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BREAKING: UN to Free Assange, Final Ruling Says ‘Arbitrary Detention’ Must End


In a stunning win for Wikileaks, London and Stockholm must end the ‘arbitrary detention’ of the organization’s founder Julian Assange after the United Nations rejected an appeal by the U.K. of a previous ruling as “not admissible.”

“Now that all appeals are exhausted I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free,” Assange said in a statement following the ruling. “It is an obvious and grotesque injustice to detain someone for six years who hasn’t even been charged with an offence.”

In February, the U.N.’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention found Assange to be arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London due to actions of both Britain and Sweden, and each government should ensure the Wikileaks founder’s human rights. Today, the U.N. wrote in a statement:

“The UN expert group also considered four requests for review of previous opinions, submitted by the Arab Republic of Egypt, the State of Kuwait and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Working Group concluded that the requests did not meet the threshold of a review as enshrined in paragraph 21 of its methods of work, and that they were thus not admissible.”

A press release from Justice for Assange on the ruling states:

“Earlier this year the United Nations concluded the 16 month long case to which the UK was a party. The UK lost, appealed, and today – lost again. The UN instructed the UK and Sweden to take immediate steps to ensure Mr. Assange’s liberty, protection, and enjoyment of fundamental human rights. No steps have been taken, jeopardising Mr. Assange’s life, health and physical integrity, and undermining the UN system of human rights protection.

“Now, the United Nations has found that the United Kingdom’s request for review of this decision (filed on March 24) was inadmissible; the United Kingdom has now reached the end of the road in its attempt to overturn the ruling. As a member of the Security Council and the United Nations Human Rights Council, the United Kingdom must respect its commitment to the United Nations, and release Mr. Assange immediately. Now, more than ever, moral leadership is required; maintaining Mr. Assange’s effective detention (which stands at six years as of 7 December, 2016) will only serve to green light future abuses against defenders of free speech and human rights.”

While the ruling would theoretically grant Assange the freedom to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy for the first time in years, the push to have him extradited to the United States leaves him in a precarious position.

In fact, rumors have swirled about Assange from the time the Government of Ecuador terminated his Internet connection after U.S. pressure implied Wikileaks’ publishing of a massive cache of emails relating to Hillary Clinton were interfering the presidential election. There were immediate concerns for Assange’s safety and fears he could have been surreptitiously taken into custody — but a brief appearance in the Embassy window alleviated that concern.

More recently, anomalous tweets from Wikileaks’ official Twitter account sparked another public investigation into whether the publishing organization had been compromised. Assange only recently gave an audio interview, again quelling an increasingly worried public.

Assange still faces potential charges of rape in Sweden — but no complaint has yet been filed. Most notably, he faces extradition to the United States — where it is widely believed he would be charged with espionage.

Now, Julian Assange has the unimpeded right to walk away from the Ecuadorian Embassy that has graciously provided asylum to the arbitrarily detained Wikileaks founder without fear of being arrested and taken into custody — at least theoretically.

Without grounds for further appeal, the British and Swedish governments are left without tangible justification for continuing to tacitly force Assange to remain secreted inside his haven in London.

But it remains to be seen what, precisely, will happen next.

  • eagtle

    bout time!!!

  • Star Borchardt

    I believe he should be freed, I am so happy for him. I must say I fear for his safety once he walks out the door. Be safe Julian, be safe.

    • tiffani.cherry

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    • Candice White

      I hope this POS gets just what he deserves.

      • thoughtbird

        Hmm.. the Nobel Peace Prize for starters. Then TIME Person of the Year.

        And he should receive compensation for his 6 lost years being essentially detained under threat of his life by three state governments: US,Sweden, UK. I think they should each pay him 10million dollars for each missed year so that is…$180 million.

        Then he deserves the Pulitzer and various other awards for exemplary work in journalism. he also deserves some sort of world prize for saving civilisation as we know it…or trying to, when the rest of us were pretty much sitting around leaving dim comments on political websites.

        • Alom Fox


        • Magdalene

          In a world where real journalism has all but disappeared, Julian Assange & WikiLeaks risked everything to bring us the truth about corruption and criminal activity in governments around the world. We should all be aware that the USA has been prosecuting whistleblowers with the espionage act; which does not permit them to give a defense in their own behalf. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden & Bradley “Chelsea” Manning are all charged with this act. Most recently, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Deia Schlosberg, was arrested and charged with multiple felonies for filming at Standing Rock. She faces 45 years in jail. (10 years MORE than the Espionage Act) Amy Goodman was also arrested, but the charges were thrown out in court. Indigenous film maker named Myron Dewey was also charged and his drone confiscated for gathering footage of pipeline construction near the Standing Rock reservation. A few days ago, journalist/activist Barret Brown was released from prison. Jailed for repeating the threats made about Julian Assange in front of an FBI agent while they raided his home looking for leaked information. Private Manning, serving a 35 yr. sentence for exposing war crimes; Edward Snowden in exile for warning us about mass surveillance. The lists go on and on; yet Hillary Clinton used her position as SoS to enrich her foundation & herself by selling weapons and permits in exchange for donations, set up a private, illegal server in her home and we now know that at least 5 countries intercepted classified materials and SAP’s from her hacked emails. If anyone else had done that; their ass would be behind bars right now. Yes we must #FreeJulianAssange by granting him a full pardon in the USA.

      • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

        sick low energy Liberal.

    • Paschn

      With very good reason. When you consider the literally tens of thousands
      of sub-human Israeli-trained filth killing us under color of “law”,
      it’s not a very big leap to one blowing him away because he “feared
      for his promotion”.

    • Steve Rusk

      His involuntary confinement has protected him till now, now the question is: How quickly will America abduct and torture him or will it be an outright assassination? You know it’s coming, I expect that he knows as well. America doesn’t like it when their despicable deeds are exposed for all to see.

      • nichellemckeown

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  • john smith

    but a brief appearance in the Embassy window alleviated that concern.
    calling BS

  • Alom Fox

    It’d be cool to watch him walk out the front gates, time will only tell.

  • teamatomic

    just shoot the asshole next time his ferret face pops up.

    • stephenverchinski

      Sounds just like a faithful Democrat

      • Doran Zeigler

        How do you figure this guy is a Democrat? Let’s not generalize, gentlemen. Labels as such are meaningless. Words like callous, sociopathic, psychopathic, cruel, and hateful are more appropriate.

      • Two Americas

        No, a conservative it looks like.

        • Magdalene

          Maybe it’s HRC? lol

    • JDJ Lies

      Nice to see the violent hate face of the Democrats show so clearly for the world to see what trash you really are. Projecting violent fascists hell bent on dominating the world. Thanks for your post.

    • mark rafferty

      i thought we beat your type back in 1945..

  • Jonny Alpha

    Not going to happen. If he leaves he will be arrested and charged with jumping bail. Which, whatever the other issues, he is guilty of.
    Don’t forget we have a right wing harriden in charge of Britain at the moment.

  • If I was Assange, I’d be calling Putin right looking for lodging. Once he’s out of the embassy, he’s available for a ‘rendition’. DrEd

  • LieutenantM
  • Chrystal Myghty

    I hope somebody takes this criminal anarchist Russian stooge out. Drone him!

    • stephenverchinski

      Sounds just like a modern McCarthyite

      • Doran Zeigler

        Sounds like a Hillary clone when she stated, “Can’t we just drone him?” Someone who uses an ersatz Jesus image as his icon is in need of more than spiritual help. He makes a mockery of the Christian teachings he thinks he is practicing. But, that would be par for the course as most Christians are flaming hypocrites.

    • mark rafferty

      Jesus was a fag with his 12 lovers, deal with it, PS You’re thick and should have studied more.

      • tvsgael2

        Fag? Lose the hate dialog.

        • mark rafferty

          No hate here, just facts……

      • Magdalene

        You should have studied; he married Mary Magdalene.

        • mark rafferty

          Yeah, and a snake told Eve to eat an apple, go away you twit and get a life.

    • tvsgael2

      Is that a picture of Jesus?

      • Doran Zeigler

        I didn’t know pictures of Jesus existed. The picture is what idiotic Christians would hope Jesus looked like. Very white, serene, and with the features of a matinee idol. Fake, like the religion.

      • No, it’s Dave Gahan – lead singer of Depeche Mode.

    • Magdalene

      Please change that avatar photo. Making a mockery of Jesus and his teachings is not cool.

  • Assange has rightfully exposed all the anarchist politicians and their dirty deeds. Kudos to him.
    Those who don’t agree with what he has done, most likely admire the lying; dishonest; greedy; murderous; hypocritical; self serving politicians.

    • mark rafferty

      Anarchist ! what are you talking about. You perhaps mean; fascist.

      • Use whatever adjective you prefer…..

        • Doran Zeigler

          How about using the correct adjective rather than what you prefer. Anarchist definitely doesn’t fill the bill. I only wish all of our politicians were anarchists. But, then again, if they were, they wouldn’t be politicians.

        • mark rafferty

          They are “Nouns” ! Really, stop dragging your knuckles around and afford yourself an education before you make cretinous mistakes…… If ever a username fitted so well……

          • You sound very aggressive and nasty…..proud of yourself ?

          • mark rafferty

            As it happens, perhaps “Aggressive and Nasty” is a fair description of my comment and no I’m not proud to be such. I apologise unreservedly, my comment was un-necessary and plain un-exceptable. Sincerely.

          • Thank you, your apology is accepted and appreciated. Happy New Year!

  • tvsgael2

    I hope he has a disappearing plan. He should have one, and expect he will vanish as soon as he leaves the Embassy. I’m sure Wiki has a new hideout place for him to live. Extradition is easier through for the U.S., who could file the charges and have the U.K. find him, so Julian, do find a good place to hide. There are a couple of places that don’t extradite. Maybe their will be good.

  • I’m all for it, but this is a UN ruling… so… whatever that’s worth.

  • Nah nah nah


  • Magdalene

    Where is the photo of that “brief appearance in the Embassy window” that alleviated concerns? During the most recent audio interview – where he provided “proof of life” by discussing Castro’s death – he was asked why he did not come to the embassy window and he made it clear that he did not want to set a precedent for “obvious reasons”. No where on the Internet is ANYONE discussing or displaying any such information about said appearance. WHY ARE YOU?

  • Ann Marie

    It is high time that this man gets his freedom all because someone wanted power? Be safe Julian Assange !