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Audit Reveals the Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Dollars Has Gone

Washington, D.C. – A new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, released last week, has left Americans stunned at the jaw-dropping lack of accountability and oversight. The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by the Fiscal Times.

The Pentagon, which has been notoriously lax in its accounting practices, has never completed an audit, would reveal how the agency has specifically spent the trillions of dollars allocated for wars, equipment, personnel, housing, healthcare and procurements allotted to them by Congress.

Beginning in 1996 all federal agencies were mandated by law to conduct regular financial audits. However, the Pentagon has NEVER complied with that federal law. In 20 years, it has never accounted for the trillions of dollars in taxpayer funds it has spent, in part because “fudging” the numbers has become standard operating procedure at the Department of Defense, as revealed in a 2013 Reuters investigation by Scot Paltrow.

According to the report by the Fiscal Times:

“An increasingly impatient Congress has demanded that the Army achieve “audit readiness” for the first time by Sept. 30, 2017, so that lawmakers can get a better handle on military spending. But Pentagon watchdogs think that may be mission impossible, and for good reason…

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the behemoth Indianapolis-based agency that provides finance and accounting services for the Pentagon’s civilian and military members, could not provide adequate documentation for $6.5 trillion worth of year-end adjustments to Army general fund transactions and data.

The DFAS has the sole responsibility for paying all DOD military and personnel, retirees and annuitants, along with Pentagon contractors and vendors. The agency is also in charge of electronic government initiatives, including within the Executive Office of the President, the Department of Energy and the Departing of Veterans Affairs.”

While there is nothing in the IG’s report specifying that the money has been stolen, the mere fact that the Pentagon can’t account for how it spent the money reveals a potentially far greater problem than simple theft alone.

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For every transaction, a so-called “journal voucher” that provides serial numbers, transaction dates and the amount of the expenditure is supposed to be produced. The report specifies that the agency has done such a poor job in providing documentation of their transactions, that there is no way to actually know how $6.5 trillion dollars has been spent. Essentially, the government has no way of knowing how the Pentagon has spent the trillions of taxpayer dollars allocated by Congress for national defense.

In turn, employees of the DFAS were routinely told by superiors to take “unsubstantiated change actions” commonly referred to as “plugging” the numbers. These “plugs” – which amounted to falsifying financial records – were then used to create the appearance that the military’s financial data matched that of the U.S. Treasury Department’s numbers when discrepancies in the financial data couldn’t be accounted for, according to the Reuters investigation.

According to that Reuters investigation:

“For two decades, the U.S. military has been unable to submit to an audit, flouting federal law and concealing waste and fraud totaling billions of dollars.

Linda Woodford spent the last 15 years of her career inserting phony numbers in the U.S. Department of Defense’s accounts.

Every month until she retired in 2011, she says, the day came when the Navy would start dumping numbers on the Cleveland, Ohio DFAS…. Using the data they received, Woodford and her fellow accountants there set about preparing monthly reports to square the Navy’s books with the U.S. Treasury’s…. And every month, they encountered the same problem. Numbers were missing. Numbers were clearly wrong. Numbers came with no explanation of how the money had been spent or which congressional appropriation it came from.”

While many of the problems occurred due to bookkeeping errors rather than actual financial losses, the DFAS has failed to provide the necessary tracking information essential to performing an accurate audit of Pentagon spending and obligations, according to the IG’s report.

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“Army and Defense Finance and Accounting Service Indianapolis personnel did not adequately support $2.8 trillion in third quarter adjustments and $6.5 trillion in year-end adjustments made to Army General Fund data during FY 2015 financial statement compilation,” wrote Lorin T. Venable, the assistant inspector general for financial management and reporting. “We conducted this audit in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.”

The Pentagon has a chronic failure to keep track of its money – how much it has, how much it pays out and how much is wasted or stolen. Adding to the appearance of impropriety is the fact that thousands of documents that should be on file have been removed and disappeared without any reasonable explanation.

DFAS “did not document or support why the Defense Departmental Reporting System . . . removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million records during Q3 FY 2015. As a result, the data used to prepare the FY 2015 AGF third quarter and year-end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail,” according to the IG’s report stated.

The accounting errors and manipulated numbers, though obviously problems in their own right, highlight a far greater problem for the Defense Department than only bad recording keeping and wasteful spending habits. In reality, they are a representation of the poor decision-making, and lack of oversight and accountability that plague our nation’s government as a whole.

While the Department of Defense can’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, in 2014 there were 47 million people, including over 15 million children, living in poverty in the U.S. – %15 of the U.S. population, which is the largest total number in poverty since records began being kept 52 years ago.

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Please share this story if you are appalled by the fact that there are Americans that are homeless and hungry, including U.S. combat veterans — while the government is unable to account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

We got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor – Tupac Shakur

  • Razedbywolvs

    Last time this happened Rumsfeld put a cruise missile into the accounting department of the Pentagon.
    -9 Trillion missing at Federal Reserve.
    -18 billion missing from Iraq.
    -45 billion missing from Afghanistan.
    -550 billion on loans to “foreigners” by the Federal Reserve.
    -43 million on a gas station in Afghanistan.
    -1 million in charges by the Pentagon at Casinos and Strip clubs.
    Every once in a wile they expose were a little of the money goes just to make it look like they intent to fix the problem. It’s a shell game, they aren’t trying to fix shit.

    • Eric Bolt

      that was Dick Fuck his Country Cheney-! trying to protect the 3.9 Trillion Kabbalah Heist-! by his Zionist Kabbalah Terrorist who put him in Office-! Rumsfeld was part like Rowe others

      • Watchin-You

        Nothing compares to the Ass Fucker Obama and the creation of $20 Trillion in debt! So STFU with blaming Cheney for your sore ass. You’re just a fuckin’ troll who lives on meth in any event.

        • whowhatwhywhen

          You sound more like a troll than Eric Bolt, you keyboard warrior!

          • Watchin-You

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          • whowhatwhywhen

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          • whowhatwhywhen

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    • Eric Bolt

      Don’t Forget the 9 Billion still missing from the Veterans Administration-! It is Usually Kabbalah Terrorist who Run this Country–every time-! this in the Midst of a 8 year Federal investigation.

    • gininitaly

      The wicked webs that have been woven on this nation and the American people:

      • Eric Bolt

        There were no passengers on the Missiles that Cheney, sent to those at the pentagon trying to warn bush, of the $3.9 Trillion Heist-! no passenger on the other Drones, every one has been accounted for-! these are Terrorist in Hiding like those who went underground before 9/11-!

    • imagine686868

      Its all about MONEY,,, all wars! YOU my friends are the puppets, and they are the puppeteers behind the curtain and above the stage pulling all the strings. God Bless America,,, home of the free??

    • Faye Vance

      Let’s not forget the trillions lost by the State Department when Hillary was the head.

    • Jack Pellegrino


  • Bob Btme

    don’t forget the planeload of cash that just went to Iran. How much of that cabbage ended up back in the hands of generals & politicians & bureaucrats. The “war zone” is the best place to rip off the taxpayers, maybe that’s why they’re turning this country into one as well.

    • Eric Bolt

      This after Obama, gave 1/2 the Worlds Foreign aid to Israel- then Stated For ‘America not to worry or fear those in control of you’ like those who put him and every President in office-!

    • Amor Terra

      I’d say a whole bunch of it ended up buying weapons or otherwise funding the “terrorists” that the news spends 24/7 trumping up fear of.

  • Eric Bolt

    9/11 Kabbalah Terrorist, stole the $3.9 Trillion from US Coffers months before 9/11-! then same Zionist Kabbalah 9/11 Terrorist, went underground in their US Military proof Underground bunker City’s-! they sold the 9/11 Properties then, rebuilt their Kabbalah Freedom Tower-! which you Paid for -! they made Movies of Fake 9/11,Hero’s like flight 93 –that never Happened – Sniper a Movie by a Fake American Hero, > Eastwood< who made Fake Sniper Hero, who knew the 9/11 Kabbalah Terrorist, were at Home in America-! like Kabbalahwood-! they have since stole many more Trillions from American coffers- RECALL POTUS OBAMA, STATED 'AMERICA DOES NOT NEED TO WORRY OR FEAR THOSE IN CONTROL-! ' LIKE TERRORIST DICK CHENEY, WHO SENT HIS MISSILE INTO THE PENTAGON TO MURDER THOSE TRYING TO WARN BUSH OF THE $3.9 TRILLION ZIONIST KABBALAH HEIST-! not one 9/11 Terrorist, has been captured, killed, or brought to Justice-! all have retired like 9/11 Terrorist ARS & HCM to mention 2 who's arrest was asked for w/ many others, many times.- to no avail all were promoted into Secret US Military programs-! to lead Christian Patsy's the wrong way-! they have Elected every President w/ out your Vote-! they are selected not elected -!

    • Stephen Coyle

      Shocked that someone seems to understand what is happening. But the problem is changing it .And if you start to change it,they kill you.The only way you change things is to escape the Rothschild bankers,but Saddam ,Gaddafi and Syria tried that.

      • Nameless

        You make it sound like they were running for their lives. Gaddafi had few tones of pure gold (155 I think but not sure) and was working on creating his own gold based currency. A currency that if it came to see the light of day would have buried the US $, experts say. And Saddam made a deal with the Europeans to sell them his country’s oil using the Euro and not the $. The mn the deal went through, economic sanctions against his country were “voted” and implemented. And it all went down hill for him from then on. Those are rather courageous men.

        • Eric Bolt

          ISIS= stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence service-! the same who stole the $3.9 Trillion from US Coffers -! & continue today-! like after WW2

          • Nameless

            That is indeed the right Acronym for that. Thank you so much Eric. Hey Eric, did you know that an Israeli Colonel was captured by probably the Russian or maybe the Syrians few months back that reportedly was wearing the ISIS garb, meaning uniform and was instructing them in their thug-y criminal “feat”? He fully self identified as prisoner of war at the time of capture and gave his captors his ID #, rank and all. And also, I came across an Irish-Palestinian journalist who made a very good observation: He said “if ISIS is a genuine scumbag, how come they have never attacked Isra-Crap, considering the hatred Arabs, supposedly have for joos, as these are next door? INSTEAD, they are killing their very own and with what passion and dedication!!!When I read that, it send chills right through my spine. And I am aware of the grand thefts as I read quite bit about them. Thank you so much Eric!

          • Eric Bolt

            NEED TO SEE IT PLEASE-!

          • Nameless

            “The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade… with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”

            off this: http://journal-neo.org/2015/11/25/israeli-colonel-caught-with-is-pants-down/ and here’s the google page including other articles, some of which copied one another, but apparently a farsi paper might be the first that got the story: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Israeli+Colonel+captured+instructing+ISIS+few+months+back

          • Eric Bolt

            Interesting it never stops

            helps to have CIA money to do the Dirty work of 9/11 Terrorist writing the Patriot Act for Christian America-!

    • Nameless

      I saw a you tube vid a while back that states, that about I think, no less than 5 US Generals were promoted as result of the “success” of 9/11. Tried to find it just now but I guess things like that don’t live for long as they disappear them as soon as they are found out about. I think the vid even alleges that they are the guys who were put in charge of it literally.

      • Eric Bolt



        • Nameless

          I tried to find it but could not. Apparently they cleaned it out. I will keep an eye open for it as, b4, I came across it by pure chance.

          • Eric Bolt

            like I do

        • oh my

          Better edit your post and change your dates 9/11 hadn’t even happened yet in February of 2001! BUSTED!

    • Phil Masse

      I’m with you Eric, the whole 911 thing is a fake, none of it happened. The towers are still there but invisible to sane people. When the fake explosion happened at the Pentagon, Cheney was seen driving away in a Halliburton tractor, wearing a yarmulke, and pulling a large box filled with $6 trillion in small bills.

      • Eric Bolt

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        • James Holloway

          With that you lost all credibility. If you haven’t the guts to have a difference of opinion without resorting to personal attacks then you have NOTHING to offer and you undermine your own premise.

  • Brendon Buttigieg

    That money was stolen by the elite sadly.

    • SecludedCompound

      The money is accounted for, you blithering ninny. It’s literally on a publically available line item ledger.

  • crimsonman

    Great article til you got to the “there are Americans that are homeless and hungry”. Garbage. If anyone is hungry in this country then it’s their fault. I have been to multiple 3rd world countries and the fact is there are no poor people in the United States! We spend more on Welfare than Defense…that’s a fact!


  • crimsonman

    They did not lose the money. They spent the money. They even accounted for the money. They simply did not account for every single transaction in enough detail to satisfy the requirements for a full audit.

    This is not to say everything is fine. It’s not. There’s a vast amount of waste, and quite possibly a vast amount of pork and fraud, likely totally billions over the 16 year period. But the suggestion that $8.5 trillion is missing is ludicrous – again, that’s all the money the Pentagon (which is about half the budget of the DoD) has spent over those 16 years


    • Amor Terra

      How do you NOT have adequate documentation of multiple TRILLIONS of dollars? It’s not like you take a trillion from petty cash and go buy fake rolexes off the back of a truck with no receipt. The money was issued in checks, don’t you suppose? When you put checks into accounting software, you put in what it’s for, don’t you? Invoice or purchase order numbers, the name of the vendor, contract and account numbers, etc. This isn’t misfeasance or incompetence. This is malfeasance, plain and simple. And if any pol actually had the will to follow up on it, they’d find out exactly what all the black ops are and who paid whom for what. But they won’t, because they’re crooks.

      • gininitaly

        Take a look at the 9/11 video I posted 3 days ago above.

    • SecludedCompound

      Thank goodess one person out there doesn’t just beleive clickbait nonsense right off the bat and start blaming the Jews…

    • John Adams

      If you can’t account for 6.5 trillion dollars, then the people handling the money should be sent to jail. I can understand 500 billion or even 1 trillion, but 6.5 trillion being lost in accounting procedures is just bullshit.

  • Robert Farrior

    They must all be removed from power!

  • bedford1

    Imagine running a private business this way. Tax payers should revolt. It is our money and it appears there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY. SHAMEFUL.

  • Amor Terra

    Little fat white ladies who come up short $50k from the church collection plate wind up in jail when this happens. When it happens to $6.5 trillion at the Pentagon, crickets.

    Sounds like what we need to do is tell them that their next appropriation will occur just as soon as they “find” the last trillions that they “lost.”

    • gininitaly

      And btw this is what the FED was up to during the great extractions of the 21rst century, by the NWO that we barely heard a peep about:


    • SecludedCompound

      The simple issue is that this did not actually happen. But you’re pretty quick to believe made up things, so…

      • Amor Terra

        What didn’t actually happen? The money gone unaccounted for? And how would you know this?

        • SecludedCompound

          Because it’s available in line itemized format for public review? It didn’t meat the terms set out by the audit, but it’s all there as public record, and has been for years; the military just wouldn’t go through it and re-itemize for the audit, and the audit wouldn’t do the legwork. Governmental non-standardized inefficiency, sure, but the claim is baldly false.

          How wouldn’t you know this before defending this spurious claim is the more valid question. Since when are people that make erroneous postulations the ones that require others to prove that they don’t exist? That’s not how the burden of proof works, man. You’ll believe a lot of nonsense if you think it is how evidence works.

          • Amor Terra

            A ledger, line-itemized or otherwise, isn’t substantiation. And no accounting system I know of doesn’t require backup of your entries. From the article:
            “And every month, they encountered the same
            problem. Numbers were missing. Numbers were clearly wrong. Numbers came
            with no explanation of how the money had been spent or which
            congressional appropriation it came from.”

            In other words, not just insufficient documentation–no documentation. Just a ledger entry.

            What do you suppose would happen if you made an entry on your tax form that said you spent $500 on utilities for your home office and when the auditor showed up, you didn’t have a utility bill or a cancelled check, or a bank statement that showed that expenditure? This isn’t a new concept. Is this the level of responsibility we expect from people who can bomb the world to kingdom come? Quit apologizing for at best, gross incompetence, and at worst, outright falsification of records. We don’t need any more boobs or liars in the government. Congress and the White House have quite enough.

          • SecludedCompound

            Yes, actually an itemized list of costs and expenditures is precisely substantiation.

            The “numbers” they’re talking about are numbers fitting the audit schedules. You should actually read about this and maybe be a little bit less credulous of bad sources.

            You’re just factually incorrect, and you should probably stop believing made up things.

          • Amor Terra

            If you think that making an adjusting entry without any backup documentation for what the entry related to, and verifying the amount of the entry is “precisely” substantiating it, you better be damn sure the only accounting you do is for the military. The IRS takes a pretty dim view of it when anyone else does it.

          • SecludedCompound

            But, you see, that’s not what happened here.

          • Amor Terra

            Well, that’s what the inspector general for the DOD says happened.

          • SecludedCompound

            The inspector general did not say that 6.5 Trillion dollars was not accounted for, because it is, in fact, accounted for.

            What the IG stated was that the system should be updated to automatically account for audit trails for inventory control systems, instead of having to manually adjust them after the fact. Simple as that.

            That you would go from that very reasonable and technical recommendation for systemic efficiency to “OMG DoD LOST 6.5 TRILLION!!!1!” is why nobody takes people like you seriously, and why you should have the egoless temerity to check your hyperbole.

            You’re wrong. The report you’re using as backup says you’re wrong.

            Grow up.

          • Amor Terra

            First, I didn’t say anything like what you quote. Second, here’s just a brief ample of what the IG did say:

            “We determined that 236, totaling $2 trillion, of the 263 third quarter JV adjustments in our sample and 170, totaling $2.1trillion, of the 194 year end JV adjustments in our sample, were in fact unsupported because the adjustments:
            •forced general ledger amounts to agree with other data sources without reconciling the differences or determining which data source was correct;
            •corrected errors or reclassified amounts to other accounts without adequately documenting why the adjustments were needed; or
            •changed general ledger data without adequate documentation to support the adjustments.”

            And you’ll forgive me if I believe the IG.

          • SecludedCompound

            Exactly. Nonse of that says anything was falsified; what it says was that the military line time standards were “made to fit” with the audit standards, I.e. plugged and chugged, as they say.

            It simply does not say what you think it does, in fact it says quite the opposite. Basically it shows how little you know about what you’re talking about.

          • Amor Terra

            Yeah, saying that the made numbers match with no documentation or even bothering to check which was amount was correct isn’t “falsifying” anything. Tell that to the IRS auditor when you can’t substantiate a deduction. And I think what this shows is that you are either completely unfamiliar with accounting standards or you’re one of the military idiots who thinks you can just make it up as you go along. You really ought to try Wall Street. They do some pretty funny accounting, and the pay’s better.

          • SecludedCompound

            But there isn’t “no documentation”. There is documentation. The military requirements are different than the IG’s requirements. Kind of blows that little bit of made up blather to hell, right? The postulation that trillions of dollars have been stolen is absolute, unjustifiable nonsense.

            Look, what this tells me is that you’re a particularly credulous kind of person that looks for hyperbole to back up your already held beliefs. A lot of people do it, right and left, but mostly right, which is why it’s so embarrassing when this stuff gets regurgitated without any knowledge of what’s going on. I get that you need to feel like you know what’s going on even if you don’t. You can pretend that you know about military accounting standards and the differences between them and the IG standards, when the IG basically just said the opposite of what you said in the document you’re citing.

            Look. Just try harder. You’re wrong on this one. Stop making nonsense go viral and more people will trust that people with this standpoint have the facts and credibility on their side, instead of made up stuff. That’s how you change policy positions.

            Have a good day.

          • Amor Terra

            You’re full of it.

          • SecludedCompound

            Noi, you are. That’s why you believe made up things so easily.

          • SecludedCompound

            There is documentation, though. You just want to ignore it, because you’re embarrassed that you’re wrong. no biggie. it’s a natural response to being thoroughly embarrassed about being wrong. Anyway, the IG disagrees with you, even as you quote their work, so i assume you’ll understand why it’s pretty hilarious that you think you have some sort of knowledge of accounting standards. obviously you don’t.

            Another thing people do when their ego is wounded form losing an argument is change the subject, like you just did to “Wall Street,” as if we were talking about that. Pretty pathetic tactic that most people learn as an obvious rhetorical and logical fallacy in about… seventh grade?

            Anyway, try to be less credulous.

          • Amor Terra

            I’m neither wrong, nor thoroughly (or even slightly) embarrassed, and you’re still full of it.

          • SecludedCompound

            Sure you are. It’s why you don’t address the debunking, you just reiterate the incorrect point that you made, then claim that everyone who doesn’t believe your obvious misunderstanding of the report “doesn’t know accounting procedures,” as if you do.

            You’re basically a crank.

            No sweat off my back, it’s just sad that people are so credulous about the nonsense they read online, and it seeps into the culture.

          • Amor Terra

            I’ve provided quotes. You’ve provided nothing.

          • SecludedCompound

            I provided the quotes in the document you’re quoting stating the opposite of what you are arguing. That pretty much says it all.

            Anyway, have fun ferreting out the lizard people!

          • Amor Terra

            You’ve provided no quotes of anything. Mostly you’ve tried to pretend that one recommendation of several dozen in the report was the sum total of the report, along with a bunch of childish name calling.

          • SecludedCompound

            No, I provided sources, above, then you ignored, reiterated, so I started mocking you for the imbecile you are.

            Pretty simple.

          • Nameless

            Great, for us to correct our gangsterims, we need more money so we can steal more money. Because when “updating” is claimed to be needed, that only means that the DoD is going to ask for more cash to finance the “updating”. What is needed is ACCOUNTABILITY and the application of the law to those who are not accountable. Nothing more. 2015’s DoD spending is marked to 609 $ billions. If that is not enough money for them to finance their operations, then they need to vacate the positions to let others do the job and responsibly. This country is not their god damn grocery store or farm. It belongs to the people. And they are nothing but SERVANTS to the people.

          • SecludedCompound

            Again, no money was “stolen”.

            This says nothing about needing more money. I’ms ure we probably agree that the US military is heavily overfunded.

            I’m simply stating that you shouldn’t believe in made up things to try to solidify your position, or to lend credence to an already strong position. It, quite inversely, makes you look foolish and detracts from your position.

          • Nameless

            Well I am glad that we agree on something. I appreciate you pointed that out. The 2.5 trillion dollars that also was not “stolen”, but just disappeared sometimes prior to 9/11 was never recovered, was it? And by the way, as far as my position is concerned, I don’t mind the military being over funded so long that they truly use the fund for the good of all. I have no problem with that. But Trillions and trillions of dollars go towards building DUMBs to hide in when time comes and only the elite will be allowed in them. The rest of us are going to simply rot.

          • SecludedCompound

            I don;t get why you’re harping on this. In the IGs report, it’s noted that the 2.5 Trillion (glad that we’ve narrowed it down fromt he originally claimed 6.5 trillion…) had insufficient documentation for the audit. We’ve addressed this, that military/audit requirements are different, as is noted in the report. Not sure why we’re rehashing this. 2.5 trillion dollars did not “disappear”. That’s made up.

            But i guess if I’m talking to someone who thinks that vast secret underground bases, Jade Helm, whatever, is a real thing that is costing trillions of dollars, we’ve already solved our issue. You won’t be taken seriously by anyone.

          • Nameless

            Rumsfeld himself talked about the 2.5 trillion dollars that vanished without a trace prior to 9/11. 2.5 that has nothing to do with THIS, other 6.5 trillion dollars,…pumpkin !!!! …. Go update your awareness of what is going on and right under your tiny nose, before you come in here and start warning others that they are not going to be taken seriously. As if I gave shit. …..

          • SecludedCompound

            Yeah, you seem like you really have your head on straight, there, bub. Have fun talking about underground Walmart bases with your fellow idiots.

          • Nameless

            My name is not “bub”, Buba. Nobody said anything about “Wal-Mart”, …”idiot”. Nobody. How about you address 2.5 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld himself said disappeared right before 9/11 as this fits into the above article’s theme and NOT your “Wal-Mart”?!?!?HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!? huh?!?! nothing?!?!?! Shut up then as you have nothing to contribute to the discussion. Shame on you.

          • SecludedCompound

            “buba” <-LOL
            Your punctuation <-LOL
            Your logic <-LOL
            Your increasing anger at being so obviously wrong <-LOL
            "2.5 Trillion dollars missing! OK, maybe not, but another time!"<-LOL
            Underground bases but not at Walmart! <-LOL

            Seriously, thank you. Most hilarious conversation with an imbecile I've had in a while.

          • Nameless

            My name is not “bub”, Buba. Nobody said anything about “Wal-Mart”, …”idiot”. Nobody. How about you address 2.5 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld himself said disappeared right before 9/11 as this fits into the above article’s theme and NOT your “Wal-Mart”?!?!?HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!? huh?!?! nothing?!?!?! Shut up then as you have nothing to contribute to the discussion. Shame on you.

          • SecludedCompound

            LOLOLOLOL. Jesus… stupid and mad is a terrible combination, Bub.

          • Nameless

            That’s it. giggle at yourself retard. I busted your balls, didn’t I. You got nothing upstairs but crap so you pretend to laugh you coward. Shame on you.

          • SecludedCompound

            You know why you’re so mad? Because you know I’m right, hahaha. And guess what? You’re the coward, and I think you know it, since you just repeat the same arguments I just debunked, then start yelling like a frightened chimp.

            Whatever your limited mental processes, You increasingly incoherent rage and slavering is pretty entertaining, you’ve got to admit.

          • Nameless

            Tell me something I don’t know about the 2.5 Trillion dollars that is yet to be found. Tell me something about the 6.5 trillion dollars that is missing as we speak. You have nothing to say to those so you open your frontal ass and defecate out of your mouth you disgusting pig. You desperately turn to accusations and insults. SHAME ON YOU. SCUMBAG. because that is all you are and this concludes my answers to the vile garbage can you generously proved to be. Good bye sorry screw up. Talk to your own anus from here on asshole because you have just been BLOCKED!

          • SecludedCompound

            You mean besides the things that I just told you, you were unable to rebut, and that you lashed out at like a raging lunatic? Nah, I’ll stick with the first set of debunkings I (and others) did that you chose to ignore.

            Always, as with every wingnut, when you’ve been thoroughly debunked and derided, you block, ignore, run away, like the intellectual coward you are.

          • Nameless

            The clip of Rumsfeld trying to duck but he couldn’t at the Senate committee cooking him up like a lobster about the missing trillions. …Since you are too much of retard to learn how to retrieve different things.
            For a crackpot like yourself, who claims I am not going to be “taken seriously”, you took an aweful INTEREST in what I have to say, SataaAn!!! Not only that, you are in fact TERRORIZED AND PANICKED by me, aren’t ya, you Kook!
            “This user is blocked” is much better to read than your own feces, skunk. So you get to wallow in it. Have fun doing so maggoty troll. LOL.

          • Henry Simpson

            Actually you are wrong. I had a full audit. They first reconcile the books and then randomly pull the original receipts to compare them with the book entries. If they don’t match the accountants discount the entries. If there are enough non matching numbers they say you have committed fraud.

          • SecludedCompound

            No, actually you are wrong, and this is well documented. I can understand why you would want to not be shown to be totally incorrect, since it can be embarrassing for some uncareful people to step back from their unfounded claims, but, please, have the temerity to learn when you make a mistake.

          • James Holloway

            I haven’t the space here to tell you how even the GSA contracts are manipulated and abused. I helped supply a few items just for Fire Management years ago and I even called my congressman at the time to complain about destruction of property returned from a Fire. Shirts, jackets, sleeping bags, even an oak desk was destroyed and put in a long bin trash hauler so that they wouldn’t have to reinventory it all. It made me sick. No one would follow up, why, because it had become the solution to inventory control and new contracts for goods being replaced. Everytime I see one of those yellow fire shirts I remember the stacks of shirts that had a knife run through them and thrown in a dumpster. That is how money disappears and budgets become over inflated on a just a small scale that is inclusive of millions and millions of dollars every year.

  • Timothy Steele

    Right, so end your article with a quote from a worthless pop celebrity that got murdered for being a thug. (y)

  • Rick Carufel

    Nobody loses $6.5 trillion. They know exactly where that money went but refuse to say. Probably for a black-ops space program and the construction of those triangular craft that gets seen all the time. All above top secret projects.

    • SecludedCompound

      They don’t “refuse to say” you moron. Ever penny of this is accounted for and in publically available ledgers. It doesn’t comply with the terms of the audit because the military uses a different classification system. It’s literally available to peruse at your leisure.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    America! It is high time to withdraw your consent.

  • Henry Walker

    Just check the bank accounts of everyone in Congress

    • gininitaly

      … don’t forget the Pentagon or the too big to fail banksters.

  • SecludedCompound

    This is simply weasel-wording.

    The money is obviously accounted for, just not up to the terms of the audit.

    To insinuate tat it “may not have been stolen” (leaving the door open for the fallacious idea that perhaps 8.5 trillion dollars could have been stolen, when it very certainly was not and is accounted for is a disservice to the reader.

    I’m sure we can all agree that the military needs more oversight on spending, and better transparency where possible, but misinforming readers with nonsense clickbait articles isn’t the way to do it. This article is patently false.

  • Yavestruz

    Well, sure part of that money go to support the “freedom fighters” of “Arab Spring-Winter” and the “Color Revolutions” -Daesh and this type of kind people like svoboda-filonazis in Ucraina-.

    Vaya mierda de futuro nos espera al resto de la humanidad con Hillary la Psicópata o Trump el bocachanclas al frente de uno de los países más entrometidos y belicosos de la faz de la tierra. A ver como se presenta el 2017.

  • Tara McFly

    I wonder what the US government will blow up this time to hide their malfeasance. Never forget that two days before 9/11 Rumsfeld told us about 3.9 trillion missing. The people who were charged with finding out where the money went were in the “exact” part of the Pentagon that the “plane” hit. They and the proof are all gone now. The rest of the papers and proof of malfeasance were held at (surprise surprise), Building 7. You remember Building 7? The only steel building (other than the towers) that have ever, in the history of the world, fallen due to fire.

  • Mike_Travis

    How many congressmen have taken bribes to keep their mouths shut? Remember Boehner too $6.5MM for his yes vote for TPP while little Paulie girl took $2.5MM for his vote. In today’s world it is always about the money and BOTH parties take it.

    Not one thing will change (unless to get worse) until we start holding the criminals accountable for their crimes, starting with executing Ovomit for Treason as the law demands.

  • NapNip

    First you need an auditable set of financial statements for our federal government as a whole, preferably by an external 3rd party but GAO will do in a pinch. No matter what you hear, there is no excuse for the largest debtor in the world not to have certified statements year to year. It is a pity the likes of Dr. Paul don’t beat this drum as often as he does for auditing the federal reserve.

    Then you can audit the pentagon, the federal reserve and whoever else you wish independently.

  • Nameless

    Phil Schneider who is a geologist, self taught metallurgist and structural engineer whom the US government killed in 96 for going public on the filth they are up to against the populace, said that they are building DUMBS (deep underground military bases) at the rate of 2 each year and he also said that the cost of each ranges in the trillions of dollars. I think that’s where moneys they steal just like that, are going to. They are getting ready to blow up the world and are building, their mile-and-half-under-ground, fully equipped bases, for when time comes, they go hide, and leave the rest of us to rot in hell.

  • woodsman

    Beyond sickening !!!

  • Kevin

    I falsify records for an audit and they turn my life upside down. The gov falsifies records, and crickets.
    Land of the fee, home of the slave.

  • Paul Bristol

    $6.5T divided by 47 million poor people is about $130K per person. For each and every one of 47 million people.

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    6.5 trillion dollars works out to roughly $20,000 each for every man, woman, and child in the United States….$80,000 in one year for a family of four. Of course they want never ending war and with that kind of money they can keep hiring mercenaries to start them!

  • john dolan

    BS! They know where the money went. It went for covert/black operations. Rather transparent to me.

  • Watchin-You

    Tupac is Caput…he daid.

  • Lisa Hawks

    unfuckingreal….I hope Trump starts holding them accountable, unlike Ovomit

  • James White

    This is all too true. And while it has gone on for apparently decades WE CAN PUT AN END TO IT! To do so you need to get involved, together We The People can force changes to better the American society as a whole. Financially, and fraudulently, wasting and misappropriating American taxpayers hard earned taxes must and can be stopped, the Federal Government without our insistence will not change.

    This is discussed in my book being released soon called “Revitalizing the US Economy – – Before it Becomes Too Late!

    This screw up is over, no one will be held accountable and it will be forgotten in no time. This and other recently exposed huge amounts of lost tax revenue “unable to be accounted for” is part of the reason I included a specific proposal to “reverse” the auditing practices of the Internal Revenue Service to be just that, an internal auditing service for the American taxpayer! The manner in which it is suggested to be structured should virtually stop this and similar misplacements of millions, billions and now trillions of tax dollars from occurring again. If left alone, this is sure to continue. As well, collusion and retaliation toward auditors have been considered.

    That book reveals a Point of Purchase and Excess Earnings Tax that will advantage every current taxpayer in America. The exception is those who pay little or no tax currently and those whose rates were just 15% less credits, deductions, exemptions and loopholes; investors whose final rates were in the single digits. That, as Warren Buffet had suggested, must stop!

    Reducing taxes on businesses is a part of THIS proposal, yet reducing those taxes is not the most effective change to better the overall economy. Businesses NEED consumers who have expendable income! That is the key toward an economy we all want that will have sustainable growth.

    The proposed tax system replaces the current federal tax code and most of the 90,000+ IRS employees. It creates a natural stimulus that will continually grow the economy.

    The middle class and those less fortunate will pay significantly lower taxes and their increased spendable income will fuel a raging economy that will require more workers, with higher wages.

    There is an additional stimulus that will get the glut of for sale homes sold and get the home building industry back on its feet. This will naturally raise the value of housing. There would be no up front funding by the federal government necessary.

    There is a suggestion to assist the transition of individuals going from public assistance (Welfare) to working class and staying there. This will be one of the proposals to help reverse the single most damaging aspect of our society, the decay of the family, most notably in poorer communities.

    A revision in the method of funding Social Security so that it is quickly, fully and fairly funded while increasing benefit levels by at least twenty percent. There is no need to increase age of eligibility nor deny payment to the more affluent.

    These are well thought out seriously beneficial proposals that have been researched and adjusted for over two years. Both the Federal Tax Code and Social Security method of funding need to be changed. Doing so will create millions of jobs, in turn increase the Gross Domestic Product, a sign of a growing economy. All this results in increased federal tax revenue to pay down our National Debt.

    Each purchaser of a copy will be guided with instructions in the easiest manner to contact their Washington senator and house representative asking for their support of these proposals.

    IF, you want a real leg up that is justified and will get an abundance of good, new jobs and create an environment for financially healthy businesses as well, get and read your copy, then solicit the support of your two Washington representatives. This is the only way a REAL and effective change for the better of each American is sure to occur.

    This is your opportunity to be an integral and important part of a cohesive group showing Washington that We Are United in this cause.

    Complaining alone will get US nowhere. We need to show what we want done to move this country forward for the benefit of Every American. These proposals are designed to do just that.

    Finally, with each purchase I will be donating three dollars to either Make-A-Wish Foundation or St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You will be able to dictate in 10% increments whether 90% + 10%, 40% + 60% or the full 100% be donated to each as you choose.

    This material WILL, with your support have a much greater likelihood of being enacted. Doing so is sure to better your life, and the life of your loved ones.

    The funds we raise for these charities WILL help the children who face situations in life unwelcome at any age. We will show them our love and support for their cause as well.

    Thank you.

  • oh my

    WOW! Reading some of these comments I can clearly see many people are in need of mental health help.

  • People who post ignorant material such as this don’t deserve YOUR Facebook friendship. That claimed “lost” money last YEAR from the Pentagon is about 10 YEARS of the total Pentagon budget! That $6.5 Trillion is about 150% of the TOTAL USA annual budget. Some dumb asses poorly educated by public schools failed every year of basic math and logic!

  • old_trojan_93

    Meanwhile, let’s spend more time chasing after the “welfare queen” who used her EBT card to buy a lobster dinner and some wine.

  • fraserb64

    Maybe Betsy DeVos was doing a dry run

  • Jade W

    This is nothing compared to Russia and under Putin’s tutelage, Trump is about to started, siphoning off billions for himself and his mates with every US deal.

  • Knopperz

    Losing Money is a thing in America –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU4GdHLUHwU