a great deal of infighting going on within the so called collective by different groups using this new method of anonymous activism.

    I’m not trying to discredit the movement just trying to get all of you to understand ANONYMOUS is an idea not an organization.

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    • J. Cameron Dalskog Some people just don’t know how to prioritize.

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    • If you are referring to them being 2nd to humans this could be debatable lol ?

    • Food? Only if you want mercury poisoning!!!!!!!

    • Stupidest comment I’ve seen in here in a long time!!! What’s so special about them, ey??? Sheeesh!

    • Hmm. Guess they’re not that important. You could say they’re smart I guess. But no ones said anything about their importance.

    • Fisherman use them to help herd fish into their nets. They will stand on shore holding their nets, and the dolphins flap their fins a couple times on the surface, signaling them to throw their nets. Once the nets are thrown they chase the schools of fish into the nets…also, they have helped save people stranded at sea..protected humans from shark attacks..I could go on and on..

    • Forgive the skepticism but I did a little Google search. It does seem true that in one Brazilian village, the Dolphins seem to help fishermen, but I don’t think those are the same Dolphins that are being hunted off the coast of Japan. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence, just rumors, of Dolphins saving people from sharks

    • So an intelligent self aware and sentient being doesnt in itself have value and isnt worth “not slaughtering”???

    • Watch the documentary “The Cove”. Very informational about the actual event as well as information about dolphin as food. Please watch.

    • Joe Sullivan no more important than people like yourself,we could slaughter millions with your mindset and improve the world, dont be such an ignorant heartless tool

    • What purpose are you serving and whats your use or importance to the world at large? Stupid trolls are a dime per million..

    • Not a troll. Thought the page had an interesting name. Doesn’t live up to it. I understand, and I guess I’m the only one, that importance is a subjective concept. How something serves humanity is my criteria. Also, if you read the thread, I’ve been pretty respectful, can’t say the same for most of you.

  • All animals are worth protecting,but Dolphins are very spiritual protectors of us humans,(even if you have never heard that before) The slaughtering goes on and on, so some other group is trying their hand at stopping it, They have my support

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    • Okay, let’s start with you practicing what you preach. Now, begone!

    • Ive done environmental and activist work probably longer than you’ve been alive son…

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      If they could only understand now that it is Universal Law, millions will be spared

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    • I’m glad u like it .. if I could I would make that happen to them the Chinese government and every greedy government. . corporation . It’s time that people take back this fucked up world .. make it liveable again

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  • And America spends billions annually providing military protection to the fucking japs >:(

  • But dont speak out for dead babies, cuz then youre a wierdo.

  • And if you place trust in anonymous, then youre a fool.

    Proven government paid infiltrates.

  • Thank you Anonymous! Japan is scared. Theyre holding Ric OBarry. But nothings gonna stop us.Shame n disgrace on Taiji Japan

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    *does lazy jerk off motion whilst rolling eyes

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    Keep going. You have my support also.

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  • The way humans as a whole treat all animal life is atrocious! And I am disgusted to be complicit within that in any way. We need more people to take such action against any country, city, company or person that perpetuates such horrors!

  • Meanwhile kids are dying

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  • This is great! If it gives you hope PLEASE:’Like’ (y) + Comment (even 2 words) + Share this!

    • Very well put. I just wish the people would believe this and band together to say enough.

    • yh I agree with everything there except for one thing, there is still rich vs poor (or proletariat vs bourgeois) as karl marx said.

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • Well thats great but what about the torture of dogs in China the treatment of cattle in the U.S…these numbers out number the dolphin killings much more…


    • Anonymous is an unorganized criminal group who has a reputation (because they are unorganized and basically just any ole hacker who feels like hacking today) for targeting the wrong people, like they are doing here.


    • But… You gotta admit they’re pretty powerful. Legally criminal or not, some of their campaigns I would support

  • Over there is where they can head with that bullshit. I don’t see them taking down the NSA, or the CIA. What about wiping out everyone’s credit ratings or exposing the fed? Snowden is a hero so far all these guys have managed is a good PR campaign.

    • Apparently they are accomplishing far more than you whining and bitching about things you obviously havent taken the time to research….

    • Buy the lie.

  • anonymous rocks. keep up the good work

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    • Yes, anonymous, is a trafficked child’s best friend…they have done more, for these children, than the govts have ever done…

    • Government rarely does anything worthwhile. Any of it.

  • You never know who they may be but I have to believe they are helping and proving how wicked this world has become

  • This is awful. Attacking the Japanese people writ large to make a point. How is that any different than what governments do? Did the airport detain this person? Although no lives were lost there are certainly civilian casualties (only inconvenienced) who have nothing to do with the issue. This is using intimidation to make a point.

    • Anonymous has always done this. At least when they stayed worried about internet laws and abuses you could kinda feel for them. But they’re just a bunch of criminal wannabees now. This is what anarchy would look like.

    • This is what anarchy would like like? Not sure I follow you

    • Anonymous I mean. Their popular decision “whatever we feel like” mentality. Not to say governments don’t do things based on emotion as well; the internet, while a great voluntaryist achievement, is just one of the best ways to see what true anarchy would look like these days. Imo, manageable, but more chaotic than I’d like

    • Then why participate in this internet you dislike? If it’s too chaotic then opt out. Why would you support a system you don’t agree with? You won’t die without Facebook. Realize your own power.

    • No, I love the internet! Like I said, best voluntarism project ever. Anonymous is what I’m iffy about.

    • Me too

    • Then we both agree that the good outweighs the bad. Anarchy doesn’t attempt to solve the criminal problem. That is an endemic problem of human society.

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  • Not to mention the continued hunting, killing, and eating of whales and dolphins.

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  • What does meditation have to do with protest? Simply put the most powerful form of meditation in the spiritual sphere, and the most powerful form of protest in the social sphere, is a declaration. I am… I declare… As never before, that I am now…Declarations diminish the ego, the inner falsehoods, for individuation, and declarations diminish institutions, their outer falsehoods, for individuals. wakeup-world.com/2016/01/21/fukushima-5-years-of-fire-global-day-of-action-march-11-2016/

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    They thought those Libertarians were pieces of shit, but when they do something you like, suddenly you’re on their side?


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