Army Major Says “Everything’s in Place” to Round Up Antiwar Dissenters for Military Detention


While mainstream media has dutifully echoed the U.S. government narrative that Russia is to blame for increasing tensions, we at the Free Thought Project have reported on the numerous ways in which the U.S. has actually been the provocateur.

Earlier in 2016, a U.S. military official said the U.S. “needs and wants Russia as an enemy,” which was followed by a litany of falsehoods about Russian threats from elected and appointed officials. A hacked email showed a NATO general plotting conflict with Russia, as American and NATO military forces amass along Russia’s borders.

U.S. intervention in Syria has provided the perfect context for escalating tensions. In its effort to topple the Assad government, the U.S. nurtured the Salafist fundamentalist sect in Syria, which went on to become a major part of ISIS. As U.S. military operations get dangerously close to Syrian or Russian forces (invited there by Assad), any “accidental” strike could be the spark for World War III.

If this were not disturbing enough, the reality in the homeland is downright frightening. Since 9/11, the U.S. military/surveillance state has been able to use – and perpetuate – the specter of terrorism to dismantle the rights of its citizens.

In order to sustain public support for its war-making, the State must suppress dissent. If it cannot achieve this through media control and other subtle means, it is prepared to take more forceful measures.

According to retired Army Major Todd Pierce, the U.S. government has everything in place to round up antiwar dissenters and put them in military detention.

In an interview with MondoWeiss, Pierce – who served in the 349th Psychological Operations Company and the 205th Infantry Brigade as a senior NCO, then as Judge Advocate General until 2012 – said:

Well let’s say we do ramp up a war with Russia and we do get a more active antiwar movement. Say a Donald Trump who’s already let everybody know what he thinks of the constitution, or Hillary Clinton.… And Obama has said he can kill American citizens. The military goes to them and says hey, these dissenters are going to cause us to lose a war, like the Vietnam war. Let’s put them in military detention, let’s impose censorship. Everything’s in place right now.

Pierce is a self-professed former neoconservative until the Gulf War began opening his eyes to the folly of U.S. imperialism, and then he personally witnessed how government began using 9/11 to assume totalitarian control in the name of fighting the tactic of terrorism. He now works as a Guantanamo defense attorney.

“We have total surveillance of the US population through the NSA. That’s what these huge data storage facilities are about, to store all the data that they’ve gathered. They’ve gone to the public and say, We’re not listening to your phone calls. But what they are doing is storing it. It’s all there, just like a huge data file. Like the Stasi– they would go look at their file on someone, and go use that against them. Well, we have all that data collected, including people’s attitudes. So if the day comes, which if people like Vermeule and Posner have said, we may have to impose censorship and have military detention.”

Pierce’s fears were further confirmed when West Point began hiring constitutional law teachers who openly professed that “we are going to have to start putting law professors into military detention, and take other legal measures because they are subverting our will to fight.

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Other professors at Harvard and University of Chicago were saying it’s time to revisit the writings of Carl Schmitt, who wrote actively to justify the Nazis and cement their power in Germany, and “spoke of the need for a dictatorship in 1922.” The professors even wrote their own book about centralized military authority, called “The Executive Unbound.”

Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was perhaps the crowning achievement of the totalitarian U.S. State, which removed the right of habeus corpus during this never-ending war on terror – meaning that American citizens suspected as “belligerents” can be subject to military law and indefinite detention.

This is not the only possible fate that awaits American citizens should major war break out and government essentially becomes a military junta.

Pierce explains how he was in the court when the Obama administration argued they have the power to kill American citizens, as part of a sweeping authoritarianism granted unto itself to take “any means necessary” in the war on terror.

Obama demonstrated this power in 2011 by assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen in Yemen, and then his 16-year-old son “for good measure.”

Pierce is not alone in his well-informed, deep concerns for the proto-fascist trajectory of the U.S. government. He is part of a Veteran Intelligence group that includes four NSA whistleblowers, who were all arrested by the FBI at gunpoint but were able to avoid prison by “turning the tables and showing that the government was making things up.”

“We’re a more sophisticated form of what I think has to be called fascism. The term fascism was applied to the way the communists and Stalin got on as well. You bring the term fascist to what it really means, and that ultimately is, ultramilitarism and authoritarianism combined with an expansionist foreign policy. And that’s us—what you can see us becoming.”

The fascist path is being subtly applied at home, but is already the guiding principle of foreign policy. Doctrine is now in place that says the U.S. can kill any non-U.S. person who it deems to be the enemy, and this is already being carried out with targeted drone strikes in numerous countries where no war has been declared.

“One of the people [unnamed colleague] I disagree with most is very supportive of what we have been doing. But he sort of slipped one time and said, this military commissions act, it’s almost like we are exercising martial law over the whole world. We are. We are taking those precedents from our own martial law period over our own territory and applying it to the world. Someone who may be anti drone warfare in Afghanistan or Pakistan is guilty of a war crime, and gets targeted with a drone attack.

So we are doing to the Mideast and other parts what the Germans did to Europe in World War 2. They held that any anti-German opinion was basically a war crime. And putting aside the Jewish issue—but non Jewish people who might be opposed to the Nazis invasion, before the Germans invaded, they would be put into military detention.

That’s the problem with the idea that you’re at war, because you adopt the most extreme understanding of who the enemy is and then justify killing them or putting them in military detention because they’re the enemy.”

And, as Pierce notes, “when you wage a totalitarian foreign policy like that it eventually spills over more and more into your domestic system, and we’re seeing this in Section 1021…”

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Essential to this creeping fascism is the State’s mastery of propaganda, while sustaining the illusion that democracy is a meaningful protection against government abuse of power.

After the antiwar movement ended the Vietnam War, the military machine ramped up its effort to control the narrative, building on Cointelpro to identify and neutralize subversive elements. At the same time, it looked for ways to glorify the military, such as the Defense Department’s collaboration with Hollywood on the movie Top Gun and the infusion of militarism with American football.

“Fascism’s founding principle is how to manipulate the masses. So propaganda was always central to fascism.

Totalitarian democracy allows for the form of democracy, but it requires the fascist principle that all the people must be driven to the same ideas. And of course militaristic and authoritarian because you can’t have dissenters in a fascist state, or not too strong of a dissident movement.”

As Pierce notes, American generals would have bankrupted the country pursuing their crusade in Vietnam, had it not been for the antiwar movement. He said that we now face a situation like Communist Russia, which bankrupted itself through perpetual war, or Nazi Germany’s failure at Stalingrad, which caused Germans to reconsider their ongoing conquest of Europe.

Only, things are more subtle for the U.S. “We’ll just slowly erode our economy and– again, we’re doing it already, but we can conceal it,” said Pierce.

In Nazi Germany, the White Rose antiwar dissenters managed to have a significant influence before and after their execution – helping to expose the atrocities Germany was carrying out in Eastern Europe and contributing to the end of Nazi reign.

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Today, the U.S. government does not need to execute dissenters; it can simply make them disappear through indefinite military detention, using a vast surveillance empire, while the “war on terror” goes on endlessly.

It’s those people who see what’s wrong that have to try and change the dominant narrative to one of truth, to what is truthfully taking place,” said Pierce.

Now more than ever, we must expose the truth of U.S. foreign policy – the fascist, violent political machinations that are bringing the country to the brink of collapse and the world to the brink of war.

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  • T. Mohr

    Voting for a Democrat or Republican on November 8th is going to give you a militaristic police state as portrayed in this article. Wise up people before we are all f’d.

    • President TRUMP:
      I cannot vote for that Saul Alinsky mentored Hillary (and Obama) who raised our taxes, quadruple food prices, incited and supported race wars, left our US ambassador and soldiers in Benghazi for slaughtered and desecration by Muslims, sent our US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda, armed ISIS who systematically torture and exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East, betray Israel, provided required technology and over $400,000,000,000 to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, gave our military secrets to China, removed our nuclear missile shield in Poland, shriveled our military, betrayed our veterans, crippled our economy, increased debt to 21 trillion dollars, ruined our credit, doubled African American unemployment, increased welfare to record levels for eight years, legalized execution and imprisonment of Americans, pardoned all Guantanamo Bay terrorists, stole our rights, violated US Constitutional law and committed treason acts. Who can say the foreign relations with Russia, China, Japan, Philippians, the Middle East, Mexico or any country are better since 2007? The Trillions of printed debt money went to the “bankers” and the 0.1% globalist leaders and absolutely not to grow the economy of “We the People”.
      Try searching “Hillary’s huge scandal list explodes to 25” or “extensive list of Clintons relationships deaths” with recent “barbells crushing death of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe on day before (6/23/16) bribery testimony” and the “4 murdered DNC staffers suspected of primary election fraud exposure”. Now add FBI director J. Comey appointment to the HSBC Bank’s board (international money laundering), with brother’s law firm doing Clinton foundation’s taxes. Wonder why FBI director J. Comey finds no reason for prosecution after listing numerous charges and granting immunity to all key witnesses and after Bill visits Attorney General Loretta Lynch.!
      Let’s ignore: her numerous “Pay for Play” scandalous including the cash flows into Clinton Foundation for approval to give Russia 20% of our Uranium, or Pocono Mountain, PA close friend, Fethullah Gulen, subverting our school education with biased Islamic material and also blamed as the mastermind in Turkey’s coup giving deaths to numerous conservative voices and leaders plus driving out our military with our far-east nuclear weapons storage depot. Now add search for “Clintons Take $1M to Ignore Nigerian Foreign Aid Theft” or “57-Nation Coalition” to sink our dollar” and “The Clinton-Cash-movie”, or her support to “Obama-dozen-scandals-counting” or “Misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton” or “Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014)”. Can’t forget contribution to domestic policies like “Ruby Ridge”, “Waco TX” or “$.5 Billion dollar Solyndra scandal”.
      Also ignore paying over $60,000 for each non vetted (except to exclude Biblical Christians) Syrians covertly entering without US customs and secretively deposited into communities and then given refugee assistance surpassing those of our patriotic veterans? Is this related to increased crimes condoned by their peers.
      Now we find Clinton’s shipped $6,000,000,000 from her Clinton funds to Qatar where they will not extradite a person unless the crime was committed in Qator (Obama bought a $4,900,000.00 home there). Latest news on funding goons to incite riots, and to grease and rig the elections.
      But don’t for get to search “69 eye-opening facts about Hillary’s VP pick”
      I’m voting TRUMP

    • Jeff Manning

      A buisness man, Trump , is not for war but capitalistic gain. He wants to shore up buisness and wealth here at home and has constantly said we don’t need to be in the middle east or any where else. That we are expending to much money on other countries , supporting other countries financially etc and we should not be doing any of it. Further more he has said we need to worry about our own back yard not babe sitting for everyone else and financing everyone else’s problem. So no Mr Trump does not want this.

      • T. Mohr

        I pray you are right Jeff.

      • Liberty4ev

        Trump has actually said several times: “I’m for a non-interventionist foreign policy” (for which the media promptly mis-characterized him as an isolationist), “we can’t be the policeman of the world”, and of late, “peace through strength”.

        Many, many times he’s talked about how it would be a good idea to get along with Putin. Annnnnd, the media had a hissy fit and said he’s BFFs with Putin (meanwhile, Killary sold Russia a crap ton of uranium).

        I don’t think he’s some sort of pacifist, but I DO believe he sees that these perpetual aggressive wars on a tactic for what they are, wasted $$$ for the military industrial complex.

        Anti-war is a huge issue for me. I’m fine with what Trump says. Besides, both sides of the Establishment hate him so much, he will be under a microscope, and immediately impeached for any and all infractions.

        • godspell

          who cares what he says or any politician they lie why would you ever believe them.

          • Liberty4ev

            That’s just it, he’s not a polished, lying politician. And because of that, who knows if he’ll actually do what he says?

            Look, I’m a Ron Paul fan turned voluntaryist/ancap and hadn’t even planned to vote any more. I’d still be laughing at Trump except one of my daughters (22) asked me to vote, to not destroy the last bit of hope she still had. Same daughter, who was for Rand Paul, saw Trump speak in person early on and told me that she liked what she heard, and that the media was not reporting on what he was saying. So I started researching, and liked a lot of what he says–particularly the non-intervention aspect and obamacare (he’s seen it from the business end, and surely knows how damaging it is).

            He definitely says a lot of cringe worthy things, and I don’t like his authoritarian side but he’s called out The Establishment, the globalists, corruption in politics, the political nature of the Fed, and so on. He’s bashed the hell out of the most deserving republican party. What’s not to like? I’m not a fool. I even know this whole thing could be one big rigged show. But I’m taking my chances. The alternative makes me shudder.

      • gairman

        Except that there are a lot of business men in the military industrial complex that are all out for war & have even influenced most wars. Among the worst of the war pigs.

      • Phyllis James

        However, he may not be adverse to invading another sovereign nation for its profitable resources.

        (“We should have just gone into Iraq and ‘TAKE’ the oil.”) — that’s a very arrogant attitude to promote towards another sovereign nation.

        Anyway, in spite of Article II of our Constitution, i’ll submit my ballot identifing DJTrump for POTUS; and I believe this year’s Electoral College will not sell out to mass media’s political propaganda attempt at influencing citizens’ political decisions.

        Trump’s resolution to the recently unemployed 3Kplus Atlantic City casino employees will be the gauge by which his platform can provide trustworthiness; because as they go–so go we all.

        Blessings and Shalom.

      • De oppresso liber

        Presidents are selected not elected.
        Trump is a puppet shill. Just like Hillary is. The whole election is a circus for American dumb populous, in order to believe in power of voting.
        Wake the f up.

    • The Redhawk

      It might be less of an iSSUE if the CRIMINAL HRC the First to have to be Incarcerated were NOT elected

    • William R. Sullens

      Everybody knows that voting for anyone other than Trump in this election is truly a vote for Hillary. Not voting at all will give the same result, so if you want to protect your rights and privileges in this country, you need to vote for the only one to be able to protect our Constitution and the freedoms we enjoy. That would be Donald Trump, so get out and vote for Trump.

    • De oppresso liber

      It seems it will take a.miracle for people to start using their brains.

  • misty riportella

    I do no that understand how or why all of these x military/ x politicians x this x that are coming on these sites giving this information yet doing nothing to initiate change or doing nothing to organize the ppl that are not part of the masses to make a change wtf

  • cptplanet

    Business as usual in the United States! Lock up the freedom-of-speechers and throw away the key! Don’t worry though, guys. Hillary will put a stop to this. She’s obviously the good guy in all of this. (For those who can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.) Don’t vote for Hillary. Don’t vote for Trump either. It’s not exactly rocket surgery to vote for literally anyone else! Even the guy with the boot on his head! If everyone did, you’d be home free! That’s the stupidest part about this whole thing! Pull your heads out from in between your legs and smell the fresh air for the first time in your lives! Geez-Louise!!!

    • freedom74

      Your fantasy about human awakening and enlightenment discounts all of history. Pick something more realistic, like voting for a guy that says he doesn’t want to bomb people over someone who says they want to go to war with Russia by supporting ISIS.

  • Phil Freeman

    Power has never been conceded willingly, historically speaking. It leaves little choice for the vicinage.

    • Francisco Machado

      In the late thirties, the German populace conceded power enthusiastically. Historically speaking.

      • Phil Freeman

        Seriously? Duped is more accurate.

  • avelworldcreator

    Art. I, Sect. 8, Cl. 3 of the Constitution allows the suspension of habeas corpus during a foreign invasion or rebellion. I’ve always worried about the existence of that exception to the “Great Writ”. Current conditions could be spun already to look like we are doing just that as long as the courts allow it. But remember that the 1st Amendment exists too. Unfortunately the courts have often been very reluctant to be a check on the executive. On the plus side our military members do listen to the rulings of the court. That, and our 2nd Amendment (despite some of its other weaknesses), are the only check we have on a government that goes into rebellion against its own people.

    • Reflect

      Exactly why the president, and Hellery keep pushing the divide button. Rich vs. workers, black vs white crime vs police, gangs vs gangs, East vs West. They want so much turmoil so as to be able to declare Martial Law.

  • Prince

    When military follow unlawful orders, it’s called – TREASON!

    • avelworldcreator

      Under the Constitution? No. Under the Constitution treason is defined as providing aid to U.S. enemies. And the military has been refusing to follow unlawful orders for a long time without consequence. In fact it’s part of their oath. I know because I took it. There are some members who take it but only see it as a formality; the others see it as a life’s purpose. The latter tend to be career military too. You know, the ones most likely to be giving the final orders. 😀

      • Prince

        Providing aid to American enemies: D.C. = Domestic Enemy

        • avelworldcreator

          Yeah, you know the government will try to spin it that way.

      • freedom74

        Unfortunately the definition of what is and is not a lawful order has changed a lot over the last generation or two. Vet here too, from a vet father and two vet grandfathers.

  • For those who are hoping for a military coup during either a Trump or Hillary presidency should be careful for what they wish for.

    • Blaine

      I believe the coup already happened. It just hasn’t been seriously contested yet. Should that happen the gloves will come off.

      Anyone who thinks enough of our military will fail to follow unlawful orders is sleepwalking. Most will stick to their chain of command and do as they are told. Look at what they’ve done face to face to civilians overseas – anything can be rationalized, citizens can be funneled to areas where the real nutjobs do the real dirty work. Soldiers doing the roundup are just doing their job.

      We live in a country where you (any of us) might die under interrogation from any number of means, might be sodomized with a plastic tube until your colon falls out. These are not criminal acts if committed by agents of the US govt…against anybody.

      • Reflect

        Obuma has already gotten rid of all the military brass, who would question his or Helley’s authority.

        • Blaine

          I suspect its the other way around. When was the last time the US had a foreign policy that made sense? It goes way beyond Obama. The top military is controlled by the same folks who run the POTUS and have Congress milling around rubber stamping everything the Pres does overseas.

          Talk about corruption at the DoD – the Pentagon cannot account for 9 trillion dollars, more than the the entire known amount of gold that has ever been mined. More than the entire amount of physical currency and coin currently issued by all govts on the planet.

          It is my belief a Neocon/military/fascist Cabal run the country, run our monetary policy, everything but some BS social issues. If ordered to do so, our military would round us up and cut us down, or at least stand by while armed Right Wing squads eliminate the outspoken. Look no further than Central and South America to see what’s in store. Even in places like Honduras and Colombia you can find plenty of soldiers who believe in the rightness of the crimes they commit, the patriotic nature of it. And they get a paycheck.

      • Bingo

  • 3seas

    With the craziness of the political elections, people are Getting Real, Getting Responsible, Insisting & Persisting – Pdf, Doc & Odt format versions of a work order for government. They work for us, it is our business, we Direct them in what they are to do like any proper business does. PDF:
    Open Document Text:

  • In order for the monetary system to function, it requires war and debt, without either, you are in a recession or depression.

    Lets solve that problem, shall we?

  • Nexdeceptus

    If this is true,they (gov’t) will be creating a grievous, disastrous mistake for themselves. If they think they can control 400 million people who will be fighting for their own survival, then they need a good back handed bitch slapping into reality. These fat ass moronic parasites have NO idea how resilient the american people are when they are being forced into a corner . I am prepared, I for one will not leave this reality alone.

    • JayGoldenBeach

      American fascism/totalitarianism will not necessarily look/act like the past examples.

      When tyranny comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a briefcase.

      Heck, we are already essentially under corporate tyranny – corporate interests are given priority over We The People in almost every law.


    • T. Mohr

      Amen to that!

  • Ibcamn

    and when i told people some of this and tried to explain how this country has gone to hell,taken a shit on the constitution…they all laughed and called me a conspericy theorist..
    but now its here and its digging it heels in…………..

    • The Kali Whrite Boi

      It’s everywhere. It’s an issue we have to find a way past and it is difficult when even our family are the ones claiming so (while heavily dependent on MSM).

      • Ibcamn

        we need to get rid of the cable networks brainwashing…..and the schools too…………

    • T. Mohr

      Pay no mind to them. My wife’s son has called us crazy when we attempt to educate him about how corrupt the Clintons are. He screams at her and blames her for allowing Trump to win. We are not voting for Trump. If only people would listen to Dr. Jill Stein who has actively sought the Presidency for 12 years, this shit storm wouldn’t be happening. I was a lifelong Democrat until 2003 when half of the Democratic Congress decided to give George Bush his dirty little war in Iraq and turn our military into murderers. You make up your own mind, but voting for Trump is just going to push us closer to tyranny.

      • Ibcamn

        some people wake up late,some too late….and some just never..maybe your kid will be the fore mentioned…

    • Reflect

      The conspiracy can’t be a theory if it is in action, and taking place as we speak.

      • Ibcamn

        they just don’t want to see…or just don’t care,and i think most dont want to know its going on as we speak

  • JayGoldenBeach

    That was an excellent interview. Thx for posting it. Cheers.

  • Jim

    God help us all!

  • See my response to T. Mohr.
    Ignore the negative and vote for TRUMP to disrupt the corruption, drug trafficking, rebuild a United America with one constitution, one flag, one national language. restored economy and jobs …+++
    TRUMP 2016

  • Robert A Kaufman


  • Reflect

    Well the Clinton Crime Family is very adept at making people disappear. Accidents, Suicides, mysterious disappearances. Yes if Hellery becomes president, no one will be safe. For someone who hates as much as she does, if it weren’t for her love of power, she wouldn’t know what love was. The only balance is that she hates the military, and the feeling is mutual. Soros will see that she gets (Oboma’s) the million man civilian Army, and they WILL be allowed to have guns, as she disarms the rest of the population.

  • Brad Becker

    Ok so if they are ready to round up war protesters are they also ready to round up Hillary protesters if she where to win the white house. I think their will be some bad things happen. UN Gun ban round up our semi automatic rifles, maybe pistols. Any one who protests will then be arrested maybe put into a concentration camps. Once our guns are gone nothing you can even do for at least 4 years until the next federal election. By then Hillary will have named 2-3 Supreme court judges to solidify her control. Then free elections and right to free speech, protesting, freedom of religion, every thing gone for ever.

    • Francisco Machado

      There has been, in other seemingly rational democratic countries, a tipping point beyond which a totalitarian government (always socialist) has achieved enough power to outlaw all other political parties, labeling them “enemies of the people”. (There may be a familiar ring to that). You can consequently democratically elect only a member of the monolithic ruling autocracy. At times it has proven precursor to revolution.

  • Liberty4ev

    I expect I’ll be droned or put in a camp right away. *sigh* How in the hell has it come to this?

  • grampy1

    If she gets in we will have a police state, more so than we have now. After 9/11 our country bunkered down into a police state and it continues. The president singed an order that would allow him to declare marshal law . We already have N.S.A. . How can you say we are not already there. If Mr. Trump is elected, he will restore law & order. By doing so , we won’t need to have a national police force. As a veteran, I know Mr. Trump will do us right. I had the privilege of attending both Gov. Pence & Mr. Trump’s visits here in Gettysburg. It’s a whole lot different than what you hear or read in the news. By pushing all the BS aside, you can see where he truly stands. Look at Cuba & Venezuela, is that what we want for our country? Mr. Trump can prevent that from happening.

  • tchuzi

    This is so right-on, the new America. But for my money,those who believe that they might substantially change things through the democratic process are totally deluded. In a nutshell, “If your vote would change anything, they wouldn’t let you do it.”.

  • Phyllis James

    WWI & WWII have one nation in common…GERMANY!
    To even mouth WWIII w/o German influence is moot.

  • godspell

    please people stand up and lets abolish this crap we don’t need a president to do that it is not what his job is we the people are the rightful masters anyone born on the land and loves Jesus Christ.

  • Paul X

    It’s about time people prepare to fight. Hiding only gets you so far:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .”
    — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “The Gulag Archipelago”

    Become dangerous.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Our beloved country is gone. I’m still gonna fight.

  • Bob Onitt

    nato and us forces mass every year at borders it called reforger it war games and russia participates been doing it for years ,and they are always plotting conflict it’s their jobs to plot a counter to every imagined scenario no matter how outrageous it seems

  • De oppresso liber

    To any references to WW2 Germany. If this idiot knew history he would have known that National Socialist Workers German Party fought against same international criminals runing America today as they did 71 years ago… Zionist banking system.

  • TheTruthBurns

    The President doesn’t decide to go to War – George Soros, The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Banksters, The Military-Industrial-CIA-MSM Complex Decides & “The President” (Monkey for Hire) does what It’s told or be Assassinated by the Bushes (Georgie SR.’s daddy was a Nazi War Criminal & Traitor to the US & Georgie Sr. was at the scene of the crime in Dallas when Kennedy was Killed trying to take us Off the World Bank & Georgie SR.’s Buddy’s Son John Hinckley tried to Whack Reagan when he went too far Off the reservation. IF Donald is ALLOWED to be President they will Congratulate him & say Donny Boy here is Your plan that we are going to set aside & Here is the Plan You Will Implement – that is – IF you Love Your Family & Your LIFE! Pray for Donald Trump’s Life & Hillary’s DEATH! DEATH TO THE EMPIRE!