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Arkansas State Rep. Who Pushed for Law to Film Cops — Arrested for Filming Cops

Little Rock, AK — (RT) An Arkansas politician who helped pass state legislation protecting people who film the police, has been arrested for… filming the police.

Representative John Walker was arrested by Little Rock police on Monday for filming the arrest of a driver and his passenger following a traffic stop and charged with “obstruction of government relations”.

I’m just making sure they don’t kill you,” said Walker to the driver being pulled over and subsequently arrested for an outstanding warrant, according to the police report.

I ordered Walker several times to leave or be arrested. Walker replied ‘arrest me’ at which point I did,” wrote the arresting officer.

Walker’s associate, lawyer Omavi Shuker, 29, was also arrested at the scene for walking between the police vehicle and pulled over car.

LRPD released dashcam footage of the incident so members of the public could see how the situation unfolded.

By Tuesday, the Little Rock Police Department realized they had slipped up and dropped the charges against Walker, released a formal letter of apology and issued a full refund of his $1,000 bond. However, the charge against Shuker is still pending.

Walker rejected the city’s apology for their reluctance to recognize “pervasive racial bias in some quarters of the police department” and for their decision to uphold the charges against his colleague.

It’s a mess,” said president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Tommy Hudson, to the Arkansas Times. “It’s a bad situation for everyone involved,” he added.

Hudson went to reiterate that members of the public are well within their rights to film law enforcement.

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There’s nothing you can do about it. You may not like it, but there’s nothing you can do,” he said.

Walker co-sponsored the passage of a 2015 bill protecting the right of citizens to film events in public places, Arkansas was the first state in the country to adopt such a legislation.

  • john smith

    the young woman officer is in distress for being a traitor you can see it in her body language
    she knows there is an issue with police abuse and she knows this is going to come back on her

  • 30yrfed

    fire the chief of police and the idiot cops..

    • James Michael

      Lock the kidnapping treasonous bastards up…..

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    Police retaliation suppresses the Constitutional freedoms of citizens, other cops, lawmakers, prosecutors and judges. It finally made it to Little Rock which has remained relatively free of the police state that the rest of the Nation has enjoyed.

    His First Amendment rights were clearly violated. Expect a well deserved lawsuit.

    BTW the abbreviation for Arkansas is AR. AZ is Arizona.

    • shiner

      And AK is Alaska I do believe.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        What about Alabama? Is it AL?

        • shiner

          Could be.

  • Real Truth stings

    We have to push back these thugs cops who think they are above the law. Stories like these will be part of that pushback. They have to obey the law without fail or excuses.

    • kiljoy616

      They need to be fired period and open slot for better people to come in and do the job as it should be done.

  • last first

    Respect to Rep. John Walker for taking non-violent yet effective action. It seems to me that any and every citizen has the right to record public servants performing their duties in public. Not all police officers violate citizen’s rights, or the law, but too many do, and it needs to stop. Recording them whenever possible is a necessary action, in hopes of reducing abuse of power.

  • Lans_Starsider

    “It’s a mess,” said president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Tommy Hudson, to the Arkansas Times. “It’s a bad situation for everyone involved,” he added.

    Translation: Oh crap, we violated the rights of a government official instead of just some random joe!

  • David Gibbs

    The new cops are being trained well.

    • kiljoy616

      They are but not for law enforcement that for sure.

      • tenshi7angel

        There was once an old wise saying. The police fight the enemy of the people, while the military fight the enemy of the state. When the military is made into the police, the people become the enemy of the state. And now these days you see police being trained to combat against terrorism, wearing the exact same equipment that Soldiers wear into the battlefield. Yeap, and you wonder why the police are trigger happy? Then again you have idiots running around trying to shoot the police like cowards. Like that guy who served in Iraq, came back home to his police job, the last thing he did before dying to a cunt who shot him in his car, was to buy food at McDonalds for a black kid who didn’t have enough money to pay for it, and the kid got to eat on the money of that kind officer, before the cop got gunned down. And you wonder why they are trigger happy?

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      Wake up, old man. You’re living in a dream world.

  • Tammy Porter

    Why are these people interfering with the police????

    • James Michael

      He is not you dumb ass…..THAT is why they fucked up….

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      When the pigs — oops! I mean, ah, “cops” — no, actually I MEANT PIGS — abuse theit authority, then they must be held accountable, that’s why.
      What are you, some kinda “cop-lover”, or something? If so, then you don’t belong on this board.

  • Robert

    Shady ass cop, tells the other one to have his mic on and cameras at all times then he walks up to him and whispers in his ear. Wonder what he said! I’m sure it was not good.. if there is no distance in the law this is unlawful.

  • James Michael

    Dumb ass fucking felon traitors…..
    Was not an arrest, was an aggravated assault and battery, kidnapping,
    false imprisonment, armed robbery and treason…ALL fucking

    All the sworn servants deserve a fucking noose for the capital felony of

    Giving fucking ignorant fucking inbred retards badges and guns, is always a
    fucking bad idea….
    Provoke? How about you fucking scumbag ass traitors, obey the fucking law
    you treasonous ass bastards…..?

    Supreme court has stated 12 feet is fine and interference, requires
    physical interference….
    Another payment by the Taxpayers for these scumbag ass traitors fucking actions…..

    Dallas needs to visit Ar-Kansas…..

    • Phil Freeman

      SCOTUS source citation needed please.

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Why do you need a source? Most pigs — I mean, ah, “cops” — are ANIMALS, so just leave it that.

        • tenshi7angel

          Your statement is as terrible as Feminists saying that all men are monsters. And then you get laws deliberately enacted that work directly against men only. These kinds of bigoted stereotypes are the cancer of the 21st century.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Funny, but during the 20th Century, you people (yes, I said, “you people”) didn’t seem to mind when the “cancer” of right-wing bigotry was in full bloom. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, with guys like you being discriminated against, you’re unhappy.

          • tenshi7angel

            I was not around back then. “with guys like you” Actually I’m enjoying female privilege. But I can’t help but notice the shit that men take, and see it in action.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            I’m a man, but the only “shit” I’m taking comes from cops, conservatives, prohibitionists, RACISTS, bigots, bible-bangers, etc. etc. So, you weren’t “around back then”, eh? Then, let me enlighten you! The 1970s was the most liberated era that this country ever knew. The cops, conservatives, prohibitionists, racists, bigots, bible-bangers knew that they had lost the Culture War, and so, they willingly (or not, I don’t really care!) became rather DOCILE…just the way we Liberated folks like them! After Reagan, and FILTH like Rudy “I never smoked a joint in my life” Giuliani SEIZED power, they resurrected all the ancient EVILS…prejudice, prohibition, police brutality, imposition of religious, ahem, “values” on normal folks…you get the idea. I just want that liberated 1970s type thinking to return, and by the grace of the TRUE God (the one that I worship), it has come back!

    • John Staples


      • tenshi7angel

        Funny how “go kill yourself” is the new “fuck you” on the Internet. Even though saying GKY is potentially a sentence that can really fuck you up legally.

        • John Staples

          You said GKY, not me..Point out exactly how you got that ”twisted” ??

          • tenshi7angel

            It appears you lack intelligence.

          • John Staples ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


          • tenshi7angel

            Well that was a very inappropriate comment to make. Not only that, it just validated my post.

  • John Cokos

    Well, it’s commendable that the Little Rock Police Department backed off their action,’s to the extent that they did, BUT the charge’s need to be dropped and Representative John Walker needs to go after them and and make SOMEONE pay so that they realize that it’s no joking matter. They are roaches that scamper when someone turns on the lights.
    Representative John Walker needs a statue somewhere in Little Rock. He’s a stand up guy and doesn’t back down. Take their money and run….

  • reddragon696

    It’s actually a good thing that Rep. Walker was arrested. He can now see that, as far as LEO’s go, everyone is subject to their rule. With any luck Rep. Walker can get some sort of legislation passed that will preclude LEO’s from arresting citizens just because the LEO’s don’t like what they are doing. There is no doubt that the Police State is up and running in America today when even a known elected Official can be arrested for exercising his right to observe the LEO’s on a public street. We, The People, should have been strenuously fighting this type of treatment when it first started in earnest, post 9/11, P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, while we still had the chance to do something about it. Now it is quite possible that this type of action has become so common place that we, as a society, have become powerless to stop it. As long as we continue to act like the sheeple the Government wants us to be and leave officials in office that violate our rights we will only see more of the same.

  • Jacobus deRottmann

    Besides the state law mentioned, there’s this…

  • tenshi7angel

    It’s the same problem here in Australia too. They will seize your phone to delete the video. If they fail to get your phone off you, they arrest you to do so. If they can’t delete it easily, they destroy your phone. You would think video would work in their favor and your favor, by just being the facts of what happened from that perspective. It is not illegal to video the police here where I am, but they try to stop you anyways.