Balch Springs, TX — Coming just weeks after Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, was fired, and later arrested and charged with murder, another scandal has rocked the department. This time, it is torture with a taser.

Body camera footage was mailed to Fox4 News showing a Black man being tased while handcuffed. Thirty-nine-year-old Marco Stephenson was compliant, not resisting at all, and in handcuffs when the torture began.

The leaked body camera footage shows Stephenson with his hands raised above his head as officers approach. Balch Springs PD responded to a 911 call of a man brandishing a weapon.

Stephenson admitted he had a BB gun but denied threatening anyone with it. According to our experts in gang activities, criminals use BB and pellet guns to keep enemies at bay who are unaware the toys are not real.

Stephenson was handcuffed and told he was under arrest for threatening the community who’d called 911 to report him. He denied committing any crime but was, by all accounts, compliant with all officer commands.


He spit his toothpick into the grass which seemed to have set off the cops. He got a little mouthy with one of the officers (inaudible) and was immediately tased.

“Don’t pull away! You understand? You understand?” an unidentified sergeant on the video said as he was tasing Stephenson. “Don’t pull away! You get it?! You get it?! Because I ain’t playing with you today! Do you understand?!”

“Yes sir,” answered Stephenson as he again complied with officer commands. Yet the cop kept tasering him — even after he fell to the ground.

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The incident apparently raised the eyebrows of fellow officers who promptly reported the incident to the sergeant’s superiors.

According to the Chief of Police for Balch Springs, the incident was reviewed by three different entities; Texas Rangers, Professional Standards and the Dallas County DA’s Public Integrity Unit.

Chief Jonathon Haber said, “We decided together that this was an administrative issue, not a criminal issue.” And since Stephenson didn’t file a complaint, no charges were brought against the officer.

While the department has a vocal supporter on their side, Reverend Ronald Wright, others apparently aren’t happy with the conclusions reached in the internal investigation and they are the ones who leaked the video to the press.

Wright said, “There was some things that were done that could have been kept quiet. But there was some officers that set an example of what all police departments should do.”

Now the chief is looking to see who leaked the video, seemingly more concerned about the Balch Springs PD’s image than with arresting another member of his police force.

Haber described Stephenson’s lengthy criminal record to reporters, citing the number of times he’d been arrested and processed in the jail system. But the video, coupled with the latest killing of an unarmed innocent child, leave more questions than answers.

Why did the department choose to keep someone on its force who’d tased a handcuffed compliant man? Why after whistleblowers turned him in was he not fired? And how and why did three law enforcement agencies arrive at the conclusion no crime had been committed?

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It seems Haber is more interested in finding out who leaked the video to the press and firing that person than he is concerned with protecting the civil rights and liberties of Mr. Stephenson and others like him.

According to Chief Haber, the sergeant in question was reprimanded and put on “no contact with the public” until he completed courses in conflict resolution, anti-bias, and how to respond to mental health calls. All in all, he got away with tasing a handcuffed man without losing one day’s pay.

Something has to change with modern policing methods when officers are not charged for doing things to handcuffed suspects that the public cannot do to each other. Many consider it to be an example of a double standard at work for law enforcement. What would have happened had the taser killed Stephenson? Remember Graham Dyer and Gregory Towns? They weren’t as lucky as Stephenson.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Tom

    Destruction of property and illegal tazer use? Ahhhhh freedom.

  • Damiana

    I say we put a little pressure on them! The Balch Springs Police Department can be reached at (972) 557-6000. Feel free to call and demand to know why we can’t all just cuff and taser anyone who pisses us off. I went about it by asking if it was legal for me to taser someone simply for pissing me off. When told no, I immediately asked why it’s OK for their own cops to do it without consequence. I got the usual spiel, “we can’t comment on that particular incident at this time,” but the point wasn’t to GET answers from them – it was to let them know that I’m pissed off and do not accept their inaction and apathy.

    I live a couple of towns over from these assclowns, so this sort of behavior is quite troubling. I’m wondering whether it would do any good to call the FBI or the DOJ and report this department for its corruption. Anyone have an opinion about that idea?

    • Ron Egan

      What’s the number to the Mayors office??

    • Zackknowitall

      Did u change your name?

      • Damiana

        I did.

        • Zackknowitall

          Cool I was hoping that you didnt block me when I didn’t see your name for a whole day.

          • Damiana

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          • Zackknowitall

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          • Damiana

            No, is there something there worth my audience?

          • Guy

            If you don’t mind. *Cat* You are and *Cat* You Will Always BE ! In Spite of what you call yourself in it’s present form.

          • Damiana

            You may always address me as Cat. The fact that few people know why will make it more special.

          • Guy

            Now ! I understand what it was you were planning all along, sly fox !

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            Sooo… 97% dick picks and amateur porn? 😉

          • Zackknowitall

            No just stuff that breaks YouTube snowflake rules

    • Guy

      Why are you asking us Cat ? You’re going to do it anyway. I know you are, and you do to! Like if I said “NO.” that would sure do any good !

  • Abz B Zbas

    Anyone whose body doesn’t naturally react to a tazer shot by pulling away is a robot.

    • billdeserthills

      Actually I know a guy who is resistant to tasers. He proved it at a local gun show where a vendor offered a discount in return for getting to tase the client. This guy took two hits with the taser, you could smell the skin burning & he never flinched, he just got even more pissed off. His reward was a second-hand Sig Sauer P220 .45acp for $450 & he had no complaints

  • George Malone

    You know why they’re mad? Because whoevery leaked it is going to cost them money……lots of it. Good for them.

    • Guy

      Yeah My Money ! You blockhead !

  • Diane

    The face of evil.

  • Lorne Allen

    Criminal assault and assault, He even made his colleague fall down who could have been seriously hurt.

  • Robert Bist

    and this is why cops must wear cameras !!!

    • Amor Terra

      Yeah. Because the cameras show when there’s clearly criminal conduct, that the other cops and prosecutors then ignore.

  • Roger Johnson

    those f##kin pricks should all be fired and charged with assault

  • Arsic Nenad

    There is no good and bad cop, there are only bad and silent cops…

  • Amor Terra

    “And how and why did three law enforcement agencies arrive at the conclusion no crime had been committed?”

    Duh. Because the perpetrator was a cop, and they’re NEVER guilty of crime. Just ask ’em.

  • John

    The small problem is the cop who abused his power by committing a criminal act under the color of law.

    The bigger problem is the police chief and his officers who selectively enforce the law (against citizens, but not against officers), and are more concerned about keeping their bad behavior private than correcting it.

  • Ibcamn

    piont is,this man is over 18,he can own a bb gun,its not illegal…..but the problem is,these corrupt cops just charged him with something they percieved it to be,in their opinion he was a threat,threat the people percieved it as a threat,see,these criminals[aka;cops],they will now tell this man what they think and they will charge it as fact,their opinion of something just became a fact…what these cop just did,was in fact illegal,this guy should tell his lawyer that since these cops want to say the town,as in a whole,felt threatened by this mans BB gun,that he should have statements from every single person in that town,everyone should be testifying against him,to majke what the cop is charging with,that is what would have to happen…..see people,cops are corrupt as the day is long.
    at 30 sec did you see this fat turd of a cop already had the taser out,he was gonna use it,he needed a reason,and he made a comment to the 18 year old,he then replyed in a manner someone under a bullshit arrest would do[cop knew it aghead of time]and its called a set up,they did this for one reason,to torture this guy,for shits and giggles…because the cop already had his taser out for no reason…and plus the corrupt cop never should have pulled it,the law states he can not once suspect is in cuffs….but cops don’t follow laws.and so this was all bullshit,the legal BB gun…followed by the cops opinion of something being taken as fact[fraud]and assault with a lethal weapon,and too,they should have removed the backpack before they cuffed him,this is all just a set up to get the black guy because he is gonna do something,or he did…who knows,but to these criminals[aka;cops]they don’t care,they just want to frame him and make the collar,brownie points for them,gold star and more in the pension coffers for them……………cops are the new terrorist in america people,wake up………….

  • James Wampler

    Why not charge the officer who DESTROYED they guys backpack by CUTTING the shoulder straps? Isn’t that destruction of private property?

  • Larry Brothers

    I’m a little tired of tasers being referred to as non-lethal. There have been 634 taser-related deaths by police since 2001.

    • Guy

      Just another tool in the tool Box, made to keep you on your tip toes,dancing the dance to their music !
      I wonder if I had a can of raid, marked as *Police Off* and used it. Do you think that would work ?

  • wildcat86

    Idiots do this then wonder why police are viewed as the bad guys. We are told to trust the police but it is really hard to trust an officer when the dye in the uniform is some sort of psychotropic drug causing egomania.

  • Michelle Raines

    So the Chef of police has no control over the pigs under him as well as
    don’t know this stuff is going on either and his only interest is
    finding who lacked the video? In that case, he is a total piece of shit
    and someone needs to taser his wife and kids to teach him a lesson!

  • Mother Earth

    Imagine if America didn’t have good cops, their would be mass killings and tortures every day, nobody could go outside in fear of being shot on the spot, simular to Hitler’s SS troops driven by fascism and hatred, my hat goes off to the good officer but his honesty will be quashed.