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Miss Australia Left Disfigured Because Police Threw a Flashbang Grenade into Her Bed as She Slept


Queensland – While sleeping in bed with her fiancé, a former Miss Australia awoke to a police flashbang grenade disfiguring her face and melting her hand. Although she required immediate medical attention, paramedics did not arrive at the scene until 40 minutes later.

Crowned Miss International Australia in 2013, Felicia Djamirze was asleep in bed with her fiancé, Dean O’Donnell last week, when a police flashbang grenade landed in their bedroom. Accused of drug trafficking, the former Miss Australia was placed under arrest as police waited 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. The cops refused to allow Djamirze to see her injuries even though she suffered third-degree burns to her face and right hand.

During a series of early morning drug raids, Queensland Police callously decided to toss a flashbang grenade into the bedroom of alleged Rebels biker associate Dean O’Donnell. Despite the fact that the police had been conducting surveillance on the house, the cops chose to throw the flashbang into the room while O’Donnell was asleep with his fiancée.

“The police treated this like a military operation which was entirely unnecessary,” Djamirze’s lawyer, Chris Ford, told the Daily Mail. “There was a high level of both physical and electronic surveillance. The police must have known my client was sleeping in a confined area when they tossed the stun grenade into her bedroom.”

Still hospitalized on Monday, Djamirze has endured two surgeries to repair her melted hand while at risk of losing sight in her right eye. Although she now suffers from PTSD after the police raid, the former Miss Australia has reportedly started a GoFundMe page dedicated to helping burn victims and trauma patients. As Djamirze denies the drug trafficking charges against her and her fiancé, O’Donnell has been charged with both drug trafficking and possession of illegal weapons.

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While staying with relatives in Habersham County, Georgia, the Phonesavanh family had been asleep when a SWAT team executed a no-knock search warrant just before 3:00 a.m. on May 28, 2014. Before the police entered the room with guns drawn, Habersham Deputy Charles Long tossed a flashbang grenade into 19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavanh’s crib. The explosion blew a hole in the baby’s face and chest, covering him in third-degree burns.

The search warrant had been intended for Bounkham’s cousin who was suspected of making a $50 drug sale. The suspected cousin no longer lived in the house and was later arrested without incident. After being transported to an intensive burn unit, Bounkham was placed into a medically induced coma. Habersham County officials refused to cover the baby’s medical expenses.

On the evening of January 5, 2011, 68-year-old Eurie Stamps was in his pajamas watching television when SWAT officers forcibly entered his home with a battering ram and tossed in a flashbang grenade. Not a suspect of any crime, Stamps complied with Officer Paul Duncan’s orders to lie facedown with his hands on his head. Duncan claims his bulky equipment caused him to lose balance and accidentally discharge his weapon. Stamps died on the floor with a bullet in his back. The suspect, his stepson Joseph Bushfan, had already been arrested outside the residence minutes before the raid.

Just past midnight on May 16, 2010, a Detroit SWAT team tossed a flashbang grenade into the living room where 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones had been sleeping on the couch. As the flashbang incinerated her blanket, Aiyana was immediately shot in the head by Officer Joseph Weekley. Weekly claimed that Aiyana’s grandmother had reached for his weapon, but ballistics and another officer’s testimony refute his accusations. Police later realized they had forcibly entered the wrong apartment. The suspect, Chauncey Owens, lived upstairs.

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On January 4, 2008, Tarika Wilson had been holding her 14-month-old son when an Ohio SWAT team broke down her front door. Sgt. Joe Chavalia entered the residence shooting both Tarika and her infant son. Unarmed and not suspected of any crimes, Tarika died of her wounds while her child survived. Chavalia was charged with two misdemeanors, negligent homicide, and negligent assault. An all-white jury convened for three hours before returning with a not guilty verdict.

During a drug raid in Modesto, California, 11-year-old Alberto Sepulveda was lying facedown on his bedroom floor when Officer David Hawn entered the room and fired his shotgun. Claiming his shotgun accidentally discharged, Hawn refused to accept responsibility for taking Alberto’s life on September 13, 2000. Clearing Hawn of any criminal charges, former Attorney General Bill Lockyer admitted, “Unfortunately, too many times the deployment of a SWAT team has resulted in the unintentional death or injury to a peace officer or member of the public.”

The concept of the SWAT team formed as a reaction to the 1965 Watts riots. Since that time, the federal government has been pouring increasing amounts of money and military-grade weapons into the hands of law enforcement agencies. Citing the wars on drugs and terror to rationalize their actions, federal assistance from the DOD’s 1033 Program and the DOJ’s Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant has been escalating the militarization of American police forces.

By sidestepping the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the U.S. government has blurred the divisions between the military and the police, and the Australian government appears to be following in step. The executions of no-knock search warrants too closely resemble the night raids conducted in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the police become the military, the enemy becomes everyone.

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Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

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  • Philip Warden

    If this ever happens to one of my Family.. I’ll get that jackbooted Nazi thug my way!!!!!!!!!

  • Benedict Patrick

    absurd. how about we toss a few grenades in your local police department and see how they would like it!

  • Andy Cripps

    Wow shows the contempt these people have for their fellow civilians.

  • Linda Brown

    Chicken Shit Bullies !!

  • Cam Alft

    cops are the criminals,they all are corrupted scum…………..

  • David Krause

    how the actual fuck do you conduct a paramilitary operation without an ambulance on standby? how stupid do you have to be?

  • freewill

    it’ll get worse, the question is, when and where will the people draw a line?

    • Guy Kelley

      When they stop being afraid !

    • roberts707

      to answer your question google Bernie Sanders for President to see if he might be th solution.

  • Guy Kelley

    Momma, there is a monster in my room, he looks like a policeman in a army uniform. Am I going to die Momma ? I’am afraid. He’s smiling and pointing a gun at me ! Please Mommy help me, he’s already hurt Daddy, when he came into my bedroom to protect me from the Monster ! Help me Momma, I don’t want to die,he’s scaring me ! Why can’t you get up Momma, are you ok !?

  • Brooce

    Very misleading article. They are members of the rebels outlaw biker gang, 2 kilos of crystal meth found in the house along with weapons, these people are major drug dealers

    • A.j. McCarrick

      So? If that is true, which I doubt, what people choose to put into their own bodies is none of the damn business of the state. 95% of all drug related violence comes from the state initiating force against otherwise perfectly benign individuals. LEAVE PEOPLE THE FUCK ALONE.

      • roberts707

        while the article started about this couple there were several other examples of Innocent people being abused by the police did you not read the entire article.

    • Wesley Brown

      who brought the drugs to their country or guarded the fields the poppies grow in

    • Michiel Van Kets

      so what? as long they don’t force people to buy or use the drugs, they’re not a problem

  • Scott Lewin

    Shouldnt have been sleeping…..

    • me

      well not with scum like you

  • Lord Jesus heal her mind, body, soul and spirit. This police violence has to stop.

    • She told me to tell you that she is busy trying to find lost keys and win games, please try again later.

  • why the emphasis on her title? sad reflection of police misconduct who ever suffered as a consequence

  • They OWE her some LIFE MONEY

  • Fucks sake. Police were not responsible for this at all. Research people

  • Dudes, there needs to be some actual, researchsble facts being shared here. Otherwise you’re just contributing to the problem.

  • The police state is here. I live in city with population of 50,000 or less. Never seen so many cops in a small area in my life.

    • As of 2010 there were 14,000 people in my home town in CT. Never I have seen so many in such a small area either. For a while they had an armored car.

  • Can’t like that !

  • Need some VLAD laws to cover the biggest gang in QLD, qps…

  • Cops are supposed to walk in to a known convicted drug dealer with previous weapons charges and just tap him on the shoulder? They found weapons and drugs in the house, unfortunate to happen to her, but she put herself in the situation!

    • I was about to say myself… Like… What was she doing there in the first place? She was in a dealers house and has been filmed snorting coke.. Maybe she’ll learn to take that shit to her house.

    • So she deserves to be tortured? You’ve been conditioned to this state of police brutality and it is unfortunate.

    • You people are why America has become a police state shit hole. You are pathetic. I’m sure you believe that the seven year old girl that the police murdered, and the infant who had half of his face blown off deserved what they got because they had the bad grace to be born in shitty neighborhoods policed by untrained halfwits. Would you feel differently if the police made a “mistake ” and killed your child or disfigured your wife because they wanted to play with all of the military grade weapons the the governments gifts them with. Grow some empathy and compassion.

    • Bryan Helphinstine Not torture, I’m sure it was following process for the safety of the police staff. The guy with 7 weapons, and previous convictions was sleeping in the bed next to her.

    • Steve Piersol I have empathy and compassion, there is a big difference between an innocent child and a drug running crackhead though!

    • The grenade is supposed to be at ground level not on a bef whete anyone could be in the residence a child or relative, so they did not follow prper procedure, I lived in a police state fr a long time so have some knowledge

    • People have guns in their homes to protect them from intruders. I was addicted for over 20 years, I am clean, now, and I have never seen a drug dealer go hunting for addicts, other civilians, or cops. As of right now, the only people who are encouraged to have guns are the very people who are allowed to point them at people, shoot at unarmed people, and torture them, rob them, and/or lock them in a cage. If you believe in prohibition, then like the government, you still haven’t learned from the last prohibition (of alcohol). Prohibition “creates criminals” and it “creates crimes.” An addict is already destroying himself/herself. They/we don’t need the help from paid, government mercenaries. The tactics being used on our own civilians have little to do with “protocol” or “policy.” These guys are playing Cowboys and Indians and Cops and Robbers for money, but this game is very real and very violent. Drugs Coke from plants, which means that we can “destroy” all the drugs we want and millions of people are planting, growing, and harvesting more as we speak. The War on Drugs is a war on us, plain and simple. When I say/mean us, I’m talking about every single one of us, either physically, mentally, or monetarily. It would be like having a “War on Chocolate.” The price would go up “times a 100.” A snickers bar would be $100. Police would be kicking doors in to keep their jobs and get overtime. People would get beaten and killed. Poor people would take a chance on smuggling, making, and selling it because the profits are so rewarding

    • Bryan Helphinstine you have your personal opinion on this and I have mine. Crackheads steal vehicles and burgle homes. These actions are very severe and police treat them as run of the mill instances, even blame the victims for driving too nice a vehicle or not protecting their homes vigilantly enough. Crackheads deteriorate society and cops don’t help matters, as revenue generating govenment devices, they are next to useless. So when I see some acting in this manner, unless very strong evidence of missappropriate actions comes forward I would give the benefit to the cops, and I’m no fan. I would also though, chop the heads off vehicle thieves and burglers so we probably don’t share that opinion either?

    • You wanna know why your stuff is getting stolen? Cocaine is $1 a gram in Colombia. Because it is “prohibited” here, it is $100 a gram. This causes its users to resort to crime to satisfy their habit. Heroin is $1.50 a gram in Afghanistan. Like cocaine it is 100 times the price here because of it being “prohibited.” Alcohol is harder to make than both of these. It has to be aged and fermented in a tedious process. An alcohol habit can cost between $5 and $10 a day. Every once in a while you hear of a drunk stealing a bottle of alcohol from a store. If cocaine were legal and $1 a gram, a “crackhead’s” habit would be about $5-$10 per day, like the alcoholic. Same goes for the heroin junkie. His habit would be $5 max. You are getting robbed because “your boys” are deciding who can or cannot put what substances from our Earth in their bodies. This isn’t opinion. Look at Portugal’s example. They decriminalized ALL drugs and all of their problems are diminishing year by year. It’s all stupid.

    • we used to have a policy innocent until proven guilty

    • Bryan Helphinstine cocaine destroys employees, employers, relationships and families. It should be $10K/gram or even $100K/gram! Chop the heads off dealers and importers! Do something about harmful drugs that destroy society! We don’t need retarded PC bullshit about how its the governments fault.

    • WAR ON DRUGS Was produced to control the masses !! CIA caught several times bringing drugs by the tons here !! Our boys are as we are speaking guarding Poppy fields for our so called government !! We have caught our gov, giving guns to cartel in mexico so they can protect their interests !! We fill our prisons with people thinking like you !! In several countries its been proven that if allowed drugs the middle man drug dealer is out of BSSN and crime went down by 100% with drug involved people !! Guess what they still control you just hearing your remarks !!

    • Jerry Agee Put your foil hat back on, less drugs is better! Of course it is, there have been situations I’m sure when purchase and distribution of drugs has been approved and conducted by authorities of what ever agency. Foreign arms sales are a different story. Keeping jails full is part of the drug problem, it is big business for campaign supporters!

    • Adrian Keogh The police have made drug arrests for decades with out the need to blow people up. If they are close enough to the bedroom to throw a grenade into the bed, they are close enough to make the arrest without the paramilitary pyrotechnics. The police have shown themselves to be incompetent to find the correct residence often enough that they should reserve the explosives for when they are actually facing a real threat. As far as chopping off peoples heads for dealing drugs; if we started doing that people would stop running for congress and all of the CIA’s overseas assets and agents would be headless. The CIA is the largest single importer of Cocaine and Heroin. Addiction is not by itself a criminal activity. Countries like Portugal who have decriminalized all drugs and began offering addicts treatment instead of prison have seen as much as a 40% drop in addiction rates and a corresponding drop in addiction related crime. Drugs are not illegal here because they are harmful ( alcohol and tobacco are just as destructive when abused) they are illegal because prohibition is both massively profitable and extremely useful and a social control. Historical note; Cannabis started being called Marijuana when it was criminalized because they were specifically targeting the Hispanic Community. Your kind of backward thinking is why we have by far the highest incarceration rate in the world.

    • Violence and force can only be justified as a response to aggression- ie in self defense. Breaking some silly statute making possessing some substance a crime does not come close to justifying this kind of action. Every officer that uses force to enforce these laws is an immoral brute who owes his victims compensation as well as a sincere apology.

    • Why not knock politely? Any amount of drugs that is big enough to go busting down doors for is too big to easily flush down the crapper.

    • Perhaps the police could choose a more appropriate place to arrest these people. Not where children or innocent bystanders can be harmed. It seems that in America the police are the new para military.

    • Consensual adults exchanging goods and services isn’t a crime, unless the state doesn’t get is cut.
      So do tell, who is the victim?

    • I think it’s funny that the people that support these tactics have forgotten where they originated from: The Soviet Union. Enjoy your Police State, Kamrade.

    • Adrian you’re logic is misguided. People are innocent until proven guilty, and just because you stand next to a suspect doesn’t give law enforcement the right to injure or kill you. It’s the responsibility of those we grant power over their fellow man that need to be held to the highest standards? Police, military and politicians need to be accountable. People who think the way you do is exactly why the world is in the state it’s in.

    • Adrian Keogh

      Most violent crime is driven by the illegal drug trade; not usage. If drugs were legal a majority of violent crime would disappear. By driving the market underground the sellers and buyers must conduct their business in a way that involves significantly more risk. This drives up the price of the product, so buyers have to commit more crimes, namely theft, which can be violent, to fund their expensive purchases. The sellers need to form gangs to maintain and defend their prime real estate, from other gangs, so they have the best corner to sell their product and to protect their cash. Drug dealers cannot use banks. The gangs also provide the “police” support that these sellers can’t otherwise be provided by the government police forces, since their products are illegal.

      The war on drugs also promotes a war on the general public in the eyes of law enforcement. Everyone is a possible “dangerous drug dealer”. It gives police incentive to violate your rights. Some police have gotten into the habit of outright theft under “civil asset laws”. You don’t even need to be suspected of anything for them to take whatever they want. And if you’re suspected of dealing drugs, no matter how little, they send in the SWAT team like you’re Scarface. The police make many mistakes and innocent people, children, and pets, end up maimed or dead. Many times the responsible officers are not held accountable after an “internal investigation”. This creates a great distrust in law enforcement, especially in lower income areas where the people do not have the means to fight back legally, and the officers take on the role of a bully just looking to bust anyone for anything in the eyes of the public.

      If you legalize drugs and move them into legitimate store fronts, you kill the gang culture and the rates of drug related murders, and theft significantly plummet. Theft of drugs from a legitimate business can be investigated by real cops instead of needing to be initiated by gang retaliation methods. This also frees police up to investigate crimes with actual victims like murders, rapes, assaults, and thefts.

      Legitimate businesses are taxed, regulated, and check ID. Keeping drugs illegal literally pushes them into childrens hands. Drug dealers target children. You don’t hear about Jack Daniels or Budweiser dealers in HS bathrooms. Legal goods are regulated for potency and purity. Illegal drugs could be mixed with dangerous or lethal chemicals, and dangerous substitutes are created to subvert drug tests. Legal drugs are tested for quality and purity, eliminating overdoses and deaths. Our loved ones should be given rehabilitation care and education, not a prison sentence that will ensure that they remain a drain on society, or a death sentence because of bad drugs, or the mistake of starting them in the first place.

      The money that would be saved in the drug war, plus the taxable income, and the introduction of a completely new industry would create a huge financial gain. The argument that if drugs are legal, everyone would do them is a folly. I certainly would not start doing hard drugs if they were suddenly legal, and I don’t know anyone that would. The people that are doing these drugs are going to do them regardless of their legality.

      In legalizing them you can take the billions of annually saved funds from the drug war and taxable income and funnel that into drug education methods and treatment programs that are proven to work better than the current cycle of continually locking up our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Keep in mind that once arrested, it is extremely hard to find employment, housing, or government assistance, which ultimately ends up in relapse, and recidivism. The cycle of addiction and incarceration is almost guaranteed. If addicts are ever to become productive members of society, they must be rehabilitated, not jailed and stigmatized.

      It only took 13 years to learn our lesson that alcohol prohibition didn’t work. Why haven’t we learned our lesson in the over 70 disastrous years fighting the drug war yet?

    • Merely possessing or using drugs is a victimless crime, and should not even be a crime at all. Burgling houses and stealing cars are crimes, and should also be treated as such. Put people in jail for the crimes they commit, instead of the drugs they do. Even if drugs were legal, burgling houses would still be a crime, and drug addicts would still go to prison for such.

      If you wish to force your views of morality onto other people, and tell them what they can or cannot put into their bodies, you are unamerican, authoritarian, and an all around douchebag.

  • It was probably from a cop she rejected at some point that then targeted her.

  • Dont fuck drug dealers then simple really

  • until the families of those attacked hunt down the attackers, this stuff will continue

  • Outrageous!

  • L A W S U I T ,…City,…baby,….

  • Heroic!!!

  • Learning from america

  • Everything causes ptsd anymore, fuckin weak minded people. Have you seen a friend disappear in front of you? Have you seen anyone get turned into a piece of Swiss cheese due to machine gun fire? Have you seen an entire vehicle with people in it turn into a smoldering skeletal wreck? Have you lived a life of abuse? Have you been raped? Then you have no grounds to claim you suffer from ptsd.

    • If you illegally invade a nation over lies, and see your friends get killed for occupying said country, and you come home to cry about it, you are a pussy, not somebody with PTSD.

    • There’s a million of them William Moody-Hopkins, ptsd is thrown around way too much anymore. I know plenty of people who have true claims of it, but more often then not, it’s a cop out for being a spineless shitbag.

    • People who can’t handle normal emotions look for an excuse for pity. It’s fucking pathetic.

    • I can agree with you there. People are massive vaginas in this day and age.

    • I would also say the actions of police are still condemn-able.

    • Vastly. The corruption has only started to trickle out, to what depths it truly goes I’m scared to find, but we’re going there.

    • libertarianly*

    • Lol this memes are epic! If only people had listened…

    • If only, haha. Ron Paul turned me into a voluntarist. Used to be a socialist, but slowly the reality of the world set in. Hate his son though, dude is a neo-con. Ron, or somebody with the same ideals, is the only ruler I would elect, other than that, fuck the state. Government is force, taxes are theft, and democracy is little more than mob rule.

    • Spot on. Lol

  • This is the face of the police state that we have allowed the government to install. We have no valid excuse. We are passive and disconnected. We are cowards who allow our freedoms to be stripped away for the promise of protection from a manufactured menace. We don’t deserve the gift our forefathers bequeathed to us.

    • Everyone deserves to be free, regardless of their bravery

    • Tyler Reed Freedom isn’t free. It requires work and commitment. If you go to work and bust your butt all week and the guy at the next desk comes in and spends all day every day cruising porn sites and buying crap on Ebay, then at the end of the week gets handed the same paycheck as you, do you believe he deserves that paycheck?

    • I,m not sure its that simple Steve Piersol, we have been lied to on a grand scale, government policy is to mostly blame for our seperation and disconnection, and my parents generation – baby boomers believed mostly everything they were told,. I agree that we have allowed our freedoms to be stripped away, however the government has used just about every dirty trick in the book to deceive us

    • Steven Brown There is a Chinese proverb that covers that; “Fool me once ,Shame on you. Fool me twice ,Shame on me.” I am a baby boomer and i stopped believing anything the government says in 1966 while watching the sales job for the Vietnam War. I will admit that the great mass of my generation gave up and went to feed at the trough, but the decline of the Republic really began to accelerate with the election of Reagan and the neo-fascists in 1980, and there has been no mass movement to stop our downhill slide. The great mass of people have just gathered to have the official story spoon fed to them. That is the point of both of my comments. If someone cons you out of your paycheck that’s their crime and you are only guilty of being too trusting. If the same guy shows up the next payday and cons you again that my friend is entirely your fault. If we as a people are willing to accept the lies and and cower in fear of the boogieman in the closet, then we and we alone are responsible for our demise. Until you and I are in the majority, the Republic will continue to wither and fade and finally it will disappear.

  • Has the Officer responsible been Charged? or is that a Silly Question.

  • Nice job cops!! Know drug dealer deserved it

  • You couldn’t make this shit up.

  • Yeah but, she probably didn’t follow commands. Always follow commands of government officials…right?

  • Has nothing to do with drug charges against the woman. Her boyfriend was a suspected Rebels associate and our QLD government is a bit ridiculous in their hatred and laws against bikies.

  • Well she could have dated a nice boy and this would probably not have happened. So screw her. hahahahaha That is what you get for dating a “bad-boy” drug dealer. She wanted excitement and danger and she got it.

    • And is that what that 7 year old gets for living in an apartment under a drug dealer? What the 19 month old baby got from having a shitty uncle no longer in residence?

  • Sad

  • power corrupts. This is why we need to elect Donald. We need a radical, great change, someone whjo will use logic.


  • Sue their asses!

  • This is so tragic.

  • Thats what they want so they step in the picture n sorry body you been chip so the micro chip is gonna make humanity in zombies for not acting when they could see before that happen

  • some predictably scary comments here. This stuff happens mainly because of the crazy “war on drugs” which must be ended, but seems to be escalating. Meanwhile some want to arm the NZ police!

  • So wrong and sad.

  • There is way more to this story. Bitch was dangerous

  • Why did police do this to her?

  • At least her boobs suffered no damage! priorities folks, priorities.

  • those pics arent 3rd degree burns.

  • Guns are illegal there.

  • They found weapons and 2kg of meth…how many faces get ruined by 2 KILOGRAMS of meth?

  • Terry Ford

  • Who paid the cops to do that?

  • simple legilise all drugs sell them over the counter at pharmacy’s, that way you get tax off of them you get rid of the unlawful element and just maybe we we wont have such a tax bill

  • They had better clean up their act…all over the planet. A drug bust needs a flash grenade? Wow are they asking for it!

  • Gregory Cushing

    The “War on Drugs” or “Drug Wars” are names that help set the rules of engagement. Decriminalize all drugs and treat the users as people with mental disorders. If someone drives high, it is a DUI. IMHO, a flashbang should only be used in an active conflict, not on sleeping people that you have not found resisting.

  • ACAB!

  • Daam that’s fucked up

  • The Drug War has become a defacto excuse for violating the civil and human rights of people. It’s a curious thing that with one wave of the drug war wand all police accountability goes away along with everyone’s rights.

  • So now Australia is becoming another American state. Of course this wont happen????? Queensland!!!!

  • thats not een her in the other picture

  • Shouldn’t live that lifestyle if you can’t deal with the consequences , dumb bittch

  • Maybe if she wasnt in bed with a known criminal and wasnt accused of drug trafficking she wouldnt be laying inna hospital bed crying innocent.

  • That rack tho

  • thous mother fuckers

  • Are they really third degree burns? And who said she is guaranteed of a “life time of PTSD”? Hysterical stuff indeed.

    • Copsucker^^^

    • Paul Eric McCarter I was simply questioning the veracity of the post. “Cop sucker”, very funny indeed.

    • I’m sure if you have any type of grenade go off in your bed while you’re asleep, you’re going to end up with severe mental trauma. That’s not at all outlandish.

    • Anna Leanne Kujawa Depending on the circumstances it might be upsetting.

  • Friend pointed out the obvious after I shared this post, and I quote:

    “No one would give a shit if she was just another drug dealing biker bitch instead of former beauty queen…”

    Sadly, he’s not wrong.

  • Mosloms and right wing extremests can not terrorise people , but the police can ,

  • What on earth are the US police up to these days…….violating public rights and getting away with what amounts to murder in some cases???

  • SHES A FUCKING COCAINE ADDICT – FUCK HER Good Job Aussie police.. well aimed !

    • 666

    • And you are an authoritarian who thinks people should be abused because they choose to do soothing you don;t agree with. The police should start killing authoritarians like you. You people are the reason our world sucks.

      Heres a tip, mind your own fucking business, stop passing laws that have nothing to do with you, and stop forcing your views of morality onto people at gun point.

    • William Moody-Hopkins ANOTHER ONE OF THEM..

  • Never will find this acceptable. Check out everything ten times before violating a citizens rights. The should be punished for these careless acts. I do want law enforcement. I want to support them. This makes it harder.

  • Stfu and do something about it pussies

  • WTF is going on with our Police, aren’t they supposed to protect Australians,isn’t that why we pay them?????????

  • Yang Jai knew what to do.

  • This happened in Australia, people. Happens in America, too, but you have to read the article. And Free Thought only posts because a beauty queen was hurt. Keep on following the Pied Piper.

  • Sell death and suffering and sleep with criminal bikie trash!

    • Death and suffering? I’m pretty sure the cops murder drug addicts, and put them in cages, which causes suffering. But by all means, force your views of morality onto people at gun point, you are a great person.

  • Disgusting. . Evil…

  • Jared Pecotich

  • Wtf

  • End the war on drugs. The casualties are intolerable

  • I don’t think there is enough rope in Australia for this.

  • The beauty queen tag was to get people to read the whole article. Babies & toddlers should be safe with police around shouldn’t they? The woman’s injuries are a bit beyond the sentence a court would impose don’t you think?

  • Cody read the article it’s about more than just her.

  • Bad policework!

  • Rachel whole article not title

  • Bringin up old shit…

  • Serious question: are her tits ok? ARE HER TITS OK?

    • I don’t know-they look abit deflated in that hospital gown..I’m worried!!

  • me

    YOU the people will never draw the line your in the pan and the water already boiling its to late to wake up but keep watching the pussycat pics and the reality tv and Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Pigs….

  • Isnt this the gun free country that had a few Arab men shooting gay men outside of clubs in Sydney recently?

  • She better be during for damages, lawyer fee, Etc. They fucked her over

  • This is the price of having a drug dealer fiancé

  • This is coming for you too.

  • It is sad that people were hurt in the raid but it is also sad that people were in home were bad people live and drugs were found

  • Look at every comment. Distinguish between the ones that actually read the article and the ones that can’t think for themselves. Then and only then will you see how many free thinkers there are and how many people jump on the wagon.

  • She was hanging with a drug dealer as I find out later. But hey, they ban guns and ammo ab men somehow acquire some and play duck hunter with men out side a gay club so I probably never should have posted this in the first place.

  • Yep!

  • Brace yourselves, ignorant social conservatives are coming to take your rights and force their views of morality onto people.

    And this is coming from a fiscal conservative, not douchebags like you, who think being socially conservative makes you a conservative. Here is a hint, blowing trillions on the military industrial complex, and its welfare whores, is not fiscally conservative. Republicans are fiscally liberal, socially conservative. Democrats are Socially liberal, fiscally liberal. And libertarians, are fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. You see how that works? You are nothing more than a money wasting, welfare whore, who thinks big government, and government spending, is fiscally conservative. Have a nice life in fantasy land.

  • Accorsing to sme people, doing drugs means you deserve no rights, and a cage. What awesome people.

  • Dave

    It’s pretty clear who the criminals are.