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‘Anti-Establishment’ Trump Plans to Appoint Goldman Sachs and George Soros Insiders

Contrary to his anti-establishment stance — which supporters readily boast as a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton — Donald Trump’s establishment roots run so deep, the billionaire real estate mogul plans to appoint a former Goldman Sachs partner and George Soros Fund manager as Secretary of the Treasury should he win the election.

Steve Mnuchin came on board Trump’s campaign as finance chair in May, raising eyebrows of many who felt his 17-year history with Sachs — and affiliation with liberal globalist George Soros as an Investment Professional of Soros Fund Management — conflicted directly with the then-presumptive nominee’s conservative stance and criticisms of establishment politicians.

“It is difficult to see how a second-generation Goldman Sachs partner would secure such a prominent position in an administration delivered by a populist wind,” Compass Point analyst Isaac Boltansky told Politico of Trump’s curious choice for Treasury Secretary.

According to Fox Business Network, Trump’s confidence in winning the White House has fomented enough to begin picking Cabinet members, and besides the anomalous choice of Mnuchin for the Treasury, sources said he’s considering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for Attorney General and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for Homeland Security Secretary.

Trump has, of course, expended great efforts in criticizing opponent Hillary Clinton’s deep ties to the banking and Wall Street elite; and prior to garnering the Republican nomination, extended that critique to competitor Ted Cruz, saying in one debate:

“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton.”

Zero Hedge noted when Trump hired the left-leaning hedge fund manager and financier as finance chair that Mnuchin had previously donated multiple times to various Democrats, including Barack Obama and none other than Hillary Clinton.

Further substantiating his establishing banking insider status — the precise profile Trump claims publicly to loathe — Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years, headed OneWest Bank prior to its purchase by CIT Group in 2015, and now sits on CIT’s board while also serving as chairman and chief executive of Dune Capital Management, a private investment firm with a focus on financing big-time Hollywood movies, like “Avatar.”

If Mnuchin’s Wall Street ties don’t trouble Trump’s supporters enough, the hedge fund manager’s links to George Soros — an ardent Clinton fan — certainly will.

In fact, in terms of opposition, Soros has spent billions influencing global politics by inserting his brand of leftism wherever possible — and earlier this year even pledged, with others, some $15 million specifically to mobilize Latinos and immigrants to defeat Donald Trump.

“Steven is a professional at the highest level with an extensive and very successful financial background,” Trump said upon bringing Mnuchin into his campaign. “He brings unprecedented experience and expertise to a fundraising operation that will benefit the Republican Party and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Indeed, Trump’s campaign, quoted by the Daily Caller, said Mnuchin “has previously worked with Mr. Trump in a business capacity and brings his expertise in finance to what will be an extremely successful fundraising operation for the Republican Party.”

While business dealings certainly bring ordinarily clashing personalities into contact on occasion, these details about the relationship between Trump and Mnuchin evidence the former’s links to the left.

Despite the nominee’s many diatribes excoriating Hillary Clinton as out-of-touch with the American populace, Trump’s own status as a billionaire belies both their decades-old friendship and striking similarities — particularly as darlings of the establishment.

Should you choose to vote on the 8th, it would be prudent to keep in mind blustery campaign rhetoric — from any politician — only constitutes so much hot air.

  • Di

    soros owns 16 states voting machines…we need a real revolution here

  • The Kali Whrite Boi

    Well, while this is only “rumors” We the People must remain diligent in our political oversight well, well beyond Nov 8th. Also, we have Trumps 100 days promise to hold him accountable to.

    Stay diligent America.

  • pamlinson

    Pure Bull

  • The gullible Trump supporters have been fooled by rhetoric once again, not that the Hillary supporters are any better.

    The top 1% Plutocracy win again and the 99%, you, lose, just as it always has been and always will be.

    Zeitgeist Ending

    Owned & Operated

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  • tz1

    It is reasonable to be concerned and hold Trump to his deal, but I thought the “Anointed of God” Ted Cruz not insisting his WIFE quit Goldman Sachs (she’s baaack there) was a red flag.

    Yet Trump contributed to Hillary – Sometimes you need a Swamp person to drain it.

    • olde reb

      Trump is playing the political game. How do you know when a politician is lying ??

      • skyp0ckets

        when their lips are moving

      • tz1

        When (s)he accepts money from Goldman Sachs.
        Ron Paul and Donald Trump have more small donors than the comparatively small amounts from Wall Street and the other industrial complexes.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Soros is supporting the protests at Standing Rock through at least one of the legal groups,Earth Justice. That’s good! Donald Trump appointing a former Soros employee….maybe. That’s bad!
    The alternative media is working at cross purposes,both left leaning and right leaning.
    By the way the BN&SF will lose billions if that pipeline goes through. Poor Warren Buffet!

  • my opinion matters, not.

    So old georgie boy really is the anti-christ. I guess it doesnt matter who wins the election now, since soros has his tentacles involed with both candidates. The 2nd coming is near

    • olde reb

      the tentacles run from Wall Street.

    • Guy

      I though I read it as “Testicles”. Sorry, my bad ! He dosen’t have any !

      • Avirosb

        George Soros OWNS your testes.

        • Guy

          No you are wrong ! My wife of 42 years dose !

  • Guy

    More political diatribe from “Politicos” talking heads ! If you pay attention to what these nut jobs have to say, you will also believe that, A Asteroid is going to smack into the “Earth On Tuesday, Voting Online Is A Good Idea, And The World Is Flat !”

    No Thanks. I prefer to hear the “Truth From Michael Savage Talk Radio” than to scramble my brain with what these guy’s have to say ! Unless you want to “Buy My Brooklyn Bridge.” It’s Still For Sale Real Cheap, And Will Consider All Offers In Gold Krugerrands !

  • jd

    This is an example of the Elite group who supports Trump, not Clinton. This group wants out of the banker lock on the American financial sector.

  • Wise Guy

    Wish wikileaks had the smoking gun on this one. This is the dumbest thing Trump could do right before an election. It goes against what he has been saying to the public. Why would someone who finally has an edge on his opponent publicize or even entertain such an action…doesn’t make any sense. Please get proof on the freethoughtproject!

    • skyp0ckets

      I don’t think it will really matter to his voters, just as leaks about HRC don’t dissuade her supporters. Really, I think their bases are so solid nothing woul hurt either candidate in that department. Brand loyalty is extremely unsettling in this election.

  • FiuToYou

    Best Attorney General is Trey Gowdy. I thought that was a given. Trump don’t blow it now!!!

    • Proof that Trey is an insider is that “Bonehead” appointed him to do the investigation. John Boehner was part of the team that planned the Libyan attack and if Trey found Hillary guilty (amidst the tons of evidence about this criminal) than the Gang of Eight (including John McCain) would have had to share the guilt. Google “Operation Zero Footprint”.

      • DarkEyes

        Do I understand that Boehner is a member of the Gang of Eight?
        Do I understand that Trey Gowdy is also a mbr of the GoEight?

        Please clarify. Thanks

        • McCain was involved by his oversight committee, Gowdy was appointed by Boehner (would he appoint a person to convict himself) and The Gang of Eight in 2011 would have included: Speaker – John Boehner, Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi; House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers, and his Democrat counterpart Charles Ruppersberger; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; along with Senate Intel Chair Diane Feinstein and her Republican counterpart, Saxby Chambliss.
          see “The Benghazi Brief – The Entire Story Of Operation “Zero Footprint” In Libya and Why Further Benghazi Committee Hearings Are Futile…
          Posted on August 9, 2014 by sundance”

    • DarkEyes

      The real question here is, is Mr. Trey Gowdy willing to join Mr. Trump.
      Following Mr. Gowdy for a while now on YouTube, I think he is not running very hard into the Trump direction.
      My impression about Mr. Gowdy is that he is a very cautious person with insight knowledge, knows how the Shop is being runned and managed. Besides Mr. Gowdy had IMO a kind of lawyers’ instinct.
      Mr. Gowdy is by me classified as a clever, thinking and confident man and knows what he is talking about.

  • R Stone

    Trump taps into potential and then uses it for his platform of freedom…. you don t know what went on in their communication

  • John Cokos

    The Donald and Hillary: THE SAME PERSON. They are Political and Financial Doppelgangers.
    Stay home on Tuesday or vote for Ron White for President, you won’t have buyer’s remorse the next

  • Charles Byrd

    Hey Trumpkins, your Cheetoh Fuhrer is laughing at you!