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Govt Exposed for ‘Ignoring’ Child Rape Cases — Prosecuting Pot Instead

Cleveland, OH — In the land of the free, those tasked with ‘protecting’ society — often and with extreme prejudice — fall far short of providing anything resembling actual safety. Instead, law enforcement in America often chooses profit over people. An outrageous case out of Cleveland Ohio proves this point by illustrating that authorities are more interested in making pot busts than they are prosecuting those who rape children.

When prosecutor Michael O’Malley first took office last month, he began looking into hundreds of cases marked ‘inactive’ in the computer system. As he began reviewing those cases, he found dozens of instances of rape and sexual assault cases involving children that he said prosecutors “ignored.”

“There was a conscious decision (by prosecutors) to make some of these cases inactive,” O’Malley said. “It’s outrageous.”

O’Malley has discovered around 70 cases so far, but because there are more than 1,900 cases in the system, he expects to find even more.

The incompetence and sheer failure of prosecutors to close these cases are more glaring than the thousands of rape kits that are collecting dust in police departments across the state as many of these cases involve an actual confession from the suspect. 

According to the Associated Press, some of the victims in the 70 cases were as young as 3 years old. And some of the cases, which date back three years, would have been easy to prosecute because suspects confessed, O’Malley said.

“We’re peeling the layers of an onion,” O’Malley said of the investigation into the disgusting act of ignoring child rape. “And every day there are more revelations.”

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Amid the despicable dereliction, or possibly worse, at least three prosecutors have been forced to resign and four others have been disciplined.

It’s not clear why prosecutors failed to act on the cases or to enter them into the office’s case-management system, reports the AP. O’Malley said he finds it “hard to believe” that his predecessor, Tim McGinty, would have allowed prosecutors to ignore cases.

However, if there is one thing we know about Tim McGinty, it’s that he has no problem ignoring crimes against children — up to, and including, murder.

McGinty gained national attention over past years for being the prosecutor who stalled the investigation of Tamir Rice’s shooting, fought against charging Rice’s killer, and launched a smear campaign against Rice’s mother.

As the Free Thought Project has reported countless times, as long as the drug war exists, police have little incentive to investigate actual crimes involving actual victims. However, when it comes to going after people who may be in possession of a substance deemed illegal by the state — authorities are chomping at the bit.

While Cleveland authorities have been ignoring child rape and child murdering cops, they have been active in pursuing those who’d dare grow, sell, or possess a beneficial medicinal plant.

Last year, Cleveland police and prosecutors had no problem letting child rapists walk while actively pursuing marijuana cases. In the first month of 2016, police raids on marijuana grow operations filled the headlines as cops clamped down on dangerous pot farmers.

In every one of these marijuana busts, exorbitant amounts of cash were seized from the dealers and growers.

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Had these child rapists had $700,000 cash in their pockets when confessing to raping children, perhaps the authorities could’ve found the time to actually remove them from society.

The good news, however, is that O’Malley seems like he wants to put an end to this madness and actually prosecute these sickos. However, it is unlikely that he will stop arresting people for pot as a large portion of his salary is probably tied to the revenue generated from the drug arrests.

And so they turn, the greasy violent gears of the American war on drugs.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Reason #472 to end civil forfeiture.

    • civil forfeiture=felony criminal theft aggravated under color of authority ………….and all case’s should be prosecuted has a 1st degree felony .

      • James Albright

        Yeah but not for Pot! in a State’s where it’s Legal!! When have they ever had a civil forfeiture on a child rapist ?

  • [email protected]

    Sibel Edmond went through hell because she became a whistle blower. Sibel was put under a gag order for trying to expose pedophiles, and child traffickers, within our own government.

    • any and all court issued ‘gag orders’ are blatantly unconstitutional and a violation of a citizens 1st amendment rights …….it is time we has a society stand up to this and the rest of the abuses our courts routinely engage in ……………………we need to educate ourselves on jury nullification has a start.

  • Mother Earth

    The crooked system doesn’t want pot legalized, it promotes Peace and Peace of mind, they peddle alcohol by the gallons and wait for the reaction to occur then they exert their violent cause onto people who get drunk and cause trouble, they know that if they legalize marijuana their cruel institutions will have no one to arrest for any trouble, they make good profits from arrests and incarceration, no profit in Peace.

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      No truer words have ever been said!

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I always knew that cops ignore…

    (a) Rape cases
    (b) Robbery cases
    (c) Murder cases
    (d) assault cases (especially when it is the cops that is guilty of assault)

    …when they could make an EASY bust with a LAW-ABIDING herb smoker. Not only is it easier, but it is much SAFER for these pigs. That way, they don’t hafta put their lives in jeopardy going after REAL criminals!

    Cops are such COWARDS!

  • tedskam55

    Don’t focus on the Pot aspect of this story. Instead ask why the child rape cases were buried. It seems pedophiles get protection from the law world wide. Its hard to not believe the “conspiracy theories” when there is so much evidence supporting them. Like this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7v5tPWk7EU