Duchesne County, UT — Madison Jensen’s death could be used as an indictment on America’s love affair with opioids or one of badge abuse or both. At any rate, another inmate has died while in the care of the Duchesne County Jail.

Jensen, 21, had been battling with an opioid addiction before ending up in jail. Her opiate addiction had turned to a heroin addiction, and her behavior had zapped her family of any remaining energy or patience they’d previously held. They called the police.

It’s understandable, really, that her family would want to get her some help. It’s even appreciable that they’d call law-enforcement authorities. Maybe she was a danger to herself or others.

However, at any rate, she was taken to jail, a result of her addiction. Police even warned Jared Jenson jail wasn’t a good alternative to drug treatment. Maybe even the advising officer knew the jail would immediately deprive her of her medicines, even her anti-depressant. But the warning wasn’t heeded, and while in jail, she began to experience withdrawals of both drugs, and lost weight as a result, a lot of weight.


Her family says she was about 130 pounds when she entered lockup. But that quickly changed. She started to get nauseated and began to quickly deteriorate, losing pound upon pound to diarrhea and vomiting. She thought the jail could help her and she filled out a request for medical assistance. However, she apparently put down the wrong date on the request and it was immediately ignored. She dated her request as 12/31/16 but it was supposed to read 12/1/16.

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She even stated she wasn’t able to hold down water and indicated her cellmate had gotten sick as well. “I know my body and it is not [detoxing],” she wrote in her petition adding, “I am completely detoxed. My roomate [sic] caught the stomach bug … from me.”

“Can’t hold anything down,” she wrote in a medical request. “Not even water.”

Days passed with Jensen not receiving any medical treatment until, finally, it happened. She was found dead in her jail cell, the result of a jail which didn’t attempt to meet her physical or medical needs, according to the family.

The Salt Lake City Tribune uncovered internal documents which declare her death attributable to natural causes. “A Utah medical examiner’s report the family…classified the 21-year-old woman’s death as ‘natural’ — a result of cardiac arrhythmia caused by opiate withdrawal and dehydration.”

While opiate withdrawal isn’t preventable in a jail were opiates aren’t given to inmates, dehydration is certainly something which could have been addressed by a trained and licensed medical doctor, who would have most certainly ordered fluids be given intravenously. That basic level of care wasn’t given to Jensen and she succumbed to her illness.

According to the Tribune, authorities have “declined to release surveillance video that would show Jensen’s care during her time in jail. The Duchesne County attorney and Uintah County Sheriff’s Office each has declined to release records that would shed more light on Jensen’s treatment.”

The forthcoming cooperation by the county attorney and the sheriff’s office won’t help the family get any of the answers for which they are still looking. Even her weight at the time of her death is in question, with internal documents contradicting her exact weight at the time of her death.

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“Medical examiner’s office records indicate Jensen lost at least 17 pounds in four days’ time — perhaps as much as 42 pounds, according to unexplained discrepancies. Investigator John Crowley from the state medical examiner’s office wrote that Jensen, who was nearly 6 feet tall, weighed 87 pounds when she was found dead,” reported the Tribune which also added, “Medical examiners later put her final weight at 112 pounds.”

As TFTP has faithfully reported, a lot of dangerous things happen to inmates while they’re incarcerated. There are beatings, by both inmates and corrections officers, and there are all sorts of mistreatment, none more disturbing than our latest reports of prisoners dying from lack of water, one of the most basic responsibilities jails and prisons have to provide to all inmates.

Jensen passed away on December 1st, 2016 at around 1pm. She had been taking Wellbutrin, Klonipin, and Tramadol but the jail was only giving her Klonipin. Her death is now being investigated as a possible crime, with charges to be brought against any irresponsible jail employee.

“Duchesne County Attorney Stephen Foote is reviewing the case for possible criminal charges for jail staff. He said he would release a timeline of Jensen’s time in the jail, but likely would prevent the release of video that would show what happened, saying it was a matter of security,” writes the Tribune.

In the meantime, Jared Jensen intends to sue the county, Duchesne County jail and staff. “When she says she didn’t eat or drink for four days and you still didn’t put an IV in her arm, you dropped the ball on her,” he said. “I want everyone involved with her death removed from that jail, including the sheriff and Lt. [Jason] Curry, [the jail commander] — so no other parent has to do this again.”

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • jewishniggers

    fucking pigs

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Not to put any blame on this poor girl’s grieving family, but let this serve as a LESSON to the rest of us that “tough love” should never involve calling the police, as you will literally and demonstrably be rolling the dice on a fucking death sentence. More likely than that, you’ll be setting them up with a felony drug conviction that will CRIPPLE any and all chances they’ll ever have of being a productive citizen.

    “But maybe if we make sure she’s good and miserable for the rest of her life, she’ll see that it’s all because of heroin and leave that stuff alone?” WRONG – you’ll be setting her up with a lifelong reason to seek escape and nothing to lose by doing it. Good job? Never got one because of the conviction. Graduate school? Can’t get financial aid because of the conviction. Friends and loved ones? Y’all were the ones who ratted her out to the cops! See what “tough love” gets you?

    Our “justice system” doesn’t want any part of helping drug addicts. All they want to do is make them suffer as “punishment for their crimes.” Now, this family is going to have to live with a level of guilt and shame the likes of which you and I cannot even fathom!

    • Zackknowitall

      I’ve seen cases where cops killed kids after parents called them about dirty rooms. The fatter called the cops but then 17 year old didn’t want to talk and tried to leave. The cop grabbed him and the fight was on leading to the cowardly cop shootings the unarmed kid.

    • Bruce_Mitchell

      Well said. We are now at the stage where calling the police for help has become a very dangerous option.

      • John

        Calling the police for help is like playing Russian Roulette. You have to know you might be the one the police arrest, or kill. You have to know that it is worth the risk of losing your own life or that of your family or friends or you must not do it.

        • 174thandvyse

          I agree, the pigs — oops! I meant, ah, “cops” — are totally worthless.

    • 174thandvyse

      That so-called “Tough Love” BULLSHIT is precisely that…bullshit.

      • IceTrey

        You’d rather be an enabler?

        • 174thandvyse

          What do you mean by an “enabler”? Do you a mean a person who MINDS HIS OWN BUSINESS, when he should? If that what it mean to be an Enabler, then I accept your definition. ToughLove has ALWAYS been bullshit.

          • IceTrey

            a person or thing that makes something possible.
            “the people who run these workshops are crime enablers”
            a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.
            “he criticized her role as an enabler in her husband’s pathological womanizing”

          • 174thandvyse

            Perhaps, but it has been my experience that people like myself are called “enablers” because I DEMAND that Marijuana be legalized. To be against reefer use is to be BRAINWASHED, and evil…and when it comes to advancing Herb smoking, I will be an “enabler” all day long!

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            I think we’re dealing with someone who has ZERO experience in dealing with drug addiction.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          So, those are the only two choices, then – support and enable the addiction, or call the cops? I know you aren’t stupid, so please don’t insult my own intelligence by acting like you are!

          • IceTrey

            I consider tough love removing a person from your life not calling the cops.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            No, that’s just walking away. “Tough love” is when you start punishing a person with intentions that are (ultimately) benevolent.

          • IceTrey

            I’ve never thought it was about punishment.

            “love or concern that is expressed in a strict way especially to make someone behave responsibly”

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            Whatever someone’s idea of “tough love” may be, I think we’re in agreement that calling the cops is NOT a loving option!

          • Mama Nettie

            Your right.
            I don’t understand why the word enabler came up.
            I didn’t see one person mentioning enabling anyone to do anything.
            I did see someone write out an “authorative” definition of the word.

          • 174thandvyse

            Again, suppose the person who wants to practice “tough love” is only doing it because they don’t agree with Herb smoking. They want the other person to stop smoking herb, only because they don’t agree with it. There is nothing “benevolent” in that kinda thinking.

          • IceTrey

            That definition doesn’t say anything about benevolence.

          • 174thandvyse

            That’s right, it doesn’t. There is nothing benevolent about imposing your views on another person. So-called “tough love” is SHIT.

          • IceTrey

            It also doesn’t say anything about imposition.

        • G’ma G

          it’s not just either or.

    • Sam Nelson

      Exactly and so well said.

    • Robin Louise Dunlap Sessler

      Calling the police almost never improves a situation, and in most cases, makes things worse.

    • Mama Nettie

      I like what you wrote and I hope others will be careful about calling the police on their loved ones as well.


    This is common in nearly every jail in the U.S.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    This is a particularly insidious form of dehydration, since it can’t be treated by forcing down more water. People who are going through heroin withdrawals ALWAYS need to be on IV fluids! (Don’t worry – they’ll still be quite miserable enough to satisfy all the spiteful contempt for them.)

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    He said he would release a timeline of Jensen’s time in the jail, but likely would prevent the release of video that would show what happened, saying it was a matter of security

    Oh, bullshit! If there were anything on that video that would make her look bad and/or portray them as responsible parties, they’d have released it to the media before the body finished cooling down! The video probably shows her very obviously dying in agony while jail staff repeatedly tell her to “shut up in there.”

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Seems the cops will get you any which way.

  • Bwin51

    They mistakenly thought law enforcement was going to help their daughter with her health problem. They’re not medical staff. They’re there for punishment not healing.

    • ucangob

      OH you hardliner you. STFU, GTFOH… Twat

      • 174thandvyse

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    • ucangob

      Your boyfriend’s got your punishment in his pants.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        So, is this the only kind of dumbassery you’re going to bring to TFTP comments, or do you actually have interesting things to say as well?

        • Zackknowitall

          I blocked him. First time seeing him.

      • Bill McKain

        Correction. The following is for Bwin51….Is your ignorance innate or all learned at Trump U?

        I’ve got 10 large on C) Both of the above. STFU amoeba.

    • Zackknowitall

      That jail was about correcting behavior!!! Just kidding I’m know its about punishment.

  • ucangob

    They probably were mad she wouldn’t have sex with them.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I doubt that. Trust me, she didn’t look that desirable when she was dying! More likely, they just didn’t give a fuck about her suffering because she’s just “junkie scum” to them.

  • MikeParent

    The issue is put failed drug policy
    Criminalizing drug use is a failed policy

  • Steve

    What did I write on the last post? Just another reason to be proud of humanity…

  • Bob Btme

    just want to say that Klonopin is horrible stuff and probably worse for you than heroin in the long-term

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Be that as it may, she didn’t die from Klonopin withdrawals, did she?

      • Bob Btme

        Many say that withdrawal from benzodiazepines is indeed worse than opiates – after long-term use of benzos, it become physically impossible for many people to ever stop taking them – have a look:

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          Do you have any scientific research to support your claims? I’m not calling you a liar or trying to shut down your argument – it’s just that a website called “Benzo Buddies” might tend to skew toward a certain bias on the subject. I’m sure EVERY addict going through withdrawals thinks that theirs is the worst suffering ever and nobody (not even other addicts) really understands what they’re going through.

          Unfortunately, they’re right. What’s worse is that some people will go out of their way to deliberately withhold anything resembling compassion and/or understanding. The rationale falls into one of two camps. “They don’t deserve it because they’re criminals” and “if she doesn’t feel hated, shunned, put upon, and stigmatized, then she’ll think I/we approve of her habit. It’s just like spanking a child for running into the street, nothing more.”

          • Bob Btme

            Sorry, vagina, I don’t have time to dig up the research for you, maybe you should try pubmed. Benzos are horrible!!! I’ve personally taken Klonopin and opiates btw.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            I’m sorry you had a shitty experience with them. No drug is a miracle cure for everyone!

          • Burfm

            I’ve detoxed off of both and the benzos are easily worse. The withdrawal is a mental nightmare that lasts forever, and you can die from having a seizure. Of course opiate withdrawal isn’t much fun either. Both should be done with a sensible taper. And in terms of calling the cops on a family member that’s an addict; it’s a horrible idea. Jails obviously don’t have the medical treatment they need and I’ve seen so many cases of this happening, even here in my hometown in California.

  • Domina Elle

    Another. White. Privilege. Card. Expired. Wish they’d hurry up and fix the systemic injustices and racism on behalf of POC so that all these other victims will matter. Or maybe the issue should be acknowledged for what it is- systemic alright, but not limited to any particular demographic or ethnicity. The government agencies and agents are equal opportunity oppressors. It’s a profit driven system. We are all slaves.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Yeah, I was saying on another site that this one hits the trifecta of “socially important.” White, female, pretty… and it STILL didn’t save her from being callously murdered. The concept of “junkie scum” transcends even racism for a lot of these assclowns!

  • johans 7

    fucking animals, because she had a addiction ( 93 % opium production increase when our troops went to Afghanistan ( see; Pat Tillman) the cops look at her like garbage. Drunken, roided cops i’m sure. Wait until your daughter or son is in the same position. america at its worst. hey cop , whats you whore wife up to ??

  • Kathy Lewis

    I think her death was due to Benzo withdrawal. I had the same thing happen, not being able to eat or drink anything for over 72 hrs. I was hospitalized for dehydration. I had been tapered off Ativan and Valium far too fast. I think it was stopping the Benzos cold turkey that killed her. Opiates don’t act like that. She must have suffered greatly.

  • Ibcamn

    every criminal cop involved should be in prison…getting the very same treatment……………….