officer assaults teen

Asheville, NC — A video posted to Facebook this week has the internet in an uproar as it shows an Asheville police officer allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

The video shows a short interaction between 16-year-old Kacee Fleming and officer Shalin Oza. According to Cherrell Mooney, the woman who took the video, Fleming approached police as they were arresting her brother, Dominic Fore. According to APD, they had a warrant for Fore’s arrest.

“She was asking them, ‘Why are y’all arresting my brother?'” Mooney said. “The officer was being rude, they didn’t want to talk to them.”

The video apparently shows the aftermath of this questioning as the officer grabs Fleming and throws her to the ground.

According to police, Fleming yelled at officers and allegedly reached into her brother’s pockets to retrieve his personal items as he was being arrested. Fleming’s actions then caused officers to have to “deal with” her. The video is the result of Fleming apparently being dealt with.

According to police, Fleming was arrested and charged as an adult for resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. Sgt. Noland Brown, who was on the scene, also told News 13 that she is charged with misdemeanor assault on a government official.

“I have no trust in the police anymore,” said Crystal Fleming , Kasee’s mother. According to News 13, she says her daughter was trying to communicate with police before the incident, to tell them that Fore had just gotten “out of (the) ICU.”

“She is not trying to be disrespectful,” said Crystal Fleming. “But y’all are not listening. They were not listening.”

“You wonder why people are running around here saying ‘Black lives matter,'” she continues. “That’s why. Because they really don’t think our lives matter, because he could have pulled her to the side, talked to her. He didn’t even do none of that.”

According to police, they were there for another incident, but when they saw Fore, they decided to arrest him too.

The Asheville Police Department released the following statement:

The Asheville Police Department has viewed the video circulating on social media regarding the arrest of a 16-year-old female on the evening of September 5, 2016.

The nine second video is only a small portion of a much longer incident.

The Asheville Police Department is in the process of conducting a full administrative investigation that will review all evidence, including the video circulating on social media and body worn camera footage, in our review.

The Asheville Police Department is dedicated to providing the best possible police service and upon completion of the review will take appropriate action, if deemed necessary.

Anyone with additional video footage or information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact our Professional Standards Office at (828) 259-5907.

According to News 13, when they requested the body cam video from the scene that night, they were denied.

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