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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Linked to Bogus Dating Site Associated with Julian Assange Pedophile Smear

On October 7th, 2016, WikiLeaks began publishing thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta’s private email archives. Since that day, thousands more emails have been released which have subsequently lead to a target being painted on the back of Julian Assange — a target state actors have had no problem firing at.

This week, the Free Thought Project has reported on the fact that Ecuador admitted to acting on behalf of the US to silence this advocate of transparency. After his internet was cut on Monday, WikiLeaks noted on Tuesday that the US was behind it.

When he’s not being silenced or targeted for drone assassination, Assange is the subject of alleged attempts at character assassination.

In the midst of the Podesta leaks, multiple sites on the left began running with the narrative put out by the Daily Kos that Assange’s internet was cut because he was using it to sexually communicate with an 8-year-old girl.

The Clinton-loving Daily Kos cited a bogus report from the UN.

According to a widely shared Oct. 4 “United Nations Report” by a “United Nations Global Compact member organization” called T&C Network Solutions, the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a “criminal child sex offenses investigation” of Assange. The report, which is written in the style of a criminal indictment, goes on to state that Assange used a dating site called Toddandclare.com, which is owned by T&C Network Solutions, to send an “8-year-old juvenile (i) unlawful, indecent images and video media of himself performing lewd sex acts on a mobile camera device, and (ii) unlawful obscenity materials of a child pornographic nature.”

These claims are certainly horrific and deserve investigation. However, the claim has absolutely nothing to do with the UN and the Bahama police say there’s nothing to investigate.

A reporter from Buzzfeed actually talked to the Royal Bahama Police Force (RBPF) and found out that no such investigation even exists and the ‘United Nations’ report was entirely fabricated. According to Buzzfeed:

The document details how the Canadian family of the victim, who were vacationing in the Royal Bahamas, reported the alleged crime. The report even gives names of individual Bahamian police officers and stations.

But according to Stephen Dean, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahama Police Force (RBPF), no such investigation exists. Dean told BuzzFeed News “someone gave us some information” about the case, but that no complainant ever came forward after the initial tip.

“We don’t have nobody to interview,” Dean said.

While the RBPF considers the allegation an open matter, Dean said, he added that “anyone can pick up a phone and tell us something.”

Buzzfeed points out just how easy it is to make these pseudo-official UN complaints:

But what about that official-seeming UN document? Why would the august organization issue a report about an investigation implicating one of the world’s most famous dissidents if the investigation didn’t exist?

The short answer: It wouldn’t.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a voluntary corporate sustainability initiative in which companies sign up to advance human rights, fair labor and anti-corruption practices, and environmental stewardship. With over 12,500 signatories, it’s hardly an exclusive club. According to the UNGC, the organization asks members to write regular updates, often in the shape of a corporate sustainability or annual report. These reports are written entirely by the member organizations, and the UN does not vet them.

T&C Network Solutions used this self-reporting format to upload the document about the investigation into Assange. And uploading this report actually got T&C Network Solutions kicked out of the UNGC.

In a statement, UNGC Communications Chief Carrie A. Hall explained the organization’s decision to delist T&C: “The company was removed from the initiative for violating our Integrity Measures, including misuse of our name and logo. The document that ToddandClare.com reference is not a UN report. It was produced by ToddandClare.com, and solely represents their views. This document was removed from the UN Global Compact website for violating our integrity measures. We are not a party to the dispute between ToddandClare.com and Julian Assange.”

In other words, T&C Network Solutions got delisted from the UNGC by attempting to pass off its report about Assange’s alleged child sex crimes as an official United Nations document. Which raises the question: What is T&C Network Solutions, how is it involved with Julian Assange, and why would it do such a thing?

According to a report, T&C Network Solutions was investigated to identify business filings and the entity’s directors, with negative results.

T&C Network Solutions is listed as the owner of www.ToddAndClare.com. A search of the ICANN WHOIS database results in a Registrant, Admin and Tech contact, which are all identical. The name of the contact is Julia Phillips. The organization is T&C Network Solutions. The mailing address is listed as 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr., Houston Texas 77043. The phone number is listed as 1.713.091.6111. The email address is listed as [email protected] The domain was registered on 20 September 2015.3 Google Streetview of the address shows a large anonymous warehouse or storage depot, with no references to the company.4 2 See Appendix 1 3 See Appendix 2 4 https:[email protected],­95.5615

When an investigation, conducted by a legal team representing Assange, attempted to verify the business using multiple sources, they could not.

  • A search of business organizations in Texas was conducted with the Texas Secretary of State.7 Searches for T&C Network Solutions, T & C Network Solutions, ToddandClare, Todd and Clare, Todd & Clare, and toddandclare.com resulted in no identified matches.
  • A search of Texas taxable business entities was conducted with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,8 with no matching results.
  • A search was conducted with the Better Business Bureau in the Houston and South Texas areas,9 with no matching results.
  • Searches were conducted with Texas’ Harris County Clerk for civil, probate, real property, Uniform Commercial Code, and assumed business name records,10 11 with no matching results.
  • ToddAndClare.com’s homepage currently states that they are “The Leading SMS Dating Network” and that “This online dating site is a United Nations Global Compact member, with 100,000+ female singles in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and RSA, seeking men.” 12 The homepage has a few pictures of women and a brief description of ToddAndClare.com, including “We’re a real couple who started this in Indianapolis”. At the bottom of the homepage is a link to customer service with the email address [email protected] At the bottom of the homepage, there is the disclaimer “TM & © Todd and Clare. All Rights Reserved.”
  • A random selection of photos of the women on Toddandclare.com website were investigated to see if they correspond to legitimate users of the site. The investigation revealed that the photos have been obtained from other sites on the Internet, have been slightly cropped, and have been mirrored left to right, a known technique to prevent reverse image search services, such as Google’s Reverse Image Search, from locating the true origin of an image.
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Also, thanks to Redditors who’ve been closely following this case, we now know a clear picture of T&C and who they are tied to. The timeline of events in the image below are directly from a WikiLeaks response to these allegations, titled: Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russian spy


Since this information began circulating, David Soloff has set his Twitter to “protected,” which prevents the public from viewing any of his tweets.


As Zero Hedge points out, with Julian Assange spearheading the Podesta leaks, which have revealed and highlighted many shady dealings of both the Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation, it is highly unlikely that it’s a coincidence a Clinton connected group shares the same address of the smear pushing front.

As for the Daily Kos, who is responsible for spreading these lies, they’ve since had to retract their story, noting:

I wrote this blog post yesterday based on a report filed with the UN, and I collated further information posted elsewhere over the past week or so. (Wikileaks tweeted a link to the report 7 days ago.) I’ve deleted the post because the evidence was fabricated.

Oddly enough, the same people who now hate Julian Assange, all loved him when he exposed the crimes of the Republicans. However, now that he’s making Clinton out to be nothing more than a globalist criminal, they’ve magically changed their minds.

The two party paradigm is working like a charm — forcing Americans on both sides of the spectrum to continue to deny reality.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • john smith

    So in short hillary clinton linked company was caught with child porn..?!?

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  • TangledWeb

    What was that quote about when they go low we go higher? The opposite of the truth as usual! When they go low killery wiggles back into the slime on her belly. This woman stinks to high heaven. I am incredulous. I was behind obama, i was totally fooled by the con man … however this time i will not be hoodwinked and the victim of another forked-tongued candidate who (behind the fancy rhetoric and false face) has no intention to help the average american. No indeedy. She evidently serves the rapacious so-called-elite, those that are screwing us. Trump is not a good choice in normal circumstances, but when one does deep research from a multitude of sources that lay behind the main stream propaganda curtains then clintons true character and evil intentions are revealed and thus as a paycheck-to-paycheck worker i have come to what seems to be a sad conclusion. Trump is the lesser evil by far, he is the only choice. Sad but true. Her hatred and provoking and lying regarding russia is so very dangerous. She could make the cuban missile crisis look like a walk in the park …

    • jester

      In this case, my friend, given how you feel, I’d ask that you go third
      party–whether that means Johnson, Stein, or someone completely
      different. I don’t care for Trump and I despise H. Clinton. I’m pretty
      sure that she’ll win (especially since she has neocons such as Cheney,
      Kagan, and even Wolfowitz behind her). Personally, I’m voting for Stein.
      I like the Greens and I’d like to see them get 5% of the vote so that
      the FEC says that they’re legitimate enough to receive federal funding
      next time around. That said, I’d also love to see the Libertarians get
      funding and some credit (even if I don’t agree with a lot of their
      viewpoints) because I think it’s important that these alternative views
      get some airtime, and not just the binary reality show of the Dems and
      the GOP.

      • Hydejustice

        Youre wrong, ofcourse

        • jester

          Oh, thank goodness that Hydejustice is here to validate my opinion!

          Everyone! Everyone, please stop what you’re doing and pay attention! My opinion is wrong. Hydejustice is here and has made everything right in the world!

          Hydejustice, I’d respect you more, no, I’d have respect for you at all if you’d even tried to tell me why I’m wrong. If you can’t even give me that courtesy, then I’ll treat you with the same courtesy you’ve shown me.

          Let’s try it: move along now, you child of the internet. How’d I do?

          • Hydejustice

            Why waste my time, youve spent, no wasted ten minutes being offended.
            Youre viewing this emotionaly, sound judgement is not rooted in illogical emotions.
            That being said, im not wasting my time being a pawn for the establishment, spreading their discontent to oppress votes.
            So in short, youre wrong….OFCOURSE

          • jester

            Here’s the thing, Hydejustice: I’m not even sure what you’re arguing about. As such, I’m not offended. How can I be offended when your points are not clear? Not only is “Youre wrong, ofcourse” not a valid viewpoint, it’s not even good grammar. So please excuse me if it’s hard for me to take you seriously.

            You say you’re “not wasting [your] time being a pawn for the establishment.” In my view, neither am I. I’ve made it perfectly clear who I’m voting for. You haven’t said a word. Who are you voting for? If you’re voting for Clinton or Trump, then you are voting for the establishment, because like it or not, Trump is part of the establishment and Clinton most certainly is.

            Would you please do us all a favor and elaborate upon your point of view? If you say something dumb like “Youre wrong” or “why bother” or anything other than something concrete and clear then I will be done with you because it will be apparent that you have no idea how to communicate.

            ANSWER THIS: Who are you voting for and why?

          • Hydejustice

            The only candidate that has, and continues to expose the rat fcks in the establishment.
            The only one who has turned the conversation to middle class concerns, whose held every member who has opposed him accountable to how they have screwed the American people.
            I will be voting for Trump, because I will be eternally grateful for what he has changed and exposed, hes not even win yet.
            He will win, because the montra in the media can no longer discourage most of those in the voting public.
            He will win because , too many people are aware of how they have been screwed, and have felt loss from the very policies she has been promoting since hillary care in 1992.
            She carries no message of positive growth, only fear.
            People want action, they want people held accountable,
            There is no other person offering that.

          • wordscanhelp

            yes, lots of jargon and slogans, but whehe the actual content?

      • TangledWeb

        Believe me jester, i have much contemplated your words … indeed, and i thank you for them; however as much as i do like stein and the greens i hope (yes possibly naively and in vain) that trump can beat hillary (thats figuratively not literally … or is it both!?!).

        So i will be voting trump. ultimately it is all a gamble eh…

        Incidentally, due to health reasons, i have not been able to have a good drink for a few years now, but my wife and i will get hammered if Clingon should lose …. actually we will thus indulge if she wins too, drown our sorrows that this nation has sunk into the hands of a devious venemous war mongering elite serving hoare who happens to be an oscar performing bloody psychopath at core.


  • disqus_75khJZ6RgX

    excuse me….which emails make her out to be a “globalist criminal”? Please link me to these……I have read MANY of the leaked emails, including one linked by this website but I dont see the BOMBSHELL claimed…..TFTP is not about free EDUCATED FACTUALLY thought…….

    • Edison Carter

      Clinton Foundation. In the debates last night she said 90% of their money goes to help people, it is more like 5%. They take money from Saudi Arabia knowing they were behind ISIS/ISIL.

    • Hydejustice

      Her transcripts to the speeches made to Wall Street Overseas banks, and Golman Sachs.

    • Aquastar

      Then you didn’t read her comments about open borders.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Just. damning. And NO surprise, as Alinksy TOLD them decades ago how to ‘win’ at all costs. And HE learned from Capone…And LENIN.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Just. damning. And NO surprise, as Alinsky told them how to ‘win’ at all costs decades ago. And HE learned from Capone….and LENIN too….

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk


  • Arthur Morel

    It is scary how awful the Destroy and Smear Machine is for people like Assange. We should hold accountable these dirty tricksters.

    If toddandclare.com was legitimate that website would not have clamed up like they have. I personally detest web sites that do not show any real contact information, actual live contacts via phone or chat and not showing bios of founders and employees. Also a direct contact is always desirable.

    If you go to their website toddandclare.com , This is their banner:

    We Stand United Against Wikileaks Unlawful Attacks on Us

  • Wendy H

    Here is a really weird part— put 645 7th St San Francisco in the google search engine and go to street view— zoom way in- 3 gray buildings next to each other. Zoom from across the street- totally different set of storefront buildings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. BTW- Leave Julian Assange alone you sociopathic bullies.