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Armed Militia Takes Over Federal Building in Oregon – Call All ‘US Patriots’ to Arms

Princeton, OR (RT) —  Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s three sons and “about 150” militiamen have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ to protest the pending imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers accused of arson, arguing the federal government has no authority in local cases.

“We’re going to be freeing these lands up, and getting ranchers back to ranching, getting the loggers back to logging, getting the miners back to mining where they could do it under the protection of the people and not be afraid of this tyranny that’s been set upon them,” Ammon Bundy, who appears to be the leader of the group, said in a Facebook video posted by Sarah Dee Spurlock on Saturday.

Bundy appears to be standing at the scene of the takeover, surrounded by several men in military-style uniforms with rifles and hand-held radios.

The rancher points out that Harney County used to be the richest in state, and is now the poorest. His radical proposal to solve the situation is to have armed “patriots” come and live in a de-facto self-rule zone independent of the federal authorities.

Here it is. Please know these men will speak to people civilly. Do not go up there guns blazing. Stay safe and smart.

Posted by Sarah Dee Spurlock on Saturday, January 2, 2016

The second speaker in the video, identified as Blane Cooper, equates the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to bullies at school that used to beat one up and who eventually had to be put in their place.

“Until that line is drawn and say ‘we’ve had enough of this tyranny, you are going to leave us alone’ it will not change,” the military-clad man says.

According to Cooper, they hope their occupation will spell the beginning of a US-wide movement.

“It doesn’t have to stop here. This could be a hope that spreads through the whole country, the whole United States. Everybody’s looking for this hope because the government has beat us, and oppressed us, and took everything from us; they will not stop until we tell them no,” he claims.

The militiamen told OregonLive there were about 150 of them, but a couple who delivered food to the refuge HQ estimated that there were just 15.

The Bundys and their armed supporters occupied the federal property after splitting from a peaceful Saturday morning protest in Burns, Oregon.

Some 300 people marched through the town to protest against the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who are scheduled to report to prison on Monday.

Both ranchers were convicted on charges of setting fire to federal land. The case has attracted interest from local militia and intensified debate around the federal government’s authority.

“Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46, both residents of Diamond, Oregon in Harney County, were sentenced to five years in prison by Chief US District Judge Ann Aiken for arsons they committed on federal lands,” the US Attorney Office said.

he occupation resembles the Bundy Ranch standoff of 2014, when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) attempted to enforce grazing laws. Bundy got the help of armed militia and triggered a standoff with federal authorities.

The family said heavily-armed federal agents had surrounded their ranch as “trespass cattle” were removed from the disputed land.

Since 1993, Cliven Bundy – the “last rancher in Clark County, Nevada” – has refused to pay fees to the federal government for the right to raise cattle on land that his family has ranched since the 1870s, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The dispute began in 1998 when the BLM designated 186,909 acres of the Gold Butte area, where the ranch is located, as“critical” for the survival of the desert tortoise population. Bundy had lost his grazing permit in 1993, despite his family’s long-time presence on the land.

According to the BLM, Bundy owes around $1 million in fees, while the family contends the sum is more like $300,000.

Hammonds case

The Pendleton, Oregon jury found the Hammonds guilty of the arsons in June 2012. Both were charged with igniting a series of fires on lands managed by the BLM.

Hammond Ranches has about 12,000 acres in the Diamond-Frenchglen area. Their livelihood is running cattle during the winter. Two years ago, the ranch used 26,420 acres of land belonging to the BLM for summer grazing.

Supporters of the Hammonds believe they were treated unconstitutionally because the two were convicted of arson under a provision of an expansive federal law punishing terrorism. They both served their prison terms for 2001 and 2006 fires, but were then told by appellate judges they had to go back to prison to serve more.

Ranchers use fire in eastern Oregon to burn invasive species. However, it is a dangerous practice, as several wildfires in the area have gotten out of hand, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres.

The controversial case demonstrates a problem with a 1996 law, which was introduced to punish domestic terrorists, according to Barry Bushue, the longtime president of the Oregon Farm Bureau.

“I find it incredible that the government would want to try these ranchers as terrorists,” Bushue told The Pete Santilli Show.“Now is where the rubber meets the road. Right now is when the public should absolutely be incensed. And the public, I think, should be fearful.”

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  • Werd son

    • All they have are firearms. The government has fighterjets, drones, tanks, rpg’s, you name it. Remember Waco?

    • Yeah that’s why The U.S. lost Vietnam and is still in Iraq and Afghanistan….

    • This is how that stuff ends.


    • Lets hope the military men and women are smart enough not to fire on citizens, but fire on the politicians, the real assholes.
      Everybody in the military has families too that are citizens.

    • Once again…violence is perfectly acceptable when visited on those you disagree with…

  • Yes it is.

  • “Patriots”?? LMAO!!! These are traitors and terrorists, period….

    • That’s what the British called us.

    • The only traitors and terrorists in the United States is your own government !!!

    • I don’t have a problem with that ….
      The US government are traitors and terrorists !!!

    • Jason, who do you think makes up the government? People just like you. County clerks, your cops, your firefighters who get paid with taxes….all ‘the government’.

    • .going for a little bit of a stretch there Lynn Otto? I think he’s talking about those who wear the suits. And not every police officer is a goody good guy. They just follow orders.

    • The only traitors and terrorists in the United States is your own government !!!

    • Well, if you don’t like our government, you can either vote out the ones who are corrupting it or leave….

    • Steven, do you think that the folks in Maryland, many of whom work for various gov’t agencies are all terrorists and traitors? It is going to come as quite a surprise to many of them. They go to work, and never take hostages, and live their happy suburban lives just as I do. The gov’t is not a Thing. It is people.

    • The rockefeller and Rothchild family run the government not the puppets in the white house . You better wake up and open your eyes to who really runs the world .
      Definitely not politicians and civil servants .

    • Bob self … I don’t vote . Never have . Never will .
      Proud to be Canadian !!!
      Fuck Obama and his totalitarian dictatorship !!!

    • So Jason, why don’t you mind your OWN business and leave ours to us…???

    • Get educated before you speak . Freedom of speech

    • Bob. Because the u.s. ppl dont do shit. Sit and wait for shit to go down, then wander “how did this happen? You ppl should stand up against this asshole in the whitehouse and kick him the fuck out!!

    • Lynn Otto did you even Read my comment? I didn’t say everything government is evil and bad. I said it’s those who wear the suits, by which I mean those in the house of Congress that make all the rules.

    • Jason Desrosiers I’m not denying you that…but what would you and your proud Canadians do is this situation…???.

    • 95% of older generations have no idea what the fuck is up because you have believing this propaganda bullshit your whole life. I do not care who does it but the US has to crash. They are already past the point of return.. People that still believe in the USA deserve to go down with it.

    • Travis Plaine Your utter hatred and disdain for our president is duly noted….keep on with that because that’s what causes a lot of these situations…..

    • It’s up to the general public to wake up and realize that everyone is being lied to and tricked into giving away their rights and freedoms to the corporate world . They have to escape the matrix . Everyone on the planet must stand up and fight for our freedoms .
      It’s up to everyone to stand united . Ww3 and Marshall law is apon us all
      WAKE UP !!!

    • You are an idiot, if you wanna roll over an give your shit up go ahead

    • LMAO canada has to wait for your dumb asses to evolve like many european countries do because you threaten us every time we try to make a major change.. Sorry old fella the government is just a bunch of meat puppets to the big families like the Rothschild’s.. Do a bit of research where the money for war comes from and why certain wars/invasions happen.. You people talk right out of your asses just like your government does to please its masters.. We are all slaves and you ignore that because it hurts your ego, when in reality it just makes everything worse wake up my brother

    • This coming from a true tin foil hat wearer…you don’t even know the difference between “martial” and “marshall” law…LOL!!!

    • You only can pick on the way he spelt a word ? Seems like you are starting to agree if thats all you got.. Accept the thoughts instead of pushing them away your brain is begging to finally wake up ?

    • Ok Bob. If he was a stand up prez, there would be less hatred for him. but since hes an ass, and a very poor leader that makes the u.s. look like idiots. Its his own fault for being hated.

    • Aaron, you and the others on this page with your government hatred and conspiracy theories are a big cause of a lot of this BS …granted, no government is perfect and there’s corruption in all of them, but to think you can actually achieve a solution through violence these days is absurd….you’re the ones that need to wake up and look around at places like the ME and elsewhere that have tried violent revolution and see what they are now……

    • Then you better look into jade helm 15 Bob . Let me know what you think !!!

    • I like my tin foil hat … thank you very much .

    • I have looked into it and talked to the soldiers involved in Jade Helm ,Jason..I live in Texas and I know the paranoid delusions that abound here…you people are all afraid of your own shadows…….

    • Travis Plaine I disagree with your assessment of our POTUS…he’s mostly hated because of his skin color, not his leadership. I would much rather have a thinking president who worked out non violent solutions than one who goes to war at the drop of a hat…..

    • They will walk out the shadows and strike .
      You’re all victims of a corrupt oil greedy government
      Good luck Bob !!!

    • Maybe Jason…but you’re a victim too…if we fall, so do you. I just refuse to live with a Chicken Little mentality…Good luck to you too……

    • So the mailman is a traitor and terrorist? lol… Fuck these militias. Bunch of racist pussies fighting a lost cause. Let the FBI take out that garbage once and for all…

    • Aaron Bastarache your a coward. I swear I wish I could be around in person to hear you say that shit about America.

    • This presidents admin was caught running guns to cartels, blew up a doctors without borders hospital and let Americans die in Egypt. He is just as bad as bush was and if you think there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans you aren’t the critical thinker that you think you are Bob Self.

    • Jake, I never said I thought there was a difference between the two parties….don’t put words in my mouth…..

    • If the government really was the totalitarian dictatorship these militia nuts and some of the people on this thread claim it is, they’d already be either dead or in prison, instead of armed to the teeth and occupying public land.

      Their very existence disproves their complaint…..

    • Bob, if its public land, then as part of the public, they have every right to be there.

    • Umm, No Matthew, I believe it’s government land…and the 2 ranchers were also caught poaching along with being arrested for arson……

  • this is some what scary. You see as i think about this i have to note that as America is the single largest nuclear power in the world there are treaties that basically make a popular uprising a recipe for foreign occupation. You see there is no way nato, the UN, or russia are going to let America fall into civil war and NOT secure them nukes for themselves. so the timing of any civil war would have to by needs be timed with popular uprising in both Europe and russia if we are to remain a sovereign nation. Any action conducted that does not respect this key factor is nothing short of high treason.

    • all nukes have a triple code entry system to activate the warhead. there have been several nukes lost already, one is off the coast of north carolina. there have been more than 2 nukes dropped, although they are tests, tests actually do detonate and even though they have no human targets, they have fallout.

    • not that your thought process isn’t pretty accurate, just that it would be more of an excuse to get the big war going and the so-called inevitable nwo fully rooted and its worldwide wingspan covering the whole of humanity, or what would remain of it. of course, there are other legendary prophecies telling of a different outcome, so i don’t think this bout has a determined don king-esque outcome!

    • none the less treaties have fail safes to prevent the people from capturing the nukes from government hands. as it should of course, joe shmoe has no need to control Armageddon. And anyone foolish enough to commit to a civil war without taking into consideration the political fallout of such action is too dangerous to lead a revolution. Anything other then a peaceful transition of power will result in the immediate and irrevocable end of the United States of America. That is not to say that some level of unrest and even some level of force could not be used but that certain things would have to exist to keep the home land safe from, UN, NATO, Russian or Chinese Occupying our nation as a “peace keeping” force. take that shit to the bank, give putin the pretext he needs to march and he will be seated in the white house faster then you can shake a dick.

    • Good God.The hill folk are coming out of the woodwork now.

  • delusional…

  • Duncan McNeil

    • The flag is a symbolic representation of the unity bound by the supreme law of the land. By our constitution. A flag of our oppressors, not so much. A flag of our unity, more like it.

    • Fuck your flag.It represents an oppressive government flags are nothing but propaganda for the state.

    • Then go live on a deserted island that hasn’t been claimed yet Matt Hazelton.

    • Wait is it TV or blogs?

    • Yeah maybe I should move to Somalia

    • Fuck your magical cloth and your magical paper

    • At the end of the day these people are still Statist and will replace the government with another tyrannical government but go ahead and trust in your cloth and paper .It’s gotten us exactly where we are today…..

    • Oh you mean it’s gotten us to the point where you are able to be alive and exist and say what you want without fear of being killed because you have freedom of speech? You’re welcome to get up and leave the country as soon as you want. But you won’t because you know you have nowhere else to go.

    • That piece of paper doesn’t give me freedom of speech and no military personal has ever protected my freedom.

    • My rights are inalienable and the were not given to me by some s ruble from men 300 years ago.You may want to actually read Lysander Spooner.

  • Drone strike.

  • No lame post

  • LMAO … Hope Clintons don”t demolih the bldg. Like Oklama City Fed Bldg.

  • No civil war, Government has gone too far with the Rich trying to bully us common folk. people just need to realize what they vote for.

    • what do you think these ranchers are? poor? i can’t seem to find the acreage of the bundy ranch but the average size of a ranch in nevada is 2,100 acres

    • These ranchers, who believe blacks lived better picking cotton as slaves, are not poor folk by any stretch. They’re fascist business owners who got caught breaking the law and support other law breakers using Patriotism as cover. They are pussies. I hate cops, but I’ll side with them on this one. Fuck all of those racist pieces of shit.

    • All the Militia men I know are either ex military, ex police, Free Masons, working people, decent citizens, etc. All good decent people

  • Get them all in there and call in a drone strike

  • I really do believe there is a larger agenda to arm and radicalize these right-wing crazies and have these right-wing governors and sheriffs use the media to trigger an American version of the holocaust. When they came out recently and called for people to arm themselves there was a spike in right-wing terrorism so it was a shock-test for them that showed it was somewhat effective. If a sitting president called for that it could really get out of hand and the Gestapo type violence would be next then it would just escalate from there ~ AWA

  • Capitalism in end stadium ……….the poor fight the poor and the rich sell them the weapons……

  • There is no way this is the beginning of the second civil war. I’m pretty sure most people think these guys are idiots and traitors.

    • Well,except for idiots and traitors.Pull out your guns and use the word PATRIOT and those same idiots are on your side.

    • What, Gregory C Smith?

    • I would agree by saying they’re not very intelligent but traders,more like misguided.

    • The oath keepers were in Ferguson and had there back so get a new argument.

    • Fuck oathkeeping, tiny dickers. How’s that for a new argument “Mr The Earth is 6000 Years Old.”

  • Is it still ongoing ?

  • It’s Eric Holder taking over a rotc building all over again

  • Easy Fix,A Nation Wide Walk out of Work Week,For Starters,No One Gets Hurt but those who Should.

  • Our nation’s growing domestic unrest is only happening because there happens to be a Black Man living in the White House. This isn’t about our Constitution being violated. This “Militia Uprising” in the U.S. is White Supremacist in origin, with bigots masquerading as “Patriots.” Nearly every last one of these armed terrorists are white.

    • Try again.

    • Next time fill out form 21c, pay the $350 permit fee, wait 3-6 years, bribe the audit assessor, donate $1000 to your local politician, buy a ticket to the police ball, bribe a cop on the way to the court house so he doesn’t give you w ticket for being outside on a sunny day.

      Isn’t that how you liberals run a country?

    • Try and make it about race every time to distract from the issues.

    • Are you talking about the guy in the White House who used the NSA to spy on people, blew up a Doctors Without Borders hospital, and constantly uses executive orders to go around congress, which is something he slammed Bush for.

    • To hell with you people! You’re either liars or idiots. It’s been about race for some time now, or haven’t you noticed. You’d like to pretend it’s about something else. Most people are smart enough to read between the lines.

    • Idiot, shut the fuck up

    • You POS LIBERAL’S are ruining this country along with the POS democrat’s. The BLACK man living in the White House is a lying Muslim trying ( AND DOING A GREAT JOB AT IT) to destroying America!! Impeach him and this country would do so much better!

    • It has to do with the government trying to disarm the people so they can enact martial law/police state on the way to enslaving the people and push america further toward the projected third world status. It has nothing to do with race. The shadow government (or the council on foriegn relations) is trying to neutralize the vets with vaccines. I think the vets are finally acting.

    • Chris Fasanello : Thanks for proving my point!

    • calling yourselves liberals or conservatives, democrat or republican brings just the right amount of divide between us all. we need to unite under one banner of free people to over throw the tyrannical machine that is our current government.

    • Negative
      It’s about citizens, growing sick of the state growing and infringing upon our natural human rights, with its arbitrary edicts and theft at the barrel of a gun.
      Grow a brain, it’s always the state, that is the greatest enemy to liberty and humanity.
      Democide is the largest killer of mankind, ever.

    • I’m curious, how much land they say they’re protecting, and how close their property line is to the burn? That would give true indication of how truthful this all is. I live in the woods though and never thought of burning the brush yet. I’m try it soon though. smh lol

    • George Hamburgerler I love the ironic humor.

    • Trump supporters…

    • Here’s a summary of the full story retard


    • Daniel Vieyra Democide, New word to look up, cool. I like the word eschatology.

    • Brent, that can’t happen, government is God to the progressives..


    • Randy Carr : You’re a “Full story retard”? I already knew that.

    • So sad your simple mind cant escape racism even for a moment.. I promise you I wouldnt like Obama no matter what color his skin is -_- He is a egocentric tryant and will get what he deserves.. And ofcourse the Liberals go right to vulgar personel insults when they are met with logic.. stay classy Libtards 🙂

    • Liberals Against American Neo-Fascism Well, you can fall for the sleight-of-hand, the ones in charge, know, you’re dumb enough for. That’s the whole reason, that it works too, is people thick as you are. Really, we should all just join hands, and pray for the same intentions, to be turned back on the ones, who’re initiating the trouble and wars in the first place. Go read a book, you need too! Try Iron mountain report by Leonard Lewin first. if you can hold attention that long.

    • I think your hart’s on a bit to tight

    • Right-wing scum keeping calling President Obama a Muslim, when he isn’t one. That’s xenophobic, and a form of bigotry. We’ve seen enough Obama “monkey” memes on social media for years now. We know racism when we see it’s ugliness, made into cheap, insulting jokes by conservative bigots. Stay classy.

    • Have a fight, see who’s right

    • Cheryl Harman : I’m amazed that you can even read. By the way, it seems I got your attention.

    • morons like you want a fight….ok….have one and see how you feel when your buddies head explodes from a well placed round…..you’ll shit your pants and cry for mommy….you know her since you’re probably living in her basement……you are supporting domestic terrorism….and I still believe in my oath to defend against all enemies both domestic and foreign…….you support domestic enemies….

    • The only factor race has in this is that if Barry O were white, he would have been impeached long ago.

    • Chris Fasanello Thanks for validating the OPs statement!

    • You know they are there to not let the feds take 2 guys that were already tried and found guilty of arson and served their time. The feds are trying to prosecute them again on the same charges, pretty sure that’s double jeopardy, do some homework and get some details before you start playing the race card.

    • Jason Grundmann : Just how do you make such an asinine assertion as that, appear valid?

    • There is no such thing as a White man, woman, son, daughter, PERSON or other LEGAL entity. The same goes for Black. White and Black are not colors. They are words used by the ignorant psychopaths who are instigating the division of all men and women who are not considered by those psychopaths, who are just one degree smarter than the ignorant sheep slaves, to be in the same so called “elite” status. It is a word spell cast on the indoctrinated, fluoridated and utterly dumbed down ignorant sheep such as yourself and so many others. The word, Liberal, is also used for such purposes, but you and your fellow ignorant and un intelliegent fools can not comprehend this simplicity. It is beyond your current mental capacity to ascertain. In other words, you are a fukin idiot, as are the other idiots such as yourself. Adios pendejo.

    • Sam Kelley

    • This has nothing to do with race you idiot. It has everything to do with a tyrannical lawless government.

    • America need to learn to act cival like us up here in Canada.

    • I’m curious as to whether these are religious people in their own eyes.

    • Dillon Cambiaso

    • Dillon Cambiaso : Right, it has nothing to with race. That’s why the people protesting up there look like it’s a White Supremacist Rally.

    • Liberals Against American Neo-Fascism Well said.

    • Dillon Cambiaso Thanks for your insight Mr.Conservative white hate mongerer

    • A lot was accomplished here today

    • Trevor Hilton we don’t give a fuck what you think! Mind your own business.

    • They look like they belong to a white supremacist rally! Why cause they’re all white? Dumbest stereotype I have ever heard.

    • You guys should quit playing the race card. Noone care about Obamas color, he is just a horrible leader.

    • This is clearly a page run by the government or some very uneducated brainwashed people. This situation has nothing to do with race as you are the only one saying that it is. Every outlet be it mainstream media or alternative media including video interviews on the ground are stating this is clearly about a lawless government. No video or report besides this page here is citing it being about race. Do you really think people are that stupid. You post a picture of “white people” at a rally, which all of them are not white, and you think that proves or says that this is a race thing. You’re an idiot.

    • Georgory another idiot, you don’t know anything about me or know me personally but somehow gathered I’m a white hate monger, this is absolutely comical, I didn’t know people could be so ridiculous. And I don’t watch fox news.

    • Steve Voorheis : We Refuse to Be Silent, to Appease Racism in America!

    • your fuck up stop making it about race!

    • Dillon Cambiaso : You can fool some of the people some of the time…

    • Yeah so stop trying to fool people into believing this is about race when anyone who has a functioning brain can clearly see it’s not. You are the only one saying that this is about race. I suggest you go watch the live stream feeds and watch all of the videos that have been taken on the ground from both sides of police and ranchers talking about this being about a land grab amd illegal sentencing of farmers. Nothing besides you are claiming this to be about race. Only the dumbest of the dumb believe this is about race or government agent provocateurs trying to make this about race to incite race wars to get the people fighting with each other. You’re pathetic.

    • I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

      ~Nelson Mandela
      (Rest in paradise)

      Considered a terrorist by his gov’t.

    • Dillon Cambiaso : Stop trying to fool people into believing this isn’t about race, because it is. It’s a U.S. 21st Century, White Militant Uprising, They’re Insurrectionists!

    • Russell Schaeppi: Black Lives Matter protest about young black people being murdered in the streets. This Uprising in Oregon, is about White People protesting the arrest of Arsonists.

    • the black panthers are training to do similar things. they’re black. this has nothing to do with white supremacy. stop being a moron. please. just stop. i’m begging you. you and the people who think like you are being so fucking stupid and racist. both white and black and other races are all being so fucking stupid. saying it’s this race’s fault or that race’s fault. niggers deserve to die. white pig devils are afraid of african greatness and need to die. both are fucking stupid. and no different. please stop. for the love of all that is intelligent and good and right in the world, shut the fuck up.

    • People has blinders on, it may sound really out there to closed minded people, but the statement is correct, a black man as president had pissed of a large portion of white people, just because he is black. This is one of the results

    • Why is it when a group of white people who love the 2nd Amendment rally together its called extremist, racist.
      But when black panthers rally displaying their 2nd Amendment rights their called hero’s?
      I’m all for Freedom of speech and acceptance of all. Those who preform inhuman acts deserve nothing but disgust. But those who are simply using their 1st Amendment rights and supporting what they believe, peacefully are targeted for outcry all the same.
      Y’all liberals have some back assward way of thinking. Neither am I conservative… I’d like the best for all, not just some, one people or the other.

    • Domestic terrorists…Black Lives Matter?..LGBT?…IRS?…etc

    • More retarded liberal lack of logic. This is not a race war. This between usg and Oregon residents. Minorities are welcome as long as they don’t try to pull a gun grab. Get a life.

    • You’re not getting our guns. Never. Ever. Ever. Got it?

    • Never engage with a racist idiot so F—Off

    • Alex Fox : Stop calling others “f#cking stupid,” when you’re describing yourself.

    • Lorrie Moss : Many of these Insurrectionist protesters are not even from Oregon, you freakin’ moron!

    • Lorrie Moss : Who wants to take all your guns? Nobody, you numbskull.

    • Liberals against American neo fascism is a troll. Just ingnore these mindless controlled morons, don’t feed them.

    • waaaa im rubber and you’re glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you – thats how you sound right now. you’re a fucking moron. just shut the fuck up.

    • So they are upset the govt is occupying “their grazing land”
      So they forcefully occupy a federal building?
      These guys are just hypocrites.

    • Leave it to the libs to get race involved

    • Stephen Conroy : Leave it to the conturds to deny racism might be involved. That’s how you con men roll!

    • What bullshit.

    • Is it racist to assume someone is racist based on the color of their skin?
      They called for patriots not aryans.

    • Sam Kelley You sure are right! How do they let such trolls as this liberals against american neo- fascism spout their dumb opinions and stupid memes posts with a straight face?

    • Is racism a direct part of this current stand off, not really. Does racism have a part in this happening, of course it does. The moment a black man won the presidency the “patriots” started peeing their pants. With fear mongering and the usual lies the power that be saw the chance to take advantage. The new racism is cloaked in word service and wrapped in the flag. The power of racism bred the “patriot” movement. So again is this situation a direct racial incident? No, but not for racism these false patriots would not feel so inclined to act out, like spoiled children.

    • You all know the Kochs fully support Bundy and his little gang? Read up on it. My friends, money is behind everything.

    • “Patriots”, how about no. Fuck these terrorists.

    • I have never met a white supremacist militia man and I know quite a few miltia men

    • Where is your proof???? Liberals with no proof. Sounds about right,.

    • What if it ends peacefully they bring them out and you see they’re all black?

    • Nasty godless people

    • So you would just have a different bag if they were all black the point is that the American people are being fucked over and murdered without anyone getting in trouble unless you don’t work for the government fucken liberal

    • Chris Chandler, you know quite a few? How many is quite a few? Also from how many different states? Also how many personally enough that they would tell you about their racist beliefs? What percentage is that of all militia men in the country? Your sample size is too small for an objective statement. Proof, liberals with no proof you say? Americans for Prosperity Nevada, the state affiliate of the Koch Brothers-backed group, openly supported Bundy. Now since he became a little too mouthy they have backed off. If you want proof stop being lazy and research it yourself.

    • Don’t you just love how the government is so successful in dividing us? When you begin speaking in platitudes such as these, all I hear is “baa, baa”. – go along little sheepie – go along…

    • Why does a group of people that happen to be white always have to be labeled “supremacists”? As a man with African, Asian, Hipsanic, and Native American family members, and extremely proud of each one of them, I am getting pretty fed up with not only having to defend my rights as a person, a human, but also having to feel embarrassed because of skin pigmentation. Why do we have to defend ourselves? More than two white people can’t get together under a common cause without being labeled as white supremacists? Or racists? Or nazis? Why don’t you start looking at what the real problem is? Government take over of every aspect of our lives. From whom or what we worship (or choose not to worship), to whom we marry, to how we arm ourselves, to what medicines we take. Why aren’t you folks upset that thousands of veterans are dying by their own hands, or due to injuries sustained in wars that are built upon lies? Why aren’t you calling for the arrest of “leaders” and politicians and bankers and pharmaceutical companies and mortgage houses? Why aren’t you out voting or running for office to help change this country?
      As a veteran, I am appalled that the country I stood proudly to defend, whose anthem swelled my heart with joy at hearing each morning, is turning into a cess pool of hate, deceit, coverups, and greed. And if any of you think it’s one party or the other, and not the same script read by different actors, then you are the problem.

    • Liberals Against American Neo-Fascism whos the racist???

    • Dennis Grace : You replied, ” More than two white people can’t get together under a common cause without being labeled as white supremacists?” Your question is not an accurate description of the crowd protesting in Oregon. By the way, who’s asking you, as you put it, to “defend (your) rights as a person, a human, but also having to feel embarrassed because of skin pigmentation.” No one asked you to do that. Why do you feel the need to defend people who are breaking the law and are willing to commit violence, perhaps murder to further their misguided cause? In my opinion, defending such people only strengthens my position.

    • I guess BLM is ok, but if whites voice their oppostion, its oppresive and racist? Fuck off,,,

    • Matthew Stever He made the claim that militia men are white supremacists . He made the claim , where is his proof.

    • Gangs are a million times more of a threat than any militia. Why no hate their way?

    • So white people cannot stand up against the federal government because there’s a black man in the house. U are a fucking racist pos.

    • Frank Vanis You talk like I’ve never had my buddies head explode before. If you want to try scaring someone, pick someone who scares. I have stayed out of this fray until moronic so-called patriots try to use the social media to frighten and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. Beware the anger of patient men.

    • sounds to me like you and whatever you claim as an organization defend the governments right to break the law, steal private land, frame innocent people and just shit on whomever they please because they are the government Do you get paid to share this bullshit or are you just plain stupid???

    • Bert Miles : Your candor only strengthens my position. Thanks.

    • Chris Chandler : I’m voicing my opinion. The proof may come out later. Even a prosecutor doesn’t always prove one’s case, but that does not necessarily make their “claim” false.

  • My guess is you will see this happening more in the future

  • maybe john titor was right, only off on timing

  • While it’s true, as Alex Jones says, that Obama would love nothing more than civil war so he can suspend the Constitution, it’s also true that Obama will look horrible on the world stage – especially in relation to Russia, the other current superpower – for imposing a tyrannical government on his people who have legitimate concerns about double jeopardy. Domestic chaos could give Putin an open door to attack if Obama isn’t careful. And with the US out of the way, Putin could then get rid of IS once and for all.

    • Obama didn’t start this tyrannical government. Bush and all the other previous presidents have kept it this way.

    • Every president after Kennedy got and kept this ball rolling.

    • What makes you think you know what Obama wants?You know it all haters kill me.(Or at least you’d like to).Why don’t you move to Russia if you like they way they do things?

    • Gregory C Smith, lol, what are you talking about?

    • Anyone who refers to snake oil salesman Alex Jones immediately demonstrates a lack of ability to discern truth from fiction.

    • What the he’ll do you read seriously there is no way in he’ll that Russia will ever attack on the us they are not stupit just like we are not..

  • No this is how the second “wako” starts….


  • This is just to much to bear, when see white militia taking over federal building and nothing is being done to remove this so call in house terrorist, just because they can’t get what they want when they want it this noting but treason.

    • Its not to get what they want, it is to get what is deserved. Big difference

    • Oh but every black criminal that gets caught can cry an have people running the street screaming black lives matter all the while robbing an looting cities.

    • what ever

    • When all other avenues are removed and a corrupt government strong arms American citizens..

    • Brian Luitjens, whites do it after sports victories instead.

    • Your under the impression government has some ultimate power Larry Tillman.. Government exists to serve the people as a nation of the people for the people by the people.. No where does it say “For the government” in our constitution. So I suggest you read up on your history as a militia is a citizens right when facing injustice and why the second amendment was created in the first place.. You want to take on some treasonous scumbags aye? Obama and Hillary fit that discription to a T.

    • Salvatore Ligotino lol Brutos! White men have done everything bad, in vast numbers, throughout history, majority of it all.

    • I’m not sure you know the story as to why they are there based on your comment.

    • Read the whole thing.

    • Demanding your rights isn’t a race thing it’s a citizen thing but if it comes to sides I’m on the right one

    • I have read the whole thing, they served their time. Leave that family alone.

    • Since I don’t believe in the absurd concept of proxy government I do not believe in the vague notion of “treason”

    • these people fight for your freedom you ignorant individual. Don’t you see what is happening around you? Don’t you see this government is slowly taking everyone’s rights away? You are next !!!……

    • Shane Snyder : How interesting that you use a logic much like the one some people use to defend welfare.

    • Grace Zygadlo : Bullshit, these assholes don’t represent me or any reasonable person.

    • Greedy vindictive officials is all i see here, America “The land of the free”? what a fucking joke. Land of sheep from where i’m seeing things. “Home of the brave”? Well i only see 150 brave malitia men so far. When will you people wake up and see what you government and their corrupt branches are doing to you? These people have done there time, leave them alone and stop harrassing them.

    • Just gonna throw this out there but those of you screaming black lives matter and talking bout whites doing bad shit you do realize that whites have been enslaved n shit too right?or has that not been on the news yet?another thing who gives a single solitary fuck what color you are , wrong is wrong yo blood red, then you just like me. Nut up or shut up stop dividing humanity and for once instead of living in the 50’s n shit realize you in a new age and can change this for the better instead of hammering the “race game” into everyone how’s about you do a good deed for the day an not be a dick an help make the world a better place,instead of causing mass segregation every time I’ve seen a African anyone die on the news right after that obituary “is the report on the riot that it caused” stop blaming whole races for your past .you been a slave ? You been wipped ? Seen anyone get lynched?them shut the fuck up .

    • The govenrnemnt works for us. We should be able to take over anything tax paid if unjustice is happening

    • Wrong

    • Waco and Ruby Ridge begs to differ

    • Read the facts and events from the Hammond case b/4 you decide. The gov’t has been doing the same kind of thing in Montana, Colorado and New Mexico. How would you stop it?

    • “To much to bear” I died.

  • Theyre protesting for the release of a poacher who set fire to 146 acers of federal land to flush out wildlife. Fuck these scumbags.

    • Wrong.

    • What is it then?

    • You do know they were already tried, found guilty and served federal time. Now the feds are trying to prosecute them again for the same charge. Pretty sure that’s double jeopardy and against the law.

    • Didnt know that, and i am very aware the government is in need of a serious power check. But to do it on the premise of not being alowed to burn a nature perserve is shitty.

    • From what I understand they where controlled burns to prevent more problems?

    • They set a back burn after a lightening strike started a wildfire on federal land. The back burn was to prevent the wildfire from reaching their livestock and home. It’s also very common for ranchers to use controlled burns to prevent overgrowth of plants… They’re legal burns. City folk don’t really know much about things like that.

      There is, however, more to the story. The BLM has been looking for an excuse to arrest them, fine them, and bankrupt them so they’d lose their land. The BLM has forced out other ranchers in the area and now, manages land all around the Hammond’s property.

      They finally got the chance to arrest them when their burn went over the property line and onto federal land.

      They served their time for the original charges but they were given additional time to serve for a separate charge of domestic terrorism. Under a new federal law, they were considered terrorists. The father is 74 years old… So it’s possible he will die before he’s out.


    • They got 3 months and one year for their crimes. The mandatory sentence is 5 years. They are expected to finish the complete sentence. The original sentence was unconstitutional. Ferguson protester got 8 years for his role in arson and theft, dont see why these hammond guys get away with it, oh wait, yes i do.

    • Lest, you don’t know anyone from the country do you? Have you any ranchers in your family?

      Controlled burns and back burns are legal and part of maintaining large parcels. They got three months and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was years later that they were charged AGAIN as terrorists. THAT’S when they were sentenced again. If you’ve read the link I posted and still don’t think the government didn’t target this family, then you must be one of those useful idiots I’ve been hearing about.

      Knowledge is power, Lest. You must have chosen to be ignorant.

    • By the way….

      The Hammond family does not condone the actions of the ‘militia’; however, the Hammonds are one of several ranchers that are being forced off of their land. The ‘oath keepers’ are occupying that previously unoccupied outpost to bring awareness to federal government overreach.

      They’re doing what the Occupy Movement, the Black Lives Matter, AIM, etc. have done. They have committed no terrorist acts such as taking hostages or killing anyone. The difference is that they openly carrying legal firearms — which is legal in Oregon — except when in a federal building UNLESS they have a CCW which most likely, they do. This is how ‘Cowboys’ ‘occupy’ and I have no doubt they researched Oregonian state law before they did this.

      Most of what you will read now in the media is only part of the story. For a summary on the Hammond Family Ranch history and disputes read:

    • Mike

    • Watch the BLM setting fires here: http://youtu.be/KHyZQrMZ7lA

  • These guys are asshats. Taking over a wildlife refuge HQ? Really brave, and it sends such a strong message. Yeah, the revolution! You want these maniacs patrolling the streets instead of cops? We need revolution, but people who are not sure what they want and have the intelligence of a Big Mac ain’t gonna get too far, and are you sure you’d want these guys running amok on the street?

    • The way the cops are killing people at the moment I’m all for tying someone else

    • Yeah, but these guys want to go back to a mythical American past. The Declaration of Independence is a propaganda piece. What became the U$ was diseased from the start, when starving settlers in present-day North Carolina and Virginia had regained enough strength thanks to native hospitality to start cracking the natives’ skulls…

  • where were these guy when bush brought in the patriot act?

  • I love the media. Even here on FB you don’t know what to believe. Everybody just jumps to conclusions. #theinternetisbroken

  • This is unbelievable –

  • It will happen sooner or later. The government is holding back on payments to vets who dont get their 90 or so scheduled vaccines. This is how they thought they could stop the threat.

  • I hope so

  • Maybe more people will become vegetarian… I don’t need some nut job rancher thinking he deserves free grazing rights so he can make a profit slaughtering animals.

  • No they will be squashed like every other rebellion…You would think people would wake up, stop the left/right BULLSHIT and unite.

    Guess what, “tyranny” and “corrupt govt” shit didn’t just start when Obama took office. And it didn’t start with Bush. Its the same shit over and over and has been for a very long time. But yet we keep expecting different results. Now run off to the voting booths and “elect” your new ruler.

    Yep, the govt is fucked. But you want to take up arms? LoL, they have tanks, jets and smart weapons. The military wont attack you? You sure? Because they attack innocent people and invade new countries every week. Even if they didn’t, you think you can take on Cops, FBI, ATF, CIA, Private contractors, law enforcement. They control the water, electric, transportation, oil and gas.

    You think you stand a chance? I don’t…

    When you die…..And you will. The media will rip you apart…. Because they own that too…

    Good luck….

    • I think people forget about infrastructure when they decide to “do something” related to fighting back against our government. With the progressions in tech and armaments the US has, the only way that anything could be accomplished without a substantial loss of life would be an inside attack on their cyber infrastructure.

    • They’re all up it butthurt about stuff like this but vocally support politicans who insight all domestic spying on all citizens 24/7. Sad.

    • Well said.

    • There have been a handful of armed uprisings in the US over the last 75yrs. All of them were successful in removing the local government.


  • I would love to be there in the mix. God bless America and them that defend us.

  • Ill take the shot

  • Please quit lying to validate your website

  • So the free loading tax evading millionaire farmers are protesting that they have to pay rent to use Federal Land and the local Feds are too lily livered to enforce the law.

    • Exaxtly what the English said about the Forefathers bud. Way to be a typical ignorant American.

    • Landon N Tom Considering that I am English and we have had to deal with a few insurrections in our history the only way to deal with them is to give in or to eliminate them. These things are best stamped out early before any ideology is established in the popular mind.

      Perhaps if we were a bit keener to hang the traitors of the continental congress and confiscate their land then perhaps we would have retained the american colonies.

  • At least they have balls to stand up for their shit, instead of just whining about it like pussies on facebook. I mean at least theycare not rioting an looting cause some jackass criminal got shot in the street

    • You neglected to use the word nigger.Everyone reading this knows that’s what you meant.Go white supremacists.

    • Nope just armed and dangerous thugs taking over a federal building because one of their thug friends was put in jail for his thug crimes.

    • Careful white people can’t say stuff like that because then you’ll be labeled a racist

    • Like i said, pussies

  • As usual, the social justice terrorists are all over this. Go read the Constitution and Bill of Rights and then get back to this topic…..

    • Yeah these same ‘Patriots’ support the dissolving of the 4th Amendment.

    • They do? 4th amendment, illegal search and seizure. What you say makes zero sense.

    • This has nothing to do with social justice.Poachers are freely using someone else’s land.What did you think was really happening?

  • There are no patriots. These guys want their a pyromanaic to be freed after he set 139 acers of public land of fire…..js

    • You do understand that burning pastures is a normal practice for livestock owners right? http://m.beefmagazine.com/pasture-health/prescribed-burning-manages-habitat-way-mother-nature-intended

    • And that transcribes into patriotism how? You gotta burn you way to national pride?

    • These guys already did time for this crime. The judge wants to re sentence them.

    • Firstly from one I understand, it’s probable that the fire was actually started to cover up poaching crimes. Furthermore on the cases where farmers use pasture burning they usually do it on their own land….not 139 acres of federal property. Lastly how are they patriots one way or the other for grabbing guns and occupying a building? What their buddy was wrongly convicted in their minds? So are thousands of people across the country but when they stand up its not patriotic….no its lazy thugs trying to start trouble.

  • Traitors. See civil war 1861 to 1865. Key word south

  • National heros! These men just did what other patriots only talk of doing. While the fakes look on and call them names, these men just showed America what it means to be one of the framers!

    #OregonFront #GeneralAmmon

    • Spoken like a typical ,white supremecist Trump fan.

    • Take away all the laws these guys have been breaking and you would never even hear about them.Yell WE THE PEOPLE or MILITIA and radicals come running.Remember Waco?They weren’t doing anything more than hoarding guns.Expect the same treatment.

  • I think there is more in common than meets the eye.

  • I vote for February 29 Purge day

    Purge. Noun
    The removal or elimination of members of a political organization, government, nation, etc., who are considered disloyal or otherwise undesirable.

    All in favor share, like , spread the word. We have to make a change.

  • The state needs to be reminded, they exist because the citizens allow it to exist.
    Burdensome laws inevitably make an unhappy and restricted citizenry.

    • Yes, but that’s not what this is. These people are just backwoods idiots with guns

    • The state is far more backwoods, than these men.
      These men don’t come to your home and kick down the door, looking for a plants.

  • The best way to deal with these idiots is to ignore them. When they get tired of their tantrum they will stop. Then they can each be arrested and charged appropriately. We don’t need another Waco.

  • No.

  • Armed militia groups have taken over a federal wildlife facility in Oregon to protest the sentencing of two ranchers on charges they burned 130 acres of federal land adjacent to their ranch land. The ranchers said they burned the land to protect their ranches against wildfires and to eliminate invasive plant species.

    The militia groups claim they are standing up to government tyranny, and that the massive swaths of federally owned land should have been turned over to the states by now.

    Indeed the federal government was originally supposed to hold western lands “in trust” until they were handed over to the states. The treaty with Mexico that gave Nevada and other lands to the United States contained a pledge that the territory “shall be formed into free, sovereign, and independent states.” Likewise, promises were repeatedly made to the new states that they would have “an equal footing with the original States.” The western territories believed that “equal footing” meant they’d be given sovereign control over most of the lands within their territory, as the eastern states had.

    But in the early 1900s, federal policy began to shift away from handing over the lands, and toward retention and preservation of the land under federal ownership. Alarmed state legislatures claimed the move was “calculated to make our coal, our mineral and our water power resources chattels for government exploitation through a system of leasing… we hereby earnestly urge a policy that will afford an opportunity to settle our lands and make use of our resources on terms of equality with the older states, to the benefit and upbuilding of the State and to the strength of the nation.” But to no avail.

    Ultimately, with the 1976 enactment of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, the federal policy officially changed to one of retention and preservation. It declared that “it is the policy of the United States that the public lands be retained in Federal ownership, unless. . . it is determined that disposal of a particular parcel will serve the national interest.”

    The western states reacted to FLPMA’s passage with both anger and action. In what came to be called the “Sagebrush Rebellion” of the 1970s and 80s, the western states combined efforts to force the federal government to divest itself of the public lands. State and local legislation, court challenges, federal administrative changes and federal legislation, were all rejected by the federal courts in two Nevada decisions that essentially stifled the rebellion, pointing to a 1911 Supreme Court ruling that the Feds had jurisdiction. Further legal efforts to claim state sovereignty over the lands will likely meet a similar fate. This is the reason it will remain such an volatile issue. Protesters believe the only recourse left is civil disobedience and rebellion. And as we’re seeing this week, there are many willing to go down that path.

    SOURCES: http://nevadajournal.com/assets/uploads/2013/07/equal-footing-pledges.htm

  • If it is it would be a short war

  • Second ammendment … good luck civilians <3 ...

  • If they were black the national guard, police, and atf would have already killed all of them.

  • Don’t worry without proof the mainstream media will call them racists and neonazis soon enough. Then again I wonder if these aren’t agent provocateurs since the swat team hasn’t gone call of duty on them.

    • Right.They’re just some good old boys using guns to get something they want.No problem.

    • Andre,these people were called white supremacists long before now.Do a little research on your own.

    • Then you need to remember the goddamn oath you swore! What the fuck is wrong with you, defending armed insurrectionists?

    • The govenrment is one massive coercive group that gets everything it wants by using guns. About fucking time to tuen the tables. We need a Voluntaryist society.

  • They are Corporatists in philosophy and simply endorse, “do what you will to the earth in the name of freedom”. Either way, theirs is a White Supremist agenda with no empathy for people in general. Don’t get sucked into this idiotic debate between two delusional entities.

  • Slow and choppy, too many ads.

  • Send ISIS in there to deal with these F**K”n Red-Necks. Let the bas***ds shoot each other. They’re on stolen land anyway (First Nations Poeple) How does it feel to be in their shoes Red-Necks..??

    Good F**K’n job. What goes around comes around Red-Necks. I hope your Government shoots you all, like how your ancestors shot up the Indians. Makes good entertainment on the news. What goes around comes around.

  • This is fear mongering, no better than fox news. What the fuck guys?!? This source used to be decent. If you were to keep up on the actual situation, you would know that there are barely any cops or authorities responding to this situation. They don’t wanna fan the fire, which is exactly what you are doing by insinuating this could be the next civil war.

  • No the war started a few years ago, it just started slowly

  • domestic terrorists!! send in the drones

  • not a militia. terrorists.

  • They’ll do like Waco by starting a fire and then blaming it on them. There white, cameras won’t be allowed within a mile.

  • They are doubly terrorists because their goals are to be able to hunt to excess, burn land and destroy the tiny pockets of real nature like rabid savages.

  • They are doubly terrorists because their goals are to be able to hunt to excess, burn land and destroy the tiny pockets of real nature like rabid savages.

  • They are doubly terrorists because their goals are to be able to hunt to excess on wildlife refuges, burn and overgraze to hell public land, and destroy the tiny pockets of real nature like rabid savages.

  • And it needs to

  • No.

  • Sean Salas

  • But in the early 1900s, federal policy began to shift away from handing over the lands, and toward retention and preservation of the land under federal ownership. Alarmed state legislatures claimed the move was “calculated to make our coal, our mineral and our water power resources chattels for government exploitation through a system of leasing… we hereby earnestly urge a policy that will afford an opportunity to settle our lands and make use of our resources on terms of equality with the older states, to the benefit and upbuilding of the State and to the strength of the nation.” But to no avail.
    THE KEY WORDS ARE SYSTEM OF LEASING, This means for their own benefit, few select people, not all regular people.

  • Cowards with guns is what these scum are. They are protesting the fact a fathet and son burned down over 100 acres of public land to hide the fact they were poaching. These assholes are terrorists and should be treated that way

    • Don’t believe the mainstream media’s bullshit. They were not poaching. A judge wanted the farmers to go back to jail simply because the judge felt they didn’t serve enough time and wanted them to go back.

    • Dillon Cambiaso They burned over 100 acres of public land. Fuck them. Don’t believe the paranoid crazy bs being spread. The fact two Bundy scum are involved also makes me want to see these cowards put down like rabid dogs

    • Dillon Cambiaso : You should be concerned about assholes who misuse OUR public lands.

    • The government has poisoned, burned, stolen, millions of acres of land. Fuck off

    • Wrong

    • Chad Leon Baker fucking retard

  • Second civil war my ass. These are a handful of either ignorant, mentally unstable, or rich people attempting to avoid paying their taxes starting a lot of trouble. They’re are fake wanna be men. You want to steal from me and my country, you want to make threats, you want to show up armed and hostile, well, expect a response. I’m sick to death of these law breaking idiots being coddled like children. They want a fight, I say give it to them. Fuck them, they deserve whatever happens.

    • Do you know what it is they are protesting?

    • Depends on who you ask, but the high points are they don’t like BLM, they don’t like being held accountable for their actions (i.e. arson), they don’t like paying taxes, they basically want to cherry pick the laws so they feel justified in breaking the law and doing whatever suits them. Well no, we all have to follow the law, we all have to live in this society together, these self-entitled asses aren’t special or above the law.

    • All the Militia men I know are either ex military, ex police, Free Masons, working people, decent citizens, etc. All good decent people

    • Victimless crime laws are unjust.

    • Chris Chandler, the so-called militia of recent are a joke. We already have a real militia, it’s called the State National Guard. Maybe your friends are level headed folk but the ones like Bundy and the like are deceitful users. As for victim-less crimes I’ll say this, you and I are the victims along with every other tax paying citizen. Bundy’s tantrum is going to cost millions in tax dollars. The Hammond’s don’t want Bundy using them for this stupidity. The people in the county don’t want Bundy there, maybe Bundy has forgotten what he claims to believe in.

  • Everyone wants to make it racial instead of focusing on taking a stand on the government. Sad reading these comments on how much people are brainwashed

  • All you idiots bashing these people do realize that these men are mostly prior military like myself who have been inside the government to know how evil it has become and is trying to make a statement and put a stop to the corruption… which is why they’re starting the uprising in the first place… or maybe you don’t because you’re ignorant and watch too much mainstream news and eat exactly what they want to feed you… but no just keep supporting the false wars, elections of puppets, genocides of other countries and their people… and keep supporting the oppression of our own people too because you’re all too oblivious to realize the same shit that’s happening overseas is what’s going on here.. just in a more quiet and manipulative manner… and the same people you are bashing for standing up for rights, morals, and justice who are standing to protect you ignorant American people against oppression and evil are going to be the same people your sorry asses are going to beg help from when the government you hold so high shows up at your doorstep. wake up

    • Well, since you appear to be a Satanist; obviously, YOU’re not Mainstream!

    • Lmfao! right… I wonder how you came to that intelligent assumption. Because I listen to metal and where black I guess right? Your ignorance is astronomical. I don’t believe in any man fabricated religion. I believe in being an honest and true person and being the best good hearted human being I can be. Nowhere is there an upside down cross or anything satanic anywhere so take your radically religious shit somewhere else. It’s people like you who are going to get a rude awakening when the shit that’s going on finally comes to your doorstep and doesn’t knock politely. It’s the American military and men like these Patriots who vow to stand up and lay down their life for you ignorant people and your human rights. Keep it up though.. and when it’s you under the gun… well just look the other way from your ungrateful existence being put to a screeching end.

    • They started the “uprising” because they don’t want to pay for federal land that they have been using as theirs.If it were your property,would you let them do as they please because they were in the military?

    • You are misguided and they do not speak for most veterans. They aren’t anti-corporate. The militia is defending a couple poachers and arsonists. The militia is a band of terrorists that have a history of defending their father who grazed his cattle on federal land but refused to pay when the government called him out. Perhaps I should cut down a redwood tree in Muir Woods because I need a new deck and maybe the Bundy’s will come without me asking.

    • I can think of about a thousand different ways to stand up and be heard that don’t involve forming a group of hillbillies with an arsenal of guns and taking land that doesn’t belong to them. What they have done is highly illegal and they will get whatever comes their way. They are terrorists.

    • The same way peaceful protests have been working in Syria, Ukraine, and Egypt is the same way they’ve been working here.. they haven’t. Authoritarian people with guns don’t take anything from signs and voices.. all they do is apply mace, tear gas, and eventually bullets and vehicular manslaughter. They only defense against violent evil men with guns, is good men with guns that are trained to stop violence. Call this situation what you may… but it’s the principal behind it. Black white Muslim Asian doesn’t matter… Patriot terrorist whatever you want to label it… if people are standing up for their rights against an absurdly obvious tyrannical and evil government… unless you’re for oppression, you should support it.

    • Liberals against American and Gregory are hard core trolls don’t worry about those turds.

    • Oh shit.The government is at my door demanding my guns.Run Ma.

    • In this case, the “principle” is illegal.

    • Yeah.. so is a plant that’s curing cancer in its worst stages, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, and many other things that make the government money…

    • Dillon Cambiaso lmao at the guy with the infowars profile pic calling other people trolls. Wonder how much money Alex Jones has swindled you out of?

    • James dunkerley is on point. I feel the same. They called our 4 fathers terrorist as well.

    • I keep seeing federal land. Doesn’t belong to this person or that person. I’m curious what gives people claim over belongings. This land belongs to the planet. The planet belongs to human beings not fucking central bankers. For all of the retards who are saying that. I’m curious if I came along and killed your family and took your home as my own. Does that mean I own you ? If I tell you to kill yourself. You would have to because I would own you

    • Christopher Rosbury : oh, fuck, seriously, man? You are equating these losers to our founding fathers? That is fucking insulting!

    • In all reality our founding fathers were independent rebels who got tired of paying taxes to a king. You know like how our country is and has been doing. Sending Israel money to commit genocide on the Palestinians. Politicians stealing social security to fund endless wars. Stop being fucking stupid. The difference between those guys and our military is they’re actually fighting and willing to sacrifice their lives for the remaining freedom we have left.

    • All the Militia men I know are either ex military, ex police, Free Masons, working people, decent citizens, etc. All good decent people

    • As a veteran I call bullshit. There’s no excuse for lawlessness, you can try to justify it any way you like. If Muslims had done this in the exact same way you’d be calling for blood. People who say “England called the forefathers terrorists too” don’t truly understand the circumstances of the time, and I’m willing to bet they don’t understand what’s happening now. They have bought into fear and hatred behind the guise of patriotism. What does your actions do for the American people? They aren’t doing any of this for you, or anyone you know. Sheep.

    • Sorry James, but there is no noble cause to end government corruption that these losers are fighting for…this is purely about their own financial interests.

    • Johnny, so the land they are protesting over belongs to everyone on the planet? Even the dirty muslim refugees??

    • Liberals Against American Neo-Fascism You’re a troll! For you to say that James Dunkerley is a satanist off of the truth he says here, is obviously proof, that you’re only point to make on this post, is that every slur you make against these rational people, making sensible post, is to ludicrous, as a Heckler, mocking the people, who’re making sense. Where as, you’re making, ZERO sense. I bet you test in double digit IQ range. bahahahaha!

    • Johnny Richards Obviously your not informed of the truth about Federal lands belonging to earth and not a person. Just try and make a permanent camp on Federal lands, see how fast you’re evicted. The earth won’t kick you off. They belong to the Gov’t and if you want educated, I recommend Iron Mountain Report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mLH5cdKr0k ALSO, I recommend Ring of Power Illuminati Bloodlines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp4YDgw1HTA about 5 1/2 hours combined. Thing is, you have to click on over, 30- 10 minute videos. One’s omitted for copyright. If you can watch these, and learn more truth of History, than I’ve ever learned going to school. You also don’t know how much land in America has been sold to foreigners. I just worry about innocent ones, getting involved, without realizing, the exquisite danger involved. These people have weapons available to them, that normal people can’t conceive of. Most people don’t have the concentration to get through these documentaries. Then, to assimilate the information cohesively, that’s another thing. You tube will put up videos, they recommend,to try, distract ones, watching this stuff. I wasn’t so easily distracted. If you’ve watched two girls and a cup, then you’re part sheeple, So, don’t bother watching anything I recommended. 100%

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZYB_IOqeOE I found this today just a little while ago. It’s the ring of power in one video. Ever heard of Arron Russo? Award- winning Hollywood Director, he made a documentary called America~ From Freedom to Fascism. A Must see in my Opinion.

  • Side note, if these were black men or Muslims this would not be the story. I believe the headline would be “Hundreds of terrorists killed after armed attempt to takeover federal property”. It would not have taken days either, hours at best.

  • This is how the BIG crackdown happens, narrative being followed to the letter

  • I’m so glad I’m Canadian and don’t have to worry about guns and crazy cival wars hahahha. Have fun with your wars america.

  • Sergio Correa

  • Are these guys nutcases or ” just nice guys legitimately fed up with US gov.?”

  • The government is lawless, stealing ranchers land they have had for over 80 years and shooting cattle. These are people standing up to a tyrannical government.

    • Do you have even the slightest clue what’s really going on?Do a little googling.That’s what normal people do when they don’t understand something.

    • You don’t have the slightest clue of what’s going on. Google? How about you go watch the live stream reports and on ground interviews between the ranchers and police admitting this is about illegal land grabs by the federal government and illegal sentencing of farmers. You’re an idiot. No reports, no videos, no articles, not mainstream media nor alternative or anyone other than you are claiming it to be about race. You are clearly the dumbest of the dumb and have no clue what’s actually going on that’s clearly on video and live streaming. Go drink so more fluoridated water, you couldn’t get any dumber than you already are, literally.

    • Stop trying to incite race wars among people. Even the picture your butt buddy showed claiming it to be about race was comical, the protesters holding up signs in the picture had or said nothing about race, go look.

    • Armed insurrection is treason. Period. The governor should call in the Guard and level the goddamn place with cannonfire. If I were there I’d shoot the bastards myself.

    • Protecting your rights is not armed insurrection. Who should the governor call the national guard on, the federal government stealing land from citizens and illegally jailing them or citizens defending their rights and the constitution. You won’t shoot anyone, specially when the majority of those people you are shooting at are veterans.

    • I’ve read this story and what these so called government agency’s have put these rangers through is fucking wrong
      Push someone long enough and sooner or later it will bite you back

    • Yep, Government agencies and special interest groups, they’ve been after the Hammonds land for years, and the Hammonds wouldn’t sell out, looks like the government won this.

    • Armed insurrection against who? The people or the govenrment? We the People are not being attacked, only the govenrment that says they work for us is being pushed at. The govenrment needs people pushing back or we will never be free.

    • Ron Garrett Wow, Federal govenrment bootlicker

    • “Armed insurrection is treason” tell that to the founding fathers jajajaj

  • I think they will surrender quietly in a couple of days…

  • About time

  • All of this because some rednecks want to set fire to leased fed land and endangered BLM firefighters.

  • Bad Timing?!?

  • there will be a lot more

  • I sure as hell hope so. This day and Burns Oregon will go down in history

  • Lets not blow this out of proportion, 150 is a lot but lets not get carried away with scare tactic Free Thought. Similarly when I remark how the police put their lives on the line, I couldn’t do it. The idiot police we see doing outrages things are the same people who would do this whether police or not. There are rotten apples unfortunately wherever you go. Keep things in perspective.

  • How do these terrorists consider themselves patriots?

  • Nick James

    • Welp. What have I been sayin? Lol

    • I think they should just ban all weapons! The human on human weapons lol

  • Hey black folks,use the word militia next time and you have no worries.

  • So let’s see if I understand this situation: The American Right pushed for mandatory minimum sentences. “Commit the crime, do the time” they said. But when some of their own does the crime, they have a hissy fit, dress all macho, pretend to be some tough guys from two centuries ago, and whine and make hollow threats to get their buddies released. Is that about right?

  • Why couldn’t they start this in the middle of country. You know what it will cost to drive all the way across country?

  • Planned

  • Doesn’t look like much of a building, more like a cabin. Shut off the water and power, wait for them to get tired of being elbow to elbow and stinking on each other. Let them wait out the winter and being snowed in, they’ll trek out overland before the snow melts.

  • FTP your fuck up stop making it about race!

  • If these guys were black you’d have the military going in there. And they say we have to worry about Muslims and Mexicans. They should do what Washington did during the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • Here’s the email I received from the Bundys.
    **Click on the links for understanding!**
    **This is an update to our Call to Action**

    Dear Friends,

    Today we are marching in Oregon to stand up for the Hammonds, it is bitter cold with plenty of snow on the ground but we will not waiver.

    We wish you were here, but if not could we ask a small favor?

    Would you please forward this Press Release to your local newspaper and TV outlets?

    This is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to help the Hammonds, we must bring attention to them now.

    PO Box 7175
    Bunkerville, NV 89007

    January 1, 2016 – Bunkerville, NV USA

    With great concern and love and much consideration from prayer, I come to you Harney County Sheriff of Oregon David M. Ward, rancher Steven Dwight Hammond, and rancher Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr.,

    I, Cliven D. Bundy, have been involved for several weeks in the background striving to understand and comprehend your dilemmas in Harney County, Oregon. I understand that the grass that was burnt on each side of the fence was grazing rights that had been created through beneficial use, one side of the fence being private property and the other side of the fence being private property rights. The fires that were set were for a good purpose and had good results.

    The United States Justice Department has NO jurisdiction or authority within the State of Oregon, County of Harney over this type of ranch management. These lands are not under U.S. treaties or commerce, they are not article 4 territories, and Congress does not have unlimited power. These lands have been admitted into statehood and are part of the great State of Oregon and the citizens of Harney County enjoy the fullness of the protections of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution limits United States government.

    It is my suggestion, Steven Hammond, that you go and check yourself into Harney County jail asking for protective custody. It is my suggestion, Dwight Hammond, that you go and check yourself into Harney County jail asking for protective custody. It is my suggestion, Harney County Sheriff David Ward, accept these two ranchers into your jail, notify the United States Solicitor in Washington DC that you have these two ranchers in Harney County jail, that they will remain there indefinitely under hprotective custody and the protection of We the People of Harney County and We the People of the United States of America.

    I suggest an Evidentiary Hearing or a Grand Jury be formed by We the People.

    I feel that this action is immediately important, that it should be taken place before 10:00 am Saturday, January 2, 2016. I will hold these suggestions private until that time then I will release this letter to those having state and county jurisdiction and to the media.

    Cliven D. Bundy

    Hammond Family Facts & Events- http://holdingblock.blogspot.com/2015/12/fact-event-hammond-family.html?view=classic

    BLM Destroys Ranches by Fire- https://youtu.be/KHyZQrMZ7lA

    Ammon Bundy

    Bundy Ranch

    Forward this email

    This email was sent to xxxxxx by [email protected] |
    Update Profile/Email Address | Rapid removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | About our service provider.

    Bundy Ranch | 7175 Gold Butte Rd | Bunkerville | NV | 89007

  • Nope it starts with over reaching gun control.

    • How do you figure this has anything to do with gun control?

    • It has nothing to do with gun control, but gun control will cause people to vote and defend their rights and possibly turn against the government.
      Trumps knows it and he has just used gun control to boost his ratings.

  • 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy



  • Still, incomplete info on the Hammonds and their case. Do they have a website or something? Where can I get the details on the issues they have?

    • They set a back burn after a lightening strike started a wildfire on federal land. The back burn was to prevent the wildfire from reaching their livestock and home. It’s also very common for ranchers to use controlled burns to prevent overgrowth of plants… They’re legal burns. City folk don’t really know much about things like that.

      There is, however, more to the story. The BLM has been looking for an excuse to arrest them, fine them, and bankrupt them so they’d lose their land. The BLM has forced out other ranchers in the area and now, manages land all around the Hammond’s property.

      They finally got the chance to arrest them when their burn went over the property line and onto federal land.

      They served their time for the original charges but they were given additional time to serve for a separate charge of domestic terrorism. Under a new federal law, they were considered terrorists. The father is 74 years old… So it’s possible he will die before he’s out.


  • The two men are criminals, they committed a crime and served their time. No one judge or government body should just be able to add four more years to your sentence after you are released.

  • False Flag whats really happening they don’t want us to notice? Set up to declare martial law?

  • A fight between grasshoppers is a joy to the crow. ~ Lesotho proverb

    If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb

  • Does anyone know what it was that they were throwing onto the road at the end of the video?

  • Anderson Ramsay
    And so it begins

  • Lol idiots. Pretty stupid to think 150 inbred idiots will take over anything if the government doesn’t let them. Trust it if they want them terrorists gone they will be gone

  • Just build a big beautiful wall around them with some guard towers and a big beautiful door, and they’re going to pay for it!!

  • I am glad… I’d kind of like to join them…

  • Brandon Miklaski

  • No this will not start a civil war and no this won’t spread past this. These guys are too fringe to gain even very much vocal support let alone actual support. The facts of who they are and why they are doing this don’t even matter. This will remain fringe.

    • Sad too. Proves the government holds all the power and we are just ants.

  • 2 things people need to read before going nuts on this. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/…/full-story-on…/ and https://www.oathkeepers.org/the-hammond-family-does/

  • Wounded Knee! Wounded Knee!

  • This is not about freedom. If you want to be a business man, and that’s what these ranchers are, you have to pay the cost of doing business. In this case you have to pay the fees to use the land. If you can’t pay the fee, get out of the business or buy your own land. If you don’t like the law, use your money to lobby your representatives to change the law. We live in a democracy, that means majority rule. Just as the south tried to use states’ rights instead of preservation of slavery to start a war, these people want to use freedom infringement to press their case instead of the real reason of just wanting to use and abuse the land the way they want without paying any of the real cost of being a business. The leaders of these groups use the same tactics of recruitment as most terrorist groups. Find a bunch of uneducated, uncivilized people to grab up a gun and defend the cause. The idea that any of us own these lands is a joke, considering the fact that they were taken from the native tribes at the point of gun. So go you militia terrorist idiots. You are simply repeating the acts of the federal govt. you despise much 200 years ago.

  • It’s my understanding that the two ranchers had been convicted by local authority and had served out their sentence b/4 the feds came in and wanted to send them back to serve more time; what ever happened to double jeopardy or cruel and unusual punishment? This definately is unusual

  • This is all staged people! It’s more BS to take away your Gun rights! Go back to sleep.

  • Don’t worry the gun free zones will protect you liberals.

  • And you know what… I can’t WAIT to see America’s government overturned by its own people!! I hope they get a lynch mob on the Rothschilds as well because they deserve it after what they put America through with the FED!!!

  • They should be send on a tour to afghanistan. Then they will see what patriatiam means. Most of these folks are pokymon colectors. Know that they have grown up they have changed their hobby to gun collection.

    • My view there’s nothing patriotic about joining the military anymore

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • It would not be a civil war it would be a revolution it is against the government not each other!

  • The us government is preparing for this it has built internment camps stockpiled industrial coffins implemented new laws noes and lets it’s police forces bully intimidate and murder innocent people with no accountability look out

    • Punctuation, Robert. It matters. You rob your comment of meaning by not using punctuation.

  • All the ones complaining don’t know what there talking bout if it was these dumbass black lives matter protestors it would be all good but people that actually have reason an hope behind there protest ignorant people wanna talk shit,smh,stfu an get educated because this is about all American people not just one race!!!!

    • Don’t expect to get any replies people are scared face the truth

  • Luke

  • It,s about time! I thought the KKK would be there first!

  • The feds will spin this anyway they want until they get the land because that’s what they are ultimately after other than proving that one does not defy the King.

  • White privilege.

  • The revaluation will not be televised.

  • Right up until the point they annoy someone enough and the government decides to smart bomb them lmao

  • All militia’s better get ALL the facts right…..who is heading THIS group ? Is this a false flag effort to turn the table on us ? We were winning politically, this could set the liberty movement back 250 years ! DANGER !

  • The revolution will not be televised.

  • This might trigger it or not but at some point soon it will happen.These corporate fascists that run this mickey mouse government need to be put behind bars. The time is close when we will all have to pick a side whether we want to or not.

  • Juan Reyes

  • Been reading several posts on this. Interesting one local there mentioned that the people in this area were from Southern migrants after the civil war.

  • Good and good luck to all involved!!

  • the millionaire revolution, what a farce . throw these clowns in jail .

  • To guys are rediculas.

  • America! Fuck yeah.
    Seems like a good start. But I don’t see a civil war starting from this.
    There are so many options to silence a revolt these days.. which if anything negative does happen it will only prove their point.

  • Liberals Against American Neo-Fascism It’s so funny, you posts such shit, with straight face, these stupid memes post. Also, who gives a fuck who those Fox news bastards hire, when they’re already proven communist bastards. this proves nothing only what you and the media purport as true, like race relations, coming war. I can’t stand negative attitudes ignorant calcified cattle like you spout. Fox News Reporters Fired Over Monsanto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsglbfZLc_0

  • Civil and war should never be used together. That being said, are we to believe that citizens will gladly go to war over ranchers? No. But the reasons to rid ourselves of these corrupt, criminal, psychopaths are numerous. And it didn’t start with the BLM of all things, and it’s not going to change with voting.

  • Not a Civil War; a Revolution.

  • I doubt this would be enough to cause a civil war, unless the feds go in and turn this into a bloody battle. My feeling is there are a lot of people who are very fed up with the way the country is going. Unfortunately there are just as many people who don’t care about much of anything beyond the closest fast food and what they watch on tv. Anyone anti-fed will be painted as a terrorist is the minds of the general public. The feds need to really blunder to push the majority over the edge.

  • “Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone within his group/organization speak for the Hammond family,” the Hammonds’ attorney W. Alan Schroeder. Why get involved to the point of breaking and entering, trespassing, and an armed stand-off when the Hammond’s don’t want and haven’t asked for help? Bundy and the fake patriots are using this for personal gain.

  • Don’t look at my black ass for help…y’all killing me

  • Let’s hope so!

  • people who disagree are the sheep..wake up sheep this is your country its time to take it back

  • I think right wing domestic terrorist groups like the one in Oregon are more likely to start a civil war than the “cops”

    • All the Militia men I know are either ex military, ex police, Free Masons, working people, decent citizens, etc. All good decent people

  • Kill every damned one of them, if this is war lets see how they do in war. Kill everyone of them, if their families knew they were going to do this kill their asses too. Everyone is sick of these people.

  • “These men came to Harney County claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers, when in reality these men had alternative motives to attempt to over throw the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.”

    In essence, these men are committing treason. As they did during the Bundy Ranch incident, they will aim sniper rifles at cops. If troops are on scene, they will take aim as United States military personnel.

    That is terrorism……..

  • Doubt it as their filth is a new minority. There is only 150 of them brash and idiotic enough to make themselves known, they have no shame and no desire to fit in with with the rest of the world. this will not lead to a ‘secound civil war’ this will lead to maybe three to four of them being shot dead, the rest locked up for a few months with a light slap on the rest…

  • Doubt it as their filth is a new minority. There is only 150 of them brash and idiotic enough to make themselves known, they have no shame and no desire to fit in with with the rest of the world. this will not lead to a ‘secound civil war’ this will lead to maybe three to four of them being shot dead, the rest locked up for a few months with a light slap on the rest…

  • Why are there so many state loving cowards on here? Surprising.

  • Wish FB would let me read this page. Standing by in Massachusetts.

  • Civil War? A bit sensationalist don’t you think?

  • Wow Montel Williams is flippin nuts

  • That’s what they want. The worst thing we could do, even though our darker selves might like to see it happen, is let this end violently. The need to be peacefully disarmed, tried and jailed.

  • No. There are only 150 of them and no one cares.

    They’ll be dead soon after firing on police who try to remove them.

    No worries.

    But you SHOULD watch their video.

    They talk about being frightened little bullied boys, which is why they got guns. They just want to feel like men, even though their penises are small and they’re not grown up enough to use their big boy words.

    Watch them talk about it in the video THEY REMOVED from YouTube, but which was luckily inbedded in this article.


    • Y’allqaeda at its finest.

      White terrorism.

    • But they think they are SO brave coming from Arizona to try to steal OUR public land and give it to loggers and miners.


    • They need to go back to Arizona with all the other crazy fuckers.

      Did you know that even the Hammond family (who they are supposedly doing this for) publicly denounced them?



    • Sidewalk trials for black people.

      But if you’re white?

      Oh, then you get privilege to whine and complain with a gun like a baby.


      Run for office.

      Write a book.

      Hold a sign.

      Make a difference the right way.

    • JD DeLemont Wow you are an awesome Strawman debater. All the Militia men I know are either ex military, ex police, Free Masons, working people, decent citizens, etc. All good decent people. I do not know these particular people but funny how everyone is labeling them without knowing what people like this usually stand for. These people are for “We the People’ And are for YOU too.

    • Did anyone watch their video?

      They said “We’re taking this land back from the government, and we’re giving it back to the ranchers and the miners and the loggers.”

      That’s right.

      They want to take protected federal land given as a trust to our children and grandchildren, and they want to utterly rape and destroy it.

      THEN they go on to say that breaking in to a Federal Building and commendeering our land for corporations is only the beginning! They also want to “spearhead the armed revolution.”

      That’s right.

      They plan to overthrow the government by force. That’s treason, which is punishable by death.

      Now, let’s consider this:

      We are bombing Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. We claim to be bombing “suspected terrorists,” but often hit civilians by mistake and declare them “enemy comatants” for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      We have bombed hospitals and schools. We are killing women, children, and the elderly. Other countries call us out because these are war crimes, but they cannot stop us because our military is bigger.

      So now we have ACTUAL TERRORISTS on our own soil threatening to overthrow our government with guns. Go to Ammond Bundy’s Facebook page to see the video, and read his “literature” about it.

      And we can’t call in a drone strike?

      There is video evidence that they are guilty of treason! It’s punishable by death!

      Not to mention, Tamir Rice got shot for having a toy gun, and it turns out our legal system is just fine with that.

      If a little boy can get shot for having a toy gun, why can’t 150 armed terrorists get shot?

    • maybe they should take over malls and shopping centers than?

    • Ignorant as hell.

      That’s what YOU are.

      This is not a peaceful protest.

      Watch their video! They want to kill US soldiers.


    • This one is for you:

    • There’s one for white boys too.

  • A bunch of loosers playing “victims” ! Think you tough, apply to the Marines ! Nothing but a bunch of loosers !

  • Nahhhh, no civil war. Carpet bomb those fucking terrorists and the thing is over.

  • It is Not terrorrism to stand up for rights!! The us goverment is the biggest terror Organisation there is!! U americans should Finally get that!!!

  • Civil war 2? Seems more like the Second Revolutionary war. It’s time to finally break free of England’s grip and rid ourselves of the Rotchilds bank aka (the federal reserve)

  • Vive le Revolution!

  • Waco them!

  • The govenrnemnt works for us. We should be able to take over anything tax paid if unjustice is happening

  • More white terrorists who’ll keep their lives and be negotiated with.


  • Let’s hope so… then they can call back all their forces from their unwelcome bases all around the world.

  • Everyone capitalizing I see. Cindy Beach Oregon update (relaying info is not me supporting anything the likes of a militia takeover)
    Harney county, Oregon update: I just got off the phone with Blaine who is AT the wildlife refuge. To dispel any rumors, this is a vetted update. There is NO hostile takeover. The land and building is public, and there are NO, do not trespass signs, or hours of operation posted. The doors were NOT locked. There is NO armed standoff at this time. They are simply occupying a building owned by We The People. Many of the town folk work for BLM, hence the problem. Most town folk are also very supportive of the Hammonds. This is a peaceful protest, and is following a redress of grievances with thousands of signatures. For all other vetted info, see the Bundy Ranch Facebook page. Ammon is on scene in Oregon. Again, I just got off the phone. This info is vetted, and they are looking for more peaceful, cool heads, and rationaly minded patriots to join them in support of the Hammonds, and America…”
    George Otto

  • Maybe paving the road to war.

  • I totally agree with this militia they are standing up for their rights and done with this awful government!

  • They’re trying to

  • Nope

  • god bless

  • fucking trap, have fun with that

  • When the only part of the constitution you believe in is the Second amendment- you are NOT a patriot.

  • No.

  • Saudi’s beheaded 47 people yesterday.
    Yea the same ones who just got on the UN Humanitarian Council and our ally that we sell billions of dollars in arms to.
    But just keep bitching about these guys, nothing happening here.

  • Excuse My Language. . . The Bundy’s Believe In Open Range Cattle Ranching In The Mojave Desert (which is an extremely sensitive Ecosystem btw) On Public Land Without Having To Pay Any Fees Associated With Doing So. Thier Attitude Is: To Hell With Other Ranchers That Do Pay Fees And Do Not Overgraze. To Hell With Wild Mustangs & Burros. To Hell With Endangered Desert Tortoises And Any Other Endangered Species, Or Any Other Desert Species For That Matter. To Hell With Valuable Though Small Lakes, Ponds & Springs Along With The Aquatic Life That Lives In Them, And-Or Any Other Desert Wildlife That Need That Water to Survive. To Hell With Anybody, Any Living Creature, And Anything Else That Gets In The Way Of Their Profit Margin.

    And I Say : To Hell With The Entire Bundy Clan. To Hell With Their Overgrazing. And To Hell With Their Ignorant Followers.

    As Always, Your Experience, Opinions, And Mileage May Vary 😉

    • and btw. . . any even Well Trained Militia that thinks they can take on the Full Force of The United States Military really ought to go to a beach or some other sandy spot and re-bury their heads.

  • Starts!!?? It has already started.

  • It’s time to round these terrorists up and put them in jail.

  • Cough cough terrorists cough

  • LOL these chicken shits are so tough they took over a bird sanctuary….LOL

  • Marianne Naegeli I told you!

  • yeah but the feds said it was Conserving the land?
    how is that not good?
    and for frack sake do not give me the “one bad apple in 2 billion” rationel for saying Conserving land is bad.

  • so…they want to play “Army”?

  • i6ts already started they just havnt told yu

  • Yes and when the cops army go in ot will have the same affect as wako and what that inspired, take note!

  • Not a militia. Call them Y’all Qaeda or White Isis.

  • Would you survive it?

  • Here is the full history of what has happened. If anyone can read this and their blood doesn’t boil at the behavior of our government then they aren’t an American. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/01/03/full-story-on-whats-going-on-in-oregon-militia-take-over-malheur-national-wildlife-refuge-in-protest-to-hammond-family-persecution/

  • Our gov constantly oversteps its boundaries.

  • your headline makes it sound like they have invaded the white house It is a nature reserve and the federal government has no legal right to be there let alone steal farmland from the surrounding farmers

  • This land is huge, think it take much much more than this.

  • This is how a bunch of fools go to jail or the morgue

  • Not yet. The game haven’t started