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Assange: A Vote for Hillary Clinton is a ‘Vote for Endless, Stupid War’ Which Spreads Terrorism

(RT) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spoken out against US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her a “war hawk with bad judgment” who gets an “emotional rush out of killing people.”

“A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war,” Assange wrote via the @wikileaks Twitter account on Tuesday.

He added that he has “years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgment and will push the United States into endless wars which spread terrorism.”

Assange also highlighted Clinton’s “poor policy decisions,” which he said have “directly contributed” to the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Stating that Clinton went above the heads of Pentagon generals when it came to Libya, he wrote: “Libya has been destroyed. It became a haven for ISIS. The Libyan national armory was looted and hundreds of tons of weapons were transferred to jihadists in Syria.”

He went on to state that Clinton did not learn from her mistakes, and set out to repeat history in Syria.

“Having learned nothing from the Libyan disaster Hillary then set about trying do the same in Syria. Hillary’s war has increased terrorism, killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians and has set back women’s rights in the Middle East by hundreds of years,” he wrote.

Referring to a CBS interview with Clinton in 2011, Assange expressed his disgust with her after she became “wild-eyed” and “publicly took credit for the destruction of the Libyan state,” gloating that “We came, we saw, he (Muammar Gaddafi) died!”

“In the momentary thrill of the kill, she had aped, of all people, Julius Caesar,” Assange wrote.

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He concluded by saying that Clinton “shouldn’t be let near a gun shop, let alone an army. And she certainly should not become president of the United States.”

But despite Assange’s loathing for Clinton, she is still in contention to win the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in November.

Assange wrote the memo from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been holed up for over three years after being granted asylum in order to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces sexual assault allegations. From Sweden, the WikiLeaks founder fears he would be extradited to the US for publishing classified US military and diplomat documents in 2010 – a move which amounted to the largest information leak in United States history.

Last week, a United Nations panel ruled that Assange has been “arbitrarily detained” in the embassy in London, and called on the UK and Sweden to end the deprivation of his liberty. Assange called the ruling “a victory that cannot be denied,”stating that the UK and Sweden had “lost at the highest level.”

However, both the UK and Sweden rejected the UN panel’s ruling. A British government spokesman said it “changed nothing,” while Sweden questioned the UN’s legal competence when it comes to “issues related to fugitives’ self-confinement, such as asylum and extradition.”

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    • i don’t watch main stream media. which is nothing more than an entertainment sites. full of propaganda, only to get ratings. no more truth

    • It really don’t matter..


    • There are plenty of things we can laugh back about. America is not always wrong and the majority is not always right.

  • US presidential is a joke. First you get father and son, then potentially husband and wife…..telling the masses what to foolishly do.

    • …and so imagine how bad it is in Australia where I am, being the US state by proxy and a minion of these fools

    • We’re not that bad yet Michael. Just remember which party has led us into illegal wars with the U.S. for the past sixty years and never vote for them again.

  • i believe it…look at all the bodies left behind her and clintons rise to the whitehouse.

  • How can people be so nieve to vote for this Warhawk of a Women who is willing to let your sons and daughters go into batlle to protect global corporations!

  • which is why i am voting for Sanders. Just for the off chance that in some way he will keep his promise to not engage in any senseless wars. Maybe i am foolish for having faith but its better than sitting on my ass doing nothing.

    • and you are doing what exactly? Like i said maybe im wrong about him. If i am. It will be very clear to me that not a single presidential candidate is worth voting for.

    • but you sir are not contributing in any way.

    • I don’t trust any politician anymore. Obama was the end of my rope as far as that goes. I made the mistake of believing what he said and I won’t do it again for Bernie or any other candidate. I like what Bernie says so he’ll get my vote but he won’t get my trust. It all sounds good. Do I believe it? No, but I sure as hell don’t want Hillary in office.

  • “Eat me”

  • Yep…but I think endless war is the new norm…welcome to 1984…

  • It would be like Thatcher on crack with more armoury to know what to do with it. ” ahh who can we bomb today” this women gets in to power the world as we know it will go up in smoke.

  • Bernie Sanders for president

  • Cut back on war.

  • more anti-Hilary garbage designed to split the democratic vote and put a GOP TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT in charge of our country.

    • As opposed to a Democratic authoritarian government?

    • Lol they all want to go to war with russia… doesn’t matter what puppet is on the hand, the same hand makes the moves.

    • The voting system doesn’t work this way, does it?
      Don’t Hillary and Bernie stand against each, then the winner competes against the GOP candidate?

  • She was under sniper fire once.
    Oh wait. That’s right
    She wasn’t.

  • …smart guy.

  • It doesn’t matter who votes for whom, she has been chosen.. Watch it happen…

  • I call her #Killary

  • Considering how stable and experienced Hillary is, there sure are a lot of people out there to torpedo her. Your hatchet jobs are much more helpful with Trump and Cruz who are both very dangerous.

    • I’ve never feared a Democrat as much as I do Hillary. She’s pure evil and plans to strip this country of its Red, White and Blue.

    • Matt Jarolimek I think you owe us your reasons…. examples of pure evil and plans to strip the country of three colors. Moreover I don’t see you have on your public profile anything to show you have any experience or education to substantiate any expertise.

    • LOL, make sure you have a label!

    • Otherwise, I must not believe you. Glad that was brainwashed into the public. Also glad I don’t need glasses to see the obvious with the liars that are running for president. I am not going to do your homework to be informed, I’ll leave that to you.

    • Greg. A history degree. 20 years of small business ownership. 10 years Democrat affiliate. 9 years Republican. 4 years realizing they don’t represent us (working class) anymore. Hillary wants World Banks and World Government and that’s where I draw the line. I’ve read more political science books than I need too to know where we’re headed. She’s just going to get us there a lot faster than the rest.
      Greg, the only way we’re going to beat the downfall of America is to quit defending these sociopaths and take back our country. That is, if you’re part of the working class and respect what the founding fathers intended for this country.
      You’re stuck in the democrat vs. republican game and haven’t realized it’s Americans vs. politicians.
      Stop reading the Internet for your education.
      Judging by your profile, I didn’t make a lick of sense to you. It was worth a try. The two party system is a two headed monster.

    • Greg Byron, as a journalist, you seem not to ack or speak as one, impartial, that is the key word, and buddy, you ain,t.

  • I love how Facebook tags this as “Hillary Clinton – Relevant” with an upward sign, but when you link something about Bernie Sanders, it doesn’t.

    I wonder, might there have been some political influence behind this?


  • It’s true.

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  • By the posts it looks like the pretend left is done with Assange.

  • As I recall our downfall
    And the business that burned us all
    See through the news and the views that twist reality “ratm – 1991”

  • its a sexual rush

  • Since when does Julian Assange’s opinion matter?

  • #NoWeaponsAcrossBorders.

  • Oh– a War Hawk. I thought he said “Wart Hog.”

  • Agreed , I’m Australian born n breed and live here in Australia so I’m not bias and don’t care what happens to America really , but an outside view , Hilary is evil , as are all of them ! Trump is a loose cannon but in my opinion seems to have direction and a decent plan and doesn’t use the words terrorism and war in every sentance as a scare tactic ! I think the whole world knows who ever is in the president seat won’t have any effect on the wars , America has been at war 100 out of 120 years with different countries so they aunt going to stop now , and while there is uranium gold opium and oil to go and take America will ‘re.ain in wars , it’s obvious that some one higher then the president is controlling the wars that’s obvious to outsiders like me , , I’d vote trump and keep the pressure on him to go through with his pre election promises

    • The war is on water in the U.S. Oil and Gold are not going to mean shit if the water supply keeps getting poisoned the way it is. A human cannot live a week without water. Nothing is ever going to matter if the water is gone! George W. Bush bought 300,000 acres in Paraguay, the water supply. He’s expecting it to happen so he can make his money. So, war? War on water is more like it.

    • Eh mate, I agree with much of what you said, but really you’d pick Trump over Sanders??

    • Payam Khodakhah I just haven’t seen enough of him , we get a fair bit of American news but he is rarely in it

    • maybe the government is planning to do what Japan China do and just use desalination plants to purify the salt water ( we do it here in some places of Australia when in drought ) and the water price goes through the roof 🙁 , just another scam to steal our money :l

  • Well he definitely isn’t wrong

  • Do I really care what Assange thinks! He is so critical and also has poor judgement. Why is he hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy?

  • It’s the exact same for trump too

  • Or any of the republicrats. They all want to pick a fight with russia. Ww3 here we come!

  • That is one of many reasons that I will not vote for her!

  • don’t think Bernie will be much better

  • Make Love, Not War.

  • wronggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Too true !! evil warmongering corrupted puppet, the husband isn’t any better. They need a public health safety warning strapped around straight jackets

  • Honestly though, let’s all make believe for a second that this election isn’t real. Think of it as a big LARP where you give politicians your money, and in return they say some vague trigger words that make you get all tingly downstairs but don’t really say anything at all. They give your money to large media corporations who lie to you and make you believe you’re actually a part of the play. They lie to you to make you afraid. Afraid of the people who don’t look like you or speak your language. They make you afraid of places that you’ve never been, or ways of thinking that you’ve never considered. They lie to you and make you believe that your way is the only way, and those who are different are the enemy and whose sole purpose in life is to kill you. They make you afraid that if you don’t participate in this charade known as an election that the other guy will send your children straight to Hell. One more vote, one more dollar… that’s all they need and they can fix it all. They can make everything awesome.

    But hiding in the wings, are the people who give the politicians way more money than you and they make the rules. In return, the politicians make promises that they can do whatever they want to their slaves and there’s nothing the slaves can do about it. You and I are the slaves. The politicians use cops and the IRS to force your extortion from the barrel of a gun. They’re paid off by the companies that make the drugs, that make the guns, that make the televisions and the cars and the oil and the bombs. They’re paid by the companies that make the prisons and the shackles in return for a promise that the prisons will always be full. They get fictional money from a private company, and then they charge the slaves interest on it that they can never pay off. A Ponzy scheme. The entire purpose of the play is to make slavery legal, and the slaves so distracted and fighting each other that they’d rather argue about who makes the shackles than why the shackles exist to begin with.

    But that’s just crazy talk.

    • It sure is crazy talk. How dare you think like that! LOL! Crazy, crazy, crazy!

    • You said it my friend

  • He left out ignorant cunt

  • A vote for ANY of the TWO PARTY CANDIDATES is a vote for endless war

  • yep.

  • Hillary is a antagonist a d a liar to her core!

  • Yes, Americans often take advice from a wanna-be thieving world leader who can’t even go outside because, you know, he’s well-qualified to be the judge of what is secret and what is not .

  • Look at her mouth! She does always press her lips on each other. She is very angry. Like she is hiding in her mouth the words she actually wants to say, but won’t do it for strategic reasons. That’s really an angry mouth. And angry people might do angry things. Sometimes she smiles. But that’s also not a genuine smile. That’s a devilish smile. An artificial, scornful or almost threatening smile. Maybe she is that angry because Bill cheated on her with a younger woman. Such things can make wives very angry. She surely felt humiliated, and now she wants to prove that she is mightier than Bill. That she is not just the cheated on woman. She wants to get back her reputation. She isn’t interested in the wellbeing of the American people. She is only interested in her reputation. So it seems to me.

  • Same with trump

  • BTW, which American president won’t prosecute Assange? Is there anybody? I suppose Trump will personally waterboard him and then nail him onto the Washington Monument. Clinton… what are her plans? And the others? Is there anybody who would be a good choice regarding Assange?

    • I truly believe Bernie is for us and freedom , he’s not the unicorn most people have been claiming , his entire history for the past 30 years shows he’s for the people ! So i believe Bernie would exonerate assange! On the merit of governmental transparency

    • But I suppose he won’t win it. Or is there a chance?

    • Ashford Baksh Did Assange ever say anything about the rape accusations? His point of view? Does he think he is guilty, more or less?

    • Me thinks this rape accusation against Assange, is a ploy to get him into Switzerland, so the American lakies could nab him.

    • Blair Martin To Sweden, not Switzerland. But I have googled for the matter and found an article which contains much more details than anybody ever wants to know. LOLOL. The Amercians surely want to get him, but I don’t think there was any ploy or Honeytrap. (Though, nobody knows if Sweden would deliver Assange to the US if asked.) To me it seems these woman were just very angry, when they discovered that Assange didn’t truly love them, and that he had sex with the other woman, too. They agreed in sex because they thought he was interested in them. And maybe he was really interested in them. Maybe he really loved them for a while. He surely did. But both the weather and love can be very variable. And these women surely felt exploited when they realized that they weren’t the only affair he had – as every woman feels terrible if she discovers such things. They were surely also sad and disappointed. Maybe they had even hoped for a long lasting relationship? A marriage? But in any case, sex doesn’t become rape because of a broken or missing condom. That’s not the criterion. And being a rude and insensitive lover isn’t a crime. Maybe Assange has a problem with bulding up true relationships to people? Maybe he is afraid of steady realtionships to women? Or maybe he is simply used to roving all over the world, never staying for long at one place. And I would say, it’s the fault of these Swedish women themselvers. They slept with Assange and didn’t resist, maybe because he looks cute. They didn’t stop him. They didn’t ask for a marriage first. And then they are disappointed if he leaves them. But that’s not rape. Maybe that’s very mean, but not more than that. ttp://www.theguardian.com/media/2010/dec/17/julian-assange-sweden

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>
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  • That woman is a psychopath, any psychologist can say it by simply examining pictures of her face, sge is mad crazy.

  • She has been hanging around with George Bush lately.

  • She is just another puppet of the Rothschild’s world order. A bitch of the bankers and a bought and paid for whore of Monsanto…

  • He looks like Ellen D. with no makeup on

  • and, a vote for hillary is a vote for more bank fees, more spying, more GMOs, and more money for walmart

  • He is my hero

  • This froma suspected rapist!!!

  • Assange could do the job of being the American president.

  • As is a vote for any of them…

  • Rachael Dean

  • Yep

  • Julian is a King

  • You’ll get that anyway I’m afraid.

  • Votes are irrelevant.

  • No matter who is president the wars will continue, it’s been repeated through history by every empire.

  • Republicans should be on board with this if true, right?

  • Julian Assange is an Austrlian computer programmer, publisher, journalist and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks. Why should I care what he thinks?

  • Select her.

  • The man gave up his freedom to expose truths around the war mongering elite that continues to profit from war and death! Get a life and do a little research all u sheeple!

  • That bitch should be behind bars

  • Yes I have to agree with Assange on this one! Its a continuation of what we got with Bush and Obama! its time to end this bs and arrest these criminals!!

  • Look into her eyes, you see absolute EVIL!!

  • Finally someone said it!

  • he should be assinnatted

  • What does assinnatted mean? It sounds rather intimate.

    • sorry for the spelling police [ASSASSINATE]

    • Trying to clean house and type

    • sorry, I misunderstood your suggestion, I was all for assinnating him but not sure I would go for assassination, I was thinking maybe we just put him in jail for espionage once he gets out of jail for rape.

    • kill him

    • R u up for skiing this year?

    • treason is punishable by death

    • maybe worried about my back

  • I really can’t think of time when i so am so less enthused about any of them. Actually more like disgusted. They all are huge fuckikng assholes who are hell bent on sending our Military on forever wars where ever they can convince the American sheep they need to go kill someone. fuck that.

  • No, that’s the Bush family