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EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous Strikes the Heart of the Empire — Takes Down U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

After announcing a global call to arms against the “corrupt global banking cartel,” the hacker collective known as Anonymous, in conjunction with numerous other hacktivist groups, have taken over 20 central banks offline, including striking at the heart of the Western imperialist empire; the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Bank of England and the Bank of France.

A press release by Anonymous explained in the intentions behind the operation know as #OpIcarus:

“The banks have been getting away with murder, fraud, conspiracy, war profiteering, money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels, have put millions of people out on the street without food or shelter and have successfully bought all our governments to help keep us silenced. We represent the voice of the voiceless. We are uniting to make a stand. The central banks which were attacked in recent days were attacked to remind people that the biggest threat we face to an open and free society is the banks. The bankers are the problem and #OpIcarus is the solution.”

Operation Icarus was relaunched in conjunction with a video release announcing the beginning of a “30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” Since that time, the scope and magnitude of the attacks have increased exponentially, with Anonymous, Ghost Squad Hackers, a number of Sec groups and BannedOffline coordinating attacks — each focusing on separate financial institutions in an effort to maximize the number of targets hit.

Some individuals have expressed reservations about Anonymous attacking the central banking system – thinking that this will in some way impact their individual accounts held in the banks. In an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project, an Anonymous member explained that this operation is directed solely at the 1%:

“We would just like to make it very clear that all targets of #OpIcarus have been Rothschild and BIS central owned banks. In fact most of the targets so far such as Guernsey, Cyprus, Panama, Jordan, British Virgin Isles, etc are in the top 10 places of tax havens for the elite. No on-line consumer accounts were harmed, no ATM’s were blocked and no personal client data was leaked. This has been a protest against the Central Banks and the 1% — no innocent or poor people were harmed”

The operation began with an initial attack on the Central Bank of Greece and was quickly followed up with a similar DDoS attack on the Central Bank of Cyprus. Last weekend, hackers reportedly targeted the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the Dutch Central Bank, the Central Bank of Maldives, and Guernsey Financial Services Commission, according to the official @OpIcarus Twitter account, which has been taken offline — presumably by Twitter. The National Bank of Panama and the Central Bank of Kenya were also reportedly targeted a day later, according to hacking news publication HackRead.

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Additionally, reported Ghost Squad Hacker, s1ege also tweeted about taking the Central Bank of Bosnia-Herzegovina offline and provided a screenshot to verify. The Twitter account @BannedOffline also reported the Central Bank of Mexico had succumbed to a DDoS attack by the hacking collective. The online hacktivist groups have continued to conduct a series of high-powered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which forced the website of Central Bank of Jordan, Central Bank of South Korea, Bank of Compagnie, Monegasque and the Central Bank of Montenegro offline.

On Saturday, hackers conducted a series of 250 Gbps DDoS attacks on the Bank of France, Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Central Bank of Tunisia, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and Philippine National Bank. The recent attack, on Monday morning, took down the Central Bank of Iraq.

In the most high-profile hacks thus far, during OpIcarus, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Bank of England and the Bank of France all fell victim to separate cyber attacks.

In an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project, an Anonymous representative explained:

OpIcarus in support of Nuit Debout took the bank of France off line throughout the day as we continue to address the corruption of the banking elite. We are acting on behalf of the countless victims and the voiceless as the banking cartels continue their agenda of buying the governments while selling out the people they are supposed to govern. This Op in no way is meant to harm or disrupt the common person and their day-to-day activities. We are you, we may be your neighbors, those you pass in the street and we are the working class. A Filipino hacker within Anonymous was also able to disrupt services in the Philippines as an act of protest against his nation’s corrupt and brutal government. We will not and cannot sit by idly while the banking systems strip man of his dignity.

Anonymous has released a list of institutions the collective plans to target, which is divided into four sections; websites associated with the U.S. Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), sites owned by the World Bank, and over 150 sites associated with national banks around the globe.

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In two weeks, OpIcarus hackers have hit dozens of financial institutions listed in their online manifesto. Any questions about whether the hacktivists would be able to take out some of the more high-profile institutions seem to have been answered with the recent successful attacks on the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, the Bank of France and the Bank of England — the central banks of the U.K. and France.

The attack on the Bank of England was unique from the previous attacks, as it reportedly took down the internal email server.

While some have questioned the effectiveness of OpIcarus, senior director at Corero Network Security, Stephanie Weagle told Info Security magazine:

“While the impact on the individual targets of the DDoS attack campaign, ‘OpIcarus’ is unclear; obstructing or eliminating the availability of email servers is significant. In an online world any type of service outage is barely tolerated, especially in the banking industry where transactions and communications are often time-sensitive, and account security is of utmost importance.”

Make no mistake that this operation has already been extremely effective — evolving and growing rapidly. In the world of high finance time is money, and every minute that a bank is forced offline it is losing potential revenue, which in turn hurts the bottom line of those that support the imperial war machine. Thus far, all targeted banks have refused to comment on the damage inflicted by the continuous cyber attacks.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.
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    nothing like good news…

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    Good Work Anon~
    and “i” trust yaz and am here IF EVER needed. Though my computer skills are useless-especially to you all~HERE in any other way i can HELP~
    PeAcE™only~as always+

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    Thank you for printing the truth!

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    This is one reason I don’t feel the “Burn”. Reform only brings more of the same !

  • albertWestpy

    Do I feel the “Burn” ? No ! Reform only brings more of the same.

    • Inretrospect

      I’m feeling that dubious Warm and Fuzzy feeling… like after bending over to receive a free tube steak luncheon.

  • Sam Johnson

    How do we know that Anonymous is not the establishment? Things are not as they always appear. At some point. This group could be blamed later for stealing all of our money and after believing they have this kind of power most would believe the lies.

    • I_B_ME

      How much did the banks pay you to be their shill.

  • Bogdan Mandru

    stupid kids – your actions are equal to “vandalizing” a bank front logo … or breaking their window the most … you want change? – design a better system and make sure everyone understands why the old one was a hoax!

    • CrazyTrain99

      We have a better system. You’ve probably already heard of it. Bitcoin.

  • TStephen

    How curious is it that “Anonymous” can hack the biggest financial institutions in the western world, but all they could do to ISIS was hack a few Twitter accounts.

    Something smells fishy here and it ain’t the tuna salad.

    • tyhertyertyetyerty

      What smells fishy is they can’t “hack” these institutions, all they did was overload their websites with traffic til they went down. It’s like barely a nuisance to these places and I don’t understand the celebration of it… all it really does is attract a little press.

    • Gene

      They’re in a 3rd world bombed out counrty, all they have is twitter. You’re not to bright.

      • TStephen

        Nothing like a timely comment from a self-proclaimed expert without corroborating, or supporting data.

        I’m sure you have the inside scoop on ISIS connectivity though.

        BTW, I don’t claim to be a genius, but my intellectual brightness comparatively shines when juxtaposed with your fractional candlepower.

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          You have admitted to your stupidity you can stop right there we believe you your candle has been blown out

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            You have no dog in this fight. Your comment makes no sense. That exchange is 20 days old. You are irrelevant.

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            See that’s the thing about time it’s all relative 20 days 20 years you are still a freaking idiot that no one cares about, but you are fun as a verbal target for your betters.

  • May 21, 2013 Why the whole banking system is a scam – Godfrey Bloom MEP

    • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 21 May 2013

    • Speaker: Godfrey Bloom MEP, UKIP (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)



    I know many people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending just how many wars are started for no other purpose than to force private central banks onto nations, so let me share a few examples, so that you understand why the US Government is mired in so many wars against so many foreign nations. There is ample precedent for this.


  • Inretrospect

    I have always suspected that “Anonymous” is in actuality, our Federal Government… more specifically, Homeland Security (Gestapo).

    A friend who is an engineering manager told me that several years ago Homeland Security did an inspection of his Chemical Plant’s vulnerabilities; especially their secured Computer Network. They wanted a list of chemicals/processes used in production, every access/egress used by employees, vendors, and truck transports, and where/how employees remotely get access through their Network firewalls.

    When my friend asked the Homeland Security Agent WHY they required this information, the Agent replied: “I’m sorry. I can’t give you those reasons because you do not have the required security clearance to hear them.”

    I told my friend that he needs to start questioning who the REAL domestic terrorists are.

    • Tommi Lahtinen

      How does that mean, that Anonymous is Federal Government? I don’t see the connection. Also, Anonymous isn’t some specific group of people, it’s an idea. Any human being could and can be Anonymous. I’m pretty sure that there are many different groups made of normal people that want to work for changing things for better.

      • Inretrospect

        “How does that mean, that Anonymous is Federal Government?”

        I said that I have always “suspected” that Anonymous is in actuality, our Federal Government.

        Definition of “suspected”: have had an idea or impression of the existence, presence, or truth [that Anonymous is Federal Government] without certain proof.

        “There is just one Absolute; but there are numerous relative realities…” ~
        Peter Russell
        “I’m pretty sure that there are many different groups made of normal people that want to work for changing things for better.”

        I used to believe that this was true about the United States Federal Government, Tommi. However, I woke up from that dream over 50-years ago. Everyone has an agenda — even though the deeds of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are opposites, reality and circumstance are the factors that will define what is right and wrong in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Piper Michael

    What was it that got Jesus crucified? Well, history teaches that His final battle against The Money Changers is what threw Rome’s opinion over the line into sedition. What was it that got JFK killed? History, again, shows us that he was going to reintroduce Silver Certificates, US Treasury BILLS(not Federal Reserve NOTES, a note, is a DEBT, a BILL is a marker for SOMETHING TANGIBLE.) The problem with central banking, is the primary paradigm of our System, called the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules…
    Those corporations who are closest to the money creation spigot, are able to take ‘nothing'(fiat money created from a computer), and buy something with it, thus, those who ‘own’ the money, can control EVERYTHING ELSE. Period, end of discussion. Credit can always control ‘money’. But, in our time, we have conflated the two as being the same, they. are. not. Learn this, and ‘The Truth will set you free.’

    So, where does Anonymous want to go?

    Thus the money changers were, most probably, The Enemy of two of the most famous people in history. As I don’t believe in coincidences. Where does that leave us? Don’t complain about something if you don’t have a solution, or are least willing to discuss an alternative. So, what, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency, that is ‘created’ by strange and unknown processes? No.

    In the old days, money was gold and silver, but there was another item pegged to ‘credit’, and that was The Real Bills doctrine. Credit given for production, or ability to produce. All money and credit were tied to real world things, today, that is not true when computers can create credit out of thin air. That is why your prices are going up on food and why prices are falling because people have no money to buy, but, they must buy food.

    The only solution is the oldest solution, eliminate banks, states, and nations. Substitute family, tribes and clans, people who want money go to the Temple and credit is established for what you can produce, or credit can be created in a computer for what you can produce. If you don’t produce, you don’t consume.

    Balance is achieved under a new constitution of the confederation of the kingdom of God. Note that this is not a republic, or a theocracy. But, it recognizes that rights that come from God are better than privileges that come from men…

    At least something to consider, how has that 5000 years of Kings and governments and banks worked out for ya?

    • Greg Johnson

      Hi piper.

      Seems the band’s getting back together.

  • xurc

    this is akin to defacing websites. kids’ play. the money moves on private lines, off the Internet. as one commenter below put it, this is just like vandalizing the front door; smashing in the glass. it doesn’t change anything, and doesn’t scare the banks or the people running financial systems. even disrupting their email system is mostly an annoyance.

  • Evan Rogers

    … it’s back up…


  • Richard Schaum

    Now to attack ALL mortgage companies. That would show Anonymous is trying to help the people. current attacks are BS because the ones attacked will just print more money

    • Sandra

      Well now that would be useful, Hey ANON, hack into BofA and press a button that says paid in full on my mortgage…PM me, I will send you the details. I want the deed and no more debt to them.

      • Richard Schaum

        Hey Sandra, tell ANON not to forget me.

        • Rinda

          heck, me three lolol

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    Since the money is fake anyways, they should start to add a few more zeros to the end of the less than elite’s bank accounts while they are at it….talk about a revolution then….

  • Central banks are policy tools of governments. They were created to ensure that there is enough reserve available always. Tooke’s 1844 paper, “An inquiry into the currency principle” ( https://archive.org/details/inquiryintocurre00tookuoft ) began the formal realization that gold as a reserve was meaningless. It took a century, but the world got off of gold money.

    The banks and bankers that crashed the world banking system were all commercial banks. No central banks had anything to do with that. The big US commercial banks did this by using mechanisms that bypassed the usual way that the central banks monitor for loan activity. Read: ( http://www.economics-ejournal.org/economics/journalarticles/2012-3 ) “Release of the Kraken: A Novel Money Multiplier Equation’s Debut in 21st Century Banking”

    The problem is at the SEC. Europe’s commercial banks were well regulated and were not the source of the problem in 2008. It was the major banks of New York that did that. However, the reason there is a problem with the SEC is that the US Congress and the Bush and Obama administrations have starved the SEC for money and encouraged lapdog behavior. This is still true.

    The problem is not the central banks themselves. But, a problem is that some of them have been directed to austerity. Not the US Federal Reserve though. The Fed has done its job well. In fact, the Fed was the only institution that did its job properly after the 2008 banking crisis. US Congress did half it’s job. In Europe, a different policy was pursued by the ECB and sub-banks, a policy of austerity.

    My conclusion about what motivates the ECB to follow a policy of austerity is that doing so benefits the core EU nations, Germany and France. Consider. The ECB provided money that was used by member banks to loan to nations in the periphery (Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc.) Those loans to nations were used for projects that generated orders for industrial products (cars, equipment) produced by the core EU nations. So the credit balances from those loans are now on the books in German and French banks. It is true enough to be said that the EU core nations managed the Eurozone as a quasi-mercantile system for their benefit.

    Loans are the way money is created in the modern world, period. For every positive credit balance in a bank account, there is an equal and opposite debt balance elsewhere. Those debts to the periphery became credit balances (and loan assets) to the core nations. When the USA’s major banks broke the banking system in 2008, this destabilized things in Europe and brought these loans to a the periphery to a head. They were in some degree of trouble, but it was being managed. Could it have ambled on? Hard to say. It wouldn’t have come due so fast, that’s for sure.

    There was, in the periphery, massive corruption by politicians and highly placed people throughout those societies. Those people essentially stole significant fractions of those loans. And those governments mismanaged the funds. I think that this corruption gave a lever for the mandarins of the Eurozone to use to enforce austerity. Notice, that you don’t see criminal prosecutions of them in Europe any more than you saw prosecutions here in the USA. Instead, you see them backing austerity when any economist worth his or her salt would tell you that austerity is the last thing you want in a downturn. That is when government should be spending money. Austerity, if you can manage it strengthens the elites, gives them more power.

    The biggest factor may be demographics in the EU. Look at the demographic situations in the core EU nations. They face a shortfall of young people and that means extremely serious economic trouble as the baby boomers retire. With austerity imposed on the periphery, this makes the best and brightest young people migrate into Germany and France. Those nations desperately need young people to fill in the demographic pyramid, and Portugal, Greece, and Spain are supplying them. So, you see how that works? Why would Germany or France change policy to help the periphery and hurt themselves?

    This “action” against central banks shows how naive about banking and money the typical hacker is. But these kind of people brought us bitcoin as the great hope,
    and bitcoin is founded on ignorance of fundamentals that make its promises impossible. ( http://arxiv.org/abs/1312.2048 ) “The False Premises and Promises of Bitcoin”

    It really is important to first understand things. Otherwise, what you wind up doing is worthless gestures that are, at best meaningless, and at worst, damaging to the interests of most people.

  • per sigurd hansen


  • MaharlikaStorm

    Re: Philippine National Bank, it’s a private bank catering to the needs
    of the Overseas Filipino Workers, i.e. sending money to their families
    at home. Next time, try the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, or the
    Oligarchy’s BPI instead. Mabuhay!

  • Giovanni Birindelli

    The problem is the anti-capitalist banking-government system. It is not the rich. It is not the 1% in and of itself.

    The economic and social conflict is that between those whose resources derive from free, voluntary exchange and those whose resources derive from aggression. Not from the rich and the poor. To misunderstand the nature of this fundamental economic conflict of our times means to be part of the problem, not of the solution.

    In order to learn logically-consistent economic theory (i.e. Austrian economics: the only economic school of thoght that is usually never even mentioned in universities), I suggest a few good books below (*).

    Bottom line is:

    -If there was free market in the money sector;
    -if central banks, being legal counterfeiting organizations, could not be allowed to exist;
    -if commercial banks were not privileged (e.g. if they could lend only their own money or the money that was lent to them: not the money that was deposited into their accounts);
    -if theft was recognized as such regardless of who steals (i.e. even when it’s done by government and called “taxation”);
    -more in general, if aggression was recognized as such regardless of who aggresses,

    then there would be progress towards a freer society and better conditions for prosperity (especially for those who are more disadvantaged).

    Great actions may be good, but the undertstanding of logically consistent theories in order to understand the right targets of those actions (and the right reasons), is necessary.

    (*) In order to start learning logically-consistent economics, you may find these books helpful to start:

    Murray Rothbard: The Mystery of Banking
    Jesùs Huerta de Soto: Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles

    If you want to do more systematic study, you may start from:

    Murray Rothbard: Man, Economy and State;
    Ludwig von MIses: Human Action

  • Rick

    RED FLAG!!! Not false flag, banks will shut down on a Friday due to a computer glitch, Anonymous, whatever reason, then they will and say they will open up on the following Monday. Some won’t, the ones that do will have limits of withdrawals. This is just getting you prepared.


    Its a start, but to be honest they can get it up and running again in rather short order, whats REALLY needed here are hacked confidential emails and documents showing the corruption. Exposing a Lot of nasty truths, waking More people UP.